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  1. Holy snow Deadpan. Lake effect snow warnings up again for another 1-2 feet. Luckily I should be just east enough to only get 6 or so. Hasn’t been above freezing for nearly a week.

    Where is your global warming now Al Gore!

  2. oooh, I don’t know what they’re doing, but the whole house is vibrating. I wonder, if I sit just right, could get something out of these vibrations…

  3. It’s probably a matter of my different perception in each of the four years in question, but…

    Okay, so in “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” the characters go to their 10th high school reunion, and it got me to thinking. 2008 doesn’t feel a whole lot different than 1998, for the most part. Yet, when I was in high school, 1988 felt a whole lot different than 1978.

    Again, it could be that the difference of perception in my 5- and 15-year old minds was vastly great compared to the difference between 25 and 35…

  4. ditto: We’re flying into Wichita tomorrow night and staying at my folk’s house in central Kansas. Early next week I plan on visiting KC. I’ll contact you when plans are finalized. 🙂

  5. I think Paul’s Boutique was the first thing I remember that consciously retro-revered the 70s. Funny, that album kinda flopped when it came out in 1989, but then found popularity later on in the mid-90s, when the 70s were hip. I guess the Beastie Boys were just ahead of their time with that one.

  6. I agree JB, there was something about the feel/style of your examples.

    Thinking back:

    Summer 1976,I was 8. I remember the US Bicentenial being a big deal and the funny quarters, converse sneakers, bands like ABBA playing on the radio. I used to fish a lot with my brother and we all had bell bottoms and 70’s hair.

    Summer 1986, I was 18. I remember this as the “techno” era. I had a computer, there was hair metal and new wave on the radio. Lots of teal colored things. There was the Shuttle Challenger explosion that kind of put a damper on the Reagan optimism. Lots of people wore Vans shoes. I had spiked hair.

    Summer 1996, I was 28 and married. In a lot of ways the 90’s were a modern version of the 70’s with less structure. Grunge and a lot of music I didn’t care for was on the radio. My hair was short and not much different than now. I can’t remember the tan leather shoes I wore, but they were popular. LOL

    Summer 2006, I was 38, married w/ kids and moved out of state. Radio? What’s that? Turned on to the underground internet music scene, much improved over the 90’s. Hair turning more grey. Wearing some no name brand leather shoe. Styles have become eclectic. Nothing dominants really.

  7. Fascinating meme here – holy crap.
    I’d love to hear some of this onpod, if anyone wants to do what Rhett and JohnBoze have done – but say it aloud. I may do just that for the next Deadpan episode.

    OK, I’m becoming the old-school Alvie of the comments page. bbl

  8. While Hugh waits for the market to close I wanna play! I look back at my memories and every 10 years me and my life were always so completely different.

    1973 i was born. When I look back at the 70s all I remember is Star Wars. Every year from 1977 on I was Princess Leia or R2 for haloween and I remember seeing Star Wars in Argentina with my cousins and we were all about Star Wars- and obviously I was young and just did what my brothers did. My parents always listened to classical music or the beatles.

    1983 – the Madonna era began. Forget putting my hair in big buns and beeping like R2. I wanted to be blonde and wear my underwear on the outside 🙂 Before Madonna I loved the Go Gos. I was very much moving away from my brothers and discovering girly things. I remember getting our 1st mac in the 80s and all the big hair.

    1993- oh boy I was completely different by here. Totally punk. All black, shaved my head.

    Ah ok, markets closed, we gotta go now. 🙂

    c u l8r

  9. Kill Zombies, good idea Van. LOL In a weird bit of syncronicity, PT from Six String Bliss said that he talked with Brian of Coverville. Evidently Brian has listed to the “Stay Tuned” album and liked it. So of the guys (not me) might try and submit cover material for the upcoming “Squeeze” cover episode.

  10. “An Ceiling Cat sayed, im in ur waterz makin a ceiling. But he no yet make a ur. An he maded a hole in teh Ceiling.7 An Ceiling Cat doed teh skiez with waterz down An waterz up. It happen.8 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has teh firmmint wich iz funny bibel naim 4 ceiling, so wuz teh twoth day. “

  11. Going to try a new recipe today. Bourbon Street Bars. They actually use bourbon so I’ll have to go out and get some when the store opens.

