358 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #129: Pipes and Rivets Everywhere

  1. So TEB (and Cj if you’ve updated to 3.O),

    noticed a shortened battery life with the firmware?

    My external battery pack is running noticeably warmer since the update (indicating a rapid discharge) and not lasting as long.

  2. Morning Pan!

    Van, I haven’t actually been on my touch that much since yesterday so I can’t comment on battery life.

    I have always found life varies depending upon what app I’m running anyway.

  3. Ok, I must have missed it. Where does the title of the show fit in?

    Still listening to the end music, so maybe something after that.

  4. Naw, she’s telling me what she thinks of the thing right now. Better give her a brushing to let her know I’m not completely evil.

  5. My problem with the iPhone is I don’t want to be locked into AT&T. Stupid subsidy crap. That Samsung looks sweet. So does the Pre.

    I’ve had my LG for about 3 years and my provider keeps harassing me to change my program. I’m not that dumb.

  6. I appreciate everyone’s support. I’ve already gotten at least one positive response from one of the other Flickr users that I emailed. I expect I’ll have more when I can check again at home.

  7. Ryah: The episode title was selected at random this week. When all was edited together, I jumped in at a random point during the Questors episode and grabbed the first catchy phrase. I only wish that had clued me in that it was the old Questors episode.

    Ed: I’d consider locking down access to your flickr account.

  8. ditto: I can totally agree with that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ed: +100 to everything the Pan has said in this regard. I may be seen as a touch paranoid about some things. Then something comes to light to remind me why.

    Another great show! The Stolen Lyrics were of particular note. The second made me want to shove a pencil through my eardrum.

  9. On a privacy-side-note, here’s an interesting example.

    I go to an art site on occasion. Included are nudes of varying artist quality and tastes. One woman had several posts, all nude shots of herself. The kicker is that she posted them on her page along with her full name. Within seconds I found out her age, where she graduated, the business she owns, and the relative area where said business resides as well as her home.

    Naturally, I contacted her and warned her of this. Thankfully she seemed to take it in the spirit offered and took her name down.

    Sadly this happens all too often.

  10. Good Morning, Pan.

    I’m listening now – so much less quickly than usual. I was up for 22 hours straight then had to get up early this morning to take daughter to school, then took son to water donation drive with this awesome 98 cent breakfast deal.. then we took a tour of a pizza place and then back to pick up daughter.. came home, collapsed on the sofa and I just KNOW that the one measly cup of coffee I had is not going to sustain me much longer.

    So, excuse me while I sit here and zone out now.


  11. Hey Pan:

    Had lunch with my Boo (she asked for money), then we went shopping. Now for a (female) rant:

    Why can’t sizes truly be universal? Wanted to buy some jeans. I tried on three different brands, but all were ostensibly the same size. Even though they were supposed to be the same size, one brand was too tight, on brand fit too loose, and the other was perfect (I feel like Goldilocks). Guess which pair I bought. Again I say, why can’t sizes all be the same?

  12. Bunny – I totally agree on the clothing thing. My favorite clothing store changed their sizes recently, like the entire structure. So now you have to know what “new” size you are as well as which style. So you find your body shape and then figure out your number and they have like color-coding so you can find the right shape and size for you.

    I can’t complain. I have a very awesome new pair of jeans and it’s pretty cool to say that I wear a size 5 because – yeah.. NOT!

  13. And on that note. Off to a different store in search of that perfect pair of jeans.

    My biggest problem is that the style is hipster jeans, which is fine when you’re 17 but I’m not. Normal jeans are getting harder to find.

  14. I agree, Van. Usually I like to get in, get what I want and get out, but sometimes it’s just not that easy (especially for us fussy girls).

  15. I’m really flippin’ cold right now. The more tired I am, the colder I am. I turned the AC off, I’ve got a blanket, and I’m waiting for Dan to start complaining about the heat.

    Time to start working!

  16. Back from the store, again. Didn’t find a pair of jeans I liked but did buy a pair of capri so I guess it wasn’t a total wash.

