Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #59: Guest Starring Teeeee Morris

No “Farrrpoint Media”. . . ?
Stolen from the 80s
:::: Justa J0e
:::: Tim Callendar
Greasy Jelly Bean game setup
Give Us a Minute podcast promo
Jimmy Bumper
Stolen Paragraph, read by Kris from Tempe
Greg from Illinois’s Inflection-free bumper
Unrelated Thought
Napoleon Deadpan Squarepants (from the brilliant, twisted mind of Big Chowder)
“Really Big Things” by Paul Maki. Episode 12: Fred Smith’s Concrete Park.
Amy Bowen‘s Haiku Chain
Tee Morris (chipmunk) Deadpan bumper
Tee Morris and Jack talk (It’s really not an interview)
::::the contents of Tee‘s fridge
::::Much more Tee and Jack chatter
::::Tee‘s Dumbass Memory
Sgt. TD-0013‘s Deadpan bumper
Greasy Jelly Bean point award
Greasy Spoon Comments
Jack Mangan: “To Make You Feel My Love” cover, with a guest vocalist.

I forgot 2 important things:

Andrea’s Voicemail (sorry!)

and once again. . .

The Bachelor Party Dumbass Memory. Next time.

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