Jack Mangans Deadpan #173: Steel Wool from Electric Sheep

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #173: Steel Wool from Electric Sheep

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Ed From Texas with a Dumb Ass Memory

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Paul Maki stuck on a train

Greasy Nipples
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Vanamonde (first comment of the week)

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Hockey Anthems

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579 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #173: Steel Wool from Electric Sheep

  1. So Cup a Noodle’s has steroids in them, now I understand.

    I liked when Arnold turned Japanese at about the 2:38 mark. That would have been a perfect time to use that dumb song by The Vapors.

  2. Thanks for the hugs. It got pretty laughable at the end, accusing that every woman who replied to my FB status updates was after me.

  3. Ah you are only after my voice EssbeIsn’t about time the Canadians had a turn as the villians in US spy series…I’m just saying…

  4. So I’m about a third of the way through the book Palimpsest by Catherynne Valente. Lat night hubby asked what the book was about and I really couldn’t answer his question. Has anybody else read this? It’s fairly new. Can you tell me what it’s about?

  5. You do have a way with words, Van. *swooooooooooooooooon*

    Bunny, haven’t read that, but just finished two books:

    1) Wizards First Rule – Terry Goodkind; I liked this and will definitely read #2 in the series. I did this one by audiobook, but might actually read the next one, which is high praise.

    2) Duma Key – Stephen King; LOVED this one and highly recommend it. I always say that King “does a good middle,” but this book held me all the way through.

    I just started:

    1) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – S. Larson via audiobook; I’m enjoying it.

    2) The Meaning of Matthew – Judy Shepard

  6. Bunny, To keep your watermelon cold when you are going to the beach.
    It might also help to keep the vodka or rum smell in when at said beach…

  7. TEB: haven’t read that one yet, but it is on my list.

    I just finished “A People’s History of The United States”, “Gödel’s Proof”, and “20th Century Boys” vol 8.

    I just started reading “The National Geographic Field Guide to Photography”, and am party way through “Read Real Japanese Essays”. I haven’t picked what fiction book to read. I might pick up another Pratchett I haven’t read.

  8. Bunny, I have Lake Winnebago about 50 ft north (but no beach) Lake Michigan about 40 miles east with lots of beach but I never took a watermelon there or filled one with alcohol either.

  9. After months of wishing my razor worked properly I was really enjoying it being back up to it’s original stuff this morning.
    … until I went to turn it off and it wouldn’t. The button was jammed.
    So much for small victories.

    Take it all back apart. Musk about with it a while. Get it turned off. Put it all back together. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

  10. Shout out to Wolf, in that best of 2007 WR show, you do a promo where you sing along to a song, what’s the group and song title?

  11. Little known fact (outside of Canada): Donald Sutherland is the son of Tommy Douglas, the man primarily responsible for the Canadian health care system.

  12. Actually, I got my names mixed up. Kiefer Sutherland is the grandson of Tommy Douglas. Silly me. I should check my facts before I post.

  13. Dorito Sith: little known rank in the Sith, not quite a dark lord of the sith, actually closer to dark lard of the sith. Well, more like the dork gamer of the sith, with dip…

  14. I’m glad I’m reading it, but whammy did it take me right back to that moment. That was probably the worst few months of my life – October and November of 1998.

    I might save that one for reading at home, though!

  15. Oliver Cromwell thought of himself a protector of England.

    James Cromwell, on the other hand, has played a lot of evil bastards, and 1 sort of bastard…

  16. ditto, what turns you off of the beer, $765 price tag or THE FUCKING SQUIRREL (stoats or rabbit) “WRAPPED” AROUND THE BOTTLE. I had to shake my head and read it 3 more times.
    You could always just mount it on the wall.

