Deadpan 100

A few (unlazy!) notes on this episode. . . .

For those who don’t know:
Many of the wonderful friends in this community came together and created Deadpan #100. I had nothing to do with any of the content you’ll hear in this episode. . . which is probably why it’s such a damn good one. I listened to all 37 minutes with a stupid grin on my face. . . . totally broke Deadpan.
I don’t know what else to say. I’m floored by the generosity of my friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. People have often commented on Deadpan’s loyal group of listeners. Well. . . I am just as loyal to all of my friends out there. What a great bunch of people you are.
Deadpan is the way.

Jack Mangan, aka, humbled pi

Show Notes for Deadpan #100 (written by WNDR Wolf, of the Wander Radio podcast. He also edited this episode.)

Intro – Forbidden Deadpan
Introbabble – Ditto
Deadpan Bar Death of Jack Mangan – Paul Maki
Phone Call from Jeremy in Seattle
Stolen Paragraphs:
“Bodies in the Water” by Jack Mangan read by Ed From Texas
“Dirk Moonfire and the Nefarious Spacewomen” by Jack Mangan read by The Energizer Bunny
“16 Pieces at a Time” by Jack Mangan read by the Wander Radio Players
“Spherical Tomi” by Jack Mangan read by Rhettro
Blog Comment by Jack Mangan read by EssBee
The Greasy Games – Andrea
Thanks Comment by JustaJ0e
Stolen from the 80s
It’s Tricky – Alvie and Jeremy from Seattle
Questors of Effpem Episode one – Amy Bowen.
Happy 100th Episode Sung by the Ladies of the Deadpan Choir.

489 thoughts on “Deadpan 100

  1. awwwww

    Your welcome Jackamo, glad you liked it

    Happy 100th

    Deadpan is the motherfucking way

    We’re doing a disappearing act for rest of the week. Play nice while we’re gone, and someone please pick up the lewd inappropriate commenting slack for us.


  2. Okay, well I will pimp out a side project here.

    Sofadogs is a popular culture podcast which stays crunchy in milk. John Pavlich created this podcast to provide fan-recorded commentary for television shows. One of the continuing missions is to create commentaries for all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    I have joined John for a series of these commentaries, the first of which is already up.

    So pop in your DVD and watch the episode “Phases” with us, other episodes are on their way!

  3. Bravo! A most excellent result for Episode 100. Nice work, everyone.

    Jack, thanks for all the great shows and for putting up with all us goofballs 🙂

    Now, it’s time to enjoy some fresh WNDR Radio.

  4. So useless tip for the day:

    To avoid spillage when you need to fill a syringe with a carbonated beverage. Dip the syringe into the liquid and slowly pull the plunger back. This avoids the beverage ‘fizzing’ up and pushing the liquid out of the syringe prematurely.

  5. Morning Pan. Hubby has a fever today so not going into work. That means I’ll be very sparse myself at the comments as I’ll be playing nurse (and NOT in a nurses outfit for all those with minds in the gutter:) )

  6. Excellent job on the episode, wolf.

    Van, I liked the Eureka episode okay, but really was scared by the musical number that was, I guess, the promo that aired right beforehand. I agree with you that it wasn’t up to par with past seasons.

    It’s another sad day for me in the realm of my stupid brother. Damn.

    CP: Episode 31 – Wander Radio

  7. TEB – You do realize that you put the seed in our imaginations. I am picturing you in that nurses uniform.

    Since it has been going through this group I am picturing the Animaniacs:


  8. Just heard the episode. We are a bunch of insane people (in a good way I mean 🙂 )

    ditto: yeah, I heard that on the news this morning. It’s a crazy world.

  9. Wow…I suck ballz. Congrats on the 100th Jack!

    See, this is why I need a smart phone. Might actually be able to keep up.

  10. Sometimes I feel I’ve got to
    . . .
    Run away I’ve got to
    . . .
    Get away
    From the DEADPAN that you drive into the heart of me

    *Shatner prosidy*:
    Whoa – Oh – Oh

    CP: Christmas Is Interesting – Jonathan Coutlon

  11. Amy’s comments on Episode 100

    ditto: LOL at your introbabble! 😀

    Paul Maki: I enjoyed your story.

    Andrea: Good to hear from you again! It’s been far too long since we’ve heard your voice on the Deadpan.

    Everyone: Both of the “We are Deadpan” bumpers are MADE OF WIN.

    I had a big, stupid grin on my face throughout most of the episode, too.

