Jack Mangans Deadpan #174: Trolls and Ken St. Andre

An interview with Ken St. Andre, venerable creator of the Tunnels and Trolls game.
Interview recorded on Sunday, July 18, for those who care.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #174: Trolls and Ken St. Andre

Note from the notes writer: I admit Kurt, that intro was too much for my little brain to research. Good on ya *tips hat*

Interview with Ken St. Andre creator of Tunnels and Trolls

Links related to the interview:
Ken St. Andre on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_St._Andre)
Ken’s webpage (http://www.trollhalla.com/)
Tunnels and Trolls offical website (http://www.tunnelsandtrolls.com/)
Flying Buffalo Tunnels and Trolls Site (http://www.flyingbuffalo.com/tandt.htm)
Fiery Dragon website (http://fierydragon.com/dragonsbreath/)
Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons & Dragons Offical Site) (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/default.aspx)
Edgar Rice Burroughs Webzine (http://erbzine.com/)
Samurai Comics (http://www.samuraicomics.com/)

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Closing music …

Once again a big thank you to special guest Ken St. Andre.

649 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #174: Trolls and Ken St. Andre

  1. yo dawg, I heard you like the Deadpan so we downloaded a Deadpan in to yo Deadpan so you can listen to Deadpan on yo Deadpan

  2. Bunny, I like the Lego Rock Band a lot. I have a bum ankle, and love to play the drums. In Lego, you can turn off the kick drum!

  3. Have to toast the bagel first. That gives you a nice light base with which to smear the butter and cream cheese on to.


  4. EssBee, hubby’s been doing the drums. I like the guitar simply because I can sit back on the couch and relax (as much as you can with this game).

    Van, I only listen to two Farpoint shows. I guess I never noticed it on LLAP. I’ll have to check next time one comes down the line *gives Cj and inquiring look*

  5. No, Van, they take longer here as well. This morning, my news shows zipped through the download fast, while DP came through slowly.

  6. Okay, is play playing Guitar Hero/Rock Band any fun solo?

    Always seemed those games were much more fun multiplayer (I find the tap tap games on the phone pretty boring).

  7. Today and tomorrow I’m training around 250 people on a new system we’re implementing. It’s a big deal for me – kind of a succeed and be a hero, fail and polish up my resume.


  8. The reason LLAP doesn’t download as slowly is because we are hosted on Libsyn Pro and not on the Farpoint servers.

    As far as a new LLAP recording, it’s coming.

    (that was an easy one for you Long Pan)

  9. PULLING!!

    The SYSTEM, ahem, is a web-based expense, time, and project management application. You know, to automate what humans do now so layoffs can commence once it’s working. EVIL, INC.

  10. My life has changed SO much for the better at work with access to Pandora… I just sent a boy to fetch me coffee too.


  11. Lo, you may have missed last week’s fresh beef tongue discussion. If you did, you’ll be glad to know that both Rhettro (or was it reaper?) and I have HAD THE TONGUE. and that reaps used to work in a sausage factory.

  12. My dad used to love pickled pretty much anything… then again, my dad would eat just about anything. Quite the palette on that man!

    I, on the other hand, am not a great fan of pickling the odd item – though I do love pickles – especially deep fried. YUM!

  13. Well, my training went well despite the group of 75 people who seem incapable of muting there phones. One of them must have a Chihuahua.

    I do it again tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. – I’ve spent this time learning how to MUTE ALL from the presenter end.

    Now, dinner.

  14. Take care, ditto!

    EssBee, for the record, I find you very calm and comforting too. In fact… I’m pretty sure a snuggle from you would be amazing!

  15. Thanks for the podcast, Jack. It wasn’t as funny as I hoped it would be, but we did cover a lot of ground. You’re a good interviewer, and I sounded like I was wheezing and out of breath all the time. plus I really loved the music, the sound effects, and the Deadpan station breaks. You do good work.

  16. I hope the occasion of the disappearance is happy, ditto.

    Yeah, this was a unique Deadpan episode….
    New opening music (after the Muppets)
    Rare field recording
    Mention of Wickenburg

  17. My hair is getting so long I can pull it back in a clip.

    Chanting: I will not cut my hair, I will not cut my hair.

    …. grrrrrrr…. it’s harder than you might think!

  18. I had Black Tea (because coffee makes me jumpy at work) and frosted mini-wheats.
    I quit smoking 7.5 years ago so I don’t need the gum anymore.
    Good luck with the quitting. It isn’t easy.

