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  1. Fuckashitpiss! Finished my reply and then scrolled down to see I was on an old page. Sorry. Here is is again.

    Thank you for posting the article Jack. And I would like to apologize to Lo. I think the article states exactly what I was trying to get at. I was not trying to call anyone out or shame them for expressing their political views. I’m not about censuring anyone. I even left the comment to my post from a friend of a friend that I don’t even know saying “good riddance”. It’s his opinion and I respect it. But please understand that while there are people that need to be able to vent about what is frustrating them (i.e., politics), it’s also necessary for others to vent about what is frustrating them (e.g., watching their closest family and friends spouting vitriol at each other). I’m not saying you were spouting vitriol in your particular posts. Just that I had a lot of it going on. So, please accept my apologies and continue to post as you see fit on Facebook. Use it to vent your frustrations and do so with no feelings of shame directed from me. That was never my intent. But, let me vent my frustrations as well.

    • LOL I did the same thing!!!!!!!!! Reposting here for you

      Omg NO need to apologize! Like I said I understand your position 100% and I know how I feel as well (obvious statement). It’s me trying to come to a happy medium and I don’t think there is one. See and that above statement of mine was just more political frustrations being vented. Sick of it I say!

  2. So a morning spent trying various messenger apps that claim to be secure and delete chats after viewing.

    A friend was concerned personal info was going to be save forever.

  3. So, Fark thread about what the opening title crawl of Episode VII will say, given that it’s supposed to start exactly where VI ended. This clever bastard wins the thread:



    As the Resistance celebrates the destruction of Starkiller Base, the New Republic is leaderless, following the destruction of the Hosnian System. Damaged, but not defeated, the New Order continues its plans for destroying the remnants of the New Republic.

    Emperor Snoke has dispatched Kylo Ren to the Orlando System System to hunt down the Rogue elements of the long gone, and almost forgotten Jedi Order.

    The Dark Knight of the Ren is still grappling with killing of his father, Han Solo, and through his use of the Force, Kylo peers back into his father’s past and sees a young, swashbuckling Han Solo, just starting his Galactic adventures, coming to theaters everywhere in 2018.

  4. Remember how in Batman Returns, Penguin was the crass, leading candidate for mayor, until Batman leaked audio of him saying horrible things?

    That’s us, if the people of Gotham didn’t care about the horrible evidence and voted for Penguin anyway.

    • Yeah, the ratio seemed to be about 50/50 of trolls and insults vs. insightful film geeks. I’ve read some brilliant analyses in the film comments there, sometimes better than any pro critic I’ve ever seen. It sucks to lose that – – those folks really enhanced my appreciation of the films, and also pointed out little moments and scenes that I might otherwise have missed. But you’d know if you had any brains, you simpleton fartheads.

  5. I didn’t realize they had message boards. But I nearly went into cardiac arrest when I saw that a part of the internet was dying and IMDB in the URL. I thought IMDB was going away and I have no idea how my life could go on without it (let alone how I ever got along before it was there).

  6. Ok deadpan fiends, it”s took over 5 decades but tonight is the night I will watch Mary Poppins all the way through.

    Yes I’ve seen clips, Yes I know the horror of Dick Van Dyke’s cockney accent, but I have never watched it all the way through.

    So on with the show..,

  7. Rant:

    I’m no fan of Trump, but unless you are prepared to admit various branches of the US government have been fucking over other countries in the world since WW2 then your portrayal of USA as some knight in shining white armour that has been corrupted by Putin is so laughable I may never get off the floor…

    • Yes.
      I think most of the US outrage comes not from him admitting the US has done evil … but the fact that he is the representative of a party that spent the last 8 years trying to turn absolutely everything that Obama said into some sort of statement of America being evil … and then trying to make a Federal Case against him based on that forced perspective – this in my opinion is where the outrage is.

      Obama say’s “Looks like it might rain today.” and FOX news would run headline “Obama Hates America!”
      trump admits US has a sketchy past and FOX news is silent.

  8. Repost from FB. Feel free to share your thoughts here if youre more comfy. I do really want to know folk’s opinions here.

    Based on the critical and (mostly) audience failures of D.C.’s films to date, the Flash movie now getting a rewrite FROM PAGE 1, and Affleck dropping out of directing The Batman, does anyone give the Wonder Woman movie an actual chance?
    It LOOKS great, but guess what… so did they all. Dollars to donuts (thanks 1870’s saying!) they make it all about Steve Trevor inevitably “saving” Diana from herself or just saving her directly. Because, you know, woman need man oog oog!
    I hope I’m wrong. It just has that feeling about it.

