Jack Mangans Deadpan #168: Rich Catino Twin Guitar Attack, part 1

Rich Catino of Metal Asylum.

Part 1 of a convErsATion recorded on Monday Evening, May 24th.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #168: Rich Catino Twin Guitar Attack, part 1

Is Deadpan the home of Astro-Zombies?

Interview with Rich Catino (http://www.metalasylum.net/index.php)

Music … “Our Love is Fading Away” – Mango (featuring Rich Catino)

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706 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #168: Rich Catino Twin Guitar Attack, part 1

  1. While that was mostly excellent, Jack. I must award it an F for failure to include Dr. Peter Venkman.

    Don’t cross the streams….

  2. Re: How to Destroy Angels: We were highly unimpressed with the first track that was released. Lady J listened to the EP yesterday and said that the first track is actually the highlight. The beats are largely NIN, and therefore good. But, that’s where the goodness ends. I’m struck at the beyond lackluster lyrics, especially in a song with so much potential as “BBB (Big Black Boots)”. We have come to the conclusion that his wife is his Yoko Ono, and if Trent’s name wasn’t on the project, no one would care.

  3. I have an interview today. I’m just going to see what they can offer. I’m doubtful they can even match what I have now. We shall see.

  4. Lee was also very arrogant. There are times when limits are common sense and/or necessary. But that makes for less dreamy quotes.

    In this case, a jump from three to five miles, especially at a reduced pace, is easily doable. Lee just accurately deduced the guy was doggin’ it.

    Wow, I sound very negative today.

  5. Lo Pan: That’s what everyone says. I’m inclined to agree, but still doesn’t make it right. Also shows one to be much less introspective than one claims.

  6. Oh I dunno. I’m met some pretty arrogant folks in my time that were all about the introspection. Granted it was borderline vanity but nonetheless.

  7. Lo Pan: I guess just pointing out the hypocrisy-bullshit. Like the founder of Aikido, Mr. Peace-and-Love. Unless you happened to be his wife and ran afoul of his goofy macrobiotic diet nonsense. Then he’d yell, scream, and insult you.

  8. Oh I cant deny the hypocrisy in that. I think I just find the hypocrisy in everything so that kinda tames it for me, not to say its right. Just saying I dont have the best outlook to begin with on people so that tempers alot for me.

  9. ditto: I find that 100% accurate, and refreshing when said.

    I’ve been very hypocritical at times, but I do try to correct that. And there’s times I’m even hypocritical about that. All very zen.

  10. Of course, I don’t get paid for my hypocrisy. Does that make me a better person, or just dumber? Probably just dumber.

  11. Regarding the lastest cleanup of Metropolis (from the latest Ansible):

    As Others See Us. Restoring the lost footage of Metropolis has also miraculously rescued it from the taint of sf: ‘The cumulative result is a version of “Metropolis” whose tone and focus have been changed. “It’s no longer a science-fiction film,” said Martin Koerber, a German film archivist and historian who supervised the latest restoration and the earlier one in 2001. “The balance of the story has been given back. It’s now a film that encompasses many genres, an epic about conflicts that are ages old. The science-fiction disguise is now very, very thin.”‘ (New York Times, 4 May, sent by dozens of you) As Andy Sawyer wearily commented, ‘That’s apart from the futuristic setting, the dystopian cityscapes, the videophones, the vast machines and the robot, I guess.’

  12. Metrtopolis isn’t SciFi. Of course not. That’s for ridge-browed comic book readers. Except they can’t even read. They just look at the pictures and point at the boobies.


  13. Going back (again) to SGU’s reset button episode. I had no issue with it. The entire episode setup up exactly why they were able to dial in. It was clever and gave a great cliff-hanger and did not break the rules.

    Would it have been cool to leave them to bounce between gates for the rest of the season? Probably. But then it would have been really stretching it to get them back. And I’d miss the geek if they took him out. He’s so great at being sarcastically uncomfortable.

  14. I know it is morbid but am I the only one who has a hard time holding in a giggle when they hear massive stroke?

    I worked at a bar/restaurant when a 80+ year old coworker died of a massive stroke and I had to laugh mostly because that guy would have smacked me up side the head and said “come on, Thats funny, laugh”. He was something else. I still laugh when I think of the stuff he used to say.

