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And so here we have the first ever (and last ever) all-text Unshow. Welcome to Unshow #52. If there’s time in next week’s Deadpan episode, I will explain the recent Deadpan strangeness ’round here.


Anyway, I have received most – but not all – of the 60 Lines Readings. If you’ve volunteered, I still need your 60 Lines readings – – or a notice that you can’t make it, please!

I also need your hockey tunes (That also includes my song requirement due to the Phoenix Coyotes’ loss at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings. cough). I think we’re just about ready to shut down this meme.

I promise to say this joke aloud on the next audio episode (remind me), but I figured it was somewhat timely and couldn’t wait a full week:

Why is there an arrow on top of the Airbender kid’s head, pointing down at him? Wouldn’t it be funny if the arrow said, “I’m with stupid”?

It will be funnier when spoken aloud.

Why sure, climb into my spoon:
# reaper Says:
June 24th, 2010 at 4:57 am

Drive by
hay pan busy week.
congrats Jack
/drive by

# DJ Bunny Says:
June 24th, 2010 at 8:46 am

In regards to the whining, I meant, but it applies to Cindi Lauper too.

# Johnny Null Says:
June 25th, 2010 at 11:13 am

I think I saw minutes of Buffy, shook my head, and turned off the boob-tube.

# EssBee Says:
June 25th, 2010 at 11:16 am

Cj, I want a cheese sandwich!

# Amy Bowen Says:
June 29th, 2010 at 5:41 pm

The Smarty Hotties® said:
Thanks for answering my questions Amy 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time. Can’t wait to hear your Chicago tune!!

You’re very welcome! :happy:

# justa J0e Says:
June 30th, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Going to see a matinée’ of Toy Story 3 today.
I need suggestions for how to keep from crying in public.

# Nomad Scry Says:
June 30th, 2010 at 8:56 pm

We have a high concentration of lefties in the :pan:


AND….. the first of the week:

# Vanamonde Says:
June 23rd, 2010 at 11:19 pm


You are listening to Jack Mangan’s Deadpan. We are Deadpan. Deadpan is the Way.

Send voicemails, plz. 206-350-TOMI (8664).
Send recordings: sphericaljackmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm at gmail dot com. With only 1 “m” in “sphericaljackm”.

Thank you for being Deadpan. This is a wonderful group of people, and I appreciate your continued indulgence through the strange times and the fun. Individually, we are mighty; together, we are. . . meaty? No, that’s not it. Together, we are not mush. We are Deadpan; Deadpan is the motherfucking way. Goodnight, Deadpan.

I’m not coming back after the – – oh, right.

Happy Canada Day, Canadiens and Canadians.
Happy upcoming July 4th weekend, Americans.

552 thoughts on “Text Unshow

  1. Nomad Scry comments as swiftly as the wind!

    I wanted to drop this in here, for good measure, as a holdover from last week:

    # Vanamonde Says:


  2. I have to say NS, I don’t know, unless you count St Georges Day (for England at least), but that’s not a bank holiday.

  3. Happy Null Day!

    Thanks for the 60-line reminder, Jack. I’ll have mine over to you by the end of the week. I hope that’s not too late.

    A quick question — if one does multiple takes, is it easier for you to have them as separate files, or just a few takes in one file?

  4. The term “bank holiday” is losing meaning in the U.S., Vanamonde. My bank’s even open on Sundays now, which I just can’t seem to get used to. Is it the same over the pond?

    In other old-timer news, apparently the term “Madison Avenue” is pining for the fjords. I’ve used it recently and gotten blank stares in return. Damned whipper-snappers.

  5. Morning pan!

    Jack, I am done with my song, but was waiting for Jeremy to do some magic. Maybe I should just send it in anyway.

  6. I see Deadpan is broadcasting in mono this week 🙂

    But, at least the pronunciation of Van’s first comment from last week was spot on.

  7. Quick hop in before I start month end.

    Scry: It’s CDN. CN is the name of our railway (Canadian National Railway) and I have no idea what CND is.