  17. Lejon: It doesn’t matter what he thought about himself.

    reaper: yeah, the price tag is unappealing, but so is the fact that a DEAD RODENT is wrapped around the bottle. The only way to make it more unappealing is if the squirrel was wrapped around the bottle THE OTHER WAY AROUND. lol 😉

  18. Tom Cruise and Confusing really don’t sell, but I’m sure that there are much more confusing movies out there starring Tom Cruise… Eyes Wide Shut comes to mind…

  19. Eyes Wide Shut was definitely a Kubrick film.

    I was confused as to how Cameron Crowe could have directed such a filmed turd as Vanilla Sky. (no offense to those who liked it)

  20. Wait, Jack said the “My Butt” came from Colorado. Are you saying it wasn’t you, EssBee?

    Who else do we know in Colorado…..

    Oh, that’s right – Jimmy!

  21. I’d be going alone and feel pretty out-of-place at Ground Zero, but still pretty tempted to go see My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult tomorrow night. Woulda jumped at the chance back in ’91…

  22. FYI – I started listening to the 7th Sword of Truth book today. After the roller coaster that was Faith of the Fallen, this one, Pillars of Creation, is ramping up rather slowly.

  23. Kurt, two things.

    1) If you’re going to have gay zombies it would be in Canada since we allow gay marriages

    2) Australia and Canada are both members of the commonwealth, if anybody would be banned it should have been you all rebels 😉

  24. I told my hubby we needed a maid. He said the house wasn’t large enough to warrant one. I think he totally missed the point. The point was, I don’t want to clean the bathroom today.

    I stand by my original request :pinch:

  25. Re:Tron

    So if you know people that had never seen the original … should you recomend they watch it before going to see the new one?
    I’m thinking it would be good (especially with the younger ones) to give them not just back story but also to give them some sfx perspective.


  26. justa J0e: Re Tron Yes watch the original first. I always try to get my kids to watch the original of any remake. I also try to get the kids to play the original games before subsequent releases. It works better with the games because you don’t have to sit there for more than an hour to get the gist of a game. And with all the roms I have finding the game to play doesn’t take waiting for a disk to show up in the mail.
    If it didn’t take me a few months to read a book I would love reading books before watching a movie made from a book.

  27. Bunny, I hate moving also. I chrin every time my wife says “I hate this house”. Since I was 20 I have averaged 1.1 moves a year. In fact we moved out of 2 different places with in 4 months.

  28. Rant:

    The book version of movies is pretty hit and miss for me. I find it frustrating because 9 times out of ten the movie is nowhere close to the book. I know, for the most part, movies can’t follow books exactly because of time/space constraints but I, at the very least, like to see movies follow the basic storyline of the book, which doesn’t happen very often.
    Anther frustrating thing is on the rare occasion that the movie does follow the book, they will change the ending for reasons I cannot fathom.

    More recently, a few movies have tried ie: the LoTR and HP movies, but then it took multiple movies for them to achieve the relative closeness they came.

    The one exception I found was Shutter Island. I found that movie a very close adaptation of the book.

    -end rant.

  29. Another thing that bothers me about movie adaptations of books, sometimes they will follow the basic story line but change the setting entirely. An example of this is Taking Lives. The book was set in Europe (mainly Portugal), but the movie was set in Canada. I suppose that means Canada is considered and exotic local to you ‘Mericans.

    (sorry, will stop ranting now)

  30. I don’t believe that this Tron movie is a remake, but rather a continuation. At least that’s what the trailers will have you believe 🙂

    Jack: thank you 🙂 you’re an awesome fellow yourself.

  31. I’m on the fence re: watching the first Tron. I saw it again a few years ago, and I didn’t really think it held up to time. Plus, with the quality of the talkies being put out nowadays, I doubt the plot will be so deep that the initial movie will provide a necessary backdrop. But I could be wrong.

  32. I can’t remember the last time I read a book adaptation of a movie. It has been a long time. I almost always read the book the movie was based on.

  33. Kevin has been annoying me more, but I can’t say I like Angelo either. At least he seems to have some skills. I need to catch up.