  12. So I’m helping my husband mark some test in preparation for report cards.

    Question: Think out an organism in the ecosystem. Name a good effect and a bad effect that organism has.

    Answer: A bird. Bad – it poops; Good – all animals have rights

    Kids can be funny 🙂

  13. Thanks for the funny story, Bunny. Great way to start the day!

    Morning, Deadpan! Foggy and icy in Northern Colorado this morning. Maybe a few degrees warmer than Calgary.

  14. ditto, that’s a multi-purpose trophy. You can put it on your mantle to display how great you are; and you can use it for… other things 🙂

  15. Silly answer from the final set of questions:

    Q: Why would they discuss a theory in the text book, even though the theory has been proven wrong?
    A: Because the text book people thought is was something we should know

    makes sense 🙂

  16. TEB: I’m appalled by the reimagining of Trek. I’m sure JJ will make a fun popcorn movie, but it isn’t the Trek universe that I know and love.

  17. Had quite a mess to clean up, though. Some unknown bunny (maybe me, but I’ll never tell) dropped the container flour on the kitchen floor when she was putting it away.

  18. I bought some Labrot & Graham, Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select bourbon. I wanted to get a decent alcohol as I only used a small amount in the bars (2 tbs.) and wanted something we could drink as well

  19. mmm, cheesecake.

    No, I have to admit, Van, alcohol, no matter what kind, does not work with cheesecake. I prefer mine with fruit or plain.

    mmmmmm, blueberry cheesecake *drool*

  20. As much as I love it, I don’t eat cheesecake that ofter (maybe once or twice a year). It’s not exactly a woman’s thigh’s best friend 😀

  21. So, I’ve returned from the computer store with a pile of boxes. I’m going to be rebuilding my computer for the next couple of days. I’m very excited. 🙂

  22. I still spent a fair bit, but I know that by assembling it myself I will be saving a lot of money and that this computer will last me quite a few years.

  23. That is the Space War game I was thinking of, Van. I used to play a souped up version on the Atari 800, which allowed up to 4 players. Fun stuff. Amazing that it was being developed in 1961.

  24. Awesome ditto!

    I’m hungry now, thinking about Thanksgiving, Amy.

    We did loads of yard work today. Now it’s time for a late lunch/early dinner and then movie night — DVD night rather. Speed Racer? Maybe.

  25. Van: Built from scratch. That way I get a better computer for the same amount of money. I like the Ars Technica builds. Mine is a variant of their Hot Rod system.

    CPU = Intel Dual Core E8400
    GPU = Visiontek Radeon HD 4870 1GB

  26. My old computer was 5 years old and had some electrical issues that I could never track down. I had replace the motherboard 3 times, power supply twice, and lost one hard drive. I’m not sure if I lost any during this crash. I sure hope not.

    So far, this new computer has been the easiest, problem-free install I’ve ever had; knock on wood.

  27. Hi from Kansas. We made our trip in good shape.

    Amy, it’s too early to get me hungrey for Thanksgiving. Are you baking any ginger snaps?

    Ditto, that’s the system I want to build. Maybe if the stupid economy picks up I’ll will. So far, it looks like I will be in KC on Tuesday. I’ll email you more details as things come together.

  28. Rhettro: LOL!!!! No, I’m not baking any gingersnaps for Thanksgiving, but now that you mention it, I might make them for our Christmas party in a few weeks. 😀

    EssBee and Rhettro: Sorry for making you hungry so early, but the members of my AmeriCorps service team are getting together tomorrow for a team Thanksgiving dinner, before we disperse to various places on the actual day. That’s why I’m cooking now.

  29. Butternut squash, pumpkin, and brownie pan were all acquired tonight, plus a pan for the squash. Turns out I need a second can of evaporated milk to cook the squash with. If there isn’t another usable one already in the kitchen, I’m going out again tomorrow. Sigh.

    Good night, mush.

  30. Sounds like you have a kitchen full of different kinds of mush, Amy.

    I just got back from recording a LLAP and just hanging with Dan & Cj, which was a lot of fun. Very cool people. I really have to go back and listen to their old episodes.

  31. early morning / late evening pan
    Small baby waking me up early on the west coast
    Trying to contribute more soon as baby has hit 6 months

    Jake In ca

  32. Jack: Yes, I do have a kitchen full of different kinds of mush. Currently, there’s sweet-potato mush in a glass baking dish and pumpkin mush in a can. Today I get to spend much of the afternoon turning the butternut squash into mush with the help of a cheese grater.

