502 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #185: Red Stripe

  1. Haha. Movie Viagra.

    I canceled my local paper over their endorsement for governor. Here is the highpoint of the response I finally received:

    “As you noted in your e-mails, there are several items you will miss
    about our paper. So, I hope that you will reconsidered some day and
    welcome us back into your home.”

  2. Essbee – you should find an on-line source for those items and then respond back with links and a message that says “you don’t have to worry about me, turns out that in this century your paper is completely replaceable.”

  3. Well, since you brought it up … I felt this paragraph needed to be written in block letters in the sky.

    “But contemplate for a moment the abyss that Obama’s leadership steered us away from — where we would be today if laissez-faire Republican radicals had succeeded in allowing the economic collapse to take its course. According to a study by economists from Princeton and Moody’s, more than 16 million jobs would have been lost without the interventions of TARP, the Recovery Act and the Federal Reserve — double the damage actually suffered. Unemployment would have spiked to 16.5 percent, and next year’s federal deficit would have more than doubled, to $2.6 trillion. “With outright deflation in prices and wages,” the study concludes, “this dark scenario constitutes a 1930s-like depression.”

    The truth is that things ARE getting betterbut we are climbing Everest and having to start from a crevasse at the bottom at that and it is a long, slow, painful process … allowing plenty of time for Fox news to repeat 24 hours a day, “Hey, we aren’t at the top yet! Why can’t we see the top yet? How come we’re not at the top yet? Are we STILL climbing? You know if the Republicans were in charge – winged pink unicorns would have whisk us all to the top already while feeding us gum drops the whole way … AT NO COST TO YOU!!!”

    The truth is dead. Civility has a stake through it’s heart. Evil triumphs.
    Long live Fox news and the Right Wing.

  4. Yeah, that’s one of those things that really bother me with these two year election cycles, you never find out first hand what works, what doesn’t. There are some circles of thought that Obama didn’t spend enough on the economy, maybe double the dollars would have made more of a difference. Or maybe economic nirvana is achieved by abolishing all taxes and turning hippies into bio diesel. The television seems to be of the opinion that the person who interrupts conversations and talks the loudest is the most qualified to lead. *shrug*

  5. Morning Deadpan.

    There were 3,339 comments for the month of October. That’s a 12% decrease over the same period last month. Come on Deadpan, we need to do better for November.

    *note: 2,500 comments for November will still surpass November 2009 so I think this month’s quota will be attainable.

  6. On a different note, I said something to a Panite through e-mail that I think I’ll say here.

    “…Funny thing about Deadpan., while I have a good network of friends here in Calgary, Deadpan actually seems more supportive and caring. Not sure how that works but I’m going to take it and wrap myself up in it like the soft warm blanket it feels like…”

    That’s all I have to say on the subject.

  7. So all change at work, new job description and by an amazing series of cuts and pay rise, wil probably end up getting paid what I’m earning now..go figure.

    Beaucracy has a madness all of it’s own.

  8. Naw, that’s the one thing they’re pretty sure of is it’s not the big C.

    the pics just are sort of alien looking, that’s all I meant.

  9. Latest Lo Pan movie/TV ratings:

    Slap Shot – 4.8 Green Eyes out of 5

    Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans – 4.1 Chinese Hells out of 5

    Airplane! – 4.5 Egg Shens out of 5

    Session 9 – 1.5 Wing Kongs out of 5 (god awful film)

    Louis – 4.9 Lem Lees out of 5

    Community – 4.3 Ching Di’s out of 5

  10. No nothing bi – just fell down the stairs and popped tendons in my foot. Been lame on the couch last two days. Back at work now and gimpy. Joy.

  11. Let’s try this again, this time *without* the site crashing:

    The latest from Nomad’s Twitter account:

    Nomad_Scry Ash Morrigan
    I’ve been a little busy, what with the passing out and the holding of baby, but… She’s here! All 7lbs 6.5oz of pure baby awesomeness. #fb

    w00t! Congrats, Nomad! (when you see this)

  12. NICE! A little Scry for the world – #3 for them, right?

    Lo, isn’t Louis the best? So wrong, and so funny. I love to cringe/laugh.

    I want to see BL because I like movies set in New Orleans just to say “I’ve been there!” and drive my love nuts.

  13. Way to go Mr/Ms Scry. We’ll see you in a few months! 😉

    EssBee: God youre so old! Fuck your old! How old are you?
    “Im 43”
    Gods thats old!

