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  1. Survey Monkey Duty done.

    U.S. Voting Dooty done. (mail in ballot)

    Deadpan is the motherfucking American/Canadian/English/Congonese/Thai, etc Way

  2. The final airport I was supposed to work at this year was between Phoenix and Boston. Phoenix started out promising, then stopped talking to us, then Boston fell out of the race for obvious reasons. My next airport trip won’t be until next year.

    • Re: way too cool kung-fu/steampunk clip

      In my experience, chicks with glowing eyes tend to indicate the application of too much tequila. It doesn’t end well for anyone near them.

  3. Ok. My day is getting better. Yesterday I wanted to make a purchase but my card wouldn’t work. Just spoke to the nice lady on the phone and she said the chip is corrupted. I have to go into a branch and get a new card. How can I go to the bank when I don’t have a car?

    Can I give today a do over?

  4. Did any of you catch last night’s Castle? We watched it this afternoon. 125% on the geekgasm scale. So much cameo, Firefly, Trek, cons in general and other sci-fi geekiness win.

    Frakes has gotten old, but then again, I guess I have, too.

  5. More importantly – It seems Maryland has legalized same-sex marriage and Colorado has legalized marijuana. This is great news for equality and economics.

      • I’ve been finding that FB and other types of “outcries by the masses” don’t seem to really represent the masses. For example, in my County in Florida, I have seen NOTHING but “Fire Obama” and “Romney/Ryan” signs on every lawn, intersection, bumper sticker, etc. to the point where I assumed Romney would take this county with an incredible margin. In fact, he took the county 52% TO 46%. That 46% was more or less silent and the “outcry of the masses” at the disapproval of Obama simply boils down to people with certain political bents being more vocal than others.

    • Washington state has also legalized marijuana. I’ve been waiting for someone to do this not so much because I want to see it legalized, but because I want to witness one of the greatest state/federal fights that I’ll probably ever get to see. The federal government still considers marijuana illegal, so in Colorado and Washington they can now arrest and prosecute people for something that is entirely legal according to that state. Can’t wait to see what that leads to.

      • I agree with you on this! It just seems such a simple idea for a fucked up economy. The amount of money that could be generated and given to education (especially in THIS state) would just be outstanding. Of course I know people scream that schools shouldnt be given “blood money”. These are also the same people that take a giant swig of their Budweiser without thinking twice about where beer tax money goes.

  6. Not-so-brief speech:

    I’m relieved.
    Obama has made a lot of Bush-like mistakes, but he’s also done a lot of things right. Science and social equalities that were hopelessly damaged during the Bush years have at least begun healing, on his watch. We have programs under way that were created to (whatever their version 1.0 imperfections) to benefit the underprivileged and the needy – – programs that need to be nurtured and tweaked and developed, rather than shut down with sneers and backassward regressive policies. The guy hasn’t been perfect, but he’s proven himself to be someone who’s interested in doing what’s right – – for all peoples.
    Romney, on the other hand, has shown himself to be a near sociopathic elitist. He represents none of the noble ideals of my grandfather’s Republican party. He is the classic flip-flopping corporate weasel, who openly stated his contempt for all of us who don’t have the fortunes he was born into, his disrespect for equality, for science, for the truth, for anything that doesn’t feed into expanding the profits of the wealthy. And let’s not even get into the warmongering at which he’d hinted. He wouldn’t have been as horrifically corrupt and evil as Bush, but he’d have been too close for comfort.

    Maybe next time, the Republicans will present a candidate with legitimate intent to curb spending and tax increases, to actually build jobs and economies to build up the lower and middle classes as well as the wealthy, to prioritize science and access to good education for all. Alternatively, they could give is another FoxNews-approved extremist crackpot with a greasy sidekick; then we’ll be congratulating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    But of course, for those that are really pissed about Obama winning a 2nd term, rest assured that the obstructionist Congress will continue to block everything he tries to do anyway.

    /End speech.

    • I have to say that the only thing I’ve been disappointing with this time around was the poor showing of independent candidates. This was the first time that I went looking for independents and didn’t find a hodgepodge of crackpots (not counting Rosanne Barre). There were some pretty impressive people out there this year that just weren’t getting any attention.

  7. Happy Birthday, Ralph!

    Usedhair, have you checked out Democracy Now? There was wide coverage there of 3rd party candidates for the entire election cycle.

    For me, I’m mostly just glad the election is over. There have been some ugly things flying for months.

  8. My Doh! Moment this week is a techy one.

    Just realised that not only will XBMC play video files, it will also act as a DNLA server and stream videos to my consoles,


  9. Since today is being Ralph-themed…

    The Nov. 9th Entertainment Weekly Magazine has a fun article about how Wreck-It Ralph was conceived and about the challenges they faced on getting permission to use all of the famous arcade characters. Check it out, if you can.

