Jack Mangans Deadpan #195: A Utopian Society

Sandman-patrolled Show Notes.

(Thanks, as always, to The Energizer Bunny for supplying the Show Notes)

Jack Mangans Deadpan #195: A Utopian Society

Next week, The Third Man Palooza. Watch it.

Promo – Quarter Share (http://solarclipper.com/)

Dan in Oregon with the Contents of his break room refrigerator

John Boze, AKA Paul Maki makes his way to the theatre

Deadpan Is The Mother Fucking Way by Andrea Smarty Hottie (read by Jack Mangan)

Ode to a Fish Stick

More from Dan in Oregon

John Boze continued

Dumbass Memory with Amy Bowen

Dan continues

John Boze finished at the theatre

Greasy Nipples
Vanamonde (first of the week)
Justa J0e
The Energizer Bunny
Lost Ralph

Jack released a short story called Memories of an Undead Sun. Read it, it’s good. I know, I’ve read it. You can find it on the Jack Mangan website.

Remember to watch The Third Man

Earbuds Exchange coming up. Have you signed up for it yet?

Closing Music: Nine Inch Smurf mix.

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855 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #195: A Utopian Society

  1. Exit light, enter night.

    Finally, the internet has returned to my home. And, no, my house wasn’t even magically transported to Egypt or anything.

  2. Jack: Your music-fu is strong and it will be quite a challenge to guess at something you are not already familiar with. But I will attempt to take the pebble from your hand and provide something worthy.

  3. Forever Autumn and Brave New World are favorites of mine, and WOTW the musical does have the best scene ever of a priest getting his lights punched out. But I assumed Jack has heard that one before. I am maybe leaning towards something from the movie Rock N Rule or by the group Negativeland, or even some stuff that is local to Pennsylvania (e.g. Fuzzbubble). Count Floyd is back is also awesome and rare stuff. I will be mulling it over for a while.

  4. Re: Andrea’s Letter: FUCKIN’ A!!! Awesome letter! We miss you TSH.

    Re: Lo Pan’s earwax. Ewwwww.

    Wait. What. That’s earbud! KEWL!

  5. I just finished making a menu for me for the first time. I’ve always planned out dinners for the week for shopping purposes but I’ve never planned out every meal and snack for the week until now. I now know what I’m having for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between for the next week. It feels kind of weird.

  6. do you want to know a really silly part of my treatment?

    I’m suppose to drop beer for harder liquors. Strange huh? I’m allow Whiskey, Liqueurs and stuff like that but not beer. I didn’t ask why, I’m assuming because of the hops. I just thought it was funny I was told to trade in beer for something harder. :biggrin:

  7. It pains me to say this, but Gauntlet didn’t appear on the Amiga

    /looks down at the floor and prays for a hole to open up and swallow him up

  8. I’m not from PA, but I was given a CD of local PA stuff by a fiend who was. So, I don’t really know a whole lot of PA bands. The name Fuzzbubble just always stuck with me.

  9. Oddly enough, I skipped the Gosse Point Blank palooza in the archives because I never watched the movie. Guess I’ll have to go back and listen to it now.

  10. In college I had an Atari 800XL and later transitioned to an Amiga 500. I can’t say for sure which version of Gauntlet I had or for which system exactly. I’m getting old.

  11. From the comments on the 10 nerdliest concept albums story comes our friend demoncat.

    interesting list. can not believe some one dared to not only put Poe’s work to an album but also number one. and can not believe Sir Christopher Lee wound up doing a concept album about Tree beard . nice list. just proves if some muscian wants to and has the guts to any thing could wind up as a concept album

  12. Well I for one refuse to send my hawt partner my recording on why I chose the song. No! Way! I refuse! I’m SICK and TIRED of all the RULES!

    Unless Jack requires it, then obviously I’ll fall in line.

  13. In a little while I’m going to see the vet. I have to ask her why my kitty has started twitching, awake or asleep. I’m hoping she’ll have some answers without me actually brining my cat in. Kitty would not like that.

  14. I’ll only answer your questions if the poking continues.

    Sorry for being a little slow on the email replies today… Bunny, I’ll get you that contact info asap.
    I don’t need to be CC’ed on the songs you send your partner – – but feel free if you want to share. πŸ™‚

    All I’ll need are
    A: a recording of you talking about the song you chose.
    B: a recording of you talking about the song your partner chose.

