335 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #110: Kind of Blue

  1. Can I just say I didn’t cheat on the palooza – I only voted once for Grosse Point Blank.

    Looking foward to the DP covering one of my fav movies.

    Happy Birthday ditto.

  2. 1. go to the following site:


    2. on the first line type in a first name (it’s more amusing if it’s a girls name)

    3. on the second line type in another first name (again, more amusing if you type a male name)

    (Skip your e-mail address.)

    4. Click on ‘Vizualizar’ on bottom left of screen and watch what happens … and don’t ask me how they do that!

  3. As for the next -apalooza. Personally, I think the 1st week of December is going to be aggressive, but, given a deadline, I’m pretty sure I can work with it.

    I still need to watch that Eraserhead DVD one of these days and comment as well.

  4. I definitely voted for Grosse Point Blank, largely due to the fact I own it already. Hopefully the accessible nature of it brings out lots of good content…

  5. I don’t own the DVD for GPB, but I have seen it a couple of times. Not sure if I’ll watch it again or read a few online summaries to jog my memory. If we go that route that is.

  6. Okay, so mixed messages here at the new workplace. Two weeks ago, catered lunch. Yay!

    Also two weeks ago, set of layoffs. Boo!

    Today, the masseuse asks me where to set up for the chair massages. ???

  7. I totally missed the “something blue” call out. must be because I was late listening, or the fact my brain wasn’t totally here

  8. Van, I have been out of classes for two weeks, partly because of WF, partly because I wasn’t feeling well. I went on Monday but he wasn’t there. Maybe when I go tonight.

  9. It’s been a while since I saw GPB. Will have to get it again.

    Not sure if it’s for me, as I’m very happy in my current position and not looking for anything but have now joint LinkedIn.

  10. I did see something blue, and was going to call it in. But real life has been kind of front and center this week and I forgot. =P I’ll try and make up for it next show.

  11. Well JB, I hope this story has a happy ending (oh come on – – someone was going there eventually).

    The door isn’t closed on the Blue Meme, if you missed it and still want to play.

    Grosse Pointe Blank will be fun.

  12. Back from lunch. Van, I find it amusing that after her husband cheated on her in Second Life, she found a new love through WoW 🙂

  13. Morning Pan, last working day of the week for me (weekend off..wahoo!), not even that cold today.

    I suspect today will seem to last as long as the hundred year war….

  14. Wednesday afternoon. The smell of winter is in the air, crisp and cold. little flurries of snow drift down. Some find purchase on the pines on the cliffside. Others float down further, into the box canyon. Lazily floating down under dim grey clouds, they bring news of the seasons’ change to the unraked leaves in Mr. Barton’s yard.

    Should have worn gloves, thought Thomas, knuckles whitening as he hefted the cask of ale. He leaned against the weathered brick, tugged the handle, and walked into the Deadpan Bar.

  15. Jack was behind the bar, putting up glassware from a dishwasher bin. “Hey,” he said, as Thomas groaned and set the cask upon the bar. “Messing about with coffee adjuncts?”

    “Nope, keep guessing,” said Thomas. “You won’t be getting any of that until the snow really flies. Then I’ll give you something to warm you up down to your boots.”

    Jack swore as a glass tumbled from his fingers and shattered on the floor. He grabbed a bar towel and started to pick up fragments. “Here, let me get that,” said Thomas. “Don’t want to slice your finger open…”

    “I don’t know what it is, I just have a case of the clumsy today,” said Jack, brushing off his knees.

  16. Jack crossed the room and mounted the small stage. He fired up the lights and fussed with some cabling, mic, and his guitar. “Cream ale?”

    “Too subtle. Man, you go from coffee adjunct to cream ale? Something in between.”

    “I’ve had this little intricate melody running through my head all day.” Jack reached over to the small sound board and pulled up a couple levels.

    “You got some kind of hum.”

    “I’ll fix it later,” Jack slung on the guitar and fished a pick from the breast pocket of his flannel shirt.

  17. Another Friday off. I’m getting ready for my 3 mile run. Clear and sunny today, I was debating on wearing shorts or long running pants. It’s just warm enough for shorts. 🙂 Also the Moon was bright in the sky this morning so I snapped a picture.


