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  1. I’m reposting here because Im a bastard

    Actors that have been in both the MCU AND Marvel tv shows (SHIELD, Carter, and the Netflix shows.

    Sammy Jackson, Clark Gregg, Hayley Atwell….

  2. Morning Pan

    You know hubby had a rough day when the first thing he does when he walks in the door is crack a beer. Hopefully today will be better

  3. So how many actors have played a Marvel character and a DC character?

    Off the top of my head I have:

    Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool/Green Arrow

    Ben Affeck – Dare Devil/Batman

    Halle Berry – Storm / Cat Woman

    Chris Evans doesn’t count because Torch/Captain America are both Marvel.

    • I’ve only seen a few of them. But I do like Colony, although they’ve had a bunch of filler episodes this season. Last season was pretty good overall.

      It isn’t on the list but “The Expanse” has put me to sleep the last few episodes. I think that is a shame because the premise is good and the special effects are quite good. The acting is so-so and the dialog needs a lot of work.

  4. A weekend in Scotland is my destination today.

    One of my fav comic artists is visiting Scotland this weekend, I’ll be on the opposite side of Scotland.

  5. Ok Pan

    I’ve decided to watch Curse of Sleeping Beauty.
    The Netflix write up: When his nightmares started to turn real, he had to know: why is she there and what does she need

  6. The movie is over

    I liked the ending. I was not surprised about certain things, but was surprise it ended there.
    Over all, as far as these things go, this movie wasn’t half bad.

  7. The surreal thing about the trip to Mull, was I a bought a packet of cheese flavoured pretzel bits..which has been packed in the USA and imported to Scotland..WTF!

  8. Crap joke for the day:

    On a very cold winter night, three homeless men huddled up close to keep warm. In the morning, the guy on the right says, “I had a dream that someone was pulling on my dick.”The guy on the left says, “I also had a dream that someone was pulling on my dick.”…”The guy in the middle says, “I had a dream that I went skiing.”

  9. Spent the weekend in California! Much-needed fun with friends and sunshine* and making the best of our Universal passes from last year. Any Harry Potter fan should really try to get there somehow someway somewhen to experience Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

    *Well, different sunshine.

      • Are there full-season write-ups out there yet? The first negative reviews I saw were just for the first half of the season that was pre-released to press. It’s possible the 2nd half gets better.

          • While Luke Cage was uneven, I was generally engaged the entire viewing experience. I’ll give Iron Fist a shot, but I don’t see it as essential viewing prior to the “Defenders”, coming out.

  10. Went to the doctor today and discovered turning 50 sucks. I have to have a bunch of test and I had to get the shingles vaccine. A word to you young’uns, don’t age

  11. I was suppose to meet with a couple of friends for lunch after the doctor. Person A is ok with modern technology, person B isn’t. A told me to text him when I was done at the dr. And we would meet at B’s house. I got to B’s house before A and this is how the conversation went.
    B: did you let A know you were coming?
    Me: yes, I texted when I was leaving
    B: so he’s on his way?
    Me: presumably.
    B: maybe I should phone A to make sure he got your text
    Me: (thinking if A wanted a phone call he would have asked for one) I don’t think that’s necessary
    B (picks up the phone and calls A). He’s not answering my call
    A: rings the doorbell
    Me: laughs

  12. “I’d shoot Donald Regan to prove my love for Lisa Foster”

    Maybe… just maybe…. the greatest single joke in MST3K history.

    • I had to think about this one. I’m almost positive it was on the Sir-Mix-a-Lot album “Swass”, that I listened to non-stop in 5th grade. He and Metal Church do a version of Iron Man on it. I remember saying “this heavy music goes great with Mix’s raps!” Little did I know…

    • My older brother got his first job when he was 18 and after a year, he put money down for a new 4×4 Toyota pickup. This was a lust worthy vehicle at the time (think of Marty and Back to the Future). He also installed another lust worthy item, an Alpine cassette player. He promptly purchased eight cassette albums to show it off. I remember he had Journey, Genesis, Willie Nelson, and… Ted Nugent – Great Gonzos. That was the album that turned me on to great guitar playing. Politics aside, “Strangle Hold” is a great song.

