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  1. Jack,

    I’m up for a minipalooza. I’ll record thoughts on Eraserhead sometime in the next few weeks (as you said it wouldn’t be for DP 100 or 101, so there’s time). You can through them out whenever you want.

  2. Tres geeky, Van!

    Morning Ed, morning Van, morning JB.

    CD: GOODEARTH Green Tea w/ Lemongrass, bought by mistake

    CP: yesterday’s Democracy Now!

    Work. Meh.

  3. Yesterday’s Democracy Now! is terribly sad. It’s an interview (the last segment is, anyway) with the parents of LaVena Johnson, a soldier who died in Iraq. Her parents were told that she committed suicide, but they allege that she was raped and murdered. It’s awful.

  4. Morning Pan!

    Well, I survived both my in-laws and my boss being in town. All left yesterday so life should be back to normal.

  5. On the up side, my husband and I exchanged our anniversary gifts a week early so I have a new toy. He gave me an iPod Touch. Very cool! 🙂

  6. Essbee – 12 years.

    I gave him a Gibson SG (because you can never have too many guitars in the house 🙂 )

    So we both have new toys.

    Hiya, Ditto!

  7. It’s time for Pan-i-man-i-acs
    And we’re zany to the max
    So just sit back and relax
    You’ll laugh till you collapse
    We’re Pan-i-man-i-acs

    (verses edited out)

    Meet Pinky and the brain

    The writers flipped
    We have no script
    Why bother to rehearse

    We’re Pan-i-man-i-acs
    We have play for play contracts
    We’re zany to the max
    There’s baloney in our slacks
    We’re Pan-i-man-ee
    Totally and zany
    Here’s the shows namey
    Those are the facts!

  8. More politics around here. =P I’m ready start wrapping up my involvement with this two year long project and start applying what I’ve learned to the next one.

  9. My kitty kat is driving me insane. Since I’ve been at the office for the last couple of days (boss in town) I haven’t been at home to brush her twenty times a day. Also she doesn’t like strangers and my inlaws stayed with us while they were in town.

    Now she’s all cuddly and constantly pawing at me for attention. Hard to get any work done with a cute kitty looking for lovin.

  10. On another up note: When my boss was out here, she said I wasn’t taking enough holiday time. Now I have to take at least one more week, preferably two, because they won’t carry all of them over to next year.

    I have a hard enough time taking the holidays I have, without finding where to add more.

  11. the eagle has landed

    Dre currently:

    Playing: Spoon – Don’t you Evah
    Drinking: Mate Tea
    Doing: retouching someones wedding photos
    Doing2: getting high off the fumes from Hugh’s oil painting

    Hugh currently:

    Playing: Spoon – Don’t you Evah
    Drinking: nothing
    Doing: painting

  12. Sorry I have been sparce lately The FAA doing an audit while I was holding training on how to glue 2 pieces of metal together with Heat. (Lots of heat!)

  13. Aww wndr, who cares if the airplane parts are put together properly. It’s not like they’ll fall out of the sky or something…

    oh wait…

  14. Slowly from the darkness a strange little variety show emerges from the depths of broke-atude…

    With as much fanfare as it disappeared it returns. http://wanderradio.com is back up!


    No I did not work on those airplane parts that was someone else therefore still on the plane…

  15. No Van, I haven’t really done much more than play with my touch. I did add Calgary weather and my company’s stocks to it, but haven’t looked at the apps yet.

  16. “I’m sorry, I lost interest in your message after the first paragraph and couldn’t be bothered to finish it. No doubt it was very clever and devastating and if it makes you feel good, please consider me abashed or chagrined or whatever it was that you intended me to feel after reading your brilliant, scintillating words. In the meantime, allow me to congratulate you in your decision not to breed, as clearly a person of your qualities represents a full stop on the genetic paragraph; the evolution of your line need go no further.

    Please feel free to respond, whereupon I’ll be happy to ignore you again in greater detail.

    Bye, now.”

    lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant!!!

  17. I watched the Age of Conan ZeroPunct review and it was okay, but the Alone in the Dark one was brilliant! “If some one serves you a dead dog for lunch, you don’t stick around for pudding.” LOL

  18. CP: Twilight Singers – I Wish I Was

    Ive finished my work for the day but Ive lost my husband to the stock market 🙂

    He is enthralled in finance shows now

    Hugh is the only man I know who is equally engrossed in painting and finance

    I was feeling like doing some baking.. I’m going to search through my kitchen and see what I can make! Methinks I need to make a bread. Bread baking is very relaxing


  19. Well, my husband just got back from the music store. He decided his new toy needed a new toy so he picked up a pedal.

