454 thoughts on “Deadpan Unshow 25: Unshepisode

  1. Hey, Pan!

    Been busy as hell these last couple weeks, hope it’s enough money to save some folks their jobs.

    I’m just a hamster on a wheel, scampering away to keep the company moving…

  2. Is it the slogan? I speak of the “coarseness perception” from the unshepisode. The lowbrow-curseheavy reputation. “Deadpan is the MF way.”

    Of course, I take a look from a personal perspective. “Really Big Things” takes a certain amount of revelry and pride in the coarseness of some of its characters. I make no pretense that that is inspired in part by Mr. Kevin Smith, though I also don’t claim to have his stellar storytelling capability. Erik is a foulmouthed curmudgeon and Jeremy seems to lack a filter for some language and behacvior as well. I wonder if it is seen as part of that lowbrow element…

    I don’t know if I have a point, I don’t even know if I care whether RBT could be categorized in a highbrow or lowbrow perspective or if I care…

  3. Morning Pan.

    World Fantasy is over. Finally starting to get my voice back. Time to sit back and catch up on my work.

    (happy B-Day, Hugh)

  4. One thing I got from the convention, Todd Lockwood is one of the nicest and most gracious person I’ve met. (and the fact he’s easy on the eyes didn’t hurt either 😉 )

  5. Okay, I’m off my soap box derby from yesterday. 🙂

    Congratz to Hugh! Coincedently, Teresa turned 40 yesterday. I guess ASH and I both like Scorpios. LOL

    So I had a bizzaire dream last night. I was buying groceries and for change I got back these rectangular medal coins the size of a dollar bill. “What’s this?” I asked. “Those are the new dollar galaxy coins, supposed to be a lot more durable than paper money.” Strange.

  6. Rhettro, since our money is little round metal coins, does that mean, as Canadians, we’re that much closer to the future?

  7. While i’ve heard of counterfeiting some of the bills, I don’t think I’ve heard of anybody copying the Loonie or Toonie. How about you ditto?

  8. Just listening to DP. I’m not calling it in for two reasons, 1) my voice is still all gravelly; 2) it’s not an upbeat song. but one of my favourite songs is Neither Can I off the album It’s five ‘o’clock Somewher by Slash’s Snakepit. It has a nice bluesy tune, even if the lyrics are quite depressing.

  9. Is that the new VoiceMail I rec’ed this morning, TEB? Or would it be more of a GravelMail? Congrats on surviving another World Fantasy Con!

    Happy 39th, Hugh! Now you’re mature. Sometime this week, maybe even today, I’ll drop in some examples of upbeat-yet-challenging music. No offense to Johnny Ramone.

  10. That was probably Something Blue, Pt. 2 from me, Jack. I have the Deadpan VM line as one of my five, so I may as well call on every impulse, right?

  11. My hope for the future is that one day scientists will isolate the gene that gives many woman the preference for dayglow pink.

    Once that gene is eliminated from the human race, we can evolve further as a species…

  12. Van: I can’t hear the words “dayglow pink” without shuddering: I had a coworker that insisted on wearing skintight dayglow pink tights every casual friday. And she really, really should not have been wearing such clothes.

    Now, excuse me while I try and locate some mental bleach to erase that horrific memory.

  13. What’s the patriotic American song with the cannon fire? Replace the cannons with farts and I think we got a new high brow / low brow. 😉

  14. Oh and some writer once wrote:

    Europeans do not properly appreciate their cold, damp, overcast climate. It is infinitely preferable to the unrelenting sun by day and bitter cold by night of other climes.

    I would add ‘and smaller creepy crawlies’, which is a much bigger bonus.

  15. Well, Van, if it helps, I suck at COD4 and the new COD:WAW beta.

    Some of us are just meant to be targets. But the tank is still a fun way to blow shit up.

  16. Happy Birthday Hugh. You are the same age as me. Maybe you’ll pass me up. I’d enjoy that.

    I’m considering calling the voicemail line because I see blue things and I like happy music. I feel so new.

  17. In fact I’d say that is a much better summation of the Deadpan then “Lowbrow”.
    Having discussions about farts IS low brow. Having a discussion about classical music that includes farts is HIGH brow handled in a juvenile fashion.

  18. Good evening, Pan.

    I enjoyed hearing about Podcamp AZ in today’s episode, Jack. It’s also good to hear that there is audio for future Deadpan episodes that came from Podcamp AZ and from NME 2008.

  19. Sounds nasty MD.

    /switch on bad taste mode

    On the plus side you could make a personal shroud of turin using a bedsheet.

