461 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #105: Unshow 22

  1. So in the free paper today was the story about Van Morrison refusing to play at venues unless they ban alcohol sales.

    Dispose he lives upto his infamous grumpiness.

    Congrats to Rhettro for winning the last GJB.

  2. Morning Pan!

    Bunny slept in – didn’t get up until eight. That felt really nice.

    Van, I liked the “big letter” way fringe does places. Haven’t seen ep. 2 yet, It’s in my que.

  3. So I installed the new “Genius” from the latest version of i-tunes. I clicked on JMDP and it suggested the following as complimentary songs

    So What – Pink
    Disturbia – Rihanna
    Keeps Gettin’ Better – Christina Aguilera
    Hot N Cold – Katy Perry
    When I Grow Up – The Pussy Cat Dolls

    There were more, but I only mentioned the top 5. I found it a very… interesting list of recommended songs to go with Deadpan. Of course, now it wants me to purchase those songs

  4. I’m getting pissed off with the iPhone. Not sure if it’s the 2.1 firmware update or iTunes 8, but the damn thing won’t follow an On the Go Playlist, it keeps acting like I’m hitting the shuffle button..grrrrr!

  5. Van, when I did my update, just a few days ago, it too messed up my touch. Quite often now, when it goes into sleep mode, if I have something playing, the podcast, or song, etc, will start repeating the spot where it was, sort of like an album skipping.

    I’m not impressed either.

  6. Someday, I will become a master thereminist.

    TEB: Fascinating that Deadpan is associated with 5 saccharin-pop girl acts.

    That is a shame about the Brobdingnagian Bards. I hope they continue to do well in future projects with fewer syllables.

  7. Marc Gunn has put out several solo CD’s this year. I had the opportunity to review one.
    Andrew has very little online presents which makes it difficult to follow where he is going…

    They will be missed hopefully this won’t last long…

  8. Theremin’s for the win.

    I activated my genius on iTunes…admittedly with much trepidation.

    But it makes really good playlists….

  9. I can see an Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Pan Asian restaurants all from my office window…I am a veteran of foreign affairs with expertise in Asian relations.

  10. My poor kitty had his shots. As well as a blood test and urine. So am I an expert on animal welfare?

    oh wait, I’m Canadian… I don’t have to be an expert because I’m so nice and polite 🙂

  11. No, but he did get 2 minutes for unsportsman like conduct when he complained when they tried to take his temperature. With an additional 2 minutes for roughing.

  12. Just got back from seeing this lot:


    What was funny was the way the members of the group looked at the two men doing the dancing,it was like a diet coke commercial.

  13. Just got caught up on The Guild. Very funny stuff. And started watching Gemini Division. Interesting so far. Didn’t like the first episode of Venus Rises.

  14. I like Peter Gabriel and his music very much.

    Mr. Gabriel, if you have a robot looking for comments being posted about you and it has pointed you here, I just wanted to say “Thank You”.

    Oh … and you should collaborate with Jack Mangan on something. Thanks again.

  15. For the Bards fans, its typical Andrew to take the backburner in presence. Michelle (his new partner) is nice and a bit quiet. I travelled with her from Kansas to Houston a few years back and got to know her a bit. Although I’m sure she thought I was a bit strange 🙂

    Marc has always been the hyper one and the one to take on a mouthload of projects more than he can get to at any one time.

    Things about their new projects are creeping up on their website and on myspace.

  16. J0e, Jeremy: LOL! 🙂

    On an entirely unrelated note…

    ARRRRR!!!! Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day to all me mateys on the Deadpan crew!

    Right now, I must set sail for some meetings. I might check in this afternoon, though.

  17. A pirate walks into the bar with a ships wheel attached to the front o’ his trousers.
    The bartender asks, “What the hell is that ships wheel for?”

    The pirate says, “I don’t know, but it’s drivin’ me nuts!”

  18. Arrr, I be glad to see that we be celebratin’ Talk Like a Pirate Day in such a fine manner around here!

    Meetings went well. I remembered to talk like a pirate some of the time. I’ll be off in a bit to go and plunder some more booty for the party tonight.

  19. ditto: Check and mate! Agreed. 🙂

    If I had my copy of Watchmen handy, I’d post some excerpts of the Pirate story in here.