  34. He does have skills, but he’s creepy. He calls everything “sexy” or “beautiful” or something equally barfy. He is insipid.

  35. Well, after checking out the sound clips, we can at least be sure that the score for Tron Legacy is going to be awesome.

  36. I can’t remember if I ever read The Black Hole novelization. But, I have read several others of his. He always managed to breathe extra life into the stories – even with movies that were already good to start with.

  37. Watched Tron last week with the young ‘uns. The story is actually really innovative, and you can see how much it influenced a lot of the cyberpunk that followed. The dated FX are forgivable, because it’s supposed to be taking place in a lo-rez world.

    That said, there are plenty of hokey moments, and there are times when the action isn’t clear enough and you lose track of who’s what.

  38. Ah yes Ed, ADF also did the novelisation of Dark Star, worth checking out if you can find it ..will enhance your palooza experience.

  39. I want ‘bit’ to follow me around and tell me yes or no to all my questions 🙂 Bit taught me the joys of binary.

    I’ll be meeting Deb and CJ for lunch (or early dinner) in a couple hours. Taking them to Old Town Cafe (in Old Town). It’ll be a hoot 🙂

    Sadly Amy can’t make it tonight. Darn it. Once again I miss Amy.

  40. justa J0e, LOUD phone conversations piss me off. I was at an airport once and some guy was yelling in to his phone and someone came by and said to him very loudly “we don’t care about your conversation” and then a few others started chiming in but the guy got the point and hung up but the people didn’t let up for a few minutes. it was kind of funny.


  42. Well tonight’s film show was enlivened by a not so young couple making out out in ‘the seats one away from me on ‘the row I was sitting.

  43. Fun night over at my neighbor’s house tonight.

    His parents, brothers and sisters and their kids all visiting him.
    So tonight he hung a huge sheet out by his pool – lugged all his A/V equipment out there … and projected “Princess bride”.

    Just a different sort of fun to sit outside and watch a good movie.

  44. Joe, that story sounds impossible. It’s so far-fetched it’s difficult to even grasp the possibility. One might even say it’s. . . .
    umm, what’s the word I’m looking for. . . . ?

  45. Hello, Pan.

    I decided to play catch-up this morning. It has been an interesting couple of weeks. I’m working for the city over the summer, and taking an online class, and I decided to read straight through the Incarnations of Immortality fantasy series by Piers Anthony. I’m now almost finished with Book 7 of 8, and haven’t gotten my hands on 8 yet, but seriously, I have been SO addicted to those things.

    Also, I have been spending much of my time at work immersed in the tiny but awesome sample of Canadian
    music that is The Arrogant Worms. They made a somewhat repetitive job lots of fun. :happy:

  46. justa J0e said:

    So if you know people that had never seen the original … should you recommend they watch it before going to see the new one?
    I’m thinking it would be good (especially with the younger ones) to give them not just back story but also to give them some sfx perspective.


    I agree with you 100%. Everyone should see the original first, for both of those reasons.

  47. I loved the Incarnations of Immortality series, but the last few books that tried to tie things together got a bit “soap opera” for my taste. I cut my Fantasy teeth on The Lord of the rings, but Piers Anthony’s Xanth series took a close second when I was young. I also enjoyed the Omnivore, Orn and Ox series. It still amazes me that Anthony can write extremely well in both hard core sci-fi and fantasy.

  48. Piers Anthony was some of the earliest Sci-Fi/Fantasy stuff that I ever read. I think “Incarnations of Immortality” was some of the first non-childrens stuff that I remember reading. Followed those with Bio of a Space Tyrant and the earlier Xanth books. The Xanth stuff eventually became to punny to handle anymore.

    That said, I don’t know that I’ve even picked up one of his books in over 20 years.

