565 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #101: Tee & Pip

  1. Oh crap. . . . . . . the audio at the end is on Chipmunk speed.

    ehhhh fuck it.

    Off to catch some Zzzz’s. I guess that would be a Deadnap?

    Thanks LostRalph. It was a fun conversation. I hope you enjoy listening.

  2. One fine day in the middle of the night
    Two dead men got upto fight
    Back to back they faced each other
    Drew their swords and shot each other
    A paralysed donkey passing by
    Kicked a blind man in the eye
    Knocked them through a rubber wall
    Into a dry ditch and drowned them all

    That is how bad my memory is getting….

  3. I wish I was a lesbian – Loudon Wainwright III

    I wish I was a lesbian, and not a hetero.
    I wouldn’t have to deal with men and all their come and go,
    And all their yucky yucky facial hair and all their machis’mo!
    I wish I were a lesbian and not a hetero!

    I wish I was a lesbian and that I wasn’t straight.
    I’d sleep with women only. Man, it would be great.
    I’d throw away my diaphragm, I wouldn’t want to mate.
    I wish I was a lesbian, and that I wasn’t straight!

    I wish I were a lesbian, I’d like to be a dyke.
    I’d sleep with k.d. lang. Mel Gibson, take a hike!
    I think it would be nice to love someone who was alike.
    I wish I was a lesbian, I’d like to be a dyke!

    I wish I was a lesbian, that’s why this song is sung.
    It shouldn’t really matter how somebody is hung.
    Other things are more important- like how you use your tongue!
    I wish I was a lesbian, that’s why this song is sung!

    I DARE Casey Kasem to play this!

    I wish I was a lesbian, and not a hetero.
    I wouldn’t have to deal with men and all their come and go,
    And all their yucky facial hair and all their machis’mo
    (I hate that machis’mo!)
    I wish I was a lesbian and not a hetero

  4. CP: Right Said Fred – Bernard Cribbins (Yes the Grandad from the latest Season of Dr Who)

    Oh and he was in one of the Dr Who movies, the ones with Peter Cushing as the Doctor.

  5. So th story goes that LM couldn’t keep in tune with the backing singers. So the backing singers went for a break, LM did his bits and left, then the singers were brought back to to keep in tune with the recording.

  6. Yes, ditto?

    I know it’s old, Van, but we could come up with a hotter boy and girl! Let’s rewrite the song, shall we?

    I’m staying quiet today because I lost a friend today.

  7. You do realise the “I wish I was a lesbian” song is sung by a man. LOL They used to play all the time on 98.9 the Rock in Kansas City.

    I’d sleep with Morgan Fox, Greg Dulli take a hike?

  8. BTW: I did a yahoo picture search for Samantha Fox and it quickly turned into a game of “Just TRY to find a shot of her with clothes on!”

    Did she spend like most of the 90’s nekked?

  9. To erase that, some even more atrocious:

    “Baby, don’t treat me bad
    Well, this could be the best thing that you’ll ever have
    Baby, don’t treat me bad
    (Well) you can do anything, but baby, don’t treat me bad
    Oh, don’t treat me bad”

  10. Attention Science Geeks (or just those looking for an excuse to get someone else out late under the night sky!(

    Mark your calendar: The 2008 Perseid meteor shower peaks on August 12th and it should be a good show.

    “The time to look is during the dark hours before dawn on Tuesday, August 12th,” says Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center. “There should be plenty of meteors–perhaps one or two every minute.”

  11. did someone say they were sleeping with Greg Dulli?

    I am sorry for your loss Ess Bee. 43 is much much much too young.

    thanks for checking out the photos guys 🙂

    I’m going to be out for a while methinks. You guys take care. Play nice.


  12. Had my first twinky today.

    In the continuum of US exports it’s not in the same league as pepsi.

    My coat feels like it’s coated in gunk…

  13. “Fear of the Dark” was the newest song Iron Maiden played at their Phoenix show. /tweet.