  19. reaper, I have quit smoking about 5 or 6 times since I started as soon as my basketball career ended at age 17. Eeek! That’s 22 years. This last bout of smoking lasted only between February and July of this year, but quitting has been just as hard as when I smoked for 10 years and tried to quit.

    Today is day #12 smoke free, so I think I have it licked. Sly B and I have a photo shoot requested by our tattoo artist tomorrow afternoon. I’m not sure that I won’t smoke with him, but even if I do I’m feeling pretty good about the 12 days.

  20. EssBee, I started at 13 and quit for the last time (I hope) at 23. I think I quit at least 7 times one of those times for 2.5 years. I was very close to starting again when my brother died as was my mom and she had quit 11 years earlier. Lucky for me the last 2 years I smoked it was only 2 packs a week so it wasn’t nearly has hard for me as for others.
    I’m pulling for you! Smoking is just to expensive on top of all the other bad stuff.

  21. Um….. so the sequel to Independence Day is slated for 2013 and then Independence Day 3 is slated for 2014….. what does this mean? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??????

  22. Good point. Tho admittedly ID4 is chief on my list of guilty pleasures. I wouldnt mind seeing a couple other ones. Theres worse stuff I could think of.

  23. Lo Pan, I liked ID4 so I have to agree but again.
    I liked Battle Field Earth so what do I know.
    for the record I also like CSI for the same reason: I can turn off my brain and enjoy shit being blowed up and what not.

  24. Today while taking a Skillsoft course I learned the difference between “discreet” and “discrete”

    I am pretty knowledgeable of the English language, but had never heard of the word “discrete” before.

    A co-worker wasn’t aware of the two different definitions of the word “incensed” however – which I was… so then I felt all smart again.

  25. Vanamonde: That’s shit. Can’t say I’m surprised. Some interesting folks there, though:

    Church of Scientology, Halliburton, Hilton Hospitality, Levi Strauss & Co., Pepsi Cola, Random House, The Hague, United Nations

  26. “toil” is a big word?

    Gosh, how do they make it through the day using only 2 and 3 letter words? Let me guess:

    How r u?
    I am OK
    do the job?
    yes. do ur job.
    get out.

  27. The difference:

    “discreet” is usually used used on online dating sites “I’m looking for a discreet encounter.”

    “discrete” means separate such as, “Legos are each discrete components of one another which when put together can make a really cool Harry Potter statue.”

    “incense” can mean “Wow, it really stinks in here… is that Nagchompa?”

    or “I’m incensed that you would think I would enjoy the smell of patchouli oil, you dirty hippy!”

    disclaimer: I love all of the deadpanites even if you may or may not smell like a dirty hippy.

  28. Lady J’s suggested response: “This preposterously imperious policy denigrates individuals possessed of advanced vernacular and vocabulary and must be defenestrated immediately.”

  29. My kids love playing all of the games. I am afraid that if I start playing I’ll get sucked into the game and lose track of time.

  30. So I’m taking this online course for work and it uses words like

    and “rolling wave planning”

    ssssssss…. that’s my brain seeping air.

  31. My wife buys the CDs of several American Idol finalists. I’m usually disappointed at the kind of schlock they tend to put out regardless of their talent (or lack thereof). I was pleasantly surprised though at the stuff that Michael Johns put out. Pretty descent and quite blues-y.


    Not sure if anyone else here actually watches or cares about American Idol. Just thought I’d share.

  32. Good morning! I’m eating dry cheerios and having some coffee while I ponder how I’m going to get the battery replaced in Dan’s car today. He had to take mine to work. Poor guy was trying so hard to get his car started this morning. 🙁

  33. As I’m sure everyone knows, I have some issues with “The Cloud”. However, most don’t, and I’ve only heard big praises for Jolicloud.

  34. Yay Czechs!

    We’re off to the used bookstore to trade some stuff in and hopefully come back with some gems, and then we’re going to the tattoo shop for a photo shoot. I never though I would be involved in a “photo shoot” since my bball days.

  35. Hail, Pan!

    Back from vacation. Now I need to rest. I don’t think I’ll get caught up on comments, but glad to see the bar didn’t burn down while I was gone.

    I have a hankerin’ to make a new run through Dragon Age. Never played any of the other origins yet.

  36. Yeah Ed, I’m sitting close to the last battle in Dragon Age, but I don’t think my dude has the levels he needs to finish. In the mean time I’ve been hoping back to Fallout 3 where the baddies keep killing my post apocalyptic dude. Can’t seem to level up fast enough to make the battles not seem so stacked against me. Slow going. hrm….