  15. Altho let’s be clear. . . .nobody is making fun or getting joy out of the Rue McLanahan news.

    While that is a shame, she had a life full of money and success in her chosen field, so good for her.

  16. Golden Girls was on when I got home from school, and it was one of the few stations I could get in with my rabbit-ears. I watched it regularly, and I thought it was funny. All that being said, her death means nothing to me either way.

  17. Somehow that seems related to TEB’s post about remaking Jaws. LOL

    As long as Lion-o’s sword grows larger, everytime he yells “Thunder!” it has to be good.

  18. reaper: Could be a good thing, since they ruined the original series pretty quickly. The downside? More fodder for Furries.

  19. Putting it there isn’t hard. It’s the taking it off part that presents a problem. (speaking from conjecture, not experience)

  20. Rhettro: Consider, if you will, a release agent, such as petroleum jelly, and then being “worked up” or “excited” while the plaster is applied…. let the excitement wear off, and see just how easy it is to take it off…

  21. Songs currently on my iPod:

    Come On — Headstones
    Come On Closer — Jem
    Come On Come On — Smash Mouth
    Come On Eileen — Save Ferris
    Come On Home — Franz Ferdinand

  22. Yeah, I’ve only recently got back into Twitter because of some celebrity bloggers heavy use of it. Got the Hulk link from one of the Penny-Arcade guys.

    I mean COME ON.

  23. CP: Halo ‘Round The Moon – Steve Earle

    Van, do you listen to any Steve Earle? This song reminds me some of Harry Manx.

  24. One more tweet: I gotta say that HTDA’s “A Drowning” has completely embedded itself in my brain. I dig more each time I listen. Mrs. Reznor’s voice is gorgeous on that track.

  25. Tonight I’m cooking our weekly favorite – fish bowl. I saute salmon for Sly B and cod for me, brown rice, some kind of veggie (broccoli tonight), and a legume (kidney beans tonight). Oh, and lots of hot sauce. Man, I’m hungry.

  26. This night it is
    The stars in flight
    So cold and bright
    And I
    I want
    To see my crush again, yeah
    The magical correction
    I dream; the world speeds on, yeah
    Maybe I’m a loser
    Maybe I’m the unsuspecting Lord
    Maybe I’m a rapper
    Maybe I’m just living by the sword

  27. There is no recipe. You dump a bunch of meat, eggs, potatoes and spices in various degrees in a cast iron skillet and simmer the hell out of it. So good yo. And cheap. Emphasis on the cheap.

  28. Bubble and squeak can be tasty.

    I have listened to Steve Earle on various folk radio programs, never seen him in concert though.

    Night Pan.

  29. That’s Van Williams, Lo Pan. Not Kirk Hammett, plus he plays drums. Speaking of which, guess what came in the mail today? wOOt!!!!!!!! New Nevermore day only happens every five years or so but oh my… I’ll post some pics soon. πŸ™‚

  30. Lolololololo

    I assume the cat is a dude, but that assumption is dangerous, so I tilted it on its head and said “she” instead.

    That sentence could be rewritten for clarity, but I like the way it feels so I’ll leave it be.

  31. I’m really looking forward to listening to the 2nd have of this interview on my way home. The 1st half ROCKED… so many of my favorite bands mentioned.

    And yeah… White Lion opened for Ac/Dc when I saw them Blow up Their Video and.. uhm..

    yeah.. I wasn’t impressed.

    Just sayin’

  32. You know what sucks – accidentally setting your clock ahead the day before….making you wake up an hour earlier today….and not figuring it out until you are dressed, breakfast made, sitting at your computer to catch up on the morning news.

    Yep, that sucks.

  33. Happy Birthday NS!

    That track on this weeks episode didn’t sound half bad at x2 speed.

    Yes I’m wearing my NOTASTE badge today.

    Missed the delivery bloke, so no new gadget this weekend.


  34. morning pan,
    Just read a short article and this was in interesting quote from it:
    “a tweaked Motorola Droid can hit 52 Mflop/s, which is more than 15 times faster than the CPUs used in the 1979 Cray-1”

  35. It seems to be a special boy’s birthday today…

    Expect an awesome demoncat themed card in the maik later. And by mail I might mean post.

