634 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #115: Grosse Pan Blank

  1. Happy Bday Mr. Bunny!

    JohnBoze, when I listened to your 2nd comment, I thought of another reunion movie that I at one time really enjoyed, which is Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. I know it’s a silly one, but Janeane Garofalo was very hilarious, saying I believe that “I’d rather put a cigarette out in my ass” than going to the reunion.

    I thought everyone’s comments were grand. Everyone’s voice was swoon-worthy: Van, Jack, ditto, JOe, TO, JB, and Amy!

  2. Ice pellets chattered off of the windshield of the truck. Allison shivered in anticipation of being back out in that weather. She looked to her left, at the big trucker who answered her glance with a sympathetic, slightly shy smile. He hadn’t taken the fifty bucks she’d offered him to give her a ride and ignore her, but true to his word there was no lechery in his eyes, just shy but friendly pity.

  3. As I think about “High School Reunion” flicks … I suddenly remembered “Wild Thing” and it being my favorite film for a while.
    Of course, I haven’t seen it in well over a decade so maybe it actually sucks … but I remember it as being quite entertaining.

  4. Unlike Jack Mangan, I do not have my shit together. I don’t think I would have anything useful to the palooza that wasn’t already well covered by everyone else. While I did enjoy it, TO did give voice to some things that I found odd about the film. I thought everyone’s contributions were excellent and painted an interesting picture.

    Now, if we do one for Blade Runner, I may have to get a bigger hard drive to hold the audio recording. Of course, most of that will consist of me screaming, so that may not play very well.

  5. Can’t tell you how much a really really wanted to like GPB. Right up to the final scene I kept hoping it would kick it into gear and become “good” but it just never happened for me.I’m a cheerleader for just about ever actor that was in this film.
    That’s not to say it was “Bad”. It had some nice performances but …

    It needed to commit to something. Maybe a completely jaw dropping shoot out at the re-union would have done it. Or maybe some sort of repeated comic element like the in “Raising Arizona” where they had the same piece of music showing up in different styles or jokes that kept getting re-used or SOMETHING.

    I guess I’m more disappointed than anything because it’s pieces could have added up to great classic.

    I’m reminded of a friend who finally ask the beautiful girl he had seen around campus for 4 years, to go out with him. To his surprise she said “yes” and to his even further surprise … the ended up in bed together.

    He said it was one of the big disappointments of his life.
    Like this film, she apparently thought her contribution to the event was to just lay there looking really hot.


  6. Just found out my health insurance premium is jumping from 11% of my paycheck to 23% of my paycheck.

    Yup, looking forward to the standard 3% raise even less now…

  7. Let’s try a different kind of meme. Go to iTunes and sort your music by last played. Find the oldest song (you can ignore podcasts, audio books, etc). What’s the song and when did you last play it.

    Moon & Tree by Blue Rodeo

  8. My poor hubby.

    I’m inundating him with e-cards. I’ve sent three so far today.

    hmmm… I wonder if I should send him another…

  9. Hmm, since I just replaced my laptop and moved all of my music over, I don’t have an old song. My longest ago played is only 12/15/08… but

    It’s “Love is Love” by the Culture Club from the movie Electric Dreams which has one of my favorite soundtracks. Also, this is the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding.

  10. Let’s Limbo Some More – Chubby Checker Last played June 23 ‘ 07

    (this was for a ’50 murder mystery we hosted so I have a number of Chubby Checker and other 50’s music that was played at that time)

  11. Yeah, well, the old company’s plan is currently being paid through COBRA with the new company paying the percentage that had been paid by the old company. Now a new plan starts at the first of the year, so it’s either accept the new plan or begin paying all the COBRA on the old one. Obviously of those two options the new plan is “cheaper.”

  12. Ok, sent him the beer and cake e-card from Hallmark.com on the DP behalf.

    (I’m sure he’s sick of e-cards from me by now 🙂 )

  13. So nobody at the pub had Reading materiel.

    Cider flavoured with blackberries is rather good.

    Today’s slightly surreal sight:

    A woman in her late 40’s doing a gymnastic somersault on the dance floor.

  14. Quoting from the article TEB:

    Day and Howerton do not consider the series as a science fiction, but rather a unique twist on the workplace sitcom. Wayne McClammy (I’m F–king Matt Damon) directed the pilot.

    The BBC did that…it was called Red Dwarf

    Trying to deny it’s scifi is not an auspicious start.

