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  1. Our condo complex are at the very edge of the city. The complex literally backs onto farmland. Every once in a while, like today, you can smell the livestock

  2. Today’s movie is The Devil Dolls

    “These little worry dolls look too cute to be evil. But when murders start to happen, there’s a lot of worrying to do”

  3. Goddamn it, Phoenix got “Suffragette City” from Weird Al last night. For our Tuscon trip, we just got “You Really Got Me.”

  4. I’ve been back to the chiro twice now (It’s covered by insurance).

    It’s weird; he’s a cool guy who likes to shoot the shit, about my age. So it’s like I’m hanging out with a friend…. who does weird things to my body whenever we get together.

    • A ticket… what now? Box…office?

      In all honesty I am that guy who, when possiblem will only buy from a box office. Mainly cause it saves me 10-20 bucks a ticket in goddam fees

  5. Well travel insurance purchased, so apart from buying some actually dollars, i’m All set for seeing most of you in Denver and Phoenix.

    • I bought my insurance with my ticket.
      Van, does your insurance exclude “high risk activities”? I ask since a certain Texan mentioned something about skating and I’m not sure where that falls on the spectrum since it often includes falls.
      (I can’t because of other reasons but am willing to be a spectator)

  6. I’ll say it here:

    I’m fortunate to be married to a woman who’s been to hell and back with me as a stepmom, and in 3 months has proven herself to be a world class bio mom. I appreciate her mama skills every day.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Tiffany.

    • Freedom isnt free.
      There’s a hefty fucking fee
      And if you don’t put down your buck o’five who will?

      Buck o’five
      Freedom costs a buck o’five

  7. Because I’m never happy, I’m now going to complain about the heat. 28C today and 30C predicted for tomorrow. Nothing compared to AZ I know, but really unusual for May here

  8. And thanks to whoever recommended Locke & Key. The first GN in that series is excellent.

    I’m also glad I didn’t know who the author is until after I’d started reading. . . that definitely would have colored my perception.

  9. So – – question for you all – – especially those with large, diverse music catalogs:

    What are you using these days? Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, etc? iPod? Spotify/Pandora?

  10. I enjoyed Deadpool 2.

    Be aware the although they are some sequences that play out as the credits rolling there is no sequence right at the end.

    • This is a real shame. The one off monster of the week shows were excellent this year. What really killed it was the terrible “wtf is going on” mythology eps that no one gives a good god damn about anymore. Ol Chris “Worse than Lucas” Carter needed to stick to what the fans love and want. A real shame.

      Yet we have more 24 and Prison Break to look forward to.

      Fuck that.

  11. I just booked my flight and hotel for Deadpan MMMMMeetup 2018! Yay! 😀 I will be coming in on Thursday and leaving on Sunday night. I am definitely down for both skating and watching the Deadpan Jr. Auxiliary skate. 🙂

    Re: music: They can have my iTunes library when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands. I’ve been buying so much music that way for so long that I’m reluctant to change over to a new system. That, and I care a lot about having my music files stored locally.

  12. Random comment aI saw.

    Referring to Ryan Retnolds. “Ryan really is God’s perfect little snickerdoodle.”

    What the shit!?!

  13. I really enjoyed Deadpool 2. It did not disappoint.

    And the two trailers they showed prior to the movie that were exclusive to DP2, were funny as hell.

  14. When you see the go fund me page for the husband (whonis dying of lung cancer) whose wife was working two jobs to pay for his medical bills and who was murdered in the Santa Fe shooting..that

    • It’s about making the richest richer. Compassion be damned. Everyone else be damned.

      Possibly unpopular statement ahead: I don’t know how bad it was before Reagan, but he deserves a lot of blame for the “fuck-everyone-but-the-richest” mindset in modern American culture.

  15. I looked up the recipe for snickerdoodles and I have made them. They’re just a modified sugar cookie. Really, one of the smiplest cookies you can make. I think it’s more of an insult to call someone that

  16. Oh Regan kicked all this bullshit off. Absolutely.

    Go-Fund-Me right now is the “insurance” company of choice for the American populace… because it’s all we have. I have what is considered excellent insurance and I’m being driven into the ground by med bills.

    • Well that’s good. I think I went about two books ahead of the show before season three aired. But, I found the limited POV character model the books use less engaging without the show to back it up.