  37. My son, Fletcher, let me know today that my friend Jack didn’t plant a beanstalk yet because he still needs a magic bean.

    I think that’s important to note here.

  38. Rhettro – I’ll say that having put enough runes, roots, and whatever the dwarves wanted in the camp is probably more important than absolute leveling. The extra dudes that it gives you battling through the various stages are vital.

    Just finished the Elf Magi origin and I’m now in Ostagar again. It’s interesting to see how people treat an elf vs. a human.

  39. Any Deadpan reports on StarCraft 2?

    I’ll probably pick it up at some point, but only if the single player campaign it worth while. Getting beat up by punks on line is just not my thing. At least with FPS games, I can hold my own.

  40. I still listen to the music from WarCraft 2 regularly. I’m pretty sure I’ve also the the music file to the original Starcraft that make their way into my rotation as well.

  41. Wife walks up behind me…

    Wife: What are you buying now?

    Me: Well, the complete BSG is on Blu-Ray for the lowest price EVAR!

    Wife: OK!

    Yes, I know I’m a lucky guy 🙂

  42. Agreed. Congrats Wander Wolf! Please don’t take the following comment as an attempt to take away from your accomplishment. It is aimed at the parsecs, not you.

    That said, just how current does something need to be to get nominated for a Parsec. The last Calls For Cthulhu episode was Jun.08, 2009, and Infected was from 2008 (and that’s hard cover. The podcast version was significantly before that). Why are they up for Parsec awards in 2010?

  43. Back from 3 days of camping.
    There was the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    CP = “The Heights” soundtrack. It is soooo smoove. Includes Hooverphonics’ “2wicky” . Came in the mail while I was away. Got it off of Ebay for $3.50 including postage. My Ninja music gathering skilz are in tune.

    290+ messages already !?!?!?!
    *sigh* I shall return to the beginning. Vizzini said to go back to the beginning.

  44. It’s not hard to find StarCraft 2 haters. It is true the LAN is gone, but the argument for LAN support for SC2 is as strong as the lack of LAN support for World of Warcraft. IMHO, people who are mad at lack of LAN support are people who don’t want to pay for the game.
    Next I expect people to start complaining that you can’t play on dial-up when the original only required a 14.4 kpbs connection…sheesh.
    BTW, I love the game, it has been ruling my brain the last few days, I have been dreaming Zerg rushes. The campaign is great, multiplayer is solid and has tons of potential, and I have actually added a “friend” that I made playing online last night.

    Ed–Add me ( danthol@gmail.com )

  45. Van – I think I meant more that the type of person who would be interested and willing to play with new/different OSes on their netbook would be “adventurous” (aka nerd.)

    Like … well, you, me and that Null dude. =)

  46. I’ve been to the Florida and Texas space centers. Both are highly recommended. I think the tour of the lab where they were building a module for the ISS was the best part. (By tour I mean a glass-walled walkway high above the working area.)

  47. I don’t think I’ll ever pick up the BSG series. The ending can kill a story for me and frequently does.

    Which is why I -need- more Spherical Tomi, dammit! NEED IT! Hehehe.

  48. If I had to make a decision between a StStR movie and a Bil the Galactic Hero movie, I would have an aneurysm.
    Harry Harrison is one of the greatest thieves of all time, right next to Alan Dean Foster.

  49. A Stainless Steel Rat is Born is a modern classic. It should be high school required reading. I just did some checking, and apparently there is a *NEW* StStR book coming out…Tuesday! OMFG!
    –News break, I get to change my Chuck Norris calendar today– I had to endure a month of barechested Chuck for a month.

  50. Lolscry! The original Rat was written in ’61. this is like, 50 years later. Incredible.
    We share the bond of all paperback sci-fi geeks alive in the ’80s. Those of us that hung out in used book stores and libraries, with no concern actually being cool, but with an extreme interest in fictional characters who were capable.
    Tales of Men who won every fight no matter the odds while we had nightmares of getting in a fistfight and our blows being in slow motion and completely ineffective.
    Tales of Men who would never have to have a real job, while we went to school to prepare for cubicles or menial labor.
    Tales of Men who got the girl who understood and appreciated a real man. Women who were incapable of making the hero feel insufficient or emasculated in any way, while girls confused us, and mothers mothered us.
    –Typing all this is taking time away from StarCraft…and the more I write, the less it makes sense–

  51. Oh and was really great about the Rat series, was an atheistic hero who did his damnedest not to take life even at a great risk to his own life.

