Silent UnWednesday

With apologies, we’re just not going to be ready for a show release tonight, in the wake of dead computer recovery and disruptions from the Chaotic Evil. I did record some audio tonight with the help of Justa J0e, and it may even see the light of pod.


Goodnight Mush.

557 thoughts on “Silent UnWednesday

  1. Poor Jack 🙁

    That win last night for Chicago was awesome. Hughs brother and sister are still out from last night I think. They texted Hugh that the Hawks are at a bar by our house in Chicago and they are on their way there. LOL.

  2. Morning pan, Busy weekend for me that starts tonight.
    My Son’s graduation ceremony is tonight.
    Than Friday Walleye Weekend starts:
    My Son is in the Walleyball Tournament so I will have to drop him off and pick him up a lot this weekend.
    My wife is part of a relay for life event Friday.
    Than Saturday is my birthday so we are going to dinner.
    after dinner we are seeing the BoDeans at Walleye Weekend.
    I have a feeling Friday is the only day I will get to the YMCA.
    I might get a picture of the 50ft fiber glass walleye though!

  3. oops forgot the all important:
    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    During the playoffs I like not having a local team or just one I am very committed to. I can keep watching and never be to upset about a team getting eliminated because there is always another that I follow a little.

  4. Bunny, Thanks!
    It seems most of the people I know have a birthday in either April of June.
    I think those 2 months cover at least 3/5ths those people.

  5. The pod’ll come out
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There’ll be pod!

    Just thinkin’ about
    Clears away the cobwebs,
    And the sorrow
    ‘Til there’s none!

    When I’m stuck with a pod
    That’s gray,
    And not deadpan,
    I just stick out my chin
    And Grin,
    And Say,

    The pod’ll come out
    So ya gotta hang on
    ’til tomorrow
    Come what may

    I love ya
    You’re only
    A day
    A way!

  6. Re: Chicago song….

    Theres something in the works for it. If folks would get their parts in…

    *glares lovingly at ditto et al)

  7. JR, I make no guarantees (D & D happening). Although, if the show is anything like last week, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal if the show notes go missing. It also wouldn’t be the first time I’ve missed show notes.

  8. My life got crazy busy at the start of May and it won’t improve until mid-July. My ACS Relay for Life event is next week and I haven’t had time to do my fundraising either. 🙁

  9. Ah, so bunny really is a bunny! 😉

    No worries to anyone on the songs.. just havin a little fun with ya!
    I of all people can sympathize with life asplosions. Do what ya can. It was more me gloating really 🙂 I’m proud of me city.

  10. TSH: ah, ya smok’d ’em. Be proud!

    Of course, I was doing my typical “non-participant” thing. That way, I can’t lose. I can’t win either, but there are better odds on losing…

  11. Thanks for the patience, everyone. Just a little fatigued, due to a crapnado of stresses beyond my control.

    Rhett, I won’t really know about any concerts for a little while (see above). But, if :cth: gives me a fucking break at some point – – I’d love to go.

  12. :jack: , got it. No worries if you can’t make it. After the 15th, the tickets will go of the “Enter the Vault” ticket site and on to some other site. $45 VIP tickets (+$7 service charge, grrrrr) or $18 general admission. I wonder what type of amulet protects against chaotic evil?

  13. Ah, salt…

    “Salt grants some protection against chaotic evil undead and extraplanor creatures. It may be used to block doorways or create circles of protection. One pound of salt is needed to line one side of a five food square, blook one doorway, or block two windows. Chaotic evil entities with no particular desire to enter such a protected place will simply avoid it and choose another target. Should they have a reason to cross the barrier, if they are 4HD or less they must make a saving throw vs Paralyzation. If they fail, they may not cross it for one turn. 8HD entities may attempt a save every round. Higher level creatures are not affected.”

  14. Would someone please do this for me… this thing that I’m doing.

    my mind keeps wandering

    maybe someone should just lock up my mind and make it focus.