  36. Interesting if you like sport mascots:
    I was close to being able to run the in Milwaukee Sausage Race. A friends mom works for Miller and it was there turn to pick people for the game coming up in 3 weeks. 2 or 3 days before we where to get the tickets a group of douchebags decided to get totally waisted before running the race and one puked in the suit, one couldn’t stand to in it the suit, one couldn’t stand after getting in the suit and the other couldn’t walk in it (no Chorizo at the time). After that it had to be employees of the company who’s turn it was.
    Reaper <——- was fucking pissed.
    That would have been so much fun

  37. Lo Pan, Ya come on!!!!
    I was so looking forward to that. I was even working in a small Sausage Factory/Bar/Restaurant at the time so it held a special place in my heart.
    I wanted to be the Italian Sausage so I could channel my inter Mario.

  38. “I wanted to be the Italian Sausage so I could channel my inter Mario.”

    I…..usually….know what to say….um…. wow

  39. CPIMM: She Comes in Colors – Neveremore

    “She comes in colors
    And waits until I’m drained
    She comes again

    Until tomorrow, follow the sun
    Until tomorrow, follow the sun

    She comes in colors”

  40. Ed and ditto have brought Loverboy and Def Leppard to the conversation…..

    I actually hold Pyromania to be pretty sacred, even if they went straight downhill from there.

  41. Jack: maybe bad motherboard or powersupply. Sometimes that can cause an HD failure. BTW, did you ever get your data recovered?

  42. Jack Mangan is officially sick of it.

    I still have the old dead HD, plus now the new one that my useless Dell can’t see. This is the second motherboard on this machine….. so yeah….. just a big ugh….

  43. I used Fring on the iPhone before the skype client was released.

    Call quality was worse than skype, but that may have been fixed by now.

  44. Fring says that is is free because it uses your data connection instead of “your valuable voice minutes or SMS”.

    I’d pretty much call that a fail. I never come close to using all my voice minutes – even shared across three phone lines. Text messages are unlimited.

    But, AT&T is leading the way, with Verizon likely to follow, on putting a butt plug in that data pipe.

  45. Sorry, I wasn’t clear – that was my point. AT&T is putting the squeeze on data usage with their new pricing scheme. This is turn will put things like Skype, Fring, Hulu, Sling and all those other things that make have a high powered smart phone useful potentially more costly.

  46. Nice to see the “Vader Project” contributions. I had seen one picture on a site and a offer to sell an auction book with all the images for $40.

    Free is much better for me πŸ™‚

  47. Nice find, TEB. That was pretty funny, even if though I didn’t know anyone in that thing besides Snoop Dogg….well and of course the original Star Wars cast.

  48. Oh, so the intreview, you ask? Well, I got there, and the place was closed up tight as a drum, and there was a clipboard, pen, and application laying on the ground. I’d sooner break the dude’s jaw than work for him, even if he doubled my pay. Asshat. I wasted an hour in travel alone. I mean, come on!

  49. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone. This may tie for best birthday ever. Nothing went wrong! It was like the evil birthday gnomes didn’t realize their siesta was up or something!

  50. I have an iPhone. I checked my data usage. I’ve used 1.1gb since I got it months ago. This month I used under 30mbs of data.

    My plan has 800 minutes per month. I used under 200 minutes.

    I feel like I’m getting jacked a lot harder for the minutes than for the data. Even if I chose to go with the new limited data plans.

    I just want to be able to get to text messages and Twitter. The rest of it is just icing on my thumb-typing cake.

  51. This is getting ridiculous. I’m not big on Dr. Who so every time Netflix recommends anything Dr. Who, I click on “not interested”. I’ve been doing this for months and it still keeps recommending more and more Dr. Who stuff. I know I watch a lot of sci-fi, and I know there is a lot of Dr. Who stuff out there, but common. Their “smart system” should at SOME point override the “lets give this guy some Dr. Who because he likes sci-fi” link with a “hey, this guy has turned down the last 50 Dr. Who links. Maybe he doesn’t like Dr. Who.”