  20. So dumb conversation for today.

    Preparing to leave coffee shop, was accosted by one of the staff:

    “Is that an iPhone?”

    “Err yeah”

    “What do you think of it? would you recommend it? I want to get one but not sure if I need one”

    “So what do you usually use your phone for?”


    “Then you don’t need an iPhone”

    At this point I began to think they must think I’m an idiot (what else would you use a phone for).

    Explaining that I use the phone to listen to podcasts, browse the internet and watch videos and only use it as an actual phone on the odd occasion didn’t crop up…groan.

  21. I’d like to iTouch rhett after what has recently been revealed about his manhood

    Hugh sez: Damn it woman! Rhett! I challenge you to a length/girth contest to win the adoration of the fair dre. We measure at sunrise tomorrow. May the best morning wood win Mr Rhettro


    wow.. ummmm.. Im speechless.. ummm…

  22. Hugh sez: and by the way, I can’t speak on the iTouch but i loooooove my iPhone. I used it all the time for everything. It replaced my blackberry, phone and ipod. It was a great asset to my professional life. I could check stocks, set up appointments, contact people by phone or email, look at nudie photos of my wife AND listen to Naked Raygun all at once! On one gadget! It was a stock traders dream!

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    Smarty Hotties® – 25
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    Mr ditto swooon – 13
    Rhettro – 12
    Dubshack – 11
    Ed From Texas – 8
    Rhettro – 8
    Jeremy- 6
    Leann 2.0 – 6
    Alvie – 4
    disgruntled scientist – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
    Trucker Overdrive – 3
    Lost Ralph – 3
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    Vanamonde – 17
    Mr ditto swooon – 14
    Rhettro – 12
    Dubshack – 11
    Ed From Texas – 8
    Rhettro – 8
    Jeremy- 6
    Leann 2.0 – 6
    Alvie – 4
    disgruntled scientist – 4
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  25. Hugh sez: if j0e likes it, we might have to watch it

    We trust j0e’s movie opinions?

    Hugh sez: yes. I like j0e.

    awwwwww Hugh + j0e = love

    it had a repoPan homage

    Hugh sez: and we loved Naked Lunch

    we did

    mmkay. We trust j0e

  26. She is actually buying it

    Hugh sez: Hustler?

    That woke him up!

    Hugh sez: Im a jugs kinda guy really

    LOL.. thank you for sharing Hugh

    Hugh sez: Actually Jugs is pretty tame on my list of turn ons.

    true. I now what kinda guy you really are

    Hugh sez: I’m a rubberdoll kinda guy

    exactly 🙂

  27. Alright pan, we gotta stop here for the night

    Hugh is going out in an hour and needs to go get all sexy and hot. Not that he isn’t so fucking sexy and hot right now.

    Hugh sez: *blush*

    Blush? The Hugh just blushed?

    Hugh sez: I have to fake modesty sometimes.. help keep it real

    LOL. Modesty doesn’t suit you my love

    Hugh sez: Ok, what if I said- Of course I am sexy and hot as I am. I don’t have to try, but when dealing with women, you have to make them think you care. But I don’t fucking care.

    LOL!!! Insight on Hugh and women from Hugh, ladies and gentlemen

  28. TEB: It’s “pay or play contracts.” Lyrics to the Animaniacs theme song are here:


    And an explanation of what a “pay or play contract” is can be found in the Cultural Reference Guide here:


    Since it’s a .txt file, you have to search for the word “play” to find it.

    (Animaniacs and Star Wars were the first two subjects I looked up when I first got on the Internet. 🙂 )

  29. there’s a great album by that name, EssBee. By Slash’s Snakepit.

    Neither Can I – one of the songs on that album is one of my favourites.

  30. EssBee: I’ll check that out.

    And no, I’ve never felt obligated to follow that silly 5 o’clock rule. I’ll have a beer when I want one. Except, when I’m at work, of course. Or driving. Or scuba diving. Or running naked through the rain. Scratch that last one. 🙂

  31. Trent Reznor has enlisted 50 McTrillion (read: five) bands to open for his tour in support of Nine Inch Nails’ 50 McTrillion (read: two) new albums, The Slip and Ghosts I-IV, but perhaps you already knew that.

