Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #64: Trust Jack Mangan

Apologetic Show Notes.

Farrrrrrpoint Media
Deadpan is a Madhouse
Pseudopod promo
Justa J0e is all tingly
The contents of Sci-Fi Laura‘s Hotel minibar in Dublin, Ireland
Alvie channels Dr. Zoidberg for a Deadpan bumper
Ryah from Calgary‘s “My Parents Are Crazy” memory
Heather Welliver Deadpan bumper
More of Sci-Fi Laura’s minifridge
Brad P. from NJ Deadpan bumper, beeyotch
Stolen Rap Lyrics
::::Susan Z. channels LL Cool J
Introbabble (?)
Really Big Things by Paul Maki. episode 13b “Ivo’s Grotto”
Greasy Jelly Bean – a new winner!
“Thank you!” to my volunteers
Poet Fox aka the Deadpan Poet Laureate brings it with more cinquains (so there)
More of Sci-Fi Laura’s minifridge
Kilroy 2.0 Deadpan bumper
World lyricsmash (my favorite of mine)
Stolen Paragraphs
::::ditto aka the Deadpan GreaseMan
Greasy Spoon Comments
Jessica aka The Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan‘s spooky Deadpan bumper
More of Sci-Fi Laura’s hotel room
Stolen from the 80s
::::Terry the Toad (http://www.indypodcasters.com/terrythetoad/)
Time to Outrobabble
AKA Name dubs
::::Kris from Tempe
Big announcements (well, not really)
Pimping Leann’s Tag in the Seam episode #25
More of Sci-Fi Laura’s hotel room/minibar
Unrelated Thought
New original Music: live from room dirty-fifteen. . . featuring
Heather Welliver – vocals
Mathew Wayne Selznick – guitar and vocals
Me – guitar
Evo Terra – percussion
Everyone else. . . ambient noise and backing vocals
Thanks so much to MA in PA of the BL8TN podcast for the recording.

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