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  1. This Pixie had a memorable MMMmmmeetup weekend with all you fine Pannites.

    Thank You All for your patience with me and for all of the laughs and new memories.

    Safe Travels and Let’s Do “it” again. Back amd Forth. Forever.

  2. Patience with Pixie? Was she requiring of our patience? I thought she was downright pleasant.

    Had soooo much fun. Deadpan hangover last night… Oh no wait… that was the NyQuil.

  3. The hotel clerk is a dope. I checked out and he said, “back to Canada”. Then he asked if I have been to Niagra Fall. I said, Nope

    Then he went on about how I, as a Canadian, could never have gone to Niagra falls. No matter how I tried to explain it was on the other side of the country and quite far away, he still thought I should have been there. Then I said it would be like him going to New York or father, he just wouldn’t get it. I even said the flight would be well over $1,000 possibly closer to fifteen hundred, for the airfare alone, he was like, “really, it shouldn’t be that much”. By this time I gave up on the conversation, took my bill, and here I am outside waiting for my rride.


  4. RE: Mr. Harryhausen – honestly, I didn’t realize he was still alive. We’re certainly worse off without him, though, sadly, I think a lot of questionable quality CGI is what we’re left with today.

    Think I’ll have to see if I can find the original “Clash of the Titans” on one of our video services. Another classic that I need to bring the kids up to speed on.

  5. Hi Deadpan.
    Sounds like it was supercalafragimeetup!

    Oh … and somehow I seemed to have missed an major Essbee happening!
    More Yea!

    My weekend started dicey and ended up fantastic, so … woot.

    • Yeah, that bothered me too. And it doesn’t capture the book very well. It’s just pretty special effects.

      Still, this is the first trailer. They often are like this so I’ll hope the next ones do a better job.

      • I think so much will depend on if they show enough of Peter and Valentine to demonstrate that Ender is supposed to be the balance between Empathy and Sadistic Killing Machine, and that he is genetically engineered. There are actors listed for Peter and Valentine, so there is some hope.

        • You catch a brief glimpse of Valentine in the trailer. I couldn’t definitively spot Peter. And Harrison Ford is going to have to be much more of a bastard than he sounds in the voice over.

    • Agreed. I understand that they’ll need to market it as a pure, dumbed-down action movie, but I wonder if this is an indication that Ender is going to be this year’s Battleship.

  6. Question for the hockey folks –


  7. I had a great time at the MMMmmmeetup! Thanks to those who organized and for everyone who attended. Because you were all there just for my personal entertainment, I know.

    EssBee, the author I mentioned is Patricia Briggs.

  8. Rhettro, I’m pretty sure I’ll have some time next week where I can finally get to your earbuddies. Sorry for the delay.

  9. About Ender’s Game…

    I’m somewhat conflicted. Long ago, I learned that once you know how crazy/stupid/bigoted/whatever an author/musician/whatever is, the harder it is to enjoy their material. OSC falls into that category.

    When it comes to “Ender’s Game”, I’m torn. I haven’t and won’t buy OSC’s stuff on general principle. But, I love the book and I’ve wanted to see a movie of it for a very long time. Regardless of whether or not the movie is good, a lot of people have put substantial work into creating it. I’m not sure their work should be affected by my OSC ban.

    I know this affects us all in different ways, and I’m not trying to start any arguments here. I’m just curious what you think.

    • Serious reply: 100% agreement. It’s an interesting dilemma.
      I also have a hard time separating, when someone involved is excessively deuche-y. I definitely liked Book 1, but never felt compelled to charge through the rest of the series, and that was even before I learned about OSC’s, um, eccentric publicly-shared viewpoints.

      Some would disagree, but I don’t think an individual movie ticket is a vote of approval for Card or his views. I expect I’ll see the movie *if* it gets generally positive feedback from the SF community. If it gets panned, then it will be that much easier to pass. Or wait until it’s Netflixable.

