Jack Mangans Deadpan #154: Finger There

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #154: Finger There

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Amy Bowen gives a NANOWRIMO report

Stolen from the 80’s with Ed from Texas

Amy Bowen gives an excerpt from her NANOWRIMO work

Jack and the Energizer Bunny discuss the Deadpanmmmmmm meetup

The Energizer Bunny gives Jack a spelling lesson

Dicussing the Olympic hockey contest

Rapideye calls in.

Jack joins Facebook

Greasy Nipples – read by Oden
Lo Pan
Nomad Scry
Johnny Null
Vanamonde – First comment of the week

Amy’s errors

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927 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #154: Finger There

  1. No matter how much I think that it should work like this, it never does. I think that offensive words should be pounded into the common vernacular until they lose all meaning. We should all support the cleansing of these words by inserting them willy-nilly into our everyday conversations. If the whole world did this, they’d all lose any meaning, any negative connotation.

    They’d be empty. The next gen would find it in a book and ask what it meant and nobody would remember.

    (x-posted from last time on the deadpan)

  2. Thanks, Nomad 😉

    I always thought that N.W.A. did was brilliant, calling themselves “Niggas With Attitudes” and stealing power away from bigots’ favorite slur.

    Goodnight, :panties:

  3. Mmmm, Torchwood!

    I haven’t even listened to last week’s episode yet (bad, bad, EssBee!). I have a long plane ride tomorrow, though, and will get caught up then.

    I’m still reading The Gathering Storm, Ed, and loving it. I’m a little more than 1/2 way through and think Sanderson did a bang-up job. So far, I’d say it’s one of the better novels in the series. Another thing I’ll do on that plane ride to San Antonio tomorrow.

    It’s 4:53 a.m. Do you know where your iPod is? Do you know where mine is? I’d sure hate to work out without it. Seriously, where the eff is it?!

  4. “You are accused of violating the sanctity of the cheddaring process, which is, as everyone knows, the most intensely private matter between a farmer and his cheese…”

  5. Dear T.E.B.,
    Oh My. You must have had an easy time defeating males in spelling bees. Spell Spoon once, and they all get embarrassed and can’t stand on the stage anymore.

    Bunk-bait, thy name is The Energizer Bunny.

  6. Oh well, while I’m waiting I can give you January’s numbers.

    There were a total of 2,655 comments for January 2010. This was a 16% increase over 2009.

    Keep up the good work! :heart:

  7. Hey everyone. Doing my appear/disappear thing.

    This latest time I’ve been off exploring strange new worlds, new civilizations, and boldly complaining about server crashes in Star Trek Online.

    Anyone else playing? I’m @nulloperations if anyone wants to collect tribbles with me.

    So darn cute, but leave them with food and “Oh god! Why is my inventory stuffed with fuzz?”

  8. Olympic hockey contest announcement!

    Same stakes, slightly different rules. Choose your country. Whenever the the teams meet, the bet is on. This gives the possibility of everybody singing other anthems (possibly more than once).

    I. of course, choose Canada.

  9. Coming at number 9 on the Sun’s list of worst ever movies is Highlander 2. To which I have to ask, how is it possible to be worse than the original? I liked the series and was flabbergasted by the wretchedness of the movie. Even Connery was naff and, well, he’s Connery.

  10. And yes, EssBee, it is legal for you to marry in Canada. Although, stupid Alberta fought it tooth and nail when legislation came down. I really do live in a red neck province.

  11. O, Canada
    Terre de nos aieux
    ton front est ceint
    de fleurons glorieux
    car ton bras sait porter l’epee
    il sait porter la croix
    ton histoire est une epopee
    des plus brillants exploits
    et ta valeur
    de foi trempee
    protegera nos foyers et nos droits
    protegera nos foyers et nos droits

  12. Yeah I’m pretty sure the Canadian anthem will be sang regardless of. You have the fucking Yankees of the Olympic hockey teams. Its ridiculous.

    Why are you speaking Martian?

  13. Canada, my Canada,
    You’re a lifetime journey for the traveler.
    Canada, my Canada,
    You’re a lifeline of wonder on this planet Earth.

    (- theme from movie in Epcot pavilion in Canada. It’s much more stirring than it looks in text form.)

  14. Lejon, I fear many of those insults would go over the head of the one being insulted…
    that might be a good thing or something that goes with out saying…
    not sure which way to go on that

  15. I was going to ask when the Habs are going to win, pretending vainly to have some knowledge of hockey, but then I reread the nipples (we need an icon for that one) and realized we were talking about Olympic hockey.

    I know even less about the subject now.

  16. Essbee: thanks for the Gathering Review… I’ll have to start reading my copy… after I finish reading A Princess of Roumania… *sigh*

    NS: RE: Highlander – First off, the original movie had a lot of cheese, and there isn’t a fan out there who won’t give you that. At the same time, it was iconic, and simply had a solid story backing it. It was a fun flick, perhaps not “high cinema”, but good in the same way that Star Wars was good. That said, the first sequel went so far to ruining the reputation of the first, adding in a back story trying to explain the immortality aspects that the phrase “there should only have been one” came into being. IT WAS DREADFUL. {for the fans out there, you will note no mention of the planet Zeist in the above}

    Jack Mangan: Is that anything like Galactica 1980? ‘Cause, that was 99% ass…

  17. And hey, thanks for the influx of friend requests. I may be embracing my inner douchebag, but I’m not too good to send out requests of my own. If we ought to be connected, then I’ll find you at some point too.

