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  1. This show is an editing mess. I should point out that there’s also a bit of Beatles in justa J0e’s segment. Michael Jackson can send me a C&D if that’s a problem.

    Mason Rocket (Spy Extraordinaire) – Beatnik Turtle
    First of May (by Jonathan Coulton) – Podcast All-Stars
    Too Good to Last – Jack Mangan

  2. Happy Joe Murphy Day!!!!

    In his honor I shall now sing this out loud, to no one in particular. No particular connection to Joe … it’s just lite, silly and joyous! 🙂
    Feel Free to join along.

    Tiptoe through the tulips
    By the window, that is where I’ll be
    Come tiptoe through the tulips with me

    Oh, tiptoe from the garden
    By the garden of the willow tree
    And tiptoe through the tulips with me

    Knee deep in flowers we’ll stray
    We’ll keep the showers away
    And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight
    Will you pardon me?
    And tiptoe through the tulips with me

  3. (Al Jourgensen is the former main player in the industrial band, Ministry. Fergie is the attractive, disappointingly dim eye candy/female vocalist in Black Eyed Peas, Al Jarreau is/was a soul singer who made a few Muppet Show appearances)

  4. … and together they are crime-fighting roomates, sharing laughs and quirky hobbies as they catch criminals while playing gigs in ABC TV’s Friday night, Fall line-up.

  5. The show will splutter after the pilot episode turns out to be basically an old “Facts of Life” script that has been re-worked by the original writing team for the show “Quincy”.
    However it will be picked up by FOX who will make one (or possibly all ) of the characters a moody teenager (or vampire, or teenage vampire) … and in a stroke of genius they will set the show on a space station.

    Then they will air the series out-of-sequence and cancel the whole thing after showing only 7 of the 12 episodes.

    It will receive critical acclaim in the blogosphere.
    … and Sweden.

  6. What do the Swedes know from good television? What have they ever given us beside the Chef?

    mmm, bjork! bjork! bjork!

  7. Awesome. Trent tweeted he has been busy, and he wasn’t kidding!

    Be sure to click on his revised privacy policy link from the Strobelight page, and the new terms of use linked from that.

  8. Just came back from the store. They had The Tales of the Black Freighter so I picked it up. It also has “Hollis Mason’s Tell-All: Under The Hood”. So It’ll be interesting to see what that’s like.

    We actually haven’t seen Watchmen yet because of holidays, etc. Will finally get to see it this weekend.

  9. On a whim, I just did a search on the name of an old friend I hadn’t heard from in some years. I found a post about this friend that makes me fear that she has died.

    I’m trying to compose an e-mail to the author of that post to find out … but I don’t know how to phrase the question.
    I’m also not sure … do I want to know?

    Though I had thought that someday I might find an e-mail address for her and exchange greetings – I’d assumed I’d ever actually see her again. In my head, she was “out there” somewhere and that was good. So if I had lost contact and wasn’t going to ever see her again … maybe never having confirmation of her death makes her live on (at least in my reality) for ever.

    Do I send the e-mail?
    Would any of you?

  10. Tough call, J0e.

    It could turn out that she has passed on, however you may make connections with this person she knows and make a new friend from the tragedy. On the other hand, you could open up new wounds to this person and make an enemy.

    Me… I would make the connection. I’ve been in a sticky situation myself (I found my grandparents then father about 10 years ago and had to decide whether or not to contact them). I made the connection and it really had no impact. It was nice knowing, but didn’t change anything.

    I think, just for peace of mind, I’d want to know for sure.

  11. J0e – I’d also want to know. If you really want help with the writing portion of the e-mail, hit me up on Skype. I’d be happy to help with that.

    Reminds me of a story …

    I’d dated these two friends back in the 80’s (not at the same time, but consecutively) and was with the 2nd one much longer than the 1st.

    In roughly 1999, I reconnected with the 1st one and he moved to Arizona to be with me. He told me that the 2nd one had actually died of drug overdose which made me very sad.