  10. Well, after four years, my kittys have a carpet-bound, multi-level penthouse of dizzying heights.

    Now, if only Beckham would stop acting like a chicken and go explore his new castle!

  11. ditto
    Un-spammed by JackSubmitted on 2012/11/07 at 5:37 am
    Happy birthday FoundRalph!

    A Show of Uns

    Un-spammed by JackSubmitted on 2012/11/02 at 7:18 am | In reply to The Energizer Bunny.

    Jack Mangans Deadpan #257: Rabbit Knees

    Lo Pan
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    Well said!


    Jack Mangans Deadpan #256: Less Conflicted and More Heroic

    Good night :notspam:

  12. I have a legitimate reason to read an article called “Attempts to train Novices for Beer Flavor Discrimination: A Matter of Taste” at work. I’m all a twitter. If only I could have found a way to be a participant in the study way back when I was a novice.

  13. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/11/02/a_history_of_computing_in_20_objects_part_two/

    A slice of sentimentality follows:

    At school the Physic teacher(Mr Parkin) arranged the class to visit Newcastle University’s computer department which was putting on a exhibition celebrating Newcastle being on the map for 900 years.

    This was 1980, locked behind a glass cabinet was a ZX80 computer, controlling a robotic arm that was assembling then disassembling a pile of metal blocks.

    However only give this a cursory look as I was distracted by somebody playing a Lunar Lander clone on a CBM Pet….

    • I found the first part more interesting. The 2nd part jumped around too much. It should have been divided into more objects.

      I think they were inspired by the BBC’s A History of the World in 100 objects.

  14. So, I was talking to this woman recently. . . nice woman, pleasant looking. My internal dialogue:

    “Who does this woman remind me of? Someone famous. . . Hmmm. . . That’s it – – it’s Eddie Izzard! She’s looks like a young Eddie Izzard, that’s – – Oh my god.”

  15. Silly me. I somehow assumed that if fanfic was published and money was made off of it, it became copy write infringement and illegal. Guess someone found a way around that or the original author just plain doesn’t give a shit.

  16. Made my preorder for the “A Memory of Light” audio book. Releases on January 8th, 2013. I’m nearing the end of book five now, so I know I won’t be caught up when it comes out. I may just have to lock myself away for the month of December to try to get all those other books squeezed in.

  17. Hey Deadpan

    Saw Skyfall yesterday. It was a fun, leave your brain at the door, popcorn flik. In others words, a Bond Film.

    I liked the occasional nods they gave to the Sean Connery area.

  18. We also tented the new Spider-Man yesterday. I admit, I was not a big fan of the whole reboot idea so close to the last movies. And I wasn’t sure about seeing the origin story again, but this film was ok. It was just different enough that it didn’t feel like a total rehash

    • Oh wait. I do remember one movie I have recorded but I think I’ll spare you all that which is Mulroney, the Musical. It probably wouldn’t make sense if you don’t understand Canadian politics anyway.

      We will have to see what else is on my DVR later

      • I’m aware that Brian Mulroney is a former PM. I admit that I probably never would have heard of him if I didn’t listen to music by the band Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie, though… :biggrin:

        It’s chilly here in Omaha this morning. There was frost on the little footbridge outside my apartment building. I’m glad I have my new raspberry-red L.L. Bean winter coat (an early Christmas present from my mom). :happy:

  19. Personally, I’m zombied out so today’s movie is, Kill Katie Malone

    He DVR wrie up: Dean Cain stars in this supernatural shocked about three college friends who buy a ghost on line auction as a lark, only to realize its no joke when the evil apparition, the vengeful spigot od an Irish servant girl, reveals her deadly intentions

  20. There was actually a time when hubby and I would go out of our way to see anything Dean Cain was in. They were all terrible B movies but they were oh so wonderful in their B-ness

  21. It will have to wait until tomorrow, Van. I go on twitter so little that I don’t remember my password. I’d have to look it up and my computer is not turned on. This is also true for email. I’ll drop you a line tomorrow and tell you my tiny nit

  22. My trip to Dallas tomorrow was suddenly canceled by the big boss. Kind of curious, but mostly I’m relieved I don’t have to make it to the airport at the crack of dawn.

    Go Broncos.

    Also, hi!

  23. Van, I had to turn on my computer for other reasons so I sent you an email. As I said, it’s a personal view so not very exciting. Personally, I find it best not to over analyze Bond movies as they will inevitably fail. That includes the hydrogen cyanide bit.

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  25. “Despair is a black leather jacket that everyone looks good in. Hope is a frilly, pink dress that exposes the knees.”

    – Rebecca Solnit

    I’m telling you, FBers, you gotta follow Jonathan Carroll.

  26. I watched the second half of the Firefly reunion last night (missed the first half before I realized it was on). My only disappointment was that I didn’t see Ron Glass there. I was so excited to see him on the show, then he disappeared right back into obscurity again.

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