749 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #130: Underworld Garlic Salt

  1. I’m forced to take one of my vaca weeks off starting tomorrow. This will give me some free time. I will try to drop a content bomb into the Deadpan.

  2. BTW. I want to thank everybody who answers the weekly question on the JM FB page. Let me know if you have any questions you would like to see up there. (It’s tough coming up with new ones every week)

  3. Morning Pan.

    Jack Mangan: Yes. Gordon Schumway.

    And, also, it would seem, I have fallen behind again. Are you trying to time it so that just as I finish a DP ep, you drop another? Is that it? (#behindagain – Stupid Octothorpe tag)

    T.E.B.: Hi there (that’s all I got, for some reason as I was catching up *cough* I had a nice one-liner but by the time I got to dittos at the end it was gone.)

    EssBee: Buy stock.

  4. Well, the bar is a pretty big place. When we get a good size crowd, it can be difficult to figure out who’s talking to whom.

  5. From the book, Stamped Safety Tips…

    Don’t eat 4 corndogs before riding the tilt-a-whirl

    When a cow lifts her tail, Move

    Drink your slushy slowly or your brain will freeze (maybe that’s what happened to Jack’s brain)

  6. And you can get such foods as:

    Deep fried jelly beans
    Deep fried Oreos
    Pizza on a stick
    Deep fried Coke
    Taco in a bag
    Hot beef sundae

    (seriously, I’m not making this up)

  7. I think I’ve also seen them with chocolate drizzled on them. They’re not new to the Stampede, even though the website indicates they are. (I guess it falls under the “unusual” category)

  8. I actually haven’t been to the Stampede in about 10 years. Once my kids were old enough to go on their own (or with friends), I stopped going.

  9. TEB: I’d answer the FB questions, but that would entail a pseudonym collision. I’d still like to avoid that if possible. It may eventually come to pass.

  10. Side note again: In the past, the spam filter here caught my use of the term “M.I.L.F.”, but it seems to have no problem with “douchebag”.

  11. You can tell you are getting old when you can grab your nose hair with your fingers.

    That was your eeeewwwww moment for a Tuesday.

  12. T.E.B.: It’s just that Carnivals/fairs/large stampeding events serve a lot of food that ends up on a stick.

    Steak on a Stick
    Pizza on a Stick
    Falafel on a Stick
    Gyros on a Stick
    Frozen Cheesecake on a Stick

    So, why not Beignets? They got a problem being food-court faire?

  13. Hey panties. Just dropping in while my document 85-pg prints. OK, it’s done.

    ……..Wow……. that word combination was entirely unintentional. What does that say about my psyche?

  14. Vanamonde: Wish I could help. I do know that in Japan, white is associated with death, unlike in the U.S. where it’s black. Perhaps it’s a whole yin-yang thing? Anime takes color very seriously and there’s large portions of the stories the general American public misses since we don’t get their color-associations.

  15. Vanamonde: Ah, yes. That caused quite a few chuckles in my French class back in the day. Also reminds me that common thought was that every time you took a bath, some of your life-essence went down the drain.

  16. i – I have not won anything yet… (are you talking about the Parsec’s?) I was nominated for Best Geek Music Podcast and Best Group Independent Audio Drama Production.

  17. I thought I heard you won something on this episode. Granted, it’s rather hard to hear much of anything today. So I probably got it wrong.

  18. With this last episode of The Questers (sp?), I have come to the conclusion that Trucker Overdrive would make the most polite NPC in an RPG ever.

  19. My cat’s weird. I give her some milk with some of her medication in it. She won’t drink it unless I’m in the room with her to keep her company.

  20. Well, home from work early today. Had to pick up my son as he appears to have an ear infection. And, my wife has been working overtime for about a week trying to dig out of a hole for a project at work.

    yeee ha!

  21. If I haven’t mentioned it, congratulations Wolf.

    i’ve never heard your cast, but I’ve heard lots of stuff that gets nominated, and they’re usually pretty good.


    I don’t know what all the Ms are about, but I thought I’d get in on the party.