  8. Also, in reply to Ed yesterday regarding DLC for Mass Effect and DA. I got some of them, but not the newest DA one. I was disappointed with the vehicle add on for MA. The vehicle itself was ok, but the you couldn’t save the game during the related quests. I found it frustrating to get right near the endpoint of the one of the quests only to die and have to play the entire thing over again. If I wanted my games to be like that, I’d go console 😉

  9. Quite enjoying Alpha Protocol, although I admit I’m not very stealthy. It took me a little bit to get use to the save system on this one too. There are checkpoints, which luckily are often, so when you hit “save game” it saves it from the last checkpoint, not where you currently are. Luckily, as I said, the checkpoints are many.

    Now… work.

  10. never

    I guess wootians should be happy that these folks have finally cashed in their chips for some real money … but it Amazon only buys stuff that they think they can squeeze more money out of each quarter. In other-words … “improve”.

  11. Good morning. Please excuse me for a moment…


    That was my horn.

    Hello, job promotion. It’s nice to meet you. Oh yes… so very very nice!


    squeeeee! I can’t tweet about it yet, but I figure it’s safe to post it here. I don’t have my starting day yet, but it’s official.

  12. Currently Eating and Drinking: Coffee and a doughnut, in honor of Canada Day. Not Tim Horton’s, but the best I could do on short notice. I made a toast to Ditto and TEB when I got them. Happy Canada Day, Pan! :happy:

  13. That’s great news CJ! wOOt!

    Oh and happy Canada Day eh, to all my Canadian friends. We should call all the Canucks living in the US, Canailians.

  14. Scry: I’ll take the files however you’re able to send them.

    ditto: Jeremy did just move, so he probably has that whole “real life” thing going on.

    Cj: Congrats!!

    reaper: I saw that Woot email yesterday. Their CEO is an insane person.

  15. I can’t say I’m concerned about Woot! joining up with Amazon. Overall, I’ve been pretty happy with Amazon as a company.

  16. Jack: Yeah, I know. The stories have been entertaining on FB, so I wasn’t going to pester him. I was just filling you in regarding my song.

  17. Johnny Depp is a strong lead actor and can affect a believable British accent, but they should probably select an actual subject to the Queen for the next Doctor – – even a Canadian. The next regeneration should also be younger than Matt Smith, not older.

    So to maintain the franchise integrity, the next Doctor should be:

    Justin Bieber.

  18. Next big screen Doctor Who should be Hugh Laurie. I hear he has a pretty believable British accent, plus he’s already played a doctor.

  19. Why not choose one of the very popular guys who actually played Dr. Who?
    Tennant seemed to be extremely popular?

    I like Depp but Come ON!!!!!
    I bet the bastards make him SPARKLE to try and attract the 14 year old girl, fan base.
    :rolls eyes:

  20. The fact that anyone would write an article that long regarding the Team relationships in Twilight guarantees I will never read it. 🙂

  21. Summer Palooza Survey is up!

    Click here to take survey

    The choices I listed:
    High Fidelity (Nick Hornby book and film)
    The Third Man
    Near Dark
    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (could cover the book, movie[s], etc.)
    The Dark Knight Returns (Graphic Novel)
    Popeye (1980)
    Dark Star
    Prince of Darkness (John Carpenter)
    Buckaroo Banzai
    Dune (book, film[s], games, sequels, etc.)
    Other (please specify)

    Let me know ASAP if I forgot anything important.

  22. Sorry, I got distracted when I did the Google image search for Johnny Depp… what is he doing again? Sitting around being swoonfully gorgeous? Really, he doesn’t need to do much more to please me.

    scrumdidlyumcious I say!

  23. You almost have to admire the diabolical inepitude of a company tgat would put a bus into service, in summer, with the heating jammed on.

  24. So like this quote in the latest Ansible:

    • True Romance Dept. ‘And so it was, with full belly and empty bladder, Fred plowed into Mary like a moose through a windshield.’ (David Marusek, Mind Over Ship, 2009) [CB]

  25. Hopefully Ozzy will continue to evade the scientists.
    They may determine that he did in fact die some years back … but that he is just to zoned out to have noticed it yet. Calling it to his attention might have negative implications.