  10. Ninnypants????!?!?!?!?!?!

    You know I probably wont see it and Ill treat it the same way as my Gordon Biersch boycott. I understand that there’s many many non-idiot people that work behind the scenes (be it on the movie or in a restaurant/company) but I have to ask myself how I’d feel in the morning if I compromised my principles. No, I agree a movie ticket or a quick beer wouldnt be a vote of approval, but I’d let myself down if I were to stray. Eh. Just me thoughts.

  11. As for the OSC debate, he’s already been paid for the movie and yes, the book is brilliant. I also will not contribute more to his coffers, but the movie he wasn’t involved in other than supplying the book the movie is based on. Therefore I feel my money is going to those who’ve made the movie vs OSC.

    The only trouble I feel is that this gives OSC more limelight than he deserves, but I can only hope that people realize that hate is hate and shun him as much as he deserves.

    I’ll see the movie. Once. And that’ll be that. I won’t see if for OSC. I’ll see it for all the other’s involved.

    My secret hope is that make one of the characters as gay as can be πŸ™‚

    • I’m similarly torn on seeing Ender’s Game. I won’t eat at Chick-fil-a because I don’t want my money going to charities that actively fight against things that I support. But, that is far too easy and bears no real impact on anything because I really didn’t eat there to begin with. I really, really likes Ender’s Game before I found out about Card. So it is much, much harder for me to make that decision. I also have to ask myself if the profits of the movie are really going towards anything that would have an impact. Tough, tough choice.

  12. Here is an interesting thought about OSC, I wonder how many people even knew about his whack-a-do ideas before he started getting more recent notoriety because of his Superman story and now the release of Ender’s Game. What if exposing him now is a GOOD thing, letting people be aware of his ideas and exposing him for his beliefs.

    If Ender’s Game was made into a movie in the 90s, would this debate have happened? Would he have made a statement about his beliefs? What if the timing is important and a bit of fame could expose him and call him into question and get people talking about this so people who are following a belief blindly are now exposed to a greater understanding of the world around them and exposed to “The Gays” and marriage equality.

    That said, I posted something about his already on Tee’s blog when he brought it up.


    • I’ve know about his bigotry since the mid-90s. I haven’t bought his books since about that time. But, I agree that there are plenty of people that don’t know much about him.

      Ender’s Game is a great book and it doesn’t promote OSC’s beliefs. I’m happy to recommend the book, but I always tell people about OSC. I let them decide how they want to deal with the issue and whether or not they want to buy his work.

  13. BTW, I’m uploading the photos from the Mmmmeeeeeetup. They are in the usual Dropbox location in the Photos/ditto folder.

      • I also agree. There are so many free tools, applications and tutorials out there if you really want to make a game, go make one. You could even crowd fund it via Kickstarter. No need to involve the middlemen anymore.

    • I read a similar piece to this, only it delt with “You have a great idea for a fiction story and here’s why nobody cares.”
      Seems like it was the same exact reasons for why your great story will never be written. Instead of a game developer getting tons of unsolicited ideas it was a published author who wrote that particular blog.

    • “Felton says that the next generation of robots will have come with pre-assembled batteries and motors, enabling the robot to assemble itself and walk without any human intervention.”

      Have these people never seen a scifi movie?

      • I don’t know if they’ve seen a scifi movie, but I’m willing to bet they’ve experienced the “some assembly required” syndrome. I would have paid good money for self assembling toys on Christmas morning when my kids were at an age where we were getting them those kinds of toys.

  14. Friday – time to fly to Arizona? We decided to invade Jack’s place on a weekly basis, didn’t we?

    Hmmm, or was that just a fever dream I had later?

  15. Today on Bunny’s house cleaning we will see how many things she can drop and how many break:
    Glass medicine cabinet shelf – Chipped a corner. Haven’t found the chip yet so it will be interesting to see who steps on it first, me or hubby
    Disposable razor – didn’t break but made a loud noise hitting the tub

    Next: Bunny washes dishes…

  16. Hit and miss but if you do a search on twitter for:


    You may get a chuckle, my fav is:

    @jamiesont: “Luke, I am your…gosh, this is awkward, I’m your…umm…bloody hell, I’m your…did you see the Spurs game on Saturday?

