Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #147: Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way

Whipped show notes.

DotF3 battle this week: Rorschach vs. Otto.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #147: Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way

Big Trouble in Little Deadpan

Promo – Birdhouse Rules (http://www.imaginethatstudios.com/twitter/)

The Energizer Bunny goes shopping

Requiem of the Outcast – The Orc Skit

More shopping with The Energizer Bunny

Usedhair – calls Jack a liar

Duel of the Fates – Rorschach vs. Otto.
Special guest announcer – EssBee

Amy Bowen announces the 4th annual Secret Santa

Greasy Nipples
Nomad Scry
The Energizer Bunny
The Energizer Bunny
Lo Pan
Vanamonde (first comment of the week)

Deadpanmmmmm meetup happening in March.

Jack will be at the Create Live AZ on Thursday December 10 (http://www.createliveaz.com/)

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900 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #147: Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way

  1. Wow, we had a dreadpirate sighting as the last comment for episode #146.

    And this show appears to have uploaded fully intact. I don’t know if we’ll have iTunes problems this week. I hope not.

    Don’t fight that Benadryl, Cj!

    Goodnight, money.

    Vanamonde, I’m leaving you to greet the rest of the night shift.

  2. Really quickly, I realize that this topic is already done and over, but I wanted to point out that (ditto?) was on track. When I got married, I had to bring in a copy of my marriage certificate to prove that I was actually married. If I hadn’t, then the life/health/dental/etc insurance would have been canceled and if I read it correctly, I would have had to pay someone something back for lying about it.

    On a tangential note, I hate humans. =)

  3. iTunes is grabbing DP – yay!

    NS, thanks for saying that It isn’t the rule at my office for married folks, but I’m really glad to hear you say that.

    I’ve worked out, am sweaty now, and waiting for the ep to download.

    Cj, 18 minutes?

  4. Gah.

    I foolishly allowed myself to watch that Lady GaGa ‘Bad Romance’ video because Spellwight said something to the effect of it being batshit crazy.

    A week later I am still hearing it in my head. Something about “ga ga ga bromaine”??? I feel like I have been contaminated.

    Ick ick wash it off

  5. Back to the meme from yesterday. Best book I read this year: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Books meant for younger readers are much more accessible for me. I have audio booked better ones but I will call that something different because I feel like I am cheating a little when I listen rather than read. The thing I liked most about this book is that I could read and talk with my kids about it than later watch the movies with the kids and talk to them about it. Don’t get me wrong I did like the books and this was my favorite but my kids are growing up (both are in High school) so we don’t have that much in common any more and they are both very independent. The conversations certainly have gotten better; we just have fewer of them. I read all 7 this year but I liked this one the best mostly because it let me and the kids speculate the most and discuss more than any other book. I’m also a sucker for magic and this take of magic being here in moder times is fun to think about.

  6. The quote from ditto about what matters. I’ve been thinking about it because it confuses me. I like the way it starts out and then it wraps up by kicking me in the face. I am pretty sure that I won’t be sitting around somewhere congratulating myself on a life well lived after I’ve died.

    And my thoughts from there start spiraling down into bleakness, so we won’t bother taking the ride.

    Wheeee! Crap!

  7. Ok, I have a WP technical question. A couple of days ago the DP Board went all tiny and hard to read. I thought it might go back once the new Pan was up but, nope. None of the other web pages I look at seem to have this problem.

    Is anybody else having this problem? How do I make it big and pretty using Firefox (without effecting my other websites)?

  8. Ok, Lo Pan does not recommend Google imaging “seal”… as Lo Pan is not sure what images are more depressing – all the seal clubbing photos or all the Seal with Heidi Klum photos.

    Both equally depressy.

  9. DRAT! Lo Pan did not guess that seal.

    Lo laughs mightily. Lo is imagining the Orc and Goblin is Cookie Monster and Grover. Laughing mightily!

    Imagining Cookie Monster saying “rape and pillage” does Lo’s heart well.

  10. The Orc skit was hi-larious! I heard it on Requiem last week, but funnier on DP!

    reaper, audiobooks are totally valid. I think you should give us your best book read – by hard copy or by audio. I generally listen to one (C: In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead – James Lee Burke) and read one (C: Proven Guilty – Jim Butcher).