    Hi there, Jake!

  33. My husband, knowing I have a few errands to run later today, goes “I don’t suppose you are going anywhere near Sentry Box?” I wasn’t but am now.

    for those not in the know, Sentry Box is Canada’s largest gaming and SF/F book store http://www.sentrybox.com/

    It’s never a chore to go there 🙂

  34. The E8400 is a nice processor. It’s what I’m running now in the unplanned rebuild I did a couple of months ago. It’s about 3x as fast, but only uses half the power of the AMD that it replaced. That old machine could scramble eggs from the heat. Not so much the new one, but I’ve learned to live without that bit of functionality.

  35. Van, I saw you comment about podcasts that you can’t subscribe to in Itunes. I take that you mean ones that aren’t listed in the Itunes music store. If so, you can actually add any RSS podcast feed via cut and paste. I’m not at my main machine right now, so I can’t check exactly how to do it. But, I have had to use it to subscribe to several shows. (Actually, I find it easier to do that than to search through the Itunes store anyway).

  36. Ah, it is as I remembered. It’s under the “Advanced” menu. You should see “subscribe to podcast” as an option and you will get a dialog box. Cut and past the RSS feed url from your browswer and paste it into the box. As long as the author has a properly formatted RSS feed, you should see the list of episodes in your podcast section.

  37. I made eggs, bacon, biscuits, and gravy for my hubby and kids for breakfast and homemade chili and etc. last night. My house smells of yum and yet, I’m pretty sure Amy’s house smells better. So, I need directions so I can go eat at Amy’s now.

    I hear Olivia Newton-John singing “Physical” in the other room where my husband is on his computer. I’m really not sure if I want to know what he’s doing in there.

    I hope all of you are having a great Sunday!

  38. Back from neighbors’ townhouse, taking a break. Butternut squash mush is in the oven over there, and pumpkin pie mush is in a bowl on the counter. I’m about to take the sweet potato mush over to the townhouse where the main course will be served.

    Cj: 🙂 It would smell good in here if not for the fact that we’ve had both the front and back doors open all day, for the cross-breeze. My house is in Florida, on the beach in between Orlando and Miami.

  39. Just got back from seeing this guy in Stockton on Tees:


    Great gig and nice theatre that was built in 1766..thankfully the toilet facilities had been improved over the intervening years.

    Ed I was talking about downloading podcasts direct to the iphone over a wifi link without using another computer. The new firmware allows this but it’s so limited I’ll doubt I will use it much in future.

  40. You know, I’m looking for a new phone when my contract comes up in March. Why is it, with all everyone knows about phones and tech and wifi and such, nobody can make a phone that doesn’t feature some major gimpage? It’d be one thing if every phone sucked at the same thing, but no. The iPhone is supposed to be the Holy Grail(tm), yet blows it on things like MMS that other phones have been doing for many years.

    Maybe I should just go get a string and a couple of cans.

  41. But enough of that!

    The kids are off to San Antonio with my parents for the week until we go for Thanksgiving. So, the wife and I took the opportunity to catch the new Bond film at the matinee. Definitely enjoyed it (much more so than “The Dark Knight”). I would recommend renting the previous one and watching it again if you haven’t seen it in a while. This new one really keys off of a lot from Casino Royale.

    And, we did get to see the new Star Trek preview as well. DAMN!!!! I know that people can cut trailers to make the crappiest movie look like must see material, but I can’t help but get excited about the new Trek movie.

  42. You know, one negative about the new Bond movie. I don’t know what they were going for, but that had to be one of the worst opening songs in the franchise’s history.

  43. Ed: I have difficulty imagining a worse theme song than “Die Another Day.” (Didn’t actually see the movie, but know that song – was it at the beginning of the movie, or did it play over the end credits?)

    All three kinds of mush I made received at least one compliment, so I’d say my first independent Thanksgiving cooking attempts were a triumph. I’m making a note here on the Deadpan boards: HUGE SUCCESS!