  12. Amy, your story is brilliant. Very witty. Don’t get all humble and leave that out. . . . 🙂 Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing the next adventure.

    Although it’s funny. I ended up sounding a lot like Rhettro. . .

  13. Jack: You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Yes, Rhettro very generously provided your character’s voice when secrecy prevented me from asking you to provide your own. Maybe you could record your lines for the Remastered version of Episode 1… that’s in the future, though.

  14. Nice work everyone!

    The story went together well Amy. 😀

    Paul – nice story with several “earbuds on, listening in mix company, lol before I could catch myself” moments.

    Again, Bravo Deadpan!
    and thanks again Mr. Jackie Mangnan

  15. You mean that wasn’t Jack Mangan doing the the vocals? Maybe Jack with a cold. LOL Yeah, perhaps future episodes can feature the genuine article.

  16. And to think, it started as a hare brained notion to come up with some group skit to go into episode 100. But, that just wouldn’t do, now would it 🙂

    Definitely looking forward to more of Amy’s story. I see she’s learned well from the Tee Morris/Pip Ballentine/(and others I’m sure) school of podcast fiction.

  17. Rhett did an excellent job 🙂

    And hey, I don’t mean to single out Amy. I was genuinely delighted with everything. The entire episode was just amazing. I have a stupid smirk even now, at my desk, thinking about it.

  18. Only because Amy is a ruthless task master. 😉 I had to bring my A game, which unforunately is like everyone else’s C game. =P

    Amy deserves all the credit.

  19. Rhettro: LOL! Thank you!

    Ed: Thank you. Yes, Tee Morris is my #1 role model in the podosphere.

    WNDRWolf: Not really, but if you want to do that, that would be a good challenge to take on, too. Any monthlong challenge
    is cool in my book. 🙂

  20. Yes as I listened to DP 100 I wondered if Jack would claim his prize.

    As for Nancy, don’t really like her character much, prefer the supporting cast of characters.

    Lee-sixmilliondollar-Majors guest starred in this weeks episode.

  21. Awesome work, Mr. Hosley. Awesome work. There should be some way that people could hire you to do audio editing and production for them.

    Where could I find such information?

    Is there a website?

  22. Quote of the day:

    “Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh.”
    W. H. Auden (1907 – 1973)

  23. CP: Coverville 491

    Yeah I ‘m giving it a try Rhettro, but there is something not right about a bloke singing ‘Wuthering Heights’!

  24. I didn’t get a chance to finish EP100 until lunch so here’s some observations.

    First off, to everyone, great job.

    Ditto: I loved you introbabble. Maybe you should host an Unshow?

    Paul Maki: “I’m a fucking marmot, asshole!” Brilliant! I laughed hard.

    Jeremy: Good to hear you voice, I miss those old phone reports from you.

    Ed: Again, thanks for getting this whole thing started, and especially the ten week head’s up. Great contributions.

    TEB: I had no idea you had such range. I enjoyed your readings and your contributions to Amy’s story.

    EssBee: More blog readings! Inspired choice.

    Andrea: Ah, the smooth and sultry voice of the original smartie hottie. I forgot how much I miss hearing you on pod. Well done.

    justa JOe: Go Joe! You only had a short time to put something together and it still turned out great. 🙂

    Amy: You’ve out done yourself! Thank you for the opportunity to take part in your fiction. I got chills listening to how it all came together.

    Wolf: And the man to put it all together with a lot of polish, that’s for making this the best 100th episode ever.

    And finally: wOOt! Jack. Happy One Hundred! This is an awesome community, and it wouldn’t exist without your vision, humor and humility.

  25. Great job everyone!

    And thanks for the kind words on my little jotting. glad it had laughs in it for you…

    Amy, I look forward to some more lines.

  26. Partial solar eclipse just started I’m the UK.

    Ditto and TEB, were you in the totality path? And if so did you see the total solar eclipse?

  27. Well, friends, I am largely going to be running silent for the next week. Today, the family and I are taking a well deserved vacation. We fly out today for San Diego and shall return next Saturday. This will be the first time on a plane for the kids and the first time the wife and I have been on a “real” vacation since before the kids were born.

    So, keep an eye on the bar and save me seat 🙂

  28. CP: In the Groves of Death – Insomnium

    Solar Eclipse: I’ve seen a couple partials, although I understand there is going to be a total eclipse in Flagstaff in 4 or 6 years I think. I won’t miss that one.