    It’s 9 degrees in Boulder County. My feet are frozen.

  11. Nomad: Regarding that quote, my take on it is this: create memories that *you* will enjoy later in life. As some friends of mine used to say, “It’s not the guy with the most toys that wins, it’s the one with the most stories.”

  12. TEB: Are you using Firefox? Using Ctrl+scroll will change the zoom on a page. You might have done this accidentally. Ctrl-0 undoes the zoom.

  13. Yeah, I may be dropping currency from the BLC and recording a batch at a time rather than waiting until the end of Tuesday or Wednesday night. That model may work for Jack, but Saturdays may be better for BLC.

  14. TEB: I know what you mean about FB, but I’m also trying to stay in better touch with friends and family, so I force myself to post from time to time.

  15. I’m disappointed. 9.10 -is- very nice looking and it actually controls the wifi radio… but I just spent an hour trying to figure out why it wouldn’t play mp3s or install the BLEEP codecs.

    Not making it easy for me to recommend it to newbs. Grrr. I really want to recommend it.

  16. ditto: That’s actually a very interesting way to look at it. … Especially in light of the fact that all of my best stories involve me being stupid or hurt or both at the same time.

    Actually, I just mis-read your quote as “… not the guy with the most toys that wins, it’s the one with the BEST stories.”

    Having the most stories sounds like a worthy, though exhausting, goal.

  17. NS: Best stories works too. That quote went with an image of me and my friends as old men in rocking chairs falling on our asses while sharing our stories.

  18. I’d just like to say that the music at the end of this episode made me swoon with delight and since I actually got to see it live… ahhhh…. more swooning. I loved it, Jack!

    I’m sad that I have to work Thursday night otherwise I’d go to Create Live. Missed it last time too.


  19. Bunny has a dilemma.

    Waaaay back when, the city tore up our sidewalk when they decided to dig up a pipe under my front yard. When putting it back, several months ago, they removed a couple of signs and put them on our front yard. We decided to take these city signs and put them in our back yard when we saw a couple of kids pick up these signs (consisting of 7′ metal poles topped by signage) and use them for sword practice.

    We noticed the other day the city has re-installed the signs (three or four months after they took them down) but they must have used new ones because the signs we took are still in our back yard.

    The dilemma is, what do we do with the signs in the back yard. We’re almost afraid to call the city because it’s illegal to take city signs, but we did do it for a good reason. If the city had put up the original signs in a reasonable time frame, we wouldn’t have taken them. It was at least a month, possibly more, before we decided having big metal poles for people to swing around was probably not a good idea.

    Do I call the city to pick up their signs, with the possibility of a fine involved, or do we take them to the dump, making sure nobody sees us when we dump them?

    decisions, decisions

  20. TEB: Yeah, you don’t want the police coming after you for those signs. I’ve seen that back in college. Call the city and tell them that they *forgot* the old signs in your yard and ask them what they want to do with them. Make it clear that you didn’t take them and they shouldn’t be able to fine you.

  21. “I called the city. The nice lady at the other end said it may be a couple of months before the signs get picked up.

    Wasn’t that the problem in the first place?”

    It seems your country has learned the ways of procrastination and incompetence from mine. Welcome….

  22. Don’t you “Dave” me, you overgrown bucket of transistors! Now, do what you are told or you won’t get that subscription to CMOS Pr0n you were asking for.

  23. I decided to get a head start on the year and just finished going through all of 2009’s paperwork. My hubby’s and mine entire lives for the year can be condensed down to a single file folder.

    I don’t know why, but for some reason, this saddens me.

  24. Actually, while the signs are waiting – I’d stack them neatly and band their poles together with zip-ties. The weight and awkwardness of this informative bundle should help dissuade the utes.

  25. Jack:

    Of course, my calling you out was meant as good natured ribbing. But, to make up for my bitchy nature, I pledge to send in some actual content this week.

  26. Holy crap that Star Wars/Facebook mashup was teh_awesome!

    By the way, if any of you from the northern climes find yourself short some snow, it may have been detoured to Houston.

  27. Good evening Deadpan. Up a little later because I get to sleep in an extra two hours tomorrow. Hubby has a later meeting.