    Okay, time to grab the iPod and hit the sidewalk. Back later.

  18. A clash of mixed-up noise emerged from the monitors. Thomas looked up. “Going for something in a Philip Glass?”

    Jack frowned, “Not funny.” He moved pick over the strings again, his brain knowing what sounds to make but his hand clearly missing the message. “Man, I’ve had this little tune looping in my head, but…” He trailed off as the guitar seemingly rebelled again. “It’s kind of a la-la-la-” Jack stopped abruptly.

    “Channelling your inner thirteen-year-old?”

    “Again not funny.” Jack cleared his throat. “La la la,” he sang experimentally, but again, his voice cracked and went atonal. “Okay, this is really getting to be not funny.”

  19. It was well after dark when Jack returned to the Deadpan. A few flurries still drifted about, lit by the blue and red neon in the front window. Sheriff Brown was sitting at the bar, sipping something, likely a whiskey of some manner. He was dressed in jeans, off-duty of course. Jack slumped onto a stool. “One of those,” he muttered to Thomas, gesturing at Brian’s drink.

    “Rough day?” the sheriff’s brow furrowed slightly in concern.

    “Something like that,” said Jack, knocking back a significant portion of his drink.

    “Jack’s having musical trouble,” Thomas explained.

    “I have the music in my head, but…”

    “The mojo ain’t workin’, ” Thomas finished.

    “I’ll have Tim put out an APB on Fat Bastard,” offered Brian. Jack smiled thinly, but said nothing.

  20. Pablo vs. Ricardo.
    Paul Vanamonde Rhettro.

    Enjoy your tv show recorder, Bunny. I’m actually letting my cable slide after the move. My sole visual entertainment will be DVDs and web-available shows.

  21. While we don’t watch many shows there are a few and all seem to be on Monday when I have MA. We have a DVD recorder but my husband and I are bad for forgetting a show is on until after the fact. This way I hope to simply set up the recorder and then forget about it.

  22. I get all the entertainment I need or want from websites and podcasts. I am a Netflix member, but I don’t use that as much as I could because I don’t even have time to sit and watch DVDs.

    The crapstorm front has hit South Florida just like any other hurricane… Some of the things I need to do to get this storm to abate are: Get my car looked at and repaired, replace the lock on my front door (I lost my keys by leaving them in the front of a public computer… last time I attach a USB drive to keys), and find a way of earning enough money to pay for the above two expenses. Sigh.

    Sorry to dump more bad news on everyone. On the bright side, next weekend (Nov. 22-23), I’m going to two parties to celebrate Thanksgiving (early) and the November birthdays in our team. 🙂

  23. Get most of TV shows I watch via P2P.

    Rarely watch DVDs and my DVD Recorder doesn’t get much use, especially since the BBC iplayer came into service.

    Since I see most new movies at the cinema, I tend not to bother watching movies on the cable TV service.

    Today’s useless tip:

    Bring reading material if you are going to a restaurant. People may think you are weird being by yourself but at least it doesn’t look like you’ve been stood up.

  24. I kinda enjoy having a book when I dine alone.

    So – what are we gonna call this next thing? Grossapalooza give the wrong impression, I think. Maybe since it stars Cusack and Aykroyd — Ackapalooza??

  25. I’ve been playing COD: World at War for over three hours. I’m trying to remember how to blink and close my eyes so I can go to sleep.

  26. Hit myself in the face with a table. I love moving.

    (no marks, no pain, no complaining, no whining, no drama — but — how often can you say “I hit myself in the face with a table”?)

  27. So today was the day for being a consumer sheep. One of those vibrating wet razors was on offer so bought one to give it a try.

    I’ll report on the amount of blood loss later.


  28. So I’m off to see The Baader Meinhof Complex, a movie about terrorists in Germany.

    Fun, fun, fun….okay I’m probably lying about the fun part.

    Later pan…

  29. Yeah I was lying about the fun part. An interesting film, and one that makes me inclined to get the book it’s based on.

    As for the vibrating razor..no cuts and a smooth shave, but I don’t think the slight improvement over my old 2 bladed razor justifys the blades being twice as expensive.