    Sorry for the rant. Been a bit pissed off at Netflix lately.

  52. Got a USB headset. Audacity still records it as being very quiet. I have to tinker around, I guess. I think I’ve got the settings right, but who knows? I’ll test it on the desktop, too.

  53. JØ: Check your Audacity levels and make sure that they’re maxed out, then you should also check (if you’re using a Window’s Machine) to see if you have the microphone boost on. I usually switch this to off, but turning it on may help adjust your sound levels.

    Always test, of course.

  54. CD: Cooling my heels in a coffee shop as I have an hour to kill before the
    movie starts.

    I’m going to see ‘The Killer Inside Me’, for the first time (as far as I can recall), I was warned by lass selling me the ticket that this was an extremely violent film.

    Strange days indeed..

  55. So, according to Mr. Michael Mennenga (via Facebook), the house he just moved back into has about a month’s worth of work that needs to be done on it in the next 10 days. If I lived there, I’d be there helping him work on it every spare minute I had. I hope the podcasting community rallies around the project, although I can’t confidently speak for him and say that he wants the whole world coming over to help.

  56. OMGonk. I just found the PERFECT job listing for me: Digital Literacy Program Director (read: planner and teacher of computer classes) at the nonprofit I’ve wanted to work at more than any other for two years now, the Little Tokyo Service Center. Tomorrow: application time!

  57. NS – I’ve caught bits of that story. Yes, it definitely sounds like she has a case. Mabye I’m a pig, but I have to think somewhere, there are jealous wives involved in the firing. Though, I’ve not read anything to support that conjecture so far.

  58. 1. She could use some modesty. The fact that she speaks so openly and prolifically about how hot she is suggests a type of person that I’ve dealt with before. So obsessed by their own looks that they think it’s all anyone ever thinks about.
    2. Her face isn’t attractive enough to match her ego or her body.
    3. Most of these types of stories have more going on that they let on. Her job performance may very well have sucked and she’s just trying to justify it in her own mind. Most of the people I’ve had to fire assumed that it was my fault and there was nothing really wrong with their job performance.
    4. I’ve know some pretty shallow higher-up executives, so her story isn’t necessarily unimaginable.

    We’ll never really know.

  59. More unrelated. The Vin Diesel Jr. working on our yard took his shirt off on the weekend. Hubby laughed and laughed when I commented that he was a little on the scrawny side. I don’t see what was so funny πŸ™‚

  60. On the shirt-off front, I’m 5-10# short of my goal. Been a long road down from 240#. After that, just work on “body comp”. I’m way excited. I mowed my back lawn with my shirt off, and it’s the first time I wouldn’t be mortified should a passer-by get a glimpse.

  61. TEB: Thanks much. Sorry to hear you’re not yet up to par, but at least 10# are pretty easy to lose in comparison when you’re back on-track. πŸ™‚

  62. After a bad sunburn incident as a kid, I feel there is never a good excuse to take my shirt off outside.

    Not helped by hairy chests being out of fashion these days.

  63. I’m trying out a Linux Mint Live CD today to see if my older computer’s motherboard is crapping out or if it is the hard drive. I think I goofed and burnt the AMD64 based distro instead of the i386. I may make another and try again.

  64. Back from the post office. I had to lie to them and it’s just killing me. πŸ™‚

    Sent something to the states. They always make you put a value on whatever you send. I told them it was hand made from stuff I already had on hand so really cost nothing. They still made me put a dollar amount down. So I lied *shrug* Please don’t hate me.

  65. Re: Hairy chests: Speaking on behalf of those with a little fur, I have found that most women don’t mind or prefer some hair on their men.

    TEB: Doesn’t matter. They could smash it with a sledgehammer, and then tell you they have no idea what happened to it. Upon asking for money via their “insurance”, they’ll simply say that it wasn’t packaged properly. Happens daily. At least at the USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

  66. We went to see Splice Saturday night, btw. It had a lot of strong ideas and potential, but overall, it was kind of a fail. Too much of “Why in the world would he/she be doing this?”

  67. Time for some left over Chinese food for lunch, then 1/2 hour of news and maybe a movie. Still haven’t decided if I want to do that or play on the computer.