    What brightens my mood? Well there’s scandinavian death metal, See’s candie, watching a sun rise, playing guitar and sex. Not necessarily in that order. Or you can always listen to Deadpan.

  29. Ed – have fun. be safe.

    Cyn – Re: gloomy mood cure
    A) Sex
    B) Fun with close friends
    C) watching a funny TV show or movie (really anything that makes me laugh)

    hmmmm … as I look at the above I see that “communitive property” does not apply.
    While A can = B and B can = C. I’m not sure if A should ever = C (sex = having a good laugh)

    This has been “Deadpan Math” with JustaJ0e

  30. Trying to clean out my home office.
    I mean REALLY clean it out.
    The “I know you love that but you haven’t even looked at it in 10 years you are NEVER getting to it, just throw it out!” kinda cleaning.

    Nothing kills your mo in this sort of project quite like running across that box of photo albums. Photos from when you were in grade school and the world was full of wonder an promise.


    CP: “Silent Sea” – KT Tunstall

  31. Maybe it should get the hose again?

    So I’m listening to Wander Radio EP 31, good stuff so far. Anyway Wolf mentioned that “Claybourne” can get a bit confusing. Yes it can be very confusing. There is only one season, but you have to listen to them back to back for it to really make any sense. Quite enjoyable, although the American character “Thompson” is a bit of a twat. LOL It would have been neat to get another season. Somewhere online the director posted everything that would have happened next. I’m sort of wondering if an outfit like the Sonic Society would write the second season and produce it. 🙂

  32. We have to clean our walk-in (proportedly) closet this weekend. Although not as full of keepsakes as joe’s office I imagine, it’s going to be a life sucking task, none the less.

  33. I also listened to Wander Radio 31. Thanks for the onpod shout-out, Wolf.

    And oh, it’s probably too late for Ed to see, but – hey, safe and happy travel wishes! Enjoy the vacation.

  34. Oh I forgot to wish Ed safe travels. It’s quite a feeling once your kids are old enough to make a family vacation worth it. Enjoy yourself Ed.

  35. Rhettro –
    Here is the link for the ending of Claybourne.

    Read at your own risk. Spoilerific.

    That comment was meant for the Sonic Society show when they do the minis on their show – With no reference from month to month takes a while to get caught up and by then it is finished…

    Come to think of it I recieved the same complaint about episode 1-6 8-12,
    hmmm. Isn’t it ironic.

  36. It payday today. That means I need to go over to the local Safeway and deposit my check at my bank outlet. It also means I’ll be buying lunch there. I wonder what kind of burritos they’ll have in stock today.

  37. CR: Interzone 217

    There is a short story by Barrington J Bayley, where the protangist keeps his soul on top of a cupboard in a bowl…

  38. Yeah Wolf, I have already read it. I listened to Claybourne two years ago when it was first podcast. I have all the episodes saved to disk. But being as there is already a road map for a second season, it seems like someone could take it on themselves to produce it. LOL And if someone is up for the challenge my input would be please, less soap, more scifi.

  39. Okay, I’m here to break up this helmet party . . . *infusing much needed estrogen into the bar*

    I like JOe’s list for gloomy mood cure. Do that, Cynful.

    ditto, sometimes (most times) I really hate my job too. Today, for instance.

    CP: It’s Not Happening – The Be Good Tanyas

  40. speaking of which … just hearing that Walmart told all there managers that if Obama gets elected it means that unions will take over all the Walmarts. So if they know what’s good for them they won’t vote for Obama.

    No scare tactics there.

  41. That is the worst thing, I’ve heard all day JOe (the Walmart thing), and that’s something, considering I just got baffled with this bullshit:

    There is a 400-500k (+/-) compression in service sales this year, due to the wider offerings (the presumption is the more flexible pricing helps XXX and XXX penetrate more accounts……). This type of sale exacerbates the negative revenue impact to price – needs to be watched, so thanks for flagging.

    (XXX is the name Evil, Inc. likes to be known by in internal memos)

  42. Supertramp?

    The Amazona Queen-na.
    She’ll bounce a shock-ra of your head, oh no.
    Those shockra’s kill you dead, oh no, oh no.

  43. OKAY, just when I thought I would really make some headway on cleaning this office … my neighbor calls me over to say NOW is the time!!!
    We shall begin our oft threatened, neighborhood home-brew project!

    He has the hardware (used to brew but not in a decade) but since I had offered up that I had access to people who did this sort of thing … I have been nominated to gather recipes and links to places to buy ingredients.