    Lowbrow moment

    The actress playing Meinhof looks cool smoking a ciggy.

    Move along now, the tumbleweeds don’t like people staring at them.

  30. Why do things get worse just when they are getting better? Sigh. The shitstorm cometh. My computer died last night. Now, I need to go and rebuild a new one. Ka-ching.

    On the plus side: I made an awesome Hollandaise sauce on my very first attempt tonight. At least I can still have a good meal. 🙂

  31. Grosse Pan Blank. . . Excellent idea, Amy. Do we have a winner?

    I am going offline now, putting faith in the cable company to have switched me on properly at the new location. Fingers crossed.

  32. How does the palooza work? I’m trying to find old palooza episode to listen to. I need guidance. I also need the movie. Husband didn’t like it (so he says) but I can probably have it in my hands by Wednesday.

  33. Cj: Here is a somewhat more detailed guide to how the palooza works:

    1. Someone chooses a topic (thus far, always a specific movie).

    2. Jack calls upon all listeners who want to contribute to obtain the movie, watch it, and send in content for the next Palooza episode of the show by a specific date.

    3. Listeners obtain the movie, watch it, and record and send in their content for the next Palooza episode of the show. Content can be any of the following:
    a. General thoughts about the movie (did you like it? why or why not? how do you interpret it?)
    b. Unrelated Thoughts about the movie (on the Deadpan, an Unrelated Thought is a clever, humorous one-line observation) (note: for the last Palooza episode, I contributed a Related Thought, a one-line observation that was related to the movie, so those are acceptable, too)
    c. Haiku inspired by the movie
    d. Audio bumpers inspired by the movie (I recorded one of these for Episode #87, “Repo Pan”)
    e. Fan fiction inspired by the movie (I recorded one of these for “Repo Pan,” too)
    f. Absolutely anything else you can think of in audio form, as long as it’s related to or inspired by the movie. Be creative!

    4. Jack edits all the listener contributions together to create a Palooza episode of the Deadpan.

    Yes, I have had a friend say that I’m the most precise person he knows. 😀

  34. Morning Pan, weird dream after waking up 6:45am and then dozing off (the only time I remember dreams these days).

    Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones on a bus together, I felt compelled to tell them The Last Crusade was my fav IJ movie…

  35. Morning Pan.

    all sidewalks very slippery today. Almost fell a couple of times heading downtown. Might wait until the sun comes up before trying to head back home.

  36. Sorry to hear about your car, Amy.

    That’s why I like telecommunication, EssBee. Even though I live in Calgary, my office is technically in Ontario. Nobody comes to see me 🙂

  37. And Ed lays the smackdown on Van.
    Awesome 🙂

    I mowed the lawn for the last time this year, yesterday.

    Amy: Sorry about the car. I need to replace that too. Sigh.

  38. Sorry about the car Amy. I can sympathize having put close to $5000 in my 4runner and still having it’s net worth be less than $4000. =P Looks like this week is going to be filled with ups and downs. We are flying back to Kansas to see my folks and Teresa’s folks over Thanksgiving. So I’m looking forward to my ten day vacation. On the other hand, going to a different state with colder weather for a vacation seems like a waste. LOL I found out I had an inside track to attend the large closed to the public guitar show, NAMM. But with reduced work hours I don’t have the spare funds for it. Oh well, maybe next year.

  39. That would be a lot of fun ditto! I’m hoping to visit KC for a day or two and see and visit with my old friends. My plans are still up in the air. I’ll have a better idea come Sunday.

  40. Jack told Brian about the doctor’s reluctance to offer a solid diagnosis. “He said he might be able to get me on a CAT scan, but that’d be pricey. He did seem to be implying it is all in my head.”

    “Uh, Jack?” called Thomas from the keg room below. “I think you’re going to want to see this.”

    “Have you seen the Deadpan basement yet, Brian?”

    “Nope. Let me see your workings down below,” said the Sheriff. “Uh, that came out all wrong, ignore it, okay?”

  41. CP: TWiT

    They’re talking about how President-Elect Obama is probably going to have to give up his Blackberry and that Bush chose to shutdown his personal email when he took office because any such communications sent to the President must be preserved and recorded for future scrutiny.