  49. LOL – “Xanth stuff eventually became to punny to handle anymore”

    That was exactly it’s demise for me as well.
    I LOVED that series and couldn’t wait to read the next … up to a point. Then the puns just got to distracting/annoying

  50. It was made of awesome meeting J.R. Murdock this weekend! I have many stories to tell… should I call them in??

    Jack, we saw you! No.. wait, it was that guy with the big round head that sells hamburgers… Debbie said, “Look, it’s Jack!” But it wasn’t you. My bad.

    Sorry we missed out on seeing Amy Bowen. Maybe later next year.

    I haven’t heard myself singing my “anthem” were there any responses to that?

    Uhm… that’s all I got for now. I’ll check in, catch up when I get home.

    Miss ya all and I’m using computer internet at the hostel.

    yes, it’s a hostile hostel kind of world


  51. “that guy with the big round head that sells hamburgers”

    I need to remember that for an AKA name.

    I hope Comic-Con has been fun for all! We need lots of pictures and stories.

  52. Re Doctor Who: It took us a while to warm up to this new doctor honestly. Didn’t hate him but just wasn’t feeling it for a few episodes honestly.

    Hugh sez: We haven’t watched the last episode yet but are really liking this story so far.

    Yeah that pandoras box thing was really cool how it developed

    Hugh sez: We have warmed up to the doctor but are not liking his assistant at all

    No, omg. No. She is NOT good. Does anyone else feel this? I would prefer Rory as his assistant over Amy Pond. I don’t like her. She isn’t believable and she is half the woman that either Rose Tyler or Martha Jones were.

    Hugh sez: Martha Jones….mmmmmmm

    lol. Hugh has a Martha Jones crush 🙂

    Hugh sez: Amy Pond is a very weak character. Martha and Rose were these incredibly strong vibrant characters. Amy is just kinda blah.

  53. Re: reviving nazi space bomber plan

    how frightening
    I guess the thing the nazis did really well was figuring out how to destroy shit and kill people.

    Hugh sez: If Hitler had let the real war generals command shit and stopped micro-managing them they would of accomplished much more destruction then they had.

    Yeah it was kinda like they had these great ideas about war and the things they wanted to accomplish and it took them so far but then Hitler wouldn’t let the people who knew what they were doing keep it moving forward. Luckily for the rest of the world he made poor decisions and didn’t succeed.

  54. Just caught the Van Gogh episode.
    Once again, I’d describe the new season as “okay”. Have the rest of the season waiting on the TiVo … but it is just not as gripping as the previous 2 seasons were.

    I’m okay with Ms. Pond and the new Doctor … it’s the stories and writing that are loosing me.

  55. Took a long weekend from work with the family out of state down in CO and have watched a bunch of movies with Trav & Kristal (old roomie and his GF) went out on a pontoon boat on Lake Minnetonka, and had some drinks during the period.

    Trying to keep the rest of the week unburdened with plans, other than work and tomorrow’s improv audition for Sage Tyrtle.

  56. I loved the Van Gogh epsiode actually. Was my favorite of the season.

    We watched the finale too.. I don’t know, Ed. Amy spends most of every episode looking dumbfounded and confused.

    Rose gave the doctor his humanity back

    Martha was like River Song and a huge asset

    Donna questioned him and kept him on his toes

    Amy.. I don’t know. I am willing to see how she develops now that those questions were answered for her and all. She might develop more for me in the 2nd season but I am not seeing her as a true assistant yet.

  57. I think i worked out what I am trying to say about Amy

    up to now I feel she had been with the doctor only because he knew somehow she was part of an issue he needed to solve.
    Now that it is over, I do think she could possibly develop into more of a real assistant but up to now she hasn’t been- she has been the problem he hasn’t been able to solve.

    I do want to see where it goes next season

  58. Well ok, even my cynical black heart felt something when the story reached THAT point in TS3.

    What was even better, less than 20 people in the cinema, and very few kids..yah!

  59. Took my grandmother shopping on the weekend. Usually she tires out after a couple of hours but she obviously was feeling spry this weekend. I don’t care how much you like to torture people, no one should be forced to spend four hours wandering around Walmart.

