356 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #281: Lo Pan and the Hell of Podcast Nostalgia

  1. Crap joke for the day:

    A husband read an article to his wife about how many words women use a day… 30,000 to a man’s 15,000. The wife replied, “The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything to men… The husband then turned to his wife and asked, “What?”

  2. Big day today. It’s my 25th wedding anniversary. My last day at ESB. And the first day I was stuck in traffic because Obama decided to pay Phoenix a visit. I saw Air Force One parked at Sky Harbor.

  3. OK, there’s a lot of cluelessness going on here (not like the NY Times is a major news outlet or anything), but I can so get behind the gist and the premise: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/30/the-busy-trap/?_r=0

    “proposing that we divorce income from work and give each citizen a guaranteed paycheck, which sounds like the kind of lunatic notion that’ll be considered a basic human right in about a century, like abolition, universal suffrage and eight-hour workdays. The Puritans turned work into a virtue, evidently forgetting that God invented it as a punishment.”

          • I have asked, in a cashless society place such as those in StarTrek, why do people work at some of the jobs they have? Really, would Barklay really have been working in the position he had if he had a choice? What about the Picard’s family, or other farm workers that are highly labour intensive? I’m not saying some people wouldn’t be happy in such jobs, I’m just saying some people would rethink what they are doing with their lives if they didn’t have to work at the job they do and then where would society be without the sewer workers, waitresses, etc in the world. (yes, I know it sounds a bit like Hitchhiker’s )

    • “Yet physics is physics, regardless of how technology changes.”

      I was just hearing a discussion today of how “physics” in a black hole, at the quantum level, does not behave (theoretically) like it should. Or at least like it does here on earth.

      So … the article’s premise is that WE don’t currently understand all the physics of the universe (and certainly not the sort of physics needed for traveling great distances in manageable time frames)and there-for no OTHER sentient life in the universe could have possibly figured it out.
      Seems a little “self-important” to me.

      • “Who’s the more foolish…the fool or the fool who follows him?”

        I dont know what that has to do with anything. I just wanted it to look like I was paying attention.

  4. So, I was trying to make a better effort to be a good Goodreads member and get my library updated. I found that they even have a good deal of podiobooks in their listing. Spherical Tomi, Spherical Tomi, Spherical Tomi….

    So, I went scrolling through podiobooks.com to try to remember a few titles. They’ve added quite a bit to their collection. Some are….interesting.

  5. Good Morning, Pan!

    It is DCI Live and Loud today. Anyone other than me going to partake and park their butts in the movie theatre for 5 1/2 hours today?

    Highlights for me each year… SCV. Carolina Crown and my fav, Phantom Regiment!

  6. JF – The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

    Was intrigued by the idea of a time travelling serial killer and picked this one up cheap on an Amazon sale (99p)

    Really enjoyed it, we’ll worth checking out.

  7. So it looks like we’re getting closer to the release of that Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences anthology, featuring lots of authors plus me! My story is called “The Clockwork Samurai”, and it’s a sequel to “Night’s Plutonian Shore”, the story I did for the first Ministry anth.

    This one is pretty much all action.

  8. BTW – This Ep of the Deadpan was a fun stagger down memory lane.

    I remember Joe Klecko. I was never sure if he was supposed to be praising Jack or making fun of him. LOL4

  9. The Troopers from Casper, WY were next: Magnificant 11.

    They paid homage to their roots and what a rendition of the Battle Hymn and theme song from Dances With Wolves.


    • Oh thats awesome, Ed!!

      Great show from Boston. I didnt like their grey jackets, but love the reveal of their traditional reds!

  10. Madison Scouts (Madison, WI) tribute to the Lone Survivor

    OMG! My hairs are standing up. The audience and the corps sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

    This corp has my heart. These Madison men can perform

  11. Thanks for the PBP Pixie.

    My dad went to see a live, performance of the Top 10 corpse a few weeks ago.
    He liked it but was put off by the “electronic enhancement” that was now being used.
    He didn’t elaborate on what that was.

  12. The Cavaliers (Rosemont, IL) – Secret Society

    Trying to win me over by incorporating the Star Trek Theme (2009)

    Excellent drill and guard

  13. Bluecoats (Canton, OH) …Looking For America

    Meh. Quirky and fun. Challenging music. I didnt care for the visual show but the musicality was top notch

  14. Phantom Regiment (Rockford, IL)

    Im not biased. Best colorguard out there. In my next life, I will be in that corp)

    It was a fairytale journey, which included slaying the Evil Queen.

  15. Santa Clara Vanguard(Santa Clara, CA)

    Judt finished Les Mis.

    I am biased here… I hate that music, however, they performed the hell out of that score.
    Visual effect


    I still hate Les Mis

    I still heart SCV

  16. The Cadets (Allentown, PA) — Side By Side

    Jesus. My eyes just had an optical orgasm.

    What drill execution and what a drumline.

  17. Carolina Crown (Fort Mill, SC) E=mc2

    Well, it was a unique show. The arrangement includes pieces from the following:
    Einstein at the Beach
    Knee 2
    Knee 3

    They played the hell out of it.

    • I’m planning to check that one out, though I’ll probably have to do it on my own. My wife is particularly sensitive when shows/movies involve killing kids.