    /switch off bad taste mode

  20. Hugh sez: Thank you everyone. 🙂 its been a great bday today for the Hugh. I may be as old as I ever was, but I don’t feel so old today.

    We tried a fancy new sushi restaurant.
    Well techniically it isn’t new, just new to us. Blue Coral in the shiny suburb of Naperville.

  21. Marlo – we hope you feel better soon, and the gooing stops.

    Rhettro – tell your wife happy birthday 🙂
    and I am quite fond of my scorpio

    Hugh sez: Everyone loves a Scorpio

    Everyone loves loving a Scorpio 🙂

    Hugh sez: I was also born in the year of the rooster. I’m a Scorpionic Rooster. So I’m a cock and a Scorpio. A deadly combination in the bedroom.

    What a combo baby 🙂 LOL

  22. Marlo – is that a normal part of the healing process?

    Hugh (via THS) – Happy belated birthday.
    And I love the Scorps too. Even my mums.

    Mr. Mangan – Deadpan is like Twitter. I can’t keep up most of the time and so I play catchup every few hours/days. On both Deadpan and Twitter. That makes this community prescient, right?

    On an older note, I think I saw gas for under $2/gallon yesterday. I’m not sure. I may have been hallucinating it.

  23. Marlo: That sucks. It sounds like you are bleeding. Can’t they even stitch you back up right?

    TSH: Yep, I love Scorpios too, including me. 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m also a sheep. With an attitude.

  24. Caught up on Deadpan again. RE: low brow potty mouth show – I do agree that the F bombs and MF bombs in the Deadpan tagline probably are a major source of this perception. Personally, I don’t use these in my submissions too often. Now, they are words and they certainly have appropriate uses. But, I do think they tend to get overused, particularly when a bumper places more emphasis on the F and MF than on the Deadpan and Way parts of the recording.

    Really, beyond that, I can’t say that the language on Deadpan is all that vulgar. When it is, it does tend to be used to provide an emphasis to a point that is warranted.

  25. Ed – It does make me a bit sad that there are people in my life that I can’t share the DP with because of the F/MF rating. If it weren’t for that, I know that they would totally be digging on it.
    Oh well, not everything for everybody I guess 🙁

  26. Van – if that happens again, turn your head sharply as if you are trying to see something on the back of your shoulder and say “Oh dear, is the knife wound bleeding again?”
    … or go for the insane approach. Look around quickly with wide eyes and then lean into the questioner and hiss “I swear he was still breathing when I left him.”

    Hey, gotta make your fun where you can. 🙂

  27. Mornin’ Pan!

    I’m looking for a beta reader for the RBT 2.0 project. Admittedly, it has been stalled for some time, but as things settle in, I want to get back on it. Anybody up for getting first look at some revamped RBT?

  28. I’m off work today too, courtesy of the economy. Just finished my shower after my three mile jog. Sipping coffee and reading the Deadpan.

  29. (and they call us lowbrow…..)

    ahem. From the Huffington Post:

    According to Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron, there was great concern within the McCain campaign that Palin lacked “a degree of knowledgeability necessary to be a running mate, a vice president, a heartbeat away from the presidency,” in part because she didn’t know which countries were in NAFTA, and she “didn’t understand that Africa was a continent, rather than a series, a country just in itself.”

  30. But – to address relevant issues – this is a community. I like having the option to “go there”, if so inclined. But – that’s me. Do you think we should tone it down a little? Do you think we ever go crude unnecessarily? Take the “Sir Richard” segments from a few episodes ago (can’t recall the number). Was that too much?

  31. Ok, my groceries have been bought; my bathroom cleaned; and I have cookies in the oven. Now I can finally sit down and take a break 🙂

  32. Jack, I find Deadpan is like any other sort of entertainment. It’s a choice. Are we sometimes a little crude, lude, and juvenile? Definitely! But, like TV, Movies, porn on the internet, or any other form of entertainment, if you don’t like it, don’t watch (or go to the site). We all know what we’re getting into when we come here.

  33. On a completely different note:

    Amy (when I next see you on this site), are you going to be running the Secret Santa again this year?

  34. that sucks, Van. We sometimes get people like that on the C-train here. You just want to cringe and hide in a corner.

    Cookies out of the oven. Now to make a white chocolate icing.

  35. Paycheck had 20 hrs+ of OT, so decided to have lunch out. Went to the Olympia Grill in Osseo and had a massive sampler platter of Greek food. Very nice, but really wanted to nap afterward…

  36. Perhaps we should embrace the lowbrow perception. We could start an annual award for excellence in lowbrow.

    We could call it the Poopie Award!