    I love the middle of the month when my work is cut down to very little πŸ™‚

  68. Chrysler is recalling some of their mini-vans because the doors could catch on fire.

    The doors? That’s a new one.

    (Apparently the wiring is faulty)

  69. The movie: Rise of th Gargoyles
    The Synopsis: American professor Jack Richmon’s theories regarding pagan architecture leave him somewhat of a joke in the academic community. However, he is forced to put his pride aside and hurry to Paris before an ancient gargoyle destroys the city.

    So grab your popcorn, it’s movie time!

  70. So the iPad arrived today, I think it’s time to open the box.

    Oh and ‘The Killer Inside Me’ has the two most disturbing scenes of violence towards women that I’ve seen in movie (making the ear cutting scene in Reservoir Dogs look like Bambi). Doesn’t glamorise the violence, but the plot just got silly in places.

  71. Nomad Scry, I’m glad the evil birthday gnomes didn’t have their way with your day… looks like they are already at work deteriorating mine.


    Okay – yeah I am gonna whine about this. I FINALLY have a birthday on a Friday and someone planned some big social media event on my day.

    And it seems a bit of the people I’d have liked to spend that evening with are attending the event – yet I am not.

    I have an overnight babysitter too.


    I want to have the “well my real friends will be with me” attitude, but the fact is that the event is more important to most of them than my birthday – which really isn’t that big of a deal… but I think that’s one of the days I’m allowed to whine about.

    OK Done with my whining. πŸ™‚

  72. Well this is typed om the iPad.

    The auto correct changed Jack’s surname to Manganese.

    Jack Manganese sounds like a character from a pulp scifi novel.

  73. Because a lot of people don’t care if people get killed on-screen, but have an emotional reaction to a dog getting snuffed.

  74. Statistics:

    * Name: Jack Manganese
    * Symbol: Mn
    * Classification: Transition Metal (Oh …. that is SO Jack)
    * Atomic Number: 25
    * Density: 7.44 g/cm3
    * Melting: 1244Β°C
    * Boiling: 2097Β°C
    * Discovered By: Gahn

    “GAAAAHHHHN” !!!

  75. Cj – Hopefully the gnomes will be lulled to sleep before Friday.

    Maybe we can get someone else to -ACT- like it is their birthday, thereby distracting the evil birthday gnomes into sabotaging their day instead of yours.

    Or would that be the act of a bad person? Humph.

  76. Oooh, good pick. I’d not have thought of him.

    Henry Simmons for whassname. Panthro?

    I have someone in mind for Cheetara, but I can’t remember her name.

  77. Pauline Nordin isn’t my top pic, but probably #2-ish. I can’t find the other name. Of course, I don’t think she can act at all. I don’t know if she ever did. That’s not my basis right here. πŸ™‚

  78. Jack: Don’t forget these:

    Superman: Still in Tights
    Planet of the Apes Reiteration
    The A+ Team
    Return of the Spiderman Returning

  79. Re-reboots? RE: reboots? FW: RE: boots?

    Mork & Mindy: The Later Years (Mork will be played by Justin Bieber, and Mearth will be played by Robin Williams)
    The Waltons: the Next Generation
    The Little House on Prairie Drive
    What’s Happenin’ Now, Again?
    Jefferson: Lamonte’s Life
    Good Times, Again.
    Leave it to Beaver’s Kid

  80. Aliens vs. Predators But Forget About that Stupid Movie in Antarctica

    Batman Began Again But now this is Another Batman Reboot

    Superman Shouldn’t Have Returned in 2006, So He’s Really Returning Now: The Quest for Peace

    Geriatric Mutant Ninja Turtles

  81. I think there was a Leave it to Beaver’s Kid movie or TV show.

    I also think it’s time for a Star Trek Reboot…. (I’m always up for that!)

    How about …

    Three’s Still Company
    Herman’s Head Aches
    Bosom Buddies – Undressed!

  82. Jack: Neither did I, but I would guess that he probably wouldn’t like to be called “one of his hardier sperm”. Just sayin’. πŸ˜‰
    Come On!