      • Did he buy those 8 cassettes for 1 penny?

        Was never much of a Nugent fan, even decades before learning he was a nut, but “Stranglehold” is brilliant. One of the greatest guitar anthems of all time.

        • Yeah, I eventually grew tired of him, but he was the stepping stone to Maiden and Maiden was the stepping stone to …. the Abyss.

    • Highly depends on your definition of metal. There was a time when Led Zeppelin was considered Heavy Metal. I was into that, and I was into Black Sabbath when Ozzy was still with them. I definitely had a phase in my teen years where I was into Iron Maiden. After that, Metal and I grew further and further apart. There was many a night sitting across a silent dinner table with blank stares that each of us could read as meaning “what happened to you?”. We eventually separated completely. Not in a War of the Roses cataclysmic emotional explosion. Rather a colder and colder emotional desert grew between us and we just sort of forgot about each other.

  13. Some days, if I’m waiting for info, I don’t get any work done. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On those days, I basically have the day off. However, I then feel guilty because I took the day off.
    Is that strange?

  14. In our office, we have a thing called Fun Friday where we get together for some sort of game such as a paper airplane challenge or bingo. I’m up at bat to run a game this Friday. Any ideas for cheap, fast games that can be played by 6-10 people?

  15. Anyone watching Agents of Shield? After a hit and miss Ghost Rider storyline, this LMD storyline can do no wrong. Fucking amazing. Maybe the best the show has been

  16. Poor hubby. Has to work late agIn tonight and still not feeling well. Unfortunately, it’s not something he can easily beg off of.

  17. Crap joke for the day:

    One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do the dishes at the kitchen sink. She suddenly noticed that her mother has several strands of white hair sticking out in contrast on her brunette head.She looked at her mother and inquisitively asked, “Why are some of your hairs white, Mom?” Her mother replied, “Well, every time that you do something wrong and make me cry or unhappy, one of my hairs turns white.”The little girl thought about this revelation for a while and then said, “Momma, how come ALL of grandma’s hairs are white?”

  18. Everybody I know loves it and I’m one of the rare people who have never watched it. Not watching a movie but have started Supernatural.

    No PBP in case there are others like me who haven’t seen it but might want to watch it.

    Side note: what is the length you’re suppose to wait for a show (that’s still running) before you can call spoilers?

  19. Watch the first three episodes of supernatural. It’s sort of is maybe a cross between X-Files and Buffy? It’s a little rough but I’m assuming like most shows it will pick up as it goes along

  20. Has anyone watched the first season of Into the Badlands? I saw a commercial for the 2nd season today and I wanted a little feedback on whether it really is as cool as it looked.

    • Interesting story, great special effects, hampered by wooden acting and a mess of a script. Hopefully things will smooth out going forward.

      • Basically everyone aboard the ship, especially Jim. I think that the detective dude Joe was doing a passable job. Fred Johnson is probably the most believable actor on the show.

          • Having read the books, Hubby and I actually have a bit of trouble with the casting, especially Amos.
            The only one we thought was dead on was Chrisjen Avasarala

  21. Finally, we’re somewhat current on shows – now caught up on The Expanse, The Magicians, and Legion.

    Though, I haven’t caught the second episode of The American’s new season….so, I guess I have to retract.

  22. I don’t want my fangs too long
    The moon to my left is a part of my thoughts
    And a part of me is me
    Forever is the wind
    I don’t want my fangs too long

  23. So. . . There are reports of outrage over Wonder Woman’s shaved armpits in the new trailer. . .

    Is this right-wingers taking a handful of I’ll-informed social media complaints out of context to paint a picture of easily-triggered liberals trying to oppress decent folks with PCism run wild?

    Or are there truly a bunch of people out there with objections to a strong female character complying with a beauty standard they personally find oppressive?

  24. Hey, Deadpan! I felt like catching up on Deadpan comments tonight.

    On the subject of metal songs – Jack, thanks for sending me “Defender” by Manowar as my Earbuddies song that one time. I still like it and listen to it. πŸ™‚ Rhett, thanks for introducing me to Nevermore, too.