    I take it you’re not making the trip for NME2008, Brad?

    Marlo – I just clicked the player. It worked for me.

    Van, is there something special about the new F&SF? Is it related to your twinkie discovery?

  14. EVERYONE needs at least a little TMBG in their library!
    Rhettro – get right on that … STAT!

    Maybe Jack just wasn’t in the mood. Wait, what were we talking about again?

  15. Boring story Jack:

    Relative just came back from a holiday in the USA, the twinkies were allowed through customs.

    F&SF is a magazine I enjoy reading.

    Altogether now:


  16. So I need a little Giants in my library? Hmmm… that doesn’t sound right. LOL

    If I purchase some Giants, would I get a medal for being the nicest of the damned?

  17. I developed an affection for Denny’s when I was 20, traveling the US with my girlfriend. You could get a metric tonne of food on your plate for $1.99.

    Go Tee & Pip!

    CP: Green River – John Fogerty

  18. PS3: Cool, what game did you win?

    Slash: Whenever I hear of “slash” fiction I immediately think of the former GnR guitarist.

  19. Oh and couldn’t get into Primeval when it was first shown on ITV…could have been down to the giant spider episode though..

  20. I was going to say that I fear I would be the only bloke there for the Spider Lillies showing until I thought it through.


  21. I used to get BBC America as part of my basic cable offering. But here in Phoenix you have to buy with a big channel package, so I don’t have it.

  22. China knows how to put on a show!
    As one viewer in the room commented … if it were the US putting it on it would be all about technology and gadgets. With China it was all about art and humans interacting. Of course they also pointed out that if there is one thing China has in cheap and abundant supply it is human beings.
    IMHO: The archer lighting the torch in the last Olympics was a much more dramatic ignition sequence.
    All in all I’d give the whole thing a 10! (I give NBC’s coverage a 5)

    Hey EssBee – I have some pineapple juice and an etch-a-sketch … does that count? 😉

  23. Hey, JOe, YES! *swooooon*

    Hey Van!

    Our Olympic coverage was interrupted by flash floods that knocked out and interrupted the NBC signal throughout the evening. Damn it! We still really enjoyed what we were able to see.

    Today, cleaning the house!

  24. I think everyone should just drop everything and come to NME2008.

    Rumor has it some podcast called Buffy Between the Lines has some members of its cast performing live on Saturday. Wonder who that bunch of hacks is…

  25. That IS a lot of TMBG! Not too much though. You can never have too much. 🙂
    My count only stands at 195 although I did cull out some repeat versions of songs.

    I’m waiting for “Buffy between the sheets” (is it too early for that sort of talk?)

    Let the games begin!

  26. Most of my tracks are in WMAs and Ogg Vorbis so won’t be getting played on the iPhone (converting to AAC from low quality sources is not a good idea)

  27. Well no review as such, but I enjoyed Spider Lillies.

    The plot is a bit implausible in places, but the acting is good, worth checking out in my view.

  28. Ok to catch up:

    Jack: Another good show, your interviews always stand out.

    EssBee: Sorry to hear about your friend.

    And even though I’m way late, congrats on over a 100 episodes Jack. Also kudos to all the deadpanites who put the 100th episode together, it was a joy to listen to.

  29. So Dubshack was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia on Friday.

    Which, looking on the positive side… It’s kind of like saying “Hey, at least I’m not going to die. Sure my whole life has sucked and will continue sucking for the rest of my life. But at least it won’t get any worse than it all ready is.”

    I dunno, does that sound comforting to anyone? I’m kind of on the fence on that one. I mean not dying is certainly good. Overstimulation to pain… I guess thats not any worse than wearing a “George Bush is my President” t-shirt all the time.

    Yeah I dunno. It’s late enough to be thinking about the “smoking weed” treatment. Since the insurance won’t cover the FDA approved one, MJ appears to be the cheapest solution.