    Amy: Enjoy your party!

    Jack: I think they’d torture their victims with a Schoeder’s Cat and nine tails.

  20. A little boy is trick or treatin’ on Halloween by himself.
    He is dressed as a pirate. At one house, a friendly man asks him, “Where are your buccaneers?”
    The little boy responds, “On either side o’ me ‘buccan’ head!”

  21. So, are we calling for pirate themed contributions for the next Deadpan? Stolen paragraphs from Morevi, Watchmen, etc.?

    Would it be cheating to snip some of Tee’s podcast to send in for a stolen paragraph? He’s already done the recording, after all 🙂

  22. Jack: Brilliant! I sure hope Tee’s still reading this.

    Off to start doing the cooking for the party. I’m making the fourth edition of my special piratey dinner. I will take pictures. Please remind me to post them to Flickr, if I forget. 🙂

  23. Ahoy thar, me hearties!

    Tonight’s party was the best Talk Like a Pirate Day celebration I’ve ever had. There was a ton of food, including nuts, chips, salsa, cookies, crackers and cheese, “ship’s biscuit” baked by me, red beans and rice, fruit salad, grilled Spam, and turkey legs. And, of course, there was rum, and Coke to drink it with. Everyone enjoyed the food, most of my friends got into the spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I got to play some of my piratey music collection. I had an absolutely wonderful time. 🙂

  24. Just saw this and felt the need to share.

    If you’ll recall, Dick Cheney claimed that the office of the VP was NOT part of the Executive branch and therefore HE was not bound by any of the laws or rules that the President had to abide by.
    He also claimed that the Vice President was not part of Congress so he didn’t have to answer to them either.

    So a news organization has now put the question to both Biden and Palin – “Is the office of Vice President part of the Executive branch, Legislative branch or neither?”

    Biden said it was obviously part of the Executive branch and unlike Cheney, the White House won’t have to hire an army of lawyers and constitutional scholars to skate around something that anyone with common sense has known for 200 years.

    Palin’s answer to the same question … “No comment.”

  25. Californication is a great show, as is Dexter.

    Hugh sez: But nothing is as good as Mad Men

    oh hells no my brotha. Mad Men is da shit, yo

    and may I say… *Don Draper swoooon*

    Hugh sez: dis bitch be sweatin Don Draper yo

    I ain’t sweatin him.

    Hugh sez: you sweatin me?

    hells yes. I be sweatin you daddy

    Hugh sez: mmm mmm mmm


  26. on a related Deadpan side note

    We are on a Christopher Moore reading kick

    Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christs childhood pal
    has been read by me and is currently being read by Hugh

    Bloodsucking Fiends has been read by Hugh and is now being read by me

    Hugh sez: funny shit

    I haven’t been laughing as much at Bloodsucking Fiends as i was at Lamb, but still a good book

    Hugh sez: word sista

  27. so which Moore book will we read next?

    Hugh sez: I think the vampire story continues, I am sure you will want to continue that

    Hells yes! But I have a bunch of borrowed books I should read

    Hugh sez: oo yeah you have that Devils Apocrypha that looks good

    ooooo yeah. I heard that was a good read

    and we have a new crop of 33 1/3 book series installments to read from your last Amazon purchase

    Hugh sez: Yeah.. ESPECIALLY the one about Afghan Whigs that I can’t beleive you haven’t read yet

    OMG!!! I forgot we have that

    Hugh sez: you forgot we had a book about Greg Dulli in the house?!?!?! Are you well?


  28. A drive by TSHs posting..cool.

    Mad Men is indeed the proverbially dogs bollocks.

    Today’s useless tip:

    You may find that your liquidizer isn’t liquidizing a high calorie protein bar and you get left with a big lump going round in circles. Simply break the bar up by hand before putting it in the liquidizer and all will be well.

  29. Jack, Jack, Jack

    new segment??

    Bring the geek back

    Ha ha

    dont fix that

    Hugh sez: my geek never left

    no cheating Dubshack!!!

    geekify Gilligans Island

    Hugh sez: I remember when we did this!

    Hugh sez: *princess leia slave girl swooooooooooooon*

  30. its only a Dumbass moment

    Hugh sez: it sounds like he is transmitting from Tattooine (spelling?)

    am I going to lose my geek card for not knowing how to spell tattooine properly?