  17. Back on my touch so expect the occasional inane comment just so I don’t have to hit refresh then get some thumb action going

  18. patient breaks from a mental institute, goes to a laundry mat. Sexually assults two people there, then runs away.

    The headlin reads: Nut Screws Washers Then Bolts

  19. TheTYne guy across the street likes to pull into my driveway in order to back into his. Sometimes it freaks me out.

  20. Oh, I figures it out. Ther are now ten or fifteen comments in moderation because I somehow got an extra u in my name. Stilltrying to figure out this thumb thing

    oh well, lots of witty comments for people to enjoy later when Jack releases them

  21. I’m sitting here in the dark with a kitty on my lap. Don’t want to disturb her in order to turn on the light. Damn cat ruling my life
    and all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I just freed 9 bunnies from the spam filter.

    Thanks, imag1nary!

    Van, I won’t re-release #129, but I also won’t keep Amy waiting a full cycle further to run the newest Questors – – just because I’m a bonehead. Stay tuned.

  23. I shall explain things, and after this you may start feeling sleepy:

    The wifi card is a mini PCI card, held on the main /m by two tiny screws, one of which WILL not budge. Completely shredded the thread, tried screwdrivers and pliers and it won’t move.

    So after yesterdays farce, where I crushed a socket for one of the wifi antennas, I’m at the point I just want the bloody old card out even if I have to cut around the screw, once the card is out I should be able to get a better grip on the little piece of metal.

  24. TEB: Perhaps it’ll make you feel a tad better that it’s similar on the male side. I’ve worn shoes from size 6 to 10. When it comes to clothing every brand is different. As a matter of fact, two individual pieces that are otherwise identical can be cut differently by inches. To top it off, some brands do “vanity sizing”, so the 3XL person can feel good that the tag says just 2XL. As previously mentioned, I’m a bit on the short side, so buying pants is particularly annoying (I love me some low-rise jeans.). Add in my stocky build and it’s all fun. Luckily I overall otherwise enjoy shopping.

  25. Well I still want to be able to use the laptop after wards.

    Maybe soldering the screwdriver to the screw would allow me to twist it out.

  26. Seems I’m not alone with battery issues and the new firmware.

    Quite a few reports of iPhone 3G running hot after the update.

  27. Van: Yes, you can cut the circuit board with a pair of scissors although, you’ll want heavy duty ones, a better choice since you don’t care about what happens to the board would be wire cutters. Those would probably be easier to get around in the tight space.

    RE: the new Samsung, as a Verizon customer myself, all I can say is that yes Verizon will lock the phone down as much, or more, than AT&T.

  28. TEB: I’ve noticed that with jeans, too. It makes shopping for them that much more labor-intensive.

    Our TEB has an evil clone, The Energizer Buunny! Perhaps the WP filter-bot was strong with the Light Side of the Force today. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Good Morning.

    I was sound asleep and then my super-mommy senses kicked in. I heard a noise. I leaped from my bed and landed in my son’s room where he stood quietly coughing. He’s fine, but he was making the “I’m gonna barf” noises, so I’m keeping an eye on him now. No fever or anything… just that weird coughing. It’s gone now, but here we are; awake at 4am again.

    Coffee is my friend.

  30. Morning Pan!

    Another beautiful morning.

    Oh and Jack, I lied. I was looking and if it’s the picture I’m thinking of (and there are a few floating around the aether) I was about 35 so 6 or 7 years ago.

  31. For those of you who care (which I’m sure aren’t many), I’ve solved my anniversary dilemma.

    My father-in-law- does wood working. He’s going to build a chess table for our living room to be ready for our anniversary. With 2″ squares and space on one side for a clock, it should be nice.

  32. Very cool gift, TEB.

    Relay Day! I took today off, but need to head out soon for set-up since I’m on the committee. Things haven’t quite come together like I had hoped, and I’m not feeling my best, but we’ll make do.

    I also got my first non-friend friend request in FB solely because of MW. I don’t think I’ll accept it.

    Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

  33. Have a good run, ditto.

    I don’t accept those app friend requests. I don’t accept any friend request unless I actually know who they are.

  34. So I’m thinking just plain ol’ chocolate chip cookies today. It’s been awhile since I’ve done the basics.

  35. Well peeps. While I know the board is hoppin ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to leave all this excitement and get some food for my larder.


  36. Back from shopping. Even went for a walk. Now eating a piece of pineapple, being a Pepper, and thinking about starting on my cookies.

    I’m glad to see the board kept busy while I was away ๐Ÿ˜†

  37. First batch of cookies are in the oven. Ended up making oatmeal chocolate chip, instead of plain chocolate chip but I figure, hey, I can make whatever damn cookies I please ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Van, “He’s a Pepper, She’s a Pepper, I’m a Pepper, you’re a Pepper, we’re all Peppers, wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?”

    That kind of Pepper.

  39. Does that mean you’ll be at Dragon*Con this year? Personally I think there’s something better happening at that time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Yo…. Popping in – no time to get caught up (right now).

    Unfortunately, the Iron Maidens are merely a Maiden cover band with a gimmick. The most impressive thing I’ve heard from them is a spot-on live version of 7th Son of a 7th Son.

  41. The weekend may now commence.

    Interesting bit with the “when in the future SciFi movies take place” post.

    They forgot Dune, though ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Some micro-brewer really REALLY needs to make a “Natural 20” ale (or something similar). . . I know D&D nights are not as prevalent as they were in pre-internet days, but a quality beer specifically brewed for gaming night would still find a devoted consumer-base.

    Just make sure it goes well with Cheetos.

  43. Hubby and I host table top gaming on Fridays (Arkham Horror, Munchkin, Catan, etc) and do D & D most Saturday nights.

  44. D’oh! I expected it to be at the bottom of the list and apparently my eyes passed right over it.

    I stand duly corrected.

  45. I wish I had a good D&D group around me that I was aware of. Meetup has one listed. Checking it out gave me the heeby-jeebies (sp?). I cringed in horror and closed the tab, never to return again.

  46. So am I the only one who thinks the ‘hero’ in Krod Mandoon sounds like Tee Morris?

    Yeah I know he’s an English guying putting on an american accent.

  47. J0e, if you’re asking me, most likely not. Nine time out of ten it turns put to be just hubby and I because lives got in the way. We’ve actually (almost) come to prefer it (although, if we had less busy friends in the area and could get together regularly we might change our mind).

    We’re currently working our way through the new version 4

  48. The last two weeks have been busy as hell for me. Sorry for the light participation from me. Jack, yes I got your voice mail and yes we need to plan something. Anyway, DnD was mentioned so I must comment! First off I agree that most of these advertised groups are scary. It’s always better to get a group of your friends together and play. To justaJOe’s point of playing over the internet, there is software specifically created to do just that. I haven’t ever tried it, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be hard to accomplish. After listening to the podcast game with Wil Wheaton, PvP and Penny Arcade I’m itching to start playing again. Plus it would make for good podcasting fodder (and cannon fodder too!)

  49. Vanamonde: Re: Krod. I have absolutely no idea what this is, so I cannot comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rhettro: Nice to see you back. We are on the hunt for friends, as pathetic as that may sound. Mayhap we’ll get lucky and they’ll want to play. Who knows.

  50. Recently saw a photo of a woman in a two-piece bathing suit. Whomever did the touch-up was so drunk with Photoshop power, he airbrushed out her belly-button.

  51. Just a quick hop in. Short gaming session.

    When we were doing distance D&D we used Screen Monkey. It seemed to work pretty well. The biggest issue with distance gaming is time zones. One person’ s early is anothers late.

  52. Lesson learnt this morning:

    Always double check you haven’t left yesterdays teabags in the teapot when making your morning cup of tea.

  53. eeeww, Van. That’ll teach you

    Cj, those were funny.

    Morning Pan! It’s 7:30 AM and looking to be a glorious day!