  15. Hey, EssBee, cutting down on air-resistance by shaving excess body hair is done in several sports… most of them swimming or short distance running…but I see no reason why it wouldn’t happen in Basketball too…

  16. I almost forgot to tell everyone: The night before last, I had a really cool dream in which I was listening to a podcast that was a hybrid of the Deadpan and Evo @ 11. It started with the usual Evo @ 11 theme music, but then Jack came on and introduced himself and the others who were in the studio with him recording the show, using the same tone, delivery, and phrasing that Evo always uses. I think there were about 3-5 other people in the studio with Jack, all regulars here on the comments page. One of them was Cj, but I don’t remember who else was there. Everyone was having one big group conversation, just like they do on Evo @ 11, only covering the kinds of topics we usually cover here on the Deadpan.

    I thought all this was very interesting and amusing. I also think we should totally do this as an April Fool’s Day prank next year – have the Deadpan and Evo @ 11 trade formats and styles for one episode. :happy:

  17. “It started with the usual Evo @ 11 theme music,”

    I love that song!!!!

    Excellent suggestion for the April fools prank.

  18. Pronounce that last one “Dixie Twinned” and it’s funny as heck.

    PS. Amy, your dream made me grin. Happy to be remembered 😀

  19. My new boss made me a double-chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and my team sang Happy Birthday to me.


  20. So – – I think this is going to be a silent week, but I have enough audio to construct a show that will go out next week. Apologies.


    I expect 60 Lines Part 2: LSB parts will be going out sometime in the next few days! Yay.

  21. Scry, “Still, as we reported last month, you can take solace in the fact that another Titanic 2 is actually in production”

    I think there’s a typo. Instead of “take solice” It should be “need to be consoled”

  22. finely read the back comments and:
    Cj, hope you enjoyed the chocolate asplosion at work!

    yep, gona leave it just like that.

  23. Well, I am severely behind in my Deadpans, so this delay makes no difference to me.

    I cannot believe that I may watch a little of the World Cup. What is the world coming to?

    ditto: I’m considering putting Full Metal Alchemist into my queue, so I guess your thumbs-up has put it over the top.

    Rhettro: Was that a Family Guy reference?

    Cj: A very happy birthday to you!

  24. JN: I think you already know, but just to be safe: there are two FMA series. The first ran from 2003-2004:
    It is quite good but diverges from the manga about 1/3 way in.

    The new series, Brotherhood, is still airing and will wrap up next month. It stays very close to the manga.
    The first 8 episodes retread what was covered in the first 13 by the other series. Those episodes are a little rushed and are my only complaint about what has been an excellent series.

    I recommend you watch Brotherhood. All the episodes are available from Funimation’s site.

  25. ditto: I did not know that <=== Johnny Carson voice

    Thanks for the info!

    Now, can you steer me as to which Evagelion (sp?) series I should start with? Netflix has like four, and I don't see one leading to the other.

  26. Oh, and to confuse the issue, the movie was released as 1.0, the DVD as 1.01 and the Bluray version as 1.11. I think there are different features in each of those versions.

  27. Finished Batman: Arkham Asylum this week on the 360. Order “The Killing Joke” graphic novel this morning to keep that batty goodness going.

  28. Great game, Rhettro. I’ve been thinking of replaying it. I certainly had fun finding all the Riddler clues. Nice little bonus for completing that.

  29. Yes it is a great game. What’s funny is my daughter really liked watching me play it. She didn’t like Joker’s put downs one bit. “Batman’s not a bat baby, that Joker is an idiot!” LOL

  30. From what I understand, Arkham Asylum 2 is supposed to be much darker, which I is great for me, but not so much for my daughter. I’ll have to play through once to see if there are any segments she can watch if any.

  31. Well the World Cup is the only time I bother watching the footie.

    My personal fav was when Cameroon beat Argentina 1-0

    I was eating pie and chips at the time.

