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  1. In about an hour I’ll be watching Mama. A little more mainstream then my usual fair but still… It’s really all I have on the DVR at the moment

  2. Bloody hell. Getting he country wrong on your email and WordPress goes all freaky.

    Anyway, I said

    In an hour I’ll be watching Mama. A little more mainstream than the norm but it’s the only thing on my DVR at the moment

    • Spoilers:

      She gets thrown from a train.
      Just killed a man.
      Said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove.
      She said knock you out.
      She raised no fool.
      Don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.

  3. Since it’s been awhile, I’ll go over the rules:

    Spoilers likely
    Spelling errors – between me trying to type and keep up with the movie and auto correct, these are likely too.
    Nonsensical – yeah definitely

  4. Today’s movie is Mama

    He DVR write up: As a woman tries to reintroduce her lover’s traumatized nieces to normal life, disturbing questions and occurrences suggest that a supernatural presence followed the girls home

  5. Hello! Deadpan!

    Longish time with no speaky. My apologies, it’s all my fault.

    Hope all is well. I see that we quickly are creeping close to two gross and I just wanted to let you know I’m still out here listening, and I haven’t disappeared (regardless of my lack of presence.)

    Ok, perhaps it’s the w00tst0ut talking (OK, It’s the w00tst0ut talking), but I am really going to miss this.

    I will be posting voicemail soon, and I thank everyone for just being the mother-fucking way… that is to say, Deadpan…

  6. Well thanks, yous guys, for being the skeleton crew while real life kicks in for so many of our regulars, even while buried with your own real life tasks.

  7. Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Tool for Pork Pie Development

    The title of an actual paper in a journal called Foods.

    The mind boggles …

  8. Time to get ready for lunch with my Boo. It looks damp and chilly outside. I need a bad joke from Van so I can use his coat.

  9. Today I bought a new toaster because ours died. There was a time when toasters were simple. You put the bread in the slots, pushed the button down, and a few moments later, you had toast. Not any more. Even for an inexpensive one, like what I just bought, I still need to read the manual to see what all the buttons mean.

  10. Pumpkin beer night.

    First up Terrapin Pumpkinfest. Not sickeningly sweet, but definitely overpowering on the pumpkin flavor.

    Second of the night, Post Road Pumpkin Ale (Brooklyn Brewery). Much better. Subtle pumpkin, but strong spice.

  11. Saved what I expected to be the best for last. Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Darker than the others. The pumpkin flavor is a bit more true to real pumpkin, but without the sweetness, I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Still a great beer. Weyerbacher doesn’t tend to disappoint.

  12. You know hubby has become a fan when I get the following email:

    Hi dear,

    Could you record the following game for me on the TV today?

    Channel 223, 12:30 p.m. FIFA Soccer World Cup Qualifier. Montenegro vs. England.

    *shakes head*

  13. Well … $#^& !

    I just spent an hour recording my DOTF audio … only to find that it is just a series of buzzing tones. Not my voice “over driven” but just a buzzing tone that changes pitch.

    Any one ever had this problem with audacity?
    Everything was set up the way I always have it for recording.
    I tried adjusting a few settings but it made no difference.

    Very sad.

    • Ouch. Man, don’t jinx things for the rest of us! I’m getting ready to do my recording this evening.

      Are you sure you were recording from your michrophone and not another “device”. I could possibly see something like that generating the result you have. Instead of capturing the audio, you actually capture noise and interference picked up by the other device.

  14. Your crap joke for the day:

    When I was a kid my dad used to let me put my pocket money in a special money box under the stairs.I was 15 before I found out it was the fucking electric meter

  15. Van, we didn’t think to take a photo!

    Phoenix is awesome in October! My dad and I are having coffee outside this morning.

    Go Broncos!!

  16. This could be fun. I will now post, using only the second words suggested by the kindle. I hope you you can do Monday Monday night Help Help with with the first time in the beginning beginning of of the Storyteller Storyteller Storyteller Storyteller Storyteller Storyteller Storyteller.
    And thats where it got stuck in a loop. Maybe I’ll try this again some other time.