  54. I want to get up and get my wallet to make an Amazon purchase but the cat is curled up so cute in a sunbeam in my way. I guess Amazon will have to wait.

  55. So, I tweeted this, but am going to share it here because it’s odd. I received a check in the mail from the Federal Trade Commission for $27.68.

    It says that a credit card of mine was compromised in 1998. That’s an amazingly long time ago for me. I had a different name, lived elsewhere, wasn’t married etc… I’m sure I didn’t have any of the credit cards I currently have.

    I’m having a hard time trusting that it’s real even though there is a complete and valid information on the FTC website http://ftc.gov/opa/2009/06/jkpublications.shtm saying it’s real. AND.. there are no weird markings on the check saying it isn’t real or anything. It’s just a standard issue check.

    Like free money dropping from the skies. I’m totally cool with that.

  56. # Van is in the UK.

    Cj: If you’re absolutely sure it’s legit, take the money and run.

    Speaking of running. Must do a few things then off to my normal Saturday morning kick butt session ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. There was a guy over here whose CC was compromised.

    Unfortunately for him, child porn was bought using his CC details. The Police arrested him and he was charged as a paedophile.

    Took him a long time to clear his name and in the process lost his job.

  58. Cj: I hate to peddle Yahoo Answers as having anything other than total nonsense, but the only thing I found readily is:


    The only input I have is that the ONLY thing the credit bureaus have correct are my past residences, even though I’ve tried to keep a low profile overall.

    Also, I’ve seen a credit of something like $16 dollars come back to a business owner when a judge determined that Visa tried to railroad retailers’ customers into using charge instead of debt, or visa versa, nearly a decade later.

  59. OoooohOOoooohing, the new slider control in 3.0 works so much better than the old one.

    Listening to JC Hutchens debrief about Personal Effects Dark Art..a bit depressing.

  60. I’m actually assuming it’s valid based on the fact that it’s on the FTC’s website and the fact that there are no unusual notations or small print type stuff on the check.

  61. I’ve heard that Games of Chance podiobook-thing. I was very unimpressed. Especially at the end when he thanks all the people that helped him flesh out the book, like people at NASA. I can’t see one point in the story where there was a great little nugget of detail that made the story any more real.

  62. I thought CJ’s websites was texAsfromlastnight. But that would be something totally different.

    Getting ready to head to the pool with my son. He’s become fond of the canonball now that he can stand in the pool with his head above water.

  63. Hey Deadpan!

    Back from butt kicking workout. Had Subway for lunch. Now just killing the afternoon until we go out with the World Fantasy crowd for steak dinners.

  64. Excellent, Jack!

    World Fantasy crowd? Sounds neet. Kinda reminds me of an old Mad Magazine comic. Man’s reading Playboy. His wife complains, “Why do you read this trash?”. He replies, “I enjoy it. It makes me feel like the whole world is having an orgy.”. But then he concludes with a frown, “Except me.”.

  65. # World Fantasy is a yearly convention. We had the convention here in Calgary last year and I was on the committee. We were, and are, friends anyway so we decided to get the committee (and spouses) together and have dinner at one of our steak houses. We are expecting about 20 people at tonight’s dinner.

  66. CD: waiting for the iPhone to erase all it’s date so I can do a restore in a possible futile attempt to sort out the increased battery consumption.

  67. Oh and as I listened to Sofanauts, they mentioned a app for the iPhone/iPod Touch:


    The idea being that with 3.0, you will be able to buy future issues from within the emagazine.

    Only had a quick flick through so can’t comment on the quality of the stories, but the presentation can get in the way (as mentioned by one of the Sofanauts guest).

    Hopefully the big SCIFI mags will jump on this bandwagon..but I’m not holding my breath.

  68. Took the kids swimming for about 2 hours. I’m incapable of tanning – even though I’m an Arizona native – but I produce freckles at the speed of light while in the sun with or without my SPF 50.

    I kinda wanna go into hiding right now.

    Or I could do like Jan did on the Brady Bunch and try to rub them off with a lemon.