  15. RE: iTunes game from earlier –
    Wow! I have a ton of tunes I have apparently never listened to.

    The one with the oldest “last played” date is something called “Kamuy” by some group named “Sound Tribe Sector 9”
    I don’t know anything about this tune or even how I got it but it was last played 1/24/04

  16. I’m actually off to play a good hearted prank.

    A nearby school sports some stone mascots outside the front entrance that are just BEGGING for some holiday cheering up!
    I’m just the guy for the job.
    I stopped at the dollar store a little while ago and picked up a couple of Santa hats!

    Ho Ho Ho!

    (let’s hope homeland security doesn’t swoop in and shoot me whilst I merry make)

  17. LOL.. oh my God!! Dumb ass memory in the making!!! So I added the last played column to my itunes to get that song info and had to scroll over to see that new column and didnt realize I wasnt seeing the song title column anymore


    the BAND name is Place To Call Our Own, the song was Inside and the ALBUM is unknown

    Hugh sez: women.. yeesh


    Methinks that was some song I downloaded off of iLike from some indie unsigned artist

  18. okay my fan fic is shitty…

    I am a jaded A-hole….

    I got turned down for intervew. Oh well, must find cool podcast writer to interveiw. I already did Jack Mangan.

    I like Ditto’s voice… good recording… I think this the frist time I heard your voice.

  19. awwwww.. well said ditto!! Wait I think I need to rewind that, I wasn’t totally listening because I was so swooned

    Hugh sez: liar you just want to keep replaying dittos voice!

    I do not!

    Hugh sez: I am going to have to work on a ditto voice impression now

    LOL. Then you can be Hugh impersonating ditto impersonating Jack

  20. On this computer, without my iPod plugged in – – my most wayback tune:

    Where Boys Fear to Tread – Smashing Pumpkins (sorry Smarty Hotties)
    Last played 6/4/2008.
    w00t for play-by-play!! Off to make dinner now. Carry on 🙂

  21. Alright, the Itunes game.

    oldest played song with a date – “An Incident” from Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. Date of 21 OCT 2005

    But, I’ve got a couple hundred tracks with no play date. Turning on the last skipped column yields “Love Drive” by the Scorpions. Dunno why I skipped that one.

  22. Another catchup post from me.

    iTunes meme:

    Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell
    Last played: 9/26/2007 8:40 PM

    (that’s band name first, then song title, by the way)

    The Christmas party at our school rocked. There was a ton of food, and I got to talk to some fellow tutors and some students. The students all said I was a good teacher, and some of them gave me presents. One of them volunteered me to sing in front of most of the group, and I did and got complimented for it. We spent some time standing in a circle, singing songs (including English-language and Spanish-language Christmas carols, and other songs in Spanish) and having a ton of fun.

    I’m genuinely sad over here about Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. 🙁

    TO: I enjoyed your fanfic.

  23. wow thats so “wierd” Jack Mangan keeps getting all the comments 😉

    that last one was an old old old comment

    Hugh sez: *swoooon* you got tongue tied

    Hugh sez2: she sez nipple again *swooooon*

    Hugh sez3: sez wah wah wah for me babe

    LOL. Hugh control yourself

    Hugh sez4: I am a man of deep lust


  24. If you do get the chance to get your voices recorded for it, I will happily edit them into that episode. As it turns out, I think putting podcast episodes together is tons of fun, even though it can be a little tedious at times. 🙂

  25. I’m glad we’re not in this scene, Hugh and I suck at camping 🙂

    Hugh sez: we’re city folk, we need beds and electricity. Concrete and glass

    We’re not good at nature

    Dude whats up with the fish?

    Hugh sez: Here is yet another reason not to go camping


  26. Oh we like au natural.. just not outside. In a warm cozy bed with nice sheets au natural is great!

    Hugh sez: your distracting me woman! Whats with the au natural talk, I wanna know if Jeremy and wolf kill the zombie fish

    sorry! Back to Questors

  27. Gravity.
    When you download files they are actually falling into your computer. When you upload your files are physically being shoved up the interpipes.

    And that’s tonight’s, “Ask Dr. Science!”

  28. I have the best bunch of friends in the world. Really. Thanks for revisiting 100 – which was a masterpiece, unto itself. Now before I hitchhike to Chicago ;), I need to share ANOTHER wonderful act of friendship that has floored me:


    I’m posting this here in the comments to share with my friends.
    WNDRWolf has created a mixtape of my music, to be shared with everyone who hangs out here. I’m only hearing it for the first time now. I’m floored. Thank you, WNDR. I hope everyone enjoys.

