Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #57: Constant Reassurance

Deadpan stolen movie lines
Balticon Podcast promo
Greasy Jelly Bean set-up
My Parents are Crazy – Kris from Tempe
Gimme some Tomi, baby (from Chris the Fixed Kitty)
Unrelated thought
Really Big Things, by Paul Maki. Episode 11.
TD Deadpan bumper
Surprise guest interview
Justa J0e‘s tingly Unrelated Kitchen bumper
The contents of Amy Bowen‘s fridge in Japan
Karen from Kalifornia‘s classic Deadpan Jack bumper
Paul Maki’s RBT outtake
Greasy Spoon Comments
::Post-edit:: Taking action against Kirk-speech rhythm
Things Are Looking Up Star Wars Special promo
Mark Forman‘s classic Deadpan bumper
Outrobabble time
Greasy Jelly Bean point award
::WNDRWolf Moonfire
::Joe Murphy Tribute article in Podcast User Magazine
::First of May by the P-Cast Allstars
All the rambling I need to do
Outrobabble 2
Joe Murphy Memorial Fund promo
Original Music by me. “Spiral Staircase”

What, you want show notes too???

—– crap, I forgot to tell the bachelor party Dumbass Memory. That will have to be in Deadpan #58.

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