  30. Dub, start taking Una de Gato (Cat’s Claw). It’s an amazing herb. I get it from organicpharmacy.org pretty cheap. FM is a bitch, sorry to hear this! Nothing wrong with MJ either, but try the Una de Gato also.

    Good Sunday Morning, Deadpan!

  31. Greetings, Pan. Ed has once again returned to Texas. While the trip was great, it’s good to be home.

    Trying to get caught up with the world again. Essbee, I echo everyone’s sentiments on your loss. The pain of loss is the risk we run for forming attachments. The alternative is to become a hermit and I don’t think that we humans are really intended to be so solitary.

  32. Thanks EssBee, it’s cheap enough it might be worth trying. But I have a pretty good feeling it won’t work. There actually is no inflamation in Fibromyalgia, which is why aleve has never really worked unless I overdosed on it. (which I had to do yesterday, 1100mg of naproxen and 1025mg of percogesic (which is 1000mg acetaminophen and 25mg diphenhydramine), just enough to knock me out long enough for my muscles to relax… Used to be a single percogesic could do that) They don’t really know what causes Fibromyalgia but think its a combination of genetics (my mother was diagnosed 19 years ago with CFS and after this might be going back to the doctor for a re-evaluation, as well as my grandmother who’s had similar symptoms) stress (which is why I never really thought to go to the doctor about it, I assumed physical pain was a side effect of me handling stress poorly) and an excessive amount of pain related neurotransmitters in the spinal fluid. My doctor described it as the central nervous system reporting to the brain that you’ve had some experience with something and the brain reports back that your reaction should be one of extreme pain, mostly everywhere. It’s bizzare when you think about it but all the wierd things attached to it as symptoms that I’ve all ready been treated for… IBS, restless leg syndrome, a mild allergy that causes widespread pain when I come in contact with it, having all the symptoms of hypoglycemia while testing negative for diabetes… Like I said I’m certain I’ve had this all my life, I’d get this intense pain in my legs and everyone just said it was growing pains. And I’d get it all the time but I was always stressed out I just thought this was the natural reaction… pain all over, feeling to wiped out to do anything… What clued me in that something might be wrong was working on a project that was fairly stressfull for a month straight, and during a pause in the project wondering why the hell I felt like I was physically in pain all over when all I’d done was sit in a chair for a month. That and over the past year I’ve had this developing rash on me feet that isn’t painful, but we’ve finally identified as Raynaud’s phenomenon. It’s just the most bizzare thing, but I was sitting there and I got on google and typed in “hurts all over” and it immediately came up with page after page on Fibromyalgia. I called my doctor about it, he did the physical test on me and the positive result on that in concert with the treatment of all those other symptoms over the last three years he concluded it was definately fibromyalgia.

    But your suggestion looks inexpensive enough I don’t see a reason not to try it, but as anti-inflamatories go… Like I said, they don’t really work on me unless I take so much I literally pass out.

  33. You need to be careful taking herbal supplements when you are medications.

    Taking garlic capsules when on aspirin (for blood thinning) can cause problems.

  34. Mike Mennenga and I were just talking about you yesterday, Dub (basically, each of us asking if the other had heard from you). Fibromyalgia? Well, whatever solution you pursue, I hope it gets you some positive results.

    “The pain of loss is the risk we run for forming attachments. The alternative is to become a hermit and I don’t think that we humans are really intended to be so solitary.” – Excellent words, Ed. Welcome back! I hope the vacation was great for everyone. IMHO, I think Tee and Pip were hilarious.

  35. Dub: That sucks. My mom has FM. It’s a nasty thing.

    On a different note, I spent the past 2-3 hours trying to configure my new printer. But it finally bowed to my will!