  83. This week has been crazy for me, which is why I’ve posted even less than usual. Off to run errands now.

    Also, it’s primary election day here in California. Gotta attempt to choose the least of several evils. :/

  84. If I did a movie play-by-play Bunny style but it wasn’t a horror movie – but like say a bad teen romance… would it still be fun for you all?

    More importantly, would Bunny enjoy it?

    It just seems like a fun thing to do and I wanna do it too!
    (because I have so much spare time on my hands?)

  85. OK. I know I’ve had this discussion with Jack and Lo Pan, but not with the rest of you.

    What are some of your “candy” bands. This is music that you know is bad–they’ve sold-out, gone commercial, make junk popular music, or the like–but you like them anyway.

    We’ve all got bands like this in our collection. I’ve got Nickleback, Matchbox 20, and Sarah McLachlan on my iPod. What’s in yours?

  86. ditto: Your post scared me… I fear the “end” of Dr. Demento. I want him to live forever!

    Also, that Voltron was a very diminutive man, but a man, nonetheless. Not a girl.

    And I don’t think YOU cleared the room.. I think it’s the fear that I might start doing a play-by-play of Eclipse or something.

  87. ditto: fear not! a play-by-play of Eclipse would actually require me actually having to sit through the movie a THIRD time and after the pain of viewing number 2… which I didn’t even make it through with much apologies to my mommy friends who love it (why?) this just simply isn’t going to happen.

  88. I recall the discussion, ditto. I don’t really feel all that guilty about my “guilty pleasures”. Yes, I might have a Bangles song or some GWAR songs on my iPod, but I don’t feel ashamed about them. It’s not like I’m rocking out in my cubicle to The Macarena.

    ditto, on the other hand, ought to feel ashamed about his Nickelback mp3s. πŸ˜‰

  89. Reading a recent interview with Gail Carriger over on Tor.com. I love this quote:
    “Kumquat. You can’t say that without giggling inside.”

  90. I’m not here. I’m just hopping in to let you know I’d enjoy a Cj play by play.

    Now back to watching the yard people…

  91. Hi DP!

    We’re vacationing, and enjoying it. We’re in Canon City, CO, enjoying B’s family. I believe tomorrow’s biggest job will be making (and eating) tamales.

    I can’t think of any guilty pleasure music off the top of my head, but will look on the iPod and get back to y’all on that one.

  92. Yard’s done. Yeah! Hubby’s busy editing pics to send to people (I haven’t forgotten your request EssBee).

  93. Guilty pleasure music I have on my i-Pod:

    Jerry Reed
    Johnny Horton
    Ricky Martin
    Roger Whittaker
    Bubblegum Crisis Soundtrack

    (Does Boney M count? I have them too)
    (What about Monkees as well as each of their solo efforts?)

    I think the rest of my music is pretty mainstream and would generally be accepted by the masses.

  94. Tonight’s Deadpan Cooking idea

    Buy a Brisket. (I don’t know … it says “Brisket” on the package)
    Put it on a sheet of Aluminum foil.
    Lightly Salt and pepper it.
    Roll it over and lightly salt and pepper the other side.
    Fold up the aluminum foil so the Brisket is nicely sealed up.
    Put foil package in an oven safe pan.
    Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees (Fahrenheit, you geeks)
    Put Brisket in the oven for 3 to 3.5 hours.
    Remove and eat like a king!!!!

    My mom has been trying to get me to do this for some time and I keep putting her off. So now I owe her a phone call and thanks.
    It couldn’t have been easier or tastier.

    That is all.

  95. Just for Jack…

    Ask your mommy and daddy
    What happened to the Indian
    Ask your mommy and daddy
    To tell you where you really came from
    Your mommy and daddy
    Will probably quickly turn and walk away
    Then ask your mommy and daddy
    Who really killed JFK

    Ask your mommy if she really
    Gets off on all her pills
    Ask your daddy why doesn’t
    That soldier care who he kills?
    After they’ve put you to sleep
    And tucked you safely down in your bed
    Whisper mommy and daddy
    Would it matter if the bullet went through my head?