    Deerhunter, Crystal Castles, White Williams, A Place to Bury Strangers, and Does It Offend You, Yeah? will provide the entrance music for Nine Inch Nails on their “Lights in the Sky” tour, which begins tonight (July 25) at the Pemberton Festival in British Columbia.

    Ol’ Trent’s also added some shows south of the U.S. border since our last report. The new dates are in October.

  32. Will channel surfing yesterday, I thought I saw a clip of “Dr. Horrible.” Sure enough one of the fluff entertainment shows had a segment about how it was the most popular download on iTunes. They even interviewed Joss about it. More Joss exposure can’t be bad right?

  33. Jack,

    You know it’s strange how an individual can interpret things. When I read Van’s posting “slash – to urinate” it made me think about an article in which Slash talked about how when you wear leather pants and piss in them, you don’t get cold like when you’re wearing jeans. That’s your public service announcement for the day.

  34. Hmmm.. Lunchtime. Thinking about going to the Paradise Mall and getting a chicken salad sandwich. Of course I need to stop for gas first. Hrm..

  35. The wife and I just got back from “The Dark Knight”. It was……ok. I think the thing has been greatly overhyped. It was too long. And I have nothing against a long running movie, but this one just dragged out, both in the overall plot and in the editing of the various scenes.

    Heath Ledger did an interesting portrayal as the Joker, but I found it really hard to get into it as they made a clearly deliberate choice to give him no background. He was simply an agent of chaos dropped onto Gotham to stir up trouble.

    While not nearly as bad as Crystal Skull, I don’t think this was as good a Iron Man in considering Summer movies. I also find it really hard to justify this being IMDB’s number 1 rated movie of all time.


  36. Interesting review Ed. I have no idea if I’ll like Batman or not. I liked Batman Begins, although I found it a little cold. I really liked Memento, Chris Nolan’s earlier film.

  37. Trying to get it to sync newly downloaded podcasts, they are in the library, they are marked new, and the damn thing won’t transfer them to the phone.

    If I had hair on my head to pull out…

  38. CP: Tonight You Belong to Me – Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters

    …… yes, I rushed here to share that.

    iTunes is supposed to provide convenience and pleasure, Van. Not frustration.

  39. The first collection of Angel After the Fall in hardback, is cooling it’s heels at the local PO cos it wouldn’t fit through the letterbox.

  40. Got the damn thing to sync!


    Even the videos got transferred.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the anime version of Black Lagoon rocks!

  41. Victory!

    Okay, friends, I’m heading on home. If I don’t check back in, have a great Friday night!

    Here’s hoping the Hotties drop by tonight for more fun.

  42. Dam Busters!!! Great movie. And one of the “inspirations” for the Death Star run. And by inspiration, I mean rip-off… uh, tribute, since Uncle George stole dialog and scenes for Star Wars.

  43. morning pan!

    [minor spoilers for those who haven’t seen Batman yet]

    We saw Batman last night. LOVED it!

    I know it got some ho-hums from some of you, and some people I talked to, but that was Batman how we like it.

    I know when Batman started it was silly and cheesy and Bruce Wayne was perfectly well adjusted and it was kinda goofy really. That Batman is ok, I mean we have been getting those Batman Chronicles graphic novels as they come out (they are printig in order every Batman appearance since the beginning of Batman time in graphic novel form- its wicked cool)

    But the Batman we really love is the dark, tortured with a side order of psychotic please. The Joker was perfect! That little tongue flick he gave the character was inspired and I just think he did an exellent job. Nicholsons joker was ok, he was goofy and funny. But this Joker was fucking insane.. which the Joker was. The Joker was psychotic. He killed cause he loved to kill, he didnt care about what he got. He enjoyed the chase and getting into Batmans head. He loved fucking with Batman and watching Batman being driven nuts chasing him.

    Thats the Batman universe as I like to see it. I think there is a place for the candy colored, silly, goofy version of the Batman world and we enjoy that too, but this dark, dirty, psychotic, version was perfect.

    Hugh sez: and they filmed a whole bunch at my work

    Yeah! Chicago looked awesome as Gotham!! I loved the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) bus that they changed the C ot a G very cute 🙂
    But they filmed on top of the Chicago Board of Trade several times. That whole financial district area with the Board of Trade in the middle.