  32. Van: Cameroon is a team I always root for. A friend of mine, years ago, got me hooked by saying, “How can you not root for a team called Cameroon?” 🙂

    Of course, I still have to root for Italy and Argentina (cuz of TSH).

  33. Had an opportunity today.

    I saw a shiny new car in a shopping center parking lot that had a sign on the back reading “Aperture Laboratories”. Really nice, official looking sign with the logo and everything.

    So I grabbed a scrap of paper and scrawled on it in a desperate handwriting –
    “The cake …
    it’s a LIE!!!!”

    I placed the note under their driver’s side wiper blade and drove off.
    Now some stranger is either very amused or very frightened.
    I’m okay with either outcome really.

  34. I don’t know why I thought of this just now, but last Sunday I was at Barnes & Noble in the coffee shop, when one of the people I was with came to our table with a plastic cup upon which was clearly inscribed “GIT” in black sharpie marker.

    I wonder if He’ll order Green Iced Tea in the future…

  35. Actually JB, it was white about twice the size of what I would consider a normal “bumber sticker” … I did wonder if it was a magnetic sign. It made me do a double take because it made the car look like a “company” car.


  36. Hay pan watching the core. it is keeping me entertained. can’t call it a good movie but it doesn’t completely suck. but maybe thats the beer talking. The breach seen was cool (65 minutes in or so)
    Also I got Super Mario Galley 2 for my birthday. While I wasn’t surprised, I was very happy. If you love SMB games like me it is worth ever penny so far (1.5hours of play) I love it!

  37. 1:29 in to the core:
    oooo jus hit the part where some of the crew breaks down. and minutes after a very focused “this is the end we are trying to stop” seen happened… not bad… not great but not bad.

  38. I feel like Bunny watching a bad movie. Some is going to lodge a formal complaint. ooooooooooo when the worlds EM field is going away i bet your complaint will matter a lot.

  39. WTF. not set up to drop an undamaged section. wow. I like to like thing and this move is making it hard to do so.
    one note I would take Netflix streaming in 5.1 sound over HD for the video. but thats just me

  40. Hey y’all…

    I’m home safe from my birthday festivities.

    Raspberry Woodchucks downed: 3
    Captain and Diet w/cherries: 3
    Chocolate Cake Shots: 2
    Something pineappley Wil, the bartender, told me to drink that I dribbled a little on my chest: 1
    Large glasses of water: 3 (one contained a Drinkin’ Mate tablet)

  41. Songs I sang into the karaoke microphone:

    Turn off the Light – Nelly Furtado
    Dancing Queen – Abba
    Please Don’t Leave Me – Pink
    Into the Groove – Madonna
    Hot n’ Cold – Katy Perry

  42. Number of

    Men who spun on the floor while breakdancing: 1
    Men who breakdanced during Dan’s Ice Ice Baby: 3
    Strange women I don’t know who ran their hand through my hair: 1
    Young men who I don’t know who kissed me on the cheek: 1
    Number of times I was asked to dance: 2
    Number of times someone gave me a 20 dollar bill to cover my tab: 3

  43. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a good day.

    I need to get some sleep now since I’m a year older and certainly no wiser than I was yesterday.

  44. Netflix queue updated.

    Lost, disc 1:
    Episode 1: Meh. Ooooh! Things are scary! Look out! Oooooo!
    Episode 2: Yeah, okay.
    Episode 3: Not too shabby.

    Turkey bacon can be okay. But you can buy real bacon that’s just as low in fat, sometimes less. Probably less processed, I’d imagine, too.

  45. Ed, I know right? I was unrealistically aware last night. I think it’s just because I was so relaxed.

    Just because I recall it that way, however, doesn’t mean I am correct…

    I checked my phone and it doesn’t LOOK like I drunk-texted anyone…


  46. JN: I was drawn into Lost in the same way:
    Big deal, a bunch of pretty people I’m not going to care after a plane crash on an island oh my god I need to find out what happens next episode.

  47. Jack: Yeah, that and I think the first episode was way too heavy-handed in trying to show the people in peril.

    Of course, knowing the ending explains the first minute and a half of the first episode.

