Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #148: A Hammock Between Palm Trees

Relaxed Show Notes.

Jack Manganโ€™s Deadpan #148: A Hammock Between Palm Trees

Jack Mangan wants our full attention

Promo – Cybrosis (http://www.cybrosisnovel.com/)

Broken Lyrics Challenge
Partial winner for last challenge – reaper

Usedhair gives us some dirty lyrics

Sponge Bob Deadpan

The Energizer Bunny continues shopping from last week

Duel of the Fates – Buzz Lightyear vs. Bilbo Baggins
Special guest Love Prowess announcer – Cj
And … as Bilbo

Usedhair with more dirty lyrics

More shopping with The Energizer Bunny

Greasy Nipples
Cj (first comment of the week)
Justa J0e
Jeremy from Seattle
The Energizer Bunny
Nomad Scry

Amy Bowen with her NaNoWriMo earbud list

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Closing music: “Deadpan is the Way”

713 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #148: A Hammock Between Palm Trees

  1. The Picard in the above link, NS, was at both of the Trek conventions I attended. He also has an amazing Locutus of Borg costume. I met him and he’s an extremely nice guy.

    The fact that he naturally looks like Patrick Stewart really makes the costume.

  2. aww thanks EssBee ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had intangibles and everything for Buzz I was going to call in, but my new job has me running crazy.

    I’d just like to share that we had our Final yesterday and I scored 2nd highest on the test. I missed a partial point. I know what I missed and I hemmed and hawed about the answer and just wound up choosing the wrong one – dammit! But… that being said, a partial point from 100% is nothing to sneeze at.


  3. I don’t remember what I posted last night in my drug-induced haze, and too lazy to look, so if I repeat myself, sorry.

    I start taking inbound phone calls today! I’m so excited! For those that don’t know, I’m doing inbound tech and sales support.

    I have a doctor appointment in the morning tomorrow to see what the next step is on my knee. (no pun intended)

    Crutches are teh suck, but my abs and arms are getting a good workout.

    Off to the shower I go!

  4. I did not play Bilbo on the Beach. Nor Mimi for that matter. I figured two major artists and one major cliche would yield BLC results.

    (Now, just what did I mean by cliche???)

  5. Good luck Bunny, don’t freeze your tail off.
    my arms feel like Jello today because of shoveling yesterday. I’m just glad the repair shop was open so I could get the shear pins.

  6. Are we the only two that watch the show? I’m afraid to spoil anything for others. Still, the 4 chefs would be obvious to anyone that watched, so I don’t think the following will spoil anything.

    I’ve said since the early episodes that it is Kevin’s to lose. Jen is one of my favorites, but she’s her own worst enemy. Michael makes some incredible dishes, but his arrogance and lack of focus on flavors tends to hamstring him. Bryan is excellent and could take it from Kevin, but I still think Kevin has the edge.

  7. When my wife, my sister-in-law, and I watch the show, it usually takes well over an hour to watch an episode: we are constantly pausing and discussing what’s going on. I know it has spurred me to improve my cooking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. TEB: Yeah, it is about the same here, right now. This weekend, however, we are supposed to get more seasonal weather; i.e. around freezing. Sorry you aren’t going to get some warmer weather soon.

  9. I think we’re the only ones, ditto.

    I love Kevin. He’s my favorite. I always vote for the fat kid! Bryan was my 2nd fave. I agree 100% about Michael. What a dickhead.

  10. I just talked to my mom. She’s being released from the hospital tomorrow, which I guess is good news. They haven’t explained her fever, which she said is “better” today.

    So, tonight I head to my folks’ house to move in with them until she’s back on her feet. Evil, Inc. goes remote.

    Best healthcare system in the world?

  11. Essbee: I love the food network, I’m not big on most reality show but food related ones tend to be better than most. IMO good eats is one of the best show on TV.

  12. Here’s an Evil, Inc. story:

    I manage a large group of educational consultants (around 300). One of them – from Chicago – canceled on a school district today because she didn’t have gloves and it’s cold in KC, MO. I got a copy of the email from the customer.