    Hugh sez: you mean Chicago Mercantile Exchange now 🙂

    Bah! whatever! It will always be CBOT to me. They were all over dowtown in that movie. The hospital they blew up was on the south side of the city.

    [/minor spoilers for those who haven’t seen Batman yet]

  44. Morning, Pan!

    Not gonna read the Hotties’ post until Sunday night b/c we haven’t seen TDK yet. Hopefully today!

    We’re headed to Canon City, CO (home of Colorado apples, the SuperMax prison, and my babe’s grandma) today. We plan to enjoy the scenery, some good coffee, and the rest of David Sedaris’ new book (“When You Are Engulfed In Flames”) from audible. I recommend the book, BTW, for some good laughs.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! I might check back in when we arrive at our destination.

    That’s a great episode, Van.

  45. Today Fox visits grandma and grandpa, and Darcy and I get some Dark Knight action. Was going to be DK and XFiles both, but we remembered an evening potluck that is expecting our whole crew this evening so we cut it back to the better-reviewed of the two flicks…

  46. Been on the line with Apple for 40 minutes now. My new toy won’t register on I-Tunes (It keeps telling me my address isn’t a US address – Which I already know!!), so I can’t get the updates or the cool apps.

  47. Well, since this is such a happening place, I’m leaving.

    Time for lunch, then back for more work – lucky me 😉

  48. I know the voice was unpopular, but I rewatched Batman Begins on the same day I saw TDK and found it was pretty consistent between the two. They might have done something better, but to be realistic, Batman *had* to disguise his voice somehow.

  49. I’ve only seen Batman Begins once (when I saw it at the cinema) so my memory of the movie is vague at best. Will have to dig out the DVD when I’ve got the time.

    Oh and according to my watch the running time for Dark Knight (well till the credits roll) was 2 hours 18 minutes, so not quite in the same league as the LOTR movies.

  50. I read at Backseat Producers that MTV plans to remake “Rocky Horror Picture Show” keeping only the screenplay and writing all new music.

    How do you remake a movie based on a stage musical and not use the original score???

  51. Okay, after looking at several other sources, it looks like original score is staying, but may be supplemented by all-new songs as well..

  52. Saw X-Files: I Want to Believe yesterday. More like “I Want my money back” or “I want to believe Chris Carter can make a scarier movie than a gay Russian abducting women and harvesting their body parts to keep his lover alive, who happens to have once been the alter boy victim of the priest he has a psychic connection to that the FBI are using to find them”

    Yeah I just spoiled the whole movie but honestly beyond a few good jokes on David Duchovney’s behalf and what I’m certain must have been a scene accidentally inserted from the gag reel (in which Mulder’s car is being pushed over a cliff and Mulder is desperatly trying to decide whether to call “Dana” or “Gillian” on his cell phone) the movie is pretty much pointless. Other than getting a sense of what Mulder and Scully are as lovers and the fact that they’ve just been together in hiding for six years and Scully’s a doctor on a Catholic hospital… You really get no sense of their relationship ever having moved anywhere, in fact their coupling comes across just as bizzare as it did when they revealed it and failed to explain it in the final two seasons of the show.

    So other than being able to see just how old David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson have really gotten, or see a really amazingly done joke about George Bush, I’d wait for DVD on this one kids. And even then I’d Netflix it, or BT it even. I actually had to apologize to my wife for making her watch six season of the show (we only got that far before the movie came out, we were going for ninee) and then watch a shitty movie. I was really expecting this one to be good, but wow, it just went nowhere.

  53. Same here. I watched X-Files from the first season and one season past the first movie, but after that Carter just lost focus. Much like some other shows that out stayed their welcome and die violent deaths (i.e. Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Moon Lighting etc.) X-Files didn’t know how to bow out gracefully. There should have been a sense of closure brought to the uneven season ender, but they took too much time and now it just doesn’t matter. I may end up renting it on Netflix but that’s it.

  54. I stopped watching X-Files right after the dreadful personality swapping episode aired. That cliche is pretty much the kiss of death imo: it means the writers are out of ideas. I tried watching a few episodes after that point but couldn’t get into it anymore, especially after the new cast was introduced.

    When I heard they were going to make a new movie, my reaction was basically ‘meh’. I would only watch it if everyone swore it was a great movie. From Dub’s wonderful reaction… I think I’d rather be forced to watch Spider-Man 3 repeatedly.

  55. “The truth is over the shark”.