  29. Justa j0e sez:
    Re: Hughie voice over fee –
    But hugh … we don’t want you to talk. Just lay there and look cute! How much for that?

    Hughie sez: Lay there and look cute? Oh that comes sooo easily to me. For you j0e, its free!

    Dre sez: *eye roll* But actually it is free, cuz he is sitting next to me right now looking oh so damn cute!

    Hughie sez: *blush*

  30. Hmmm. Well, I’ve tried Firefox and even IE, but I can’t get the mixtape file. IE is giving me the 404 finger and FF gives me a blank. Right clicking and downloading give me a 4K file that is, sadly not very musical.

    Help me WNDRWolf…..you’re my only hope!

  31. So I will be getting back to that DP BarFic I started up there before the benefits meeting. I have by now passed into sullen resignation on that matter.

  32. CP:”Xmas in Frisco” streaming from SomaFM.com

    ranges from traditional to VERY not safe for work, seasonal audio.
    puts the “tic” back in eclectic (no, I don’t know what that means)

  33. Van – No I have never watched High Fidelity…
    Are you refering to something here???
    WNDR Worf??? No I don’t think so… although that is funny…

    Wait I’m ribbed for bunny pleasure???

  34. CL: SModcast 68: The Talking Cure Pt. 1

    Holy crap, Smitty is so baked in this. There’s a couple point where it is amusing and other points where it’s kind of sad…

  35. Okay, pardon me whilst I joke about the podcast I’m listening to which is not the one this message board is for, but…

    “The stage could have a rotating platform…”
    “I think that I ‘d get sick.”
    “It would be a really slow rotation man, like the time it takes a second hand to go around a clock in one minute. I don’t know how fast that is exactly…”

    Well, Kev, that rotation rate would be one RPM… In his defense there is that whole chainsmoking Joint thing.

    And you thought Wingin’ It would occasionally go off the rails…

  36. that’s ok Worf ( 🙂 ) I understand.

    Well Pan. I have some shopping to do. Both my hubby and I have the next week off so I’ll probably be hit and miss on the boards. If I don’t make it back before then, I hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  37. “I’ve got to stop at the Kwik Stop and drop off a delivery. I think there’s a bed & breakfast on Main Street…”

    “Main Street, if you don’t mind.”

    “No trouble at all.”

    The big rig splashed through icy puddles past the brilliantly lit Kwik Stop and into the darkness of the road into town. The mountains
    surrounding the town were great dark suggestions of shapes just beyond the murk of the freezing rain and low cloud. Allison gathered up her backpack and purse in preparation for getting out of the cab. Downtown, if you could call one block of oppsing retail blocks “downtown” appeared ahead, with old-fashioned double-lampposts casting a comforting, candle-like glow upon the surrounding shops, mostly closed. On the left, a bar, the own’s only bar, by the look of it. There were some neon signs proclaiming availability of beers Allison had never heard of, and one old, unlit Blatz sign.

    “Can we stop here?”

    “Okay.” The trucker pulled closer to the curb and stopped. “The guy running that place can tell you where the B&B is. Good guy.”

    “Thanks. Thanks for the…”

    “Don’t mention it.” The trucked smiled shyly again, possibly blushing under the full beard, though it was hard to tell in the dim light. Allison clambered down from the truck, and turned to look at Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Bar.

  38. Well, I hope you guys can all pop in at least once more, before xmas. Safe and happy holidays.

    JB, was that Trucker Overdrive, who dropped her off at the bar?

    Nomad, WNDR, that is awesome 🙂 . Power of teh world wide pipes.

    Last Played on the iPod: Fire -hifi – Dean Scala Band. I gave it 2 stars; I should probably just delete it. . . . The only good thing I found back there in the iPod dregs was a decent Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement).

  39. Current size of iPod library: 14855 items, 38.3 days, 52.23 GB

    I always make it my goal to listen to all of the music in my library every year.

  40. (DP Bar pause)

    It was tepmting there at the end, Jack, but I wasn’t sure whether T.O. would be shy or boisterous. I suppose it’s up to the reader…

    Ditto, I’m not sure what the current size of my iTunes library is, but like Joe, I have at least dozens if not hundreds of un-listened-to tracks, at least as far as iTunes knows (most are ripped from CD’s I own, so I’ve probably listened to many of the ones that are “unplayed” before.

    Hey everyone, you might have noticed there’s no “Allison” hanging out at the real-life messageboard here. I wonder why that could be???

    (DP Bar resume)

  41. Yeah, someone get a hold of the State of AZ, it’s the perfect idea. Pairs of musicians, alternating songs, playing LIVE on-hold music!