    He’s beating the buttons

    Hugh sez: that printer got the best of him

    no paper in the damn paper

  31. Christopher Moore!!!!!!


    Hugh sez: *swoooon2*

    I got sad at the end of the Biff book cuz, Like i know this is going to sound silly.. but he made Jesus so likable. Like he was just this normal really sweet guy who has this whole weight on his shoulders and he was so tortured about it.. and you know what finally happened to him.. it made me sad. I liked Jesus.

    Hugh sez: but you didnt like the Jesus in the bible?

    well I read the bible in highschool, I was more interested in you in highschool than the bible

    Hugh sez: you are a smart lady

    🙂 but the bible was so dry.. and it felt like a schoolbook you know? It felt like it was more about everything else, not just the teachings of Jesus. But the Biff book.. made him seem more real, focused entirely on Jesus and made him really likable and sweet. It made me sad when it ended to know what that sweet sweet mans fate was more than the bible did. Teh bible just made me think more only about his death and how I should feel bad about it.. how he died for me and it was all just full of guilt. the bible made me just feel bad that I even existed.
    Biff made me feel bad about Jesus the man.. Jesus as the boy growing up and all the normal things he thought that he couldnt experience cuz the angels told him he couldnt. He was just this normal adolescent kid. I cried for him

    Hugh sez: all those wasted years of religion class in highschool when if they just made you read Lamb you would of been such a good little catholic girl

    do you really think I could of been a good catholic girl?

    Hugh sez: LOL. No comment. I thought you were a wonderful catholic girl personally.

    I bet you did

  32. the left one!

    Hugh sez: YES! The left one is the good one.. c’mere lefty

    stop it! *smack* after deadpan you can play with lefty

    Hugh sez: you promise?

    I promise

    Hugh sez: ok I will leave it alone for now.. later my sweet lefty

    LOL.. oh.my.god

    Hugh sez: yes y child?

    *sigh* I need to find the nipples now

    Hugh sez: I know where they are, let me show you

    not those nipples Hugh!!

    Hugh sez: sorry 🙁

  33. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples sphincters comments comments teets areolas nipple comments comments nipples nipples greasy jelly nipple comments nipples through ep 97 phase 1

    Smarty Hotties® – 26
    The Energizer Bunny – 25
    Vanamonde – 20
    justa j0e – 19
    Mr ditto swooon – 17
    Rhettro – 12
    Dubshack – 11
    Ed From Texas – 8
    Rhettro – 8
    Jeremy- 7
    Leann 2.0 – 6
    Trucker Overdrive – 5
    Alvie – 4
    disgruntled scientist – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
    Lost Ralph – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    EesBee – 2
    psion andy – 1
    Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan – 1
    John Boze: 1
    g squared – 1

  34. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples sphincters comments comments teets areolas nipple comments comments nipples nipples greasy jelly nipple comments nipples through ep 97 final

    The Energizer Bunny – 27
    Smarty Hotties® – 26
    Vanamonde – 21
    justa j0e – 19
    Mr ditto swooon – 19
    Rhettro – 12
    Dubshack – 11
    Ed From Texas – 8
    Rhettro – 8
    Jeremy- 7
    Leann 2.0 – 6
    Trucker Overdrive – 5
    Alvie – 4
    disgruntled scientist – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
    Lost Ralph – 3
    EesBee – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    psion andy – 1
    Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan – 1
    John Boze: 1
    g squared – 1

  35. Hugh sez: Bunny beat us by 1 silly nipple

    1 nipple is not silly

    Hugh sez: true. Each nipple is important. You must spend quality time with each nipple before putting them in clamps

    ok if you are going to talk about nipple clamps I am going to get very distracted

    Hugh sez: later my sweet girl, later

  36. Jacks count didnt match ours?!?!??!?!?!?

    well only for Rhettro, our different counts didnt change the winner or anything but Jack said Rhett had 17 or maybe 20 and we have Rhett at 12.. eh whatev. We still lost 🙁

    Hugh sez: I demand a recount.. I bet Bunny has some dangling chads she is hiding

    there are no hard nipples?