  17. I have a Deadpan photo album on my Facebook. I was going to put my newest pics there. It appears I didn’t take as many this year. I won’t tag anyone, you can tag yourselves if you choose, but based on previous conversation, I wanted to know if you’d all simply prefer I remove those pictures? I want to respect the wishes of the Pan Collective.

    Also, don’t forget we have a Flickr Pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/deadpan/

  18. Someone should write a book where Cortez and the conquistadors get transported to
    Middle Earth and kick Sauron’s butt with their cannons.

  19. And so we watched Shaolin Soccer with the youngsters, which was a good choice. The grown-ups liked it less than the kids, but plenty of laughs were to be had, and I detected some tension from the Pixie when the big game was on the line. Easily the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in years, but that’s ok. There was plenty of laughter at the pure silliness.

  20. Caught up with Dr Who on the train back home.

    They really missed an opportunity for a good fight choreograph with the Silurian’s assistant in the Crimson Horror.

    Nice to see the Cybermen back to being a serious menace (Nightmare in Silver)

  21. Mother, do you think they’ll try to break my balls?
    Ooooooohhhh ahh, Mother, should I build a wall?

    Happy Mother’s Day to every mother who’s good to their children.

  22. I’d like to announce that Jack did not, I repeat, did not give me the plague.

    I have my own fabulous strain of strep, most assuredly received from some dirty something somewhere.


  23. Happy Mother’s day to all the Deadpan Mamacitas.

    I think my wife enjoyed her Mother’s Day – of course, it ended up in the hot tube this evening watching the latest Game of Thrones, so, I think I did pretty well for her πŸ™‚

  24. I’d like to share a text conversation I had with my boss today. This will explain why my boss is awesome and why I’m not at work today.

    May 13 4:08 am – Me:I have strep again. Need 24 hours sleep and antibiotics. Missing work Monday sorry πŸ™

    May 13 4:10 am – Boss:You and me both, sister
    May 13 4:10 am – Boss:Thanks

    May 13 4:10 am – Me:You’re sick?

    May 13 4:12 am – BossMe:I basically can’t move. My back is totally messed up.

    May 13 4:12 am – Me:Dude. πŸ™ feel better soon.

    May 13 4:13 am – BossMe:You too. Strep x 2… Yuck.

  25. Today’s movie is Lovely Molly

    The DVR write up: former drug addict Molly and her husband move into her family’s secluded farmhouse in the countryside, where she is haunted by malevolent ghosts.

    Do you know what malevolent means? It means the ghosts are being bullies and that’s bad

  26. Now tell me gang, what are they doing wrong?

    That’s right, they are looking for the bad guys themselves instead of waiting for Mr. policeman to come and help

  27. And remember, electricity was invented for a reason. Never, ever, ever go into a dark room. Always turn on the lights first

  28. Now kids, if you are alone in the house and you hear someone crying in the next room, pull the covers over your head up tight and wait for it to go away. Investigating will always lead to evil things

  29. Kids, when you see mommy kneeling between daddy’s knees and her head is going up and down, it means daddy is very happy

  30. And you know what? If you are going to kill someone, you shouldn’t record yourself doing the deed, it wound work out well for you

  31. Do you know what a divorce lawyer is kids? It’s what you should use instead of a baseball bat if you think someone is cheating on you. Police don’t like baseball bats

  32. And finally kids, if you’ve learned nothing else from this lesson at least take this last bit of advice. If you want to see a good movie, full of original content and intriguing story lines then don’t watch this movie

    Until next time gang, we’ll see you at the movies

  33. In way more awesome news …

    Minnesota votes in favor of same-sex marriage.

    Now a friend of mine can marry the love of her life after August 1st.


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