    About 2 weeks ago, the guy who was supposed to have died popped up on Classmates.com. So, I think maybe he’s not dead. Kinda weird if you ask me.

  12. I may have talked about this all before, but I find all of the social networking sites to be pretty strange. I’m not sure I like them (Twitter, Facebook, etc) 100%.

    I find it kinda creepy to reconnect with high school people, or people from my past. My history is not a secret for most of you, and I have been that guy, Cj. I have run into people who say “I heard you died!”

  13. I agree with the others, j0e. You’re not 100% sure what happened – so a response from the author of the post will at least give you some closure, and maybe some more info about your old friend. The post’s author will probably appreciate that you cared enough to reach out and inquire.

  14. Truth be told, I’ve lost contact with most people that I went to high school and college with. I’ve never really tried to pursue reconnecting with them – quite frankly, I don’t make enough time for the people I’m friends with now, much less trying to add back in people from the past.

    For myself, I’ve come to see that most relationships are transitory. I have very few close friends that I’ve hung on to. Different times, different places, different jobs, having kids have changed my focus over the years. Things I had it common with people at one time I don’t so much anymore.

    I treasure those times and experiences that I’ve shared with all of them – much as I have with those who have come and gone from Deadpan land. Ultimately, my life is richer for the experiences, and I hope that I have been able to enrich the lives of all those others as well.

  15. Thanks guys.

    I’ve typed up an e-mail but cannot hit send.
    Feels like the push of that button, might kill off a friend.
    and the scene likely finished before I came in.
    I just re-read my letter and cannot hit send.

  16. Joe, some emails aren’t meant to be, and others just need to percolate properly. This is why they made Draft folders.

    You just leave it there til it feels right, whether your gut says to send it or slip it into Trash.

  17. Van, if you’re going to watch harmless fluff where having your nerves shot and your mind mostly borked doesn’t matter, idol is win.

    Besides, Paula and Randy make me feel coherent and articulate, and Simon makes me look sweet and cuddly.

  18. This is day 3 of my training (I am the host of the event, so mostly just sit at the back and direct traffic). I am so ready to not be in a hotel anymore! I head home this evening.

  19. And I haven’t watch Lost in…I think it’s two seasons.

    They lost me when they started limping along at random, telling nothing new, except oddly tossing out rational explanations for everything.

  20. The current and last season of Lost have been rather cool.

    Although would be nice if they could actually change history..paradoxes be damned.

  21. Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

    Anyway, best wishes, MD. Be sure to call in on the Deadpan line before the good drugs wear off 🙂

  22. I don’t want to stir anything – especially with no more than my Wiki-informed opinion – but someone who says the regular joes who died at the World Trade Center weren’t innocent – and who calls them “little Eichmans” – doesn’t sound like one of the good guys. But then – I haven’t read his essay, so my opinion is based on partial info.
    And on the other hand, wrongful termination is wrongful termination.

  23. Jack thinks he’s not a player but he is a heartbreaker..

    … Dream maker, love taker… Don’t you mess around with me!

    (which I initially was going to attribute to the 80’s, but it actually released in 1979 and is going to be stuck in your head all day now.. muahahahaha)

  24. OK, I was being distracted by jumping monkey-toddler!

    The happy news is that my daughter is starting kindergarten in the fall and we have just received confirmation that it will be full-day and free…

    Last I’d heard it was going to be 60 bucks a week and only 1/2 day so…

    This is better… oh so much better!

  25. Morning Pan.

    The sun is just starting to peek out from the horizon. But they are speaking of snow later this afternoon.

  26. Jack, the wiki info on Ward is what the Fox newsers have been taking out of context since this all started years ago.