  48. FUCKING ASS. The amount of people Ive seen smoking while their children are in the back of their car fucking astounds me. Im talking like 4 – 8 year olds hacking while their ass-raping parents crack the window just a smidge thinking “Aw thisll do, hyuck”. Fuck you and your bullshit world youre living in. Are we really that idiocracy of a society already where the common knowledge that second hand smoke fucks up kids isnt believed or isnt cared about? Granted, these people that I see doing it have fucking mustard stains on their male and female wife-beaters, but youd think even an iota of thought would permeate their meth filled head. I mean you cant wait the whole 5 minutes it takes getting from Wal-Mart to your double wide? You have to puff up that 5 minutes as opposed to waiting to go outside when you get home? God so sad. So fucking sad.
    And this is coming from a fervent smoker. So off my soap box I go….

    Fuck I need a smoke…

  49. Just stop watching Lost now, JN. The pilot was not only the best episode of the series but prolly some of the best 2 hours on tv ever. I’m not being an ass… Im just trying so save you 6 years….

  50. Lo Pan: Yes, stupidity is rampant. Not only that, it’s protected by Uncle Sam. (“We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you.”)

    re: Lost: It looks like we may try it a bit longer. I already warned Lady J that she may be annoyed at the ending. But we’re happy to bail at any time.

  51. JN – Re:Lost

    Im just saying if youre not gonna be with it til the end dont be with it at all. The ride more than makes up for the end IMO and I didnt hate the end at all. Just the last 5 min…

  52. Also – Fifth Hour Hero be the best band youve never heard of. Well, TEB and ditto may have. Saw em back in 2003 with Against Me! and Rise Against at the Fox Theater in Boulder. One of best shows ever.

    And now Im just mindlessly reminiscing. Bah.

  53. Lo Pan: Alrighty.

    re: being an ass: I’m of the mind that there’s a huge difference between having an intelligent, informed opinion and stating it boldly versus just spouting off for attention. I’d say you fall into the former category.

    I think I’ve heard of Fifth Hour Hero. I am subscribed to a few music podcasts, and Lady J is practically a music-guru. Well, at least compared to me. I still have to pick up Mr. Gnome, amongst others.

  54. The London Times has an article all about Robert Green’s day on the golf course after his “calamity” against the U.S. Oh you wacky British you. Could you get more addicted to the soccer…er football?

    *pinches Van*

  55. Van, I watched Sex and the City 2 at the theater with the girls then watched Tropic Thunder at home with the hubby.

    It was a movie marathon for me!

  56. Not only did I get a stupid ticket, but even worse, my son dropped one of my 3lb handweights on his sister.

    She was lying on her back on the floor and he dropped it on her forehead.

    Direct hit.

    Poor baby 🙁

  57. I just called home to check on her and she says she’s ok. Asked for more tylenol. She’s got a big blue knot on her forehead.

    I held her in my lap with the icepack for about an hour before I left for work – leaving for work was excruciating… but she’s in good Gramma hands and Daddy will be home in 2 hours.

  58. Thanks, Rhett. I may be crawling into her bed when I get home!

    It’s the worst feeling for me in the world… when my babies are hurting.

  59. So, I just used the restroom on an “unscheduled” break and my cube neighbor was all freaked out.. When I came back he said, “I thought you left me! I was all bummed.”

    It was very cute. At least they love me here.

  60. Cj – Oh geez. One of my little brothers dropped a ten-pound weight on his toe and broke it when he was sub-10. I’ve been partially terrified of children around weights ever since.

    Thankfully/hopefully the little one will stay okay.

  61. Sarah is absolutely 100% OK.

    Thank you all for the well wishes. We are heading out for the morning swim lessons and then hopefully a quick run around Trader Joe’s.

  62. Wolf: Sorry, just getting this now, are you getting anything in the feed at all?

    Cj: Hope the chitlin is doin’ OK.

