Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #62: aka The Pan of Death

Real show notes. Trust Jack Mangan.

Crazy FPM remix intro
Addressing the drama
Brave Men Run promo
Ed from Texas and Alvie duet
Stolen Paragraphs
::::Paul Maki
::::Amy Bowen aka the Deadpan Ambassador
Greasy Jelly Bean game setup
AKA Name Dub Ceremony
::::Paul the Lancastrian
::::WNDR Wolf
::::Julio Aldana
::::Tim Callendar
Jeremy from Seattle and Andrea Smarty Hottie‘s hilarious GYGO outtakes
Lions, Tigers, and the Deadpan bumper
Dumbass Memories (a pretty good one)
Raequel from the Triscast bumper
Watching TV commercials
Really Big Things (that’s Tee Morris doing the intro) by Paul Maki. Episode 13, part 1. “Ivo’s Grotto”
Crusty Willie the Chicken Pirate
Stolen from the 80s
::::the guy who submitted that Dumbass Memory
Greasy Spoon Comments
Greasy Jelly Bean point award
An important woman in my life
Black Circle Remix

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