    I also don’t want to make any rules as to what info you give your partner. If you feel the need to establish some metadata ahead of time – – or its personal relevance, then go right ahead. If you want to send them the file and nothing else, that’s also a-ok.

    Also, be aware that your partner will probably not feel as strongly about the song as you do. Song connections tend to be pretty personal.

  15. There used to be a band in San Diego called Cranial Vacancy. They had a song titled Polka Spot. The band I was in, Defective, played a gig with them. The Bill was Defected Cranial Vacancy.

  16. JRMurdock is my kind of people. Also got a chuckle out of the random DLR moments. Was still left wanting for some HAL counterpoints though. *pokes Jack*

  17. I had an earbud that I was sure was what I wanted to send … then I played it for someone else and they just gave me that “…and…” look.
    So I am back to picking something out.

  18. I don’t think there are any “wrong” choices JOe. In fact, the more “wrong” they are, the more “right” they may be. πŸ™‚

  19. When playing Gauntlet in the arcades, I used to play the Elf and nick the food (the elf is the fastest moving character in G) one of the fellow players would shout out ‘You’re so jack’.

    That was your pointless snippet for the day.

  20. Does JR Murdock joining the fray mean that I get a new earbuds partner? Mua ha ha. His ears will be at my mercy. Be afraid… be very afraid.

  21. Lo: I listened to the Grosse Pointe Blank a paloosa, but I don’t get from that why Jack would not know War of the Worlds the musical or not be up on the 70s. Sorry.

  22. Jack changed around the earbuds pairings and I was comparing it to an angry parent that changes around which kids are sitting next to each other to get them to stop fighting and… never mind

  23. Well, here I am awaking to a snow free snow day. Major roads did end up getting iced over, so travel is being discouraged.

    Still, hundreds of thousands of area children have had visions of snowmen dancing in their heads all week. Today, those dreams have been crushed.

  24. … and,
    CD: Waiting to find out if I am going by my sister’s house to pick up some clothes for her and then making the 2+ hour drive to the hospital.

    My sister and her ex are currently having “that talk” about turning off the machines.
    The doctors say it is that time.

    I am waiting for the phone call.

  25. LoPan – I saw that pic earlier in the week and wondered at it’s “accidental-ness”

    I know that there is an EBAY “thing” where guys like to take pictures of items for sale and somewhere in the background of shot will a mirror … reflecting the photographers naked, naughty bits.

    Saying that, I did once have a builder take me on a tour of one of the houses he had built and while showing off the master bedroom’s, large walk-in closet … I noticed the leather harness gear on the floor.

    The house belonged to the builders 20something son. The son did not own a horse.

  26. Ugh, this floor is such a pain. It used to be covered but when the landlord was fixing the apartment up before we moved in, he pulled up whatever was on the wood. He thought that it was a shame to hide the wooden floor, so he rented a sander of some sort and went to town.

    Because of this renovation, the floor creaks. It no longer provides sound insulation to the downstairs neighbors. It leaks heat. Crap gets stuck in the gaps between boards. It’s warped. (You can tell by the way the marble keeps returning to Vex.) Whatever sealant he used is peeling up in long swathes.

    And when he was done sanding and sealing, he painted the door frames.

    He did not wash the sawdust off the frames before painting them, so now the paint is falling off. Latex paint, falling off…

    The place is cheap and he’s not bad, but I don’t want him in here repairing stuff. He’s not as handy as he thinks.

  27. well, got he call.
    They turned off the machines at the top of the hour. Only took about 10 minutes for the body to stop.

    yeh … usually after worse case scenario, we humans try to find something, some lesson or something the rest of us can use to make the world a little better. There’s just none of that here. The whole thing is just a big, stupid, lose.

  28. Thanks guys.

    BTW: While the Deadpan community as a whole, excels in it’s wide variety of musical taste – Van may get the individual award for going to see the most varied selection of musical performances.

    It’s may be a toss up between Jack and Rhettro as to who sees the LOUDEST acts.

  29. Even though Mr. Mangan writes for Metal Asylum, I’m quite sure that the larger percentage of music I listen to on a daily basis is louder. πŸ™‚

  30. Van:


    What I’d read previously (and what I actually did) was:
    1. Connect iPhone to computer
    2. Turn iPhone off.
    3. Press and hold power button, count three (3) seconds.
    4. Press and hold the home button. Do not let go of the power button. Count to ten (10) seconds.
    5. Release the power button, do not release the home button. Count to five (5).
    6. Release home button. iPhone is in DFU mode.