    Good Morning :pan: I must be going…

  63. We started to watch Twin Warriors last night, but we didn’t quite make it all the way through before sleep set in.

    The viewing was inspired by me finding a new martial art studio. This one offers, amongst other things, Bagua. I’m jazzed. I’ll observe a class A.S.A.P..

  64. Hm…Stacey’s cute, looks fit, but can she run a mile in a minute? I don’t think so. They’ll have to go CGi on her ass…and that would be a shame…

  65. Lejon: Well, I nearly vomited when I saw Uma Thurmon cast as a near-superhero in the Kill Bill bullcrap. Her thigh is as thick as a katana. Doubt she can lift 50#.

  66. I know its an acquired taste but “Check It Out with Dr. Steve Brule” may be my favorite new show. The puppet episode last nite actually made me choke from laughter.

    Puppets are made from Marinara!!!!!

  67. Nice start to the new season of True Blood.

    Wondering if the homoerotic dream was just a throwaway or a portent of things to come.

  68. Van,

    I haven’t seen it yet, but if it was Pam’s dream – PORTENT. At least in the books. She is a big lezbo, and super funny. If it was Sookie’s dream – hmmm.

  69. I had also seen Van Helsing on that list. Heard of a few of the others, but thankfully never seen.

    Van Helsing had so much promise.

  70. My wife and I watched “Daybreakers” last night. Interesting take on the vampire genre. Though, I didn’t care much for the way they just punted at the end. Up to the last 30 seconds or so, it was quite excellent.

  71. Really? Game of Death, people? Seriously? No one? I’ll agree it was bad, but there’s worse. And that’s the only one I have seen from that list.

  72. I would suggest that those people take a detour through the Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Cynthia Rothrock, and Sylvester Stallone film catalogs. Surely “Cyborg” has a place on that list.

  73. Oooh, Jack, nice list! I was never able to put myself through a Rothrock movie. It’s interesting that there are actual female martial artists out there. Damned good ones. And so few that can actually throw a kick ever make it into a film from the U.S..

  74. As much as the end of Van Helsing pissed me off, it doesn’t deserve to be on the 8 worst action movies list.

    I’d put Broken Arrow way ahead of it.

    Oh and that absolute turd, Swordfish.

  75. Imaginary NULL!

    A few days back you said

    Looks like we’re going to a birthday party where we’re supposed to dress up as Barbie and Ken.

    How did that turn out and, really, did they actually mean dress up like Ken?

    ‘Cuz I don’t understand the meaning of that.

    “Look, I taped up my genitals so I can be like Ken!”

  76. I was going to preorder a new iPhone today, but the mobile phone companies are being cagey about certain prices and whether you can swap a standard sim for a minisim.

    Think I’ll have to wait.

  77. Nomad Scry: The event has yet to pass. Thus far I’m thinking a terrible Don Johnson type 80s outfit. But I thought the same thing as well. I’m not lopping off Mr. Wiggly, and I am quite a bit fuzzier than plastic.

  78. Deadpan and bacon, two tastes made for each other. Finished season 2 of Chuck on DVD last night. Can’t wait until season three comes out in September for DVD.

  79. Good Morning, Cj

    To further flesh out the party: It’s a birthday party for one half of a lesbian couple. Certainly the Ken between the two.

  80. justa J0e: Yeah, thanks. I found that. We voted that down. I found this one, and I’m using that as my basis so far:

    We were talking about doing a themed Barbie and Ken thing. The zombie thing has been done to death (as has that joke). Maybe Martians? Dunno. Plus, I imagine it’ll be quite warm, and there will be a f-ton of booze flowing. We have to consider our environment!

  81. So I just saw a pair of running pants selling for $124. Can I legally beat anyone that purchases these and doesn’t have a net worth of at least two mil?

  82. I’m not here. Just a quick note to apologize to Cj for lateness. According to my tracking site, the hold up is on the US side not mine.

