327 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #257: Rabbit Knees

  1. The Bee
    by: Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

    Like trains of cars on tracks of plush
    I hear the level bee:
    A jar across the flowers goes,
    Their velvet masonry

    Withstands until the sweet assault
    Their chivalry consumes,
    While he, victorious, tilts away
    To vanquish other blooms.

    His feet are shod with gauze,
    His helmet is of gold;
    His breast, a single onyx
    With chrysoprase, inlaid.

    His labor is a chant,
    His idleness a tune;
    Oh, for a bee’s experience
    Of clovers and of noon!

  2. Earbuddies double win for me this week. I played the cello in school so the Lord of the Cello is a definite excellent find for me. Plus, I really liked Rocco DeLucca as soon as I heard “the twangy and the slide”. Thank goodness for Spotify.

  3. Show Notes:
    Jack Mangans Deadpan #257: Rabbit Knees

    Promo – Out of the Coffin Podcast (http://www.outofthecoffin.com/)

    Earbuddies with:
    Desert Pixie
    JR Murdock

    Greasy Penuts
    Used Hair
    Justa J0e
    Ed from Texas
    The Energizer Bunny
    Lo Pan
    Vanamonde (first of the week)

    JR Murdock
    Desert Pixie

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    Cynful calls from the road

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    Closing Music – Rabbit Knees

  4. I downloaded the XCOM demo for the XBOX last night. I have to say that the gameplay is faithful to the original and the console gamepad is perfect for directing one’s squad. I may have to pick this one up. The computer demo is out as well and I might try it out, but so far I think I’ll prefer the console version.

  5. Not only is “Empire Strikes Back” my favorite SW movie, it’s my favorite of the scores. The string section “Rescue From Cloud City” is fantastic.

  6. Also (and yep I’m gonna belabor the point to death), Tim Zahn has already written what most feel are the definitive Eps 7-9 in The Heir to The Empire Trilogy. Making anything else that those will be a travesty greater than any prequel.

  7. Honestly, I think this is pretty cool news. “Star Wars” being modeled after an old time serial like “Flash Gordon” makes it ripe for more story telling from different eras and perspectives.

  8. And now that I think about it, Disney here has Star Wars themed items all the time. Lucas must have been in their back pockets for quite some time.

  9. I enjoyed the new Bond flick, but I do pine for a villain who wants to rule the world.

    Oh and my memory of Chemistry is dim, but I was under the impression Hydrogen Cyanide kills by clogging up the ATP reaction in cells and does not destroy bones.

    Just saying…

  10. Im going to be dressing up in a Poodle skirt (well, its actually a cupcake) and my hair in a ponytail.

    Since Im blonde & still have my girlish virgin innocence in me, it dawned on me to be Sandy from Grease, but…

      • That was Lo Pan. Me? I had a B-52 shooter.
        … and then adjusted some lighting and carved some air holes in a pumpkin.
        Then, since I’d had no report from the first shooter, I sent another down after it to find out what happened. Still waiting on the report.

        Mean while … I need to go break up my brick of dry ice.

  11. Having “ridden” the Star Tours attraction several times when we went to Disneyland and having both of the kids go through “Jedi Academy” I’m pretty comfortable with Disney bringing Lucasarts completely into the fold.

    And, I did have to smirk when I saw the “Disney Princess” label show up in my Facebook feed on a picture of Leia.

  12. I’ve been to hell I’ll spell it,
    I spell it DMV.
    And those of you who’ve been there know precisely what I mean.

    Actually, AZ DMV is a caramel-covered joy compared to the NJ facility, which is right on the same lot as Rahway Prison.

  13. I have a question. Whenever I have a video game delivered to my house, the person delivering it always asks if it’s a gift for someone. Is it my age or the fact I’m female that people assume I’m not the one the game is for?

  14. I’m finding ‘The Booth at the End’ compulsive viewing, just a pity they are so few episodes.

    I do believe it’s on Hulu for those in the live in the USA and for those outside of the USA with VPN connections.


  15. From the latest Ansible:

    Paul Krugman, introducing the Folio Society edition of the Foundation trilogy, has an Atwood Moment: ‘Maybe the first thing to say about “Foundation” is that it’s not exactly science fiction – not really. Yes, it’s set in the future, there’s interstellar travel, people shoot each other with blasters instead of pistols and so on. But these are superficial details, playing a fairly minor part in the story.

    Foundation not scifi….I’m off to roll on the floor laughing.

  16. Hubby’s marking papers. The question is, how has technology changed how we live over time?

    One answer: in the old days, people didn’t know what technology had to offer so they didn’t even try to do anything

  17. Another answer from last night:

    “Back in the olden days, phones were bigger so people would have giant bulges in their pockets and it was uncomfortable.”

    Hubby just can’t get them to understand we didn’t have “pocket phones” at all. They couldn’t go in your pockets because they were attached to the wall. Again, made us feel old.

  18. Did you know?

    Over 700,000 people will be diagnosed with Severe Sepsis this year and of those, 210,000 will not survive.

    Severe Sepsis/Septic Shock is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.

    (“Sepsis” is an overwhelming infection in our body that our body overreacts to.)
    It is not only for the elderly or the overtly sick person. It hits anyone at any age.

    Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Early detection and early treatment are key factos to survival.

    *Pixie steps down from the nirse soapbox and puts down the megafone*

  19. Got to spend my morning hanging out with 1400 middle schoolers doing a “junkyard wars” build competition. My daughter was one of the competitors and her team did pretty well with the bridge they were given to build.

  20. Glimpses into 3 different sub-cultures this weekend:

    1: The crowd at the theater screening of Evil Dead 2 (your current survey subject). Pretty awesome to hear the theater erupt for the “Groovy” line.

    2: At a lure dog race. Wow, those middle-aged dog people………

    3: An evening of roller derby. Wow, those derby girls…….

  21. For those interested in Formula 1 racing, a tweet I did a spy:

    @rallytravel: Kimi, a driver from the era when they didn’t need the Engineers to wipe their backsides for them! #F1 #kimi #legend

  22. I must say, I’m quite pleased with what I’ve seen of the school district we inherited when we moved to the new house. The school she’s in has been a challenge for all of us in the family – she’s learning material that her mom and I didn’t pick up until high school, and we were both valedictorians, so we weren’t exactly slouches. It is my greatest hope that she’ll be able to talk about things ten years from now that I won’t be able to wrap my head around.

    • Taking Jack’s cue, Happy Birthday Desert Puxie.

      Yes it’s that time of year when effigies are burnt, fireworks fly, and the Fire Bridgade stamp on the pyromaniac tendencies of young children.

  23. Happy birthday Pixie! Happy birthday Guy Fawkes! Happy birthday Mrs. Rhettro.

    November 5th seems to figure prominently in the Pan this year.

  24. How many of our clan (not limiting to male) are going to participate in Movember?
    I will not but interested in the numbers (not able to grow)

  25. Thanks, Deadpan for the birthday wishes! Its been a fun-filled weekend and today is going to be spent with my loved ones!

    *Pixie hugs all*

  26. Yeah Pixie hugs!

    So I noticed on FB on my birthday, Nevermore’s agent left me birthday greetings. Of course on my wife’s birthday freaking Warrel Dane leaves a birthday message. I guess she does have sexier legs than me.

  27. Happiest of birthdays to all you crazy panites having one today!

    Is this something like going to the bathroom in packs?

    /better make my coat bulletproof….

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