  37. Drunkenly Regurgitating Mayor?

    Sorry, had to come up with one. After all “JohnBoze” [i]was[/i] originally my Acrophobia handle before any of the rest of the internet stuff…

  38. A used to a see band that a friend was quite a lot.

    After each gig he would claim there were several mistakes made and I would nod and pretend I had noticed them.


  39. Jack – Re: crude realities.

    From my perspective it has never been the “content” that made the show inaccessible to some of my friends. The content, though often going “there” is done in a very creative manor. It is thoughtful and clever.
    It is the profanity. Specifically the f-bomb and MF-atomic bomb that prove problematic. Something about those words just sends some people ’round the twist.

    On about 2 different occasions I had considered bringing that up but both times I decided to just leave it alone. The Deadpan is what it is.
    It forms and reforms and creates itself according to whim and feeling. That it HAS no guidelines and yet doesn’t fly apart into complete anarchy (… see “Wingin It”) is part of it’s soul.

    Do I wish I could share it with ALL my friends? Sure.
    … but I personally wouldn’t dream of trying to MAKE it be anything other than what it just happens to turn out to be each episode.

    Hey, after all … it IS the way.

  40. Ed – Amen brother.

    I liken it to a rental house that has had an unsupervised college fraternity living in it. They not only trashed the place but on their way out (after being evicted) … they set fire to the place!
    Now the new guy comes in and as part of the lease agreement he has to get the fire out and fix the place up. I don’t know if ANYONE can fix this mess. IF the Senator from Ill can pull this one off, his bust is worthy of a place on Mt. Rushmore!

  41. Ed – that link is SPOT ON!!

    For those not playing along at home – the crib notes version is that at least 2 of the Detroit based auto makers have only a few MONTHS at best before they are out of cash and will have to cease to function.
    That this is through there own bad business practices is a point of discussion BUT the implications to the US are BAD.

    Just as with the financial institution these guys now have us at gun point. The federal Government either gives them money to keep running or we see a few million more people unemployed by spring.


  42. Cool for Coulton there, getting Gaiman onstage.

    Rhett – Rob Halford is headed for your house right now. That sounded excellent.

    Ed, JaJ: Few presidencies will have seen as much scrutiny as this one will face.

  43. I don’t have a problem with the swearing on DP. But since I’ve grown tired of the blank stares when I try and explain what a podcast is to other people, I’ve no expectation of recruiting anybody else to listen to DP.

  44. If I were in charge?
    I’d say … “OK you’ll get your money but only if you use it to make fleet vehicles that run on Natural Gas and retool to create hybrid/electric cars. You’ll get our tax dollars but in return, you’ll help free this nation from it’s oil addiction.”

    I’d also declare a National Day of Deadpan.

  45. Come to think of it, doesn’t Rob live in Phoenix?

    I need to find my old spandex laying around somewhere.

    On Deadpan and it’s content: I like that Deadpan is free to go where ever it wants and I also like that Deadpan doesn’t abuse it’s freedom. Overall an awesome place for an adult to hang out. 🙂

  46. Catchup post.

    As I said to Ryah in e-mail: Oh, heck yes, I will be coordinating the Third Annual Deadpan Secret Santa Gift Exchange this year. 🙂

    47% on the 80s cartoon quiz. Mostly guesses, of course.

    J0e said:

    “That it HAS no guidelines and yet doesn’t fly apart into complete anarchy (… see “Wingin It”) is part of it’s soul.”

    AMEN!!! I love that about the Deadpan, too.

  47. 73% for me as well on the 80’s cartoon quiz. I think I several of the answers probably came more from memories of the commercials than from watching the shows themselves.

    Isn’t that useful. I can remember 80’s bits of trivia, yet FAIL when it comes to remembering people’s names.

    When do we get those neural enhancements? I think I’d take those over flying cars at this point.

  48. Alright, here’s a softball quote before I go. THe winner needs to name the character and the movie. Then offer a quote for everyone else to guess at.

    “I don’t believe in the no win scenario”

    I’ll probably be out of pocket for most of the day.

  49. But before that, one last been of minor suckage. I was playing the COD:WAW beta last night (as I have just about every night this week) and the thing ups and crashes in the middle. Turns out all beta servers went dark. We think they pulled the plug since the game comes out Tuesday, but there was no warning.

    My preorder from Amazon should be here Tuesday. If I’m lucky, it might show up Monday as their 2 day guarantee shipping often just takes one day to get to me.

  50. Ed: JTK – The Wrath of Khan

    “Good God, you’re a woman! I honestly, I couldn’t have called that. I mean, I would apologize, but isn’t that what we’re going for here?”

  51. Oh my God, it’s full of stars!

    Bonus points if you can name the book where the author of the movie novelisation published alternative plot elements for the movie.