    It’s perfect, patronage of the arts, practical, and altogether awesome.

  42. Woot for the mix tape!

    I’m happy today – good karma has returned to my world!

    Jack, why are you paying for local calls? Must be a cell phone situation.

    I imagine Trucker Overdrive to be a shy, teddy-bear type.

  43. And might I say a very entertaining Evo@11 appearance.

    Though it does leave me a bit sheepish… Answer me this and hopefully not be offended: Did I meet you at NME, Cj?

  44. I met so many people at NME that it would be hard for me to say. It is very likely. I have attended the last three (two in Ontario and one in Vegas.)

    As you apparently heard on Evo@11 – if it was in Vegas, I may not remember quite clearly. I was at the Coverville concert, but I was removed from the event by my husband who decided I needed to “go eat something to absorb all of that alcohol.” *blush*

  45. Yeah, I don’t think I met you at the Coverville 500, I was being a bit shy and stiff at a table near the stage. There were a fair number of folks I met at breakfast on Sunday…

  46. I know it was in the Paradise Cafe at the LV Hilton. I was with Brent and Michelle Spore and Brian Shaler etc.. It was a long table… you may Have been at the other end. I don’t remember Jack being there, but in all honesty – I have a horrible memory.

    Jack, were we at the same breakfast?

  47. Unfortunately I can’t recall anything distinctive I would have done or said then, so I can’t confirm for certain certain…

    Perhaps I gave out a demo CD or two, though I can’t remember if I had them with me at breakfast…

  48. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I’ve seen Jack somewhere and forgotten that he was there. I strive to be a better friend in the future. (smacking self repeatedly on forehead)

  49. Since I’ve only starting using iTunes in July, my oldest track I last played was in July and was:

    Oganaich Uir a Rinn M’ Fhagail by Julie Fowlis.

  50. Van: I’ll ask my wife. She’s got plenty of phlegm right now. More than enough to share. Yuck.

    It sounds like everything is back up and running.

  51. Hi Deadpan.

    Last house maintenance day before guests arrive.
    Rented a 12 foot step ladder to replace bulbs in light trays on a 16 foot ceiling.
    Not my first (or 2nd or 3rd) choice for getting “high” but someone had to do it.
    “Hey, no one’s been vacuuming up here!”

    Remind me to speak to the staff. Oh … that’s me. 😉

    and let me add, “Let it snow.Let it snow.Let it snow.”
    Back up my ladder now. Have to have it back in 2 hours.

  52. Since our early genetic ancestors discovered the value of the stick, man has forever been seeking better and better incarnations of it. From the spear, to the club, to the sword, to the nuclear aircraft carrier it has evolved into ever more powerful implements of war.

    Yet locally, as man become more domesticated, he has not been able to shake the need for the comfortable grip of a stick in his hand. In earlier days, men carried canes to satisfy the deep seeded need to be equipped for battle while appearing to have risen above such urges.

    But, those urges have never left men. Today, sitting in front of his ever larger flat panel television, man holds tight to the remote control and the power that it gives him over this window to the world.

    And now, I have found and acquired the latest and greatest in the line stretching back to the old clicker:


    And, by the way, the wife also recognizes and appreciates its ultimate coolness. She even lets me use it from time to time 🙂

  53. For those that are interest, my mother sent me her annual NSFW Christmas message (mostly aimed at a mail audience… with perhaps the exception of EssBee). If you want to see it, send me a note and I’ll forward it on. It seems to be a PowerPoint presentation.

  54. Ok, I’ve decided I’ve had too much to drink to play Sacred (I’m such a lightweight). Maybe Peggle is more my style tonight.

  55. Am enjoying the mix tape (but then I’ve always said I like your stuff, Jack).

    The one thing I might do, if it’s ok with you WNDR, is I’m going to break break it up so I have the songs individually and therefore can add them to my “shuffle”

  56. Jack, because it wouldn’t let me leave a message, consider this it…

    “for the purchase of an ‘album'”

    God, I’ve had too much to drink.

  57. Morning Pan.

    Wolf, I listened to the mixtape all the way through yesterday. I enjoyed the listening experience and it will be staying on my phone (along with WW #34).

    Thanks to Jack as well for the music.

    Although not on the mixtape. that Train track at the end of a recent DP episode is another one of my favs…as I mentioned at the time..really gets the foot tapping.

  58. Morning Pan.

    8:00 am am and minus 30 (without windchill) here in the city. We were thinking of a movie, but now I’m thinking I don’t want to go out into the cold.

