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  1. Our condo complex are at the very edge of the city. The complex literally backs onto farmland. Every once in a while, like today, you can smell the livestock

  2. Today’s movie is The Devil Dolls

    “These little worry dolls look too cute to be evil. But when murders start to happen, there’s a lot of worrying to do”

  3. Goddamn it, Phoenix got “Suffragette City” from Weird Al last night. For our Tuscon trip, we just got “You Really Got Me.”

  4. I’ve been back to the chiro twice now (It’s covered by insurance).

    It’s weird; he’s a cool guy who likes to shoot the shit, about my age. So it’s like I’m hanging out with a friend…. who does weird things to my body whenever we get together.

    • A ticket… what now? Box…office?

      In all honesty I am that guy who, when possiblem will only buy from a box office. Mainly cause it saves me 10-20 bucks a ticket in goddam fees

  5. Well travel insurance purchased, so apart from buying some actually dollars, i’m All set for seeing most of you in Denver and Phoenix.

    • I bought my insurance with my ticket.
      Van, does your insurance exclude “high risk activities”? I ask since a certain Texan mentioned something about skating and I’m not sure where that falls on the spectrum since it often includes falls.
      (I can’t because of other reasons but am willing to be a spectator)

  6. I’ll say it here:

    I’m fortunate to be married to a woman who’s been to hell and back with me as a stepmom, and in 3 months has proven herself to be a world class bio mom. I appreciate her mama skills every day.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Tiffany.

    • Freedom isnt free.
      There’s a hefty fucking fee
      And if you don’t put down your buck o’five who will?

      Buck o’five
      Freedom costs a buck o’five

  7. Because I’m never happy, I’m now going to complain about the heat. 28C today and 30C predicted for tomorrow. Nothing compared to AZ I know, but really unusual for May here

  8. And thanks to whoever recommended Locke & Key. The first GN in that series is excellent.

    I’m also glad I didn’t know who the author is until after I’d started reading. . . that definitely would have colored my perception.

  9. So – – question for you all – – especially those with large, diverse music catalogs:

    What are you using these days? Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, etc? iPod? Spotify/Pandora?

  10. I enjoyed Deadpool 2.

    Be aware the although they are some sequences that play out as the credits rolling there is no sequence right at the end.

    • This is a real shame. The one off monster of the week shows were excellent this year. What really killed it was the terrible “wtf is going on” mythology eps that no one gives a good god damn about anymore. Ol Chris “Worse than Lucas” Carter needed to stick to what the fans love and want. A real shame.

      Yet we have more 24 and Prison Break to look forward to.

      Fuck that.

  11. I just booked my flight and hotel for Deadpan MMMMMeetup 2018! Yay! 😀 I will be coming in on Thursday and leaving on Sunday night. I am definitely down for both skating and watching the Deadpan Jr. Auxiliary skate. 🙂

    Re: music: They can have my iTunes library when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands. I’ve been buying so much music that way for so long that I’m reluctant to change over to a new system. That, and I care a lot about having my music files stored locally.

  12. Random comment aI saw.

    Referring to Ryan Retnolds. “Ryan really is God’s perfect little snickerdoodle.”

    What the shit!?!

  13. I really enjoyed Deadpool 2. It did not disappoint.

    And the two trailers they showed prior to the movie that were exclusive to DP2, were funny as hell.

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