    *grumble grumble* Be there by Friday my butt *grumble, grumble* Stupid post office crossing countries *grumble grumble*

  83. I’m just wondering what it is!

    Wolfie – I think we all knew that, but thanks for saying so. It is pride month after all.

  84. CW: the core
    strange, the core on the Tivo was in HD but on the PC I don’t have an HD option. 30 at least buffered in HD. oh well

  85. hahaha, reaper… yeah I was like, “Dude, back up! You missed the Power-Up!! Then if he’d have run into the turtle, he would have still had an extra life. Duh.

  86. Cj, just imagine if someone took footage like that and made a playable game.
    I know it is way beyond my programing ability but other than shell scripts that last thing I programed was an Apple IIe

  87. In case anyone else is interested Nintendo announced quite a bit of stuff at E3
    Metroid: Other M will be out 8/31/10
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword to use motion+ for real sward play
    3DS looks interesting
    and Kirby, Goldeneye, DK, Golden Sun, Kid Icarus will have new games

  88. OK, Everyone – Listen up!

    I’ve been chosen to be considered for the job I so desperately want.

    I’m turning in my writing sample today = Read: Proof that I can communicate in writing intelligently!

    I need lots of good vibes.


  89. Good luck Cj.

    Been messing around with the Comixology app on the phone and iPad, downloaded a few freebie issue 1s.

    Works great for reading comics (especially on the iPad), but teeth gnashingly annoying that they still overcharge for non physical versions of the comics.

    For example, I can pick up print collected edition of Kick Ass for 4 quid cheaper than if I bought all the comic issues from Comixology through the app.

    Insert earthshaking sigh here —–>

  90. I am so very attractive right now. I have 1) a mosquito bite on my inner thigh that I keep scratching, and 2) a healing tattoo on my boob that I keep wanting to scratch. Sexy.

  91. Cj: Good luck to you! We have something that gives off vibes, I’m sure . . .

    Vanamonde: I’m with you on the pricing. I’ve never tried any e-comic stuff, though.

  92. Re: TTM: I just came across #47 in my Google Reader feed. The link to the page with the episode worked, but there was no direct mp3 link. I’m probably late getting on this. I am still roughly 821 podcasts behind.

  93. [goodnews]I can haz job! The City of #Temecula accepted me for the Summer Youth Employment Program! Orientation is tomorrow. I can’t wait to find out what I’m going to be doing! :-D[/goodnews]

  94. And yes, congrats, Amy! That’s great news. I hope to hear all about your new working adventures.

    I was actually dropping in to announce that 60 Lines 2 emails will be going out soon.

  95. Van: RE: electronic comix publishing prices – I hear tell that the higher electronic price is meant to accommodate the Brick and Mortars buy driving clientelle in to a store to purchase a lower priced version.

    WNDRwolf — Excellent. I thank you for the feed check idea. It resolved the issue. Must remember to properly embed YouTube videos using WordPress tools and not my innate HTML abilities…

    JØ: It is possible that you were attempting to download, or the google page cached when I had pulled down and reloaded the media file…Curious, it was only for a couple minutes…

    Congratulations AMY!

    Good Luck Cj

  96. You know what bugs me? Waking up in the morning, turning on the news and seeing some new report of how someone has found Jesus in a tree/piece of toast/bird crap.

    Can’t people follow simple directions? We’re supposed to be looking for Jesus in our fellow people and treating them accordingly.

  97. Sorry I’m late, just catching up on comments. CJ: best of luck with getting the new job. If it hinges on the writing sample you turned in, I’m sure you will be fine.

  98. Watched The Uninvited yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. Even the twist at the end, that all horror movies have, was decent and (slightly) atypical. As far as B horror movies go, I might actually recommend it.

  99. Getting a new heat pump today! Yea! The house will be cooler and much drier. And so will the basement. Yea!

    If it will only stop fucking raining.
    *shakes fist at sky*
    *clouds rumble ominously*

  100. in the course of an hour yesterday twice we got 1.5 inches of rain.
    our kitchen window started leaking so I’m taking a 1/2 day today to take care of it. Maybe some time this summer I’ll get to take a day off for fun stuff.