    His essay “Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens” is critical theory written by a premier Ethnic Studies professor whose work is used all over the world in American/Native American/Black/Womens/Ethnic Studies courses. The title is a spin on a Malcolm X speech, and it’s heavy, heavy stuff. I wouldn’t take that — again out of context — bit much quoted on wiki and elsewhere as a good representation of the essay, or his body of work.

    I’ve been somewhat close to this whole fight on a personal level since the beginning, and what it really boils down to (if something like this can be simplified) is that the U of CO on the one hand wants to be a first class, blue ribbon, research institution that attracts superstar professors. On the other hand, though, big money foundation donations from influential folks control who gets to say what and when. I wouldn’t send my kid to the University of Colorado in Boulder if it was free.

    I don’t want to stir anything either, but just wanted to say all that in the spirit of our community.

  27. I just re-read my comments, and the spirit of love in which they were written doesn’t shine through. I didn’t/don’t mean to be harsh.

    When I said “good guys” above yesterday, I meant the First Amendment. I know Ward, and he’s a jerk. But he’s a jerk who has the right to speak and write. I love his scholarship, and think he is brilliant, but that is a matter of opinion.

  28. I’m really not “caught up” on the details of that whole incident.
    My understanding is that this guy held/holds the position that we (the U.S.) do a lot of questionable things in the rest of the world, including propping up and supporting evil despots (Sadam for example) because we believe it will protect and further our own financial interests.

    I think history shows this to be true.

    From that point of view, the U.S. is culpable and given that the World Trade Centers housed many of the financial businesses that directly profit off the atrocities that our foreign policies have helped to occur (or at least over looks) of our foreign policies. It is easy to see how the rest of the world might view those buildings in the same light as they see the Pentagon.

    I THINK that is the point that this guy may have been trying to make. Given how no one got his point and now have a prejudice bias against him before he even says anything … I think he did a lousy job of making his point and did a disservice to that whole idea.

    That’s just me though.

  29. Joe: I’m sure there are many in the media–and think tanks for that matter–that entirely got that point, however, reporting it that way doesn’t sell papers, attract viewership, or make money. The media has gotten very good at reporting things out of context.

  30. Overlord was a fun game. I’m looking forward to Overlord tow 😉

    (I know that’s not what you’re talking about CJ)

  31. A search I am doing yielded a page with the following at the top … none of which has anything to do with my search but does cause me to ponder what program produces this stuff and why?
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  32. Well I really want to wait until they can get homebrew working on the DSi, I like running a couple of emulators on my DS Phat,

  33. So I saw Two Lovers earlier on today at the cinema, Joaquin Phoenix last film if the guys rapper career takes of, well acted but rather predictable.

  34. *lowers lights and grabs microphone*

    Happy Birthday
    to you.

    *approaches Amy with bedroom eyes*
    Happy Birthday
    to you

    *puts one arm around Amy*
    Happy Birthday
    Madam Ambassador

    *now singing breathlessly*
    Happy Birthday
    … To you.

    (If it helps … you can imagine the proceeding with me in a slinky dress and blond wig.)

  35. Watch out for JOe, Amy!

    Happy Birthday! As my dear old dad would say: “Hope you live a hundred years . . . hope you drink a hundred beers . . . happy birthday to you!”

  36. The question of the hour is, do I treat myself to Sushi for lunch, which requires dressing and combing? Or do I just rustle up something here and stay grungy?

  37. awwww

    Unshow Murphy

    *raise glasses* to Joe

    Hugh sez: We are raising glasses of water, we should get something stronger

    no actually he wasn’t much of a drinker, he really loved root beer, Limoncello was the only liquor that is standing out for me in my memory that he liked. So water is cool 🙂

    Hugh sez: Hey, at least its fancy water

    it is! No plain lake Michigan water for joe. We’re toasting him with fancy LaCroix water.

  38. Hey check that out, baby. It was almost exactly 6 hours since the last Deadpan post.

    Hugh sez: Was everyone else watching basketball like us?

    I hope not!