  9. I’m so sick of the snarky commentary and criticism of every.thing.ever.

    When will this trend stop?

    *not intended as a snarky or cynical comment.

    • It’s hard to weed thru the bullshit since there is a “Richard Hatch” who was a famous jack ass of a person and the winner on the first season of Survivor.

      This is the only link I can find in it, tho his wiki has been updated.

      It much have just happened. Shame. Cause youre right, he was always a friend to the Sci-Fi community, both big and small.

  10. Sadness about Apollo. Weird that I didn’t get a Celebrity Death beep about it.

    Good morning, Pan. I’m not able to see Southwest flights til the 23rd.. so I’m in waiting period for the KS trip, but I have the time requested off.

    I’ll be going to Los Angeles the week before to see Lady Gaga… so much excitement.

    I’ll be in Toronto the first weekend of March.

    I’m going to need to do laundry for all this traveling.

  11. Last night, hubby’s school had a winter festival. They brought in a horse and sleigh, had fire pits and toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate, and other fun stuff. Hubby told me, at the end of it, this little grade five kid came up to him with tears in his eyes and ask if he could stay later because he was having so much fun.
    Kids are so cute at that age… then they grow and become teenagers.

    • I don’t think it will work. The actors no longer look like they did then. Plus the fact that one died in the movie, and one is dead in real life. I don’t think it would have the same feel.
      Perhaps with a whole new cast and different perspective? (Don’t replace the crew with different actors, but have a whole new crew and ship)

  12. Those Fox execs are asleep at the wheel. They had the means to make Fire Fly a Buffy level of success and let it pass by. I think a new Fire Fly set chronologically 11 year after the movie could work. Nathon with one or two original cast with some younger new crew, facing a new situations would be my hope. The world that Joss created has a lot of untold story potential.

    • Here here!!
      With Joss at the helm this could work.
      Also (with Joss at the Helm) there is a LOT of room in the Firefly world for spinoffs. Action taking place on any number of the planets they visited with any number of the surviving characters.

      … basically, give Joss a Steamer trunk load of cash, say “Firefly Universe” and leave him alone to do his thing.
      I’d sign up for that!

  13. There’s a cat outside. Seriously, we’ve had a foot of snow (ok 26cm) in the last few days and someone let their cat outside. Feel sorry for the poor thing. It’s trying to walk through the snow that’s almost as tall as it is. I don’t let my cat out any time let alone when it’s cold and snowy

  14. RE: Firefly reboot

    I’m thinking it would have a tough time at this point, even if they got most of the remaining original actors back in some capacity.

    The biggest factor is that there is simply a lot more quality Sci-Fi on TV these days compared to back then. I don’t even have time to keep up with all the shows I’d like to. Sure, there will be some built in audience of browncoats, but they weren’t enough to keep the series going originally and the movie didn’t bring anyone new to the audience. I’m not convinced that the new show would be able to stand out enough.

  15. So I’ve heard people are getting ESTA Visa waivers renewals refused from the UK, hopefully it’s a computer glitch.

    Mine doesn’t run out till 2018..phew.

  16. And you know what — even with the absence of hyperfit super-powered slugging out big CGI battles, Hidden Figures managed somehow to an excellent movie. Some dramatic liberties assumed, but still a great story. It feels like an excellent companion piece to The Right Stuff.

  17. So the girl-child wanted to stop into PacSun at the mall. I was shocked to spot oldskool Metallica and Slayer (!) t-shirts on the table in there next to Nirvana t-shirts. And Grateful Dead next to Joy Division on another table.

    For $40.

  18. It’s been awhile so I’m going to go over the rules.

    There may or may not be spoilers
    There will definitely be spelling errors
    There may or may not be R rated content
    Audience participation is encouraged

  19. With that in mind, I give you Darwin
    The PVR write up: In an oppressive future where everyone’s only friend is their computer, on sad and lonely young man dares to venture out in search of human contact

  20. They are interviewing young kids about Vanentine’s Day
    Interviewer: can you kiss in valentines’ day:

    Kid one: only if it’s your valentine
    Kid two: you can kiss other people as long as your valentine isn’t looking

  21. Crapjoke for the day:

    A teenage boy had just passed his driving test and inquired of his father as to when they could discuss his use of the car.

    His father said he’d make a deal with his son, “You bring your grades up from a C to a B average, study your Bible a little, and get your bloody hair cut. Then we’ll talk about the car.”

    The boy thought about that for a moment, decided, he’d settle for the offer, and they agreed on it.

    After about six weeks his father said, “Son, you’ve brought your grades up and I’ve observed that you have been studying your Bible, but I’m pissed off that you haven’t had your hair cut.”