  52. NS, jailbreaking gives you access to programs that Apple won’t allow you to use, including emulators, wifi syncing with iTunes, and tethering that you won’t get charged extra for…

  53. “we had nightmares of getting in a fistfight and our blows being in slow motion and completely ineffective.”


  54. Vanamonde: Yeah, but there was some concern put out in regards to Skype that were never answered to my satisfaction. I’ve heard Gizmo has been going through a lot of changes, but I’ve yet to actually follow up on it.

  55. I would take a SSR movie over BtGH. Though I enjoyed both, I preferred the snark in SSR. Plus, imagine the terrible CG to create someone with two right arms. Or was it left?

  56. Thanks everyone for the congrats. I am glad to finally make it to the parsecs this year… wait this makes the second time… and against the FuMP…

    Well I am happy to be nominated – Since I did not nominate myself it is great to be recognized by fans and friends of the show. And some arbitrary judge deemed me good enough to make the finals… Woohoo!

    Used hair I believe I can answer your questions about the Parsecs. In the nomination process a show has to be released through the RSS feed Between May 1, 2009 and April 30, 2010. For the show to be considered.

    Infected was rewritten (re edited) for print release when Scott Sigler went to Crown. There are major differences in the 2 stories. When he re-released it for the Hard cover release (boy this is confusing) the podiobook was completely redone. Hence it qualifies. (although my opinion doesn’t count – I know of several good books that didn’t make that cut that should have but oh well)

  57. Finished the directors cut of Dark Star last night. Was what I thought it was…either youre gonna get it and love it or not get it and hate it. This should be an interesting palooza…

  58. We saw Inception yesterday. The previews were fascinating:

    Wall Street 2 (Electric Boogaloo?)
    Something that looks funny with Robert Downey Jr (swooooooon) and that insipid Zach G. person

  59. Haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, Van. That show is so skinimax.

    I am reading the latest Sookie book (Dead In The Family). So far, not too good. Doesn’t seem like she made much of an effort, and I bet it’s her best seller so far!

  60. WNDR: That should work.

    I remember going to a Loverboy concert at a local casino a few years ago. This chubby (I’m being nice here) guy gets on the stage and starts singing. I asked my friend “Who’s that?” “Oh, the lead singer put on a few pounds over the years” He does still sound the same though.

  61. I don’t call myself skinny but I know I haven’t been this light since I was a in 8 grade. I was quite fat for a while. It helps that I’m lucky enough to work for a company that will reimburse me for a gym membership.

  62. My dad is one of those skinny guys who can eat and drink whatever he wants. I’m one of those not skinny guys who gains 2 pounds when other people eat a bagel with butter and cream cheese on it.

  63. EssBee: Going back, I’m actually being warned of a XSS possibility. But poking around, I found the story on another site. That’s pretty crappy. Too bad, I used to really like Target.

  64. EssBee, I was using my silent keyboard.
    I just make and stuck to certain choices.
    I don’t drink soda ever. I don’t go back for seconds till I have waited about 10 minutes. I very rarely eat more than 1/2 of what I get at a restaurant.
    If it weren’t for the gym membership I would cut back more like no heavy beer or skip the cheese more often.
    If I don’t watch it I will blow up like a blimp. I have lots of self control when I feel like using it or I know I have to.

  65. Van, LOL

    reap, sounds totally awesome, but I will say that I often witness fuller figured women especially being given advice on “cutting down” and “making good choices” and “exercising.” I know you’re not doling out advice, so don’t get me wrong. But as someone who was a college athlete with an injury that benched me, I know about nutrition and metabolism and all that jazz. For some folks, I think it is a lot easier to make some choices and stay slim. For me, working out and eating a sensible diet is not a combo that = slim. My metabolism hates me (or just likes me with giant boobs and junk in the trunk). I think to be “skinny” I’d have to eat less than 800 calories a day. Then I’d be a skinny bitch. I like it better this way.

  66. EssBee, I wish it were awesome. I like soda and I love to eat. and eat out. Food makes me happy but not in the “I’m fat because I eat and I eat because I’m fat” way or “this is my escape” way I just love food
    I didn’t look a that different at 210 as I do at 170 I just feel way better.
    I don’t think I could live happily if I had to cut much more out. I know I could cut out beer but than I would be down to Tea and water to drink. *shutter* at that point I would just have to learn to be larger and happy with that also.