  14. We really laugh at that damn show. It reminds me of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I feel guilty, as a feminist, for laughing.

    Louis CK’s standup is kinda over the offensive line for me, though.

  15. You know, sometimes fate just wants to fuck with you, just to watch you dance. So currently, I’m under a lot of stress, but unexpectedly it is a good kind of stress. Let me explain, this last summer, my job hasn’t been all that supportive of me in a financial sense. Thus, the cause of all my financial worries and being able to keep my home. So Teresa and I began to take steps to address this. Teresa has been jumping through hoops and managed to get her current company to give her a measly 5 percent raise. I’ve taken on a part time job (don’t ask) working nights Saturday & Sunday. So with a few cuts here and there our budget is once again balanced but we are very very busy. So now I’m into week three of my part time job and Teresa gets two interviews for jobs that could potentially pay her 80 percent more than she is making now, and she has a great chance of landing it. And all of a sudden, my main job has landed some work that will keep me busy until the end of the year. So we’ve replaced money stress with getting things done stress. If things work out for Teresa, I’ll quit my part time job of three weeks, the question of what I want to do with my current job is still in contention. This has been your Rhettro update.

  16. CW: Latest Fringe

    Love, love, love this show.

    But, disappointed in how Amber works….thought it was some sort of space-time stopper rather than a chemical that doesn’t make much sense.

  17. “I’ve taken on a part time job (don’t ask) working nights Saturday & Sunday.”

    Yes. The minute I read that, my mind flashed to a scene of Rhett delivering a pizza to the Smartie Hotties.

    Yes, I’m broken like that.

  18. So here is my 2 cents on TWD.

    So far … the only thing that sets it apart from other films in the same genre is it’s production values and the fact that it didn’t wrap everything up in 90 to 120 minutes.

    With AMC’s track record, I was really hoping for something “different”. After one episode … I’d have to say that it seems to be just another zombie flick.

    THAT being said … I like the genre so I will certainly be giving it at least 3 episodes AND as I said, the production values (cinematography, acting effects) are all top notch so far.

    Still, I’m really hoping this turns out to be more then just another remake.

  19. Seriously? Come on, Amazon!

    Man, I went back to last weeks thread. I didn’t realize you had posted that your copy of the new Wheel of Time book had just shipped. I thought you said it arrived, as mine did. Sorry about that, I probably came across like I was rubbing it in or something.

    And there’s my live dumbass memory for the night.

  20. TEB said:
    “…Funny thing about Deadpan., while I have a good network of friends here in Calgary, Deadpan actually seems more supportive and caring. Not sure how that works but I’m going to take it and wrap myself up in it like the soft warm blanket it feels like…”

    Awwwwwwwww. :blush: That’s great.

    Congrats to NS on the new family member, and Cj on 1 year. :happy:

  21. TEB: I had to go look up what a Chinook Arch was. The pictures I found are, indeed, gorgeous.

    Rhettro: Keeping my fingers crossed for Teresa’s job prospects.

    Good night, mush.

  22. Have you tried sacrificing a TI-80 to curry favor with the google web gnomes? If it’s a really difficult question you may need a commodore 64.

  23. Good morning..

    Mostly caught up.

    Hugs to everyone.

    Slapping Rhett’s and Long Pan’s butts.

    and Jack’s.. I mean, really who wouldn’t want to smack that butt..

    And EssBee and Bunny for that matter..

    oooh Lejon… almost sneaked by without his butt-smack… almost….

    Used Hair and WNDRwolf… oh *SMACK* Gotcha!

    And Van

    and NS and Ed and ditto …

    Oh what the heck, Amy Bowen too..

    And look, LostRalph is here for some Butt-smackin’ fun.

    TSH and Hugh? Oh yeah… gotta smack those butts.

    J0e? Not leaving you out.

    Reaper and JN…

    I’m having a butt-smackin’ good morning.. I am.

    I think I’ll smack Jack’s butt again for good measure… ya know – he’s the fearless leader and all.

    If I left you out.. it’s because it’ 5:30 in the freaking morning and my hand now hurts.


  24. Oh, yes, I remember those TI’s.

    I was a Commodore 64 lad in my youth before being seduced by the way of the IBM AT compatible PC.

  25. Excellent! I think I’m about 7% of the way through it, at least based on how many hours I’ve listened to so far. He’s definitely getting everybody moving, though we still haven’t checked in with most of this cast of hundreds of major characters yet.