  13. I recall watching one of the food ones a few months ago (it may even have been Top Chef) with interesting challenges and no artificially manufactured drama. The chefs were also actual chefs, not standard vain reality tv attention whores.

    BTW: While all of those deep-fried foods should make me cringe, the thought of deep-fried tarantulas makes me want to hurl.

  14. Gloves ARE for whimps!

    That reminds me of a funny story. I had a hardass friend named Michelle back in my partying days. She was a big trainwreck of a person who was really fun to be around. She used to say, at restaurants and bars, “straws are for pu__ies” which always cracked me up.

    I do not advocate calling people the p-word, but still hilarious in the right crowd and a the right moment.

  15. “Top Chef” is my favorite reality show and one of the few that I watch. It does not have the artificial drama that most reality shows have. That’s not to say everything is hunky-dory. In some seasons, there has been some interesting smack talk, but that’s about the extent of the drama. Contestants are real working chefs and treat each other as such. You’ll often see them helping each other even when it isn’t in their best interest to do so.

    The show is always about the cooking, which is why it has garnered an excellent reputation in the culinary industry; to the point where they could run “Top Chef: Masters”, a season where some of the best chefs in the country competed for charities.

    I rarely watch TV. There is too much drivel and I can find better entertainment elsewhere. But, I do set aside time to watch “Top Chef”.

  16. BLC: #1 is actually “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)” by Pink Floyd. Usedhair had most of it.

    I know I know #3, but can’t place it right now.

  17. How the FUCK was silly fucking Jimmy “Retardo-bot” Kimmel the one to get Jawbox to reunite on is show?
    Jesus, after 12 years youd think theyd pick a better fucking way to reunite than on that tubby bastards show.

  18. Discuss – Kim Coletta vs. Kim Gordon vs. Kim Deal. If stuck on a desert island and had to pick one to rock you (in more ways than one) which and why?

    Lo Pan needs nourishment now. Back in two and two. Bitches.

  19. I did get the first 2 BLCs, and I heard the spoiler of the 3rd, which I shoulda known.

    Kimchee for lunch, Lo Pan? Can I choose Kim Carnes? All of those options are preferable to Kim Jong Il.


    also: Pokemon keeps you out of Heaven. Film at 11.

  21. Re: youtube vid
    ‘Cause there just isn’t enough substantive stuff to worry about in this world.

    I would add that it’s probably not even fair to stick the “Right Wing” with this one. This sort of thing is it’s own special brand of “Out There”.

  22. Sithspawn! Justa J0e beat me to the answer to Broken Lyric #2, the only one this week I knew.

    Jack: Great job on this DotF duel. Loved the use of “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Just got done with Thai lunch. *nom* Kim Gordon is 56?? Now she’s definitely my choice!

    Church has been saying poking-men is evil for some time. Uganda is trying to pass a death penalty for being gay now. Srs boo!

  24. Yeah, it’s been pretty amazing to watch Marty’s career. Brodeur and Scotty Stevens were the most important factors in the 3 Devils Stanley Cup wins.

    Thank you, Amy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now let’s not mention “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” again, lest it get stuck in my head.

  25. EssBee: Yes. I knew it would be close. I’m a little surprised, but I can’t say I’m too disappointed. They all are great chefs. Still… HOLY CRAP! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. We got emails from 4 different deadpanites in the last couple weeks so I felt compelled to stop by and say HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had some very recent excellent news about Hugh’s progress and we are plugging forward in this land of no snow ๐Ÿ™

    How do you people survive without snow on Christmas??? Thats Un-American!! Its unconstitutional!!!!

    Please ship us some snow STAT

  27. To be fair, Lo Pan rolled Lo Pan’s eyes to the Tiger Woods comment, not the one fucking team out of Chicago comment. Lo Pan must distinguish what is important with what is…Tiger.

  28. Cj = BrainFried from training. Send more Red Vines. STAT

    ditto: you are very welcome! I was excited to be right that it was you that loved BBT as much as me ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. The last enclosure in the feed is from Unshow 48: Really Big Unshow.

    Eh. At least it isn’t like that whole debacle where the nipples disappeared. I was poking around 48-ish yesterday and wow. All of you must have felt like you’d been punched in the gut. It made me feel sad that it was all just gone.