    SOooooooo …
    Where do I start? Any of you fine folks into home brewing? Do you have friends with beer brewing sites?


  44. I can stream from work Van. But I will check it out later.

    Yeah, Thomas brewed, but he ain’t local no mo. JOe, I’d send an email to Charlie the Beer Guy or Thomas. They could get you pointed in the right direction.

  45. I guess the best repsonse would have been, “You’re welcome for flagging”.

    Yes, Thomas and Charlie the Beer Guy are both avid home brewers. They’re both good people; I’m sure they’d be willing to offer long-distance advice.

  46. CP: Marlene On the Wall – Suzanne Vega

    My fav SV song, strangely it always reminds me of a visit to the US war Cemetery near Cambridge UK.

  47. Okay, fellas. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I doubt I’ll be around aside from the occasional drive-by until Monday afternoon or Tuesday.

    Tonight: Macbeth in Boulder and something nice for dinner.

    Saturday – Monday: Reminding my parents that they are awesome, despite what my stupid brother has to say. (And maybe catching the X-Files movie.)

    You guys are all the best.

    CP: Cry Baby – Janis Joplin

  48. I saw Macbeth off-broadway, a few years ago. Awesome stuff.
    Of course. . . . lowbrow cretin that I am. . . the most memorable part now, after all this time, was when Lady Macbeth ripped open her top.

  49. Okay, that was freaky. I decided to check in for the first time in, well, let’s not dwell…and I thought, we must be up to a hundred now.

    And, lo, the page loads and it’s frickin 100, bang on.

    Congrats Jack!

  50. Me mum just called from the hospital.
    She had chest pains early today and they have admitted her and will be doing some sort of catheter thing to her tomorrow morning.

    Hey Ed – glad you guys got there OK. Don’t let your wife catch you aiming the large telescope at apartment windows in the valley. Awkward!

    Hi MD.

  51. Hey Ditto: I never forget you guys, and I do keep meaning to check in, but dang, staying alive keeps taking most of my energy. Plus, honestly, I don’t trust I make any sense 😛

    Hey Joe: Sorry to hear about the hospital. On the plus side, that is the best place to be when your body goes oh crap.

  52. Jack: Yeah, Part 2 already. I’m going to challenge myself to keep to a biweekly schedule, like you, Chris Lester, and many other podcasters.

    Ed: Enjoy your trip, and welcome to California! My family is currently preparing to move to Temecula, which is only about an hour or so north of San Diego. I wonder if we can meet up?

    Today I spent over two hours in a Home Depot, and several more hours in the new house, doing painting prep and ripping out old carpet, and old tack strips. Boy, am I tired.

  53. Morning Pan,

    I’ll just water the tumbleweed.

    You’ll be seeing the 200 inch Hale Telescope Ed…wow.

    I didn’t win the Eurolottery, but since you only have a 1 in 70 million chance of winning, I’m lucky my house didn’t get demolished by a meteorite….

  54. So it seems Amazon has sold over 200,000 Kindles:

    Personally I’m still pissed off at high ebook prices ( considering no need for paper and warehouse space) and the fact that some magazines don’t include everything in their ebook editions (I’m looking at you F&SF).

    Hurrah for Interzone which does include the artwork in the ebook editions of the magazine.

  55. Todays aural horrors from the radio:

    In the 60’s somebody had the bright idea to put lyrics to the mission impossible theme.

    This horror was performed by the Kane (Cain? Cane?) Triplets…

  56. Amy – that is lots of work. I have to wonder how your back feels today!
    I looked at the pictures and the one of the bare floor reminded me of a sophomoric prank you can pull on some unknown person from the future.

    Have someone lay, sprawled out on the concrete floor. Then take a sharpie or other permanent marking device and outline “the body”. Also, draw a few circles (say, large enough to go around a hand gun or a knife or some such items) and write a letter next to each.

    Then go about your remodeling knowing that you’ve given some far future remodeler something to puzzle over.

    yep, it’s silly.
    yep, I’ve done it.

  57. JOe: Well wishes for your mother. At least she is under the observation of doctors so that’s good.

    Marlo: Welcome back. It’s good to see you around these parts.

  58. Yea. They checked under the hood and found nothing amiss with my mom’s heart. The downside of course is that they don’t know what caused the chest pains. 🙁
    More tests probably but we shall look at this as good gnus.

    CP: “I wanna live” – The Ramones

  59. Thanks all.

    … and for you Space Flight enthusiast out there … this just in!
    Subject: Launch Today!!