    Of course if I had a lemon, I’d have to dredge it in sugar.

    and if I have a lemon dredged in sugar, I’ll have to mix 1 part Vodka Citron and 1 part Frangelico in a shot glass to enjoy it with.

    Wait… was I talking about again?

  69. Thanks all. I actually posted that comment live from the PodCamp meeting.
    It’s not a paying gig or anything – but, hopefully I’ll have gotten my act together sufficiently by then to make a live performance profitable in some way — other than getting me attention.

    It turns out that I’m kinda now running the music panel. . . which is why I’m fairly sure I’ll get a slot for a musical performance.

  70. I was introduced to chocolate cake shots last year. As I recall, it’s half Frangelico and half lemon vodka. Down it and then suck (or eat, in my case) on a sugar-dusted slice of lemon. That’s my one lemon-related booze deal.

  71. Under the heading, I really need to communicate with my friends more:

    Had dinner with a bunch of friends last night.

    1) the girl who was originally going to come to Arizona with me was there

    2) one of the couples who regularly come to our Friday Gaming nights was there.

    I was talking to girl 1 about some of the DP stuff that might be going on when couple 2 (who were sitting beside us) overheard and said “You’re going to the Terry Pratchett convention? Here we thought we were the only ones from Calgary who would be going!”

    I see these people on a regular basis and neither one of us mentioned this before… like I said, communication.

    They asked for a link to this site, they may (or may not) join in this craziness we call DeadPan.

  72. I got to sleep in for Father’s day after a late night of gaming. Soon, we’re heading for lunch (or, in my case, breakfast) to one of my favorite restaurants. Not a bad start to the day.

    Hope all the sires out there are enjoying their day as well.

  73. Well, I survived Relay. It went very well. Our team made our goal. Our Relay didn’t but we did better than last year. I was busy all night so I never got tired, but at the same time, I only got to walk around the track once. When I checked my pedometer, I found out I walked 16 miles! No wonder I’m still tired and sore.

    So, my reward is to go see “Up”.

  74. We are taking the kids to see “Up” today as well, but first….

    I’m makin’ hubby’s favorite breakfast – WAFFLES.

    We already lavished him with gifts of a new desk chair and Wrath of the Lich King.

  75. Happy Father’s Day to all those fathers out there. My family got me a nice box of See’s Candy. Yum. I plan on calling my dad this afternoon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. “Yea” for up! I want to see.

    Re: waffles
    Can I just say Kewwl whhip!

    … and finally – that mower that I struggled with to get started last week (valve timing, battery shorted out, then “snapped a blade deck belt”) … drum roll please …
    It just broke a push rod. (“engine done broke big time” for you non-motor heads).

    I’d rather suffer a withering blintzkrieg attack from the Luftwaffle.

  77. I hate to tweet, but I currently have a frying pan full of salsify (SAL sih fee) from a can. I’ve added pepper and a few drops of olive oil.

    Anyone else ever cooked this stuff? Any other suggestions while it’s on the stovetop?

    Pretty damn tasty so far, btw.


  78. I’d never heard of salsify. hmmm

    Also, just finished recording LLAP #118. The title of which will most likely be “Saucer Shaped Sections” if I remember.

    I’m really over-tired and don’t know why. I should not be.

  79. I just dumped the little stalks out of the can into a frying pan. I think they were actually a little tastier before cooking, but were still kind of good. I get the oyster part. . . they do have kind of a seafoody consistency.

    OK, that’s not selling these things very well, but I’d certainly try them again.

  80. Morning Pan!

    Was downtown already and back again. Decided I don’t like the new downtown office. They like to have the air conditioner cranked right up, so I spent most of the morning freezing.

  81. Well, as fun as this is, I’m off in my never ending quest for the perfect pair of jeans. A girlfriend of mine, I think the only one I know who is actually shorter than I am, recommended a place I’m going to look at.


  82. Good morning!

    I’m mopping floors today and doing laundry and of course, Monday is 3 extra kids day and spreadsheet due day. It’s amazing I get anything done on Mondays, but really, I think I do more than any other day of the week.

