402 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #104: Fear of a Blue Planet

  1. We have safely arrived at the ancestral homeland – ahead of the storm, and, more importantly, ahead of the mass panic that I expect to commence starting in a few hours.

  2. Way to flee, Ed! Nature is never a bitch to mess with.

    In a crisis, I can scramble in about two minutes. I’ve done it. I just grab the guys and go. Everything else is just stuff. Including my work.

  3. Just heard the episode, and I think I’m upset Jack (not really)

    As the one who suggested we inundate you with bellybutton comments, mine was the one that didn’t make it in the show 😥

  4. Man, this episode was Smurfed up. LOL I liked it. Liked the Bowen reports. The day you “get” Deadpan is probably the day you should quit listening. 😉

  5. Oh, nice …
    This just being reported.

    “(CBS/ AP) Government officials handling billions of dollars in oil royalties engaged in illicit sex with employees of energy companies they were dealing with and received numerous gifts from them, federal investigators said Wednesday. ”

    This is apparently what the right wingers are referring to when they chant “DRILL! DRILL! DRILL!”

  6. “The government employees who oversee off-shore oil drilling are literally and figuratively in bed with big oil,” said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.

    I guess the administration figured that accountability and oversite of this department would be too much like voyeurism. That of course, would be “wrong.”

  7. Sorry J0e, missed it. Just watched it now. So what you’re saying is when the LHC finally does a complete test, there will be lots of debris, explodey bits, but not much else and generally overrated?

  8. TEB: I’m only halfway through the comments – but I just came across, er, spotted your complaint. Duly noted. So sorry for misplacing your audio! 🙁 I don’t know how I missed yours. I’ll dig back through the email archive and find your belly button.

  9. Not sure, Van. I’m still in my first game. However I can see repeatability. My current game I’m a carnivore bent on taking over the world. Next time I’ll play as a peace-loving herbivore, or maybe a trading omnivore – or maybe I’ll mix them up.

  10. TEB: Are you useing the shared online content? I am, although since I’m at the tribal stage there’s only ythe additional creatures.

    Van: I’ll echo TEB’s opinion. Spore so far is fun, with at least some repeatability.

  11. Ditto: Yes, I was in Kansas City during the night of August 22-23. Why? Do you live in the area?

    Rhettro: Thanks! I’m glad you liked my reporting segments. I love the random nature and grassroots feel of the Deadpan, too. 🙂

  12. Jack – I got to listen to the new Ep on the loooong drive I just took and once again I shall have to dig into my collection of human thumbs to give the appropriate number of thumbs up !
    Much fun and several LOLs. Me likey long time!

  13. Re: My LHC footage
    The LHC is supposed to be really high tech, clean, neat, finely tuned and (while excruciatingly powerful) somewhat subtle.
    I was going for the “unexpected and ironic presentation of imagery” ( i.e., … the cheep laugh).

  14. # Vanamonde Says:
    September 11th, 2008 at 11:48 am

    So how is Spore standing up to repeat play TEB?
    # ditto Says:
    September 11th, 2008 at 11:48 am

    CP: I’ve Been Here Before — Lush


  15. I thought you video was quite the funneh, JOe. Something no so funny though, architecture as a profession is pretty much the first industry to feel the eb and flow of the economy. Turns out everyone in my office is going to be required to reduce hours until things pick up. I suppose that’s preferable to layoffs, but it’s going to suck a little to take a 10 percent pay cut for the moment. I hope things take an upswing turn soon.

  16. Thanks for the well wishes all. When Rita caused mass panic back in 2005, I was stuck on the road for 15 hours. So, I found it much preferable to flee in the night than to risk that again.

    Sounds like lessons have actually been learned and things are going better this time around as far as the evacuation goes.

    Of course, it doesn’t make for a warm feeling when the predicted path is pretty much on top of my house.

  17. Deadpan 104!!!

    we’ll listen to that right away…errr.. just as soon as we get to listening to ummmm *hangs head in shame* eps 97-103 and ummm… *blush*. unshows 17-21

    Hugh and I will just go put on dunce caps and sit in the corner of the bar


  18. Jack: That was a nice life in the collider lane reference. 😉

    Ed: Glad you are doing OK!