  17. Crap joke for the day:

    One day two boys were walking through the woods when they saw some rabbit shit. One of the boys said: “What is that?”…”‘They’re smart pills,” said the other boy “Eat them and they’ll make you smarter.”So he ate them and said: “These taste like shit.”…”See,” said the other boy, “you’re already getting smarter.”

  18. Morning Pan

    I think I’ve become a football widow. Hubby had me call the cable company and have the football channel added just so he could watch the FIFA qualifiers. I guess my Thanksgiving will be spent playing Civ V and Prototype 2

    • I am reminded of a TV commercial that I can’t find now on the interwebs or I would pu the link here instead of this description.
      “Overly attractive Guy finds impossibly sexy girl in the kitchen eating Haagen Dazs. She begins eating it seductively then feeding it to him as she pulls him buy his shirt to the bedroom – there they proceed to madly and passionately strip each other down to underwear whilst feeding one another the ice cream.
      Suddenly it is a close-up of the spoon scraping in an empty carton.
      Back to shot of Girl, all activity has come to a halt and she has a pout on her face.
      Cut to shot of refrigerator as the male underwear model opens the freezer and then rifles about for more Haagen Dazs. Finding none he opens the fridge. Cut to his POV and we see amongst the other things, several Foster lagers.
      Cut back to girl on bed as we hear the fridge door shut. She gets a big grin … which fades as we suddenly hear the TV turn on in the other room.

      Cut back to guy sitting in chair with a cold Fosters in one hand, lit only by the TV and we hear the sounds of a Football (soccer) match in progress. We can see the scantily clad girl in the hall behind him, backlit by the Kitchen light.
      Cut to close up of girl who now delivers the only line in the entire Ad directly into the camera (In a delightful Australian accent) … “shit.”

  19. Hubby just informed me he’s got a student awards ceremony tomorrow night, a board meeting Wednesday night, and is out of town Thursday night. I guess I better make the most of tonight. *sigh*

    (I knew about Wednesday & Thursday, but not tomorrow’s thing)

  20. Well listening to the latest Escape Artists meta cast and things aren’t looking good.

    Will be a shame if Escape Pod and the rest go down the tubes.

  21. Your crap joke for the day:

    A couple were in their bedroom and the girl says to her boyfriend, “I wish I had bigger boobs”.The boyfriend says “Well what I recommend is to get some toilet tissue and rub it between your boobs for 2 months”…”How will that help to make my boobs bigger?” asks the girlfriend….”Well it worked for your ass” says the boyfriend…

    • It’s a good thing they titled this “The Most Mind-Blowingly…” or I just plain wouldn’t have followed the link. And I was thoroughly prepared when my mind was blown away by the content.

      The art work was definitely excellent.

  22. Dinner has been eaten and dishes are done. Hubby won’t be home for another three or four hours. I predict an evening curled up with a book

    CR: Steelheart – Brandon Sanderson

  23. I have the joys of the dentist tomorrow , there are going to stick a rubber dam in my mouth to stop my tongue interfering with the drilling.

    On past experience I’m going to skip breakfast and wear old clothes, puking is a very real possibility..

  24. Today’s movie is Witch hunt

    Magic and murder connect an actress, a private eye, a senator and a witch in 1950’s Hollywood

    It contains nudity and coarse language, so make sure you have the consent of an adult before you follow this play by play

    • I saw it in Atlanta. *raises hand for a Mangan high five*

      Fun thing, they had a rail station there under the venue so me and my pal decided to take that route. turns out everyone did and it got really crowded … and late. So that when the doors to the train car opened the concert was just starting. Down in the tunnel the crowd could here the band start playing (I thing it was “Run”) and everyone DID start running. We hit the escalators and they all stopped and the crowd was running up both sides of the escalators.
      For those of us who had seen “The Wall” (the movie) it was a magical moment of life imitating art.

  25. Today I bought hubby’s Christmas present. I know it’s early but I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get something shipped from England. I got him a jersey with his name and favourite number for his favourite football team. I’m a good wife :cheerful:

  26. I was giving the cat some antibiotics and managed to squirt some of it in my eye. That’s not an easy feat considering I wear glasses

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