    Thanks for the warning, Dub. I never watched the TV series, really enjoyed the first film, had almost zero interest in seeing this new one.

    Moon Patrol rocked.

  56. Van, I’d so go see Martha live. I agree — she does seem to have some issues….. What nutty things did she do?
    Did she do “Bloody Mother Fuckin Asshole”?

    I think I’m a bigger fan of her brother Rufus. (Yes, you can be straight and appreciate Rufus Wainwright)

  57. Nope on the song, just the way she was talking between songs and interacting with the audience.

    Good gig anyway, Rufus is on my to do list for seeing him performing live.

    Still think their Dad is better though (LW3).

  58. currently playing NIN Head Down

    I will be sharing oxygen with Trent in 7 days

    Hughie do you think he will let me share anything else with him?

    Hugh sez: if the dude has half a brain he will


    Hugh sez: *swooon2*

  59. I wonder what this tour of Trents is gonna be like.. it is for 2 albums that are almost all instrumental. Trent only sings on like 2 or 3 songs on The Slip and none on Ghosts.

    Does this mean we are going to see Trent actually playing.. oh that would rule! To see him playing with his keyboards and Mac and shit

    Hugh sez: Are yuo going to need a cold shower?

    I might! Oh! and Im going to have like front row access to Trent! I got the ok to shoot NIN. I begged and begged. I said I would shoot anyone I didn’t care as long as I could do Gutter Twins and NIN.

    Hugh sez: well you saved their asses at Pitchfork too

    I did 🙂

    I just keep having these lollapalooza visions of Greg Dulli, and Trent Reznor and Hugh and me.. and we’re all naked.. ummm.. sorry

    Hugh sez: you are NOT sorry. You ho.

    LOL! Can I be a Greg, Trent and Hugh sandwich?

    Hugh sez: a 3 sided sandwich?


    Hugh sez: as long as we don’t make a club sandwich with a bread in the middle


    *submit comment*

  60. You know, X-files used to be one of my favorites. In truth, it was the first movie that killed my interest in the show. I had hoped that, with as long a break as everyone has had from the series, they might come back with something fresh and interesting.

    Alas, it looks like the horse is still dead.

  61. Deadpan 96 continues…

    The Rock
    baby with no bowel movements
    no bowel movements in 6 days
    funny and ironical
    no joke
    when baby farts the world shakes
    new christ
    it was planned
    what you need to know before getting into the movie
    you won’t understand it all
    based off book of revelations
    salon.com is wrong about the harlot
    Mega zepplin?
    serpent woman is the harlot of revelations
    agrees with the rest.. maybe
    last 3 days of the end of the world
    everything is gone to shit
    big boom
    republicans win in congress in 2006 *shudders*
    homeland security freak out
    empire of evil

  62. Re: x-files

    Yes, the movie soured quite a bit and the season without Mulder was wicked retarded.
    I will have to see the movie though. I just have to. I don’t know. I’ll probably hate it but I will have to go. I loved X-Files up to the movie and last season.

    I want to believe

  63. back to pan

    Jon Lovitt and Laro-however you spell it are best actors of the movie

    crap fest
    he’s pissed off
    donnie darko
    shoot in the eye
    fucking good movie
    pimps don’t die
    what does that mean?????

  64. still have 18 more minutes and 15 seconds of Dubshack
    and something else

    people had a lot to say about it, got lots o’ content
    people loved it or hated it
    mega zepplin
    random unpredictable strangeness
    props, yo
    Deadpanpalooza 4
    tie up loose ends
    short music
    maybe he will come back
    Deadpan is the motherfucking pimp
    Chris Lmabert was in it

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    Mr ditto swooon – 14
    Rhettro – 12
    Dubshack – 11
    Ed From Texas – 8
    Rhettro – 8
    Jeremy- 6
    Leann 2.0 – 6
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    disgruntled scientist – 4
    Trucker Overdrive – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
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    why yes Mr WordPress…. this IS a duplicate comment, well done. Well done indeed!

  66. *unpause*

    Vanamonde – colonoscopy
    ditto – buffalo = new orleans
    vanamonde- solo play
    bunny – vultures
    *intentional pause*
    Trucker OD- list of ailments, podcast bitching
    Smarty Hotties – BOO!!!!!!
    G squared – good morning

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    Rhettro – 12
    Dubshack – 11
    Ed From Texas – 8
    Rhettro – 8
    Jeremy- 6
    Leann 2.0 – 6
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    Alvie – 4
    disgruntled scientist – 4
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    Amy Bowen – 3
    Lost Ralph – 3
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    EesBee – 2
    psion andy – 1
    Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan – 1
    John Boze: 1
    g squared – 1

  68. It is Monday Morning here…

    I already miss my con friends.