  22. imag1narynumber: Thank you, I think. This serial is somewhat inspired by the knowledge of RPGs and DnD that I’ve absorbed from other geeks. I confess to never having played very much of either – only Neopets and a computer game called Yoda Stories.

    WNDRWolf: Did you think of breakfast every time Paul Maki said it?

    Lejon: You have to listen to the episode to get what all the mmmMMMMmmms are about.

  23. You know, I must confess that I think of cereal as well when Amy introduces her story. But, I didn’t when JB said it during RBT. Something about the tonal quality of your two voices that I can’t quite describe that gives me differently visuals.

  24. Ed: Hmm. Interesting. (re: different tonal qualities of my voice and JB’s)

    imag1narynumber: Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! 🙂

    LOL @ the Deadpan sequel names! 😀

  25. Morning Pan, hopefully going to check out Transformers 2 movie after work (I finish right next to the cinema).

    Fingers crossed Megan Fox won’t look lke an overcooked turkey this time.

  26. Well Transformers 2 was good, if you enjoyed the first one you will like this one.

    Van: Sorry to report that Megan Fox was left too long in the oven again. She also had magic white pants that would clean themselves between scenes. I have to admit my little sister pointed out the pants thing. My attention was elsewhere :D.

  27. My workplace is finally going to absorb me into the main building from my current space, a disused debt collection agency in an adjacent building part-owned by my current employer. This move is to happen before the first of the month, but they still don’t know exactly when, and they keep half-joking that it will not happen for 2 weeks.

    But the lease is up at the former debt collectors, so there is a chance my department will get evicted, though they assure me that is unlikely. They still have heavy automated machinery in the space I am supposed to move into, which needs to move before they can give a greenlight.

  28. My fingers are crossed for you, JB.

    Did you guys hear that Megan Fox was being considered to play Buffy Summers in the new non-Whedon BTVS film? Homie don’t play dat. I think she’s hot with all the tattoos and whatnot, but Buffy she’s not.

  29. Why did you have to be so mean
    To take away their chorus?
    Now there’ll be no little ones
    running through the forest

  30. That is probably my biggest annoyance with steam. It seems like the downloads are terribly slow compared to what my fat pipe should be able to feed.


  31. OK. Loved the Edward vs. Buffy thing, but here’s the deal.

    I’ve never seen a single episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    This morning I have made the decision that I’m going to start watching Buffy from the beginning.

    Am I alone in never having seen it?

  32. Ed, I personally prefer an actual box, but for reasons that are long and complicated (Stupid Canadian Amazon), I’m actually forced to get it this way.

  33. Alone…. All alone.

    Cj, when you watch Buffy, stick with it. When it first aired, hubby and I actually stopped watching it after the first couple of episodes. We caught season one again in summer reruns, by the end, we were quite ready to continue watching season two and, when it came out, Angel.

  34. I must confess, I watched the Nanny because it had the guy who played Moriarity from TNG in it.

    Yes, Fran Drescher’s laugh is terribly annoying. We’d have Osama in custody by now if the CIA used a recording of that laugh in Guantanamo.

  35. Listening to the discussion about WOW targeted drinks.

    CJ – have y’all seen the commercial? I first saw it last night with two people in grocery store “transforming” in WOW characters and fighting because they had opposing drink colors.

  36. So on shop offered me £220 for my current 3G iPhone.

    I’m tempted to upgrade, even though I would get more on Ebay, NOT messing around with paypal sounds good to me.

  37. Oh and Madagascar 2 is completely horrendous.

    Although I have a bit of a crush on the giraffe.

    David Schwimmer makes me a little swoonie.

    There’s more than one thing wrong with me.

  38. Alright, this is just bizarre. There’s an ad for Twitter showing up on the advertising space in Facebook.

    I thought those guys were mortal enemies.

  39. I remember Hardware Wars, but not Hardware.

    Van, my phone is an enV2.

    My cookies are delicious! (Did I mention that I’m currently baking cookies?)

  40. Never heard of Hardware Wars.

    I must say that my input into the next Pan-looza is moot. I don’t have Skype as of yet. So my contribution to the whole affair would be post-Pan-looza.