    The weather man said we’re going to get about 20cm of snow in the next 24 hours (that’s 8″ for you neophytes)

    I see some hot chocolate, a warm blanket and a book in my future.

  28. Another great show Jack. And now for a big lump of catch up…

    TEB: Would be interesting if you could use the signs as lawn ornaments >.>, I would be amused.

    RE: Cookie monster has always been one of my heros.

    CJ: Congratulations, now for your 5th task you will need to bring us donuts, or we will yell NEE! at you during your orientation.

    oh and clubbing baby seals:

  29. Morning Pan, I spy with my little eye a TEB standing right at the back, 5th person counting from the right on that row.

    My goodness a lot of Amazons in that photo…I may have to go for a liedown.

  30. That’s in the school photo like photo..err.

    More obvious in the other photo where you get to see TEB in full and wearing the green belt as Cj pointed out.

  31. Another excellent show this week, Jack. Especially since I was able to catch it on release day this time 🙂

    The weather droids are calling for 3-5″ of snow today in Houston. It will be the earliest snow EVAR around here.

  32. we actually had good snow. the stuff that sits on the grass but not to the roads so everything looks nice and clean but the roads are not bad.

  33. Morning Pan!

    Most of you are correct, in the group photo, I’m the one making the funny face in the top centre. On the other photo, I’m the green belt in the fourth row from the left.

    Yes Van, he’s the bald blackbelt in on the far left. He met my hubby several months ago. They discovered they actually like each other so now he’s just normal friendly. It’s strange how things happen that way 🙂 Now whenever he and my hubby see each other they spend most of their time talking.

  34. … aaaand do you know how I figured THAT one out????
    While typing PAN I mistyped and put an “i” in there.
    Yep, you guessed it … I gave Lo Pan vowel trouble.

    *cough cough* I guess I’m gonna need Van’s coat as well.

  35. When i’m having a bad day i know i can count on the deadpan nipples to cheer me up with puns. jolly good showing this morning everyone!!!!
    *tossing justa J0e his cloak* here is one more of good mesure

  36. EssBee did you turn the sun back on here? Thank you. Lo Pan has missed it the past couple days. Now if you could get the temp out of single digits Lo Pan would approve.

  37. Lo Pan: Wow, didn’t think anyone would go there. This day (because of DP Nipples) just keeps getting better and better.
    Today is a bad one because I have about 5 things to do at once but I keep getting interrupted and cannot get anything done. now people are bothering me about the 5 things I can’t manage to finish. I know it will settle down soon though it is getting close to lunch time.

  38. Youll find Lo Pan often goes where he shouldnt.

    reaper here’s what you do. take 1 sheet white paper, 1 fat sharpie, 1 ball twine, 1 louisville slugger, 1 pack sharpened #2 pencils.

    Write “Actual Working Employee” on the paper with the sharpie and tape it to your office/cube. Take twine ball and set up a perimeter around said office/cube in such a way that you can see people before they can see you, that way youll know when/if to start swinging the Louisville Slugger. If that fails and the zombies…er….people keep coming and crash your defenses, take out pack of sharpened #2 pencils and gouge own eyes out.

  39. Lo Pan: Brilliant!!!! Off to raid the supply closet.
    the bat might be a tall order i might have to check the scrap bins for a suitable chunk of metal as a substitute.

  40. TEB if you wore a sackcloth there would be someone out there who would find you attractive in it….the same goes for the MA outfit.

    Cold fingers making it hard to type.

  41. I was having the discussion about PJs, and a woman who thought wearing PJs acted like some magical shield that stopped all amorous thoughts about her.

    I made sure I didn’t laugh, even though I wanted too.

    I’ll get my coat.

  42. Or, reaper, tape all that stuff up inside of the paper, tie the string around it, and fling it around your head, taking out the interrupters.

    Lo, I’ve done my part, and things should be warming up nicely over the next few hours.

  43. EssBee: I think i will need to add a fan to the mix also so i can just suspend it from the ceiling and not tire out my arm. this could be fun!

  44. No no no, Lo Pan is of Chinese old man descent…. not young Taiwanese man descent. Lo Pan was just commenting about how pleased Lo Pan is not to be this person.

    Lo Pan pulls off PJ’s well. Take that as you will.

  45. Its true… which is why I appreciate that song all that much more.

    When the hell did this turn into Lo Pan’s Goodtime Happy PJ Hour?