  30. Re: The Gloves Issue.

    1. There aren’t any Walmarts in KS for this person to purchase a new pair of gloves?
    2. I start wearing my gloves in September. My hands hurt too much when they get cold to allow the mere chance that it might happen. Everything gets a bit difficult without hands.

  31. Rom, the 10 year old, tried to “save” a cup of snow two days ago.

    1> He tried to save it when we were leaving the house.
    2> He never ever remembers to bring things back in from the car.

    Maybe next time, I’ll let him. Then we can email it to TSH for their Christmas enjoyment.

  32. Noooooooooooooooo… Wait, that’s what the fuss was over?

    *watches it again*

    *watches a different copy*

    *watches another copy*

    I kinda like this. Nimoy sounds like one of those Welk singers, and the bunny hop dancers are kind of charming.

  33. After reading the posts:

    The post office told me the SS gift I sent could take as much as two weeks.

    DPSS = drop pants; see stuff

    Currently listening to Jack through the Justin.tv

  34. Thanks, Bunny.

    I am having a lot of stupid pain this morning.

    I’m just SO done being gimpy. I want my mobility back. I’ll probably feel better after my doctor appointment when I have some answers – if I have some answers.

    Fletcher would like me to press the letter Q

    (technically he pressed it)

  35. Not baking cookies today.

    On Monday Christmas starts in our house. I make a big deal of it. The tree goes up, the house gets decorated and I bake gingerbread cookies.

    My Boo and some friends usually come over to help decorate the tree, house and cookies!

  36. Being in KS, I think that woman is a complete and utter moron, especially since she’s from Chicago. Like she doesn’t already own a pair of gloves!

  37. Usedhair: becareful posting dangerous links like that! We don’t want to encourage people to post Star Wars Holiday Special links here. It is “special” for sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. JfS: About an hour into the mix. Interesting choices here, especially the Getting Undressed track and the Tinkerbell song. I particularly liked the vocalist around the 30 minute mark and would like to learn more about her. At 52 min, I don’t know who that is, but it -feels- like Tricky.

    To be continued?

  39. ditto: Haven’t been to KS, but my one-time impression of Chicago was that it would be a good idea to get the gloves on a string. That way you’ll have them all the time, so when it goes from 80 to 32 in two hours, you will be prepared.

  40. Lo Pan just finished downloading JfS’s mix.

    Also, I’m thinking I received more than i asked for this Xmas. Its beginning to look a lot like chlamydia.

  41. Nah. I ordered my wife’s present on Amazon and decided that since it was still November, it would be okay to take the cheapy shipping. Turns out that means that the delivery is ONLY 12-5pm.

    I go to bed at 1pm. And after this week, I just want to go to bed an hour ago.

    I won’t be taking the cheap shipping on large items again.

  42. No time to catch up, but wanted to let you all know that doctor visit was made of WIN!

    I’m not going to need surgery! The doc gave me a steroid injection in my knee she says will last a few months and she’s going to find out if this stuff I can’t remember the name of right now will be approved by my insurance for a more permanent fix.

    I’m off crutches for now! I promised Dan I’d still take the elevator though ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hurray for good news!

  43. Awesome news, Cj! You’ll be doing crane kicks again in no time.
    And here: Q
    That’s for Fletcher.

    I need to check out the DJUtopia mix at home. Work might get a little cranky if I download a 500MB file.

    Thank you for listening to my Justin.tv noodling, Bunny! I hope your snowstorm isn’t too bad. No gaming tonight, I assume?

  44. I’ve decided people are really stupid or commercials just think they are.

    There is this new commercial for some game (not sure what game so the commercial failed to begin with). This commercial shows some guy holding a saddle and circling a tiger. The fine print says “do not attempt”. Seriously?

    Fine, the next time I’m carrying a saddle, and I’m in the same room as a tiger, I’ll be sure not to try putting the saddle on the tiger.

  45. Jack: That’s because women are tricksome and other stuffs. BRKyle is Nobilis’ wife. I am not aware of Cynical Woman’s husband.

    Bunny: You are correct. People ARE really stupid AND commercials know it.