    😉 😀

    (Hey, Jack was the one who mentioned robot overlords… :-D)

  44. I am flabbergasted. I watched “Lost Cities of the Amazon” on the NG channel. It always bugged that we labeled so many societies as “primitive”. Yes, they may be primitive in certain respects but in others….. Well, the ancient Amazonians created an amazing soil called terra preta. This soil, in a region notorious for truly awful soil, has supported 3 fruit harvests a year for 1000 years. It’s incredibly stable soil. It’s 6 feet deep. If you put all the areas together, it would cover an area the size of France. And, we have no idea how to duplicate it. Primitive indeed. If we ever figure out how to duplicate this, it would revolutionize agriculture around the world.

  45. Jack, we know you just made the show better. You are welcome back anytime.

    Ed, I am pretty sure few people are as excited about the new Trek trailer as I am. I think I’ve watched it 10 or 15 times now. It’s hawt! I can’t wait.

    I went to Target and bought a pine fresh smelling candle. Now my house smells like a tree. I’ve had about 2 hours of sleep, so I’m off to kiss the kids and head to bed early tonight.

  46. Morning Pan,

    I’m surprised nobody hasn’t claimed the Amazonians weren’t taught to make tetra preta by aliens…they usually do when some ancient culture did something that modern day humans can’t explain easily.

    Work calls..meh!

  47. Morning Pan!

    Bunny’s on limping duty today as she stepped in some glass yesterday. I now get to go out today and replace a kitchen carpet, three kitchen towels, and a sock.

  48. Yikes, that is NOT a lucky rabbit’s foot. I hope it wasn’t too bad, TEB. No stitches?

    Gosh thanks, Cj. It was definitely fun listening to that episode again. You guys do have great onpod chemistry.

  49. TEB: Ouch! I’m sorry to hear about that. Yesterday, after a second person painfully stubbed (probably fractured) her left little toe on the couch near the bottom of the stairs, my roommate and her friend finally rearranged the furniture so that the end table is the first thing at the bottom of the stairs, reducing the chances of it happening again.

    EssBee: Short week for me, too! Yay!

  50. Back from the store. Also had a blood test done (not related to the injury). No stitches, Jack but there was an awful lot of blood. My hubby patched me up nicely. Maybe even too much.

  51. OH! Snoozefest – enough said.

    We watched Speed Racer yesterday. I liked it. I’ve been thinking since watching it about Jack’s on-pod question about little girls and movies like that one, though. Do little girls see Trixie and think that’s their only option? Or do they want to be Speed? What does that teach us?

  52. Day three of vacation tabs:

    0 words written for new book
    Broken drivers side window still not fixed
    Nothing on new podcast recorded

    I have however:
    Gotten through all three seasons of Dexter for the third time
    Watched Home of the Brave for the second time and recognized more local places it was shot
    Got through the opening cutscene of Zelda.

    I guess I should come to terms with the sentiment that the words “vacation” and “productive” aren’t necessarily mutual.

  53. Afternoon Pan, working a 1/2 day here, so pretty much just got in. Ultrasound appointment this late morning-all looks pretty good. I think we’ve settled on Iris for first name. I did say that it’s a girl on the Deadpan board at some point, no?

  54. Man, 20 years! I can say I’m an original fan, I watched on KTMA, after all. Used to have “City on Fire” on VHS but it is lost to the ages by now.

    I have an autographed copy of Kevin Murphy’s “A Year at the Movies” which I won at a screening of the locally produced movie called “Purple Haze.”

    And I had sushi a few years back with Bill Corbett, and earlier this year was at the “First of May” Coulton concert with him.

  55. So one for the blokes. One of the signs that you are getting on in years is that you start losing hairs on your shins. If your shins are as smooth as a baby’s bottom….

  56. TEB proves that she knows which one’s Haydn – and which one’s Handel. And I agree about the productive vacation. . .

    I have to confess that I’m not familiar with WWDTM, but yeah, I really don’t listen to anyone. And JB — Iris Maki has a nice ring to it.

  57. Middle name, I like Amber, Darcy leans toward… Well, phonetically, “Fay,” though we aren’t necessarily thinking of spelling it that way. Possibly “Fey”

  58. CP: Scheherazade, symphonic suite, Op. 35: No. 3, “The Young Prince and the young Princess” in G major – Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov

  59. No, JB actually I’m not. Classical music just seems to have stupidly long names.

    If it helps, now listening to Ouverture No. 3 – Bourree – Johann Sebastian Bach

  60. Oops, didn’t notice the query above. That would be Sigler Stank on Jan 17…

    Provided Iris isn’t a month premature, I’ll be going. I had a bunch of guest voices on RBT, and he’ll be the fifth I’ve met in person…

  61. CP: Ouverture – Overture (Suite) No. 2 – Polonaise – Double – Johann Sebastian Bach

    I seem to have a lot of Bach in my shuffle right now.