    Hugh sez: stop hatin on my basketball

    oh yeah.. hatin

    Hugh sez: I do have to give you props for being a good sports wife.

    Then I have to give you props for not being TOO obsessed 🙂

    Hugh sez: deal 🙂

  39. EssBee- the Smarty Hottie rule is, if sushi is a possibility, sushi always wins

    Hugh sez: Yeah, always go with sushi when you can

    baby do you think its cold in here?

    Hugh sez; I do feel a little cold. I’ll go check the heat. It is supposed to be cold Sunday

    and it is Sunday now:)

    Hugh sez: *walking away* smart ass!!

  40. Here is 1 shot of those sexy ladies

    Hugh sez: *swooon*

    Alvie told us the front woman has some PHD in something we wouldn’t ever understand, she is incredibly attractive AND has this awesome band. Some people have it all!

    Hugh sez: *swooon2* She isn’t the only 1 who has it all. Beautiful, talented and and intelligent, sounds just like you baby.

    awwwww *blush* you are SO biased!

    Hugh sez: eh, maybe just a little.

  41. Welcome guys and dolls to the Deadpan retro (rhettro!!) hour!!

    Staring: Hugh and Andrea

    Featuring: Deadpan Ep# 102

    Warning: Adult conversation may occur, you have been warned

    Hugh sez: “May” occur?

    Ok.. lets try that again..

  42. LOL!!!!!!

    Hugh sez: Wait, Lollapalooza was in August, why is it playing now?

    ummm.. hello Hugh. We are in April 09, but this Deapan was released months ago 🙂

    Hugh sez: I am a dumb man 🙂

    No you’re not. Your perfect

    Hugh sez: *awwwwww*

  43. Nope, no show notes but it did have this:

    Text of Dan Shaurette’s tongue twister:

    Peter Piper picked and packed a peck of pickled pork nipples.
    Nipples of pork pickled and packed did Peter Piper pick.
    If Peter Piper didn’t pack his pick of pickled pork nipples,
    Then the people’s peepers would proceed to peer at Peter Piper’s prick.

  44. Ah pan
    we tried, But I think we are going to call it a night. Its 4:46 am

    Your Adult XXX Deadpan retro (Rhettro!) hour will return soon

    Hugh sez: Michigan State!

    *eye roll*
    He has money on Michigan State 🙂

    Hugh sez: midwest representing yo


  45. Saw a bit if the BBC 2nd take of “Life on Mars” (the one with the female detective in 1981).
    It’s as well done as the original but having not seen the opening episode, I wonder how they explained this same thing happening to 2 different police detectives.

  46. Gotta respect a show named after a Bowie tune. Although I’ve still never seen anything more than previews.

    I’m glad we had a Smarty Hottie visit! And that you enjoyed your birthday weekend and travels, Amy.

    I got the Black Freighter dvd from Netflix – the “Black Freighter” cartoon is even more gruesome and graphic than in the book. The story really doesn’t stand alone very well.
    The “Under the Hood” featurette is excellent, however, with a number of characters from the book and film in extended roles.

  47. Apparently I missed the callout, but here goes anyway – face narrows down to eight entries in my Itunes. Though, I’ve just discovered that three of them are all the same song “Face in the Photograph” from three different Yanni CDs. Interesting.

    Though, not as interesting as trying to figure out how “On our Own” by Bobby Brown from the Ghostbusters II soundtrack gets picked up by a “Face” filter.

  48. Good find, Jack.

    Personally, I’m holding out for the all binary service. That whole alphabet thing is so stuck in the past.

  49. I have 7 “face” songs. Four of them are different versions of Ani DiFranco’s “Untouchable Face,” which is a good one.