    But PB project moving ahead (albeit slowly)
    DM Project had a set back (Not thrilled oh well)
    DP Project releases this week – Oh shit…

  69. I’ve got tons of deadlines for Between the Lines Studios this month, a bunch of edits, a voice role, and an episode script for Angel Between the Lines.

  70. EssBee – I am camouflaged.

    People always expect a sheep….they don’t expect a cat…

    *Nobody expects a cat*

    Damn that was bad…no wonder I only have 2 greasy nipple points.

  71. Unfortunately, with my husband’s schedule, we probably won’t be able to see “TDK” until it comes out on video.

  72. 406 – so if I subtract the goal of 451 from the current count of 406 I should get the number of comments to hit our goal right??? Looks right except it is reversed you moron that is why you don’t write…

    451-406= 45 comments to go!

  73. Sorry, wolf. I’m still here. Just working at the same time so more, ghosting it than actually participating.

    I’m not afraid of the big bad meower… :0

  74. Work has been stressful this week, but I may have turn a corner. Hopefully things will either A. Improve or at least B. Not gets anymore sucky.

  75. CP: Price I Pay – Janes Addiction

    Not this time Van. Not this time.

    Nice to be missed 🙂 Seems I missed a lot of swell discussions.
    Hope things have turned for you Rhett. From what I’ve read … there is now a Rhett, head-shapped dent in your desk.

    I think I’ll go blow the dust off my recording equipment and see if it still works.

  76. I DVR’d Mad Men last night as well, Van. I missed Season 1, but am just going to jump in at this point.

    I am looking forward to Eureka tomorrow night. I am all caught up with that, and love the show!

  77. CP: Green is the Colour – Pink Floyd

    Mad Men – also TiVo’d. Looking forwarc to watching tonight.
    EssBee, you should download last years Episodes and watch first if you can. It is THAT good.
    I have re-watched several of the episodes and they are just as engaging each time I view them.

  78. CP: Criminal – Fiona Apple

    Damn, my stock portfolio is in shambles.
    I’ve been real good about staying diversified and following the energy/comodity issues so I’ve been able to stand on the outskirts and watch smugly while Rome Burned … but while I was on the road and out of touch the disaster finally caught up to me. 🙁
    The horror. The Horror. The Horror.

    This economy needs an enema.

  79. Rhettro, I was just joking – I am sorry about your ass’ current hanging. Work drama is so unfun. I’m really glad that you may have turned a corner!

    CP: Circus Envy – R.E.M.

  80. EssBee – While I believe each episode can stand on it’s own … it will be SO much more fun to watch S2 if you have watched how the characters have unfolded/grown/self-destructed from S1.

  81. I will do that, then, JOe. I’ll just pile them up in the DVR until I get caught up. I’ve heard nothing but good about the show.

    I was in Canon City, CO over the weekend. It’s a pretty small place. Their movie theater had the following choices:

    – X-Files
    – The Dark Knight
    – Hancock
    – Hellboy II
    – Journey to the Center of the Earth

    I felt like I was in a geeky wonderland.

  82. Ok that was a bad pun…(I am in a strange mood today…must be sleep dep)

    Was Journey in 3D?
    I saw the Cassette Tape movie this weekend…I was floored by it.

    Crap I have a detail question about the movie…but don’t want to spoil it…off to the forums.

  83. Back from lunch – leftover pizza, yum.

    Will probably still be a ghost, just hanging out in the background as I still have a fair amount of work to do. (I just luvs month ends).

    CP: (Da Le) Yalleo – Santana

  84. 3 cups self-rising flour
    1/2 cup butter
    2 tablespoons sugar
    1 can/bottle beer (I like using an amber).

    Preheat oven to 350F. Mix the flour, sugar, and beer in a large bowl. Melt butter. Add a butter to loaf pan until the bottom is coated. Spoon dough into pan. Pour remaining butter onto the top of the dough. Place into oven and bake 50-60 minutes or until surface is golden.

  85. So what would I do when testing out cuil.com? A vanity search on Jack Mangan, of course. . .

    “No results because of high load…

    Due to excessive load, our servers didn’t return results. Please try your search again.”