  62. I could never get into Dexter. I think I’m just a little too squeamish. We watched the first episode and said that was enough.

  63. Now I never found ‘The Machinist’ to be scary. Amazing what Christian Bale did to himself for that movie, enjoyed the plot and the ‘twist’ ending..but scary..no.

  64. Amazon.co.uk was rather strange this week. I had ordered a present for the ex (still on speaking terms..go figure) and got an email from them saying the release date was delayed to feb 09.

    So after deciding on a new present to get, another email arrived saying the item I originally ordered was on it’s way.

    Don’t you just lurve the lack of communication between departments in big companies…

  65. Can you tell us what you ordered, Van? Or do you worry that she’ll lurk in and the surprise will be spoiled?

    RE: Christian Bale. I think I first saw him in “Velvet Goldmine” with Ewan McGregor, which ends up as a Batman/Obi-Wan Kenobi slash. . . .

  66. What a tease with the latest Clone Wars cartoon. Just when you think a hated character is dead…

    Oh and I’m sure the animators stuck a tardis interior in part.

  67. JB: Congratulations! I love the name Iris.

    Jack, Vanamonde: NEEERRRDS! 😀 (It’s a compliment, guys.)

    Home from work. About to go and see if there are any leftovers from yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner. Afterward, planning on writing.

  68. OK – podcast related comment here:

    I have a silly, simple recording task for someone, if they’re up for it.

    Also – I’d love to get some “10 years meme” recordings from some of you guys (look above for comments from JohnBoze, Rhettro, Smarty Hotties, etc).

  69. Morning Pan, another cold day..fire and heating is on and my hands are still cold.

    On thinking about the ’10 years meme’, I realise I seem to have a gap where my 20’s are concerned.

  70. Morning, Pan. Just a half day today then I’m done for the week. I’ll probably be pretty spotty over the long holiday weekend as I’ll be out of town.

    This year, I’m thankful for, among other things, this most excellent community.

  71. My request for the day:

    Because most of us use pseudonyms, if you are trying to get a hold of me in the outside world, i.e. through Linked-In, Skype, Facebook, etc., you might want to mention in your message who you are in a name I might recognize (deadpan name). I have a tendency to either ignore or reject contacts if I don’t immediately recognize the name *gives Dubshack the evil eye* Sometimes I just don’t want to think that hard to figure out our connection 🙂

  72. Bunny, if your newsreader’s name is “Hurlburt”, you are doomed.

    Morning, everyone! I’m up and feeling thankful for lots of things today. As predicted, the sun came up once again.

  73. So Van, is this where I insert the comment about being “gotchaed” by two females?

    JB: a magical flower. I like that picture in the mind.

  74. CL: Sound Opinions “Podcast” (C’mon don’t get down on me, I don’t have time to listen to this stuff when it’s on-air…)

    Jim DeRogatis just compared Axl Rose to Elton John, favorably.

  75. CP: yesterday’s Rachel Maddow Show (audio)

    Interesting comment about U.S. bailouts. People who take showers BEFORE they go to work get government bailouts. People who must take showers AFTER work (steelworkers, autoworkers) don’t get anything.

  76. Wait a minute! I take my shower in the morning. I want my government money, then!

    Oh, yeah, Van, I think my male side and your male side should gang up on on EssBee’s 🙂

  77. Mmmmmm. Coffee. It’s the brew for the crew.

    EssBee: The new computer is great. A few interesting problems, but otherwise, I am back to my routine.

  78. Finally watched the movie “Waitress” last week. Really fun, good picture, didn’t put the late Adrienne Shelly’s name together with the Hal Hartley flicks I got into in the early 90’s until looking into her story after watching the movie.

    Uh, and about that, don’t look up her story until you’ve enjoyed the whole movie, and even then look into it at your own risk of really being sad after such a fun movie.