  50. Watched Tales of the Black Freighter yesterday and this is my comment: (possible spoilers but at this point, really…)

    I know, at some point, they plan to cut Tales into the main movie, much like it is in the book, for an extended DVD version. I don’t think this will work, at least for a mainstream audience. While I know Tales is connected with Veidt, this is subtle. One of the connections, for me, between Tales and the main story is the creator of Tales was also involved in Veidts plans (albeit unwittingly). Because they removed that entire story arc from the movie, that particular connection is no longer there. It’s not like they can really return that connection since they changed the ending in the movie.

    While intercutting tales within the movie will work for “fans”, as I said, for the mainstream audience, I don’t think it will work.

  51. Made cats happy. While still not really warm, I decided it was warm enough to open a window and let in a little fresh air. Now they are fighting over who gets to sit in the windowsill 🙂

  52. going through old bookmarks today and though the magic of internetarchive.org I was able to call up this now defunct site.


    If you got time to read through it, it is sadly amusing.
    In the early days of the Internet, a guy finds that posting the antics of his neighbors on the Web is the only recourse he has left.


  53. “Eyes Without a Face” – that’s the only Face in my iTunes.

    EssBee is right that Jack should embrace the good.

    Has anyone seen my TV remote or Xbox 360 controller?

    Damn Gremlins.

  54. I went to aee Gremlins in a local theater last week – part of their retro-movie series. It was a blast to watch again, in spite of its massive hokiness. In spite of the breakdancing Gremlin scene.

  55. Wow, good timing for a “Gremlins” joke. Actually Darcy and I watched it over the holidays and I wholeheartedly agree, including your POV re: breakdancing gremlin.

  56. Okay, really not too bad, this office was gigantic and empty compared to the one where I used to go near my old workplace.

    I was out for 35 minutes and at least 15 of that was driving to & from the place.

  57. WNDR there is a poet I know on Twitter named Cynthia Gould who has some stuff I like a lot. I DM’ed the @WNDRradio account with detail.

  58. Hmmm. “Twitter is over capacity” message when I sent cyn a DM to give her a heads-up, then I couldn’t see the one I sent you either, so I will just say look for @cynthiagould

    Deadpan is never over capacity.

  59. Actually Cynthia’s voice should be familiar to many Deadpanites, at least her singing voice, who can forget the immortal lines:

    “I wanna chicken yeah
    I wanna chicken hey
    I wanna chicken ooh
    I wanna chicken.”

  60. Pigs on the Wing (Part One) (Waters) 1:24

    If you didn’t care what happened to me,
    And I didn’t care for you,
    We would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain
    Occasionally glancing up through the rain.
    Wondering which of the buggars to blame
    And watching for pigs on the wing.

  61. That’s nice, ditto.

    Here’s one:

    Joyful Girl (Ani DiFranco)

    i do it for the joy it brings
    because i’m a joyful girl
    because the world owes me nothing
    and we owe each other the world
    i do it because it’s the least i can do
    i do it because i learned it from you
    and i do it just because i want to
    because i want to

  62. Pigs on the Wing (Part Two) (Waters) 1:27

    You know that I care what happens to you,
    And I know that you care for me too.
    So I don’t feel alone,
    Or the weight of the stone,
    Now that I’ve found somewhere safe
    To bury my bone.
    And any fool knows a dog needs a home,
    A shelter from pigs on the wing.

  63. One of the podcasts that I enjoy listening to is Explore Music, by Alan Cross. He’s been doing The Ongoing History of New Music for about 15 years now. It’s worth checking out if you like all kinds of music.

    Anyway, the Friday Challenge last week was what albums are “All Killer No Filler”. In other words, the entire album is “perfect”. The 5 albums listed, and Alan fully admits that no one will ever agree about such as list, were:
    Green Day’s “Dookie”
    Guns ‘N Roses’ “Appetite For Destruction”
    The Who’s “Who’s Next”
    Led Zeppelin IV
    Oasis’ “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”

    It’s a good list.

    What are your “perfect” albums?