  26. You know what movies needs to be remade?
    “Weird Science”
    Only not done quite so badly this time around.

    Come On!! It’s no more vacuous than “Twilight” only the plot is aimed to lure in every teenage boy out there … and me.

    Come on Hollywood. COME ON!

  27. Rhettro said:
    Next big screen Doctor Who should be Hugh Laurie. I hear he has a pretty believable British accent, plus he’s already played a doctor.

    I LOVE this idea! (*swooooooooon* at the thought of Hugh Laurie as The Doctor)

    Voted. Like Ed, I picked something that will be new to me.

  28. I’m reporting to you from my official last day of this job.

    I’m going to be off… yeah OFF WORK for 4 days in a row… joy joy joy happy!

    Then on Tuesday morning at a bright 8am I start my new fabulous social media job in Scottsdale.

    Holy cow!

    I’m beyond excited.

    I said, “I want that” and I made it happen.


  29. I think a Weird Science reboot would be an absolute atrocity. Unless you got Oingo Boingo to do the soundtrack.

    Or – if you got the same actors to reprise the same roles.

  30. I think any reboot is an atrocity. We have become so inundated with reboots, reimaginings, remakes, etc. that we have a hard time finding any original material. I weep for the death of originality.

  31. FYI – My recent viewing of Toy Story3 was the standard version and not once during the film did I find myself thinking, “If only this were in 3-D, it would be better.”

    That is all.

  32. Sorry, but there is no originality. The stuff we grew up with as “new” was already reimaginings of early generations stories, myths, and legends mixed together to make the stuff we grew up with.

  33. Wow

    Can’t say it is a surprise. People with that much hate bundled within themselves tend to strike out at everything.

  34. The Daily News is using the term “baby mama”? I know they aren’t exactly the Wall Street Journal, but c’mon. I literally couldn’t read anything more in that article. I had to stop at that point because I simply can’t trust anyone or anything that would use that term.

  35. Cj: You rock. :happy:

    I said, “I want that” and I made it happen.

    I’m learning to do that, myself. I’m still at the stage of identifying precisely what “that” is: what kind of job and what organization.

  36. Youre right, Usedhair. Its extremely improbable that Mel Gibson is a racist homophobe with anger issues. Thats never been proven ever.

  37. “For a group whose self-consciously nerdy-fanboy status is based primarily on its alleged intelligence and complexity, Rush’s actual material is distinctly middlebrow stuff, a mix of smarter-than-average arena rock with a streamlined, vaguely New Wave aesthetic. ”

    I dont even like Rush and even I had to say “Ha! What an idiot”.

  38. More “wow”.

    Yesterday, in response to a question on Afghanistan, the chairman of the national GOP told fund raisers-
    “Keep in mind again, this was a war of Obama’s choosing. This is not something the United States had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in.”

    Wow. Just wow.

  39. Lo Pan: People shouldn’t review things they obviously hate. There is no way to be fair to the material and the readers.

  40. Agreed, ditto, but then do you say that people shouldnt review things they like for fear of similar results? Are we only supposed to review things we’re “eh” about? Tis why I love reading reviews and taking no substance from them.

    ..cept the ones about Airbender. Cause thats just nazty.

  41. Lo: No, not quite, but I think if a person can’t set aside their hate–and adulation, for that matter–and write a real review then they shouldn’t do it at all.

  42. So, under Long Pan’s rules of reviewing, I shall never order a bowl of okra at a fancy restaurant then do a review of how poorly it was prepared because let’s face the fact right up front: I just plain don’t care for okra.

  43. Cj: That would be my rules. And seriously, if you order something you obviously hate and then look for every excuse to bash the dish instead of trying to objectively review it, then yes, I say you shouldn’t review it.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There are blogs-a-plenty for those. But when a newspaper has paid someone to review something, I think they have the duty to the readers and the material to attempt to be as fair as they can.

  44. Objectively, search for “I love okra” and “I hate okra” (quoted) on Google. Love gets 285,000 results and hate gets 55,300.

    Loving okra WINS!
    Not that their is anything wrong with that.