    I hear you should stick to speedballs because you don’t get the sunken eyes or something like that.

    ooo and it’s quitin’ time. Later all

  67. Okay, DP. I’m done for the day. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

    Jack, I hope that you have had a really great day today!

  68. OMG they used the an old line about working with customers in Mad Men.

    The public transport version:

    The job would be perfect except for one thing…the punters.

  69. The lighter side of the issue:


    The darker side of the issue:
    My daughter actually needs one of the stupid things for her 9th grade Math class. The cheapest I can find is a used one for $65 (with shipping). Aren’t there any real alternatives to paying into TI’s monopoly on calculators for Math class? And just who the hell did they have to sleep with to be the ONLY calculator that math books list instructions for? Oh wait… TEXAS Instruments, and the school board that sets the standards for text books is in… TEXAS. %#$@ you Texas! (Sorry Ed)

  70. Ah, yes. That one goes way back. Though, to be fair, HP owned the market before TI fought their way in.

    I remember back during my senior year, we were given TI-83’s to use in our Calculus class that year. We had to give them back at the end, but sure enough, I bought a TI-85 when I started off to college. Back then, I was thumbing my nose at the HP RPN crowd. And the TI’s were much cheaper than what HP was offering.

    Sadly, it seems the market it too much of a niche to have meaningful competition. I’m surprised there’s not a bunch of Chinese knockoff TI compatible calculators out there if they’re becoming required for schools.

  71. Don’t have time to get caught up on comments, but I just wanted to say: Everyone, thank you so much for the well-wishes! The singing gig is tomorrow night. Today I went to the copy shop and printed out copies of all the music. It turns out that four of my mom’s friends are planning to be there. I’m looking forward to it.

  72. I think Loverboy’s original bandname was “That Band With The Cheesy Singer Guy Wearing That Ridiculous Headband”. They just shortened it.

    Now to get caught up. Before I do, of course, I need say OMGThank you to Cj.

  73. Re: TI


    Arrrgh. Casio calculators actually do the math the way that you’d do it on paper, and they are ridiculously cheaper, and they look better.

    I haven’t had to use a graphing calculator in ten+ years and I’m still angry about TI. Casio is the better product.

    :rant rant rant:

  74. Gene Hackman was brilliant in the Conversation. Very cool, quiet little 70s Coppola movie. Though not as good as The Lives of Others.

    BTW, saw The Girl Who Played With Fire Saturday night after returning kids to mom. Not as gut-wrenching as the first, but also not as good………….. altho Ebert says it sets up the third film nicely.

    This has been movie talk.

  75. I’ve read the books can be hard to get through because of the padding, but really enjoyed the first film.

    Of course I’m now jealous of Jack getting to see the second film..better break out the ointment.

  76. btw – I haven’t used a graphing calculator in a good 10 years since my last one broke. Even then, I don’t know that I ever actually graphed anything with it. I do have a calculator on my desk and work for quick numbers, but I couldn’t even tell you what the brand is.

    I tend to go to Excel if I really need to generate a graph.

  77. Well, today I’m going to be on a road trip to a job site. Often times, the solution is easy once you know the question. The hard part is determining what the question actually is. Sometimes, that just doesn’t work well over the phone or email and you’ve just got to put eyes on it for yourself.

    Today is one of those sometimes.

    On the road again….

  78. Ed said: “I tend to go to Excel if I really need to generate a graph.

    That’s the saddest part. School is supposed to prepare children for life after school. Nobody really uses graphing calculators, let alone $165 graphing calculators. We use computer programs that we already own or cheap applications on smartphones that I could probably get for 99 cents.

  79. So are they saying we should raise our taxes $30b dolors and eliminate porn, bottled water, and psychic’s?

    How much is the private sector (like most utility company’s in the US) spending on alt energy. or is government the only entity that counts when doing something progressive.
    Makes me wonder how much of the government money actually makes it to research and not just paying non research staff.

    Sorry for ranting on such a heavy topic this early.
    *Jumps off soap box*

  80. Good morning to my favorite peoples!

    2nd day of training on my social media job – for the record, I’ve been in action and you can see me on twitter.

    It’s pretty exciting for me – even if it seems silly to other people!

  81. Oh and one more thing (maybe 2 things)

    Jack – anytime :wub:

    And now for a PSA – ahem…

    Migraines are sucky and should be outlawed.

    that is all.