  41. iN: Watchmen was the first time we’d ever congregated on Skype for a palooza. Previously, everyone had watched the course material and independently contributed their own content. I’ll post a voting site later, if I have time.

    There won’t be any Unshow or episode release tonight.

  42. Cj: No, you’re not alone. I’ve never watched Buffy, either.

    imag1narynumber: Jack speaks the truth. You don’t necessarily have to have Skype to contribute to a Deadpan Palooza. 🙂

    Hardware Wars is a funny, very early Star Wars parody film.

  43. My wife and I kept up with Buffy for the most part, though interest declined greatly when Buffy went “back” to high school. We did tune in for the finale.

    We were more into Angel when it spun off. I wish it had been able to run a few more seasons.

  44. [waves] I’ve been busy, but I’m catching up on everything I missed in the meantime. 400 nipples down and a little over 400 more to go…

    My folks were up for the wedding, which was nice, but they didn’t check in last night… so I’m a mite worried right now. I’ll have to give them a ring in a few hours to be sure they made it alright.

  45. Well, while I expect snickers from the AZ contingent, we broke the all time June record in Houston yesterday at 104°F

    mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, toasty!

  46. 104 is obscene.

    It’s been 91 here every day this week. If it never got hotter than that, I would be happy.

    Morning, panties. I’m hitting the showers.

  47. Morning Pan! It’s a beautiful 17C this morning (approx 70F), the birds are singing, my yard is all purple with lilacs…

    … and I’m stuck inside at my desk.

  48. Okay, I’ll give an update as well. It’s 69 here, partly sunny. I am still in my bedclothes doing some chores around the house. Preparing to work out and get working on projects and mowing the lawn.

  49. Re: Buffy

    I think it’s strong point is NOT it’s visuals but the tight/quirky interaction of it’s ensemble cast. That and the fast paced, pithy dialogue that frequently ensues between the characters.
    Sort of like with “Firefly”.

    You’d be lucky to pick just the correct 5 minutes to get that.

  50. … and in a bit of a comment rewind …
    Is it just me … or would the following comment have had a completely different meaning if it had been posted by one of the DP boyz ?

    “Ed, I personally prefer an actual box, but for reasons that are long and complicated (Stupid Canadian Amazon), I’m actually forced to get it this way.”

  51. J0e, pass the soap. “Oh, oh, # do you want to come and mow my lawn too?” – The Energizer Bunny

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. A deep spiritual cleaning is in order, give Daz a try.

    So after playing with the GS version of the iPhone, I’m not in a mad rush to update.

  53. Good morning deadpan, a sunny 88F here and supposed to climb to triple digits. Of course I kinda like being blasted with solar radiation so I’m not complaining. ANd the AC helps :).

  54. Temperature where I live for the next 5 days: 105, 106, 108, 104, 105

    Temperature where I’ll be (leaving tomorrow morning): 73, 77, 83, 81, 77

    I think I’ve made a good choice.

  55. Files received, Vanamonde. Thanks!! I will let you know if they give me any crap.

    As long as we’re talking about the weather… since when is AZ consistenly overcast and cloudy??

  56. I’ve just spent the last hour relaxing on the deck, teaching myself C. Then I got to the bit about pointers. My brain exploded a bit. Nearly ruined the event. I must continue . . . .

  57. ditto: Thanks, I’ll certainly accept said article enthusiastically. At this point I just don’t get the reason one would use a pointer over a variable. But perhaps I should give it more than, oh, five minutes, and turn the page.

    Cooking steak now.

  58. RIP Farrah – I loved Charlie’s Angels as most boys and young lesbos did.

    RIP MJ – I saw the Jackson 5 Victory Tour when I was in 8th grade.

    Both icons for my generation.

  59. Maybe I was a Viking Warrior in a previous life.

    Oh and I own the novelisation is S3. Like Bladerunner, I wasn’t old enough to see S3 on it’s original release, so read the books instead.

  60. Realized it has been much too long since i dropped in

    we’ve been caught up in dealing with life, but its been nice to see some of you around Facebook when I drop in there 🙂

    We were in NY for a while and Hugh’s sister got married, and we were in France for a while checking out options for Hugh there.