    Amy: Yep, I live in KC. I realize that you were just passing through, but there is an open invitation to DP’ers that are visiting.

  19. You know, with the evacuation run, I forgot to share my cool news. Last night Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson came to speak at the University of Houston. I got to sit about 20 feet away from him and listen to him talk for almost two hours. It was most excellent.

  20. Out on the road today I saw a Hadron Sticker on a Cadilac
    A little voice inside my head said
    “Once it’s on you can never go back”
    I thought mater was stable, what did I know?
    Those days are gone forever, I should just let them go but

  21. No?
    Well how about a BLUE DHC

    They’re turning on the Hadron and messin’ with our ‘verse
    And all she wants to do is smurf, smurf
    Atoms been atoms since I don’t know when
    And all she wants to do is smurf

  22. I’m sorry it imploded like this, but someone had to lose
    It’s the nature of the business, it’s the colliders’ blues

    Oh wait – that’s not the DHC. . . .that’s the Glenn Frey Collider. My bad.

  23. Morning Pan, the sky is the colour of old battleships, and work calls.

    Being forced to get paid monthly by the new pay conditions, no pay cut for now though.

  24. Morning Pan

    Bunny not happy. I’ve been denying a cold the last few days.. It has decided to move to my nose, now I’m doing my best Rudolph impression

  25. Going back to lostralph – No I haven’t done any of the on-line stuff for Spore, yet. I have a few friends who picked up the creature creator when it came out so they have been bugging me to go on line and get their stuff. I figure I want to do one run through without all the extra clutter first before I try the on line stuff. Right now I’m in space. Lots of little “missions” to do once you’re there.

  26. Oh no TEB. I hope you feel well soon.

    Morning Panites!
    Got my caffeine going and trying to convince my mind that it has to get actual work done.

    Thanks for the compliment EssBee!

  27. Okay, I find THIS interesting.
    Seems that in an interview this morning, ABC tried to find some “foreign policy” substance in Ms. Palin and came up empty.
    What has me feeling “uncomfortable” is that the article I read about it has been EDITED since I first read it.
    The initial article (as appearing on Yahoo) was titled ” Palin tries to defend qualifications in interview” and it was all about how she couldn’t answer basic questions and had no idea what the “Bush Doctrin” (the biggest reversal in US foreign policy EVER) was.

    So I had made a tiny url of that page to share with you guys … but when I just checked the URL before sending it I found the article had been changed. Now it’s emphasis is all about “climate change” and the foreign policy stuff is underplayed and moved to the bottom of the article.

    I still have the original article in my cache so I am able to compare it with the “new” version.

    Even more fun. I just did a search for “Palin tries to defend qualifications in interview” and you get a bunch of links … but when you click through about 2/3 of them you get an article with a Headline about her views on climate change NOT the headline that appears in the search results.

  28. LOL
    a “Rick roll” hidden in a bible quote … nice touch.

    I thought Jack’s podcast rant disguised “Rick Roll” was a nice evolution of this stupid joke and things like this are actually make me turn from loathing the “Rick Roll” to looking forward to seeing what clever way it may be unleashed next.

    I’ve got to talk to my buddy at NASA and see if we can’t get shuttle astronauts to “Rick Roll” mission control. heh.

  29. Just saw a clip from the ABC interview of Palin on CNBC. It was a “zero substance” sound bite of her sounding tough and saying we shouldn’t let people give Nukes to terrorist. (well duh!)
    Nothing like the info I read this morning.
    Why didn’t they play the clip of her once again stating that she had insights into recent Russian actions because “They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

    I need to turn to the Weather Channel like the rest of America and ignore anything else.

  30. That was an interesting experience. I took a Tylenol cold daytime and it knocked me out worse than the nighttime. I went to brush my cat, then next thing I know over two hours had passed. Not sure how my husband can take them when he’s got a cold. Now I’m going to try to do some work in a drug addled haze.

  31. So another person on the bus with a Thundercats T-shirt, a woman in fact.

    Maybe Should I start keeping score.

    Try and take it easy TEB, colds shouldn’t be underestimated.

  32. TEB – That wasn’t the medicine. That is an ancient cat “mind melding” technique. Given your weakened condition, that cat was able to project itself into your mind and control you body.