    “SpaceX has scheduled the launch of the Falcon 1 Flight 3 mission for Saturday, August 2nd. The launch window will open at 4:00 p.m. (PDT) / 7:00 p.m. (EDT) / 23:00 (UTC) and remain open for five hours. Webcast will begin approximately 30 minutes before launch. If launch is delayed for any reason, SpaceX has range availability to resume countdown through August 5.

    …Falcon 1 is the first new orbital rocket in more than a decade. Merlin is the first new American hydrocarbon engine for an orbital booster to be flown in more than 40 years and only the second new American engine of any kind in more than a quarter century. After achieving orbit, Falcon 1 will be the first privately developed, liquid fuel rocket to orbit the Earth.

    …SpaceX will provide live coverage of the Falcon 1 Flight 3 mission via webcast at: . The webcast will begin 30 minutes prior to launch and will include mission briefings, live feeds and launch coverage from the launch site at the Kawjalein Atoll, as well as a special video tour of SpaceX facilities by Elon Musk, CEO and CTO.”

  60. After 2 years of daily use my mp3 player died.
    Since my Car stereo plays mp3 cds I can still listen but I wait until I have a cds worth but I can’t listen on the shop floor anymore – so currently I am a week behind in my listening and falling faster. Oh well – more torture for children when I cart them around town.

  61. I wasn’t here for the launch but I just saw these entries from the event.
    I’m thinking it wasn’t a happy ending.

    Posted August 2, 2008 – 20:33 PDT

    T+0: We have liftoff!
    T+4s: Falcon 1 has cleared the tower

    Posted August 2, 2008

    T+56s: Approaching Mach 1 – the vehicle is now supersonic
    T+69s: Approaching Max-Q – the time of maximum dynamic pressure on the vehicle
    T+140s: Vehicle switching to inertial guidance mode. 1050 m/s, altitude of 35 km

    Posted August 2, 2008 – 20:38 PDT

    We have heard from launch control that there has been an anomaly. More details will be posted to the website as available.

  62. J0e: When I got up today, my back felt fine; it was my legs that were tired and sore.

    LOL! I think I will leave a message for future remodelers… just not that particular message. I’ll do it the next time I’m down there, which will be Monday.

    Today we did mostly preparation for painting: washing, dusting, spackling, masking, and priming. Also removing the wallpaper border from my room, a very tedious process during which I listened to Morevi ch. 13 (I’m behind on some podcasts, too) and the most recent Metamor City.

  63. Man, that is a lot of work!
    I still haven’t done the Morevi or Metamor City podcasts yet. I only just got to “Brave Men Run” on my last car trip.

    Another idea for “future message” is to invite some friends over, open some wine, get out the coloured markers and then do some sort of large collaberative mural of some sort.
    “Art” as it were. 🙂

  64. It didn’t make orbit, a quote from the spacex site:

    ‘It was obviously a big disappointment not to reach orbit on this flight [Falcon 1, Flight 3]. On the plus side, the flight of our first stage, with the new Merlin 1C engine that will be used in Falcon 9, was picture perfect. Unfortunately, a problem occurred with stage separation, causing the stages to be held together. This is under investigation and I will send out a note as soon as we understand exactly what happened.’

    Darn shame.

    Morning Pan, showers, showers and more showers predicted.

  65. Dress it up!

    Pirate Tumbleweed! Gypsy Tumbleweed! Fairy Princess Tumbleweed!

    And you are aware that it rolls down stairs. Alone or in pairs?

  66. Add me to the list of Deadpanites who have seen The Dark Knight.

    Teresa and I loved it. Granted it dig run a bit long, and the last 30 minutes meandered around somewhat aimlessly a little, but the character studies were really good. I liked it better than Batman Begins.

  67. Morning, Pan. We’ve survived our first two days of vacation. As my wife will tell you, if I don’t come home from vacation exhausted, then it was a waste of time. I can be a bum any weekend. When I travel somewhere, I want to go out and see and do things. San Diego has certainly not disappointed so far in that regard.

    I make no promises on the quality, but here on some pics so far. My wife’s laptop display is so dim, that I’m having trouble telling how will things turned out, so I’m not going to mess with any editing until I get home. But, the geotagging is at least working well.

  68. Ed,

    I see you made it out to Legoland. We’re going to do that next summer for sure. Although I think the next time I’ll be out in San Diego will be for Comic Con ’09.

