Am I Evil? The Graphic Novel

Announcement! I’m working with a team of incredible Comic Book industry professionals to create a Graphic Novel based on the legendary Heavy Metal song, “Am I Evil?” Songwriters Brian Tatler and Sean Harris of Diamond Head have given their blessing. The Kickstarter campaign will begin in January 2020.

The Pre-Sale site: Am I Evil? The Graphic Novel

Yes I am!

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  1. If the next mmmeetup is in Canada (since I won’t know if I can travel until late April, I’m all for it happening here), I wonder if I should invite Derek & Jim to our Saturday evening follies.

    • I would love to meet those guys IRL. And Ryan Hall, if possible!

      The talk for next year is to do Archon in St. Louis, but final decisions still need to be made.

      • I’m not keen on Archon, mainly because not only do we need to we tickets for the convention we also have to get hotel rooms as well before they sell out.

        So many balls in the air, so much chance of them landing all over the floor.

        Still if that is is what the majority want.

          • Ah, see. I assumed it would be here based on the discussion on the Brand New Day thread (that’s when I spoke to hubby about it). The pandas would still be here and all.
            *shrug* I’m fine either way. The Archon dates should work for me.

          • I need to get my passport, but I need to get my passport anyway. Non-issue.

            I’m casting no vote at this time, but I’d lean toward the destination that will get the most attendees.

  2. Well, it’s live on Facebook now.

    BTW, no one who hangs here need feel pressure to pitch in money. And I’ve said, the Kickstarter is where it gets really intense.

    • As I said, I’ll do promotion on my FB once the Kickstarter is up.
      I know a few people who would kick my butt if I didn’t promote/support it 😉

    • Same page = us. I’m stoked to go live with the website, but it’s still just the pre-sale. The Kickstarter will be the “Jesus take the wheel” moment.

      Any and all support is greatly appreciated, from thoughts and prayers to word of mouth to contributions.

    • I also had a bee link to share yesterday! – – but didn’t, because it was too long a read.

      The TL;DR summary: bees talk at the end of the day about the stuff they did and saw that day.

  3. I’ve been meaning to talk about William Goldman’s actual book, “The Princess Bride.” I finished it a few weeks back, and really enjoyed the ride. Even though I basically have the movie memorized, the book had a lot of fun little differences and scenes.

    Goldman frequently speaks directly to the reader throughout the book, and does a lot of leg-pulling – – and I fell for a lot of it. Well done.

      • While I watched, I’d see things and say to my self, “Oh, that is so very bad…” But typical of those situations, people see what they expect to see. After the episode the writers and director had some commentary–I haven’t listened to the podcast–but one thing stuck with me: the moment when they say delusions triumphed.

    • Their best of the decade lists have been peak hipster. I was shocked to find myself approving of their number 1 choice.

      That movie is a masterpiece.

  4. Crap joke for the day:

    Man walks up to a farmers house, knocks on the door. When a woman opened the door, the man ask if she knew how to have sex. Not amused, she slammed the door. Again, the man knocked, again, asked the same question. Again, not amused, she screamed get the hell away. Later, she told her husband of the incident. he said he would stay home the following day just in case.Sure enough, the next day the same man returned. The husband hid with his gun while the lady answered the door. When she was asked again if she knew how to have sex, she said yes. The man replied, great, give some to your husband the next time you see him , and tell him to keep away from my wife.

    • Housing here is an absolute crisis. These 450 voices aren’t going to mean a thing one way or the other. Pro-affordable, diverse, multi-family housing or pro-single home, expensive, “family” living… wherever the money is is where developers will always go.

      And I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. I can tell you right now. Neither side will get what they want. What will go up will be luxury hi-rises that not only are not affordable but will push out the residents already there. It’s a great time to try and live in this city

  5. The problem with the damn pop music these kids listen to is that it’s so effectively catchy. Some because it’s well-written, some because it’s designed by committee to infect your brain and make you want to hear more, some a combination of the two.

  6. I finished Chernobyl last night and the podcast today, including the bonus episode with Jared Harris. Wow. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve watched in a while. Now I have to find some time to read “Midnight in Chernobyl”.