  52. Can’t answer your trivia there Van. We’re not good at trivia like that. Sorry.

    I think what I like about Deadpan is that everyone is welcome no matter who you are. Like Hugh and I are not the gamers most of you are, nor are we able to answer your trivia things here, and we disappear for days on end.

    Hugh sez: and we are like 10 Deadpan episodes behind

    and we haven’t watched a scifi tv show in weeks. But we still feel welcome here.

    So on the whole F and MF bomb low-brow thing.. we feel: fuck it, everyone can do what they feel. Deadpan is a place where people can be who they are. If you want to f-bomb, go ahead. If you don’t. Then don’t. I don’t like the idea of Deadpan being a place of rules. The only rule we follow is respect each other.

    Hugh sez: and we can’t control our fucking potty mouths

    No, we can’t. We swear way too fucking much

    Hugh sez: fuck. we do.

  53. Hugh and I together got a 67% 10 correct out of 15

    Hugh sez: does that mean if we each did it alone we would of gotten 33.5%?

    maybe. I wouldn’t of been able to answer the Voltron question

    Hugh sez: I wouldnt of been able to answer the JEM and the Holograms

    I loved Jen and the Holograms!! Although I loved the Misfits more

    Hugh sez: and who the fuck was Teddy Ruxpin?

    LOL. I remember Teddy Ruxpin

  54. Hello Deadpan.

    It’s ten o’clock on Saturday morning and I’m pretending I want to do some work.

    Still don’t have my voice back. Will probably have to see the doctor if it’s not back by monday.

  55. Going waaaay back, Van’s quote was from 2001 a Space Odessy. Written by the late Arthur C. Clark (sorry, don’t know the alternate version)

    A while ago, my husband and I wanted to re-see that movie so we rented it from our local Blockbuster. This was the VHS version as they didn’t have the DVD version of the movie out at the time. We were very upset when that particular line was cut.

    My quote should be really easy: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid

  56. ‘Almost as complicated as living organisms. In some cases, they have been designed by other computers. We don’t know exactly how they work.’

  57. Existenz would make an excellent Palooza movie.
    We could probably dig through John Carpenter’s ouvre for a good one too.

    Van – your quote was from the 70s? IS it “Logan’s Run”? Or “Saturday
    Night Fever”?

  58. From the 70’s? I’d almost think Star Trek: The Motion Picture, regarding the machines that created V’ger. But that line doesn’t sound familiar.

    Exit polls say it’s still too close to call on this one.

  59. Oh Deadpan, take me away!!

    I am hiding in my photo studio from 8 football watching men downstairs!

    I made them food and left it out for them and ran up here to hide 🙂

    Good luck with work there bunny

    as for me, I’m gonna work on art stuff

  60. Well, my princess is splinted up and on crutches for most of this next week. She and her friends got a little too bouncy on the trampoline yesterday and she came down wrong. She’s at least got a stretched ligament, which can heal – or she’s torn it, which means surgury.

    The good news is that it is very very difficult for a kid her age to actually tear one.

  61. Woah, step away from the computer for an hour and Dead Pan comes alive (maybe it’s me?)

    Thanks, Andrea. I think I’m almost caught up.

    Ed, sorry to hear about your girl. Hopefully she’ll be up and bouncing soon.

    Van, trust me when I say, my fur is fine 😉

  62. Now that’s strange Ed. While on the trampoline yesterday, my little girl got underneath me and I got head butted to the face. I’m sporting a black eye for the efforts and Cali has a bump on her head but is fine. November 8th shall now be know as National Avoid the Trampoline Day.

  63. Rhettro, Ed: Wishing you and your little ones speedy recoveries.

    I am determined to finish all the rerecording that I need to do for the episodes of “The Questors from Effpiem” that are currently in progress when I get home tonight. It helps that I’ve had two cups of coffee and a soda today. 😀 Also want to accomplish some writing and some online classwork.

  64. TSH: Thank you!

    Internet connection at home was down the last time I checked. In case I’m unable to post any updates on my productivity tonight: Good night, Deadpan. Good night, mush.

  65. TO is getting all heavy again…

    I made a mistake.

    The whole proposition eight, “toning it down”

    I thought that it was simply a matter of mainstream America not been ready to accept homosexuality. I didn’t realize that there was a highly organized campaign funded by the Mormon Church. Also a campaign of misdirection focus on black voters. There are even fliers stating Obama wanted people to vote yes on proposition eight.

    My tactic was attempting to downplay people’s fears of homosexuality. A soft sale will not work against an organized smear tactic. My comments were uninformed. I do think the proposition would’ve failed if it didn’t have such active support.