    The boy said, “You know, Dad, I’ve been thinking about that, and I’ve noticed in my studies of the Bible that Samson had long hair, John the Baptist had long hair, Moses had long hair, and there’s even strong evidence that Jesus had long hair.”

    “Did you also notice they all walked everywhere they went?!!”

  22. GREAT music article, tho disagree with some of the author’s takes.

    ” 1996 kicked off with the release of Seven Mary Three’s “Cumbersome”—a song that sounds like something ad execs who couldn’t actually afford Pearl Jam might commission for a beer commercial…”
    while I really like that album this is extremely accurate.

    Some of the folks here who worked in record store back then *coughJack* will find this near and dear methinks


    PS… I forgot how adorable Shirley Manson was…

    • Yes, thanks for the link! This does read like the playlist of my hours in the corporate record store.

      It also reads like every ultradouche, smugger/smarter-than-thou music article I read in our in-store magazines – Spin, Rolling Stone, Replay – back then. Gahh, the smarm in that article could choke a horse.

      He also disses everyone and everything, so I wouldn’t be too offended by any of his attacks.

        • A neat article, but I had to give up because of its length. I mostly agree with the points, but I think it is pretty easy to be critical of past trends than it is to create lasting ones. I also remember how dire the metal scene was in 1996. Dark times, and not in a good way. *snirt*

          • Yeah, I agree.

            I had a line from Talking Heads running through my mind reading the article: “Same as it ever was”. It’s not like any of this is new. Most industries have similar patterns. It also reminds me of how people like the author like to say, “I listen to *good* music.” But, good is a very subjective thing.

            My biggest problem is the author tries to ascribe a narrative to something that just evolved organically. The music world is huge, with many people being influence by all sorts of things. There are some key players, at any time, that really set the tone to an “era”; the rest are playing “catch-up” in a way. And, let’s face it, artists need to get paid.

          • I think that was his point? The tru alt scene evolved into something completely anti of what it was formed to be in the first place. And to be fair… there were a LOT of shitty shitty barely one hit wonder bands that year in that new…genre… for lack of a better word. It hit all at once and melted away nearly as fast. But look at the bands now still touring and making very good records like Garbage, Pearl Jam, Weezer (their latest anyway). This time frame really did wash away the chum from the rind. No that’s not a saying I know…

  23. Another note on John Wick 2: Wick With A Vengeance. . .

    No blurry.

    A lot of scenes Fantastic Beasts and Rogue One were really blurry to my screwed up eyesight, but they’re also CGI-everything, while John Wick looked to be primarily real actors doing real things.

  24. I don’t want to be THAT guy but how do you NOT make sure everyone you know is aware of THIS –

    H.R.861 – The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on December 31, 2018.
    – The bill, introduced by Florida Republican Matt Gaetz and co-sponsored by Kentucky’s Thomas Massie, Mississippi’s Steven Palazzo, and Georgia’s Barry Loudermilk doesn’t bother with anything like wondering what happens to the data the agency collects, or the enforcement the agency carries out. It doesn’t sweat the details of employees or contracts. There’s nothing about what happens to the Clean Air Act, or the Clean Water Act, or the Endangered Species Act, or … anything at all.

    Just ‘terminated.’

  25. So the oldest of the Deadpan Auxillary went with 300 classmates to see “Hidden Figures”. She confessed she had concerns that they would all ignore the film and just visit throughout. She reports however, that they all really got into it and spontaneous applause broke out various times throughout the film.
    She said it is now one of her top all time favorite films.


      • I keep seeing a trend for the food trucks to pair up with breweries. I often try to get to new breweries by choosing them for dinner while on travel with work colleagues. It’s hard to do that when the potential “dinner option” is gourmet grilled cheese. Not that I didn’t pull that off two days ago, but this guy was pretty easy going and not that hungry.

        • The food truck thing does feel kinda like a fad – – but it is fun, and we have found a few good ones.

          It’s still tough to shake the stigma of those dirty meals-on-wheels trucks, though. There are still plenty of those guys out there too.

        • Food trucks here rival restaurants in quality and price. I’m not kidding, they take themselves extremely seriously and, much like restaurants, they are hit and miss. See, 60-70% of breweries here (an estimation from observation) don’t serve food. They are just tap rooms that invite 3 or 4 food trucks a week to satiate hunger. It’s a win win win combination for all involved. The brewery/food truck/consumer has become an amazing closed ecosystem here.