  18. Your crap joke for the day:

    An elderly couple were on a cruise and it was really stormy. They were standing on the back of the ship watching the moon, when a wave came up and washed the old man overboard. They searched for days and couldn’t find him. So the captain sent the old woman back to shore with the promise that he would notify her as soon as they found something. Three weeks went by and finally the old woman got a fax from the ship. It read: “Ma’am, sorry to inform you, we found your husband dead at the bottom of the ocean. We hauled him up to the deck and attached to his back end was an oyster and inside the oyster was a pearl worth $50,000….please advise.” The old woman faxed back: “Send me the pearl and re-bait the trap.”

  19. I just received Calvin & Hobbes book.

    I know what Im doing later tonight.

    Thanks, Hunney. <3

    What is everyones' favorite C&H story?

  20. Your crap joke for the day:

    Three sons left home, went out on their own and prospered. Getting back together, they discussed the gifts they were able to give their elderly mother.The first said, “I built a big house for our mother.” The second said, “I sent her a Mercedes with a driver.” The third smiled and said, “I’ve got you both beat. Remember how mom enjoyed reading the Bible? And you know she can’t see very well. I sent her a remarkable parrot that recites the entire Bible. It took elders in the church 12 years to teach him. He’s one of a kind. Mama just has to name the chapter and verse, and the parrot recites it.”Soon thereafter, mom sent out her letters of thanks. “Milton,” she wrote one son, “the house you built is so huge. I live in only one room, but I have to clean the whole house.””Gerald,” she wrote to another, “I am too old to travel. I stay most of the time at home, so I rarely use the Mercedes. And the driver is so rude!””Dearest Donald,” she wrote to her third son, “you have the good sense to know what your mother likes. The chicken was delicious.”

  21. Well The Hobbit is now on Netflix in the UK, think I’ll spend the evening looking out for what’s bits I missed by sleeping through part of the movie at the flicks.

  22. Spent the day at an AutoCross. It rained a LOT making the racing difficult and my socks wet(bleh) but I still managed to have fun AND beat the other guy in my car classification.

    This evening I went to a livingroom concert. The guy was very funny and a great guitar player. I may be able to come up with a clip to share.

    All in all, I guess I had a pretty good day.
    I didn’t even have to use my AK.

  23. Your crap joke for a lazy Sunday:

    A dietitian was once addressing a large audience in Chicago. “The material we put into our stomachs is enough to have killed most of us sitting here, years ago.Red meat is awful. Soft drinks erode your stomach lining. Chinese food is loaded with MSG. Vegetables can be disastrous, and none of us realizes the long-term harm caused by the germs in our drinking water.But there is one thing that is the most dangerous of all and we all have, or will, eat it. Can anyone here tell me what food it is that causes the most grief and suffering for years after eating it?”A 75-year-old man in the front row stood up and said, “Wedding cake”

  24. I wanted something so simple. Just wanted to put in a 3TB hard drive. Now I find that between my old motherboard and Windows, I am forced with the choice of buying a new motherboard/chipset or loosing 750GB off the hard drive because the system will only recognize 2.2TB max. So much wasted time on this. Seagate has software that will fix the problem, but only if you have a Seagate drive. Toshiba (the drive I have) doesn’t have squat. This is getting really frustrating. Will have a nice long chat with the IT guy at work tomorrow to figure out my options.

  25. Sad mode ON

    The bridge section of DL didn’t appear in the original release in the US (even though it appeared in the attract mode and was stored on the laserdisc).

    Sad mode OFF


  26. Just finished brewing my Oktoberfest! It’s fermenting away.

    The wort was severely bitter, though I know you can’t tell a lot from that.

    • My Oktoberfest type beers have been that way as well. A fine example of the alchemy that is brewing. You mix all this food source together and then throw yeast into it to eat the sugars and poop out alcohol and it all bubbles and churns together to form something wonderful Dave!

      At the first racking my seasonal beer is still “meh” and making you wonder if you screwed up. Then when you finally get to bottling you start to think “hey! we might have something here!”

      I have also noticed with these that once they reach the point where the instruction says “Now it is ready” they only have a bout 2 weeks of full glory. They never get “bad” but after a month you find that they have lost that loving feeling. So resist the temptation to hide this stuff back for “later on” and when it is “ready” throw a party and make all your friends come and drink it up!

  27. It did seem as though Perseid turned the ON switch for the show tonight just after midnight local time

    Bugs: 35
    Bats: 2?
    Night birds: wtf?
    Meteors: ~15+

    Perfect viewing weather hottub/poolside

    We will do this again tomorrow night.

        • Well certainly a bit of a disaster, turned the Lone Ranger into Hong Phooey and Tonto into Curly, a waver thin plot didn’t help.

          Some nice action sequences though, and the big action scene at the end, when the Rossini soundtrack kicks in big almost saves the film..almost.

          • Yep. That was a pretty cool scene.

            When I saw Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio’s names in the writing credits, I went, “Oh, yeah. Now that I think of it, their fingerprints were all over this script. They really like their evil capitalists as antagonists.” (The Lone Ranger had this element in common with the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which they also wrote.)

  28. In today’s “you’re old” news (Ed’s favorite!):
    George Hamilton is 74.
    Twenty-five years ago today, Wayne Gretzky was traded from Edmonton to L.A.
    And 2,043 years ago today, Cleopatra died by asp bite venom – – for you real old-timers out there.

  29. Waaaaa!

    It is raining on my Perseid parade.

    I’ll have to set an alarm for the middle of the night and see if it has cleared off but it does not look promising. πŸ™

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