    The question I’m left with is why the hell do a bunch of Mormons over in Salt Lake City give two shits about what happens over in California? Personally, I’m a fairly libertarian guy that comes to how people want to live there sexual lives. I would even be in favor of allowing Mormons to go back to polygamy. (As long as he didn’t force children to marry)

  66. Ed.
    Sorry about the wee one.

    Fun fact about trampolines – most pediatric medical organizations STRONGLY advice against getting them. They are apparently easily used to launch children (and adults?) into each other and into uncontrolled airspace with quite catastrophic results.

    However, almost all of their danger can be mitigated through the use of a properly installed/maintained safety net and by limiting the trampoline to just ONE user at a time.

    … and for any of us who had access to a trampoline as a kid, we know just how long THAT rule gets followed!

  67. Indeed. We took the brace off tonight to give her a bath and she’s able to walk with some pain. Which is a big improvement over last night when her leg would just buckle as soon as she tried to move. Things are looking promising on that road to recovery.

  68. Trucker Overdrive, We had the same thing happen in here with the churches getting involved in the push to pass 102. We have a Mormon church in the center of our neighborhood and ours was the lone standing house for miles with the “No on 102” sign on it. (102 is basically the same as 8 in CA) The “Yes” signs were everywhere and it definitely appeared that the churches around here were handing them out.

  69. I wonder what the numbers were on Prop 102, CJ. Was it close? I’m guessing it wasn’t.

    Funny that Deadpan is on politics; I just popped in to express disgust and semi-surprise that Limbaugh and Hannity are *already* blaming things on Obama. The smear has *already* begun. Unless the sensible Republicans stage an in-party civil war to dismiss the loud, influential, horse-blinder hysterics (Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter), then the next 4 years are going to be really ugly for Obama, whether his administration is a success or a failure. (See: The 8 Clinton years. Like him or hate him, there’s no denying that Bill Clinton was under constant assault from the right during his entire tenure in the Oval Office.)

  70. Yes Votes: 1,040,122 56%
    No Votes: 801,437 44%

    I’m so not political, but I am hopeful for change in the right direction. Negativity is so completely pointless.

  71. Morning Pan.

    Bill Clinton MADE Rush Limbaugh.
    Rushes “hate radio” career had it’s sole focus on hating Clinton and spending each and every day trying to insite as much hate against Clinton as possible. That’s all the guy had. Which is why when Dubya and Co. took office, Limbaugh’s “career” dried up and blew away.

    His 15 minutes were over. Thank goodness.

  72. So I’ve been at work one hour and no one has asked me about my black I yet. When someone does ask me I will state “The first rule of Trampoline club is…”

  73. Morning, Deadpan!

    Just catching up . . . Awesome pics, Hottie; I agree with your comments, Trucker; Rhettro has a black eye.

    I’ve got to say that I’m having a hard moment with your “thankful for Mormons” comment, Ed. Kinda hurt my feelings.

  74. My lingering cough is lingering into its third week. At first it was a proper cold with all range of symptoms, that seemed to go away within a weekend or so. Then it was a lingering cough with some slight headcold symptoms.

    Last night it was resurgent, the cough is much more frequent and annoying. I somewhat suspect it of actually being cold virus #2 and the first one being mostly gone.

    Can’t I recover fully a day or two???

  75. I had a copy of “Lost Worlds of 2001” from the original paperback print run (bought used, obviously), but I’m not sure where it has gotten to. Perhaps it is in a box next to “Brave New World Revisited” somewhere in the basement?

  76. The economic crises continues.

    For those of you who find this content to dark … here is a link to a clip from “The music Man’
    If that is too “low brow” here is a clip from Madam Butterfly.

    – Circuit City (electronics retailer) has declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.
    – Major investment bank analyst has cut the price target of GM’s stock … to $0
    – and former financial giant AIG has announced that there bailout has been restructured. The will now be given more time to pay it back, a BETTER interest rate and another $100 something billion dollars of tax payer money.

    As if ANY one could straighten this mess out in 4 years.
    Have to wonder if McCain is feeling a bit of relief at not being stuck with this one!

  77. I tend to avoid the political and social discussions on DP, however I do feel sorry for Obama.

    He’s inheriting such a big mess, there’s no way anybody can put it to rights quickly. Everybody seems to have high hopes for him and have put him on such a high pedestal, there’s no way he can live up to their expectations. I figure, no matter how good he is, he’s still headed for a fall.

  78. unless there is a news story I have not heard yet, yeah I am covering my ass, Obama is seems okay. He is a real states men. Any thing he does will be better then what we got now.

    Even if he does fall. I think he can do it with grace.