  18. Mr. From Chandler (cuz that’s a funny sorta name (says the guy who calls hisself Scry)):

    Admitedly, I only watched Highlander the once so my memory of story particulars is… bad, but what I do remember was that there was a good story -idea- but not a good story. In a movie, the acting tells a good chunk of the story and in Highlander, wow, Raiden from Mortal Kombat is probably a worse actor than me.

    And I’m in no way implying that I can act.

    I am implying that even if the script was had a good story, it never made it to the presentation.

    I would have to see it at least a second time to decide if it was so bad that it was fun again. Like Flash Gordan or one of those MST3k flicks.

    *hums* bob and lejon bob and lejon =D

  19. Lo Pan: OK. Take a look at Star Wars. The original film, which later became episode 4: a new hope. Let go of that fannish tendency to forgive G. Lucas for everything.

    Ok… No… A little more… THERE YA GO!

    Alright, Star Wars did have a fantastic new look, but when you get down to the bones of it, it was an old adventure tale – the classic mono-myth, and it was poorly acted (Exceptions: Sir Alec Guinness, Harrison Ford – I would have include James Earl Jones, but he got no face time, and the guy in the Darth Suit did lousy pantomime).

    There are so many hokey bits in this film that there are websites devoted to some of them (A Particular Pilot, Porkins, Plays in my brain). It wasn’t / ISN’T a good film. It’s a fun film. It was a game changing film. But good? Not especially. Iconic, memorable, quotable to be sure, but largely a good looking, great sounding overlay on a tried and true story.

    Lucas could have had anyone play the parts, and the movie would probably done as well and been as memorable. I know, it’s hard to think of it that way, but I believe that to be true.

    NOW, looking back at Highlander: it was fun in the same way that Star Wars was fun. Solid action story upon which a lot of bad acting got added. The fall-down portion of Highlander was that the special effects weren’t anywhere near the quality of Star Wars. It just didn’t look good. And, while the Queen Soundtrack is FUCKING AWESOME, the film had a lot of sound problems in the acted bits.

    One thing I’ve learned listening to film makers – People will forgive a film that has poor lighting and poor effects as long as it sounds good. Highlander did not sound good.

    However; the film has become a cult classic, spawned 4 (terrible) sequels, and a TV series (which I didn’t like, but Se la vie). On top of this, they’re remaking the original.

    I cannot deny your dislike for the film. You either liked it or you didn’t. OK, you might have been Meh about it, too. But, as for it being fun in the same way as Star Wars was fun, I’m pretty sure I’m on firm footing there.

    — I have to learn to be more concise. Sheesh I’m a wind bag —

  20. Ah see youre breaking it down utterly for me. Thats cool and I shant be long winded in my response.

    1. Im hoping that “Let go of that fannish tendency to forgive G. Lucas for everything. ” was tongue in cheap because I dont suck the cock of Lucas.

    2. Highlander = A mish mash of boring upon poor acting upon promising story that falls flat on its ass. When it takes a TV show to get the mythos right, thats a bad bad sign.

    3. I dont think you can compare a “cult classic” to a phenomenon (which for better or worse SW is). It takes a GOOD movie to do that. Cult classics can indeed be terrible. Theyre of the love it or leave it variety. I dont believe you can say Star Wars is of that variety.

    4. A good movie wont spawn all terrible sequels. Even Halloween 2 was good. The reason a film spawns all terrible sequels is because it has no firm ground to stand on to begin with. ITS A BAD FILM.

    I cant abide by your comparison in “fun”. BUT thats what makes us dorques. Also I take back my “I wont be long winded” comment. Bleg.

  21. think the term “good” is relative. For me a good film is a film that delivers on its premise. As an action-adventure flick, “A New Hope” delivered in spades. Consider the movie that won best picture the year Star Wars was released, “Annie Hall.“ Are people still quoting “Annie Hall,” were other movies inspired by “Annie Hall.” In terms of the amount of enthusiasm “A New Hope” generated “Annie Hall” was a flop by comparison, even though it was better acted and a more serious film.

  22. yeah, I mean come on…
    yaah, come on…
    sorry I’ll stop lowering myself to South Park references.
    *hang head in shame but also giggles a little*

  23. There seem to be a few constants for beloved cult classics like Highlander, The Crow, Beastmaster, Hellraiser, Ghostbusters, etc. They’re:

    -Chock full of hokey elements, like bad effects, acting, plotholes. . .
    -Followed by way too many terrible sequels.
    -and guaranteed to have Lance Henrikson, Brian James, Tim Thomerson, Mark Hamill, Marc Singer, Eric Roberts, or Ernie Hudson playing some role.

    (And let’s not diss the original Star Wars too much – – That was my childhood. I have something SW-related written for the MMMmmmeetup recording.)

  24. I think the original Star Wars is safe here, Jack. It was most our childhoods. Pretty sure this is a Star Wars dis-free zone but I could be wrong.