    Can you imagine having to give up Deadpan to be President? Forget about a collapsing economy and wars around the world – that alone is enough to just say no to running for the highest office in the land.

  42. Dare I celebrate? Dare I jinx myself?? The internet works without a hitch at the new place???

    OK, I only did a quick skim through, gotta get caught up. I think our country would be a lot better off if elected officials were required to consult the Deadpan comments page before major decisions.

  43. “I woke up this morning craving fries, Rosanna, Rosanna.
    Who knew downing eight Big Macs could hurt so bad?

    I’m running to a restaurant where the help forgets to zip their flies, Rosanna Rosanna.”

  44. So posted on the rest room wall is:

    The word bible means:

    Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

    Underneath someone scribbled:

    Bloody idiots believe ludicrous excrement

  45. I second EssBee’s call, MD.

    And – – Tabz sent this email round the FPM email list this morning:

    Hey guys – if you haven’t heard Doug (Dr. Floyd) from the Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd lost his house in the CA Fires.. and they’re taking up special donations to help him out until he can get his insurance money – http://www.doctorfloyd.com/doug/

    Doug is currently staying with family and is in great health, but could use some funds to help him until his insurance comes through. Even if you have no money to spare, getting the word out to people who could give would mean the world!

    Anything you can do to help spread the word. Doug did not ask for all this, neither did Grant ask me to ask you – but we are the best community to help out a fellow podcaster.

  46. Rhett, we know you meant Bob Rose, who is Bob Ross’ disgraced cousin. Everybody knows Bob Rose was banned from the competitive National Landscape Painting League after a gambling scandal in which he was caught betting against his own cousin.

  47. Back from lunch.

    Lots to read but, at the risk of being a DeadPan downer, nothing that made me jump up and say “ooh, oooh, I need to comment on that!”.

    What’s that about?

    Anyway, on a different note. After much badgering (maybe a bit of gophering too 🙂 ) by friends, finally joined the facebook craze. Now looking for friends 😉

  48. Did I tell the story of my Doppleganger? Rhett is a fairly uncommon first name, so paired with my last there is one other person on the planet with my same name. Now here’s the weird thing, we both attended Kansas State University during simular time periods. I found an email address through the power of the internet and we exchanged a few messages. Apparently he had the student pharmacy screw up our records a couple of times. LOL And one of his old friends called me up convinced that I was him.

  49. That’s funny, Rhett. My last name, while not uncommon, is unusual. And of course my first name… so to have someone with a name so close to my first and with the same last name, living in the same city… I’ll have to ask my husband, when he gets home, if he knows who this person is.

  50. Someone with the same first and last name as mine (pre-marriage) has starred in movies. I always wonder if the people from my high school have seen “my” imdb page and think I’m semi-famous and making really bad movies. Thank goodness they aren’t pr0n. Although I doubt anyone is Googling me. They’d have to be immensely bored, I think.

    I love Facebook because it connects me to my Scrabble-loving friends. You all now know too much me, Cj, the non-famous, Scrabble-addict.

  51. I couldn’t imagine an evil version of Ryah with a goatee. Although, maybe we have the evil version here, trying to be a Deadpan downer. . . . hmmm

    CJ, what’s the actress’s name?

    Ed and Vanamonde: (going kinda far back now), I think it’s OK to lie to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The others deserve a little more honesty in their dream bus-ride conversations.

    I’ve sworn to never join Facebook. Not like I’m remaining loyal to Myspace. Not like I’m anti-social-media. I just don’t see what FB would add to my life. If I ever see any real benefit, then I’ll reverse policy. Convince me, if I’m being a pig-headed old man.

  52. I have also successfully resisted the urge to Facebook so far. Honestly, I already spend too much time online with Deadpan, gaming, news, and a few other online communities. Facebook would probably just sink me. Same goes for Twitter.

  53. Regarding doppelgangers – I don’t know about middle names, but my first and last name are the same as some journalist who wrote a big book about Hilary Clinton several years ago. It’s a strange thing walking into a bookstore and seeing a pile of books at the front with your name on it.