  69. Van, have you seen Control? The TSH’s swooning was justified — excellent movie.

    So OK ditto – I saw this on your blog awhile back, thought it was a fun idea. Was saving it for a tumbleweed Deadpan day.
    Do some odd keyword searches on your mp3 player library, report the results here. Some samples of my own:

    “love”: 139 songs
    “hate”: 16 songs
    “fish”: 9 songs
    “hell”: 45 songs

  70. Glad you liked that one, Jack. I know I’ve been neglecting my blog as of late. I need to get back to it, but I’ve just been too busy to set aside the time for it.

    I’ll need to try those searches when I get home tonight. 🙂

  71. ooo I want to play Jacks game!!!

    love – 489
    hate – 58
    fish – 8
    hell – 69 … LOL.. I’m not making that up.. I have 69 songs with hell in the title

    and for shits and giggles Im gonna do satan too

    Satan – 8

    hmmm.. is there some relationship between satan and fish?

    I think its awesome that we both have much more love than hate

  72. Strange, 2 of my “fish” songs are Phish songs. Others:
    Under the Milky Way – The Church (from the album Starfish.
    Fishing on TV – Brian Regan
    Magnifishit – Skinny Puppy
    John the Fisherman – Primus
    The Fisherman Leo Kottke
    and *ahem* Hold My Hand – Hootie & the Blowfish

  73. Well the ‘ahem’ comment from Jack on the Blowfish track gives me an idea. Anybody care to admit to a guilty pleasure on the music front?

    I’ll start off with 2 singles that I still own the 45’s:

    Yeh Yeh by Matt Bianco

    The Crunch by the RAH band.

  74. love – 441
    hate – 59
    fish – 87
    hell – 75
    Satan – 5
    lucifer – 2
    devil – 33
    god – 34
    sex – 28
    wash – 8
    car – 198
    plane – 12
    train – 38
    green – 101
    fuck – 7
    fire – 97

  75. songs with fish:

    Her Tongue Is Like a Jellyfish The Future Sound of London
    Selfish Guy The Dude
    Bananafishbones The Cure
    magnifishit Skinny Puppy
    The Christmas Song Hootie & The Blowfish
    Fish Fry Big Black Songs About Fucking
    Fish Fry Big Black Pigpile – Live 24th July 1987
    Kisses Audion Suckfish

  76. musical guilty pleasures.. oh I have many…

    1. lots of cheesy girly pop music ie: Jessica Simpson, Madonna, Britney Spears
    2. Various latin pop music: Ricky Martin, Enrique Inglesias, Juanes
    3. Various crooners/big bandy type stuff: Frank Sinatra, Harry Belafonte, Tony Bennet, Vic Demone, Lena Horne
    4. Cheesy singers like Bette Midler, Celine Dion
    5. Showtunes of all kinds.. I love musicals!
    6. Early Beatles

    I think that covers it

  77. ok more opposites:

    pleasure – 13
    pain – 21
    laugh – 15
    cry – 51
    clothed – 0
    dressed? – 3
    naked – 102
    loud – 41
    quiet – 7
    soft – 21
    hard – 205
    beauty – 2
    beast – 47
    man – 552
    woman – 24
    girl – 147
    boy – 192
    cat – 131
    dog – 60
    day – 399
    night – 225

    ok enough procrastinating.. more photo sorting. Bleh.
    I loved shooting all these pictures, I hate sorting them.. although seeing Greg Dulli and Trent Reznor over and over again is kinda fun *swooooon*

    oh there we go:

    Trent – 94
    Greg – 118
    Hugh – 1
    Andrea – 4

    awwww.. Hugh only comes up once 🙂 and that is because it came off a cd called Hugh’s mix that he had made and loaded onto my computer 🙂
    I definitely need more Hugh songs. The Andrea songs are:

    It’s No Good (Andrea Parker Mix – Depeche Mode
    Amortiguador – Andrea Echeverri
    ohmibod – Andrea (LOL)
    il compleanno di andrea – Afterhours

  78. Most of my “fish” songs are from artists with fish in their name (Hootie, Fisher, etc) or albums with fish in the title (Starfish from The Church, etc).