    On Thursday night I celebrated 20 years of being a Star Wars fan by watching the S1 season finale of Star Wars Rebels and drinking a blue milk. I like it, although slightly less than The Clone Wars, which was one of those shows where I was genuinely sorry that it was over when I got to the end, because it was so good.

  25. I have a friend, who writes kids books (around age 8 or so), who has written a romance. He asked me to take a look at it. I’m not sure why. I don’t even like chick-flicks, let alone romance books.
    You may get a few choice lines and groans over the next few days.

  26. I opened the bag of cough drops on the sink with the cat nearby, thinking, “Uh oh, the cats going to think this is a bag of cat treats.” I then reached into the bag for a cough drop, and felt a bunch of cat treats.

    Silly humans.

  27. We just got back from seeing the new Kong flick, which is apparently not linked in away to the Peter Jackson snoozefest. It was good monster fun. Stay for the post-credits scene.

    Van, I can’t remember what you’d said about it?

  28. Morning Pan

    Today the early release of Mass Effect is available to those of us who pre-ordered. Coincidentally, I just finished my last game yesterday. I know what I’m doing after supper tonight.

  29. Work potluck finished. Someone brought a bag of cold mcdonalds cheese burgers, burt chicken wings, and a unidentifiable green salad that looked like pure wasabi. I brought pastries.

  30. I spotted an interesting comment from some random dude on a conservative comic artist friend’s wall:

    “SJW “Diversity” is diversity in race, religion, nationality, gender, sex, financial status etc…..Everything,
    Except thought.

    SJW don’t want free speech or the exchange of thoughts and ideas…They want an echo chamber”

    I don’t agree with his views at all, but I think it’s a pretty telling glimpse into that mindset. I think a lot of us often wonder what the hell they’re thinking – – and why they’re so hostile.

    • I can’t say for certain, I too have witnessed several postings decrying “political correctness” as antithetical to free speech. I’m not sure who this message is directed at. As far as I’ve seen, most people want thoughtful discourse on issues. But if you are invoking free speech to spout hateful messages, then it is other’s free speech right to call you out as a douche bag. If your speech is so hateful it becomes harassment, then it is no longer protected speech.

  31. 1.25 episodes in. . . . The bad guys are awful awful awful and have no apparent motive for the things they do. Danny Rand also isn’t the most likable guy. It’s also troublingly reminiscent of Arrow.

    Otherwise, it’s OK so far. Shaky, but OK. Those things can be fixed. It’s not the trainwreck of the Luke Cage’s last 5-6 episodes (yet?).

    • Trainwreck????? Sometimes I wonder if we watch the same program. Luke Cage wasn’t fully Luke Cage until then. Granted there were some unnecessary episodes in the middle but that show was amazing from start to finish.

        • Ah see there it is. While I liked your favorite character enough I relished the ridiculous (and very comic accurate) inclusion of the new guy. I loved him lots only because he was vintage Luke Cage material. But if you prefer the more toned down version of your favorite character I guess I can see that

  32. I’ve been hearing good things about Doom 2016 and seeing that it’s on sale at Amazon for $20, I couldn’t pass it up. Hopefully I’ll find time to play it sometime.

  33. I’ve started reading my friends romance. In the first chapter, a guy goes on a blind date. The girl brings her cat, will give it kisses and say things like, “I love my pussy. I have the best pussy in the world”

    I can’t decide if this is meant to be a double entendre or not.

  34. Anyone playing mass effect andromeda? 1 hour in and I’m alrady annoyed with the characters. They talk like millenials and the krogan sounds like a character off sesame street.

  35. Chapter four
    Here rhe male lead of the story thinks back to his previous girlfriend. They were even engaged to be married. Then her beloved pet hamster, Oscar, dies. So she dumps our protagonist, quits her job, and joins a monastery run by an “obscure cult”

    I wish I was making this up

  36. I saw that there was “the entire water scene fight” released for Ghost in the Shell, now they are releasing the first 5 minutes of the movie:


    I have to say this says more to me than anything else that this is going to be a stinker. These are desperate techniques used when a film is showing signs that it’s going to tank (e.g. John Carter of Mars).