    *ancient Chinese jazz hands*

  46. I don’t see how someone can “win” WoW and have only hugged 11 other players.

    Checking my stats right now…. Oh here they are..

    Xarnya the Pilgrim: Level 80, Gnome, Warlock

    Number of hugs – 60

    I’m clearly more huggable. Therefore, I win.

  47. Yes, JOe, come over here. Have some snow.

    reaper, watching Intervention (*shudder*) is not the way to lift one’s spirits. Take it from me. Turn the channel. Yuck.

  48. EssBee: Sometimes i get a laugh out of intervention. like watching someone try to light a lighter with a Cigarette. but I can’t take more than about 15 min at a time. so now:
    CW: V: Episode 4

  49. Oh oh oh oh suddenly its ok to pick on the elderly? A pox and plague on you all! To the Hell of the Crappy Seahawks for you!

    *munches Panda Express*

  50. In a tragically pathetic attempted to relive the golden moments of early childhood … I am once again this year, looking for panites to post their pictures of Christmas lights glowing beneath a layer of new fallen snow.

  51. I may be able to accomodate you on that one later, JJ. Houston is now shutting down. Schools are dismissing early. I’ve got one child retrieved, one child that I’m about to go back out and get, and a wife stuck in Chicago.

  52. EssBee: I really like the new V. It might help that I’m no longing trying to watch crappy, grainy over the air TV from the 80’s this time around.

  53. Well, I have panties, I have a camera, and I have snow. I don’t do the lights thing, but I guess Sly B could drive me around and I could run into someone’s yard when I see the lights . . . .

  54. we have snow on the ground but no lights under it and no snow predicted for a week. I miss Seattle. very little snow or cold… when compared to Wisconsin.

  55. Heh. and thx JfS.

    So what’s the armor class for Bunny’s Xmas dragon?
    What about that guy hanging from the gutter?
    reaper, I guess your plans to decorate before Thanksgiving fell through? (npi)

  56. w00t DJ Utopia.

    OK, off to finish something up before lunch.

    Snow sucks, btw. Safe journeys to everyone, whether to/from school or *shudder* NJ.

    Synchronicity II. Many miles away, something crawls to the surface of a dark Scottish loch.

  57. The weatherman just sait we’ve had six cm of snow so far this morning(approx 2″). All I can say is thank god for soft cuddly kitties.

  58. *woah!* I was not prepared for such accolades! Thanks. 🙂

    I am ill. I’m virtually never ill, but I am now. Poop.

    It’s been insanely busy in the Null household. One good part of it is that our tree is up! Yay! Let’s see if the cat climbs up and naps in it, like last year.

  59. Johnny, two words: “panties” and “camera”. Oh, and “JOe.” “Snow.”


    I’m headed home, and then to SW Colorado for the weekend to make tamales with Sly B’s family. On Monday, I could use some positive vibes from all of ya, my mom is having major surgery early in the morning in Colo. Springs.

    I might not be on much until after that, so big mush to everyone. xox

  60. Well, if you have a fever, then you’re literally hot, Johnny. Although I sure hope not. This has been a rough illness season.

    Positive vibes to EssBee and mama EssBee. Here if needed.

  61. I too offer my vibes. Wow, that sounds wrong.

    “Panties” and “camera”? I don’t recall being THAT drunk!

    We’re slated to get 1-2″ of snow here tomorrow.

  62. I took a quick video of our neighbor’s horrid decorations. Either Lady J or myself will post them on Facebook. I’m trying to convert the format as I type.

  63. Jø – you are tasked to get some (hehehe – no not that … PICTURES I mean) one those decorations are covered in 1 to 2″ of snow.

    Thoughts are with you EssBee and ALL your family. (and I don’t even need an affidavit!)

  64. Okie-dokie. We don’t have any external decorations. Perhaps when we have more free $$$. But I can take a picture of our tree. Is the Deadpan flickr thing still up?

  65. TEB: Apparently, there’s an old saying that mad dogs and Englishmen will go out in any weather whatsoever and not mind it. I infer that this is the case based on your post and the fact that there’s a song about it on an old album of my parents’ called “The Sounds of England.”