  25. SO does that make The Exorcist a quintessential cult fulm due to terrible sequels AND prequels while starring Linda Blair? Who as we all know is the female Mark Hamil.

  26. Hey, old theme loads on my iPhone! Sweet.

    Re:SW. Couldn’t stand Hamill then and I have never seen or heard him do anything that I didn’t find myself wishing someone else had done instead.

    But, Lejon, you said something interesting that perhaps you might want to expound on. That bit about the sound sounded interesting and yet I’ve not heard of it before. Maybe a future TTM?

  27. Holy frak, I’m behind SOOO much already! Been a little bee at work today.

    justa J0e: I do like to paint with fairly broad strokes (and firm ones, too!). As I see it, policy requires large strokes by definition. And not much emotion.

    I think the problem with your statement is the Hippocratic Oath in itself. Read the original. All these commitments to gods. It’s an outdated oath, from back in the days when there was never a concern of limited resources.

    This reminds me of the Buddhists way back when. They believed that the Universe would provide, and that they could help those who needed it, and there would be this blissful harmony to the whole thing. They began to change their ways and viewpoints when they began starving because so many people came to them for a handout rather than do things on their own.

    We are animals living on a hostile planet, in a hostile universe. We should not allow those that refuse to simply cross the street to bring down the overall strength of the Herd.

  28. Nomad Scry: I think you’re spot-on in regards to the impact of words.

    I would explore my inner douchebag, but then I’d have to take my eye off of being an outright a-hole.

  29. I was going to stay out of this, but…

    JN: You may be oversimplifying things, but that isn’t the problem. Rather, the largest problem with your stance is who decides? Who is the moral arbiter? Who picks which group is worthy and which is not? Right now it is corporations. Many people, myself included, argue that they aren’t doing a good job.

    I won’t say you are wrong, because you aren’t. There are always people that abuse systems. It’s why in criminal court we have trials with a jury of peers, and it’s why the Founding Fathers tried to put checks and balances on the different branches. Those examples are far from perfect, but they are better than the alternatives.

    Discrimination is not a dirty word. It is a necessary component of judgment. However, when discrimination is abused we end up with vile if not evil practices. History has proven this time and again.

    Why not shoot those “those that refuse”? Put them out of their misery? Actively prevent them from being a burden? Or, you can deny them insurance. But, that ends up creating another enormous mess. Homelessness. Poverty. Crime. These are things that we we have to pay for as well. It shows up in larger police forces, welfare, insurance, etc.

    It’s easy to say that some group is undeserving. And, without doubt, some are. But finger pointing has a nasty habit of backfiring. It would be *easy* to find a lifestyle habit for anyone that could be used against them, without resorting to the big-bad-gun of genetic predisposition. Forcing everyone to have insurance avoids this issue, but at the expense of others. There is no perfect system.

    I find it amusing that people balk at “government interference” when it comes to health care, but seem to be blind at that massive amount of corporate interference that they are already subjected to when they visit a doctor.

    I’d just like to see a better health care system than what is currently here.

  30. love

    Nine clicks through the thesaurus to get the opposite meaning of the original word. No sure what that means.

  31. Lo Pan: been pretty sick since the weekend. Hadn’t done much other than recuperate. Tried to see the doctor, but he was sick too. lmao.

  32. That works. My fav bar is having buy one get one tonite. Love it.

    Man sake sounds good. So does a good wine for some reason and I’m not really a wine guy…er…no flesh emperor.

  33. Lo Pan: Just for the record, I’m a Djörk.

    Rhettro: You have a point. “Good” is subjective. Let’s move away from the subjective term. “Well constructed” is better for this discussion.
    Star Wars is definitely put together well. It followed a standard well-worn formula, had impressive visuals and meticulously constructed effects (won oscars for them), and the audio was top-notch. It certainly has been the most successful independant or “b” movie I’ve ever seen.
    Highlander, conversely, was not put together right. Starting with the Pro-Wrestling bout at the beginning, adding in the audio issues, and the really cheesy Quickening effects at the end… this film should have flopped, and flopped hard. Instead, the film was embraced by many, and the mythos kept alive In Spite Of bad sequels. It may not reach as broad an audience as Star Wars has, but it’s no failure. Still, not really well constructed. I think the true saving graces are the strength of the Immortal concept of the story tied with the music.
    Of course, now I have to figure out a well-constructed failure… Just for contrast.

    NS: Have you heard Hamil do the Joker on the Animated Batman stuff? ‘Cause that’s Frikken Brilliunt!
    — I’ll have to consider the bit about the sound. I got it from an independant “no-budget” film-maker at a convention. The thought actually does hold up. If you are watching the best story you’ve ever seen, but you can’t hear the actors, or the soundtrack really blows, you’ll be pulled out of the experience. I hear an example of this is Labyrinth, which had both an orchestral soundtrack, and something done by Tangerine Dream. The different versions were released exclusively in the U.S. (Tangerine Dream) and Europe (Orchestral)… I also hear it’s really hard to watch one version over the other… Of course, I can’t confirm this, since I’ve only seen the Tangerine Dream cut.