      For example, Chrisjen Avasarala doesn’t appear in the book that was the basis for the first season. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t appear as a POV character again after that one book. And the priestess Anna, introduced this season as the Secretary General’s speech writer doesn’t appear until what will be the season 4 story. The TV show is telling a much richer story IMHO by giving expanded roles to several of these characters.

      I mean honestly, I can’t imagine having to make due with only one season of Shohreh Aghdashloo’s sass. Maybe I’ll find a way to get through the remaining books now.

  17. When going gaga over how much a movie makes these days, remember that when adjusted for inflation Gone With the Wind made a tidy $1,850,728,774 domestic.

  18. Yesterday hubby and I went for a walk. We both have the same model of phone, and we both had our phones in our front pants pockets.
    His phone said we walked 8.5 klicks, my phone said 5.2k. and Google Maps said the walk was about 6k.
    I’m so confused.

  19. Morning Pan
    Busy day for the Bunny today. In no particular order I plan to:
    get out newsletter
    start ebook box set
    start book layout
    clean washrooms
    gather garbage

    With luck, I can sneak in a walk somewhere in there.

  20. I did sneak in a walk. I took the same route as yesterday, and had my phone in the same pocket. Even so, I seemed to have walked a kilometre more than yesterday

  21. The next chapter in the music delivery method saga:

    I found yesterday that 3 KMFDM songs were just gone from my iPod. Just gone. And it was the best 3! Luckily, I was able to re-upload them – – but still – – that kind of thing shakes you to your core.

    How and why did this happen? How many other songs were lost? I appreciate your consideration during this sensitive time.

    • I believe ditto posted a link to a review of her music a few months back. I ended up streaming one of her albums and it was pretty inventive. Then I realized I had seen her act as well a few times, notably in Amazon’s “Electric Sheep” and “Hidden Figures”.

  22. This is the year Ovi finally makes the finals…. only to have the cup snatched from a goddamn expansion team in Las fucking Vegas.

  23. A small dilemma. Once a month or so, I get together for lunch with a couple of others. Last time we got together, after we were done lunch, as we are going to the parking lot, one of these people mentioned he left his new dog in the car. It was 25C at the time. I commented that I didn’t like Him leaving a dog in a hot car.
    He said it was ok because he put a shade on the windshield.
    We are now talking about getting together for lunch again in a couple of weeks. (Our schedule is enough that we have to book weeks in advance) How do I say, leave the dog at home and not in a boiling car without starting a war?

    • It sounds like he won’t take a direct comment on this well. But I’d agree that it’d be better to tell him somehow ahead of time. And yeah, dogs die in hot cars every day. Would he be open to links to horrible statistics about dogs and children dying in hot cars? It happens everywhere, not just in AZ.

    • I say, “hey it would make me feel so much better if you would leave Fluffy at home this time. If you dont trust him home alone, ala Macauley Caulkin, maybe you could have a dog sitter play with him for a bit. It makes me nervous and worried to know he’s in a car. Alone. Melting. Getting deydrated. Having tachycardia. Peeing all over your seat, out of anger, etc.”

  24. Congratulations to our sweet Sophie, on her “promotion” to High School.

    Yep, we have a high schooler and an infant in the hizzzouse!

  25. Saw Solo with the teenager tonight. She liked it. I liked it. There is a big surprise that will almost definitely be spoiled for you, if you wait too long. And no post-credits scene.

  26. What I learnt today:

    If you leave out bird feeders for humming birds and live in a area that preying mantises (indigenous or non native). The mantises can get onto the feeder and will kill humming birds that get close enough to be grabbed…

  27. “It is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it… anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”

    Happy Towel Day.

  28. Crap joke for the day:

    Did you hear the one about the clown who donated a million dollars to charity?

    It was a really nice jester.

  29. FB repost.


    It IS!!!! It’s back to:
    Profound ‘in your face’ racism and bigotry
    The subjugation of women
    Climate change denial
    The complete ignoring of unconstitutional laws
    The poor becoming poorer
    The rich becoming richer
    No middle ground
    The denial of scientific based facts like evolution

    Feel free to add more in the comments.


    • True, but she doesn’t have a clue about what Philip had been doing…particularly Kimmy.

      Also, to be fair, Paige asked her mom directly about using sex as part of the craft a few episodes back and she said they didn’t do stuff like that. Elizabeth probably should have been more honest about that aspect of “the job”.