    Hope you are all doing well.


  61. Well, at least he already knows a zombie dance.

    What? What?

    (In spite of my tasteless joke, my sympathies are with the Jacksons, and anyone else in his life who cared for him and is now feeling the loss.)

  62. I think I’m just a bit too young to have any real memory of Elvis, though I expect to see him everywhere while I’m in Vegas.

    I had not realized Michael Jackson was 50. Though, with a little thought, particularly with my own age, he would have to be.

  63. Actually I am reminded of when John Lennon died. I was 4 when Elvis died and don’t remember it, but I was 7 when John Lennon got killed.

    EssBee- re wanting to BE an angel, versus wanting to DO an angel= *swooon* 🙂

    Hugh sez: I remember when Elvis died. I was 8 and my mom was crying and listening to Elvis records non-stop.

  64. 🙂

    My parents were Beatles fans

    Hugh sez: My Mom loved Elvis, but my older brother was the Beatles fan. He was a few years older than me and was really into later Beatles and the Stones.

    and you were into Sex Pistols and Stooges 🙂

    Hugh sez: I was, and we all thought the others were nuts for their musical tastes. LOL.

  65. In the 70’s when I was a boy, I remember the television commercials about Elvis headlining a car show. Boy, I really do feel old now.

  66. Elvis for me, not because I was a fan, but my mother was obsessed with him and my sister kept saying he was dead years before that fatal bowel movement.

    Morning Pan, just today to get through and them I’m off for the weekend…

  67. agreed on Farah Fawcett- I wish she could of gotten married before she died. Her poor boyfriend. I read that interview where he was saying as soon as she was well enough to say yes they were getting married.. Makes me get so choked up. Hers is one of the ugly and tragic cancer stories out there.

  68. The debit machines at my local grocery store were down, so they were running on a cash only basis. I wonder how long it will take before their ATM runs out of cash…

  69. Ha! Of course, their site seems to be down at the moment. Here’s the Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hapkido

    It’s actually a fairly physical workout. A standard class is about 90 minutes long (give or take) divided into roughly three sections. We start with calisthenics and aerobics (push ups, jumping jacks, etc), then we move on to kicks, followed by actual self defense. This changes somewhat day to day as we will also do sparring, rolls etc.

  70. ditto, the ATM was working, which is good since I needed cash to pay for my groceries. But, since everybody needed cash for their groceries, I figure it won’t be long before the machine runs out of cash.

  71. I’ve often wanted to get into a martial art of some sort. I think I could do with a bit of exercise, and a little knowledge on self-protection couldn’t hurt. Lately I’ve been looking more and more at Krav Maga – the Jewish martial art… It’s very appealing to me for some reason.

  72. For iPhone/ipod Touch users, do a search for Annie’s Wild Shot on the app store, fun little western shooter and on sale till July 9th.

  73. Hubby forgot what it’s like to be home for the summers. Only home for a couple of hours and and has made smart-ass comments while I was cleaning the bathroom (don’t like to work with bleach cleaners in a black shirt so I take it off). It’s going to be a long summer, I think.

  74. TEB: I had a brief introduction to Hapkido once, especially since my first style was Tang Soo Do, another Korean style. I think I would enjoy it much.

  75. Lejon: I say, if you’re into, go for it! The nice thing about Krav Maga is it’s self-defense-based. So you’re not going to run through katas or things similar for hours on end. No silly cardio-kickboxing, either.

  76. But at least then you would get your shoes mended.

    Shoe repair shops, died the way of the throwaway society…at least in developed countries/

  77. Ugh – converting files to start editing a bit to finally put in a couple more offerings to the Deadpan. I give editors credit — this must get laborious.

  78. Hi. I wanted to leave some panties of my own here even though I’m on vacation.

    Wheee! I’m in Camarillo, CA right now in Hotel. Probably won’t be checking in much this weekend – just at bedtime. Had to bring my laptop because of work stuff that just can’t wait til Tuesday.

    I’ve been driving since 11am on and off visiting people on the way in different towns… letting my hubby sleep while I drove.