    It’s cruel and unusual punishment.

    I came home, curled up in a ball and slept for an hour after that.

  60. Saw the season finale of Dr. Who on the weekend. I was satisfied with it. It’s true, of the new Doctors, this one doesn’t grab me as much as the other two however, in the overall scheme of Doctor Who, he did OK and I look forward to the next season.

  61. JR: You are correct. I think I said that same thing about the photos 50 times after I kicked myself in the shins (which was quite difficult to do mind you!) So, the way I see it, now we just ABSOLUTELY have to do it again! 🙂

  62. TSH: I see what you mean about Amy, but I like her. And I think she’s more than just dumbfounded in most episodes. Of course, red heads are my kryptonite. 🙂

    Loved the finale.

  63. Cyndi Lauper was wonderful. You couldn’t have ordered better weather, no bugs to speak of.

    She’s promoting her new Blues album. She’s quite good at it. Still has an astounding voice.

    The second half was Blues-ified versions of some of her classics.

    She bantered very well with the crowd, including wading amongst them. She owned the whole lot of ’em.


  64. Good :pan: it is morning, yes?

    Amy: I only remember 7 Incarnations of Immortality… am I missing one?
    We’ve got:
    On a Pale Horse,
    Bearing an Hourglass
    With Tangled Skein
    Wielding a Red Sword
    Being a Green Mother
    For Love of Evil
    And Eternity…
    What am I missing?

  65. Saw Predators over the weekend. meh.

    Basically a retelling of the first movie, with a lot of hack elements. Lots of missed opprotunities to make it compelling.

  66. Lejon: Under a Velvet Cloak.

    I couldn’t get past the Weilding a Red Sword. His series, imo, just aren’t very good after book 3 or 4.

  67. AHHH!! Another good series to watch I’ll never get cough up.
    I still haven’t seen Star Trek Voyager or all of Star Trek NG
    and for movies I just finely saw the first 3 Die Hard’s

  68. OK, more caught up.

    I’ve heard of these Parsec things. . . .
    Congrats JR (and WNDR?) on your nomination!

    Cj, I do hope you can share some stories from SDCC.

    And not Serendipitous Diabolical Color-Coding.

  69. ditto- tis cool. I respect everyones opinion. I hope Amy grows on mw

    jack- Mad Men tis awesome. totally awesome. I loves me some Joan and I can’t help but love Don Draper even though I want to smack him.

    wnderwolf called you Jackamo 🙂 awwwww

  70. OK, OK – I can’t leave that joke sitting there.
    Disclaimer: Greg Dulli was not the singer for Creed. nor was he in Poison, Color Me Badd, Nickelback, Britny Fox, or any other horrible band. He *is or was* in the Afghan Whigs, The Twilight Singers, and the Gutter Twins.

    I was just baiting a Smarty Hottie. Carry on with the Wide Receiver jokes.

  71. Dammit!!!!!!

    you all take those comments back right now!!! grrrrrrrrr


    I notice Greg isn’t touring in any of your cities, obviously you are all unworthy. I on the other hand have both my cities represented because Greg loves me almost as much as I love him.


    egads. Thank God Hugh isn’t here 😉

  72. Ah, you should have watched the “Tour de France.” More dudes mooning the camera than I cared to see, and no boobs. 🙁

  73. Well that depends if you’ve got it JR, I feel I do the world a service by keeping several layers of clothing on at all times outdoors.

  74. Anybody got any tipes on opening an SD card case without smashing the case?

    My 16gig SD card case’s is falling to bits even though the flash memory is fine, wondering if it’s feasible to transfer the flash memory into an old SD case.

  75. Van: I tried to find advice online, but couldn’t find much other than how to fix the lock. If the case isn’t too badly damaged (only cracked), you could try tape to hold it together. Since they are so small and thin, I think your best bet is to transfer the data onto a new card.