    Also, congrats to EssBee for beating me at Scrabble. I have yet to win a game. Maybe I should start using a Scrabble dictionary?

  59. Morning Pan.

    I’m soliciting for geeky name suggestions for a male and female puppy.
    Right now I am leaning toward “Inara Serra and Malcolm Reynolds” but “Princess Buttercup & The Dread Pirate Roberts” are also in the running.

    Okay, finish rolling your eyes in disgust … and remind me of some other great couples. 🙂

  60. So, JJ, are these puppies litter mates? In that case, you’d really want a brother and sister name. Naturally, Luke and Leia would be the names you’re looking for.

  61. I like the Gene and Majel choice too. LLAP’s next episode is #100 and we are dedicating it to Majel. The epsidoe we are covering is also called “The Big Goodbye” which, while she isn’t in the episode, the title is fitting.

  62. Elrond and Galadriel

    We’re watching LOTR today as the tamales cook. Jack, we’ve done lots of laughing about The G(r)ay Havens. No wonder Frodo wanted to go there so badly. Aha.

  63. Glad I could sully your movie watching, EssBee 😉

    J0e: Miranda and Caliban? Barack and Michelle? Reagan and Thatcher? Link and Zelda? King Kong and Fay Wray? Fission and Fusion?

    Thanks for the tip, Nomad Scry. I’m up for any and all online viewing suggestions, since I’ve let the cable TV go.

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone.

    Energizer Bunny: Thanks so much! 🙂

  64. Great names guys.
    0ne and zero were funny.
    Luke and Leia was brought up and soundly nixed.
    as was Martha Jones @ The Doctor.
    I liked Scully @ Mulder but hat was nixed as well.
    I threw Fred an Ginger in as well and that wasn’t thoroughly scoffed at.

    I’m really warming to Gene and Majel … I’ll have to see what the committee thinks about that.

  65. I believe it’s pronounced “May-Gel” – I’ve heard it different ways, but interviews with her pronounce it this way and I’d assume that she instructed them correctly before the interviews were released.

  66. Thanks, ditto. It was fun 🙂

    I’m going to make homemade eggnog for the first time ever and I’m going to totally put bourbon in it and serve it to my friends and family!

    ….Oh the things that excite me.

  67. Temp: 5 F (I was happier not knowing :/ )
    CD: Tea
    CL: JM mixtape

    Checking all the last minute stuff as I pack and get ready for my drive tomorrow.

    WNDRwolf: so when is that mixtape going in the feed for WNDRRadio? Also I find that ep 32 is very worthy of repeat listening.

  68. @ditto: crunchyroll, bookmarked for later. Thank you, I’d never heard of it before.

    … Today has been a day of pain. Mostly because I spent two hours jamming my hand into an inch wide space and trying to pull out tightly wound plastic scraps. Thankfully, I only have one more day left to work this year.

    I would do the sarcastic happy dance if I weren’t too tired for that kind of energy expenditure.

  69. Lost Ralph – The Deadpan Mixtape is something for the listeners of the Deadpan. I am playing with the idea an all Jack Mangan music show. But the mixtape is a christmas gift for Deadpanites. So enjoy it before it goes away because I get a S&D letter…. (although I doubt that will happen)

  70. Wolf, the mixtape is very nice. You did a great job with it.

    We’re off to do some last-minute shopping (ugh) this morning, to trade books at the used book store (yay), and to see Milk.

  71. Van,

    They’re not name so because of any malice I feel toward Japan, which I have none. LOL But rather for the irony that such destuctive devices are given such glib names, much like modern PCs. 😉

  72. Morning DP.

    Has warmed to a balmy 15F here in justaJ0e land with a wind chill of 10F .
    No sir, … I don’t like it.

    Sorry about the uncomfortable hand-jamming, Nomad.

    Perhaps I can listen to the “Christmas spectacular” and “Mangan Mix-tape” while wrapping gifts today.

  73. Morning Pan!

    Minus 22 C or -36 with the wind chill, and more snow. *ugh*

    Hubby out shoveling the walk as we speak, then we’re going to brave the yuck and hit the store. Turns out a certain nameless bunny forgot to get stocking stuffers 🙂

  74. I managed to finish all my holiday shopping on Saturday. I may still go out and buy some See’s Candy. I’ll refrain from talking about the weather. 😉 So Amy let’s loose her recipes? Perhaps I should ask her for her ginger snap one. They are a real crowd pleaser.