  36. Well Mike didn’t really respond to my last email to him so I assumed him and I weren’t speaking. Brian had made a comment about looking for a replacement podcaster for FPR and I can never tell if that guy is joking or serious. I thought it best to drop out of the FPM community not just for my own sake (felt like a rediculous amount of energy was going into podcasting and screwing my writing… turns out I have energy for neither, not because I’m a shithead screw up but I actually have something medically wrong with me) and because there is a girl there that causes damage to my marriage every time her name is brought up.

    At any rate… Searches for treatment are not in any way promising. Apparently the FDA recently released an alert that 11 medications, including both medications I would consider for treatment have been proven to double suicidal thoughts.

    So I guess you could say I’ve fallen out of the deadpan and into the fire… 😉

  37. Attention Firefox users.

    Why can I no longer access any sites that have log-ons?
    I can access the Deadpan so I know I can connect.
    I also know that I can access those sites from my network, using my workstation.
    I just suddenly can’t get to those sites from my laptop. Any ideas what may have changed?

    BTW: the problem message says “The server is taking to long to respond.”

  38. You haven’t installed any new plugins jj?

    I used to get those errors when using Tor and the websites I visited were taking to long to respond.

    Could be a problem with the DNS your BB uses, you could try using OpenDNS (do a google) and see if that helps.

    You could install Opera browser and see if that has the same problem.

  39. I haven’t had those issues with Firefox. You might want to install Pocket Fire Fox on a thumb drive and run it to see if you get the same errors.

  40. frustration.

    Van – I haven’t knowingly updated any plugins. I have also attempted to use OpenDNS but I can’t get it to work. That is, I have entered the DNS address in both my network preferences and in my Router’s preferences but when I go to the “test” site it tells me I am not using Open DNS.
    I HAVE restarted my computer after doing that BTW and I can see the new address in the DNS fields.

    I have tried Netscape and it can’t get to the sites either.
    One of the sites I can’t get to is the HTTPS site for Optionsexpress.com
    I can get to their http site but when I try to log on and it switches to https … I time out.

  41. I did a few fun things this weekend.

    Hellboy 2: A big budget movie with lots of imaginative visuals, unfortunately the movie played like a parody of itself. Not to say that the original Hellboy didn’t have it’s light hearted side, but it was done in excess here. I believe Indy 4 suffered from the same fate. Overall, not a bad movie, but it didn’t live up to the first one.

    Star Wars Minis: I finally got around to explaining the basics of Star Wars Minis to my son and we played a couple of battles. Lots of fun. I expect we’ll be playing more in the future.

  42. Well, I rebooted my router after trying to feed it the new DNS address but not the modem.
    I’m going to try that now. Let’s hope it doesn’t make me loose Deadpan connectivity.

  43. HTTPS is like a security protocol right?

    I’d take ditto’s advice and rebooth the cable modem and any router’s you have plugged in, then review the security settings of your router’s firewall and perhaps any software firewalls you may be running.

  44. meh
    rebooting didn’t do it.

    I know it’s not a router issue because I have 2 computers using that router and one connects to these HTTPS sites just fine. The other (this lap top) connected just fine last Friday but is having problems today.

  45. Thanks ditto. I looked but SSD doesn’t have a Mac version.

    Something makes me think that some setting or cache might be “stuck”.
    I’ve tried rebooting and clearing out FireFox settings but this problem occures in Netscape as well so I’m thinking maybe this is a system level “hiccup”.

  46. Well the positive news is that I can now use Open DNS on the Lap top. I just had to keep plugging the address into configuration menus. Apparently one of them did the trick.

    Still can’t access the HTTPS sites but at least I have an older computer that will.
    See, THIS is exactly why I don’t throw anything out (my story and I’m sticking with it).

  47. dub, sorry to hear about the FM diagnosis. My wife had this as a diagnosis for a while… If I remember correctly, FM is a – for lack of an accurate description – reverse diagnosis. Well, it’s not this, and not this, and not this, and not this, and you have pain points, so it’s gotta be FM.