    I actually got an email from a woman trying to tell me what she thought of “my” book. I politely let her know that she had the wrong Ed. I’m the one from Texas.

  54. Not so much a doppelganger, but me and a relative have the same name.

    It’s a real kick to the nether regions to be mistaken for someone over 30 years older than you actually are.

  55. I got suckered into Facebook, but its allowed me much networking to get back into the freelance world.
    On the annoyance scale, its way less annoying than MySpace was (I’m so glad I dont belong to MySpace anymore), but way more annoying than…. well than Deadpan or Flickr. Which are the only 2 other online places I belong to 🙂

  56. Thomas! It was great seeing you and Kris at the last pool party. I’m glad to see that you guys are doing well and getting acclimated to NC. Enjoy the beer work for as long as you can.

    ditto – – that. just. plain. sucks.

  57. Morning Pan, hello Thomas, glad to see you and Kris are doing well.

    I’m curious ditto, how long does it take for the skunk smell to fade away?

  58. Morning Pan

    The Bunny is quite sore today. Learned a new kick yesterday. I don’t think the body was meant to stretch in that way.

  59. Van. It was a back kick. Think a mule kick, so if someone comes up behind you… the problem is, we have to do about 50 practices per leg. The black belts watch your form and if it’s not correct they grab your leg and move, bend or twist your feet and legs into the correct position. It’s not too bad when it’s happening, but the next day…

  60. The city is digging a big hole right in front of my house. I’m starting to worry I won’t be able to get out of my driveway when I go for lunch later.

  61. Spoke to the city workers in front of my house. Not only did they say I should move my car if I expected to get out of the driveway, they also said they were going to dig into my yard. It looks like I’m about to lose my apple tree. The one tree in the whole yard I wouldn’t want to lose is the one tree they have to dig away. Why couldn’t it be the wild rose bush? Or some of the ground spruce? noooo, have to dig where my apple tree is 🙁

  62. Don’t be afraid to question their judgment/methods TEB.

    With this sort of work, I have found that it is always “dig, cut, clear – waaaaay much more then you have to” – just becuase it is easier and requires less thinking.

    Seriously, ask exactly what it is they are trying to achieve, “buddy up” to who ever is in charge and try to make him view you as a human being and to view that tree as something someone cares about.

    I have stood up against several issues such as this in my own life over the past few years and was surprised at how often things were being done “because that is the way we always do it” instead of doing it the smart, more efficient, less costly way.”

    Good luck with it.

  63. As for buddying up… I think most of the city workers know, if they are anywhere withing a few houses of mine, I’ll bring out homemade cookies, coffee, etc.

    Now that I think of it, maybe that’s the problem. They are now looking for reasons to dig by my place. hmmm….

    Actually, J0e. I’m not surprised they are digging. I could tell there was a clog in the pipes the last time I did laundry. I knew it wasn’t roots as I just had them done in the summer. Unfortunately, the pipeline runs up the joint between my driveway and my yard, which is where the apple tree is.

  64. The only other problem is, we have a retaining wall running around the yard. While I’m sure that has to come out (especially since the apple tree is on the inside of it), I’m not sure what their plan is to put it back the way it was.

  65. City help line has no idea what is going on. Took my name and # and someone will get back to me within the next 5 business days. I love bureaucracy 🙂

  66. However the nice lady on the phone did say “it is the policy of the city to put everything back as possible to the way it was before any digging was done”

    It’s the words “as possible” that worries me.

    I think I’ll just have to face the fact that I’ll have to pine for my apple tree.

  67. The city called back (that was fast). I guess, technically the city property line is actually about where the retaining wall is. However they will fix everything they destroy. The only problem is, because of the lateness of the year, they won’t put in any new trees until the spring. They will, however, put new asphalt in the driveway where they dig up.

    I guess that’s something.

  68. “What a long strange trip it’s been.” By “it” I mean this Deadpan thing. And, by “trip” I mean something I still haven’t figured out yet. But I love it!

    Maybe it’s the postmodern surreality of it all.

    Keep it up, Jack, my friend.