    Let’s don’t talk about Blade Runner. The film was ahead of its time. And, while I believe the Director’s FINAL version from the Ultimate edition is superior, I also feel that most average people just won’t understand it without watching the original theatrical release with the terrible narration. That is my opinion.

    jackmangan: Immortality is actually the best coverage, but the Plan had a loop-hole. Decapitations weren’t covered.

    EssBee: “Xerox, ditto”

  34. A beta version of Audacity had a simple “Export” option under the file menu. When you use this, a dialog opens with a lot of buttons, none of which are helpful, except “OK”.

    At that point you are given a traditional save window, under which you can select the type of file you wish to save as. saving as MP3 will activate the “options” button. You can update your mp3 settings by clicking that.

  35. FYI – Avatar: The Last Airbender is quality TV. I think we’ve got all 80 something episodes scattered across our two DVR’s. My daughter can probably recite the whole series from beginning to end at this point.

    Shymadingdong best not fuxorz this one!

  36. Rhettro: Arkham Asylum? Innit that one o them that there XBox 360 gamer doohickeys?

    Never played it. I have no interest in buying a red light, even if it is circle shaped. (Though that blue light from the Wii is almost worth the price of admission.)

    Also, in an alternate universe where I had played AA, I am sure that I would prefer Joker done by Ledger. Or Wheaton. Heh.

  37. Rhettro’s Thesaurus Reversals: Polar opposites complete each other. Or, as the song goes, you can’t have one with out the other.

    I dunno what I’m trying to say here, but it -feels- like there is some Taoist comment to be made here.

  38. Lejon: On the sound bit, what about foreign films? Let The Right One In or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or NightWatch are all excellent… when I can’t understand a word the actors are saying.* Is the idea that the sounds are good despite my dis-comprehension, or am I pulling out outliers?

    *My appreciation dips a lot when I watch them dubbed.

  39. Curse you, ESSBEE!!!!!!

    I finished the second Acacia book last night. Now I have to wait for the next one to be written before I can read it.

    Stupid writers….stupid laws of cause and effect……

  40. JB, Printers are often the bane of my existence as in IT person.
    PC load letter! what the fuck does that mean!
    not sure if this is sad or not but I do know what that error means

  41. Jack wins the entire thread with the “Bobby socking Whitney” comment. Natural 20!!!

    Ed I dont think Shamalyhjoamanmanam will fux this one up. Hes just directing. There will be no “what a tweeeest!” moment.

  42. I think I found the secret to doing less work for my last week at this job:
    Tell people I’m leaving. Being the IT guy I know just about everyone so I have a lot of people to maybe talk to and most want to know about it.
    Engage plan less work. GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!

  43. I got off (heh) the Dingalingdangmydangalonglinglong bandwahgon after the last 15 minutes of The Village – which I really liked up until then. I think Im the only one who liked Lady in the Water also. So with the exception of The Happening hes really done nothing that made me want to kick him in the balls. SO I’m thinkin’ this’ll be ok.

    GO!!!! REAPER GO!! *shakes pom-poms*

  44. While I’ve never -worked- IT, I’ve played one on TV (and studied for the A+ a few times), and I’m not sure which is worse: printers or optical media. In the past five years I have personally had 3 CD/DVD combos die.

    Oops. I forgot the upconverting DVD player. That died too.

  45. NS, I never had too much trouble with optical drives but we have so many people that don’t use them ever. So if one dies I swap drives with a good one and leave the bad one to help air flow or at least to look nice because we don’t have drive bay covers sitting around.

  46. YOUVE ONLY SEEN THE HAPPENING?????????? goddammit nomad. Ima fly there and we’re gonna have a Shamalamalinglanh night. Theres some good stuff youre missing out on.

    Dont mock the pom-poms. I shake it like a Polaroid pickcha.

  47. I wonder. Maybe the issues I have with the optical is … no, it can’t be neglect. Or overuse. I’ve done both extremes and still had ’em die out.

    Eh. Chalk this up to one I am not going to figure out.

  48. Lo Pan, I have an irrational resistance to doing things that are popular. Like seeing Titanic or that movie with Tom Hanks running all around. *squints* Life is like a box of chocolates nonsense. People seemed a little too interested in M. Knight’s movies, so I avoided them until the backlash made me think it was safe.

    I was so wrong. *sobs*

  49. When I buy an optical drive for a user they have not died that I recall but if it was OEM I’m not so sure. it is such an insignificant event I just don’t notice.

  50. phase one of operation do less work failed.
    I heated water for tea in the break room but no one walked in. so trying to make 4 minutes of waist in to 15 was a bust

  51. reaper, Maybe I’ve inherited just a touch of my maternal grandmother’s magic. She was never able to wear a digital watch because the battery would die. Within hours.

    Perhaps my talent is killing little DC motors.

    Fear me!

  52. Nomad I have your same resistance. You werent wrong at all at the time. Just go back and enjoy now. Preferably with booze. Because booze is delicious.

  53. NS, I believe in that phenomenon 100%. I always believed in it somewhat but working here was the final nail in the belief coffin. So many weird things happen here but no where else.

  54. Dammit Bunny you know thats not what I’m saying. I’m saying in that specific instance. The almost exact same cover was run back in 1992 – of a male skier in the same position – and there was no hubub there. Not everything female has to come off sexualized. Specially this.