    Only songs with fish in the title: 12

    Story of a fish — The Elders
    The Family and the Fishing Net — Peter Gabriel
    A Fishing Tale — The Grapes of Wrath
    Fish — Moist
    Weird Fishes/Arpeggi — Radiohead
    Selfish Girl — Rihanna
    Catfish Blues — Robert Petway
    Starfish — Sister Hazel
    Fish Out of Water — Tears for Fears
    New Fish — Thomas Newman
    Fisherman’s Blues — The Waterboys
    Gone Fishing — Zucchero

  79. Fish- 37
    Love- 332
    Hate- 19
    Death- 46
    Dog- 62
    Cat – 96
    Star – 157

    But with band names, album titles, and words with cat in them (like catch) I really can’t say song titles per se…

  80. Hello Deadpan.
    Busy Day in jaj land.

    Ed – What fun! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    ASH – Great shot. I can feel the moment!

    music – (not including podcast or non-song related titles)
    Fish- 18
    Love- 108
    Hate- 2
    Death- 3
    Dog- 7
    Cat – 17
    Star – 26

  81. Morning, Deadpan!

    So much catching up to do! So little time today!

    Great picture, Hottie.

    Fun pictures, Ed!

    Love – 196
    Death – 20
    Fuck – 4
    Andrea – 1
    Hugh – 4
    Jack – 69 (no shit)
    Joe – 41
    ditto – 0

    Breakfast now, then off to Evil, Inc.

  82. Ah the joys of a terrraced house, going to lose my satellite TV for a while as a neighbour is getting an extension built and the dish leans over onto their property so needs to be moved.

  83. My weekend was good. Spent it hanging out with my parents, who are a little battered from my brother’s recent insanity.

    It’s always hard to come back to work after being gone. Sometimes I wonder if this place would implode without me.

    CP: Driving Song – Widespread Panic

  84. We had tumbleweeds wearing helmets around here yesterday.

    Van, methinks your neighbor needs to get his priorities straight.

    Holy crap. I’ve gotta start getting decent sleep at night.

  85. I’m busy this week. I’m trying to wrap up this project I’m on, but it keeps on dragging on. Things should be much better as soon as I get through this week.

  86. Morning Pan.

    EssBee – Summer who? 😉
    My sister worked in a place with the same sort of National, Corporate Evil mentality. Completely different field but same dynamic.
    Her department was kept in constant chaos, mostly due to inept management who didn’t understand what it took to get things done and would make helter skelter scheduling promises. My sister was constantly having to save the Departments collective Bacon all the while receiving substandard benefits and pay. It was enough to finally prompt her leave and start her own business. Something she had never tried or thought about doing in her life.
    The business hasn’t worked out as she had hoped but perhaps has worked out better then she would have thought … because her old employer ( a year later) has just hired her back as the MANAGER of her old department … with full pay and benefits and such.

    So … what am I implying? “Joel, sometimes you have to say ‘What the F&*k’ “.

  87. I think I hear what you are implying, JOe!

    I am in a similar situation to your sister, though my pay and benefits are good. I think that my corporate overlords believe in management by chaos. I would love to leave, but also love the things the salary I earn here allows me to do (both for myself and for my extended family). Basically, greed makes me stay! 🙂

    CP: Lightning Crashes – Live

  88. Heart in mouth I hit the download button on iTunes to update the firmware on my phone.

    It’s at times like this I reminds myself that I really should buy am UPS for my desktop…

  89. These are from searches in my iTunes library, meaning they include songs with those words in the artist and album names as well as the song titles.

    love: 17
    hate: 0
    fish: 0
    hell: 4 (only one of those actually has “hell” in the title. One has “hello,” and the other two are from the soundtracks of the movies “The Hellcats” and “Mitchell.”)
    green: 17 (it’s only in the title of 3 of those; most of the others are by Green Day)
    fuck: 0
    fire: 9
    car: 67
    god: 1
    devil: 4

  90. I used to be such a burning example
    I used to be so original
    I used to care I was being cared for
    And made sure I showed it to those that I love
    I used to sleep without a single stir
    Cause I was about my father’s work

    I used to pray like God was listening
    I used to make my parents proud
    I was the glue that kept my friends together
    Now they don’t talk and we don’t go out

    I used to know the name of every person I kissed
    Now I made this bed and I can’t fall asleep in it

  91. Alright, I’ve been skimming comments, trying to maintain a modicum of currnentness (currentness? currency? uptodate-itude?)

    Anyway – the home computer is 1100 miles away, so no itunes word games for me now.

    Ditto – you’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you….

  92. I’ve finally managed to wrestle with this fine hotel internet and get some more pics uploaded. Yesterday we spent a full day at Legoland and today was a full day at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. The Park’s main purpose is to provide a space for birthing baby animals and we got to see plenty – elephants, rhinos, and lions (oh my!)