      I am curious to see how that confrontation comes into play wit the finale.

      I can’t believe the show is about to be over.

  30. Busy day! Started with Deadpool 2, which was fun – – then a visit to Mike Mennenga.

    Then ep 1 of Cobra Kai, which is funny, and far better than I expected.

    Now I finish the last book of Locke & Key. This is one where I’ve slowed my pace near the end just to make it last longer.

  31. Solo is not doing great with critics or at the box office. Personally I think it was extremely stupid to release it so soon after Last Jedi and SO soon after Avengers (for monetary reasons.) Really should have kept Star Wars films at xmas time. We’ll see but so far it’s by far the lowest rated SW film since Attack of the Clones. And btw…it’s only 5 RT points away from that.

    Let me say that again.

    Solo is only 5% better than Attack of the Clones on RT

        • Remember that the idiots have co-opted Rotten Tomatoes. They show up en masse now to give Star Wars movies bad ratings, because somehow, Star Wars has become a dipshit battleground.

          • Agreed. They ruined the Last Jedi and Black Panther audience meter but the critic meter for RT and Metacritic stood strong for both those films. This is not that. Those two films also Hulk Smashed at the box office. This is not that.

            IMO no one wants to see the iconic SW characters played by anyone else than the original actors.

          • Well there’s an interesting thought… did you feel the same about Rogue One? Do you prefer it not exist as well? For me, Rogue One is a mandatory Saga film now. I never thought I would have felt that way

          • That is an interesting distinction. Rogue One felt exciting and new, because almost nothing had been said about that mission – – to the point that many fans thought they were going to get the Bothan story.

            A big part of Han Solo’s cool is built on these bits of legend that are told throughout the films. I think seeing those on film detracts a bit from the mystique.

            Also, Rogue One is a better movie.

          • I disagree. I don’t find Rogue One to really be a better film. It has flaws too, not the least of which is a lack of characterization. Fans forgive that because they think the story is cool–which it is. I think the Solo film is quite good. And, it does a great job at an origin story for Han and Chewy. This is also the first Star Wars film where no one said, “May The Force be with you.”–which is awesome in its own right.

            It’s fine that you prefer they had not make this film, just to save Han’s mystique. I think that’s clouding your judgement of the film. But, you have a right to feel that way.

          • Oh ditto I couldn’t disagree more. What they pulled off in Rogue One was amazing, unexpected, and wonderful. There is a shit ton of characterization in the film. Especially since this is the only film we will ever see them in. So Ill take a not fully realized characterization of characters that we grow to love in an awesome film over a half assed wannabe of a beloved character that no one really wanted to see but is “cool”. This is fine, but don’t do it again. I don’t want to see a single other Star Wars Origin story. I just don’t

          • Ohhhh, they’ve only just begun. Boba Fett has already been greenlit.

            The only one I’d actually be interested in – – Obi Wan’s lost years secretly keeping Luke hidden on Tatooine, starring Ewan McGregor – – is still nothing but vaporware.

          • I would think that the pattern of Star Wars going wrong with origin stories started with the stink bombs that were Episodes 1-3. I haven’t seen Solo yet, but I can predict that my problem will be much the same as with Episodes 1-3 (where I wanted to see what made Vader turn to the dark side and become so deliciously evil, only to find that Lucas couldn’t bring himself to show a generation of children how a cute kids turns to evil and had to opt for whiny angst instead). Solo should be about what made Han into the selfish outlaw we met in Episode IV. Instead, I expect I’ll get a much more moralistic Han than I ever wanted to see.

  32. ‪ I enjoyed Solo, it was a fun action film.‬

    ‪My biggest annoyance is people saying it was unnecessary film. ‬

    ‪Hate to break it to you but no work of creativity is necessary.‬

    Food and water on the other hand..

  33. I just want to take the time to say how appreciative we all should be to be able to live this Marvel cinematic event for the past 10 years…in real time. I honestly don’t think there will be a cinematic experience like this again. It’s truly unprecedented and it’s awesome to be able to have been there from the beginning.

  34. Your crap joke for the day:

    According to Schroedinger, his pet carrier may or may not contain a cat.
    I think he was hedging his vets.

  35. And so, my internet is restored at home. We’ve been scrapping by with cell phone hot spots since Saturday. Oh, the humanity!