  55. Lo Pan, Network/System Admin is the tilde but I fix broken IT stuff and make sure the servers and network run smoothly. Since I’m leaving and we don’t have any open projects (no money for 9 months to start any) I waist time on the dead pan.

  56. I actually agree, Lo Pan. The problem is, no matter what the event, happening, etc. A woman will be looked at by her clothing (or lack there of) stance, etc. Basically anything except what the man would be looked at in the same area.

  57. But shes fully outfitted in her ski outfit in the tuck position. These protesters are basing their argument on the fact that

    “When females are featured on the cover of SI, they are more likely than not to be in sexualized poses and not in action-and the most recent Vonn cover is no exception.”


    Now that chess link you sent is just fucking ridiculous.

  58. I don’t see what is sexy about that pic. the clothing has to be forming fitting. should she be dressed like Ralphy’s brother from a Christmas story?

    hehe I can’t put my ski poles down! hehe

  59. Theres nothing sexy about it. thats the point. If she was dressed in Victoria Secret thatd be different…. I swear people just want stuff to bitch about nowadays.

  60. I do think that the picture is sexualized, but I don’t really see anything wrong with it. What percentage of Si’s readership is male? What percentage of men appearing on the front page of Redbook are sexualized? I guess my point would be that humans are sexual creatures and there is no point in denying that fact. The goal would be to not let sexuallity blind us from seeing the true people for who they are.

  61. I don’t think the man skier shot is sexualized because he is wearing helmet. But I honestly think that whenever an athlete is photographed, male or female, there is going to be an aura of sexuality associated with it. That doesn’t make it bad.

  62. I’d argue that theyre showing her face because the title of the article is “Meet the US Ski Team”.


  63. I think the problem comes in when someone with to much time on there hands and to much anger built up but has no other outlet for it.

    I mean come on…
    yeah, I mean come on…
    yeah, come on…

    This time I’m not apologizing for the south park reference it’s just too funny

  64. I find Bunny’s woman chess player pictures pretty amusing and here’s why. One of the chess coaches at my son’s chess club is a buxom 23 year old. She’s is actually the best chess player there and I believe she is the highest rated chess player in the state of Arizona. So anyway, when we were at the chess tournament at Las Vegas, she wore the skimpiest outfit. LOL I think she meant to distract her opponents.

  65. reaper: let it out of you, young man. let it free…

    rhett: i know right! i mean i found it amusing for different reasons but your story makes me laugh and next time you should probably get photos.

  66. So now I know if Lo Pan is coming over I’ll have to make sure to put away the coffee table magazines like Everyday with Rachel Ray, O, and Martha Stewart Living… and maybe lock the bathroom door…

  67. with 2 minutes left in the first epp. I have have to say interesting changes and not changes with the jumping back and forth. I’m going to watch 2 before rewatching 1. my coworker said more will happen. I’m not sure i will make it all the way through though

  68. I don’t think ABC make it very apparent that it was a 2 epp premier. I’m glad I watch the recap also. it has been so long since the last season and so much was going on I forgot a lot of stuff.

  69. Some non-spoiler impressions of Lost finale season. Some questions answered with an equal portion of new questions asked. I’m looking forward to when the revelations to new questions ratio starts to favor the revelations side. All in all, I love Lost and I found the season opener satisfying if a little mired in old tricks.

  70. I gave up on Lost in season 3. Got tired of waiting for answers. I might eventually watch the rest of the series on DVD, but I’m in no hurry.

  71. I’ve come to learn that Lost watchers can sometimes annoy the rest of the populace, so as the season progresses, it may be necessary for us to discuss on a different thread.

    On a side note:

  72. lol, oh Jack… youve truly found out what it means, to be human…

    Also agreed on Lost. Granted, season four was pretty shit. But It made up for it with Season 5 and now.l

  73. Rhettro, I have to agree. I started when it was on in 4 hour blocks on SiFi and it was awesome. I cough up in the middle of season 5 and it was very frustrating not to see them rapid fire.

  74. I watched the first 3 epps of 24 years back and decided to stop because I didn’t want to be a slave to a night of TV so I stopped. I might check it out on DVD now.

  75. Speaking of too popular, I won’t be starting Lost. Not for ‘least another 10 years.

    And I just finished watching season one of Torchwood. Pretty decent, though I have to say the guy who plays Ianto certainly grows into the role. He’s stiff and, well, stiff here but by Children of Earth he is quite emotively stiff.

    Night :mush:

  76. I had the benefit of watching the the first two seasons on DVD and the curse of watching the last three seasons from my DVR. I would say the last half of the season season and the first half of the third season were to slow. But everything outside of that has been pretty entertaining.

  77. You know, I was in Peoria last year. I was probably within spitting distance of you. Alas, I was a slave to the family schedule.

    But yes, one day I MUST make it to AZ to meet you in person. OR You can come here for Comicon and we’ll meet up then. 🙂

  78. I did not know that. I must confess, I’m slacking in my podcast listening to.

    We’re planning out next family trip. It looks like CO, AZ, or Vegas. We haven’t decided yet. But I do plan on going to meet up with all the AZ podcasters if it’s AZ. That’s for sure!