  79. Today I’m in KC visiting my sister’s family. Ditto, I’ll send you some contact information if you are available after 9PM today or so. 🙂

  80. In the books, Tara is a white character – unrelated to Lafayette – who doesn’t really come into the picture until about book 3. She is involved with a major vampire figure in the books, and is being treated very badly. She also owns a clothing store in Bon Temps. This witch character she’s with now is sort of a merge of another character from book 2.

  81. I did try a taste of “Big Fat Bacon” (purchased by another family member, can’t recall who) which was at a different stand. This was a 1/3lb strip of bacon on a stick with caramelized maple glaze. The one I had a bite of was pretty good-quality bacon, but the glaze had either been forgotten or inadequately applied.

  82. I found out something truly dangerous today. In downtown Osseo (about 5 minutes from work with favorable stoplights) there is a drugstore complete with Soda Fountain.

  83. Father Forgive Me by Tim O’Brien

    Heres a little story and it goes like this
    Jesus betrayed by Judas kiss
    Jesus needs him dont you see
    In his midnight garden of agony
    In his midnight garden of agony
    He says theres a job I need to do
    And Im gonna need a little help from you
    If Im gonna free this world from sin
    Somebody gonna have to turn me in
    Somebody gonna have to turn me in

    Father forgive me I never know
    I never saw this comin, no I never do
    I bow my head and I say your name
    Im just a pawn in a bigger game
    Im just a pawn in a bigger game

    Had me some friends with a big old band
    Lookin for a fiddler to lend a hand
    They had all the girls and the cocaine too
    Got out my rig and showed all I knew (x 2)
    Never got that gig even though I tried
    Its just as well cause I might have died
    Things arent always what they seem
    When you walk in a fog and you live in a dream (x 2)

    Father forgive me I never know
    I never saw this comin, no I never do
    I bow my head and I say your name
    Im just a pawn in a bigger game
    Im just a pawn in a bigger game

    Little bee buzzin around a flower
    Has no idea its his finest hour
    Has no idea about the greater scheme
    Hes just suckin up nectar for the queen
    Hes just suckin up nectar for the queen
    And that first time you spoke to me
    I couldnt know how big our love could be
    Who knew how far love could go
    Where it ends well never know
    Where it ends well never know

    Father forgive me I never know
    I never saw this comin, no I never do
    I bow my head and I say your name
    Im just a pawn in a bigger game
    Im just a pawn in a bigger game

  84. Pork Soda by Primus

    Now listen up you know ya come home from working that nine to five and
    lay yourself down on burgundy couch, you know, it never really was
    burgundy. It was red, and you painted with the goddamn sprinkler and
    now you have bits and pieces of burgundy stuck to your but every time
    you get off of it. You never tell your family, you never tell your
    family because, you know, ol’ Junior, he’s got no brains, and what can
    you do? What can you do? (And old Junior, you know, got a little crazy
    with that P.B.J. that one day…??)

    Grab yourself a can of pork soda
    You’ll be feeling just fine
    Ain’t nothin’ quite like sittin’ ’round the house
    Swillin’ down them Cans of swine

    Ha ha ha! Yes, Dad’s an idiot alright!

    Well, alright, I’m really starting to worry about you. You had to have
    that two-car garage with the large driveway so you could park that
    goddamn boat in it. If it wasn’t for the boat (blah blah blah)


    I like Kansas wine…

    Well, maybe it’s something simpler, like your team lost or your
    girlfriend used to be a guy, you know, I don’t know. I mean…(blah
    blah blah)

  85. Blech, month end. I have to go into the office all morning tomorrow. (mostly because I refuse to print the 4 reams of paper for month end reporting on my home printer).

  86. No Van, it’s a case of wearing out the office printer instead of my own. Also, I’d have to cart it all downtown at some point anyway to file it.

  87. So the new ST movie is looking cool…but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the scenes with the real young Kirk occupy barely more running time than the scene shown in the trailer.

  88. I’m using some of the looong holiday weekend to do some much needed cleaning and organizing in my computer room. Lo and Behold! What have I found!

    My long lost copy of Spherical Tomi!

    Not a bad way to start the holidays.

  89. I’ll have to wait until I get home to look at that. Work system doesn’t like anything with the name “sex” in it and I’d have to get out of the work I’m doing to override it.