    I am literally falling asleep now, so if I can help any more, it’ll have to be later. Good luck!

  31. Went for a drive this afternoon.
    Found a store that had a really good beer selection. They did not have the Oak Aged Yeti but I did pick up –
    (1 each)
    Delirium Tremens
    Unibroue’s “Maudite”
    Old Rasputin Imperial Stout
    Great Divide “Denver Pale Ale”
    Great Divide “Hibernation Ale”

    I shall be staying in tonight.
    Now … where to start?

  32. I really like maudite, a nice dark belgian ale. I like all of Unibroue’s beers really.

    Right now I’m debating trudging through the snow to get some more beer. I’m stuck at my dad’s until OKC thaws out, or OKDOT actually learns how to plow snow.

  33. I have had the “Yeti Imperial Stout” and thought it was pretty good, maybe a little thinner then I expected but still a 4 out of 5.

    I am told though, that the “Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout” is THE ONE.

  34. My experience with the Stone Russian Imperial left me with the impression that Russian Imperials were to much of a beer for me and my meek tastes. Any suggestions for a beer with chocolate, carmel and vanilla notes? Or should I drop a snickers into a Bud Light?

  35. “good mouth feel”

    I was going to recommend that you wait on the Unibroue. Put it third or fourth in the batting order. (the term “cleanup hitter” probably should not be used here).

    Bear in mind, I’ve had a total of 2 beers in 2011, so my brew-fu is not what it once was.

  36. Rhettro – please to give for a try Flying Dog Brewery’s “Gonzo Imperial Porter”
    It is one of my favorite-ist beersis eveh!
    It is very dark and thick and the mouth feel will have you bracing yourself for the burnt, bitter taste of a Genius Stout … that never comes.
    It is remarkably smoove for that big a beer.

  37. FYI – started with the “Hibernation Ale”.
    Had a very strong/different first taste and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it but by the 2nd sip I was really warming to it. It’s a little like the boisterous guy that comes charging into the party like he owns the place and sidles up to you making you think “Oh please no, why me” but within 5 minutes your thinking “I want to party with THIS dude!”

    I’m also realizing I never felt like eating anything all day. That could prove a strategic error.

  38. Making video call in skype achieves the same effect TEB.

    Bodega put on a good show.

    Wouldn’t sticking a snickers in a bud light be far cheaper?

  39. Well made it there and back again, picked up a 4pack of Tank 7 from Boulevard, and to go along with the crowd a bomber of Oak aged Yeti.

    Then to earn my beer I shoveled a small snow drift that was blocking my car.

    Rhettro: What part of Stone’s Imperial Stout gave you the most trouble? Bitterness, roastiness, or just the alcohol?

  40. I think the alcohol content was a little to high for me to enjoy the russian imperial Ralph. Although I find the Stones a little to hoppy in general for me. I do like the Stone Pale Ale though. My go to brewer is Boulevard though. Don’t get that to often around AZ.

  41. Bill, Bill, Bill… . poor William Shatner wnet from one of the worst albums ever (the transformed man) to one of my favorite albums (has been) and now seems to be back on the road to remake hell once again. And he needs to learn that in NO universe is peter frampton “heavy meatal”.

  42. I a question, probably aimed more At Vanamonde since we have the same phone, but any help will do.

    I recorded a couple of videos of my cat for the vet. I want to take them off my iphone and and put them on my PC. edit them together, remove some of the down time when she wasn’t twitching, etc.

    What would I use?

  43. My iPhone 3G is sadly updated to iOS4, so it chuggs hard doing pretty much everything. The idea of trying to edit video on it has me grinding my teeth. If you’ve got a newer version of the iPhone or an older version of iOS, it should be fine.

    My new phone is on its way now. I’m switching to an unlocked Nokia 2330 dumbphone in order to reduce my monthly bill. Trying to be responsible, as usual, sucks!!!!!!!!

    (The exclamation marks are meant to be sarcastic if not fully ironic.)

  44. just finished The Third Man.

    I’ll have to give it some more thought, but my gut reaction is – there’s two hours of my life I won’t be able to get back.

  45. Rhettro: If you are just looking for new beers to try I’d suggest Great Divide’s Claymore Scotch Ale, or maybe a boch style lager. If you are looking for an Imperial Stout you might like, that will take some research.