  76. Lejon: ditto is correct. Under a Velvet Cloak was published in 2007. I’m told it’s mostly a prequel to the main series.

    ditto: I really liked Being a Green Mother (Book 5), but I think my enjoyment of it was due in large part to its focus on music, something I love very much.

    Johnny Null said:
    Does anyone care about the WPA2 vuln and not already know about it?

    Me. :frown:

  77. EssBee – If it helps … I know hundreds of people and almost none of them are like the douchebags they had on the original “The Real World”.

    There is very little “real” in those “real” shows.

  78. Jack, JN: Yeah, I knew about the vulnerability. The key point though is that it requires the hacker to already be on the network. This isn’t a problem in a Starbucks.

  79. Vanamonde: Thanks for beating me to the link. I honestly wasn’t being cynical, I’m just used to being beaten by the well-informed Paninites.

  80. JN: D’oh. What I meant to write was this *is* a problem in a Starbucks. The main issue is that the hacker can insert man-in-the-middle attacks, but they have to be on the network already. At least, that is my understanding.

  81. Attention Mad Men lovers: Fresh Air focused on the show, interviewing the showrunner and talking about the new season (spoilery) yesterday. It was fun.

  82. Have any of you guys purchased TV episodes from iTunes? If so, do you know how to just download one or another version (HD versus regular)? I download the regular version, but every time I download podcasts, etc, it tries to download the HD versions.

  83. I use 63 random ASCII characters for my wifi router, so probably easier for an oh so bored hacker to break in when I’m at work and reset the router…

  84. No idea Essbee, Only stuff I buy from iTunes are apps for the phone.

    CH: being poisoned by some silly woman who appears to have dumped a whole bottle of perfume on herself.

  85. EssBee, I have only gotten free stuff in regards to TV and if I deleted the one I didn’t want from the TV Shows area under library it stopped downloading but that was version 8 something so that might have changed. I should note when I looked under TV it should a download button next to the one I had not downloaded yet.

  86. I’ll try that reaper, thanks! I imagine the purchased video works the same way the free does.

    I bought a season pass to the Buffy live action comic.

  87. Hay pan, So this weekend another branch broke on a very large tree so I finely bought a chainsaw. Here are a few things I have discovered:
    Always buy at least one more chain
    Buy a gallon of chin oil not the little container
    Just buy the sharpening file
    use good tools the first time you adjust/tighten things other wise you will brake tool that came with it
    Expect to spend %50 more on accessories and consumables right away

  88. I didn’t plan to buy a chainsaw I was just going to borrow my cousins again but the conversation when something like this:
    My Wife: How long will it take him to get out here to help you…
    My Wife: This will never get clean up
    Me: If I had a chainsaw it would be cleaned up already I like working outside
    My Wife: Well then lets go get one.
    Me: ummm ok

  89. ditto: I will buy a few every year or so just to have the convent container for my tap watter. Some times it is just to hard to clean the marks from hard water out of a container and I’m to lazy to do it

  90. Alright, got caught up before I head out.

    Traveling for a couple of days of waterpark fun and general getting away for a bit.

    Try not to completely burn the bar down (Lo Pan!) while I’m away.

  91. Well this quote stood out for in a Times Magazine article on Steve Jobs and Jesus:

    ‘When their brains are examined under an  MRI scanner, Apple devotees are indistinguishable from those committed to Jesus’

  92. Morning pan,
    Ever been so tire and sore you couldn’t sleep? I have now. 3 days of cutting wood for 3 or more hours each day is a lot of hard work.
    Since I couldn’t sleep I went to the YMCA for a swim and some time in the hot tub than the steam room. Swimming Steam rooms are very relaxing.

  93. “apple devotees are indistinguishable from those committed to Jesus’”

    Oddly enough … that holds true for the MRI of atheists as well.
    I’m not really sure what TIME is driving at with that particular line.

    Except perhaps to try and get people to talk about them for making such an odd comparison.
    I guess it’s hard to be a relevant “dead tree” media in this “electron media” world.