    This week I need to get my car smogged and buy a new pair of sneakers. I have set amazing goals for myself as you can see!

  83. I must confess, the notion of waxing eyebrows has never remotely occurred to me. Be sure to get us some before and after pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. I wax them every couple weeks. I doubt you’d notice any difference. It’s all about those extraneous little strands of hair that nobody sees, but me and my beautician. I see three little hairs and think “I’m a hairy beast” when really.. I’m not very hairy at all.

    I’m totally having a TMI moment. Sorry.

  85. Oh and I have a terrible confession.

    My eyebrows tend towards the bushy, so every few months I shave a bit higher than usual.

  86. There, managed to convince a friend to come over (the female half of the couple going to Arizona too). We won’t be drinking alcohol, but still… A break is a break.

    She’s going to help me make a case for justifiable homicide. Just in case I need it/

  87. Good Morning, Panites!

    I’ve finally figured it out: I DON’T DO WEEKENDS


    Sorry about that “HA!” – My dad told me that he found all the episodes of ALF on youtube yesterday, and he’s been watching them.

    I swear I’m going to get my DNA tested…

  88. Listening to Horror Addicts…interview with some hack named Jack Mangan…This guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about… Spherical Tomi 2 yeah right like that is going to happen in our life times… I bet we get a sequel to 16 Pieces at a Time first.


  89. There’s actually a woman on our street who doesn’t shave at all. She stopped by one day to ask if she could pick some apples from our tree. I had trouble concentrating on what was being said because she was wearing a tank top and her underarm hair was longer than my husband’s.

  90. T.E.B.: I am bearded, but I shave my neck and facial cheeks. I will occasionally tire of my beard, and then will be clean shaven for about a month, until I just can’t stand razor burn anymore, then the beard comes back.

    In my youth, I have did the whole “shaved nether regions” thing, and I don’t see how anyone in their right mind or isn’t a porn star can keep that up. Perhaps they wax it Brazilian style…

  91. Floors are mopped.
    Send hubby to emissions test place because he dared to come home for lunch. Yay for delegation of duties!

    I would never shave any portion of my face. Wax all the way! I have an insanely high threshold for pain anyway which is probably why I’m always beat up and bruised and have no clue how any of it happened.

  92. Oooh.. so, not trying to change the subject or steer everyone away from the titillating conversation about shaving and waxing, but I do have a question:

    Does anyone else mop their floors tile by tile? This is assuming you have 1 foot by 1 foot tiles like I do, I suppose.

  93. Ironically, I try to combine my mopping and shaving into one activity. Multitasking FTW. I suppose both could involve waxing…..

    (PS. Lejon’s on-topic comments are freed from mod – see above).

  94. Finally heard from hubby, he’ll be home in an hour. Supper’s only a pasta boil away so now have some time to kill until he gets home.

  95. Actually Jack, further to an earlier conversation, the male half of the othe couple coming to Arizona was the chairman of Westercon. Evo should definately remember him.

  96. Oh yeah, we did interview Evo a couple of years ago for PodioBooks. I guess I’ve dealt with him more than I realized

  97. Evening Pan!

    Today was not good for me. Evil, Inc. is merging with another company, which will likely mean layoffs in my area. I don’t think my job is at risk, but all of my staff could be. *sigh*

    I’m calling it a night.

  98. EssBee: That’s too bad. *HUGS*

    Long, but productive night. Community college application submitted. Student aid application begun. Air travel to California at the end of July booked. Not exactly a fun night, but it all has to get done.

    On a more fun note: I’m going to a murder mystery party this Friday night! The mystery is set in the Elizabethan royal court, and I get to be Sir Francis Drake! This means I get to wear my pirate outfit one more time! All my friends are perfectly cast in their roles, too, and I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

  99. Morning Pan, a busy, busy day ahead of me.

    Not going to be helped by the high humidity.

    Gnashing of teeth and all that jazz.

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