  46. Morning Pan.

    I’m pretty excited. I’m no longer a YouTube virgin. I’ve uploaded a video. It wasn’t an exciting video, just of my cat twitching so I could show it to the vet (I figured she wouldn’t want me to e-mail her a 200 meg file), but still…

    How many videos do you have to upload before you become a YouTube whore?

  47. I need Usedhair’s email for the earbuds hoedown. My email is “r h e t t r o 1 a t g m a i l dot com.” I’m going to try and get thoughts in for earbuds and 3rd Man in by Tuesday.

  48. It’s been a good eight years or so since I did my research, but the studies back then already suggested that lesbian couples were more stable, on average, than straight couples. However, gay couples were significantly worse than straight couples. Higher turnover, more domestic violence, just generally more chaos.

    (Too much testosterone?)

    I wonder, without wondering enough to do the research, if those statistics still hold true today.

  49. how original of me, huh? It’s one of the things I really like about the name Usedhair. Anywhere I go, I can use it and be sure that no one else has it.

  50. They were selling growlers of Rogue Dead Guy at my beer store. πŸ™‚
    Getting ready to watch the game, and thinking about songs to pick for Lo.

  51. NS: I know some really messed up lesbians, so I don’t think we can generalize.

    CW: Superbowl pregame. Roethlisberger: early fame is not an excuse for sexual assault.

  52. EssBee: I agree. That’s a good reason to root against the Steelers. Besides, the Packers are closer to me, and I like the fact that they are actually owned by Green Bay.

    Go Packers. πŸ˜‰

  53. My reaction to the Super Bowl commercial for Sony Ericsson’s Android Smartphone:


    Also, I agree with ditto about the Doritos commercial. However, Carfax’s was funny and clever.

  54. Well, it would have been nice if we could have heard it. Whoever was running the mixing board could not figure out what to do with the mikes. And, having half the letter V not light up was not terribly impressive, either.

    Someone’s getting canned tomorrow.

  55. Third Man comments sent in. Wish I could have thought of something witty and interesting to say, but it’s just not that wacky a movie.

  56. Hmmm. As much as I love listening to Gary Moore, I think I’ll have to keep it at listening. His guitar faces freak me out and make him look like a dork.

  57. Re: Half Time show –
    Any chance that will be recorded as the official death of “auto tune”?

    Actually, the whole thing gave me an idea for a new reality show in which current pop stars are ask to perform on live TV and then the audience only gets to hear the audio feed from their mics. Without the music to hide behind we might be able to cull some of these “performers” out.

    I’d call it, “Thinning the hear’d”

  58. IMHO – The Car Max spots were consistently humorous.
    – The Camaro spot where the two guys were discussing what should be in the commercial was funny.
    – The Dorritos one WAS disturbing.
    – The attempt to replicate the famous Macintosh ad to sell a tablet computer was a FAIL because the whole time I thought it was an ad for an iPad and to this moment I still couldn’t tell you whose computer it actually was. If I don’t know it’s your product … you just wasted your money. Worse yet, if I think you are actually your competitor you have achieved FAIL.
    – I am so over, talking babies.
    – Dear Go Daddy, the problem with running the exact same “gets attention because no one has gone this far before and it is shocking” ad campaign over and over again is … *YAAAAAWN*
    -The young Vader ad was amusing.
    _The “New Beetle” ad was fun.

  59. Superbowl? I delivered pizzas. =P

    I got a chance to listen to Usedhair’s earbud track on the drive in to work this morning. Pretty entertaining. I need a few more listens to get my thoughts in order. I plan on watching “The 3rd Man” tonight, maybe with a beverage.

  60. I’m still grinding my way through Dragon Age: Origins. I like the story, but typical of most Bioware games, the combat sucks. I know I’ve sunk over 100 hours into this game.

  61. I got to the final battles in Dragon Age: Origins and then discovered I really need to level up everyone before continuing further. Didn’t feel like going back to an earlier save and taking on all the side missions for more XP and then replaying to to point I’m currently at. So kind of stuck at the moment. Overall I’m slightly let down by DA as it is graphically inferior to Mass Effect by a wide margin and the flow of the story isn’t nearly as good.

  62. I sent in thought on my music choice last week. My earbuddy sent me his so I’ll send in my thought on that on Thursday when I send in the show notes

  63. The big issue with DA is that it took so Lin to make. You can tell (graphically) which parts were done later or earlier.

    Overall I still liked it an am looking forward to the second one

  64. Rhettro: I agree. I find ME to be a much better game all around. I get the impression that DA2 will incorporate the lessons learned from ME. Which is a good thing because otherwise I probably wouldn’t get it.