  79. Sorry J0e, no euphemism… although, from a female point of view, the real thing is -almost- as good. (vacuuming that is).

    Hopefully, we’ll “euphemize” later tonight when I get home from MA 😉

  80. Is there a age-related line of demarcation associated with deciphering of 1337? I think at 35 I must be real close to the “too old” side.

  81. Alright, friends, time for some seriousness and then I’ll be done. EssBee and I had an exchange today over my position on Prop 8 in California. I know I’m on the opposite side from EssBee and probably from many on Deadpan. I’m going to take this time to explain why I feel as I do so that everyone will understand. I’m not looking to convince anybody.

    Billions of year of evolution have given rise to our male and female forms. We exist in these distinct forms for the purpose of reproduction. One man and one woman join together and contribute their distinctiveness to produce a new and unique person.

    From this, thousands of years of societal development have lead to the realization that, in order for a society to thrive and grow, it must do well in the production of the next generation. Marriage exists as a protected status to unite one man and one woman in a permanent union for the production and care of the next generation of society. Over time who can and cannot marry has been refined, ordered toward the good of society.

    Today, everyone here enjoys the same and equal right to marry one person of the opposite sex, who is not closely related, who is of age to consent, and who is not enjoined due to another union.

    What is being sought today by proponents of same sex unions is a special exemption from the equal right stated above. If, as a society, we grant an exemption from the most fundamental part – man and woman – then all the other elements become arbitrary and it becomes logically and legally questionable for any of them to hold.

    Groups like NAMBLA are strongly in favor of same sex unions as they know that knocking down the pillar of man and woman makes it much easier for them to argue for legitimacy of their desire to have relationships with young boys. It becomes logically difficult to argue against their position if same sex unions are granted.

    The same is true of incest. How can we say that it’s OK for people with same sex attraction to get an exemption, yet tell a brother and sister, or father and daughter, that their unions are still off limits? On a practical level, why should I not be able to marry my mother after my father dies, so that she then becomes covered by my companies insurance benefits?

    The last one is quantity, as Trucker Overdrive made note of. Again, if man and woman no longer holds, then upon what basis can we say no to man and woman and woman and woman?

    Now, if you favor same sex unions, and also support incest and polygamy, then, while I disagree with you, I will at least acknowledge that you hold a logically consistent position. I doubt that if you asked most of those protesting in California right now if they are also ready to march in support of incestuous and polygamous unions, that you would get a positive response.

    I’m certainly not naive and I know that many who voted in favor of Prop 8 did so out of “fear” and “hatred”. While I think some of that is a backlash against efforts in recent decades to treat same sex attraction as normative, it doesn’t justify the violence and mistreatment that people with this condition are subject to.

    It’s also clear that marriage has taken a pretty good beating over the last several decades as well. A 50%+ divorce rate is abysmal and a sign that people no longer take seriously, or understand the seriousness, of entering into a marriage relationship with another person. The fact that terms like “starter wife” and “trial marriage” have entered our lexicon are pretty damning indictments of our society, in my opinion. Quite frankly, I don’t know how we turn it around. Obviously, there are those who argue that, heteros don’t take the marriages seriously, so why not let homos “marry” as well. I think that represents the wrong direction and will only further the slide in our cultural egos towards ever greater narcissism and cynicism. I had hoped that my generation would learn from the mistakes of the Baby Boomers and make things better, but it’s not looking promising so far. I fear we still have a way to fall before our society hits rock bottom. Maybe we can’t be saved and maybe we don’t deserve to be. Other empires and grown up, reached their golden ages, and eventually decayed through societal rot. So far, we appear to be on that same path.

    That’s one of the reason’s that it’s hard for me to get much excited about political candidates, parties and elections. Both sides seem more interested in grabbing power for themselves, rather than trying to improve things overall. Maybe Obama will prove to be different, but his record and rhetoric give little reason for optimism.

    Well, that ranged out a bit from where I started, and I think that’s enough for now. I don’t expect or desire to convince anybody else here of anything, only to explain where I’m coming from and how I see things.

  82. Ed, I don’t think anyone doubts that your stance is not hate-based. Your thoughts are eloquent and personal, as opposed to the hysterical, scripted vitriol from many others who hold anti-gay-marriage viewpoints.

    I’ll say a few things in response. I’d draw a distinction where minors are involved. That’s a case where one party is unprepared to make adult decisions about adult situations, and really, therefore, is a victim. I don’t see that in the same category as gay coupling. I’d actually disagree entirely with the notion of categorizing polygamy, incest, adult-minor relations, and gay relationships. I suppose that’s where we fundamentally disagree. Which is 100% cool. No two friends are ever in 100% agreement on every topic.
    But mainly – I echo what ditto said. And I think that *this* is a progressive and (dare I say?) important step in the right direction. . . Where you and EssBee hold strong opposing views on a subject – to the point of the views being offensive to each other – yet you still conduct your discussion with mutual respect and (I hope) friendship.