  79. ditto: I really agree with what you’re saying. Perhaps I came into the discussion at the wrong time. I am not, by any means, saying I have the slightest clue how to fix the health care issue. I was merely bitching and belly-aching. I’m reasonably bright, but I know probably 5% of what I would need to know to attempt to create a “fix”. There’s no doubt the system is t3h suxozrz. But I am also not afraid to announce I’m far too much of a dumbass to figure it out.
    I’m just being hateful and grumpy.

  80. I think 2:13pm is an interesting time for me to wake up.

    Migraines are teh suck.

    I gotta to pick up my kid from school.

    I’m Lost. Maybe you should start a separate thread to talk about me. . . wait… never mind.

    It’s not me who is lost. It’s my :panties:

    Ugh. Headache.

  81. Well I enjoyed Invictus, can’t be sure how realistic Matt Damon’s South African accent is, but sounded ok to me.

    It’s probably says something about my school days, but I’ve never had a friend invite from someone I was at school with on facebook.

  82. ARGH! I’ve been craving sake for a while now. Methinks I’ll be bringing a bottle all for myself to the Super Bowl party. Yep, I’m going. Nope, I really won’t watch much, and nope, I really don’t care.

  83. Day 1 of my long meeting in San Antonio. I’m up after about 45 minutes of sleep. Grr! Back off, all asshats!

    Happy Saturday, everyone!

  84. For the Facebook peeps – I’ve picked up a couple of Bangkok passports, so I’m making first offers to any Deadpan Mafia in need.

  85. Missed Metric when they came to Denver last year. Drove all night to see em the next day in Lawrence, KS. REEEEAAALLLLLLY wish I would have seen em in Denver instead. Great show… lousy town, that Lawrence.

  86. reaper: In the next year or two, I plan for Network/System Admin to be my “make money” career. (My “do what I love” career will continue to be writing, podcasting, and volunteering for stuff.)

    JR: I live an hour north of you and I’m flying out to the Deadpan MMMMeetup. By the way, Cj is coming to Comic-Con this year. Maybe the three of us can meet up then.

    ditto: Tomorrow I’m making my traditional Super Bowl Favorite Wings (a.k.a “Stinky Wings” because the recipe calls for garlic powder and soy sauce) and watching the game at home.

  87. RE: Superbowl: I’m here in S.A. with a bunch of New Orleanians, so I’ll be either avoiding the group, or hollering Who Dat?! in a pimp suite at the Marriott River Center.

  88. @Amy A comicon meet up! WOO WOO! Sounds like a plan! 🙂

    As for the superbowl, my father-in-law always makes Carnitas. This year, I get to help! Oh yeah! Pork cooked in lard. yum yummy yum!

    As for the deadpan meet-up, sadly it’s not in the budget for this year 🙁 Durn it!

  89. Amy, IT is fun most of the time. I love working for smaller places and getting to know everyone. at my current job I know and get to work with so many people (about 175) even though some of them work 20ft part they don’t know each other. At my new place I think there are about 75. I still get to be a jack of all trades which is the other thing I like about small places.

  90. reaper: Thanks for your thoughts. Sounds good.

    Everyone: I know that I, Ryah, Ed, and at least 2 other out-of-towners are coming to Phoenix for the Deadpan MMMMMeetup, but I don’t know who they are. Who else is confirmed to be coming from out of town?

  91. Today is one of those days when life is so beautiful and precious it makes me want to sing songs and cry, and I feel like I can do anything. So far I’ve been to a class, made progress that I’m proud of on one of my novels, and finished a lesson for said class. Now I’m going to write more, than do some reading I’ve been meaning to do. Today is made of WIN.

  92. If EssBee does that, can we talk me into dressing up in hooker get up and shout “Who Dey?” Wait, you just did.

    I was really pulling for the Saints until “Who Dat” became all the rage. Much as I hate the Mannings…

  93. Amy: Glad you had such a terrific day!

    Long Pan: I don’t like the “who dat” thang either.. er I mean, thing.

    EssBee video … that’d be like buttah.

  94. You’ve gotta know that Who Dat?! has been the Saints battle cry forevah. It ain’t new, yo.

    I know that because I spend a lot of time in New Orleans, not because I care AT ALL about football. Just to be clear.

    Lo Pan, I’d be your pimp any day.

    As for the video: I’ll do my best. At least I can shoot for a voicemail call.

  95. I dont condone violence… but if I saw Daughtry….

    EssBee, yes the Who Dat has been around since 1980. Its just being a little overused. But I suppose them be excited. Its when I hear non-Saints fans saying it just to saw it, well, it makes me wanna punch Daughtry.

  96. [late nite drunken dorque rant] Finally finished all 10 seasons of SG-1. Super depressing they canceled that show. IMO it was just as good as when it started. Yeah I know we get some movies but it aint the same. Damn shame. Good good stuff. Suppose Ill start Farscape now. This is good tho. I needed a great Sci-Fi show to dig on since the last 30 min of BSG nearly ruined the whole show for me. That was so fuckin bad. It may be sacrilege, but if I had to choose between only watching BSG or SG-1… I’m taking SG-1. Peabody notwithstanding [/late nite drunken dorque rant]

  97. As I watch my oh so slow podcast downloads over a 10meg connection in iTunes, I can’t help feeling the apple software is a pile of shit.