  46. Massachusetts doesn’t allow me to have a billy club shipped. Nor a “assasin katar” knife. But that crossbow, no problem.

    Oh, and speaking of stupid. Did yall hear about the curfuffle with the border guards and the Canadian author? Grrrr.

  47. Yeah, the nerdpipes have been rattling with that Canadian author’s border guard beating. He claims he got out of the car when pulled over, asked what the problem was, wouldn’t get back into the car when ordered, then got assaulted.
    I’m not naive enough to say that innocent people never get roughed up by cops, but I’m reluctant to get riled up over 1 side of a story — not unless the person has earned my benefit of doubt.

  48. Jack is wise in his “not getting riled” posture.
    Too many professionals out there now that are being paid to enrage the masses. Best to gather info and consider a bit before gathering one’s pitchfork and torch.

  49. So, I’m walking. Yay! My knee feels great.

    I went live on the phones today for my first few inbound calls at my new job. I sold $300.00 worth of stuffs in 2 phone calls in less than 20 minutes.

    I totally rock right now! It seems I’d forgotten how good I was at call center jobs. Lord knows I have over 20 years experience, but I was nervous not having done it in over 5 years.

    Did I mention that I totally ROCK right now!? ๐Ÿ˜€

  50. Evening Pan, just got home from my cousins house. I help rip down the ceiling in the living room because the up stairs bathroom sewage stack broke. it soaked 2 walls and 3/4 of the ceiling. what a mess.

  51. OK it’s superlate. I’m glad things are going well on the new job, Cj!

    One more manly hug for Vanamonde: In case you ever forget that you’re a sexy beast, then let this situation be your reminder. Whatever this chick’s faults, she found you attractive. So there will be plenty more who will find you attractive and also be willing to treat you right. (Sorry if that’s overstepping)

    Goodnight, sideboob.

  52. Good morning, DP!

    *hugs* Van. BFP, Van.

    Great news about the knee, Cj! And the job!

    Mom didn’t get our of the hospital after all. She’s got some kind of infection in her blood, so they kept her there. We’re going in later on this morning (the hospital is an hour from where mom & dad live, so WORD to the good weather).

    CJD: soaked in a hot tub. One of my favorite things about staying at the parents’ house.

  53. Cj: Way to go on your rock-itude-ness!

    EssBee: Hopefully things will right themselves quickly.

    Tomorrow I think I’ll give install Gentoo on my laptop a shot. I don’t expect it to end well.

  54. quick catch up… in no particular order

    SmartyHotties: *wave*

    CJ: good to hear about the job and knee.

    EssBee: Sending good vibes colorado way

    JustaJoe: Thanks for the link I’d half forgotten about the bunny theatre, but I thought twilight had more sparkles?

  55. Hubby is happy, he has a play date coming over later today. They’re going to play guitar and some chess and talk and generally have a good time. I’m going to hide here in the office so they can have some “man time” ๐Ÿ˜†

  56. Taking a bevy of little princesses to see the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog today.

    I’m sure it will be great, but Enchanted is my all-time favorite princess movie. Followed closely by Ever After.

    Drew Barrymore = Swooooooon!

  57. 80 today here in the great green south.

    Lessons learned today
    1. Leveling sandy Florida soil to build a shed is a FAR more difficult task than it sounds.
    2. Just because the shed and shed base are from the the same company, and sold as a single unit, is no reason to think that using the shed base should be handled the same way as the shed instructions for building your own base. Nor should you consider the base and the shed to be compatible.

    Grrrr. I’m a geek, not a construction worker. I wasn’t designed for this kind of thing.

  58. Princess and the Frog = Wow. Truly an original Disney classic. It was like going back in time. I love most Disney movies but there’s something special about the original princesses – Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella… this movie is definitely following the original Disney method that made those movies so special, romantic, happy, sad, and spooky all at the same time.

    I recommend it.

  59. Now – considering that I was up all night with a 2-year-old who didn’t want to sleep, and I have to work from 3pm til midnight, I’m going to finish my In and Out burger and take a nap.

  60. I see Acacia is available on Audible. Just got my two new credits for the month, so I think I’ll give this one a go after I finish “The Audacity of Hope.”