  7. Crap joke for the day:

    A married man goes to confessional and tells the priest, “I had an affair with a woman – almost.” The priest says, “What do you mean, ‘almost’?”The man says, “Well, we got undressed and rubbed together, but then I stopped.”The priest replies, “Rubbing together is the same as putting it in. You’re not to go near that woman again. Now, say five Hail Mary’s and put $50 in the poor box.”The man leaves confessional, goes over and says his prayers, then walks over to the poor box. He pauses for a moment and then starts to leave.The priest, who was watching him, quickly runs over to him and says, “I saw that. You didn’t put any money in the poor box!”The man replied, “Well, Father, I rubbed up against it and you said it was the same as putting it in!”

  8. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 is still a hoot, though on my second viewing, I’m declaring it inferior to the first GotG. After seeing it in the theater, I’d thought they were pretty equal.

    This was the first of the MCU that really felt like a live-action comic book story arc to me, as opposed to a traditional movie-sized story.

  9. President Trump has decided he, like other presidents before him, will pardon a turkey….

    …but it’s only going to be the white meat this year

  10. Deadpan Secret Santa – Call for Participants!
    (Crossposted here and on the Facebook group)

    Once again, I volunteer to coordinate the annual Deadpan Secret Santa Gift Exchange. Signups open right now and close next Monday, Dec. 2 at 9:00 PM US Central time. You can sign up by:
    – Replying to this comment
    – Messaging me on FB Messenger OR
    – Sending an email to amybowenwrites AT G mail dot com.
    (Second or third options preferred if I don’t already have your shipping address and you need to send it to me.)

    Gift recipient assignments will be made sometime on Dec. 3 or 4. Gifts for my Secret Santa exchanges typically range between $10 and $25 USD. Thanks for signing up, and Happy Holidays!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates. And happy Thursday to everyone who doesn’t.

    I actually usually don’t overeat, but this year, I stuffed myself.

  12. So I’m watching episode 4 of THAT show.

    How does he eat?

    Gina Carano in armour that doesn’t sexualise her!

    Baby Yoda walls like a thunderbird puppet

  13. So it appears some SW fans are not happy the Gina Carano character was being heroic in that battle scene from episode 4.

    The world is mad..

  14. Seeing the heavy weather reports from all around. Try to be careful out there, everyone.

    (It’s a high of 70 degrees in Scottsdale/Phoenix today)

    • I’m sure I’ve posted my feelings before about the Phantom Menace. I walked out thinking it was good/not great. I liked Darth Maul, Pod Racing and the giant fishes and over the years Jar Jar doesn’t bother me so bad, I just wish he was featured less prominently. The plot was a little confusing and the acting wooden throughout. The battle sequence on Naboo looked pretty bad. But certainly didn’t hate it and I was happy that the world of Star Wars was expanding.

  15. You know, while I don’t follow all the various internet phenomenon closely, I like to think I’m at least reasonably aware of things. That said, I’ve apparently managed to make it until today before ever hearing of “Lil Bub.”

  16. Today’s movie is The Influence
    The Netflix elevator pitch: Back in her childhood home to help her sister care for their comatose mother, Alicia must face a dark force from her past that now threatens her child

  17. Watched the first episode of the ‘The Servant’ on AppleTV.

    Very creepy but the ending of the first episode was very predictable,


    I disagree with a few of his opinions: Thor – The Dark World is not a piece of shit, Captain Marvel is better than “rote and pointless,” Spider-Man: Far From Home is not as good as the first (though it’s good), I liked Into the Spider-Verse a lot, but I don’t agree that it’s one of the best superhero movies ever made, and I agree with his comments on Joker, but I didn’t *hate* it.

    But his take on Endgame and its place in culture – as well as his comments on Scorsese – are spot on.

  19. I keep forgetting that getting to bed way too late, getting shitty sleep, and then getting up way too early – – not a winning combination.

  20. Stray observations from the past few days:

    King Diamond puts on a hell of a live show.

    The whole “meet the dad” sequence in Spider-Man: Homecoming is just off-the charts tension.

    Domino’s pizza is trash.

    • T-Bird and I just finished “End Game” on our MCU rewatch. “Far From Home” will complete it. Good stuff. I’ll have to follow up with what rose in ranks and what fell on a rewatch.

  21. It’s interesting that my second choice for SS gift is available through Amazon Canada but not Amazon US. I wonder how long it would take to ship from from AC to AU?

  22. Just finished watching last season of Man in the high castle. Was a really good season but I found the ending confusing and unsatisfactory

  23. last night I watched ‘In Tall Grass’ film on Netflix. Not a great fan of horror but this one was not too shabby and a running time of 1 hr and 41 minutes it didn’t outstay it’s welcome.

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