  94. I need to remember to refresh before I comment. My “to be afraid” was in reference to Lo Pans “Ive never spent much time in school, but Ive taught ladies plenty.”

  95. Lo Pan, I hate moving rock also the sound of rock scraping agents itself and the shovel is horrible.
    I think the most difficult part of my wood cutting other than it being oak was that it fell on a crappy lean to shed I couldn’t stand on any more and that the log would hit the neighbors garage if I cut it wrong.

  96. ditto: Yes, that’s my understanding of the vuln as well. That cloud service is indeed worrying. I’m sure that there’s been much of this going on already, but to put this thing out to the general public like that. Less than good.

    justa J0e: please cite your source re: atheist MRIs.

  97. One thing I forgot about working out in the morning I don’t like is that it’s only 9:30 and I’m hungry. glad I have snacks here.

  98. Fall Guy movie . . .

    My dad LOVED FG, but only because it was the mate of The Bionic Woman in his mind. Lindsay Wagner is *swoooooooony* for my daddy.

    My dad might not love a remake. I might.

  99. To the person who asked for UHF —

    I actually got to visit some of the shooting locations from UHF in Tulsa, OK while driving from Phoenix to Philly.

    I’ve been to Kuni’s Karate School, Big Edna’s Burger’s, and Raul’s Apartment (where he taught poodles how to fly!)

    Gotta say…..it was pretty damn awesome.

  100. EssBee, Thanks now I have Mrs. Garrison saying “Oh yeah were scissoring” stuck in my head and worse yet “Oh yeah scissor me timbers!!!”

  101. *sigh*
    Okay, I’ll grant that great breasts might distract me for the length of yet another craptastic pop song … but no way it’s going to make me sit through a 90 minute movie.
    Huh? What’s that … “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life” ?
    Oh … well, fine then. I rescind my previous comment.

  102. I’m in on the Inception talk, JfS, although Google Wave frustrates the hell out of me.

    Hey, Krazy Joe’s comment is freed! That’s a pretty cool little UHF tour, KJ. And what else are you gonna do in Tulsa? (no offense WNDR)

  103. reaper, nice board game find! Does it come with your own Peter Falk?

    And congrats one 1 year here! You’ve added a hella lot to this community in a short time.

    OK, back to work for me.

  104. when reading most of the movies my first thought was “oh yeah” and second was “that is something the kids should (and did) see”
    to a definitive list it might take a while

  105. I have decided that I kinda have the hots for Leonardo D.

    Haven’t seen the film yet – we’re hoping for Saturday. I’m not ignoring you, Jeremy, but not looking for spoilers sake!

  106. Hello, Pan.

    Last night, I accepted an invitation to perform three songs at a songwriter showcase in San Luis Obispo next Tuesday night. All three are original songs with lyrics by my mom and music by me and some other co-writers. I’ve never sung original songs for a live audience before, so I’m excited and scared. I’m going to take my Snowball with me, but we will be in a restaurant and bar, so no promises that I’ll get a listenable recording, or any recording at all.

  107. 1. Dark Star Arrived via Netflix today. When we will watch it, I haven’t a clue. Soonsies I hope.

    2. Men are a pain in the ass.

    3. Jack, next week is fine, better actually than this week since starting next week I don’t have to be to work til 8am.

    4. My new job is so awesome.

    5. I mentioned that I want to see Inception, it has nothing to do with Leo. He does nothing for me and men are a pain in the ass anyway.

    6. I would love to see a movie featuring Jack’s butt. Is that so wrong really?


  108. “Here he is, talking about his dead mother and I can’t help wishing his hands were unbuttoning my dress! ” – Charlotte Flax Mermaids

  109. Wow Amy, that’s exciting! Congratulation and good luck! I hope you do get a quality recording for yourselves, even if it’s not something you want to share with the world. If you want it heard here, however, then I’d love to play it.

    Cj, was Winona Ryder here?

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