Unshow on Mute

Due to an evening at the Coyotes game, we’re running silent this week. It’s practice for the post-288 era.

Goodnight :mush:

472 thoughts on “Unshow on Mute

  1. You might be two gross before Deadpan!
    Twelve Monkeys could have been fun Palooza-bait…

    Reminder: We’re starting our Bladerunning at the end of this month. Get watching! Get thinking! Get recording!

  2. Oh, good. One more week when I can continue on my massive Deadpan catch-up effort without falling any further behind. 🙂

    It is a gorgeous, sunny day and I am going to create some awesome stuff today!!! First up: Earbuddies segments (writing), followed by speeches for Toastmasters and more fanfic, followed by some time in the studio to record my Earbuddies segments and a freelance voiceover project.

    I haz a new wireless mouse. Let’s get started! :happy:

  3. OH: (while in line to meet the Phoenix Coyotes Players)
    “…Im an underdog fan. I was a Red Wings fan when we struggled to make last place. We had more penalty minutes than goals.”

    Dont the Redwings still have more penalty minutes than goals?
    And youcant be a Redwings fan *and* a Coyotes fan.

  4. …and this is why I don’t sell my obsolete equipment:

    So wiped my old iPad, set the iPad up to use sisters iTunes account, downloaded a few free apps.

    The apps keep crashing, seem far less stable then when I was using the iPad.


  5. I love the future:

    So I was streaming the latest Justified episode to my iPad from my netbook. TV became available, so booted up Raspberry Pi running XBMC and then streamed the video from the iPad to the Pi that was still being streamed from the netbook. Watched the rest of the episode on the big tv.

    I would still have preferred the future with jeptpacks though…

  6. justa, one more thought on scouting:

    If the Boy Scouts can’t survive gay members/leaders (as if there aren’t tons already), good riddance scouts.

    • Sly B went to the post office yesterday to mail a box to Canada. She waited in line for 30 minutes, during which a family stood by the sign that said “Passports.” Three of the four clerks asked the family individually if they were waiting for passports – yes, they responded. Finally, the 4th clerk asked them and said “we don’t do those any more.”

      I would have gone so ballistic. Even as a bystander. Luckily, they had Sly B and not me.

      • Lest we forget, the USPS is in dire financial straights because congress suddenly said the USPS had to pay into the bank, enough cash to fund some 80 years worth of “possible” retirement benefits. An amount of several billion dollars. If it wasn’t for that they would be breaking even which is what you want from a public service organization.

        Congress did this so that they could then “borrow” that money to make some other part of their budget look “balanced”. Part of their “rob Peter to pay Paul” budget shenanigans.

        BTW – There have been fairly aggressive lobbying efforts to kill the USPO going on for years now. The shipping industry’s efforts to get rid of the “competition”.

  7. Having watched the Super Bowl “time delayed” on my TiVo … I had skipped over the half-time show. Last night I went back and watched/skipped through about 5 minutes worth.
    I was left with two thoughts –

    1) I’ve been pretty much “over” softcore porn since I was 21.

    2) Video may have killed the Radio Star … but without it, Beyonce wouldn’t be one.

  8. I know it isn’t all that thrilling, but… after living in my new place for 7 months, I have finally unpacked all of the remaining boxes and found a home for my belongings and artwork has all been hung. Beckham, my tuxedo cat has chosen to reside behind a mirror on the floor with only the whites of his paws visible.

    Hooray for small chores!

    • He was one of the guests at a cookout/pool party that I attended.
      I didn’t really spend any time with him, but my impression of him was that he was a very nice guy, mostly quite and to himself.

      Funny thing was when he fell asleep in a lounge chair by the pool and then all of these girls who had apparently been too afraid to ask if they could get their picture taken with him, started sneaking up behind him and kneeling down next to him so they could get their picture taken with him.

      All in all, it seemed a bit sad and lonely.

  9. Sleepily waves at the pan world. I might be able to go to the mMMMMmmmeetup if in CO. Still trying to figure out if it’ll work in full or not.

    Work has sucked out my soul and what others have mentioned has happened, no time for the internets during the day. I miss you all though.

  10. It occurred to me, as I was getting dressed this morning, that I haven’t done laundry in a while. I have no pants.

    CD: Laundry & accounting stuff – pantsless until this load of laundry is done.

    It also occurs to me, I might need more than one pair of jeans.

  11. Yesterday I finished Darksiders 2. I quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately, with THQ filing for bankruptcy, there may not be a three and four. (the first two were about two of the four horsemen of the apocalypse so, presumably there should be two more).

    I heard on a podcast that DS2 sold 1.5mil copies on launch and this was considered a failure. At $60 a copy, that is $90mil. Obviously games are starting to cost the same of movies if you can’t make a profit at $90mil in sales.

  12. If you cook french fries on the stove, be sure to turn off the burner when they’re done. That’s the lesson we learn last night. On the bright side it looks like insurance will get us a new oven, microwave and replace a few kitchen cabinets.