    Don’t be surprised if you discover your pantry filled with cat treats and your next visa bill filled with charges for cat toys!

  33. TEB, you don’t work during a cold, you sleep. It didn’t have to be the meds that knocked you on your ass.

    If you can’t sleep, watch a movie. In bed. One you’ve seen many times before. The only other thing to do is drink, as much as you can stand. It really helps the symptoms. Plus, your body consumes vast amounts of fluids making snot, so you get dehydrated and feel even worse.

    Many people confuse a cold with flu. If you’re feeling icky for more than 24-48 hrs, it’s flu. And yes, that’s worse.

  34. Sorry. I was a chemist. I worked in pharmaceuticals. I still get irked when people don’t take illness seriously.

    You should see me when people pretend to illness they don’t have, or want antibiotics for viruses.

    And don’t get me started on doctors 😛

  35. Yes, Palin is now an even bigger media darling than “celebrity” Obama. And the left’s failure to capitalize on any of the frighteningly ignorant and extreme statements from both is why they’re behind in the polls. Well – that, plus hundreds of years of good ol boy racism amongst the general population.

    It IS kind of funny to see this duo ready to simply take the relay baton from the Bush admin, yet preach on a platform of change and reform. Ummmm. . . ?
    OK, enough politics out of me for today. Bah. That’s not even what I’d dropped by here to post.

  36. Jack, politics is just awful. Because you care, you need to care, you should care, but caring makes you want to go around and smack people so bad.

    Not for their opinion, that you can stomach, but for either blatantly lying or not caring.

    I don’t need another reason to hate humans 😛

  37. I really dig everything I’ve heard from the band Grizzly Bear. /tweet

    Speaking of Apple – I’ve Googled to figure out what to do with a clicking iPod. The most common solution? “Just hit it”. One guy said he dropped his iPod out of a 3rd story window and it stopped clicking. sigh.

  38. Actually Jack If it’s the HD then it will click when you first turn on your ipod, and first access a new song. Also look for it to lock up more often, and have trouble accessing files, as well as when you transfer files from the computer.

    I’m speaking from experience, my first ipod died do to HD failure after I bounced it off of the concrete and asphalt a couple times. I invested in a rubber case for my 2nd ipod after that :).

  39. ‘Morning Pan.

    Don’t normally watch much football, but my alma mater (Montana State) is playing the local team(University of Minnesota) today. Still, not going to pay $25 to go down to the dome for the game. I’ll watch on tv…

    I’m thinking the Gophers will beat up my Bobcats, but there’s always hope. MSU defeated the Buffaloes in Boulder a couple years back. I made sure to give Alvie a hard time over that one over a greasy spoon breakfast when I was in CO later that year…

  40. Well,

    From what I’ve been able to gather from those who stayed in the area, it sounds like my home is probably OK. The biggest question is when power will be restored. There’s a couple million without power and it’s expected to take a couple of weeks to get everyone back on the grid.

  41. Well, hopefully we knocked Ike down a bit before The Smarty Hotties had to deal with it.

    So far, we’ve got about 2 million homes (including mine) without power. Looks like I’ll be spending another day at least in San Antonio before I try to make it home.

    Definitely glad I don’t live in Galveston.

  42. Anyone mourning David Foster Wallace today? I think “Infinite Jest” is probably the only thing on the planet more fucked up than Southland Tales. All though the preview I saw for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus looks like it might be in the running too.

    I’d bring up “Across the Universe” but the music was too well played for me. The rest of the movie made no sense but thats what happens when you turn the Beatles catalog into a narrative.

  43. Have you ever gotten into a conversation with someone, and like halfway through you realize, “Holy crap, this person is a total fucking idiot.” But you continue the conversation anyway agreeing totally with them like you know exactly what they’re talking about, just because you’re looking for the quickest, most polite exit to said conversation? And then you try to avoid the person from then on without actually looking like you are avoiding them, and actually end up in other conversations that attract other complete fucking idiots, and you end up with this reputation as like a nice guy… And you mean to be a nice guy anyway but in truth you’re pretty sure everyone around you is completely fucking off their rocker, and you sometimes wonder either what happened to the gene pool or what was God thinking or whatever when he surrounded you with such a crowd of complete and utter douchebags? People that make you want to hang around with the mentally handicapped because at least they make you laugh?