    Hugh sez: lemme check.. Nope Jack, there are a few hard nipples over here

    well they are hard now after you rolled them around in your fingers

    Hugh sez: oh “sorry”

    🙂 you aint sorry

    Hugh sez: no, I’m not sorry at all girly

    🙂 *swoooon*

  37. what the hell do we do now?


    He apologizes to people who content he hasnt played yet

    send him shit peeps

    geeky Gilligan

    Jack has a plan, and he is a tease

    Hugh sez: No, my balls are no longer blue. Thank God.

    LOL.. poor Hugh

    awww Gandalf.. how cute

    he aint coming back after the music

    Jack just took 15 minutes from our lives we will never get back

    contents of the back of a police cruiser
    dont taz me bro!

  38. TSH: I’m so glad you enjoyed my Dumbass Memory in episode 97 so much! I knew there was no way to avoid that story sounding dirty to someone… but I recorded it anyway, because it was funny to me at the time. I’m glad it went over so well!

  39. I enjoyed it too! 🙂

    Smarty Hottie sighting!
    gotta agree with ASH about the readability of the Bible … at least for a kid. More deep thoughts on that later.

    gotta get this morning started.

    Could somebody reach over and pump up the volume?

  40. TSH: Yeah, Lamb is an awesome book. It’s sacrilegious and respectful at the same time. It’s definitely one of my favorite Moore books. If you liked that, you should read “The Stupidest Angel”.

  41. Why am I awake this early on Saturday? Oh yea, I ran 3 miles and went back to bed, but couldn’t sleep. Good thing the Pan is always awake. 🙂

  42. That would have gotten my vote, Vanamonde. Meaning Jar City, not the crap razor.

    It felt good in my cockles to read a brand new play-by-play.

    I hope the weekend is good to you all. Stupid best-laid-plans. . . .

  43. *pop* just popping in.
    Re – best laid plans. Sing it brother. Sing it!

    Re – “Lamb”. I am quite intrigued. I’m going to look for it.
    I really liked the film that I think was called “The Last Temptation of Christ”. The one with William Deffo (sp?)
    I loved the whole concept of, what if Christ had said, “Mmmmm, maybe not so much with me getting killed. Latta Bros”. I like that sort of alternate timeline treatment with any historical event/person type thing.

    Ok … back to doing the dumb things I gotta do … Touch the puppet head.

  44. Well Jar City was good, just don’t expect any suspense about the killer. Biggest yuk moment though was not the murdered people but the scene where the lead detective eats a sheep’s head. Not quite up there with that scene where a live squid is eaten (somebody posted a link a while back) but close.

  45. You can put the first in the don’ttellyourmatesyoudomartialarts category.

    As I entered the cinema I sat in front of three woman. Before I realised I may have been blocking their view, they moved further down the row they were sitting on. There was some whispering and then one piped up “I’m only a yellow belt don’t expect me to defend you”. Whether their attention was on me or somebody else in the cinema I cannot say.

  46. catching up

    j0e.. I would love to hear your comments on the bible.

    I have no problem with the book, I just think after reading Lamb that maybe someone needs to update the bible to be hipper to “the kids”. I think the bible does read like a textbook and maybe thats because from the moment I first started actually reading it, it WAS my textbook for religion class. I never saw it as anything but another stupid book I had to read for class the next day. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone, I dont mean it as an insult. It wasnt that I thought the bible was a bad book or I was putting it down, or thought less of it, but it was literally a textbook to me.
    Later in college I took a ‘bible as fiction’ class which I thought was terribly interesting and did make me appreciate it just a little bit more, but yet again it was my textbook and not a holy book.
    Maybe when teaching the bible to kids in highschool, they should just make a textbook about it, maybe that would help.
    I was a typical teenager. I was rebeling. I hated all my classes but art. I just wanted to make out with my boyfriend all day and listen to punk music and get high. Science, english, religion, math, spanish, history.. all of them were treated with the same complete disinterest by me. The only things I ever read were the literature books we had to read. I devoured those. I was even in a great books reading group grade 6-12. If they gave me Lamb to read I would of loved religion class. Reading the bible was like reading chapter 7 in the AMerican History book.. I dunno.. maybe it was cuz my parents were not religious I never saw it as more than just another class I had to take and hate. They sent me to catholic school cuz they thought I was trouble, they didnt actually think getting a catholic education was important. All education was important to them (well not for a girl) So again to me religion class was just another class and the bible readings we had to do were just more homework that I didnt want to do.