  101. CPIMM:

    Long ago, in another galaxy
    There lived a gloomy robot
    His name was Marvin
    He was getting old and a bit rusty
    And nobody liked him
    One day, being very bored
    He thought it would be a good idea
    To tidy up all of his old programs
    In his dusty old databank
    There were tapes in there
    He hadn’t played for years
    Checking them through,
    He accidentally pushed a wrong button
    And suddenly he heard

    Marvin, I love you
    Marvin, I love you
    Well, he was sure he hadn’t
    Heard that ever before
    He wasn’t even sure he’d heard it that time
    Because being a bored and gloomy robot
    He hadn’t really been listening
    What was worse, he couldn’t remember
    What button he’d accidentally pressed
    Anyway, he tried a few switches at random
    And suddenly

    Marvin, I love you
    Marvin I love you
    Remember, I’m programmed for you
    I know we’re worlds apart
    Still you couldn’t break my heart
    Loving you is all I can do
    Well, he heard it that time all right, no doubt about it
    Who was singing these strange words?
    Was it another robot?
    Or some strange lifeform from the distant past
    When he was a young robot and people still made
    The occasional attempt to like him?
    He couldn’t make it out at all
    So, he pushed a few buttons again

    Marvin, I love you
    Marvin, I love you
    That was it

    I tried to contact Marvin
    I don’t know why, but he never replied
    Perhaps one day he’ll answer.
    Till then I guess I’ll keep on trying
    Marvin, I love you
    Marvin I love you
    Remember, I’m programmed for you
    ‘Does not compute’ he thought miserably
    But at least he knew where to find it in his databank
    From then on he could play it whenever he wanted
    Think about what he’d missed
    And live miserably ever after

    Marvin, I love you
    Marvin I love you
    Remember, I’m programmed for you
    I know we’re worlds apart
    Still you couldn’t break my heart
    Loving you is all I can do
    Marvin, I love you
    Marvin I love you

  102. CD: reading a story in F&SF and rapidly losing the will to live.

    It’s times like these that provide further evidence that I’m stubborn to the point of stupidity.

  103. *grumble, grumble* Post office lost birthday pkg I sent to Cj. Now they’re going to to a “full inquiry” *grumble, grumble*

    However, based on what they can tell, it was lost on the US side, not the Canadian. Stupid USPS

  104. Actually, “Batman: Arkham Asylum” was a triple-A video game release, that ironically, excluding the opening sequence, didn’t involve driving the batmobile.

  105. I have to wear a jacket in my office. It’s freakin’ winter inside.

    And, Bunny, oh noes! Is there anything I can do to help on this side? You are so thoughtful and it’s caused you stress. 🙁

  106. EssBee: Pandora’s variety and selections are pretty uninspiring. It took me months to teach it I really don’t like Ozzy. We often have it running while working out, and it just repeats the same songs over and over. We’ve just switched back to Shoutcast.

    Spoon? Is it performed by a very tall, very muscular dude in a blue outfit?
    Perhaps tick-like?

  107. I’m a Pandora fan. I’m now on my Bon Iver station, and it’s much more of a work groove.

    78.6F in my office. I’m doing the behind-the-knee sweat.

  108. OK, crazy request – would someone please save the large version of those twitpic pictures I posted and email them to me as attachments. I want to show them to someone at work and the site is blocked.

    Here is a crazy email address to send them to that I can access from here:

    cj AT urnemporium dot com


  109. Would Grizzly Bear be the Zangief of Indy Rock?
    Would Shonen Knife be the Chun Li?

    I just dropped by to announce happily that an hour of dicking around with FTP logins ended in success. Dinner next, then an attempt at a real Deadpan. . . if I don’t pass out in my oatmeal.

  110. Mmmm Hot tea.

    That’s what I …. wait… checking for new episode…

    OK.. not yet.

    That’s what I drink at night when I get home from work.

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