    Thanks for the link, EssBee!

  61. Evening pan, finely done helping my cousin replace the ceiling. well most of it, the insurance adjuster will be there Monday so we couldn’t do everything yet. we also had to leave part open for the plummer.

  62. If anyone is looking for a new Ipod, Amazon is running the Touches at some serious sales. I picked up a 32GB one for $270. On top of that, they are trying to drum up support for their Paypal competitor – Amazon Payments (watch a catchy name). Through the end of the year, they’re offering an extra 5% off lots of items. My net cost is coming to $256. Not too shabby.


    Looks like the monster 64GB Touch is $364 before the extra 5% off.

    Dunno if this is working outside the U.S.

  63. I need to start reading again. The only book out of that list that I read was the one by Gibson, which finished tarnishing his reputation for me.

    In fact, I hadn’t even heard of half of the authors on the list.

  64. RE: The list. I’ve read the Stephenson, Gibson, and Mieville books. Really enjoyed all of them, although the Stephenson made my head explode.

    I actually *did* like Pattern Recognition, although his latest book was a stinker.

  65. Not to be “all about me” again, but I just got home from work. Customer called at like 11:30 and kept me on the phone for an hour or so.. either way.. I wonder if that will be a normal occurrence. Either way. I did good, made some sales, made that last customer happy and my current supervisor says I have a gift for consultation. So, I’m on the right path. I am, however, going to be tired in the morning.

  66. So today in the free paper was a face off between computer game charcters (imagine DOF without the love prowess).

    Gordon Freeman won..yah!

  67. Hmm, it appears Washington, DC and I are currently connected by a common massive bank of fog this morning. I’m not quite sharp enough to try to come up with some kind of innuendo out of that one.

  68. I am at my parents, so away from my elliptical. I shouldn’t have assumed that I could go from 40 minutes a day on that to any proficiency at my mom’s Latin Grooves workout DVD. It was more like Czech Twitches.

  69. Tsk Tsk JJ you must have faith in XP.

    Strangely enough iTunes works fine under XP on my netbook as long as I don’t update the firmware (do that on another computer).

  70. I liked “Pattern Recognition” and “The Time Traveller’s Wife”. I haven’t read most of the books on that list.

    TEB: I didn’t like “Orcs”, but a friend of mine did. Your mileage may vary.

  71. ditto, I’m not that far into ORCS but what I’ve read so far is ok. Not the best I’ve read this year, but definitely not the worst.

  72. That picture is ridiculously cute. We’ll keep it positive and say that Santa is just tired, NOT that he’s just completed the 1 bourbon, 1 scotch, 1 beer tri-fecta.

    Congrats on the great start, Cj! Soon, you’ll own the place.

    “Czech twitches” = comedy gold.

  73. Shopping list complete.

    Picking up the boy from school and heading to the supermarket.

    Dan says I should nap, but then I don’t get things done and we are out of jelly.

  74. I don’t think I would make a profitable target demographic NS…although there is always worldofspectrum.org

    CW: Dexter season 3 finale

  75. I don’t drink it for any supposed benefits JN. I have a bag of various teas, unless I’m in the mood for something specific, I usually just close my eyes and reach in. Today, that’s what I got.

  76. A comment about free radicals. Does anybody remember the time when it was ok to keep our radicals incarcerated?

    Personally, if your a radical, I want you far away from me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  77. I know a girl who thinks of ghosts
    She’ll make you breakfast
    She’ll make you toast
    She don’t use butter
    She don’t use cheese
    She don’t use jelly
    Or any of these
    She uses Vaseline

  78. Lejon: That’s just an unfair temptation to make BS fake references so enticing that you’ll have to go back to find them.

    TEB is good at the real ones. I wonder if she’d be as good with fake ones.

  79. Nomad: Dictating how people participate in a Podcamp is uncool. Charging people admission to Podcamp is also uncool.
    I don’t know their story though, so I will withhold condemnation. You’ll probably find a creative environment with a bunch of cool, smart people. . . . surrounded by social media wanks.