    I’m exhausted. So… gonna go read and get some sleep myself.

    Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!

  79. Good morning, DP.

    Cj – enjoy your vacation. I hope you’re getting to relax some.

    I miss you guys. I hope everyone is healthy and has something pleasurable planned for the day.

    My parents are on the way for a visit. We bought my mom crab legs for her 60th, and they’re in the freezer waiting to be eaten. “Get in my belly” is what we’ll be saying tonight.

    *hugs* all of y’all.

  80. Oh and I need to ask, are these actually crab legs or the vert smelly, contain almost no crab, crab legs that we get in the UK?

  81. Just a quick hop in.


    My first thought was the person how wrote that article said he lived in the states for 17 years. That means not living in Canada – therefore does not necessarily have a clear picture of what present conditions are like.

    Yes, basic doctor’s/hospital visits are covered but anything else is covered on a province by province basis.

    While there is national spending on healthcare, there is also an amount spent by an allocated by the provinces. “free” healthcare is a bit of a misnomer as provinces can opt to charge. Hear in Alberta, up until last year, we were charged $88 a month per family for health care.

    Also, what is covered changes from province to province. Again, here in Alberta, ambulance charges are not covered. If you call an ambulance, you will then get a bill in the mail for $400. Prescriptions, dental, optical and even many needed treatments are not covered by our healthcare system. Most Albertans (and presumably most Canadians) actually have outside healthcare plans either provided by their workplace or individually (i.e. purchase of Blue Cross themselves).

    Approximately 1/3 of our provincial budget is spent on healthcare, which is a large chunk of change. Also, Alberta spends more per capita on healthcare than any other province but is notorious for having the longest wait times and, generally, some of the poorest healthcare coverage in the country. Take from that what you will.

    All that taken in account, however, there are still plenty of advantages to the Canadian system. As I said, basic costs are covered so, if you break your leg, you can be assured you will (eventually) get it looked at and fixed at no cost (except the cost of the pain medication). My daughter goes to the psychiatrist once a month, and she is covered by our federal/provincial system (this is usually a case by case basis for her particular problem). you have a baby… no charges.

    You have to weigh the pros and cons, I guess. Long wait times and not everything covered (despite the myth that it is), vs. paying of all you costs. Although, I have a feeling a lot of our issues are bureaucratic more than anything (see cost per capita above)

    I’ve also never been turned down my our outside healthcare provider for anything. Take that as you will, too.

  82. I’ve heard some horror stories of Canadian Healthcare, but – – – even for the Toronto guy who waited a full year to get his cracked skull mended – – – the system still cannot possibly be worse than it is here in the U.S.

    That said, I have my doubts about Obama’s ability to fix it. Too many powerful opponents who are making too much money off of the current mess.

  83. Amy, nope. Right now I’m at a friend’s house, but we are staying at a Days Inn. Pretty exciting actually. One of our beds is kinda like a slide – unfortunately, my son slid out of it in the middle of the night. We are making some adjustments tonight.

  84. Well, I do love Mommy Kitten.

    She will be posting a similar picture of her kissing me. I’m sure I returned the blush.

    I should go to sleep now.

    As much as I love hotels, I miss my bed a little right now.

    Goodnight, Pan.

  85. Okay. I’ve signed up with twitter and started following Jack.

    I’ve used a fake name, so Jack do you see Vanamonde_Dpan or the fake name?

  86. Jack, did you get my submissions? I have a few more to send, but I’d like to make sure you got the first ones first. Firstly.

  87. Happy Birthday EssBee!!!!

    We’ve got the Chicago pride parade today. Very very excited about it. All of Hugh’s brothers and Sisters and nieces and nephews are over and we making it a family event.. I just hope we can shield all the kids from the overly naughty bits in time 🙂

  88. EssBee- I hope you are proud.. I mentioned you and naughty bits in the same post. Score for Essbee. 🙂

    I can’t believe how many times a day I hear about twittering.. Call me old fashioned or maybe just dumb but I don’t get it. No offense to anyone, I think you should do what you like, but for me personally I still just don’t get it.