  69. Stolen Paragraph – Opening lines to Neuromancer:

    The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned
    to a dead channel.
    `It’s not like I’m using,’ Case heard someone say, as he
    shouldered his way through the crowd around the door of the
    Chat. `It’s like my body’s developed this massive drug defi-
    ciency.’ It was a Sprawl voice and a Sprawl joke. The Chatsubo
    was a bar for professional expatriates; you could drink there
    for a week and never hear two words in Japanese.
    Ratz was tending bar, his prosthetic arm jerking monoto-
    nously as he filled a tray of glasses with draft Kirin. He saw
    Case and smiled, his teeth a webwork of East European steel
    and brown decay. Case found a place at the bar, between the
    unlikely tan on one of Lonny Zone’s whores and the crisp naval
    uniform of a tall African whose cheekbones were ridged with
    precise rows of tribal scars. `Wage was in here early, with two
    joeboys,’ Ratz said, shoving a draft across the bar with his
    good hand. `Maybe some business with you, Case?’

  70. I took a long lunch and went to see “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.”

    Smith does not disappoint.

    I won’t be going anywhere near as far with RBT, but the man does not disappoint…

  71. Jack and Brian got to the bottom of the stairs, squinting a bit in the dim light. Thomas pointed to the opposite wall. “There.” The place in question was the massive wall formerly shared with the bank. The old vault wall. Except…

    “Okay I know that wasn’t there last week.” Jack bent to examine the small wooden door, about four feet high and fashioned from a dark wood.

    “There’s no way it wasn’t there,” Brian ran a hand over the smooth, polished wood. “This door has got to have been here since the place was built.”

    “It’s new,” confirmed Thomas. “I’ve been moving kegs in and out of here for over a year. But this wall is thick. Really thick. Bank vault thick. You can’t build a doorway like this without a whole lot of racket.”

    “What if it goes to…” Jack trailed off, but Thomas was on the same page.


    “Top-? Oh, no, no way, we need to get out of here, then. Theres no way I want a metallic laser hand I can’t control to match Tim’s.” Brian had backed a couple stairs back up toward the bar.

  72. And hey, your comment is freed from moderation purgatory, Jonathan Schiefer. Welcome to Deadpanland! And thanks for the kind words.

    BTW, JohnBoze is the AKA for Paul Maki, who was the 3rd guy in our NME Las Vegas taxi.

  73. Yes, but we mustn’t forget the fourth man in that taxi, that dynamo of wisdom and font of all knowledge, the driver, uh…

    Okay his name slipped my mind, but as his book was mre important than the bible, surely we can figure out a way to Google him?

  74. Oh, if you do go see “Zack and Miri,” don’t forget to sit through the credits, like I did, instead of leaving, like two thirds of the theatre did.

    Okay, like the other two guys in the theatre did. C’mon, this was the noon matinee on a Tuesday, remember…

  75. Well, at last the crashing economy has come to Texas. Yesterday one of our big clients shut down two major projects. About a billion dollars worth of work for next year just evaporated. It won’t sink the company, but it does mean that we’re going to lose people. There are probably over 100 people on those jobs now and they would have added more next year.

    So far, I’m not personally in danger of losing my job (I’ll be going out with the group that turns the lights off, if it were to come to such a thing). Still, it doesn’t set a good mood in the company, especially going into the holidays.

    Sounds like our competitors around town are also going into a heavy pruning cycle. Six months ago, everyone was desperately looking for people, now we’re all looking at shedding.


  76. Morning Pan, scratched my phones screen today by dropping it on a wooden floor..yes a bloody wooden floor.

    Must have been made out of ironwood…

  77. Morning Pan, Morning Jonathan (and a special good morning to Vanamonde, just because).

    Dark and cold right now. Wish I could crawl back into bed (or maybe just the dark pit that’s now in front of my house)

  78. Good morning, Pan! It’s a lovely morning here, and I’m about to get in some pre-work NaNo writing time! The month has not been kind to me, but I’m not ready to give up on this writing project just yet.

  79. …Well, so much for writing. The siren song of my backlogged Google Reader drew me away. Must get ready for work now. Oh, well. I may write a little this afternoon, if I feel like it and am sufficiently far ahead on lesson planning.