  64. Oooh, that’s a fun one, ditto. My five, right now, are:

    1) The Clash – “London Calling”
    2) Fleetwood Mac – “Tusk”
    3) Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”
    4) Me’Shell Ndegeocello – “Cookie: The Anthropological Mix Tape”
    5) Ani DiFranco – “Knuckle Down”

    Just five? That’s hard.

  65. Thanks, JOe. When I rock, I have a lot less hair to fling about, I’ll tell ya! It was a pleasure to farm all that hair for charity.

    It was time for a change, given that I looked a little like a worn-out Janis Joplin.

    Or, it was time for a change, given that I heard recently that I looked like Shannon Hoon.

    Speaking of looks and hair, this is a concern: I have found that cutting my hair has made the grays VERY apparent. Yesterday, at the grocery store, the clerk called my better half my “daughter.” We are 3 years apart in age. It was a horrible moment!

  66. Sharing my 5 “perfect” albums would probably just embarrass me since I have completely different taste in music than everyone else here.

    OK – So… I’ll stand proud by my choices.

    The Cure – “Japanese Whispers”
    AC/DC – “Maximum Overdrive” Soundtrack
    Various – “The Other Sister” Soundtrack
    Cyndi Lauper – “Twelve Deadly Cyns…and Then Some”
    Poe – “Hello”

  67. I started going grey at 14, so get completely mystified when people worry about going grey.

    Be proud of your age, it’s better than the alternative.

  68. Totally agree, Van. I like the gray, but get a little shock every time I look in the mirror.

    Cj, I knew a girl in college that looked EXACTLY like the singer for The Cure.

  69. EssBee, I was completely infatuated with Robert Smith as a teenager so, of course, I found myself a boyfriend that looked just like him, eyeliner and all – He was so goth and dreamy!

    Those were the days!

  70. Hah, Ed… He and I are still friendly – Not sure how much he’d appreciate me posting pictures … I’ll see what I can do though 😉

  71. Okay.
    Our comedy and out tragedy are getting all co-mingled.
    Perhaps now would be a good time for those with finer sensibilities should sit down and fasten their seat belts.

  72. JOe, you might have just co-mingled more than comedy and tragedy!

    I do hope that with the new ‘do I will start being mistaken for celebrities (male or female, I’m fine either way – cough) who have not overdosed. At least not yet. I mean, I’ve lived to 37.75, I think I deserve it. Don’t you?

  73. Hey pan wuzzup

    not stopping by to play by play just trying to keep up with the community 🙂

    I’ve got food cooking away for tonights NCAA festivities, and Hugh is trying to get some work done. So I thought I would check in.

  74. 5 perfect albums???


    1. Pink Floyd The Wall
    2. Afghan Whigs- Gentlemen
    3. Twilight SIngers- Amber HEadlights
    4. Franz Ferdinand- Tonight
    5. New Order- Low Life

    (like I can stop at 5)

    6. Say Anything- is a real boy
    7. Sonic Youth- Evol
    8. Pixies- Surfer Rosa
    9. The Cure-Pornography
    10. Skinny Puppy- Too Dark PArk
    11. Skinny Puppy- Vivisect VI
    12. Project Pitchfork- Alpha Omega
    13. Ok Go – Oh no
    14. The BEastie Boys- the mix up
    15. Jesus Lizard- Goat

    ok.. *sigh* I’ll stop

  75. nin – Pretty Hate Machine.
    The 5 major Pink Floyd albums.
    Zeppelin I, III, IV, Physical Graffiti, In Through the Out Door
    Metallica – Master of Puppets
    Mojave 3 – Ask Me Tomorrow
    Opeth – Watershed
    A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory

    OK, I have to stop there.

  76. 1) Pink Floyd “Dark Side Of The Moon”
    2) Peter Gabriel “So”
    3) Pink Floyd “The Wall”
    4) Joe Jackson “Look Sharp”
    5) The Alan Parsons Project – “Turn of a friendly card”.