    I’ve even noticed when Hugh is watching ESPN they will comment several times a day about what some big sports person twittered about on whatever sports happening of the day.
    Then on Pitchfork media they are always making note of crazy rock stars odd tweets.. and I do find those comical sometimes, like the trent reznor ones.. but still as much as I love Trent.. I don’t know… as I said, I am probably just too old or too uncool 🙂

  89. I can say that overall I find Twitter mostly useless. However, I do get some great info from identi.ca. They’re essentially the same, but identi.ca has more tech geeks on it, so for me there’s a lot higher signal-to-noise ratio. But I don’t do any of this stuff mobile. I don’t think that it’s healthy to never be untethered from the webbernets.

    As for Trent Reznor, he was at one point the only reason I kept my Twitter account. But he only posts things from his site now, no real personal posts, and never reads what people write to him. He was getting slammed by trolls and he got fed up with it all. The few spoil it for the many.

  90. I think most people here know 🙂 I don’t think you gave anything away and thank you 42000000 times over for listening. I’m very happy to hear that!

  91. Thanks, everyone!

    Today is so very queer. 1) Gay Pride Parades everywhere (go on, TSH!), 2) 40th anniversary of Stonewall, 3) 38th anniversary of me.

    We’re off to add to the queerness of it all — have a good one, panties.

  92. Happy Birthday, EssBee! Do some good queerness!

    Sorry for the slow response, imag1narynumber. Yes! I only just saw the emails now. Thanks so much for all of the content.

    I am now following imag1narynumber and Vanamonde on Twitter! I’m honored to see “Dpan” as part of your name, Van. I don’t twot often, although, I might start using blip a bit more frequently, which *I think* also shows up on Twitter.

  93. /engage sheepish mode

    Vanamonde was already taken so I added Dpan to get an unique name (and to make it recognizable for everybody on here)

    /disengage sheepish mode

  94. Jack: No problem and you’re welcome. I plan on getting one more out later today. Don’t expect much more from me for a while after this. 🙂

  95. Van: Yes, I do see the fake name on Twitter. On your lists of followers and the people you’re following, people’s names show up exactly the way imag1narynumber described them.

    EssBee: Happy birthday!

  96. That’s a shame about showing the name.

    I suspect I’ll end up just posting Flight Control scores (everybody go zzzzzzzzzz).

  97. Oh, good, Sunday isn’t over.


    I saw that on my Facebook notices back on Monday and would not have forgiven myself had I let the day pass without wishing you well today. I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest.

    It would appear that facebook is actually useful for something 🙂

  98. Now following Van as well…

    Never saw Howl’s, only ever saw Spirited Away, I imagine if I walked in on the middle of Spirited Away I would think that too…

  99. your welcome Essbee, hope you queered up the day good! I had my own queer fun, lamenting the fact that every man there would rather of had Hugh than me. So sad.

    and yeah.. I talk about twitter.. I just lost the last half hour of my life taking stupid quiz’s on Facebook.. what the hell?? How did I get so sucked in??

  100. ok. I want to know what internet sites suck your time away the most. and no you can’t include Deadpan. Deadpan enhances your life, not take away from it. 😉

    My list:
    ABTA and ACS
    Pitchfork Media
    Huffington Post
    iTunes store
    Side-line news
    BBC news
    flickr (although not as much as before)
    a rotating mix of a few photography sites

    Hugh isn’t here but his list would be something like:
    ABTA and ACS
    Pitchfork Media
    Huffington Post
    iTunes store
    BBC news
    CME Group
    and those other financial websites he is on all the time for work

  101. Morning Pan, heatwave predicted, but still cloudy at the moment (yah!).

    Timesink websites (other than the Deadpan):

    BBC News and iPlayer
    The Register
    Retro Remakes

  102. YoutubeYoutubeYoutubeYoutubeYoutubeYoutubeYoutubeYoutube
    and porn.

  103. Oh, dear.

    In no particular order…

    Tripadvisor (mostly the Las Vegas forum)

    …honestly, I mostly window shop, but I do like my gadgets.