    Does that make me a narcisist or just an active but unwitting member of society?

  44. Dub: I don’t know. It depends on whether the person is a completely ignorant fucktard or not. I may (violently) disagree with someone, but if they have good reasons for their opinion I’m not likely to dismiss them. If they are just a fucktard then I (sometimes) feel it’s my duty to fuck with them.

    BTW, I don’t think you are a narcissist. They never question themselves.

  45. I can kind of relate to what Dub said. Typically, I’m pretty much none confrontational. I figure that most people’s opinions are rooted into a lifetime of experience and any passing conversation I might happen upon will do little to change minds and most likely just cause irratation. So in some situations I end up nodding my head in agreement to try and keep the conversations as short as possible. But sometimes, the wackos have never been treated politely and all of a sudden, you become their new best friend. *shrug*

  46. I saw “Death Race” with the Misses on Friday. I liked it, a lot. It’s one of the few movies that actually better than the trailer makes it out to be. Yes it is fairly predictable, the character types have been done a dozen times. But the movie is enjoyable, the action intense and the acting is a notch above for a high budget B movie.

  47. That is sad about Wright. I’ve always liked Pink Floyd, although I never bought any of their albums. There are a hand full of bands that my 73 year old dad and myself can listen too and both enjoy equally. Pink Floyd would be one. Led Zepplin and The Who would be the others.

  48. Oh damn. . . . thx for the link, Van. Gilmour and Waters always got a lot of the credit for Pink Floyd’s genius — and they both deserve all the accolades they got — but Richard Wright’s piano abilities were just phenomenal. If you ever listen to “Great Gig in the Sky” without the screaming vocals, you can hear what a truly beautiful piece of music he’d written. Bummer.

  49. Hey, Deadpan. I am home. Found out yesterday that I’m one of the lucky 25% of the greater Houston area that has power again. So, we rolled in a couple of hours ago. We definitely got away lucky. Part of my fence is blown away and several shingles off the roof. Not even enough to bother with insurance.

    Both my neighbors had parts of their roofs ripped down to the plywood and got a lot of water leaking in. Even though my area was only lightly hit, it’s clearly going to be several days before “normal” is even an idea in people’s heads.

  50. I glad to see you family safe Ed, that is good news. Poor Galveston though, although I would expect that most residents know of the risk of hurracane.

  51. Re: Pink Floyd
    I can still remember the time and place I first ever heard Pink Floyd. I was at “band camp” at a college. It was night and I was trying to set my clock radio when I stumbled across the campus radio station. They had just started side 2 of Dark Side of the moon.
    I was terrified and amazed.
    I had been such a victim of “top 40 radio” I simply didn’t know there was anything else.
    I wanted to run and call all my friends in to my room to hear this … this sound, but I was afraid to move for fear it would stop and I might never know what it was.

    After that, Pink Floyd played a major part in my life for almost a decade after that.

    Discovering GOOD music can be a life altering event.

  52. Good story, JJ. I was 14 when I discovered Dark Side, and yeah, I just couldn’t stop listening to Brain DamageEclipse. I can think of a small number of albums that have made a permanent impact on my perceptions of art and life in general.

    Thanks for sharing your good news, Ed! I, for one, am relieved that you didn’t have to deal with the power outage and property damage stress.

  53. Glad you are safe and sound Ed!

    For me, Pink Floyd is a friend memory. One of my best friends is a fanatic, and has all of the band members’ faces tattooed on his left arm. I didn’t know much about the band until 1989 — freshmen in college. He introduced me to them, and I was hooked forever. Now, every time I hear them, I think of Rich!

  54. Can’t agree with this more:
    “The current administration has spun, folded, and mutilated science and scientific research since practically day one, letting ideology trump reality. If the next president does nothing but let science do its thing unfettered, then the situation will be dramatically improved.”
    — Phil Plait

  55. I don’t have a specific memory of hearing Pink Floyd for the first time. It was simply one among the many bands I got to know from listening to my parents’ radio station selections. However, I did attend a screening of “The Dark Side of Oz” with friends during college.

    I’m really glad to hear your house got through the storm so well, Ed.