  45. I suspect that if I wrote down a list of foods I did not like, that list would spontaneously collapse into a singularity due to the weight of the ink.

  46. Jack, yes very much. there are 3 groups of people in Wisconsin. people form Milwaukee people from Madison and everyone else

  47. On the MSN portal page, it announces that one should celebrate the 4th like a true American, and has pictures and information on two different types of food. Yep, that’s the American way.. I’m so damned proud . . . *sniff, sniff*

  48. The more you read, the more you know.
    Knowledge is power. Power corrupts.
    Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.
    So if you keep reading everything, you’ll end up in hell…?

  49. Brussels Sprouts are one of my top-of-the-list favorite veggies.

    Okra really is the only veggie I don’t like much.. although I’m sure there must be some way to prepare it where it doesn’t you know taste like… whatever that snot-like substance is.

  50. Lejon: It’s the fault of that damned apple . . .

    Cj: Ugh, we bought okra a few months ago. It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten. I’d consider spoiled milk over that!

  51. Quite a suprise
    What an ingenious device
    Boredom encompasses my time
    I don’t know what I should do

    Indulging a moment of your time
    Seldom the breeder of lies
    But you won’t believe that it’s true

    They take to the sky
    Southbound Pachyderm

    Pinholes through cardboard
    At the Sun
    Passing the bucks by one by one
    Leaving nothing in return

    Watching the majest blow past
    Speculating which will be the last
    Savoring my piece of pie

    And there is no reprise
    They’re filling the sky
    Southbound Pachyderm

    More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/p/primus/#share

  52. Even better….

    State of love and trust
    as I busted down the pretext
    sin still plays and preaches
    but to have an empty court, uh huh
    and the signs are passin, grip the wheel
    can’t read it
    sacrifice receiving the smell that’s on my hands…hands yeah
    and I listen for the voice inside my head
    nothin’, I’ll do this one myself

    lay her down as priest does
    should the lord be acountin’
    will be in my honour, make it pain
    painfully quick, uh huh
    promises are whispered
    in the age of darkness
    want to be enlightened
    like I want to be told the end…end, yeah
    and the barrel shakes
    aimed directly at my head
    oh, help me, help me from myself
    and I listen,from both sides of the bed
    nothin’, I’ll do this one myself
    oh oh oh myself….Myself

    yeah, yeah

    hey, na-na-na-na, hey that’s something
    hey, na-na-na-na, hey that’s something
    hey, na-na-na-na, hey that’s something
    wanna back, back it away , yeah

    and I listen, yeah,
    for the voice inside my head
    nothin’, I’ll do this one myself
    and the barrel waits,
    trigger shakes
    aimed right at my head
    won’t you help me
    help me from myself

    eh oh eh o ehh
    eh oh eh o ehh

    state of love

  53. You know whats a great soundtrack to a not so great film? Airheads. You got original material from Primus, White Zombie, Dig, Anthrax as well as stuff from the Ramones and Motorhead. Its so good. God bless you 90’s….when the soundtrack mattered.

  54. Lo Pan: I never said Mel Gibson was anything other than a rat bastard. Just that I can’t bring myself to read a paper that uses jargon like “baby mama” any more than I could bring myself to read a paper that wrote using phrases like “y is mel gib such a duche IDK, LOL”.

  55. JN said: “Lejon: We’re all born with Perfect Slack, the Conspiracy just takes it away from us.”

    Looks like someones in the Church of the Subgenius. Hail Bob!

  56. Morning, DP! My folks are coming to visit. We have smoked beef ribs and chicken on the menu. This is my mom’s biggest trip (2.5 hour drive) since her surgery in early December.

  57. Re: Okra

    Cut into small pieces, rolled on cornmeal and fried in a skillet until just a few pieces are starting to burn and the rest is a golden, tasty, crunchy brown. Mmmm Mmmm mmmm.
    That’s they thing. Most places don’t fry the “slimey” out of it.
    I LUVS me some properly fried okra!!