    Special mention goes to –
    Rush “2112”
    Billy Joe “The Stranger”
    Eric Clapton “Rush” motion picture soundtrack.
    Dire Straights “Brothers in Arms”
    Heart “Magazine”
    Michael Penn “March”
    Sam Phillips “Martinis and Bikinis”

    Extra special “Oh so close” award – The Police “Zenyattà Mondatta” , “Ghost in the Machine” and “Synchronicity”

  77. Morning Pan, I don’t know about perfect but 5 albums I’ve listened to a lot:

    Last Man on Earth – Loudon Wainwright III
    Heatbeat City – The Cars
    Out of the Blue – ELO
    Blue Aconite – Christine Collister
    Natural Light – Eric Bibb

  78. Out of everyone’s top fives, I have only two matching albums. That would be Jack’s Pretty Hate Machine and CJ’s Poe – Hello.

    I’ll have to go home and play with my collection a bit to remind myself of the perfect albums. Though I would bet that either Silence or Passenger by Tara MacLean would have to be one of them.

    I like this one.

  79. Well, I may also be on the odd end in having trouble coming up with five “perfect” albums. It seems just about everything I own either only has one or two decent songs, or else one or two that I just can’t play over and over.

    Let’s see what Mr. Itunes has to say…..

  80. Well, seek and I shall find. Helps that I’ve gone and rated all my Itunes tracks. In no particular order:

    Enya – Amarantine & A Day Without Rain
    Babylon 5 – Original TV Score
    Loreena McKennitt – The Book of Secrets
    Chess (Musical) Cast Recording
    Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party
    Gnomusy – Ethereality
    Laura Branigan – Hold Me
    Genesis – Invisible Touch
    Yanni – Live at the Acropolis
    Warcraft II Game Score

    Well, looks like I could be Deadpan and break the rule of five as well.

  81. Yeah, I’m not sure if I feel strongly enough to call anything perfect, but here’s a list, probably more mellow or poppy than the rest…

    NIN- Pretty Hate Machine
    Moxy Früvoüs- You Will Go to the Moon
    Blue Rodeo- Five Days in July
    Freedy Johnston- Can You Fly
    Blur- Parklife
    They Might Be Giants- Lincoln
    The Soviettes- LP
    Peach- Siesta
    REM- Document
    The Pogues- If I Should Fall From Grace With God
    The Odds- Neapolitan
    The Blue Up?- Cake and Eat It

  82. A lot of great albums have been listed. Some additional ones that I’d throw in are:
    Barenaked Ladies — Gordon
    AC/DC — Back in Black
    Depeche Mode — Violator
    Tragically Hip — Fully, Completely
    Kate Bush — Hounds of Love

  83. Bob Marley and The Wailers – Legend
    Bruce Springsteen – The River
    Grateful Dead – American Beauty
    Jeff Buckley – Grace

  84. I think that The Lemonheads – “It’s a shame about Ray” may top my –

    “Best Album(s) you ever owned until some Douche bag stole from you” list.

  85. Okay, so I’m going to complain even though I know all the solutions. We buy cheap bread, wheat split top store brand. One step away from plain white bread.

    It smells bad. Not like bread. It actually smells like chemicals. I haven’t noticed previously but it’s really putting me off.

    I should probably either A- start buying better bread, preferably from a local establishment rather that the national conglomerate.

    Or B- start baking it at home. The damn bread machine hasn’t run since last christmas making roll dough.

  86. You know, I’ve made the mistake of buying some of that bread before. I’m sure that stuff must get imported from Mars, for it surely contains nothing of Earth origin.

  87. They don’t call it wonder because it is wonderful. 😉

    I never understood why people cut off the bread crust. That’s the best part! At least on good bread.

  88. Of course, the main reason for buying the cheap stuff is that it is for the daycare, and like it or not, this is the bread that 3-6 year olds will eat. I understand Darcy even initially had trouble because the bread was not white. The complainers realized quickly enough what we already know, this is almost the same.