  90. Yeah, as the link has nothing to do with the tinyurl, I was wondering if that would be a problem…

    There is the word “Chub” in there…

  91. Hope you survived the . . . he he . . . jab, Van.

    My girl and I are headed to SouthEastern Colorado, Denver, and SouthWestern Colorado over the next five days. I don’t know that I’ll be around the Pan much, and am a little bummed that I’ll miss downloading the next episode until Sunday. If I don’t talk to y’all until Sunday/Monday, enjoy your week! I hope those of you in the U.S. really enjoy your Thanksgivings and get to spend time with people you love.

  92. I suspect that’s what counts for humor among sausagemakers… at lleast the Alaskan ones. Those people aren’t all exactly right, y’know?

    And yes, I have relatives in Alaska, so I am indeed allowed to judge…

  93. Look at that. Already went through a ream of paper. Although, it looks like I’m going to get away with only needing three for this month.

  94. Ok, took a few minutes. got out of the work I was doing to override the internet proticols. Actually JB, that sausage looks pretty good (and no gutter comments from the peanut gallery 🙂 )

  95. Thanks JB! I’ll check out your chub when I get home. . . . . . . . . . . . . Um. Thanks for the intro!

    Safe and happy travels and visits, EssBee. Keep it Like Butta.

    Funny words so far today: prick, long, 69sex, chub, jab, ream, sausagemakers, “sausage looks pretty good”, peanut. . . .
    I’d say we’re behaving pretty well, considering.

  96. Peanut? Until you mentioned it, I never thought of peanut in any sexual connontation. But now…

    “oohhh, the shell is so rough…”

  97. So taking JB’s last post as a jump off point. What is the most unhealthy food dish you personally love but most people you know think is disgusting?

    For me it’s saveloys, peas pudding and gravy (made with Compton’s Gravy salt).



    I probably have mentioned this dish before.

  98. I tend to go for the sour foods. I will take a grapefruit, peel it and eat it like an orange. I’ve also been known to do the same with lemons.

    (as a related side note: whiskey sours = yum)

  99. I admit I had to look it up.

    From Dictionary.com

    1. light, bantering talk or writing.
    2. a frivolous or flippant style of treating a subject.

  100. I’m a little behind in responding to the weird foods I enjoy, but…
    I like gravy fries.
    Diet pepsi with chocolate syrup.


    Sour cream on a spoon, finger, or anything else. Sour cream is the best. food. evAr.

  101. JB, I’ve never had poutine, but it sounds good.

    Van, I can’t have regular Pepsi due to a nasty sugar sensitivity. I can deal with a little bit of syrup mixed throughout, but I can’t drink sugary beverages. Non-diet sodas and fruit juices make me incredibly ill. It’s not pretty.

  102. I have to pack a family of four for four days and I’m avoiding doing so. Anyone here want to do this for me? The rain is making me all daydreamy and lazy.

  103. Ok, just heard the most… interesting song. It’s Motormount from the group Anvil. Here are the lyrics so you can get an idea of how silly this song is.

    You’ve tried them all from big to small
    But no one’s turned your crank
    You’re here tonight to get done right
    I’m gonna fill your tank
    Pull in the bay it’s your lucky day
    Get up on the hoist
    From underneath we’ll tool and grease
    Gonna get you moist

    What I see just can’t be
    Have to work you overtime
    Gonna line you up and prime you up
    Make you run so fine
    Lift the hood if you know what’s good
    I wanna spark the gap
    Fuel injection – no infection
    Clean right to the cap

    Ride the clutch Motormount
    Drive all night
    Grind the gears Motormount
    Hold on tight

    Motormount (drive all night)
    Motormount (drive all night)

    Dip my wrench into your stench
    And twist the nuts up tight
    Anticipate, Accelerate
    And torque with all my might

    Manifold – Got to hold
    Transmission – Hydraulic spin

    High speed ride – Power Glide
    Can’t survive overdrive

    Pistons screaming, Rings are seizing
    Think your valves are gone
    Start to tire, then backfire
    No longer can go on

    Overheating – you’re peaking
    Start steamin’ – watch you blow

    High speed ride – Power Glide
    Can’t survive overdrive

    Motormount (drive all night)

  104. There’s something disturbing about the knowledge that tomorrow I’ll be totally without internet… And only because my parents have no wifi. I’m really tempted to bring my portable wifi router… but then my parents might get the idea I want to stick around…

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