  86. I saw the Batman movie and was impressed. I had no desire to see the X-Files movie. I saw the first one back when they were in their prime and was nonplussed. It was cutting edge television back in the mid-1990s. In the late 80s Twin Peaks was cutting edge television. I don’t feel like either show they dated particularly well. It is interesting to see Jack Black and Giovanni in the TV show together when there are both playing teenagers still.

    Ironman was an okay movie. I do think that Batman will stand up as a work of cinema. Iron Man will be replaced by some better special effects even though Robert Downey Jr. did a great job acting. It just wasn’t as impressive as Heath Ledger. Personally I felt the best acting job was Matthew Lillard as shaggy in the first Scooby Doo movie. That was an impressive job acting. You can’t give an Academy award for that sadly.

  87. Nice. On a more serious note, I will say that “SLC Punk” (with aforementioned Mr. Lillard) is a good movie. I own a copy, and I recommend it.

  88. A vanity search under JohnBoze comes up with lots of me on FPM-related web pages, and also one from back at the turn of the millenium. Not really anyone talking about me tho…

  89. I shall definitely have to add that “photoshop disasters” blog to my RSS reader along with failblog. I shall never despair again….so long as I’m never featured in either of those blogs.

  90. I suspect Cuil.com is still finding it feet, jack mangan threw up no results where as Jack Mangan threw up 25,142.

    My real name throws up links mostly to people other than me…apart from a couple of 80’s computer centred websites.

    Big ‘Lego’ house:


  91. So just read the Hotties’ review of the movie, and totally agree with it, as well as with ditto’s take on the film. It was great and dark. That was The Joker, with no sense of right/wrong. He was scary!

    Thanks, too, Hotties, for the compliment of “best quote ever”! Heh heh.

  92. CP – History According to Bob – Napoleon in Syria (Part 1) http://historyaccordingtobob.com

    No video games for me, lately. Unless you count me teaching my son how to play Pirates Online. Mostly we do the constructible model game thing. The 15yr old plays, the 9yr old plays, and the 4yr old now has his own pirate ships… Granted, I’m busy re-gluing the masts back on one of his ships. 4yr olds are rough on WizKids Pirate ships…

    Jack, I totally dig being called out, man… I love this frakkin’ community. I’m just so busy with all my other SocNet things, that I never get in here… this is a world unto itself… The Looking Glass has got nothing on the Deadpan community 🙂

  93. Scary they at one time had my show on there directory with out my knowledge or consent… If you want to use my show just ask Geesh. Chances are that I would let you use it… but damn…

    I feel so used …

    and not in a good way.

    Kind of like being raped with an un sanded two by four and I just received splinters from hell that make hemorrhoids feel like a relief.

    Sorry I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.

  94. On a happier note – Since it is no longer a seekrit. Anyone who wants to wish Jack a happy 100th and have not gotten to it yet…please send mp3 to me @ gmail.com Dead(pan)line is upon us tonight.

  95. DP Bar – Where my bourbon has a tendency to disappear…

    I am thinking about putting progress meters on my website to let people know where productions are being to being completed.

    JaJ – Wait til you hear some of the original content that we have for this special episode!!! We have so many talented people here.

  96. Hey I know when to be quiet nobody needs to tell me to shut up more than once. Geesh it not like I don’t want anyone to listen to the show. That’s the whole reason that the show is there for people to enjoy and who am I to keep people from listen to the show that I have so much time producing. I mean like wow someone has actually wanted to go back and listen to all of the back episodes just to sit back and listen to the stuff that I have pulled together. I think I may need to switch to decaf. This has been such weird morning considering all the stuff that has been going on. The Pulling of Wander Radio from the darkness of obscurity wait who the hell am I kidding Wander Radio is destined to be obscure just do to the fact that there is no niche market that I truly focus on, but then again what one person can just listen to one type of program and how in the hell are you going to know whether or not you’re going like something else if you are never given the opportunity to give it a try, I mean who can live on just audio dramas or just one type of music there is so much good content out there that is available for free. Like wow podcasting is how I found Brad Sucks and the Brobdingnagian Bards the Fump (I have been playing Fump music since their inception) There are also many great authors that really don’t understand the power of the internet yet.

    Wow I really need to switch to Decaf…

  97. wolf, you’re just fine full-caf.