    If it was my blood spilling on the kitchen floor,
    If it was my blood, mommy, would you care a little more?
    Don’t be surprised when they turn and start to cry
    And tell your mommy and daddy
    Tell your mommy and daddy
    Scream it to your mommy and daddy,
    They’re living in a lie, lie, lie
    It’s all a lie, it’s all a lie, lie, lie…

    -The Monkees

  96. After hubby’s done with the pics I think I’m going be levelling up my Githzerai monk. We’re actually playing D & D on Friday this week (instead of the normal Saturday) and my character’s ready to go up to level 15. Yoo Hoo!

  97. Sometimes food tastes good in it’s own flavours, Jack. *redneck drawl* We don’t need any of those fancy sauces πŸ˜‰

  98. Seriously Jack, just salt a pepper. Remarkably tasty and tender. Hope you enjoy it Essbee. πŸ™‚

    Ed – let ’em get serious all they want … as long as you get to eat the results! Collateral dinning.

  99. … and finally,
    I think it’s time to declare a Jihad on BP.

    Just hearing that they have had HiDef imagery for weeks now of the gusher … and only just today, under pressure, did they finally release it to the government hired scientists who are trying to deal with this thing.

    Al this time and they are still obfuscating the facts and obstructing the rest of the world from helping.

  100. America should just refuse to do or allow any business with BP for 20 years. That should be the penalty for any business that creates a disaster, whether it’s a huge oil company or Domino’s Pizza.

  101. BTW: You know BP’s $50 million ad campaign declaring “We will make this right” ???
    Well, apparently they were careful NOT to say anything like, “we will restore the Gulf to its full former glory.”

    Seems BP has released a guide to all of it’s spokespersons that included this sobering tidbit :

    “No statement shall be made containing … Promises that property, ecology, or anything else will be restored to normal.”


    I say we send a heavily armed Samual L. Jackson crashing into the BP boardroom to tell them that he wants the MF Oil of our MF shoreline.

  102. Guilty pleasure music…

    Ninja by Der Antwoord
    Cuz I Can by Hardknox
    (anything) by Evanescence
    Hazard by Richard Marx
    Joyride by Roxette
    I am too sexy by Right Said Fred

    and of course, my perennial favorite
    Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

    Deadly when I hear a dope melody.

  103. Don’t blame me for Der Anterwoord, but I don’t mind the credit. πŸ˜‰

    NS: Funny, I heard Jack playing something that sounded like Ice, Ice Baby recently. πŸ™‚

  104. Hmmm… I scroll through my iPod.

    I feel no shame in Abba or the Mamma Mia Soundtrack on here.. or the Enchanted soundtrack either.


    OK the Bon Jovi and Britney Spears… yeah… fail…

    What the???? There’s fricken George Michael on my iPod…

    I gotta go decontaminate this thing….

    (I like Bon Jovi :tongue:)

  105. Well, I didn’t get to choose the least of any evils, because the governorship wasn’t even on the ballot I got. It may or may not have been because I had to vote on a provisional ballot, I don’t know.

    EssBee: Glad you’re having a good time on vacation!

    The application for the above-mentioned perfect job has been submitted. Most likely nothing will come of it, but… *crosses fingers*

  106. dug all my long boxes out of the attic. ugh! arms are sore. Will spend the next couple weeks cataloging and pricing and posting on either ebay or craig’s list. Haven’t decided which yet. This is going to take a LONG time.

  107. On the other hand… I’m still waiting for my “dream job” (really my dream job is to stay home and be a work-at-home mommy) interview….

  108. Dan has a request – please :wub:

    Please go to his website http://www.shouldibearoused.com and vote on the pictures and leave funny comments.

    I’m being a good wife and recruiting y’all to stop by and maybe do that for him? He asked me to ask you nicely.

    (well I added the “nicely” part…)

  109. CJ: Good English makes for bad :FTB:
    (I like Bon Jovi :tongue:) should have a space after the last : or :FTB won’t recognize the emoticon
    (I like Bon Jovi :tongue: )

  110. Went to see the picture and vote. I think the “it’s a trap” quote for Mrs. Darth Vader is appropriate because I thinks the person is holding the crotch to hide something rather than needing to go to the bathroom. :sick:
    The cooked bacon bra though… :wub: I’ll be in my bunk

  111. Morning Pan.

    It’s overcast. I’m hoping it will rain. My new sod has to be watered twice a day until it grows roots. However, I don’t want to be one of those people who water their grass in the rain so I’m hoping, if it does rain, it’ll start soon.