  98. Good morning! Happy Birthday, Wolfie.

    I hear dat, Lo. Douchebags abound. I say: Do not adopt dat saying unless you are a Saints fan, dummy.

    After zero sleep Friday night, I got 7 hours last night. These meetings are so roller-coastery.

  99. Vanamonde: Well, I think it speaks better for you than in my case. I had a ton of people from High School friend me on Facebook. They would friend me, and never, ever post anything other than playing those stupid games. And I really didn’t like any of the people, anyhow. Yet another reason to have a pseudonym.

    Never watched rugby. I’d like to give it a whirl.

  100. Sake procured, but I’m holding off drinking it. Martinis on an empty stomach last night, post-roller-derby, has left me less enamored with alcohol today.

  101. EssBee: That’s wonderful news!

    The Underworld Stinky Wings are in the oven. I used up the last of my container of Underworld Garlic Salt on them, plus some garlic powder so that all the wings would be covered. The whole house smells like garlic, pepper, soy sauce, and carmelized sugar (the smell is much nicer than it sounds, IMHO, but I know not everyone likes it).

  102. There are no queues in my calls.

    Oooooh new WR downloading..hopefully will make going to the opticians an almost pleasurable experience.

  103. FB is acting really goofy. My updates are disappearing.

    Anyway, so far, I enjoyed the remake of “Nothing but Net” from McDonalds, the VW and Denny’s commercials. Google’s was excellent. Most of the other commercials are pretty meh.

    And The Who was pretty depressing.

  104. While I’m grousing …
    the commercials were rather lame as a whole.

    I’m all for sexy … but Go Daddy is neither sexy or amusing. They are just tacky and lame. I’ve seen “After School Specials” that were hotter and more entertaining.

    I know that their spots are aimed at 12 to 25 year old geeks who spend their lives on the internet and have never actually had face to face conversations with a live women … but if they want to achieve “sexy” they are going to have to get someone OUTSIDE that demographic to actually write their spots.

    … and speaking of not getting it.
    I think the “Car Max” spots were written by old add execs who have in fact never been on the internet but whose elderly parents assure them that this “new” dramatic animals thing is what all the hip kids on the interwebs are “My Face”, Chirping about or something.

    That stuff was only mildly amusing when it came out … a half decade ago!


    Seems like the Denny’s spot was amusing. Other than that, everyone else wasted their money. IMHO

  105. Oh, I did find the “Nothing but Net” from McDonalds ad amusing but 2 youngsters in the room with me said “who was that?” … “I don’t know”
    So they may have missed THEIR demographic.

    I barely remember the google ad. Might have been better if I had been close enough to read what was being typed.

    Other than that … it was an Ad Age Waste Land.

  106. I did not see the Tim Tebow ad that sparked all of the controversy. Otherwise, I agree. Good game, no interesting commercials.
    The best one was for the gorgeous video game, which would have been perfect if they’d featured Slayer behind the “Hell Awaits” onscreen text.

  107. We missed about the first 30 minutes of the game (didn’t pay enough attention to look up when kickoff was).

    I hope we missed all the really good ads. I gotta agree with JJ, most of them were pretty “meh”.

    But, the game was certainly worth watching.

  108. I saw the Tim Tebow ad.

    It’s Monday?! Eek! Today is a big day at this meeting for me. I have 150 of my closest friends showing up at 6 p.m. (after a day of training) for a reception.

    Also, I put myself into the overflow hotel for this weekend, and now must pack up and move to the main hotel.

    Yay! . . . ?

    Really, I am just happy to be employed.

  109. Morning :pan:
    I think I only laughed twice at the SB Ads. The Brett Favre and Doritos dog shock collar where kinda funny. I was glad to see a trailer for the new Alice in Wonderland. It is the first movie I’m going to see in the theaters since Lord of the Rings

  110. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.

    For my birthday my wife found our bedroom.

    Do I share a birthday with DanS?? Really – Cool I knew I liked him for some reason…

  111. Late for the Super Bowl talk –

    Teebow ad was stupid in many ways, but to their “credit” they basically only said “Hey we exist Go to our website to find out more!”. To which the bar I was in promptly booed and hissed. Good stuff.

    Game was probably the best one I’ve seen since Patriots/Rams. Saints D impressed th hell out of me and I cant tell you how awesome it is that Drew Brees basically got run out of San Diego in favor of golden boy Phil Rivers and now has Super Bowl ring. Thats wonderful… “Who Dat?” notwithstanding.

  112. I find it ridiculous that people would be offended by the Tebow ad and not be upset with Betty White and some old guy getting sacked in the Snickers commercial.

  113. I wasn’t impressed with the movie and game ad. I didn’t see anything that really caught my interest. But, I was really pleased the Saints got their first Super Bowl.

  114. ditto, I think that’s a great point.

    The Tebow ad bothered me only because of the FotF angle. That organization has worked pretty hard to make my life miserable, and in a very personal way as my brother is a member (he’s also a Promise Keeper). Also, every time I go to visit my parents, I have to drive by their ENORMOUS highway sign. I was once flipping the bird in the general direction of the sign, which is my normal practice, and passed a state patrol and got pulled over!!