  80. Pondering what a flaming lip would look like.

    Off to work again I go. If I’m still lucid when I get home at “whatever” after midnight. I might post again.

    My knee, by the way, is amazingly well. Hurray for giant needles that inject goop!

  81. I just wish there were quite the social media community here you have in Phoenix…

    I think I said before they had a “Podcamp” two and a hlaf years back one afternoon at a bar.

  82. I had a really good experience with the local indie/story-gamer JiffyCon last month. Really casual and friendly folks.

    I am trying to make a connection between that good experience and how awesome PodCampAZ sounds with giving this one a chance, but my sleep adled brain isn’t being very helpful.

    I guess, simply put, I think that it would be nice to find some smart creatives in real life. Errrr… in real life, meaning locally. Yall are pretty damn smart creatives.

  83. One of the joys of being married to someone in the teaching profession is you don’t actually see much of them this last week of school. Between Christmas concerts, parent counsel meetings, etc, he expects to be home quite late every night this week.

    *another sigh*

  84. Oh and if you are FB and are not on my friend list:

    If you don’t know, as of today, Facebook will automatically index all your info on Google, which allows everyone to view it. To change this option, go to Settings –> Privacy Settings –> Search –> then UN-CLICK the box that says ‘Allow indexing’. Facebook kept this one quiet. Copy and paste onto your status for all your friends…

  85. Just obligated to attend. He has performed in the past. When that happens I usually try to attend myself. However, at -40, I may not have even if he was playing.

  86. Does anybody remember the Grinch’s Halloween? I remember seeing it when I was younger. *spoiler alert*. Max had a happy ending and went to live with a mice little girl. Nobody seems to remember this.

  87. Van, shouldn’t you be in bed? It’s got to be around midnight there. Holiday or not, I’d be in bed.

    *gets Van some bedtime cocoa and tucks him in*

  88. I think my body would shut down if I only had six hours of sleep a night. I know it sure gives me hell if I’m short of sleep on just one or two nights

  89. Apparently Neil Pert (sp?) of Rush recorded a drum version on the Hockey Night in Canada theme. TSN is going to start using it next year. Cool

  90. Is it just me or does Prof. Hinkle remind you of Snidley Whiplash?

    Van, while I do enjoy singing that song, I’m usually alone. Despite years of voice lessons when I was a kid, I still can make ears bleed ๐Ÿ˜†

  91. Wait a minute!!! They cut the entire “policeman hollared stop” scene! I know it was just a little scene bit still, I hate it when they do that.

  92. DJ Bunny: I’m pretty sure I would have remembered seeing Max get a happy ending. That’s not the kind of thing you can scrub off your retinas.

  93. That looked fun UH. I’ll check it out more in depth in the morning. In the meantime, a warm bed, a cold beer, and a book calls me.

    Tomorrow Deadpan!

  94. If following pornstars is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

    In other news, a woman I added as a Facebook friend six month ago is next month’s playmate. Behold the power of the internet!

  95. Today has been my day for Secret Santa presents! I’m involved in two different Secret Santa exchanges, the Deadpan one and the one going on in the community for the Facebook game PackRat. Today at lunchtime, I found and sent a present (an in-game collectible card) to my PackRat Secret Santa recipient, then went to the post office and put my Deadpan Secret Santa gift in the mail. Tonight, when I got home, I found a DPSS gift waiting for me! Thanks, Nomad Scry! ๐Ÿ™‚

    TEB: Aw! Everybody bailing on you sux. *hugs*

    Van: Thanks for the FB privacy info. Done and shared.

    We have a chimbly, but we’ve never used it because we don’t want to clean the fireplace. :-/

    Night, Pan.

  96. Morning Pan, remaking ‘The Black Hole’…the obvious question is why? much as I like the film I had thought it was a flop.

    Hopefully they will keep the John Barry soundtrack…

  97. Somehow, I don’t see them releasing that under the Disney label this time around. The Black Hole wasn’t so epicly great as to be a classic. The imagery is dated enough that it probably could have a chance with a remake. The premise certainly has potential.

  98. They just now opened them. I didn’t make them wait because I was excited to see and I, personally, think SO AWESOME!!!!