  112. still getting cough up but
    Re Brisket:
    garlic is the only thing I would add to the spice list.
    The only thing I have ever found that can screw it up is cooking fat side down.
    It dries out but the foil might fix that.

  113. Still getting cough up:
    Re BP:
    talk to your local store owner and encourage them to change oil companies. That will really hurt BP. Unfortunately boycotting the local store hurts the local guy and his employees more than anything. Unless they own a shit load of stores across different oil companies. I know this takes some research but I wouldn’t feel good about myself if I killed my neighbors small business with out giving them the chance to change.

  114. NS: I’ll be keeping very few comics. Ones like Pacific Comics Groo #1 signed by Sergio. He was great fun to meet. πŸ™‚

    My body doesn’t like this morning after digging all those boxes out of the attic, but my wallet will LOL

  115. I live in “evil” Alberta with the “evil” tar sands and “dirty oil” (quote happy, or what?) and I can tell you, switching to clean energy, while a good idea and full of good intentions, is not as simple as everybody want you to believe.

  116. Bunny, It never is easy. If it was we would have done it long long ago. I think the thing solar/wind activist forget is what what are you going to do when sun/wind isn’t there. consumers won’t stand for power not being there. Just think if had to make sure to have enough ice in your fridge to keep it cold over night. and what if we started using electric cars. with no sun shining at night how are we going to charge it.
    If it didn’t cost $5k-$10k to make a house able to work seamlessly off solar and grid power I would jump on it. This is the cost before panel’s/turbines or anything else.

  117. Yeah, whenever I see protesters talking about stop using oil, whether from Alberta or anywhere else, my thought is, ok, we’ve suddenly stopped using oil (and coal for that matter, I don’t care what you say, there’s no such thing as “clean coal”). No more oil in the world, what can we use to replace it? Yes there’s solar, and batteries (BTW, lithium ion used is batteries is also a non-renewable source of energy) but not immediately, readily usable should all other forms stop.

    Yes, I agree there are better/cleaner ways to get energy, just not RIGHT NOW. Not practically anyways.

    Ok, I’m done. I’m going to put the soapbox away now.

  118. JR, Must be a ninja splinter. Your lucky you found it before it took over your body and lived your life like the “Edger suit” for MiB2 (I think it was 2)

  119. While I agree with the previous statements regarding switching energy sources, I also think the public pressure to switch is useful. Energy companies have to be convinced that the investment to switch is worthwhile.

    As for solar energy, a lot of work has been done lately on using molten salt to store energy overnight.

  120. Molten salt FTW! I agree with everything that TEB said. Our infrastructure is to heavily built up for oil use to simply switch to another source. What we need is a gradual transition. I’m heartened by the new electric cars coming out like the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt. We can gradually transition ourselves from gas refilling stations to getting our power off the grid. The grid can be gradually be supplied by new renewable energy sources such as solar thermal, wind, tidal generators and heat mining. Odds are we won’t see a complete transition in our lifetime.

  121. ditto, last I heard (7+ years ago) molten salt was good for about 3 hours. Glad to here they are making progress. That makes much more scene than chemical batteries.
    “Make something hot that will stay that way along time” keep it simple!!!!!
    I’m not sure what technology the was talking about either. I assume they just took solar cells and scaled it up but I could be wrong.

    One of the things that I would love is home grown power but the entry price point is a bit high right now. If I should ever build a house I intend to use a GSHP and build the power converter for home made and grid power in to the building cost. I’m cheep but a very forward looking cheep.

  122. Well ‘The Losers’ was a film that appeared to be only half a movie.

    Maybe the comic it’s based on would be better..

    As to oil, we need better low powered tech, so making the transition to a non fossil fuelled world easier.

  123. But we need to regonise the easy times are coming to an end and future renewable sources of energy are never going to be convenient as fossil fuels.

  124. JR – when you get that list-o-comics made up …. hopefully you’ll give the Deadpan a first look at it . ????