  65. TEB: I’m looking forward to both. ME3 because I’ve really enjoyed the previous two games; and DA2 because I like the story from DA and because I think they’ll address many of my complaints with the current game.

  66. Yeah, that makes sense Bunny. Hopefully DA2 will address the shortcomings. I would say that Batman:AA and ME2 were the best games I played last year, so I’m really looking forward to the next installments to those series.

  67. Yes Bunny you should feel guilty. One way to assuage that guilt to record your verbal reactions to your game and submit them to DP for our listening pleasure. πŸ™‚

  68. Remember when the manual was the copy-protection? That sucked. I always got my games second hand and they usually came sans manual.

    (I said sans instead of without because my head was feeling small and I needed to puff it up a bit.)

  69. I can’t remember what game it was, but there was something I played back in the early 90’s that actually came with some sort of wheel that you had to use to generate the authorization code.

  70. I greatly enjoyed Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2, though for different reasons. Dragon Age for me was in a way a step back in time to the age of classic CRPGs that I cut my teeth on – the early Ultima and Might and Magic games in particular. The NPCs had a lot of depth to them and I enjoyed spending time with them. But, the graphics anomalies did get annoying (did no one in testing ever catch that the trader dude in your camp literally has his fingers sticking through his elbows when he has his arms crossed?)

    For Mass Effect 2, the story was certainly more focused. It felt more like working through a movie rather than living in a massive universe. The NPC’s and side quests were also a lot simpler/shallower. However, they were very well executed.

    I have DA2 on pre-order, though I doubt I’ll actually get to play it until the summer after the move-in.

  71. @Rhettro – it may have been. That would certainly have been the right time. I’m almost certain it was some kind of space game.

  72. I think part of my not completely warming up to Dragon Age is that it’s combat system is quite simular to Guild Wars, which I got totally burnt out on. The story elements were great though, I do like Bioware for their stories.

  73. I’ve got more than a feeling that :jack: doesn’t like a certain rock & roll band. I’m not sure why, because I had a good time listening to them for a long time. They gave me piece of mind that left me feelin’ satisfied. So please :jack: don’t look back. We’re ready for you to cool the engines and walk on.

  74. Sorry about the assholes :Jack: but the nature of assholes is to stick it up. Finally watched The 3rd Man. I find my initial impression to be similar to Ed’s. I’ll save my comments for the Limeapolossa.

  75. Morning, DP. Another rotten weather day in terms of road conditions. I’m one of 3 people reporting for duty at Evil, Inc. in Longmont.

  76. Ditto, I haven’t decided yet. It’s a pretty game however, I’m not sure if the graphics are really up to snuff. On my system it doesn’t look 1920 x 1024. Or maybe it does, but it doesn’t feel it. Also, the voice work doesn’t quite sync up to the lips. It’s a little disconcerting. As for the play itself, so far so good. Interesting story so far. I’ve decided I don’t like “necros” which are basically beefed up skeletons, however I think it was more like I wasn’t ready for that section, level wise, yet. Groms are fun to sneak up and stab from behind, though.

    Not really far enough into the game to give a a full report but, so far, I’m enjoying it.

  77. time out/
    Hate to interrupt the gender/format bending mockery of our man Jack with seriousness but this will only take a second.

    Can anyone recommend the name of a charitable organization that is involved with organ donation. My sister is working on an obituary and would like to have one of those “In leu of flowers please donate” sort of things. She said there are a ton of such places on the Internet but she wants one that doesn’t spends the majority of it’s funds actually on patients and not on “Administrative and fund raising” costs.

    Okay. That’s all. Please resume the chicanery.

    time in/

  78. JOe, I couldn’t tell you anything more that what a Google search would. There are plenty of reputable charities out there, I hope your sister finds a suitable one.


    Caps lock off.

    JJ as for your query I must say I’m ignorant of one. To be true I’d just use the Google anyways and it seems she has those bases covered.

  80. (suddenly wonders if pornographic manga sites have to keep records of the ages of the characters they have drawn… and is it the age of the figure in the ‘toon, how long it has existed, or the age of the artist ?)

  81. Damn, I’ve been sending in a lot of content lately. You may want to spread some of that stuff out Jack. With too high a toxicity level, you might just kill off some of your listeners. Plus, I don’t really know how long it will be till I send in more. Make it last boy, make it last.

  82. CP: Ride This Out — Imaginary Cities