    Everything in there is incredibly awesome and appreciated! Thank you oodles of thank you!!!

  99. Ah, that bracing sort of -5F that feels like -21F…

    Yup, I was in an episode of Lilith’s Love. Dan Shaurette is a Deadpanite, of course. Did you enjoy my crap Texan accent?

  100. Here’s the so-far line up for 2010 New Orleans JazzFest:

    Pearl Jam, Aretha Franklin, Artist TBA, Van Morrison, Lionel Richie,
    The Neville Brothers, Allman Brothers Band, Anita Baker,
    My Morning Jacket, Darius Rucker, Widespread Panic

    That “Artist TBA” is one of my faves.

  101. Tiger Woods joke I overheard while Xmas shopping at Target yesterday:

    “What’s the difference between Santa and Tiger Woods? Santa stopped after three Ho’s.”

  102. Conversation at dinner last night.
    Tiger Woods downfall came up.

    Outraged Mrs. Lady – “What is it about these “Stars” that makes them think they can get away with these stupid things?”

    Me – “What is it about our culture that makes us believe these “Stars” are somehow human like the rest of us?”

    The only thing the public likes more then placing a guy on a pedestal, is kicking him when he falls off.

  103. Fuck the whole thing. Who cares.


    Kobe was on trial for RAPE! And he kept playing, nobody was as outraged as this. He just fucked around with some trashy ladies. big fucking deal. He is a billionare… let him live it up a little. Its HIS family to destroy…


    Who cares.

  104. srsly. I’m shocked when people bring this up. I guess it helps with the lifestyle envy to watch these rich brats fall on their faces.
    And Jeremy makes a great point about rape vs. infidelity. Are it really an equal or lesser crime?

    And just for fun, switch the gender roles. How different do you think the coverage and perception would be?

  105. Hoorah for Dan!

    Re: Rape: Remember when that Lacrosse team supposedly raped that chick? Remember the huge uproar? Couldn’t get away from it. Then it was found that the P.O.S. chick was a lying douche. The talking heads barely mentioned that fact and moved on.

  106. Doesn’t Dan know there’s a recession going on? The nerve of some people!

    LOL, Tell Dan congratz for me CJ. Also tell him he needs to put a warning on your podcast before he tells anymore breastfeeding jokes. I was driving and nearly wreaked my car.

  107. Mr. Null,

    In fact, I specifically remember channel surfing and for reasons unknown I ended up watching Nancy Grace talk about that very situation. She was going on and on about “Don’t we already know what transpired here? and “Why even have a trial and just lock the boys up?” I remember thinking, what has been alleged is pretty awful but shouldn’t we wait until all the facts of the case come forth? And sure enough, it came to light that the “victim” had fabricated the whole thing. There wasn’t a big follow up story about the abuses of the press following that. Go figure.

  108. One other Tiger thought.

    His F#$% up has come to light in a most unfortunate time in history (for him personally).
    I fear the strong similarity between him and the current President (soft spoken, fair skinned, HIGHLY successful black men) has resulted in this unrelenting public flogging. For a certain, increasingly vocal segment of our society, Tiger’s failings prove (in thier minds) every bad thought they have about having a black man in the White House. He may have become the surrogate target for their vitriol.

  109. TEB: I distinctly remember the Halloween Grinch thing now. It came to me with the song about not going out on a night like this for __$ and __ cents, with the increments steadily increasing.

    But I still don’t want to see Max get a happy ending. That’s just sick.

  110. Fame cuts both ways. Tiger isn’t a super millionaire because of his golf skills (though I know some of his tournament wins give him some big payouts), but because of his endorsement deals to hock Nike, Buick, and whatever else. His celebrity status brought him riches. He should have been more careful, as a matter of “job security” if not any moral issues.

  111. I totally agree with you guys. So what? Who cares? I mean, he’s gross and was selling us an image that was obviously not accurate, but also we have WARS going on out there and a financial crisis and gays wanting to get married.

  112. I’ll be sad to see The Black Hole destroyed in its new incarnation. On a similar note, we recently saw the original Journey to the Center of the Earth. Rather enjoyed it.

  113. I dumped the list along time ago.

    Morning Pan.