  56. …and as the Jelly Bean was laid upon the pyre, the smell of burnt sugar filled the air. Even as the tears welled up in my eyes, my stomach growled and I thought of toffee…

  57. Farewell, Greasy Jelly Bean, Greasy Spoon. I bet our friend Evo never knew what he was getting into when he agreed to be a surprise guest voice on Really Big Things. The Happy Chef, the diner noises, the nipples/comments/bellybuttons/shitzus/whatever… they will always be remembered. 🙂

    Night, Pan.

  58. Morning Pan, even in these dire days of the credit crunch, there is always somebody with a lot of money to splash about:


    In an effort to have some good weather in the UK I’ve invested in a pair of waterproof walking boot that should beat the jinx of leaky shoes…

  59. Re: Financial Mess

    Greed and lack of oversite during the Regan years led to bank failures … which cost the taxpayers and led to laws to keep that from happening again.
    Laws that were the re-written by banking industry lobbiests FOR the Republican controlled congress during the first years of the Bush Administration.

    8 years later our financial system is right back in the dire straights it was in following the Regan years … and your tax dollars are once again going to cover the losses instead of going towards health care, or education or helping us get off the dependence on foreign oil.

    I continue to be baffled at why “conventional wisdom” says that Republicans are better for the economy or investors. Actual data shows that to be completely false.

    Then again … polls show that 50% of Americans believe Saddam had something to do with 9/11 – even after the Bush Administration has admitted he didn’t.

  60. There have been so many things go wrong that were preventable in politics and finance and in the public perception for long that I kind of feel numb to it all. I don’t even have the energy to complain about it anymore. So I say, check all the facts, and cast your vote. Then after the election, make those elected live up to their promises. If that doesn’t work, maybe we should all invest in some land in Montana, and some canned foods and guns with plenty of ammo.

  61. The ideas this nation was founded on came from the most cosmopolitan people of their day, the founding fathers, who believed in science, who looked to Europe for wisdom, and who had no use for ignorant hicks like Bush and Palin.

    Bill Maher rules. Back to the cookies.

  62. So did anyone watch the market today? Maybe I need to buy stock in yo-yos. First it was down from lingering concerns about AIG, then it when up as the Fed said they might give AIG some bucks, then it when down when the Fed said they’d keep the interest rate unchanged, then it when back up when investors learned the Fed thinks they’ll see moderate growth. Somedays I feel like the economic health of this country is guided by the whims of a 5 year old boy.

  63. Evening Pan…

    Not sure what tonight shall hold, Fox playtime for certain, after Fox bedtime… I dunno.

    I had a super-productive chunk of weekend recording (Jack you got BOTH bit s of content, no?) and editing.

    Still need to do major work on RBT for the relaunch I promised everyone at NME, luckily the Survivor’s Giude on which I promised it has yet to air…

  64. shhhhh.. don’t mention stock market when Hugh is around

    Re: Understanding the stock market
    Fuck. I live with a guy who has worked for the Board of Trade for almost 20 years and I still dont get most of what he tells me. But then again I do have him around to translate economy talk into plain old english for me 🙂

  65. ditto and j0e- *swooon* to yous toos! 😉

    I was the one who went ga-ga. Hugh played the ultra cool punk rock guy who had no time for swooning girlies. I fell for it like a ton of bricks.

    Speaking of Hugh.. gotta go meet up with him now 🙂 he’s at work.

    night all

  66. Weeeellll….

    Actually this is revamping and making more novella-length out of the existing experimental shorts. There will be a Podiobooks release (though Tee claims I ought to be able to put the original up, Evo & I are unsure on whether that would fly). There will also be a Really Big Podcast, for which the RBT revamp will be but one part.

    When I get much, much closer to pulling the trigger on this bad boy, there will be some “Pilot” episodes I will make leading up to Episode 1 proper, and the “Pilots” will appear in some other feed that is convenient and on which I am told I can have time on. I let you ponder just which feed might do such a boon for me.

    Rest assured, the revamps will still include all the events you know, plenty of Really Big Things, and lots, and LOTS of bodily fluid events…

  67. Why unsure JB? I’m looking forward to be able to listen to RBT in one go.

    That photo makes you look vampish TSH (in a cute way).