    I thought the mom/son part of the commercial was kinda cute (though a big guy shouldn’t plow over his little mama).

  115. Yeah! The cop thought I was flipping HIM the bird! I explained I was just waving to the sign . . . no ticket.

    One more thing about the Tebow ad: I was also pissed that CBS chose to show that, but not the one for the gay dating service.

  116. EssBee: I totally agree about the FotF angle.

    And what was up with the No Pants commercials? *shudder*

    IMO, the most annoying thing was how out of touch the NFL has gotten with their audience. The Geriatrics–*ahem* The Who–performing the half-time show?! This was in marked contrast to the audience targeting done by the advertisers. The ad companies were smart enough to realize that many in the audience will get the implied jokes by using drama chipmunk and other memes in commercials. Even the NFL Draft commercials used modern music; The Arcade Fire was donating all the proceeds from the commercials to Haiti relief work.

    It was a very sad half-time show and the NFL should be given a lot of grief for it.

  117. I didnt even realize there was going to be a gay dating service commercial. Yeah thats fucked up.

    ditto, excellent point about the music.

  118. The other thing that got a HUGE WTF laugh in my women’s-only party was the DOVE for men commercial. One of my co-workers said: my husband would wear pink panties before he used that soap.

  119. anyone who has the money should be able to put their ad on. as long as it isn’t obscene or breaks a few other rules that are escaping my now.
    I believe in company rights not to do something they don’t want but I also believe in free speech and I think free speech is more important here.

  120. ditto! Done and done! Two great tastes that my or may not taste great together. We’ll see. Loved the Biggie / Gnarles Barkley mash a few years back.

  121. Lo Pan, very true. I never saw the right to not be offended in the constitution. If i don’t want to see an add I’ll just pause and wait you just go get a snack.

    I just realized I can spell constitution correctly but words like obscene took me 2 minutes to get close enough that a spell checker could figure out what i was trying to say. weird.

  122. reaper: I agree, but to play devil’s advocate for a moment… we are talking about a TV network. I don’t think the constitution applies. They are allowed to air what they want, when they want.

  123. TEB: I don’t think I said anything about the CBC in my comment. 🙂

    That old theme song is still near and dear to my heart. There was a hilarious Molson commercial back in the ’90s that played off the fact that everyone knew that song by heart.

    Anyway, I knew about the new version. In fact, a friend of mine submitted a version when CBC held the anthem competition.

  124. dotto, you’re correct, you didn’t actually say CBC, I just automatically think CBC when thinking about Hockey Night in Canada. TSN still has an American feel/sound even though it’s TSN Canada.

    My apologies for jumping to conclusions.

  125. ditto: they do have some rules because of the FCC but not to many. The rules mostly apply to political stuff but you are right for the most part they can do what they want even more so if they are cable only.

  126. Brees didn’t really get ‘run out’ of San Diego. He sorta had a dislocated shoulder and that’s normally a career ending injury for a QB. I was glad to see him come back and succeed in his first superbowl.

    As for the Chargers, I’m a fan of the game and what they did (partying at a strip club the night before the Jets game) is terrible disappointing.

    I just realized I missed WNDR’s B-day. And yes. TMI. LOL. Hope it was good 🙂

    I also realized that I had my wrong URL listed all this time. I’ve got that changed now that I’ve gotten jrmurdock.com registered WOO WOO!

  127. Did I forget to mention that I am in the middle of finishing a move???

    Damn I thought you knew… so sorry – My wife stored boxes and now the bedroom is clear of packed materials.

  128. LOL! The embarrassing part is that I DID know about the move, and when I saw your original comment, I, too, thought of that other meaning first. (The podcasting world has corrupted me so much… :blush: )

  129. Yeah but JR he was getting run that entire season to make way for Eli. Him getting hurt at the end was a nice excuse to get rid of him.
    *standing crane*

    Welcome to the gutter!!! Theres room for everyone here.

  130. Nomad, youre right. That was the wrong link. For some reason fucktardbot wont let me post the recent link that confirms he indeed wrote one.

  131. Weird. Listening to an artist at Reverbnation and she sounds fine until I open Audacity. Suddenly everything sounds crap. Blarty, like it is overloaded somewhere. Close Audacity and … it stays messed up. Until the next track loads, where it resets to sounding nice.


  132. LOL! No second thoughts, JR…

    On November 5, 2008, Leaf was put on indefinite leave from his coaching position at West Texas A&M for allegedly asking one of his players for a pill to help him deal with pain in his wrist dating to his NFL playing days, according to ESPN’s Joe Schad.[40] On November 6, 2008, he resigned from his position at West Texas. West Texas finished 11-2 and quarterback Keith Null was selected in the 6th round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

    On May 21, 2009, Leaf was indicted on burglary and controlled substance charges in Texas. Leaf was reportedly undergoing drug rehab in British Columbia, Canada at the time of the indictment.[41] Ryan posted a $45,000 bond Wednesday June 17, 2009 in Washington for drug and burglary charges out of Texas, after being arrested by customs agents as he returned to the United States from Canada. [42]