  82. reaper: The government is about the government and looking like they’re doing something. It’s a sad fact that they just want more of our money to keep looking like they’re doing something. Doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat, our Government is about as screwed up as it can get. It’d be nice to see someone get in there and ACTUALLY clean house instead of saying they’re going to change things and then things just stay the same (or get worse)

    GOOD MORNING PAN! No for something lighter. My podcast novel Billy Barbarian is DONE! WOO! http://jrmurdock.com if you need something lighter to listen to 🙂

  83. HEY! Be nice to Nancy. 🙂 I still remember the controversy when she kept all the designer dress she’d been ‘loaned’ over the years she was in the white house. Oh the scandal!

  84. The rules (for those who don’t know already):

    Heavy spoilers;
    As I’m writing while watching, spelling will not be a main concern
    Actually, nothing will concern me except the silliness that is a B horror.

  85. Today’s movie is called Donkey Punch.

    The DVR writeup: This terrifying, sexually charged horror film concerns three friends enjoying a Mallorcan vacation when they meet up with some young studs looking for fun.

    I wonder if Mallorcan is a typo for Moroccan? I guess we’ll find out.

  86. I tried to read Nomad Scry’s link on Space Colonization, but could stop snickering at the sentence “Humans are a climax organism.”

  87. WE’re a third of the way into this movie and nothing’s happened yet. The closest we’ve come to nudity is a couple of guys mooning the girls and a couple of girls making out with eachoter, with their bathingsuits on.

  88. I think my biggest complaint about this movie is the fact it was billed as a horror and it is far from it. Not even a psychological horror, which are actually better than normal ones in my mind. I don’t think I’d even call it a thriller. At least, it’s not very thrilling.

  89. As a matter of fact, Netflix did send me a Dark Star and I sent it back *cough*DVDecriptor*cough* without having viewed. I intend to view it later this week.

  90. I’m not really here. Just a quick hop in to say that our chocolatier, Bernard Callebeaut has declared bankruptcy.

    Cj, Jack (and anyone else who might care) do you want me to grab a box or two tomorrow to send out before it’s no longer available?

  91. As if I would ever turn down such an amazing offer from such a beautiful girl, Bunny!

    I almost missed it (along with everything else) because I came home and took some migraine meds and proceded to pass out. whoops.. I just woke up.

    Ever have one of those moments where you aren’t really sure how you feel? That’s how I am right now… so I’m going to try not to think about it because it makes my head hurt.

  92. My group leader promised I would do machine cleaning today. Which is like walking under a ladder while shattering mirrors. I’ve managed to spent 10 minutes cleaning in between machines exploding.

  93. I wonder who JR would get to stuff and lick all of the envelopes.

    OK, so I didn’t get to sleep yet.

    Be careful inside those Vending Machines, Nomad. Get me a Twix bar.

    Goodnight :forreal:

  94. On the Sushi question: I like it, hubby doesn’t. We never have it at home.

    Also Van, there are some non-raw fish versions too.

  95. I guess I’m going to the chocolate store when it opens this morning. I was going to go anyway because hubby wants some before it’s too late also.

  96. Of course, I’m making the assumption I can still get some. Usually there’s a lag time between when bankruptcy is announced and stores closed.

  97. My Boo and her boyfriend are going to Victoria (BC) to visit hubby’s parents next week. The reason this is noteworthy is because the boyfriend has never travelled outside of the province before and has never been on a plane. Boo loves to fly (gets that from me), so here’s hoping he not one of those nervous flyers.

  98. Morning pan. Back from the family visit. Hope all is well here, since I certainly don’t have time to catch up on the comments.

    BTW, I love sushi. Sushi equals sexual deviancy? I don’t seem to have a problem with that either. 😉

  99. Cj: Yep. One of my favorites. There’s one store around here that sells them, but they are expensive. Much better to stockpile them and savor them until the next trip. 🙂

  100. Dunno if aero bubbles are different in the UK, but I still think Maltesers beat them for me..if only cos you can suck all the chocolate off and then let the crunchy bit dissolve in your mouth.

  101. According to the girl at the chocolate shop, the are hoping someone will buy them out and they won’t actually have to close down. It’s a unique situation because Callebaut is a person. Whomever purchases the shop will also need to hire him on to make the chocolate.

    We’ll see what happens. It would be a shame to lose it.

  102. Dang, just found out I was unfriended on FB by someone else. This one wasn’t harsh like the last one – some chick I went to HS with. Still, ouch!

  103. Hopefully “naff” means “crappy” in which case I agree. I really like the show, but even I can see (and be annoyed) by the crappy CGI at places on my old CRT low-definition set. It detracts from my sense of immersion in the show and they would actually be better off without them.

  104. What a tease!