  26. Stay safe, UsedHair!
    (a phrase I’d have never foreseen myself typing)

    It’s always cool to see pictures from abroad too. Thanks for sharing them. . . . For a lot of those, you could have said you’d posted snapshots from a visit to Sacramento (to pick a U.S. city at random), and I’d have believed you.

  27. So at the cinema waiting for ‘Let Me In’ to start, it’s a hollywood remake of a ‘Let the Right One In’, so expecting a trainwreck.

    Judging from the first name, it maybe LostRalph whose birthday it is..doh!

  28. My kids are BEGGING to see Megamind… Not sure when I can take them though as I have company coming in from out of town.

    And, yes, I do believe Birthday Wishes are in order for one LostRalph! 🙂

  29. Sounds like part of the tag line for a TV show.

    “The Dumb and Beautiful” Leaving you with B-movie wishes and plastic surgery dreams.

  30. the “dot dot dot” to Essbee’s comment is that they can get quite a bit of snow on the mountain peaks in NM.
    As I recall from a Christmas spent in Albuquerque, you can be in a desert and take a 15 minute drive and find snow.

  31. True – though I’ve never actually seen snow fall – I have been in the icy aftermath of snow in Flagstaff, AZ.. just once.

    Yep… I’m snow-challenged… never seen it.. have no desire to see it.

  32. I recently finished a wonderful b-day dinner hosted by my dad. And as I finish the last glass of wine I realize I’m at the drink stage where I want to randomly slobber “I love you man!” on the nearest person. Aren’t you glad y’all live a minimum safe distance away.

  33. RE TWD: Give it time. Its only two episodes and I really have faith in AMC. After all, they make the terrible boring Rubicon almost interesting….

  34. Drove up to Idaho Springs and ate/drank at the the Tommyknocker Brewery. Also played in our first snow of the season. Good day.

    And goodnight, boobicon.

  35. Ralph couldn’t have been that drunk, there’ no mention of a call in to the Deadpan VM line.

    Keep drinkin’, buddy. You’ll get there 🙂

  36. Well, not today.. I’m at work TODAY..

    But… I haven’t been drunk in a while…

    Was I drunk at the mmmmmmeetup? If I was, and I’m not entirely sure I wasn’t.. then that was the last time.

  37. UH: Take care of yourself out there!

    Jack: I was going to wait to see Megamind on video.

    Happy belated birthday to Lost Ralph!

    Ed: What’s wrong with B-Movie wishes? Some of those are a lot of fun! 🙂

    Van: I think those Japanese sailors were pretending to be school girls in case they need to distract the impending tentacle monster of doom.

    Lo: We don’t need any more X-Files movies.

    I think that covers the main points. 🙂

    Over the weekend I saw “GI Joe”, “2012”, and “Space Battleship Yamato” via the new Netflix streaming on the PS3.

  38. Lo: The live action version comes out in early December. I’m thinking it will be much like the anime version I watched the other night, which was a 2-hour summary of 26 episode The Quest for Iscandar storyline.

    I have very fond memories of when Star Blazers came out.

  39. Saw ‘Another Year’ at the flicks today.

    Been a long time since I saw a movie that made me cringe..but watching somebody mentally fall apart over a period of a year.. Powerful stuff.

  40. Speaking of lunch – they had some awesome Chicken Marsala in the lunchroom today at work and tomato basil soup. Normally their chicken sucks, but today it was really nummy!

    It’s a good thing too because I totally thought I had this hawt lunch date, but he bailed on me to be amazing somewhere he was needed more! 😉

  41. “”This is the culmination of my life’s work as a priest. I felt inspired to fulfill Jesus’ will, and today I give thanks to him for allowing me to fulfill his will,” Father Zawadzki said after the head was attached by a 700-ton crane, according to a report from the Warsaw Business Journal.”

    Because Jesus loved him some giant sized effigies of…well… him.

  42. I don’t think whether he was or wasn’t is public knowledge yet, but his friend told the media that the bullies in the school assumed he was a fag and taunted him as such.

  43. From personal experience, gang bullying has gone on for a long long time, mostly because teens of any era are desperate to belong and one or two douchebags happily take advantage of that desperation. Fortunately, most people grow out it and regret their mistakes. Except for the douchebags.