  75. Dead Pan request :

    Any chance some of you Deadpanites with snow in your midst could build a snowman, take a picture and post it online for those of us who are snowularly challenged ?

    You get bonus Karma if it resembles Jack Mangan. 🙂

  76. While done with shopping, I went out at lunch to look around a a few things. Sure are a lot of people out shopping around here. You should have seen the line to checkout at Best Buy.

    Just in the office today and tomorrow, then I’m ready for a long Christmas weekend.

  77. Not really on line, but did want to take a minute to say a big. THANK YOU to Ed. Your SS gift arrived today. I really like the earbuds and will start using them today.

    Again. Thank you.

  78. ahhh the movie. I called in a voicemail to share my thoughts with everyone, but in a nutshell, I’d have to say that while Keanu is the hawtness in the movie and he does a fine job at the part – the movie was very flat and boring. I could think of at least 42 or more things I could have done for 2 hours that I would have enjoyed more.

  79. ditto: In my apartment in Florida, I found four jars of that bean soup mix in one of the kitchen cabinets, with the recipe cards on the lids. Presumably, one of the two people who had recently moved out had assembled the jars and left them there. (I hope it tastes all right… -_-; )

  80. Crap Joke:

    Darth Vader: Luke, I know what you are getting for Christmas

    Luke Skywalker: How can you possibly know that?

    Darth Vader: I felt your presences

  81. It’s raining here. I know that isn’t the most exciting thing you’ve probably heard all day, but I went outside and I got wet while retrieving mail. I’m getting multiple packages daily. I love getting packages!

    Jack, I’m making chocolate mint flavored of the oreo truffles today. I’m glad you enjoyed yours. 😀 There are plenty more where those game from.

  82. Currently:

    Listening: unknown song on coffee shop speakers
    Drinking: cafe mocha
    Eating: nothing
    Doing: Backing up all the data on my laptop to my brand-new external hard drive! Yay!

  83. TEB – glad you enjoyed them. I ended up having to go brick’n’mortar for them as Amazon wouldn’t let me have them shipped to Canada.

    I suppose the Feds are afraid you guys up north will use that advanced tech to build nukes or something. 🙂

    Deadpan all the way!

  84. Just finished: Cleaning up meat for dinners this week. Carnitas tomorrow. Prime Rib for Christmas.

    Need to finish groceries before weather turns bad.

  85. MMM, Carnitas! We’re having prime rib too, ditto. I found it at $4.88/lb at Albertson’s right after Thanksgiving. In fact, better go get it out of the freezer.

    We just got home from shopping (hell) and seeing Milk – great film.

  86. I love Coldplay.

    Time to make dinner – Marinated beef sauteed with green onions and served atop chinese noodles with chopped hard-boiled egg and soy sauce. One of my personal favorite meals. Yum!

  87. I, I don’t believe it
    There she goes again
    She’s tidied up and I can’t find anything
    All my tubes and wires
    And careful notes
    And antiquated notions
    But, it’s poetry in motion
    And when she turned her eyes to me
    As deep as any ocean
    As sweet as any harmony
    Mmm, but she blinded me with science
    She blinded me with science

  88. Morning, Deadpan!

    Forecast for today: light snow and warmer. We’re loading the car and heading South.

    I am almost sure I’ll be around the bar, but just in case, I hope you all have a great Christmas (if you partake).

  89. Teresa and my daughter made chocolate covered peanut butter balls last night. I brought four of them with me to work this morning. Very tasty!

  90. I’d just like to mention that I’m fretting about my SS gift’s tracking not showing delivered.


    It should have gotten to it’s recipient by now.

  91. Well, for what it’s worth, CJ, the gift I’m supposed to receive has not managed to fight it’s way through the system to me yet. It did take over a week for mine package to make it to TEB, which is longer than I would have expected as well.

  92. I am in Winnemucca NV. We left Saturday, arrived Saturday, missed all the storms and snow and stuff. So Lucky! We have a friend who was going to drive to Denver, leave with us and split up at the Idaho Border. Her mom made her buy a ticket and she got snowed in. If she had left with us…totally would have made it.

    Good Ruck EssBee

  93. I’ve emailed you Jeremy.

    Ed, CFLs are just as prone as incandescents to premature failure if switched on/off.

    The advice seems to be don’t switch them off unless you will be out of the room longer than 20 minutes.

  94. Ed, I have a CFL that has lasted like FOREVER … maybe 5+ years.
    I have had some that crapped out after months.
    Seems to be an “actual mileage may vary” scenario.