  36. Morning Pan
    Last night, at 2am, the alarm went off at hubby’s school. Hubby had to get up and go to the school to make sure everything was ok. Luckily, it looks like they couldn’t get in so nothing was taken. Still makes for a tired Bunny house this morning.

  37. We have this major report due to the provincial government tomorrow. My part, which was the majority of it, has been done for two weeks. Has anybody else given me what I need? No. I did ask for the stuff to be in with enough time for me to review it and make sure nothing is missed or needed before I file it. “Enough time” is apparently less than a day. *sigh*

  38. My grandmother turns 99 today. It’s really tough to talk to her now. Dementia is starting to kick her butt. For example, she knows we moved (albeit 2 years ago), but not to where or when. Every phone call includes telling her about this place. Then we will talk for about a half our where she will tell me something, then tell it to me again, then again…
    But, like a good granddaughter, I will still call her today to wish her happy birthday.
    It’s not the talking about the same thing over that’s really the issue but the obvious deterioration that bugs me when we talk. However, since she did move to BC several years ago because her health was failing and she was expecting to die, I guess she’s doing ok.

  39. I’m really bad
    Not only did I get a blizzard, which is currently in my freezer, I got a cheeseburger and onion rings too

  40. Your crap joke for the day:

    “Why can’t anyone hear pterosaurs go to the bathroom?”

    “Uh, because the ‘p’ is silent

  41. Epic comeback win tonight at the Evolution boardgame for Desert Pixie. My alpha predator strategy had her on the ropes all game, but her lesser predator got flight in the last round and wiped out half of my population. Well done!

  42. Crap joke for the day:

    Not many people know that Nelson was 5′ 6″ in real life.

    His statue in Trafalgar Square is 17′ 4″

    That’s a Horatio of around 3:1

    • Admittedly, I was apparently one of the few people on the planet who found the finale of BSG satisfying.

      That said, once I got over the shock of it all, I agree that the Americans managed a most satisfying ending. Not so much from the perspective of the characters themselves #freeoleg, but from the foreknowledge that the viewers have of what the world will be looking like for these characters a few years after the ending.

      • I was actually okay with the BSG ending. I found it a little rushed, but it seemed like all the characters ended up in a place that made sense for their background. The American’s ending wasn’t what I expected, but I give it points for that.

      • I liked the ending to BSG. Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse. And you can’t really say that it was that unexpected considering how the final season went.

  43. Watching the pilot of The Americans and i’m Left wondering why they changed the actor playing Henry so many times.

    • I mean this should be great cause he’s not fucked ANYTHING up he’s touched so far.

      *disclaimer. I don’t count him as fucking up Justice League

  44. Well The Terror was going cheap on Amazon so I bought it.

    I may even get round to actually reading one of these days.

      • I watched the whole damn thing. Not sure why though, the show was very British. Very droll with intricate dialog, artful cinematography and a plot that moves at a snail’s pace. Why did these guy’s end up freezing to death in a frozen wasteland? Hubris, lots and lots of hubris. And class struggles and shame. The moral of the story? It’s better to be a one-handed man living with the Inuit than in Victorian England.

  45. Oh hai.

    I took a couple days off in July ya know… for this thing with the people and the visiting.

    I was going to post it to the FB group but then remembered I could come here. I need to be poked to come here more often.

    Silly job that takes up all my time …

  46. “Major” publication reviews are finally coming in for Ghost’s Prequelle album. About what you’d expect. However does not a 6.1 on Pitchfork translate to a 9.5 on most other sites?

      • I’ve never been a big Ovi fan. He’s a great player, but he was too easily smothered during the playoffs. This year, however, he really lead his team *and* his team was there for him as well. So, I’m glad he’s finally got his Cup.

        • It’s great for the narrative. Ovi and Sidney Crosby are both -once-in-a-lifetime talents who joined the league in the same year, and who sparred head-to-head numerous times, but until this season, Sid had always come out on top. Now, Ovi has made the story a little more interesting.

  47. Good day tomorrow. New Dead Sara. New Zeal and Ardor. Tickets go on sale for Blood Red Shoes and Zeal and Ardor shows.

    Wallet hates me

  48. CP: Tequlia – Terrorvision

    It amuses me that the group’s most poppy of songs is the first song you see when you look the group up n Spotify.

  49. Baby crashed s little early tonight.

    Due to:

    A) 107 degrees outside
    B) playing in her jumparoo
    C) teething
    D) tummytime
    E) all of the above