  44. EssBee: Unfortunately it isn’t new. I am pleased to see people actively try and do something about it. That *is* new. It’s just sad that something hasn’t been done sooner. While people point and say “Look what the Internet has done!” as if it is to blame for such incidents, I’d rather point at the upwelling of support *enabled* by the internet and say “How about that!” 🙂

  45. I would agree with ditto on the Internet thing … having contact with an “outside world” of peers who can assure you that the bullies may make you miserable now (and for a few more years) … but in the end, you do in fact win.

    The “It get’s better” project is brilliant. Probably one of the best things to come around in decades to help teens. I’d love to see the idea expanded to help ALL troubled teens. How many of us would love to travel back in time to tell ourselves and all our misfit friends that as adults … our misfittery is going to be so much fun and we will be able to hang out at places where it is in fact celebrated and reveled in.

  46. Lo Pan has me freaking out because he used the word “caveat” and just like 2 hours ago I was forced to get a dictionary to give someone the precise definition of said word after I used it in a sentence and it was like the first time I had used that word in like … well, a really long time and now here Lo Pan has thrown down with it!

  47. I can’t decide if I want snow here or not. For the first time, hubby and I are paying a service to remove snow from your walk and driveway. It’s a flat monthly fee so in a way I want it to snow so I feel I got my money’s worth.

    Snow tires don’t go on the car until tomorrow so I want it to wait until the end of the week regardless.

  48. I have a question:

    Maybe Van can answer. Is it easier to travel between Commonwealth countries than non-Commonwealth countries? Ie: Is it easier to travel from Briton to Canada than Briton to the US?

    (Travel between Canada and the US doesn’t count)

  49. TEB, according to Sister (who is booking the trip to see Polar Bears), it’s easier to travel to A Commonwealth county as you don’t need a Visa.

    But since the only example she knows is UK to Canada, don’t take that as gospel.

  50. Do you know there are no places in calgary (not counting whole food markets) that will do your grocery shopping and deliver it for you? In a city of over a million people, you’d think there would be at least one.

  51. You really do care!

    Honestly, I believe that OSC and everyone has the right to be a homophobic nutbar. Go for it! But there is SO MUCH out there to read, homophobic nutbar = I really can’t get into your books.

  52. TEB says:

    “Just remember all you ‘Mericans. If you get your gift late, it’s likely because it came from one of us foreigners ”

    Honestly, TEB, what kinda bumpkin are you? Don’t you know it’s “ferners!”

    What is happening to our language?


  53. Nice!

    Carbonite has put out an access app for Android. I can now access any of my backed up files from my Droid.

    I don’t know how often I would need such power, but it nice to know it’s there.

  54. c’mon.. tell me that doesn’t sound like us:

    While the Deadpan Exchange series serves as a means of exploring deadpan communication on an international scale, it also serves as a way to bring diverse groups of artists together from different places in the world and begin a dialog that might not otherwise take place outside of formal institutions.

  55. Lo: That’s weird that you mention “like a G6” because one of my old friends was asking the meaning of “like a G6” on Facebook yesterday.

    ditto: Thanks for the Lykke Li Link.. Come Get Some, good song.

  56. It’s eight minutes long, and you couldn’t have listened to more than three based on your post stamp. LOL Granted it is a pretty challenging song and not everyone’s cup of tea, well probably not most people’s cup of tea. LOL But ditto likes a lot of the twisted stuff I like. Lykke Li is growing on me more and more. I may need to purchase an album.

  57. I agree too… although the American remake of Let the Right One In was rather well done… so it IS possible itll be good. Its just not at all necessary.

  58. Fincher seems to trend with alternating good/bad films, like Star Trek. If The Social Network is one of the goods ones, as everyone says, and his Dragon Tattoo remake is next. . . .

    I’d also agree that this is entirely unnecessary.

  59. Coincidentally I watched Girls Who Played with Fire last week and found it better than the first in the way Empire is better than Star Wars. Cant wait to see Hornets Nest

  60. I understand that . . .

    I actually listened to audiobook versions of all 3, and really enjoyed them because they are narrated by an English speaker with a Swedish accent – so fun.

  61. I haven’t seen Mirium yet in the film, but like her in my mind from the book.

    I like Lisbeth too – I’m a fan of the androgyny (and real girls and real boys and and and)

  62. The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
    of the big lake they called “Gitche Gumee.”
    The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
    when the skies of November turn gloomy.
    With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more
    than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty,
    that good ship and true was a bone to be chewed
    when the “Gales of November” came early….

  63. post from Brandon Sanderson on Facebook:

    “Well, folks, we did it. Towers of Midnight takes the #1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Thank you all for your support. :)”

    Most excellent!

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