    Of course some of those CFL’s died in ceiling fan fixtures that seem to go through incandescents JUST as quickly. meh

  95. Just saw the episode. Not only was his “weapon” a phallic symbol but the cavern was full of stalamites looking ready to please.

  96. Mmmm Mexican cooking is my favorite … or maybe it’s the eating Mexican food part that I like. Either way, I appreciate the tip! I’ll definitely check out the carnitas! YUM!

  97. Oooh, I made eggnog for the first time today. It is made of win! (and an entire bottle of bourbon) I’ll have to put it in my morning coffee … who wants to join me? 😉

  98. CW: Tenacious D special.

    Not very Christmasy I know

    It’s supposed to be promoting their new CD/DVD but so far I haven’t heard anything new.

  99. Morning, Deadpan! We reached our destination yesterday just before the snow storm, and now are with my parents. Had traditional Slovak Christmas food last night. Today, my prime rib.

    We watched the X-Files film last night — meh. It would have made a better 1 hour episode, we think, and wouldn’t have been one of the better ones.

    Jack, where’s your holiday cheer? Go to Cj’s and get some in coffee if you need a boost!

  100. Wolf, I’m in the middle of reading a New Scientist article about the counter argument to the long tail theory of online shopping (where the above figures were quoted).

  101. Re: Downloads – Woa! Sheep crossing.

    Somewhat related. “Fresh Air” interview with some know-it-all who was defending the internet vs. music industry.
    He was gushing on about how perhaps some big stars were losing some of there money because of the internet – but that this “marvel of technology” was allowing so many MANY other artists to make money with their music.

    I think he was being very misleading. There is a difference between “making money” and “making a living” … or even being able to cover your costs.
    Have we really made a step forward when instead of one guy making a hundred thousand dollars you have a hundred thousand guys/girls making 1 dollar?


  102. Coffee is hot, eggnog is cold, chocolate-filled croissants (a gift from my publisher) are baked and fluffy!

    Come and get it!

    Jack, you could always come over and enjoy some of Dan’s mad RockBand skillz… he’s here all week!

  103. The big problem with iTunes sales is that it still relies on traditional marketing means; i.e. marketing from the same groups that manipulate radio markets. So, most people go to buy tunes they already know.

    Exploring music within iTunes, and finding recommendations, is a difficult process. Genius may make that easier, but it has a long way to go.

  104. Speaking of Rock Band, I played multiplayer over the internet with my friend in KC. It was a blast. So CJ if you get Jack over and he starts playing Rock Band, have him give me a call and I’ll sync in. 😉

  105. I agree with ditto, the marketing is still done by the same groups. That’s what is so cool about Wander Radio, Getting a Leg Up, Bands Under the Radar, MSRcast and Coverville, they sift through the crap and offer a fresh new experience. Here’s a free mult-million dollar idea for any budding capitalist. Create a cheap service that creates custom playlists for free music, like from MySpace. Pick a genre of music you’re interested in and the service interfaces with MySpace and downloads ten picks. New picks every month for only $5.99. 🙂

  106. I guess the cool thing is that IF you are the sort who is aware that there is really good music “out there” and you are willing to search for it … the Internet has opened a world of possibility to you.
    … or if you hang out with that sort of crowd and therefor would receive the 2nd hand buzz. (that was me … )

  107. Time for me to make another 1-800-askthedeadpan call.

    I have an older relative asking for a recommendation on a bluetooth set for her Samsung SGH-A437.
    Anyone have a cost effective, SIMPLE to use recommendation?
    I have yet to enter with the bluetooth universe.

  108. ditto, will do!

    JOe: As it turns out, I bought Teresa a bluetooth ear piece for her cell phone. It was a Samsung model, and we haven’t try it yet. But it was on sale at Fry’s for $20 and had a $15 mail in rebate.

  109. Rhettro: As I’m sure you (and probably Jack?) understand, you use two completely different sets of “muscle memories” to play an actual guitar and to use a GH controller. Hence the guys from Rush making comments like, “I’m starting to get a feel for it.”

  110. I myself was playing some Guitar Hero at a friend’s house last night. I wish I could play an actual guitar, so I could compare the experiences. I made my first foray into Medium last night, after about an hour of songs on Easy. That was fun.

  111. Most people I know who actually CAN play the guitar well, haven’t had good things to say about Rockband or Guitar Hero. My hubby plays the guitar, but he loves Rockband so that’t not universal.

    FYI – My Xbox360 gamertag is Xarnya and Dan’s is Danthol – so if that’s your platform, please add us.