  47. Jack- the fact that we warmed your cockles makes me sooo happy 🙂 *swoon*

    ditto- cool! We will look for that. We have a book backlog right now.. so I gotta read a few borrowed books and shit before getting more Moores books

    EesBee- I want to go get remarried now so Hugh and I can be parry A and party B

    I hope everyone is well in deadpan land. We’ve got dinner with Hugh’s boss and his wife tonight.
    We might be by later again to play by play some more- we’ll see


  48. Oh and back to Jesus for a sec.. I remember going to see Last Temptation of Christ. The whole family went. I did kind of liek that alternate view on events type stuff… you know that whole history is written by the victors, or as feminists like to say its all HIStory and all that.
    It doesn’t mean 1 is right or wrong, just makes it interesting to get another point of view, another possibility
    Like this book I have to read called Devils Apocrypha which is the events as told from the devils point of view where the devil is actually the good guy. That God and the angels need the belief in them to sustain them, so they found earth and created christianity to sustain them and are sucking life from earth and the devil is the guy who rebelled against that and thought what the other angels was doing was bad.. so its kinda like the devil saying the story was told wrong to make him look bad and he is telling his side now.. I like that sorta thing.. again not saying that this book is right, its just really interesting to read about

    ok.. gotta go find my husband now and leave for dinner 🙂


  49. I sure know how to clear a room 🙂

    Hugh sez: well I’m still here

    you are 🙂 thats all i need

    Hugh sez: I bet the tumbleweeds loved your rant

    LOL.. I love ranting to tumbleweeds.

    Hugh sez: I love your rants

    wow you are being sweet. To much wine at dinner?

    Hugh sez: I did consume quite a bit of vino didn’t I

    you did 🙂

  50. pointless inane chattering!!!!!!!

    its just a “little pole”

    oh “oops” I “meant” to say poll

    he would love your content

    Hugh sez: I’ve got some content for you babe

    LOL. ummmm… *swoooon* I think I might need to get drunky Hugh to bed

    Hugh sez: Yes! Take me to bed mama

    Hugh and his boss talked about the economy and drank lots and lots of wine

    Hugh sez: its the economy stupid!

    and they made lots and lots of bad economy jokes

    Hugh sez: they were funny! you guys laughed

    we did 🙂

  51. Hugh sez:
    Bull market is a random market movemnet causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius
    Bear market is a 6-18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelery and the husband gets no sex

    Momentum investing- the art of buying high and seling low

    Vlaue investing- the art of buying low and selling lower

    P/E ratio- the ratio of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing

  52. Looks like the Drunky Hotties have gone off to bed.

    Just want to chime in and agree with all of the comments about “Lamb”. What a great, great, really smart book. I enjoyed “A Dirty Job”, but I really loved “Lamb.” Highly recommended.

    Saturday Night’s All Right For Commenting.

  53. Morning, Deadpan!

    It’s grey here today too, Van.

    I’m at the end of Mad Men Season 1. I’m not sure how I feel, still, about this series. I must like it since I keep watching!

    Happy Sunday, everyone!

  54. Way to go, Burger and Fries, don’t hold your feelings in. You tell them. Poor baby. That is the kind of terror you see at the vet’s 🙁

    I hope he has / found a great family. If someone can’t love you when you’re having a really bad day, they can’t love you at all.

  55. Just finished watching a show on Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills. Good program up until the end when they decided to go way overboard on the patriotic flag waving. Even the wife found it distasteful.

  56. Van: A lot of people haven’t heard of RR, unless they’ve been involved in some sort of formal meeting situation. And even then, they might not know what system is being used.

  57. Van, TEB’s going to be in “sleep on hubby’s side of the bed” mode.

    I’ve heard, and used, Robert’s Rules of Order. I just assumed he was dead already. Shows what I know.

  58. I knew of RRO but only as a source for punchlines not the actual rules themselves
    (ei … in a meeting where things have broken down into chaos I might be heard asking ” could someone get Roberts on the phone” or when the family is wondering if we can go ahead and start Thanksgiving dinner even though Uncle Albert still hasn’t arrived, I might be overheard saying “perhaps we should consult Roberts Rules of order”. I guess I’m pretty much a smart ass.)