    The Park is a truly awesome place. Though, I would recommend doing what we did and putting another activity day between it and the Zoo itself to better appreciate it.

    Legoland is a lot of fun with younger kids. My daughter enjoyed all the roller coasters and I think she’s well on her way to being ready for the bigger thrills at a “real” park as she gets bigger.

  93. Morning, Pan!

    Glad you’re enjoying your vacation, Ed. Sounds fantastic!

    Today I have to get about 3 days worth of work accomplished before my Wednesday conference call marathon begins at 2:30.

  94. First iPhone system crash. Typing on the virtual keyboard, music started stuttering and then the phone just froze. Luckily it rebooted ok.

    So much for the system update…

  95. Essbee – I feel your pain. Hang on Hang on tight!

    Ed – I have done the SD Zoo & Animal park and I have to agree. Animal overload. Sadly I did not get to go to Lego Land. It was feared that I would stage a coup and try to take over as “Supreme Ruler of Lego Land!” I even had plans for making Lego Sharks with Laser Beams on them.

    Van – Mark who?

    BTW: I am waiting for Van to chase all of the bugs out of the iPhone before I get one 😉

    Now, back to the unpleasant grind.

  96. Hey another Marlo sighting! wOOt!

    I think I mentioned before that I’m really enjoying the Six String Bliss podcast, it’s sort of a non-technical laid back podcast about playing guitar and guitar music. On of the hosts, P.T., is a scifi fan. So I pointed him toward Slice, he emailed me back that he is now hooked. LOL He told me that he may try Deadpan next.

  97. LOL, well I’m not young. I got married when I was a junior in college and that seems like ages ago and just like yesterday at the same time.

  98. RE: We’ll always have Paris! (’cause like, I mean who hasn’t?)

    THAT VIDEO WAS BRILLIANT!!!! Made fun of her AND McCain AND actually presented a reasonable view on the energy delima

  99. Conan O’Brien – John McCain does not want Dick Cheney to attend the Republican Convention because he says he’s too unpopular. When he was asked for comment, Cheney said, “I hope the senator reconsiders.” Then he changed into a bat, and flew away.

  100. Eureka was a show I so desperately wanted to like. I tried ant tried but it could never decide if it wanted to be creepy/serious like the x-files or goofy like a sitcom. The oscillation back and forth between the two was just uncomfortable.

    Sheriff “Oh no, Bob from accounting has just died in a very gruesome fashion”
    Town’s person “Oh how horrible”
    (Scene change to restaurant where hilarity ensues as teenager makes Dad look sweet but hapless once again)

    I will say it has a great ensemble cast, nice individual performances and a premise that exudes potential … maybe someday it will decide if it is a dessert topping or a floorwax.

  101. I am tired of the silly self-righteousness in our country. I keep hearing people talk about how they’re going to boycott the Olympics because it’s in China. Do we not realize that our nation invaded a sovereign country to steal oil. We also have athletes that routinely violate steroid laws and have mega pharmaceutical companies designing custom drugs that avoid detection. Yet, I hear self-righteous people speak how they’re going to make a standby not tuning in their Chinese made DVR’s to watch tabletop tennis played by people that will only get to be on TV once in their lives.

    I feel sorry for the Monks but low ABC ratings won’t do sh*t all to help them. Plus, I love to watch people kayak in an artificial river.

  102. RE: earlier topic – I should point out that I too have not slept with Paris, although this did take some quick thinking and the assistance of a Canadian Mounty to achieve.
    (I’ll bet that horse is still in therapy.)

  103. None of that Protestant stuff for me!

    Any of you guys read Acacia by David Anthony Durham? I highly recommend it if not. I won a copy off of Dragon Page C2C last year, and even wrote a review. I was just reminded of it by hearing the movie rights were purchased and that Book 2 is coming soon.

  104. I have to say episode 1 of season 3 of Eureka wasn’t a particularly strong opening, IMHO. We’ll catch episode 2 off the DVR after we get back. It does have so much potential and a strong cast.

  105. ok sorry.. just sorting through my lolla shots and had to share those with you good people

    back to work.. please carry on with the conversation already in progress…

    Re: Eureka- haven’t watched it, but I enjoyed the last 2 seasons
    Re: Jameson – please pour me a shot or 8!

  106. aww thanks Ed and j0e 🙂

    My night shots were much better than my day shots this year. The sun was out of control and a lot of my daytime shots are really lacking good saturation and generally washed out.

    But I am most pleased with my night shots

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