    OK, I really need J0e’s cupcake link now.

  83. I can’t agree with equating acceptance and recogniton of homosexual relationships to societal rot.

    But I can move past it and find other common ground without it ruining anything. Some of that moving past is probably because I feel I have no personal stake in the issue, I have a heterosexual marriage which I don’t feel is affected in a negative way by recognizing more human beings’ right to love one another and be recognized as acceptable.

    Okay, that’s all I have to say on the matter, I think.

  84. I know everyone knows my opinion already, and I was really trying to not get on a soapbox here again- but I do have to say first that I know I can’t agree with Ed’s statement at all, but I respect his opinion for sure.

    I agree that Ed is not a rhetoric spouting crazy person, and that is why i can get along with him. He accepts that a lot of us here disagree but I think (I hope) we have all made him feel comfortable enough to have his opinion. As someone who has always tried to go against the grain in my life, and lived my life the way I wanted, and tried to not listen to society, and tried to adopt an attitude of you live your life and I’ll live mine. Ive always appreciated when I found people who agree to disagree with me and not tried to change me.
    I mean shit.. look at how bad my english and grammer are and you guys still let me comment here 🙂

    But yes I do disagree. The problems Hugh and i have felt in our marriage have come from within I don’t think allowing gays to marry will give our marriage any more or less chance of succeeding.

    I think the issue of rising divorce rates is simply people rushing into marriage. I agree with Ed saying people look at marriage too casually. I agree that I think people don’t consider the consequences of their actions, they are not looking into the future at all. So many failed marriages I have seen, I have heard 1 party saying: I thought they would change after we got married- what? Why would someone change the core person they are after marriage? Marriage is the combining of 2 lives, its not 1 person changing hte other to fit into their illusion of what they want. 1 major crisis and marriages fall apart instantly.

    I agree that marriage needs to be between only 2 consenting non related adults. But I do not think removing the rule of man and woman will make those other rules less important. NAMBLA is out of their fucking minds if they think the man/woman rule will somehow open the door to them.

    beyond that, based on my experience, the success of my marriage can be attributed to:
    1. compromise
    2. ability to communicate (which means being able to speak your mind AND listen)
    3. respect

    those are the things we need to concentrate on. Gay couples have the ability to do those 3 things. So if they are adults, and not related or married to anyone else. I say more power to you.
    The reason I do not think that letting gay couples marry will open the door to incest is because the reason we do not allow incest is a medical reason. Adults and children cannot marry because how can a child ever be a consenting adult?

    Finally, thank you Ed for sharing your opinion.

  85. Should cupcakes be eaten before, during, or after sex (or all three)?

    I have done each these things⎯at once. Recently my sweet, sweet boyfriend bought me a vegan cupcake and fed it to me by hand, not allowing me to use my own hands for anything. It was a pivotal sexual experience, an intimacy rivaled by none.

    What makes cupcakes themselves so sexy and delicious?

    You’re putting something really cute in your mouth, a wholly naughty act on its own. Cupcakes just demand that you feel sweet and downright dirty when you eat them. They are as wholesome, adorable, playful and pervertable as a pair of white cotton panties.

  86. A big part of the difference, a divide which may (sadly) be unbridgeable is whether you view bi- and homosexuality as unnatural and preventable or as natural and the way some people are. I fear those who wish to ban gay marriage also feel that the problem of homosexuality can be prevented.

    I seem to have walked through some glue this morning, and the soapbox is rather stuck. I really enjoy balanced discourse, but I also want to go back to lighter fare sometimes too…

  87. Hey Deadpan,

    I definitely respect everyone’s desire to move on. I think I’ll stay lurky for a while, because this one is just not move-onable for me. I usually get stuck and can’t move on when NAMBLA and incest are brought up in an argument against gay marriage. It just stops me cold. But, I’ll keep my chill to myself so y’all can talk about something fun – I totally get that.

  88. I was just listening to some of the NaNoWriMo podcasts and whoa. I recognized your voice before I remember where I knew the name from, Amy. It’s like a little star in my day when this happens.

  89. EssBee: Sorry, I’m certainly not trying to shut anyone down. Feel free to ignore me and say what you need to say. 🙂

    Van: Nope. Don’t feel like sharing; just needed to vent.