  59. teeth grinding mode:

    BBTL commentary episodes (love the actual show though)
    The last one was the final straw for me.

    CGR segments in Scifi Surplus
    Which were ok when they weren’t so regular.

  60. Ah, I see “Engines of our Ingenuity” has won a convert. I just heard the Robert’s Rules episode this morning. Always something interesting on that one.

    I actually own a copy of Robert’s Rules, but haven’t had to make much use of it.

  61. “He is the king of all the land
    In the Kingdom of the sands
    Of a time tomorrow.

    He rules the sandworms and the Fremen
    In a land amongst the stars
    Of an age tomorrow.

    He is destined to be a King
    He rules over everything
    On the land called planet Dune.

    Bodywater is your life
    And without it you would die
    On the desert the planet Dune.

    Without a stillsuit you would fry
    On the sands so hot and dry
    In a world called Arrakis.

    It is a land that’s rich in spice
    The sandriders and the “mice”
    That they call the “Muad’Dib”.

    He is the Kwizatz Haderach.
    He is born of Caladan
    And will take the Gom Jabbar.

    He has the power to foresee
    Or to look into the past
    He is the ruler of the stars

    The time will come for him
    to lay claim his crown,
    And then the foe yes
    they’ll be cut down,
    You’ll see he’ll be the
    best that there’s been,
    Messiah supreme
    true leader of men,
    And when the time
    for judgement’s at hand
    Don’t fret he’s strong
    and he’ll make a stand,
    Against evil and fire
    That spreads through the land,
    He has the power
    to make it all end.”

  62. Anthrax Spice?

    “Fifteen years in the academy
    He was like no cadet they’d ever seen
    A man so hard, his veins bleed ice
    And when he speaks he never says it twice
    They call him Judge, his last name is Dredd
    So break the law, and you wind up dead
    Truth and justice are what he’s fighting for
    Judge Dredd the man, he is the law
    DROKK IT!”

  63. P) Podcaster Spice

    Me -“Have you ever met a podcaster?”
    Voice in my head -“Hey, what are you talking about? Aren’t YOU a podcaster?”
    Other voice in my head – “I rest my case.”

  64. You know you’re sleepy when you type the following into Twitter:

    “Welcome, new Twitter followers at @TristaTwesten and @Tosus!”

    Yes, that’s right: I knew the next thing I was supposed to type was “@,” and instead of the symbol, I typed the actual word.

  65. Morning Pan, the sun has got it’s hat on, so shhhhhhhhhh as to not to frighten it back behind the clouds.

    The first episodes of the new season of Heroes is dribbling down my pipe as I type.

    Keeping my fingers crossed it will be a good start to the season..

  66. Yes, Heroes started out strong if a bit confusing. I should have rewatched the last episode from the previous season.

    I thought Sarah Conner was good if a bit predictable. Hopefully the writting will pick up a little better. The acting was pretty good though.

  67. Good one, Jack.

    A blogger friend of mine pointed out that Rush Limbaugh was ranting yesterday or Friday about the fact that we cannot call Obama “African” American, because he is from the “Arab part” of Africa.

  68. CP: conference call FROM HELL.

    One woman thinks that it’s an appropriate time – while on the phone with the VP – to ask if I’m okay with her vacation plans.

    So far, that was pretty much the highlight of this call.

  69. Joe, nah, there was much hype and orgasmic glee / hatred over that St. Anger thing. You know, around the time they were also into–and yammering on AND ON about–group therapy.

    To me, as an objective flag moment, the first time they said ‘napster’ they went from sad has beens to annoying arrogant out of it jokes.

  70. EssBee, is it an icky sign of how ugly things are that I’m surprised this wasn’t done with federal money?

    Or is that not even icky anymore? Do we just assume it was federal money, and plan a bonfire?

  71. Well, Pan, I have good news and bad news.

    The good news is that I just got my first car!

    The bad news is that I have to spend all morning tomorrow registering my new car, then go straight to work. *If* I don’t have urgent car stuff to do in the evening, I will be putting the finishing touches on Questors #2 so it will be included in this week’s episode. Wish me luck.