    Her diagnosis was switched to psoriaritic arthritis about 2 years ago, and the meds she’s been on have really lowered her pain levels, and brought back some flexibility and function.

    Good luck, dub.

    I’ll pass along my wishes that you develop a thick skin for palliatives… “If you’d only (insert thing you should be doing here, if only your fibro weren’t kicking your butt and you could get out an do **anything**), you’d be doing better…”

  48. I’m into bike riding… I’ve not done any this year. I’m using the excuse that my wife’s going to school, so I can’t afford the long commute, and have to be home to watch the kids.

    I **was** commuting about 30 miles each way to and from work once a week. So, that was 3 days driving, 1 day cycling, 1 day telecommuting. I miss my ride. 2 hours (I’m slow, back off) of peace and quiet. I was only run off the road a couple of times, ran into one car, blew through several tubes… the other parts were quite fun, though.

    Did I miss a bike thread?

  49. My biggest disapppointment6 with the new Dr Who is that the new cybermen are a bit naff. They were a much better bunch of villains in the old Dr Who.

    But Davros is a cool villain in the latest season finale.

  50. Strange. I went to my friendly neighborhood Best Buy to see if they had any copies of Mario Kart for the Wii, but they were fresh out. However, they had around 10 Wii consoles in stock, which are a rare find in themselves. When I go home, I searched for online orders for Mario Kart, and everyone was out of stock. Today I was able to sucessfully order a copy from Best Buy’s website. I smell a conspiracy.

  51. Brad P: I guess it’s sort of a reverse diagnosis. My doctor has 17 years worth of medical information on me, that in concert with recent treatments and the physical exam led to the diagnosis. Right now we’re trying to fight the insurance company for covering the medication. (the FDA has only approved two, one of them I can’t take, but the meds my insurance wants me to take, I’d like to say the worst that can happen is nothing, but in this case its psychosis and suicide)

    Beyond that its a “now I know why I’m too tired to do anything and why a lot of shit hurts like hell” kind of thing. I’m still kind of just absorbing that. I spent the weekend trying to figure out what to do and didn’t come up with any answers. The doc is going to bat for me now, and now I’m left wondering what exactly I should be doing, if anything at all. Because I’ve still got three seasons of the X-files left to watch and I don’t want to start up a TNG marathon after that…

  52. Thx ditto and Like Butta. This just proves that it’s a gmail conspiracy. . . .

    And hey Dub – if you’ve found trustworthy, competent doctors, then you may have already overcome the biggest hurdle toward well-being. Keep your chin up.

  53. Hrm.. Gmail seems to be working for me. (famous last words)

    Well Dub, at least you have a diagnoses. I realise it’ll be a bitch to deal with, but as you said, it won’t be worse than what you’ve put up with to this point. I wish you well on finding a pain management strategy that works for you. Perhaps with the advances in genetic knowledge a real cure may arrise.

  54. “Gmail’s knocking at my door
    Gmail’s ringing the bell
    Gmail’s knocking at my door
    Gmail’s ringing the bell
    Do me a favor, open the door, let the email in.”

  55. Perhaps, this time, I will finally learn the lesson that putting something inside a set of greater/less than symbols will cause word press to consume such text.

    but it will give you a temporary +3 hilarity.

  56. It was cloudy here aas well, Weather report predicts rain off/on all day so barring a miracle, no probably viewing of the Perseids tonight.

  57. So according to the Chicago Tribune, you can make your razor blades last longer by drying the razor after shaving.

    The logic being that it’s oxidation rather than cutting hair that causes the razor blade to go blunt quickly.

    Or you could just grow a beard to save some money…

  58. ^That’s what my boss told me after he came back from a week long vacation. He said “Don’t ever let me take a long vacation again.” LOL I managed to resolve work task 1 of 3 so far. 2 to go.

  59. CW: Timewarp

    The UFC fighter hitting his sparring partner in the face in slow motion (but captured at a high frame rate) is a sobering sight,

  60. Ha!

    To self: Should I make something up?