    Morning Pan, the Sun is peeking from the clouds, and means it’s the perfect time to see a movie about the Holocaust (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas).

  68. Hmm, Van.

    Part of me is twitching uncontrollably at that particular prospect. I don’t actually know the Artemis Fowl books, so I can’t really speak to the writing quality.

    But the other part of me is saying, “Oh hell yeah I’m buying it when it comes out.” I always found “Mostly Harmless” depressing and disappointing and I was waiting breathlessly for “Salmon of Doubt” (the actual novel) for a year after his death. Some kind of denial thing there, I guess. What we got out of that was somewhat disappointing as well.

    I don’t think I’d have nearly so much twitching if he was having a go at Dirk Gently, I wonder why that is?

    We’ll have to wait and see, I suppose, and if it winds up sucking we’ll have to hold out hope for success in the revisiting of “Last Chance to See” that Stephen Fry was speaking about doing with Mark Carwardine on his Podgram a while back…

  69. Re: Unsure…

    Well, Evo thought the original, in it’s 5-7 minute format was a bit short for what people are looking for in a Podiobook. Personally, that would be a concern but mainly I’d be thinking about some inconsistencies and errors I made due to it having been recorded in process.

    The most glaring of those is when Erik first talks to Suzette about how the process is supposed to work he speaks as though some fairly random person is doing the pill handoff . Later on, though, it is fairly clear that both Erik and Suzette know Jack pretty well…

    With the revamp not only can I fix those sorts of things, but I can flesh out detail where I skimped due to the time restraint I was artificially placing on myself. Also, I can get all of the episodes recorded at the same listening quality. Since in theory some listeners of the Podiobook will be listening to the story for the first time not having any idea who I am or knowing details of how the serial came about, I don’t want them disappointed in the first couple episodes and unsubscribing.

  70. Uh Oh …
    According to the on-line help and it tells me I should connect the patient onto the net and make sure I have the most current firmware update.

    I got a bad feeling about this morning.

  71. iPhone much better since 2.1 firmware update. Although the DP website can still crash Safari from time to time.

    The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was very moving but not one to see if you are on a date….

  72. Okay Deadpan.
    As a community service I am going to make sure you know what is going on in the stock market. You non-American’s might need to know as well.
    This one is not political … it is financial.

    Sunday, one of the 5 biggest banks in America (“Lehman Brothers”) declared bankruptcy. Another of the top 5, “Merrill Lynch” was going to do so as well but “Bank of America” agreed to take them over.

    Last night, “AIG” another of the top 5 and the largest Insurer in America was give a 2 year loan for $85 BILLION dollars by The Government, effectively making the Taxpayers the new owners.

    That leaves only 2 of the majors left.

    This concerns everyone because these companies have their finger in every pie out there. You might not do anything with them directly but your bank, employer, or insurance company probably does.

    Currently, there is no concensus among the talking heads as to whether this bailout is a good thing but they do agree that the situation is dire.

    Oh, and the Dow Jones is currently down another 293 points

  73. So why are these giants in such trouble?
    This stems from the home loans mess.
    Technical explanation –
    There were laws in place to keep these banks from insuring all of the BAD home loans that the regional banks had acquired. However, loopholes written into the regulatory laws in 2001, allowed these companies to place “off the record” bets (“credit swaps”) with the regional banks covering the loans. In essence, if the loans went bad then the major banks would be left having to “pay up”.
    The loans weren’t bad.

    Simple explanation –
    The banking industry was put in charge of regulating themselves and let their greed be their guide.

  74. Thanks for the info JOe. On one hand I think it’s crap that the American tax payers have to bail out this mismanagement. But letting AIG and their ilk go belly up would probably cause more indirect pain. So with the choices being lots of pain or whole lots of pain I guess I go with the former. I’m hoping, but not expecting, that this will be last of the finance collapse.

  75. Rhettro – While I would agree that AIG’s collapse would seem to be a bad thing, that $85 billion does not insure that they are out of the woods. It is only a 2 year loan and their debts extend much much farther then that.

    Also, hearing now that the last 2 of the big banks might “merge” to keep from sinking.

