Breaking Bad, Fixing Good

This is a post for spoiler-tastic discussion of all things Breaking Bad. I myself will not be participating in this discussion, because I’ve only seen the show through season 4. But you kids have fun in here and stay off the meth.

Be warned, if you aren’t caught up on Breaking Bad and want to be surprised by the unfolding events in the life of Walter White, then Do Not Enter this page.

6 thoughts on “Breaking Bad, Fixing Good

  1. I’ve got to say, I love how my expectations have been completely turned upside down.

    Things happening in the last two episodes are things that I would expect to happen with only an episode or two left in the series, not with 6 or 7 episodes left.

    Then again, it really does allow for those long, thoughtful, beautifully-acted scenes like the one in the first episode of this half of the season. The one with Walt and Jesse. The pace of that scene is glacial and it’s amazing for playing it like that.

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