    It was probably nothing very exciting, Wolf! Probably some boring old tomato talk until Sly B decided to give the Deadpan a shout out!

  61. I believe that’s why Catherine Zeta-Jones got into acting, WNDR. With her looks, she could never make it as an auditor. (hahaha – I kid the auditors. I kid. really.)

    Eraserhead is. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I don’t know if we should palooza it. If you’ve seen it or have an opinion, then let’s discuss.

    EssBee – what a sweet post and comment 🙂 Is there something symbolic about the 2 tomatoes in that picture?

    Ummm, I’m no Stallone scholar, but wasn’t it “Yo, Adrian!”?

    OK, this was a busy nipple.

  62. Jack, the tomatoes are incredibly symbolic!

    Actually, when I was taking the picture I thought about holding them *BFP* level to impersonate a frame in The American Way graphic novel, but chickened out. Now THAT would have been symbolic!

    We just blog about our first red fruit of the year every year so the next year when we wait and wait and wait we can remember that it’s not really all that late as opposed to next year. I always think, “man, what’s wrong with the tomatoes this year?? They were red in July last year, I’m sure of it!”

    CP: Angel Food — Ani DiFranco

  63. Catherine Zeta Jones can audit me anytime…

    Alright Essbee –
    Adrian refers to the movie “Rocky” that Sly Stalone wrote and starred in (And won and oscar for I think) Adrian was his love interest in the movie.

  64. 0 E A D G B E

    1 F a#d#g#C F
    2 f#B E A c#f#
    3 GC F a#D G
    4 g#c#f# B d#g#
    5 A D G C E A
    6 a#d#g#c#Fa#
    7 B E A D f# B
    8 C F a#d#G C
    9 c#f#B E g#c#
    10 D G C F A D
    11 d#g#c#f#a#d#
    12 E A D G B E

  65. I’m going to make you all jealous . . . no, that’s not it . . . pity me with this:

    This evening, I get to go to Evil, Inc.’s annual “meet and greet” cocktail party with the sales force. They are in town for our annual sales meeting. This year’s theme? “Keep Your Eye On the Ball”

    CP: Morphine & Chocolate — 4 Non Blondes

  66. shhh…. shhhh….
    Its, oh, so still
    Youre all alone
    And so peaceful until…

    You fall in love
    Zing boom
    The sky up above
    Zing boom
    Is caving in
    Wow bam
    Youve never been so nuts about a guy
    You wanna laugh you wanna cry
    You cross your heart and hope to die

    OK – I’m so using the term “Bjorkpan” in a future episode.

  67. ditto, I thought it was a race of mechanized Star Trek villains?

    EssBee, do you have to get all dressed up? Nothing like forced socialization with the salespeople (no offense to any salespeople here).

  68. One Little Song – Gillian Welch

    There’s gotta be a song let to sing
    Cause everybody can’t of thought of everything
    One little song that ain’t been sung
    One little rag that ain’t been wrung out completely yet
    Gotta a little left

    One little drop of fallin rain
    One little chance to try again
    One little bird that makes it every now and then
    One little piece of endless sky
    One little taste of cherry pie
    One little week in paradise and I start thinkin’

    There’s gotta be a song left to sing
    Cause everybody can’t of thought of everything
    One little note that ain’t been used
    One little word ain’t been abused a thousand times
    In a thousand rhythms

    One little drop of fallin rain
    One little chance to try again
    One little bird that makes it every now and then
    One little piece of endless sky
    One little taste of cherry pie
    One little week in paradise and I start thinkin’

    Gotta be a song left to sign
    Cause everybody can’t of thought of everything
    One little song that ain’t been sung
    One little rag that ain’t been wrung out completely yet
    Till there’s nothing left

  69. Although my fav line friom one of her songs is from Look at Miss Ohio:

    “She says I wanna do right but not right now”

    I get that feeling from time to time.