    And of course, it is cheaper to just use the same stuff as the daycare, and with my lovely 5% pay cut, bread is an easy corner to cut.

  89. Thanks!

    Seems the problem was computers that refused to do the correct thing because they know what SHOULD BE instead of what IS.
    Armed with that knowledge, I re-fed the system incorrect information and now everything is running smoothly.
    Frakin SkyNet.

  90. JustaJoe, just try to avoid feeding in the “takeover of all military systems and wage war against humanity” data for a while yet…

  91. Wow, late for the party. I wish my musically exposure was greater than it actually is, then my list of “perfect” albums might carry a bit more weight. LOL Surprisingly, a lot on my list mirrors what everyone else said.

    The Beatles – “The White Album”
    Pink Floyd – “Wish You Where Here”
    Kate Bush – “Hounds of Love”
    Peter Gabriel – “US”
    Yes – “90125”

    Followed closely by:

    Bruce Dickinson – “The Chemical Wedding”
    Opeth – “Watershed”
    Nevermore – “Dreaming Neon Black”
    The Cars – “Candy-O”
    The Knack – “Get the Knack”

  92. One would think so JOe, until they loaded my In Flames – “Whorical” CD. LOL

    Hey ditto, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work at the office and at home. Although it looks like another slow period is coming up here at work. Hope everyone is doing well.

  93. Sadly due to a genetic quirk I find crappy food tastes delicious and everything that is supposed to be good for you tastes like crap.

  94. Hey All,

    I lived.

    I am still in what the medical community calls “some discomfort”. At best, it feels like my insides are popping popcorn. And the popcorn is made of ball bearings.

    But I keep reminding myself that as far as my body is concerned I just suffered several major stab wounds.

    My sleep has been super broken and very messed up. I one point I *did* actually dream I was being disemboweled…

  95. Except for the part where you feel like hell — that’s wonderful news, Marlo. It’s great to hear from you. I hope the “some discomfort” fades quickly, and that you continue to feel better.

  96. Also, despite a surprise where he had to remove additional growths, my specialist said my surgery went “perfectly”.

    They got out all the bad bits, and I got to keep all the me bits.

    Recovery is expected to take months, but they are expecting “improvement”. Vague, much? 😛

  97. Thanks, Jack. 🙂

    I don’t really feel celebratory yet. It’s early on,and I’m still very very ouchie.

    I was just so happy I woke up, and could come home to hug everybody again. Anything up from that is pure awesome.

  98. Wow, Van. Cool story. Makes me miss my dog who was coincidentally a Queensland Heeler mixed with some wild Coyote – I could totally imagine her doing something crazy like that though. She was an insane dog and hated everyone, but me.

  99. So I spied for the first time EVaR in the wild, somebody using a dedicated ebook reader (a Sony model I think).

    Let the trickle begin…

  100. Probably.

    What my mom is having fun with, is re-finding/reading short fiction from her past and those stories are apparently costing less then $1 (U.S.) each. So she has loaded up with a bunch of those.

    I see it as a “niche” device but apparently she fits the niche nicely.

  101. Foxy Brown is really NSFW. Every time a song comes up, I blush a little and hit skip as fast as I can.

    It is, though, one of my favorite albums from my partying days — good memories.

  102. lmao: Sekirei, which is best described as a “battle harem”, deals with an assortment of cute, scantily-clad girls duking it out. All of them appear to have the same breast size, which is “large”.

  103. Thanks, Jack. I never even noticed that it didn’t post.

    In other news. I forgot to buy coffee filters. I hope I don’t wind up having a “Reality Bites” moment like Winona Ryder and toilet paper.

  104. Cj: domain names sometimes have unexpected… results, but if people are chastising you for that they really need to find something more productive to do with their time.

  105. I really enjoyed Season 1. Season 2 so far is nice and dark, just the way I like my shows! I know it ends before they wanted it to, so I’m nervous about plot resolutions.

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