    I couldn’t get eps 2 or 3 on iTunes, so now I’m CP: Wander Radio #4

    Here’s what I like so far: it’s like nothing else out there. The music is great. The comedy is super funny. The yogurt bit, for example, is hilarious. I’m gonna play that for my babe when I get home. It made me laugh out loud.

  98. TSH: Concratz! Hope you have a place to stay now. 😉

    Wolf: I listened to your last few episodes and really liked them. I was going to mine for more gold when you site went down. Sounds like it’s up again. Where’d I put my miner hat?

  99. Thanks!

    Yes we have a place to stay 🙂
    We’ve been living in our new place for a while now, so it will be nice to not pay for 2 places now.

    Wolf- It’s always good to get validation for your work isn’t it? Sorry I haven’t been listening, but I barely listen to the 3 podcasts I am actually subscribed to as it is, its nothing personal 🙂


  100. Screw you, WordPress.

    I was just TRYING to say:

    CP: Creo – Ozomatli

    And, now that I mention it, earbuds: Don’t Mess With the Dragon – Ozomatli. Great, eclectic, bilingual band out of L.A. I love them, and this IMO is their best album so far.


    But that was before. Now:

    CP: Three Little Birds – Bob Marley & The Wailers

  101. WNDR, I admit I’m a bit confused reading your stream of posts today. Has someone been putting down your work on WNDR Radio? If so, that’s just crap. Your show remains one of my favorites.

  102. Hello Brad P. ! Message in a bottle or just ships?

    Wndr – the witch turned her into a New-ish.

    CONGRADULATIONS SMARTY HOTTIES ! Now don’t go and blow all that cash on comic books and pop!

    CP: “I wanna take you higher” – Sly and the Family Stone

  103. Dear Ed from Texas,

    Just feeling kind of lost and amazed at how some things in life work (or don’t work as the case may be). Today has been kind of strange for me since my head is in a cloud (sleep dep from the con this weekend) I am just trying to keep myself going on it.

    Jack H aka WNDRWolf

  104. Actually, that should have been CPIMM: “Currently playing in my mind”

    JJ inspired me with his CP: LOL

    Although technically, my wife bought that cassette when it came out.

  105. Ha! “Over 1 billion served” takes on a new meaning w/ that one, ditto.

    wolf, that’s even worse! Take this one:

    CPIMM: Because The Night (unplugged) – 10,000 Maniacs

  106. I saw Warrant live once. They opened for Motley Crue at McNichols arena in Denver. Lord have mercy, that was like 400 years ago.

    CP: Hide and Seek – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

  107. Warrent – Ouch Jack. LOL

    I wonder how many hair metal acts I’ve actually seen?

    Def Leppard
    Bullet Boys
    Mamas Boys (am I detecting a pattern here?)
    Winger (yeah, yeah make your fun, but it was a good show)
    I’m sure there had to be others. LOL

  108. EssBee’s on a roll.

    I’ve also seen:

    Iron Maiden (Thank’s Jack)
    Styx (Mr. Roboto tour – way cool)
    Flash Cadillac (muliple times)
    Fats Domino
    Dr. Hook (set the way back machine)
    Jethro Tull

  109. “Im gonna take you by surprise and make you realize,
    Im gonna tell you right away, I cant wait another day,
    Im gonna say it like a man and make you understand
    I love you”

    Oh it’s too easy. Above are the line just begging to be bastardized. I think I see justa joe sweating.

  110. It’d be tough to name all the bands I’ve seen live….. so instead, the hokiest bands I’ve seen:

    Whitesnake (with Great White opening)
    Scorpions (with Great White opening again – ack. . . Aldo Nova also did a set at that show)
    Electric Angels (omg, they were terrible)
    Steve Harris’s daughter’s set didn’t sound too impressive. Rhett and I were in the t-shirt line the entire time.
    Guns N Roses – saw them with Metallica.
    A friend’s band once opened for W.A.S.P.
    Hmm, there have got to be others.

  111. Holy Subliminal message Batman!

    I can’t tell you when the last time I heard this song was … but I guess that all this coverage of the Earthquake in L.A. has triggered some synapsis.

    CPIMM: “Aenemia” – Tool

  112. (Kirk Mode) …must try … to resist … song … parody. Force … to …strong. Noooooooooo (/Kirk Mode)

    “Im gonna take you by surprise open up those thighs,
    It doesn’t mean your gay, If you take it the same way,
    A man does
    If you’ll take it like a man and then your going to understand
    Behind you”