    FAIL BLog
    GM Inside News
    Wall Street Journal
    National Review
    New Republic
    Coade user forums

    …and delicious to keep it all organized. Yes, I do surf a fair bit.

  104. PSA: a dispute over change at the McDonalds drive through is not a 911 situation.

    Also, if you swear at the 911 dispatcher for not sending the police out, then they will send the police out…..and haul your happy ass to jail.

    The more you know….

  105. Morning Pan!

    6:20 am here. Nearing month end so spending the morning downtown.

    My internet time suckers are:

    Face Book
    You Tube (subscribe to the best of youtube on i-tumes that’s a time waster)
    and This one

  106. Good morning, Pan!

    I have a rotating collection of timesink sites. I’ll spend a lot of time at one for a while, then switch to another. In the past, they have included:

    Various discussion forums, including the ones at TheForce.net and TrekBBS.com
    YouTube (for the anime episodes)
    LiveJournal, particularly the journals ‘pottersues’ and ‘limyaael’ and the communities ‘fanficrants’ and ‘watchdom’

    The ones I waste the most time at right now are:

    Facebook (occasionally)

  107. People are actually starting to trickle into the office now. I actually prefer it when I’m alone. I get more done.

  108. I can also listen to my i-pod when I’m alone. It’s harder to listen to podcasts when people keep popping their heads in to talk.

  109. LOL

    Ed wins! 🙂

    I actually forgot about Amazon. I find it easier to look for books to read at Amazon, then i log into my account at the Chicago Public Library and see if the books are at my local branch or if they need to be shipped to my local library. So every couple weeks or so I will spend some quality time on Amazon looking up books.

    Bunny- I find it easier to work alone too. Hope people don’t bother you too much today.

    Hugh works in so much noise at the board of trade with people screaming around him all the time.. I have no idea how he does it.

    as for me I am off for the day

    have a good day pan

  110. Van, I’ll have to look at that link when I get home. So much is not allowed on the internet here.

    TSH: They just moved me into this office recently. For the most part it’s not too bad, except for the fact I want to throttle the secretary I inherited. One day, if you either catch me on Skype, or in person (Arizona in Sept – Woot!), I’ll rant. I have trouble believing anybody can be so…

  111. Facebook

    I’m totally not much of a websurfer.

    Thanks to Jack I spend a considerable about of time on Blip.
    The Grocery Game

  112. I don’t have many major time-suckers online. I’ve got many tabs open at once, trying to read about many different topics. So my biggest overall is just Google Reader. It aggregates my hundreds of RSS feeds, including my podcasts.

  113. I watched Princess Mononoke a couple times. I think I’d be equally confused no matter where I started watching that movie.

  114. Since posting earlier, I realized my list was actually incomplete. But, I think I’ve exposed my web junkie self enough 🙂

  115. Heads and tails, heads and tails, heads and tails.

    Heads and tails, heads and tails, heads and tails.

    Heads and tails and whiskers on the nose.

    Heads and tails here we go.

  116. Not familiar with Sookie Stackhouse, I’m afraid.

    While I thought Howl was pretty good, I think Spirited Away is one of the best animated films ever made. It’s just a beautiful piece of work. Definitely Palooza-worthy.

  117. Ya know, I always assumed my brain would get me into a decent job regardless of my lack of a college degree. I took on the Indiana Jones method of making things up as I went along early in my life. I felt it served me pretty well up until recently. Granted, it’s about the worst time to look for a new gig. But I think I’ve painted myself into a corner without funds to buy my way out (And I’m not going into debt to do it, either.). I just applied for a job, any job, at a local (large) company. Kids (read.: people younger than I) were walking in and out, holding jobs I was there to attempt to land, jobs I’d be better at.

  118. Van, no minotaur in the SS books, though the scene w/ Sookie being attacked after a spat in the car w/ Bill and the Dr. does happen in the books. The Dr. actually licks her wounds in the books . . . I LOVED the Dr.’s “fuck you!” response to Erik. I laughed out loud.

    Today was pretty shitty. I’m home and ready for some garden therapy.