    Still raining…

  70. No dog or bitch here, Van. Well . . .

    Okay, my brothers. I’m off to meet my fate . . . er, the Sales force.

    Smile painted on – check

    Lots of inane conversation topics – check

    Talk to you fellas tomorrow

  71. Ah, the ephemeral joy of sending the email to the management team that the task they wanted completed in two weeks is really going to take at least three…..and then going home for the day.

    No doubt, tomorrow morning shall be less pleasant.

  72. I really should check my stuff closer before I hit submit. Let’s try that again:

    Ah, the ephemeral joy of sending the email to the management team that the task they wanted completed in two weeks is really going to take at least SIX…..and then going home for the day.

    No doubt, tomorrow morning shall be less pleasant.

  73. Ed … I always told the clients that there were 3 parts to the equations –

    They could choose any two of those but the third would be directly effected.

  74. thanks guys 🙂

    re Trent on HBO: My he is quite the multimedia whore isn’t he?

    Hugh sez: you just hope Trent is a whore, period.

    ummm.. true. Guilty as charged. We might have to start paying for HBO again 🙂

    Hugh sez: sounds like it

    CP: Brand New – The Archers Bows Have Broken

    we’ve got research to do, have a good day everyone

  75. Well sending good thoughts to the TSHs from over the pond.

    I’ve seen the Fringe screener, quite enjoyed it, the hints to the singularity happening now rather than the far future are intriguing. Looking forward to the series.

    One for your netflick queues, a series called The Omega Factor, eerily like the X-files but done over 20 years before.

  76. Jack, there were so many dicks there, it was hard to see the ball. I survived it, though. I told 42 people, at least, that they looked fantastic. I’m still shaking off the ick feeling I have from doing that.

    510 is for whimps.

    CP: Kisses — Tracy Bonham *swooon*

  77. Next up was the K800i:


    The camera on the phone was a step up from the k750 and sad to say it still posses all over the camera built into the 3G iPhone.

    Once I discovered a conversion program (called M3) that could convert videos into ones suitable for the phone, I could watch converted TV episodes on my break.

  78. Platforms – Ani DiFranco

    Life knocked me off my platforms
    So I pulled out my first pair of boots
    Bought on the street at astor place
    Before New York was run by suits
    And I suited up for the long walk
    Back to myself
    Closer to the ground now
    With sorrow
    And stealth

  79. Vanamonde, dear, I know exactly what you mean. It’s always awkward.

    JaJ, NIH?

    WNDR, I know. People are busy. I don’t begrudge anyone for living IRL, I just hope that their reasons for disappearing from here aren’t anything negative or worrisome.

  80. I would LOVE to live Indy Racing League!
    Sadly … don’t think I have the lightning reflexes that are needed and the G forces would probably make me to dizzy to not crash.
    Still … I’d look damn fine in Nomex!

  81. Yah, I’d go for the float as well.

    This Joomla thing is something to do with Web sites … or maybe forums … or it makes your teeth whiter or something. I’m not really sure.

  82. Hopefully not!

    Tonight, we’ll probably watch last night’s Eureka episode, and maybe another Mad Men episode. We’re catching up on MM, and enjoying it for the most part. I think we’re 4 episodes into Season 1.

  83. Actually that’s not quite true, it’s easy to use, but the wiimote is so sensitive that you have to be careful not go in a spin…or at least I had that problem.

  84. Lots causing trouble for me today. Several technical issues that I’ve been able to get around through a mix of forethought (read I’ve been burned before) and luck.

    Although I think I need to find the contractor who thought taking down the old ftp server down, before the new one was ready was a good idea, and beat them. Possibly with the old server.

  85. Damn it Ralph.
    You were in town and you did not tell me…

    The local radio scene here is pathetic… I know. But now they are blocking 109.9 from rental cars…Damn it where is the FCC when I need it…

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