  80. “Wait! Shhhh!” Jack held up a hand and leaned toward the little door. Strains of music were faintly audible. “That’s the melody! What’s been stuck in my head all day but I can’t play!”

    “It’s like there’s a whole string band in there,” Thomas leaned over, listening closer. “A guitar, a banjo… is that a mandolin?”

    Jack reached out and gingerly tried the black iron door handle, and the door swung open. Inside, next to acrackling hearth, sat a small man playing an improbable-looking musical instrument, with mutiple necks pinting out in all directions. The music stopped and the man looked up. “Oh, bugger.”

  81. My hubby and I are looking into spending our airmiles. Looks like we’ll be able to go on a nice trip to Mexico in March. Must wait another hour, though, for our travel agent to open to see if they can give us a better deal.

  82. Ed: Yep, pretty much across the board, things are down. Good to here that you are somewhat secure.

    Jonathan: Welcome aboard. So if you add Jonathan Coulton and Paul Scheifer do you get Jonathon Schiefer playing “Skullcrusher Mountain” on keyboard?

    TEB: Make a run for the border(s).

  83. A worker just knocked on our door. He said if we need to use the washroom or anything like that, do it now. They are tearing out a sewer line and replacing it so we won’t be able to run anything into the sewer for a couple of hours.

  84. Well, apparently I’m not allowed to use my washroom until about 3:00. I guess I’m going out for lunch because I don’t think I can hold it for 6 or so hours 🙂

  85. [drive by singing]

    “should they catch us and dispatch is to those separate work camps
    I’ll dream about you
    I will not doubt you
    with the passing of time
    shoudl they kill me
    your love will fill me, as warm as the bullets”

    [/drive by singing]

  86. Yeah, I’d totallly be up for Time Pandits. Reminds me, I’ve got to get GPB into a suitable viewing format and get watching,,,

    ASH- Yeah, well as DP Bar goes, No telling just where or if it goes next…

  87. Ack, Ack! My car is completely blocked off by construction equipment! Will have to use public transit to get to the mall. Am now seeing if I have any train tickets or enough change to get some… Blech.

  88. The small man sighed. “Well, I guess that just about does it.” He spoke with an odd accent, something Jack would probably just about generically call an “English” accent but there was some other flavour in there as well. He was about three and a half feet tall and otherwise normal-looking enough. He held a musical instrument that was like nothing any of the men had ever seen. The necks ponted out in all directions, and each neck was strung with a varying number of strings which all intersected at various points on the body of it.

  89. In my in box: Netflix Shipping

    Grosse Pointe Blank

    Arriving on or around: Wednesday, Nov 19, 2008

    I should have it in hand today. I think I’ll order pizza to go with it!

  90. Good luck getting to a toilet, Bunny. What an ordeal. . . . .

    Excellent Cj! Although I’m not sure when we’re going to do the actual Palooza episode. I’m gonna need some feedback from you folks.

    Is it going to be plausible to watch the movie and generate feedback for pre-Xmas week in early December? Or should we shoot for January?

  91. I haven’t had the courage to update yet ditto, I’ve got one of the early 360’s and trouble is expected with the new dashboard.

    I could soon have an expensive brick.

  92. Vanamonde, my husband is addicted to Fallout 3. I haven’t seen him sleep in several days.

    Jack, we should have extra time in December since Dan quit GZR and I have closed shop on one of my businesses for the holidays as of today. I’m breathing a sigh of welcome relief. Pre-Xmas is totally possible for us as long as we figure out what we want to do.

  93. So my facebook account is still active and there appears to 3 dopplegangers on facebook.

    What on earth is your profile photo of TEB?…it looks like a rat, a cat and a snake having a party..

  94. Van, there are three cats in the picture. the grey one is Caesar, the tortoise shell is Reeny, and the black one is Dana. Dana just passed away in June 🙁

  95. So did the update, crashed after agreeing to the new license agreement.

    Was prepared to grind my teeth to the bone. But after resetting the 360, things appear to be working.

    Well apart from getting a strange error that the console can’t retrieve data from Xbox live, but the games are still working..which is the important thing.

  96. I hope you are Mr TEB are going to wear eye patches when you visit that place for a holiday.

    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is playing on the TV.

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