  119. Minotaur is the least you can have. Think of the Maxotaur. Well, they can’t all be good. You have to expect that some of the time.

  120. I returned home about 4 hours ago, but have been in bed completely incapacitated since. I feel for my hubby who had to feed and bathe the kids as well as bring me ice packs and pain killers.

    I’ll be seeing a doctor tomorrow because nothing is working and I’m in migraine hell right now. I came online to get my daily work done, but it’s so not going to happen.

    Going back to bed.

  121. I was trying to figure out why Jack Jaffee would want 7 audience members to be pleased by the troupe’s performance before I “remembered” that I was listening to “Trucker Overdrive” by the Ambassor and not to the actual Jaffee.

    But I’m still curious why 7. Amy?

  122. Online time wasters besides the Pan:
    (the giant pile of podcasts)

    I spend a few minutes checking some womics (webcomics) every few days.

    Other than that, I will bull into an experience hard for a while and then ignore it afterwards. For instance, Tor.com is hosting a WoT commentary by (I think) Leigh Butler and I’ve spent days reading it (and I’m only up to book 4 of… 11?) Beyond that, I’ve not been back to Tor.com

    Speaking of which, they have a link on the front page now that says Hulu is coming to Britian with the following link:


    Good news for Vanamonde?

  123. Yeah, that was cheap and low brow, but it’s the best I can manage this early in the morning.

    Hope you’re doing better, CJ.

  124. Morning Pan!

    With hubby home, I get to sleep in an extra hour every day 🙂

    Giving my PC a complete once over so panning on the work computer. That means no linking for me 🙁

    Tomorrow is a holiday here in Canadaland. A friend of mine went to Cuba a few weeks ago so is throwing a rum tasting/BBQ tomorrow. Can’t wait. 🙂

  125. I actually enjoy when he’s home. I don’t have to make the bed in the morning, the lunch time dishes are done for me. I could almost get used to this. 😆

  126. More like a Tigger!!!

    The wonderful thing about Tiggers
    Is Tiggers are wonderful things
    Their tops are made out of rubber
    Their bottoms are made out of springs
    They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
    Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!
    But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
    Is I’m the only one

    The wonderful thing about Tiggers
    Is Tiggers are wonderful chaps
    They’re loaded with vim and with vigor
    They love to leap in your laps
    They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy pouncy
    Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN
    But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
    Is I’m the only one.

    Tiggers are wonderful fellahs.
    Tiggers are awfully sweet.
    Everyone elses is jealous,
    And thats why I repeat…

    The wonderful thing about Tiggers
    Are Tiggers are wonderful things
    Their tops are made out of rubber
    Their bottoms are made out of springs
    They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
    Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!
    But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers
    Is I’m the only one.
    Yes, I’m the only one

  127. Jack, I just told Todd that if you guys don’t treat him well during Westercon you’ll have to answer to me. So behave!

  128. This one from the the latest Ansible made me chuckle:

    Outraged Letters. Jordin Kare on sf grant proposals (A263): ‘For the decade or so during which I was a freelance rocket scientist (“Will design satellites for food”) I would often appear on SF convention panels surrounded by authors. When asked to introduce myself, I would explain that I, too, wrote both science fiction and fantasy, with the science fiction generally being titled “Technical Proposal” and the fantasy titled “Budget Proposal”.’

  129. Good morning.
    I’m alive.
    It’s a start.

    The pain has reduced to a dull throb so I’m at the tail end of the migraine. I finally ate something too and it is staying down.

    I have a doctor appointment in a few hours for something completely different, but I’ll be sure to bring this up.

    hmmm should have pics of our awesome vacation posted today. 🙂

  130. Hope you feel better soon, Cj. I know you have month end coming up, too and spreadsheets can be a bitch with a throbbing head.

  131. Trying not to think about spreadsheets. Oh the nightmare that will be tomorrow’s workload. Pfft.

    I am feeling markedly better moment by moment though, I must admit so yay for that!

  132. Nomad Scry: That’s right. Although the actual Jaffee was providing the voice, the words and thoughts were fictional. Why 7? Just because 7 is the go-to number when you need a number related to supernatural matters.