    • The first 17 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy was released early. That film kinda did ok. Just saying. Ghost may be a terrible film but its not a desperate technique at all. Its a strategy

    • I think this strategy is aimed at trying to sway people that may have been swayed by the white-washing backlash. I’m a big fan of the original material, so I understand why there is a lot of anger at the casting ScarJo. I’m also pretty sure nothing will convince those people to like the film. Other people are a different story.

      I don’t have a problem with the casting. I just want them to make a good movie. But I haven’t been impressed with what I’ve seen: great effects, emotionally flat. And the 5 minute preview is more of the same.

      • I agree and if Mamoru Oshii isnt pissed off at the casting I won’t be either. Thing about this film is I really believe they have a love of the original and tried to be as faithful as possible… but there’s just some things you can’t do live action. Emotion? Sure, that may be one of them.

        • The thing is.. the Major isn’t an emotionless automaton in the source material. The trailers and clips haven’t shown any of that side yet. I’m expecting a pretty movie, but not much else. If I keep thinking that, I’ll probably not be disappointed. I hope.

  37. Morning Pan

    After lunch, I’m going to knuckle down and read my book. My kindle says it’s only a two hour read. I figure I’d probably get through it faster if I just read it instead of taking time to mock it.

    Have I mentioned I’m not a romance type of person? This book is so not aimed at me.

  38. Here is the backstory for this “romance” book.

    I know many authors, both through work and personally. Author A, who writes children’s books, was taking to Author B, who makes a very good living writing romances. When talking to each other, Author A told Author B anybody can write a romance. They are formulaic and require no brain power.
    Author B basically said, he’s wrong so either put up or shut up.
    This is the result. What this proves is that author A was wrong. The crazy thing is, he’s genuinely proud of this book.

    I would recommend people read this book just for the laughs but he’s also asking way too much for it. It’s a 200 page (small size) book and he’s asking $5 US for it.
    If nothing else, I will have to tell him to lower the price


  39. This book feels like it was written by a 13 year old boy.

    The female lead is so dissolutions with dating guys she’s considering “switching sides”

    with his lack of knowledge, he, unintentionally, goes on and insults every gay person I know, both male and female.

    • I’ll start. Daredevil S2 was a piece of fucking atrocious shit. The super super promising and wonderful Punisher story gave way to an absolutely stupid Hand/Electra story with “hey the Punisher is still here sorta!”. This season was like being in an abusive relationship. You see the good in the person and know it’s there, but you just can’t get over the punches to the face.

      FUCK Daredevil Season 2.

      Oh also I haven’t seen Iron Fist yet.

      • Wow. I’ve already stated my least favorite. . . Luke Cage started off wonderfully. The first half was amazing. Then the second half turned to shit. Also it was too black. (That’s satire)

        I’m such an Elektra fan, and the actress was so perfect for the role, that I was able to forgive the shortcomings of DD S2. And her storyline got better as the season progressed. Still, you’re not wrong.

        I’m 5 into Iron Fist, and actually really digging the show. I hope it doesn’t go south.

    • Back in early January, the local Cdn music channel did their top 50 music videos of all time. The CW Fat Boy Slim video was in the top 20

  40. Must head out. Hubby got a chip in his brand new windshield so I’m off to get it fixed.
    We’re giving the car to Boo next week so we want to make sure it’s perfect for her.

  41. Ok, Iron Fist, the episode where Danny sleeps with Colleen.

    Is this the first Marvel series where the hero asks for confirmation of consent by saying ‘are you sure?’

  42. Speaking if Iron Fist… everyone freaking out about a white male being cast in the role knows that Iron Fist was a white male in the comics, right? This isn’t a Ghost in the Shell whitewashing… a LOT of people out there are still freaking out about him being a white man

    • He was a white guy in the comics. A friend who loved the old Iron Fist books said that a lot of people didn’t take him seriously as an Iron Fist because he was white, which was part of the character and series.

      Also, a big part of his back story is that he was born into the most privileged of lives, only to lose it all at a young age. That kinda thing really works best with a white dude.