  90. Thanks, ditto. You’re da man, truly. I didn’t feel shut down by you. I just don’t want to drag the entire ‘pan down with my thoughts – at least not today. Or, ask you said, don’t feel like sharing.

    /EssBee on a drag

  91. *swooon* to cupcakes and beekcakes.

    Is there anything sexier than a naked man with a whole mess of rope?

    Hugh sez: those girls have nice cupcakes.

    Hugh sez2: In answer to your question, I will simply say: yes. I will keep the long answer to your question between us

    🙂 LOL

    ditto- i can sympathize with you. When it rains, it pours for sure. I hope things look up soon.

    EssBee- we send you a big hug

  92. Bunny- I think we established everyone is entitled to their opinion. 🙂
    He isn’t the most attractive guy in my book either, but he did deserve a swoon.
    I actually find personalities to be way sexier than a persons body. Pictures like that, and porn in general have their place methinks.

  93. Scenario:

    You’ve just met someone for the first time, and you realize they have inadvertently tucked their shirt into their underwear. What do you do?

  94. Hey, Pan. I appreciate everyone’s comments. I knew coming in that my view would be across from most here and I respect everyone’s feedback on it.

    One of the great things I find about the deadpan is that it is a place of ideas – both on pod and on the message board. Over these last few years I’ve certainly found many interesting and challenging ideas here. Some I’ve come to agree with, others I’ve had to respectfully disagree with. I’ve learned quite a bit and hopefully shared some in return.

    I’ll also say that I’m thankful to all those veterans, especially on this day dedicated to them. Because of their service, we enjoy the freedom to have these discussions and have bloodless revolutions every four years to choose our leadership.

  95. I like to contribute something to today’s discussions. But I’m too tire to think and I won’t do right by anyone. Good points all around, though.

    In the interest of lightening things up Six String Bliss has released a collection of TV theme song covers performed by the amatuer guitarists in their group. Go download it for free at http://www.sixstringbliss.com. No I’m not featured but that is a good thing. 😉 Maybe next year.

  96. Unfortunately the “cream filled” comment made my mind flash to the movie “Van Wilder.”

    What the heck is wrong with me?

    Why can’t I just get swoony?

  97. It’s always interesting to see people talk about their weather.

    I walked with my kids in the Veteran’s Day parade today to honor my father. We were outside waiting for our turn to walk for 3 hours, then we walked for about 15 minutes.

    I’m horribly sunburned, but I’m happy. I’m almost always happy though and although I don’t like cake, I love cupcakes. Go figure.

  98. I was playing the Left 4 Dead demo earlier on the 360.

    I have my doubts about this one, even though the demo is MP only, it seemed to get tedious fast.

  99. Nomad Scry: YAY! I’m so glad to hear that! It’s a little star in *my* day when I get “hey, I heard you!” messages like that! 🙂

    I don’t know when I’m going to be able to contribute to another NaNoWriMo podcast, though. All my time lately has been taken up by podcast editing and Real Life.

  100. Okay, the “Rookie” side I don’t know much about as it is Sigler I haven’t had contact with, but I’m completely awesomely excited about Scott’s new online comic venture http://addictivecomics.com due to the other launch title “Black Jack Justice,” a supremely awesome 50’s detective comic based on Greg Taylor’s podcast series of the same title.

  101. Jack, don’t worry too much, I’ve flaked on my own podcast/podiobook for months now. Plus, with employers flaking, we can hardly worry about these other “problems,” right?

  102. From the latest Dilbert Newsletter:

    “I wish life was in 3-D.”

    “You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!”

    “I have to go drop a kidney.”

    “I’ve already forgotten more than I’ll ever know!”

    “I’d rather be safe than sore.”

    “He smokes like a fish!”

    “He’s not the sharpest hole in the wall.”

    “My sister gave me a cream-colored couch, and honest-to-god I hate it as much as life itself.”

    “I’m running around with a head like a chicken.”

    “It’s going to be bad around here when the cows come home to roost.”

  103. I don’t think we’re in for a double-unshow tonight, but since I’m moving this weekend (Yes, again. Yes, I know. Enough already, goddamn it.), I’m not sure what we’re in for. It will all depend. Just a heads up.

  104. Hey pan

    been a busy day here

    Speaking of cooking: I made a really good thai chicken today from cooking light magazine for lunch

    it was nummy, annd quick and easy

    Good luck Jack!
    wait.. your moving???? again?!?!??!?!!???!?!??? wha?!?!?!?! 😉


  105. Yeah, I’m just downgrading apartments to save rent money. Not even changing apt. complexes. Sigh.

    Thanks for the recipe and the luck-wishes, Smarty Hotties.

    I just saw that Mitch Mitchell died. Bummer.

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