  72. In an age of much decent but identity-less music I guess one saving grace is the new Metallica at least sounds like themselves. They built that category so it’s ok for them to represent there. Napster is a non-issue(and almost non-entity) now, but it earned them place on the worst Net joke list of our century.

  73. Amy, concratz on your car. Questors is worth waiting for.

    So tonight I was… hey, wait a minute! Was that Mark Forman? I thought he was dead! Or living in Nebraska.

  74. Morning Pan!

    Frost on the ground this morning – yuck.

    I’ve decided I’m going to be hit and miss on the boards until World Fantasy is over.

  75. Ryah, break some legs with this year’s Con. I do hope you’ll still find time to pop in and tell us what you have baking – or even just to drop some puns.

    J0e, I sure hope that picture is real.

    Mehdnesday already?

  76. My schedule for the next few days:

    Just finished going over returned e-mails from WF “news and notes”.

    We’re setting up a meeting for this weekend to go over the construction of the artshow boards (I did Westercon’s artshow when it was here in Calgary so I’ve sort of become a consultant for WF artshow even though it’s technically not my department).

    We’re also going over the list of artists and dealers who have and have not paid and handed in their paperwork.

    As for baking – it’s a friends birthday this weekend so I will be baking a Lemon Cheese Coconut Cake 🙂

  77. So many games, so little money at the moment. Oh well, my back log of game I haven’t finished is staggering.

    I’ve been chugging along in Mass Effect, anyone have some advice on how to defeat Matron Biesasn…. whateverthefuckhernameis? a.k.a. the blue alien witch?

    On Neverwinter Nights – Hordes of the Underdark, I’ve encountered a dungeon full of golems that are particularly nasty. TEB? ditto?

  78. Jack: He`s an amazing vocalist, but he doesn`t tend to pick the best song selection for his own material. It`s often empty lyrically, which is pointless. He totally kills at power ballads though. Bridge Over Troubled Waters being an oft-cited example of a transcendent cover.

    As for his personal life, I think it`s our own damn business what ports we have and who we share them with, so I supported his former stance that it didn`t matter. I find it offensive than anyone thinks they have the right to ask, let alone judge. But if he`s happier and less stressed if people know, good for him.

  79. So tried switching on Genius in iTunes. For the few albums I have ripped from CD, it had no suggestions for a playlist.

    I didn’t think the albums were THAT obscure.

  80. marlo: Thanks for saying what you did, and sorry if my joke offended. I do have a slightly different opinion than you on the closet and celebrities, but very much respect yours.

  81. Thanks for the info ditto. I’ve managed to take out everyone who was attacking me at the door. Perhaps there are others scattered around the perimeter. So what kind of rounds would you recommend? Hammerheads, radioactive, chemical etc.?

  82. So, who thinks the Republicans might try to call a state of emergency on the economy and suspend the elections?

    That could cause some folks to try to protest, but then they could declare martial law… Someone told me they were building up military presence in major US metro areas?

  83. Rhettro: There are 4 entrances to that room. You need to go to each door, get jumped by the commandos, and eliminate them. Try to stay out of view of the witch as well. Once you’ve eliminated all 4 groups, the rest is easy. I tended to use the DOT (damage over time) rounds, usually incendiary. Save a couple of different types of ammo, and switch when you find out what enemies you are dealing with (robots, creatures, people).

  84. TA – DAAAAA!!!!!

    Step one of “Operation Brew Meister” is complete!
    I know have 5 gallons of October fest beer starting it’s primary fermentation in a nice cool dark place.
    Come Halloween it will be ready! Mmmmmm.
    I’ll be the only house on the street giving out beer this Halloween!!!!

  85. RE: conspiracy theories.
    I still have a copy of a news article from 2/21/2006 that included this little talked about tidbit.

    “… , there was that curious development in January when the Army Corps of Engineers awarded Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root a $385 million contract to construct detention centers, (each capable of holding 5,000 people) somewhere in the United States, to support the rapid development of new programs.”

    It was speculated that the “detention centers” could be used to detain American citizens if the Bush administration were to declare martial law.

  86. Frankly, they found much more effective ways of controlling things.
    Has everyone forgotten about the Diebold debacle?

    If Obama doesn’t have a substantial lead (like more then 10%) going into election day, once again the RNC will get away with simply hacking the results in their favor.

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