      I’m not getting the hate for this show.

    • So a bit like Arrow then.

      /rolls eyes

      It’s the 21st Century, they could have cast an Asian actor who is actually trained in martial arts, it’s not as if they slavishly stick to the comics story arcs.

      • What Van said. In 2017 it’s hard to take a white guy mansplaining Kung Fu to the Asian karate teacher. The Asian folks speaking up about this we’re asking for a fresh take in a recasting with an Asian actor.

        • I get that but had you cast an Asian actor folks would me up in arms that an Asian character is being kung-fu stereotyped again. The mansplaining I can understand why that’s hard to take. I just don’t think casting an Asian actor would have fixed everything. It’s a hard character to do in 2017

          • It was uncool to show up in a sensei’s dojo and and spout bullshit at her — but he’s a naive arrogant deuche, who hopefully grows as part of his arc.
            Also– I read that scene as a dude who literally devoted his entire life in a secret Asian monastery to becoming the best of the best of the best. Not mansplaining, maybe monksplaining.

          • To be clear, I fully acknowledge that Hollywood and Marvel Cinematic whitewashing exists. I won’t defend the casting of white Tilda Swindon as The Anciet One — even if she and the movie were still good otherwise.

  43. Morning Pan

    Watched the Assassin’s Creed movie last night. I know it’s a fine line they had to walk in both pleasing those familiar with the game and those who weren’t.
    They failed.
    I’ve played all the games, hubby only has passing knowledge based on what I’ve told him.

    I think my biggest complaint (being as vague as possible for spoilers), is they took the story from the first game and completely rewrote it. The Apple of Eden is the main get in the first game, for completely different reasons than those they used in the movie.
    Seriously, either use a different Piece of Eden for your story, or stay faithful to the game your copying. At least in the game, the reason they wanted the Apple made sense. Not the nonsense they came up with for the movie.
    And what was that bit at the beginning? They never do that to newly recruited Assassins in the game. Not once.
    Apparently, the movie did well enough in the Asian markets they are considering a sequel.

    • I’ve managed a little over an hour in the game so far. My first impression is that I like the greater level of detail the PS4 gives verses my 360 version, but so far Andromeda lacks the visceral punch of the previous games. This game feels more point and click than tactical. The other slight disappointment is the music isn’t as strong. I’m still having fun, but it isn’t as compelling as the first games, so far.

  44. I am the one who preys on weak
    I offer everything they seek
    And I am the son who comes into the daughters of men
    Harvesting crops of fields that others have plowed

    I am the one, lascivious

    I am the son of one below
    The progeny of beast of woe
    And I am the one who comes into the daughters of men
    Destroying all and make them want it again

    I am the son, lascivious

    He is the one desacralizer
    He is the son of the enticer
    The all seeing subterranean kaiser
    He is the way, he is the way

    I am the way
    And you invited me to stay
    However fair and pure, you crave the wand
    You see through me what lies beyond

    I am the one lascivious
    I am the one lascivious
    I am the one lascivious
    With magic potion niveous

    -Ghost – Jigolo Har Megiddo


    • As good as S1 was, I found S2 a slight letdown. I understand that the confusing narrative was allegory to Elliot’s own struggling perception of reality, but in S1 was good about explaining what the dangers were and what the character’s motives were. I found myself not caring as much about everyone’s fate in S2.

  45. I would reccomend giving ‘Life’ a miss out at the cinema.

    It’s cliched ending makes it more deserving of a night in while imbibing plenty of booze.

  46. Interesting AV Club review headline – tho I can’t read for spoilers

    “Iron Fist gets better once it admits Danny Rand is the worst”

    I wonder if this is true

  47. It’s potatos and Pete’s night!

    My son has decided we need to make potato chips and watch Pete’s Dragon

    So…it will be so

    • The musicians around King Diamond have always been extremely talented – – once you get past he high-pitched screechy laughter.

      I’ve never noticed the bass on that record, but I’ll listen for it the next time it comes up.

      • If you just listen to the title track you’ll get a good idea. It’s just interesting because you don’t really notice the bass on Melissa like you do here. Maybe that was a remastering thing