Everything Old is New Again

Deadpan has received a facelift!

How’s it working for ya? The more feedback on how it behaves in different browsers and mobile devices, the better… the fine tuning progresses.

A few more bells and whistles may appear over the next week, but how do you guys feel about things like photo galleries and Facebook integration?

32 thoughts on “Everything Old is New Again

  1. I like it so far. We need a way to display more than 10 recent comments. With the volume of comments here, it will become very difficult to track down the multiple conversation threads.

  2. How would the photo gallery work? We already have one in the form of a Flickr pool.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but if there were Facebook integration, I would ignore it completely.

    • Yeah, I think that is a problem too. It should progress like numbers: 1, 2, 3… older, newer.

      Even the comment pages follow that convention.

    • Hang on, you read from left to right, the alphabet in the bookstore on the shelves is left to right, the numbers count from left to right. Left to right is the order of things (most of the time)

      Newer is left, older is right… it’s been like that on old school site navs since the days of hand-rolled HTML.

      And for the record, the comments roll like that because they’re in reverse chronological order. If we switched them to be in normal order, you’d have to go to the last page to get the newest comments. Jack’s site is the only site I know of that has the comments in reverse chron order, but that’s because all you lovable quirks are so damned chatty 🙂

    • I think the “10 comments” was referring to the sidebar. The posts will have comments broken up by 50 per page, and are threaded.

      I think I can integrate the Flickr pool into the website in place of a local gallery… let me look into that.

    • Not sure how best that can be done, since the comments are tied into specific posts. If there were a page with just the list of comments, people would have to jump back to the specific posts to leave a comment in a particular conversation, then back to the list of comments.

      That seems highly weird to me.

  3. Okay… having “older/newer” or “previous/next” as the nav links inside the posts should be something I can change.

    Would y’all rather have the comment form at the top of the comments list? That seems weird to me, too…. and would change if Jack chooses to put the comments in chron order (newest comments at the bottom).

  4. Hmm, looks pretty good. I like your avatar, Jack. Kinda looks like a mashup of Wil Wheton and General Zod.

    Blogroll/Podroll is missing something, though. Needs… More Evil 😉

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