  66. i have my laptop (appropriately) on my lap and my dog if giving the those ” I’m cold and would like to sit there” eyes Typing will be harder for a while but he is happy.

  67. Lo Pan: I’ve recently disclosed to Lady J that I’ve seen the movie easily over a dozen times. I bet two dozen is not a stretch.

  68. Actually …
    The song is

    “Mad dogs and Englishmen
    Go out in the noon day sun.”

    So the weather person who equated that phrase with anything but a “hot, high noon” scenario has got some splain’n to do.

  69. Um …

    “Under a new system set up by Sprint, law enforcement agencies have gotten GPS data from the company about its wireless customers 8 million times in about a year, (snip) And while customers can shield themselves from surveillance by simply switching off the GPS function of their phones, the company and other carriers almost certainly have the power to remotely switch the function back on.”


    Yeh, I can hear you now. I also know where you are and who you’ve been to see.

  70. It’s now officially freezing outside my house. Snow stopped several hours ago, but there’s a lot of water out on the ground. Expecting 25°F tonight, so things should be interesting in the morning.

  71. My daughter just informed me I couldn’t pull off the infinite beard because I don’t have enough hair. I would respond with a smart ass comment but she is correct.

  72. Lo Pan has libated enough on the home front. Is time now to retire to where everybody knows Lo Pan’s name. And theyre always glad Lo Pan came. Take that as you will.


  73. I miss you all terribly now that I cannot access you during the day. I’m looking forward to my final schedule which will only have me gone in the evenings.

    I don’t even have the wherewithall to go back and respond to anything, but points of note I’d like to share.

    . I’m doing so well in my training class that I’ve been assigned to help train someone else.

    . I actually went out tonight to my local karaoke place where I haven’t been in ages and it was nice until…

    . My knee completely stopped functioning and my mother-in-law helped me drive around looking for a 24 hour or late night urgent care. I didn’t want to go to emergency. It’s brutal. I think a bone is cracked in my knee at this point. This is seriously the most severe pain I’ve ever been in that didn’t involve childbirth.

    . Not to mention it’s simply bad timing. Stupid knee.

    . Took a percocet and will see how it is in the morning.

  74. Best wishes to EssBee’s mum and Cj’s knee.

    Shockingly, cursebird thinks I am worse than Mr. Mangan. (I have three offenses to his two.)

    I like Shakira’s voice, but would rather not see her. The way she moves kind of creeps me out.

    So, apparently, the new buzz is ambien sex. Have I mentioned that I hate humans? =)

  75. Does the ambien sex come with mood lightning?

    I’m not in anyway a footie fan (soccer to most of you lot), but I like to support the underdog when it comes to the World Cup. Now the way the notfittowipeyourarseon tabloids are celebrating the USA being selected to be in the same starting group as England (predicting a easy win)…means on the day I will be shouting:

    COME ON USA!!!!!

  76. justa J0e: Re: Sprint: Yep. But they’re not surveilling U.S. citizens. Nope. Remember when the cops claimed that they couldn’t track you via cell phone? Then random badguy was hiding in the woods, yet they found him. Answer? Oh yeah, we can track your cell phone. Even if it’s turned off.

    On another note, Yahoo is suing to halt online distribution of its Lawful Spying Guide. I better not put it on my Facebook account.

  77. Ambien sex?! I have a friend who takes the stuff and has absolutely no memory of what she’s said or done the next day. Ew.

    Cj, really sorry to hear about you knee!

    Everyone, thanks for the well wishes — we’re off! TTYL!

  78. Morning Pan

    We got lucky and only got half as much snow as expected. Still four inches…

    Hugs for EssBee and her mom

    Get well wishes for Johnny Null

    Hugs and a rub for Cj’s knee.

    Now to do some dishes while my hubby shovels the walk.

  79. Good morning.

    I’m no better. Gosh darned it all! I wanted to take the kids to see Planet 51 today, but instead I’ll be spending the morning at Urgent Care.

    Have I mentioned how stooopid my knee is? Doesn’t my knee realize that I’m busy? I have more important things to do.

    I blame my incredible tolerance for pain which I’ve built up due to migraines over the years. The fact that I tolerate pain convinces me more often than not that I’ll just be fine if I walk it off.