  26. CP: Do You REally Believe in Santa? — Murray Gold

    I will say, if they cast a woman for the Doctor, I can’t wait to see what Murray Gold does with the score. 😀

  27. It’s the middle of February and every day this week, today included, I’ve had to open the window because it’s been so warm. Many places in Alberta broke records yesterday day. The weather sure is screwy this year

  28. Had a busy morning.
    Besides my normal cleaning (but not cookies 🙁 ), I went to the hardware store and got a new shower head for the washroom.
    Kitty was being a dope and got wet when I installed it. 😆

  29. So we saw a really good Queen tribute band last month at a local casino. Went back to the same place to see a Metallica tribute.

    Let’s just say Ride the Lightning didn’t strike twice for us at this place.

  30. Enjoyed the Great Wall.

    Will probably have to fight Lo over the General with the immaculately coffiured hair that only gets ruffled in the final battle.

  31. I made the mistake of watching a video of a guy with pliers extracting some long piece of litter from a turtle’s nostril. Jesus Cristo, it’s a never-ending anxiety attack. Don’t watch. And don’t litter.

  32. Well … I survived “President’s Day”.
    For those who aren’t in the US this used to be the day we set aside to honer those who have led this country.
    Now, due to a recent executive order, it is a day during which ALL crime is legal for the President and all police, fire, and medical emergency services remain unavailable. Restrictions do prohibit the President from disturbing government officials “ranking 10”, as well as the use of all weapons above Class 4 (explosive devices such as grenades, rocket launchers, and bazookas). So far though, Congress has shown no interest in holding the current President accountable for having broken those very few rules.

  33. BTW – watch Legion.
    The first episode was brilliant! As Jack described, very David Lynchian but in the good ways. I actually watched it twice and was captivated both times.
    2nd episode was “good” but (for me) it couldn’t quite sustain the level of WTF that the first episode had.
    I’m looking foreword to the 3rd episode. For me, it usually takes 3 episodes to really tell if a show is going to really work.

    • I’ve seen it a couple times and I think it was an okay movie. There were some clever parts but it was rarely really funny and if I recall, the critiques of the work-a-day lifestyle were a little too obvious. It was unconventional for the time, but ultimately fell short of being a masterpiece.

        • Out of curiosity I had to check the IMDB link for JVTV and it has a 5.7 rating. Which you wouldn’t know based on the first 10 pages of 10 star reviews there. I wonder if there are people who clamor for the other Hank’s movie that I think is comparable, “The Man with One Red Shoe”. I see it rates a 5.6.

  34. I stayed up way to late last night watching “CBGB” on Netflix.
    A 2013 film starring Alan Rickman and telling the story of that club.

    I knew about that place and knew that a lot of Bands had played there in their early days but I didn’t realize it’s crucial importance to the whole punk/underground music scene. The film does take a few liberties with the facts but all in all, if you are a fan of any of the non-pop music from the late 70’s/early to mid-80s, you should check out this film.
    If you

  35. Eight kinds of bacon!! wowza

    The Oink Cafe: applewood smoked, jalapeno, honey cured, sugar cured, apple cider, pepper, hickory, or chef’s choice.

    I’m going with pepper.

    *you can order a flight of bacon

  36. 1 Devil on Mars – final draft 2 Jack Mangan
    2 Rolling In the Deep ADELE
    3 Omens At The End of the World – final Jack Mangan
    4 Jar Of Hearts Christina Perri
    5 My Immortal Evanescence
    6 nese6-final – Rabbit Knees Jack Mangan
    7 90something – alternate levels mix – official version Jack Mangan
    8 Bangarang Skrillex
    9 Yesterday The Beatles
    10 He Is Ghost B.C.
    11 Humpty Hearts 4 Jack Mangan
    12 Red Dust Castle 3 – Final mix Jack Mangan
    13 Cry Baby [Clean] Melanie Martinez
    14 Stripsearch Faith No More
    15 Adagio for TRON (Venaccio Remix) Daft Punk
    16 A Thousand Years Christina Perri
    17 Hungry Like The Wolf Duran Duran
    18 15 15 15 03.15. Slade – Run Run Away Slade
    19 Set Fire to the Rain ADELE
    20 Bring Me To Life Evanescence
    21 Captain and Science Officer 3 Jack Mangan
    22 One With the Stillness Jack Mangan
    23 Photon Meters Jack Mangan
    24 Perfect Green Woman __ True Final Jack Mangan
    25 Separate Nation 4 Jack Mangan

  37. My iPod top play count analytics say a lot about me:

    — I spend a lot of “quality control” plays on my mashup creations.
    — I spend a lot of time playing songs on my daughter’s playlist.
    — How the hell did “Run Runaway” get in the Top 20?