Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #78: John Buccigross. Twisted Wrister.

Surprise! Early show posting.

Faster Deadpan! opening (Big Thanks to Kurt from St. George)
Beam Me Up podcast “Unsolvable Deathtrap” promo
Christopher Moore Deadpan bumper
John Buccigross Interview — part 1
Alvie’s Monks bumper
Unrelated Thought
Alarming Voicemail
John Buccigross interview — part 2

Check out John Buccigross’s book: “Jonesy
Deadpan haiku bumper
PoetFox‘s Stolen Stanzas
Deadpan AKA Name for Kurt from St. George
Into Outrobabble Now
Greasy Jelly Bean is screwy this week
In lieu of Greasy Spoon Comments, Greasy Spam Comments
A comments challenge
Another live recording – original Jack Mangan music: “Empty Bottle”

  • (No time for show notes. I’ll update later. Be good.)
  • Show notes are done, man.

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