    Yeah, maybe it’s just just my knee that’s stooopid. My brain might be partially at fault here. 😛


  80. Van: Thanks for finding the song! 🙂 Also, great link! Evo @ 11 episode 49 talked about, and was named after, a sign that belongs on that site: “Don’t Piss On This Wall.”

    Cj: You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope your knee heals soon.

  81. No MA for me today, I’m snowed in 🙁

    While there was only four inches of snow, the wind was bad enough to cause major drifting. Hubby has been out there for an hour already and hasn’t really even dented the driveway.

  82. I’m home already! Can you believe it?

    For those of you not on Facebook or Twitter (is that any of you?) I had X-rays and the Doc found bone spurs and debris in my knee.

    So, this week I have to get a referral to an orthopedist, MRI, and most likely schedule knee surgery.

    I’m on crutches – at least they didn’t give me a wheel chair or a walker.

    If you get me in the Secret Santa and send me Geritol, I will NOT smile!

  83. JJ sez: “TEB – 4 inches can still be quite startling if your not expecting it. Even more so, if that’s what you wake up to.”


    OOOHHH, SNOOOWW…. got it.

  84. Okay, here’s a chance for you to lower your opinion of me — again. I kind of liked the Starship Troopers movie. It just has to be taken in the spirit it’s given. A blend of sci-fi, pulp, and really good stabs at the stupidity of the human race.

  85. I think Starship Troopers was the first time we’d ever seen massive CGI armies storming the screen?
    Aside from that, I wanted to ambush Paul Verhoeven with a bat in a dark alley after seeing this movie.

  86. What did you think of the movie?

    Sarah said, “I think it was kinda scary.” (she ate too much popcorn and threw up so she might have been swayed)

    Fletcher said, “Good, but it was a little scary.” (he made it through the whole thing)

    Neither of them fidgeted much and they definitely laughed at the silly parts, but when they REALLY like a movie, they generally ask me to bring it home. They didn’t this time.

    I think it was a little slow, boring, and I didn’t really feel for the characters. It was just kinda empty.

  87. O.J. Slay The…?

    So hey, I watched a really cool, cheesy-at-times low-budget sci-fi flick called “Ink”. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1071804/
    Anyone else seen this?
    The filmmakers had obviously been reading Sandman comics while developing the movie. They get full marks for deviating from the standard Hollywood templates. Definitely recommended, if you can tolerate some hokiness and some weirdness.

  88. Arm Candy? Well, here’s hoping you get licked a lot, J0e.

    Paul, I was going to single you out for an Ink recommendation (the movie. your tattoos are your business). I suspect you’ll like it a lot.

  89. I’m hoping I can get out of my neighbourhood tomorrow to mail my Christmas cards and my SS gift but, since the city doesn’t plow neighbourhood roads, we’ll have to see.

    I wouldn’t worry about a gift being late Van. I remember one year Rhettro was my SS and I didn’t get my gift until mid January *poking Rhettro*

    But that’s ok, it was worth it. I loves my Brala.

  90. I’ve got two items in shopping carts and now I have to decide which one to ship to my gift recipient.

    Meanwhile, my knee is under a nice warm compress. Thanks, Bunny!

  91. TEB: Indeed, you wouldn’t have had anyone to send a gift to… except maybe Randy and Val, but they didn’t actually sign up.

    Awesome! I love it when things are discovered by accident. In fact, the major scientific discovery in my Nanowrimo novel this year was made by accident. 🙂

    JB: Your Secret Santa assignment has now been sent.

  92. While I realize I have left myself open to ridicule, I don’t care. Maybe the director’s cut is better than the regular? Not having seen the original, I can’t say.

  93. Switched it to Christmas Out Of the Box. They are discussing the origins and science behind Christmas. Coming up next… The science of Santa. A NASA physicist discusses the math behind how Santa can deliver all the persents in one night…

  94. Each to their own TEB (would you like some salt for that lack of taste?..cough).

    For me the film would have been so much better if Christian Bale had been replaced with a washing machine.

  95. I’m rather meh on CB myself, Van. Maybe it was Chekov that worked?

    Besides, I didn’t say it was a great movie, or even a good movie, I just said I was ok with it. Of the threebad movies, gi Joe, tranformers, and terminator, Terminator was the better of the three. At least that’s how I see it. At least the story made a modicum of sense.