  76. Political/historical discussion –

    The S&L scandal flourished because a congressional oversight committee “looked the other way”. The infamous “Keating 5” received millions in gifts from the banks that eventually failed. Things like such private jet flights around the country during their re-election campaigns.
    One of these “Keating 5”, was John McCain.

    In the end he managed to avoid any jail time on a technicality. At that at time, there were no laws specifically stating that a congressman couldn’t receive hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of services from a company he was overseeing … as long as those services weren’t in that companies line of business.

    With financial crises repeating itself, I just don’t feel that he is the person we need to put in charge of fixing a financial situation this potentially devestating.

  77. Why would they do a Dragon Con ep of WI3D… The only one that was there was Brian. Debbie is joining a some what new show called “Evo at 11″… “It’s a Spinal Tap joke”, says Evo. A show starts with a joke that we have to be told is funny. 🙁

    I know what is sadder…

    The facted that Wing it in all it forms is dead or that Mike and Evo keep dragging in back from the grave every few months.

    People just let the show die. It’s gone…

  78. Well, after Jack mentioned his appearance on the show a few weeks ago, I started listening. I doubt it’s really going to be Wingin It again. Evo’s show is considerably more laid back and conversational. Debbie is a regular. Jack had made a few appearances and Eliza was on the latest one. I think it has a lot less pressure and expectation associated with it and it comes across better.

  79. Yeah, Evo@11 is a lot more laid back. If Evo did a version of “Moldawer in the Morning” it would be a lot like Evo@11 is. As far as the DC special edition of Wingin It 3d goes, Mike and Co had already said that they may through out the occational episode if they feel inclined.

  80. When I met Evo he was selling it as Wingin It 3D now with Evo…

    I will say that with Ed and Essbee sending it love… I will have to try Evo thing.

    I just heart broken after wingin it. It’s should have ended better… I looked at the show notes for Wing it at D*C…

    It’s got Brad and Brain and Tabz… All people I like but I just can’t go back there. Emily in Ohio said it, With out Eliza Sea, it not the same.

    I need my Eliza fix…

    flaming ponys…. mmmmm….

    I got little pod crush on Eliza but she knows about it. lol

  81. okay… it got Jack and Eliza……

    Man want to hate show but know can’t…

    I am letting the love in…

    Amy I heard your promo for stories from the FPN on Omega the Novel today. Very cool… I like your fic alot. I am glad to there is going to be more of it.

  82. *Spock voice* “Fascinating, Captain. There is no light detected by the probe. I theorize this is in fact, where the sun don’t shine” */Spock Voice*

  83. Wow, lots to catch up on.

    JohnBoze: Oh. Well, it’s still really cool news. I’m especially looking forward to the Really Big Podcast. 🙂

    I agree with Tee about putting the original version of RBT up on Podiobooks. There is precedent for it. The first two seasons of Duel of the Fates, and the first 15 episodes of A Different Point of View, are up on Podiobooks as standalone books, and their episodes are as short as, or even shorter than, the original RBT episodes. On the other hand, I encourage you and support you in your efforts to go back and fix inconsistencies and generally spiff up the story, and I look forward to the results. 🙂

  84. Re: Hitchhiker’s Guide news:
    Sci-fi fan that I am, my initial reaction to the news about the new H2G2 installment was a big “DO NOT WAAAAAAAAAAAAANNT!!!!” I don’t think anyone (except maybe Terry Pratchett, but even he has a slightly different writing style) could possibly fill Adams’ shoes. But I’m sure my curiosity will get the better of me, and I’ll read the book anyway.

  85. Jack: The promo is for the serial that I launched in Deadpan #100. I thought putting the promo in the same podcast that the actual serial episodes are in would be… recursive. But hey, we’re all about bizarre humor like that here at the Deadpan! I’ll send you the promo right away. 🙂

  86. Amy, it’s been slow going on the revamp, partially I just have a faulty motivator…

    But until then, just maaaayyyyyyybbbbeeeee…

    Maybe there’s other… stuff.

  87. Well, not permanently, I just rip to iPod-compatible and throw it away when I return…

    Wait, I’ve gone into this here already, haven’t I?

  88. M- Minnesota Wild First preseason game next week. The “X” is getting a whole different kind of slippery on the arena floor compared to last month…

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