  112. Amy: I’ve played both and they are quite different, though for the harder difficulties, there are some similar skills. The important thing to realize, however, is that Guitar Hero is not a simulator. It is a rhythm game, much like Dance Dance Revolution.

    While you may never learn how to play guitar from Guitar Hero, you may start to hear things in songs that you haven’t before. IMO, the best thing about these games is that you get a new appreciation for music.

    Drums, in Rock Band, are a little different. They are closer to a simulator than the guitars.

  113. Joe, whatever you do, don’t get them one of these:


    I got one a few years ago as I though a light weight, hold in the ear type unit was exactly what I was looking for. There could not be a worse way to do it than this Samsung one. It hurts, and it falls out all the time. Why they couldn’t have done something like the earbuds I got for TEB (and that I use myself), I don’t know.

    Anyway, steer clear of that one.

  114. Cj: I’ll add you to my friends list. 🙂

    I’ve run across some “snobs” that sneer that say, “You aren’t really playing music, you know?” I think they miss the point. Most people that play these games are under no illusion that they can play a real instrument. It is a game. It is fun. You can hang out with friends and listen to great music.

    It’s no accident that music stores have seen a surge in sales and requests for guitar lessons. I think that’s a fabulous bonus. Perhaps in 5-10 years we’ll see the first crop of great new *real* bands that were inspired by these games. Let’s see what the naysayers say then. 🙂

  115. ditto: I agree. Guitar Hero is a rhythm game because your efforts are focused on executing physical responses in time with music. I think you can, indeed, appreciate music on a new level after playing the game. I haven’t actually played drums in RB, but aren’t they too close together and at the wrong angle to each other?

    Currently stuck in my head: The song I miraculously managed to get 77% on in Medium – “Sunshine of Your Love.”

  116. ditto, He’s good at drums? We’ll load up the game later and accept.

    I’m best at singing and I’m pretty good at drums. I’m horrible at guitar no matter how much I practice. I want to be good, but I’m just not.

    It’s definitely all about having rhythm. I agree!

  117. OK, I get it now… he did some song that gave him the expert thingie on drums. It’s a bit falsified. I’m always a little happy when I do well on drums because he says they are “so hard.” tee hee

  118. Question: Does Rock Band give you the option of setting different instruments to different difficulty levels, so that one less-experienced person doesn’t destroy the entire band’s score for each song?

  119. Oh yeah, Amy. I play everything on Easy and hubby is usually on medium. When my best friend comes to stay with us, he plays on Expert so we are all over the board.

  120. Yes playing guitar in Rock Band / Guitar Hero is a lot different than the real thing. But the goals are completely different. When using a real instrument you are trying to create music and express yourself. When playing Rock Band / Guitar Hero you are playing a rhythm game that is really a celebration about music. They both have their merits, but the focus is completely different. Guitar Hero actually inspired me to start playing real guitar again, but other than a sense of timing, there isn’t anything that practicing one will give you an advantage in for the other. That’s why I think the Rush video is so hilarious, the real band, failing at their own song.

  121. BTW: Net time someone tells you that Rock band or GH isn’t really you playing an instrument … you should point out that your favorite 1st person shooter isn’t really you killing things either. Since apparently it isn’t OBVIOUS to them!

  122. Re: guitar lessons.

    I have a beutiful, nearly mint Fender Strat.
    While I have proved myself a musician on wind Instruments and piano … try as I might, I just never had the Brain/Finger wiring for guitar. 🙁
    So that lovely blue guitar sits in it’s case … gently weeping.

  123. It’s funny, I said something positive about Guitar Hero on a website devoted to real guitar and a lot of people come out of the wood work to pounce on me. LOL They assume that you are someone who thinks playing Rock Band will make you awesome with real guitar. No that’s not the point, Guitar Hero emulates the experience of being in a real band and is a lot of fun and as such is a good motivator if you are inclined to learn to play a real instrument. I still had some douche bags trying to lecture me that a plastic controller wasn’t like a real guitar. Seriously? LOL

  124. In regards to Bluetooth, you also need to thing of security.

    If your phone allows you to limit bluetooth connections to one..enable it. Also ‘hide’ the phone if it’s an option in the settings.

    You can tell it’s Xmas, the adverts from holiday companies are playing on the TV..

  125. Whew. Just finished writing my show for this week. Sent to copy editor and I’m free to start cooking again! I’ve got cookies, spinach dip, candies, a pot of beans, and a new buffalo chicken dip recipe that I’m trying out all on the docket today! I’m expecting a house-full of people tomorrow so I’d better hop to it!