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it 😛

  96. Apparently only female reindeer have horns in the winter so there’s a chance all of Santa’s sleigh pullers were girls.

    Oop, buzzer went. Roast is ready. Time to finish up and get supper on the table

  97. I haven’t seen the latest Terminator, Bunny – – mainly because of the unfavorable reactions. My mockery was more directed Christian Bale.

    Overall, I’m ok with the guy as an actor. He’s been a great Batman.

  98. Evening pan. just got off the phone with the cable company. I’m getting CableCARD for my Tivo on Tuesday. I’ll finely be able to watch TV in HD on a regular basis.

  99. There is a glittery lit Christmas tree in my living room and a bunch of lights on my house and inflatables everywhere on my lawn and hanging from my house.

    I’m in my “office” chair on the sofa ahem.. surrounded by boxes of Christmas decorations. I suppose these were brought in to hint to me that I should decorate something.

    it’s all very festive.

  100. *applauds Cj*

    My mom says we’re decorating our house this week. For my mom, “decorating our house” means getting out two or three boxes of stuff from the garage and setting it up around the interior of the house. Said stuff includes a two-and-a-half-foot-tall artificial Christmas tree. The good part is that we have the most adorable miniature ornaments to put on it.

    Night, Pan.

  101. Seems like I’ve already used the line about rainy days and Mondays here recently. I hereby call for a boycott of them.

    I’ll get my son to sing the “rain, rain, go away song” He can chant it for hours without interruption.

  102. Ed i agree with you about HD. I don’t have a blueray player but a coworker does. I ripped a movie we both have and encoded it in 720P (I force my TIVO to this res for now) and poped the DVD version in my player to see the difference and it is amazing. cableCARD is $2/month. i think i can handle that.

  103. TEB: Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s cold, but not frigid here, and on Saturday, I had to deal with driving in snow in NJ on roads I was not familiar with. Very entertaining.

    BTW, nice board collection. I don’t have nearly that many.

  104. Van: Just saw your link about Richard Todd. Sad. That was a great movie. Every Star Wars fan should see it since it is one of the major blueprints for the trench run.

  105. I’m now picturing this conversation:
    Joey: Hay Sally want to see my “atomic sub”
    Sally: sure where is it.
    Joey: We will have to go around the corner…

  106. Ditto: someone had to. I’m just disappointed in myself. That joke didn’t occur to me. I think I need more caffeine, it is Monday after all.

  107. Today’s Deadpan Consumer alert –

    So my sister gives my parents one of those “Single cup, instant, gourmet coffee makers”. I am not sure that this
    is the exact model but it will give you the idea.

    Anyway, because my dad is an “interested” sort of guy … he decides to read the manual. He discovers that they recommend you put this thing on it’s own electrical circuit due to the power requirements. !?!
    Apparently, in order to give you coffee at the push of a button … it must keep the water constantly heated and ready to brew.

    This makes my dad REALLY want to know how much power it consumes. It’s not printed in the manual so he calls the company and they tell him it uses 1500 Watts of power. Continuously. Imagine turning on 15 100watt bulbs and leaving them on forever.
    My dad is astounded. They explain to him that their is a way to program it so it won’t keep the water constantly heated … but they highly recommend just leaving it on.
    There you have it, just about THE most energy inefficient way to get ONE cup of coffee. I’m surprised they haven’t come up with a model that runs on baby seal whiskers.

    So … if you are thinking of getting one of these or already have one, you might just want to keep it unplugged when not in use.

  108. Justa J0e. I have one of these by keurig and we love it but i know my power bill didn’t go up by $108/month i think it actually went down because we where not using a hot pad to keep coffee warm all the time. That sounds like bad design. the one I have doesn’t keep the tank warm and it looks like this one might.

  109. I’ve heard of some people who average close to $40/day at Starbucks(!), so that’d still save cash for some individual households – – although those folks would then be denied the pleasure saying “venti-mocha-frap-lite-with-whip-and-a-double-shot” while ordering.

  110. Jack, that would make me feel silly. those people have there own weird language. I doubt they speak Innuendo. thus they are no fun.
    wow that a jump “you like starbucks” to “your know fun’

  111. Innuendo inappropriate for Deadpan?? Someone