  13. Today’s movie is The Moth Diaries. The DVR write up:

    Troubled boarding school student Rebecca suspects that a mysterious newcomer is a vampire who’s targeting her best friend Lucy, and finds her suspicions confirmed when the staff and students begin dying under bizarre circumstances

    I chose this movie only because its the shortest of the four

  14. I’m back. Checked my backup while I was up, it says it’s only about half way through

    Now, where was I? Oh yes, strange things are afoot at this all girls boarding school

  15. Hubby has made me watch the twilight movies because he liked to keep up on what’s important to the kids. I’m hoping, since he’s dealing with (slightly) older kids, that means we won’t have to see Beautiful Creatures)

  16. Dead Sara’s new record may be the best record of 2012. I say that a lot, dont I?

    Regardless, Emily Armstrong has to have one of the BEST voices in music. Period.

  17. On an unrelated note, I’m quite enjoying Sleeping Dogs. Although I did have this one side quest. Basically I had to beat up as many monks as I could, I quit the task after I had 100 monks down and my health was still at 50%. I’m the queen reaction shots.

  18. We just finished watching the movie, The Raid: Redemption.

    Excellent martial arts.

    I challenge The Energizer Bunny to script a PBP of this one.

    Goodnight :chocolate affaire:

      • I really dont think either of these flicks would have ripped the other off. Coincidences can be simple coincidences. Either way, both films I found delightful

      • Mega City is a such a unique setting, with the Judge’s fanatical approach to law enforcement part of the joke. I’ll watch Dredd, but I’m concerned that both of those elements were utterly lost.

        • Well the budget is limited, so Mega City One is not quite as impressive as portrayed in the comics, but the character of Dredd and his dedication to ‘The Law’ is well captured.

  19. Your crap joke for a lazy Sunday:

    Two elderly gentlemen, who had been without sex for several years, decided they needed to visit a cat-house for some tail….. When they arrived, the madam took one look at them and decided she wasn’t going to waste any of her girls on these two old men.

    So she used “blow-up” dolls instead. She put the dolls in each man’s room and left them to their business.

    After the two men were finished, they started for home and got to talking.

    The first man said, “I think the girl I had was dead. She never moved, talked or even groaned… how was it for you?”

    The second man replied, “I think mine was a witch.”

    The first man asked, “How’s that?” “Well,” said the second man, “when I nibbled on her breast…..she farted and flew out the window!”

  20. For those (in the U.S.) interested and didn’t see them already on the web – SyFy is running the Battlestar Galactica “Blood and Chrome” pilot/movie tonight.

    Disappointing that SyFy didn’t run with this. So much more promise that Caprica.

    • Funny, all those uses don’t sound like an outdated device at all. Of course, our two 1st gen Ipads are still rockin along. Haven’t really seen anything with the newer ones to justify an upgrade.

        • I just “liked” the paperback re-release of “The Crook Factory”, which is easily my favorite of his non-Hyperion books.
          I only read the first Ilium. Blecch.
          Drood was a frustrating read, but it has many, many memorable and effective parts.
          The Terror is excellent, but pretty bleak, and apparently not for everyone.

          Hm. I guess I’ve read less of Dan Simmons than I’d originally thought…. I know his horror books are well-liked too.

  21. Was annoyed by the “Evil Dead” promo. Looks like they took a dark comedy/horror/camp film and turned it into an intense/creepy/serious/horror flick.
    Meh. I hate it when they decide my deliciously different junk food needs to be upgraded to bland, standardized “healthy and nutritions”.

  22. So I watched “Iron Sky” this weekend. Not exactly sure how to describe it. I did enjoy it though. Also, I finished reading “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.” I also enjoyed it, but will save comments for another time.

  23. Stupid Google Reader has gone quite mad today. I keep getting the same items as new over and over again. May be time to dump them and move on to a better RSS reader.

  24. Watching Ameiie on the PS3 using the netflix app.

    It’s a subtitle film, so the picture is shrunk to a small rectangle with the subtitles below the film…WTF!

  25. I finished Friday Night Lights and now am watching S1 of Scandal as my work-out show. I’m really liking it! But only have 4 more episodes – any recommendations for my next one?

  26. BTW, watched “Rare Exports” last night on Netflix instant watch. Knew nothing about what was coming other than that it was supposed to be really good. Very surprised at where it went and it was completely awesome.

  27. Travel firming up for the next few weeks. 2/18-2/24 Phoenix, primarily at the airport. Then 2/25ish-2/28ish Atlantic City, primarily at a TSA facility. Lots of travel, lots of research, and beer from many lands. Life is good.

    • Get some writable media and move some old stuff off your laptop, and/or uninstall any software you have no intention of using in the near future. I’ve been through similar situations before. 🙂

  28. Two cups of coffee in a row, I might get a taste for this stuff after all.

    The maple syrup and sugar helps…

    CW: Black Mirror S2 E1

    Didn’t watch the first season, but this first episode of the second series is intriguing.

    • “Breakfast, shmreakfast. Look at the score, for Christ’s sake. It’s only the second period and I’m up 12 to 2. Breakfasts come and go, Rene, but Hartford, “the Whale,” they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime.”

  29. I’m 22 minutes away from finishing A Memory of Light (in the epilouge right now).

    So, to follow it up with something light and fluffy, I’m downloading “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” to prepare for Palooza Ultima (Runner-rooooza?)

  30. Hit by a Mack Truck, then pong-ponged between 2 Mack Trucks then run over by a monster Truck then have a hail storm pound my lifeless body = todays shift in 3D.


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