  58. Beautiful sunny start to the day, Deadpan.

    Have a busy day ahead of me. In-laws coming in on Tuesday, so I guess that means cleaning the guest bathroom and changing the sheets in the guest bedroom.

    Have to wait on the bathroom though. There’s a big ass spider in the tub so I won’t go anywhere near the room until hubby clears it out.

  59. I like brussel sprouts and okra (though I’ve never had them together).

    There’s actually very few foods I’m not that fond of. I’m sure I can count the number on one (maybe two) hands. Most of them are related to chocolate (chocolate ice cream, milkshakes, etc. – yuck)

  60. We had an interesting day yesterday. Hubby went to go on a play date, and discovered the back window of his car was smashed. Figured it was an accident or somebody was screwing around because nothing was taken and my car, which was right beside his, wasn’t touched.

  61. Here’s the very annoying process you have to go through when your car is vandalized.

    1) Call police – file a partial report. They will get back to you in a few days to get a full report (not considered an emergency)

    2) call insurance company. Insurance company tells you to book appt. to get car repaired but also says they won’t authorize payment until full police report is complete. Won’t even accept partial case number police give you until you get a full one.

    3) Call glass company. Glass company won’t repair car until insurance company approves (go back to step 2)

    We’ve tentatively booked our car in for Monday but who knows if that will actually be able to stick.

    Meanwhile we have a plastic bag taped over the back window of our car. I love insurance companies.

  62. Meanwhile, hubby’s moved his play date to later today. Since we’re temporarily down to one car, that means he’s taking mine. I guess that means a B horror or more Alpha Protocol for me…

  63. I’m enjoying AP. Although (very little spoilers) I decided the bad guy was really the good guy so I’ve gone rogue and am now on the most wanted list.

    *shrug* go figure.

  64. I’m really not very good at the whole stealthy bit though. I tend to kill people, even when I’m not really suppose to. I got in trouble once for killing people, but what could I do? I ran out of tranquilizer darts so had to use bullets instead. *shrug*

  65. TEB: Sounds like fun. I think I need to give it a try. 🙂

    Watched the most recent Dr. Who here, the one with Van Gogh. Really good ending.

  66. Decided not to assassinate the bad guy again and aborted the mission. Hopefully these decisions won’t come back to haunt me later on.

  67. For living in a place tgat gets such extremes of cold TEB you would hope the creepie crawlies would oblige by being on the small side…

  68. Van, admittedly, my “big” is usually a bit of an exaggeration, when you’re afraid of something, small is huge. However, even hubby admitted that the one today was quite large.

    But I guess it’s all relative. Big here in Calgary may be small compared to other places. *shrug*

  69. Here’s something to ponder. Hubby likes it when I clean the bathroom. Besides the obvious, a clean bathroom, I usually wear dark clothes and I don’t like getting cleaning stuff on them (I’ve had more than one shirt ruined by bleaching agents), I usually take my shirt off to clean the bathroom.

    Hubby says that’s the real reason he won’t clean the bathroom, more than anything else… the view. 😉

  70. ditto, if you’re referring to the incoming in-laws, we thought so too but there was a change in plans. That’s ok. I like my in-laws.

  71. Hubby’s other guitarist is setting up a recording studio in his house so hubby is going over after lunch to help out. I personally have my doubts. Usually they try to play at the drummers home simply because it’s easier to cart guitars around than drums.

    The other guitarist’s wife is due on Monday. He’s setting up so he doesn’t have to go far from home and can help look after the child. I personally don’t see her wanting, at the very least, noisy drums in the house once the baby is born. I know I wouldn’t.

  72. I’ve stopped playing for a little bit. After destroying some ancient Roman ruins I figure I better lay low for a bit.

    Now going to watch a movie while hubby is off playing.

  73. Recon 2023: The Guada Prime

    The write up: The heroic Lt. Sharp must lead his team into enemy territory as mankind prepares to launch a large scale attack in an intergalactic war.

  74. Seriously, between the cheesy music, the terrible acting, the almost non-existant story line, and the nudity, this movie is only one real sex scene away from an actual porn movie

  75. Usedhair: Good call! I was introduced recently, and I’m pretty hooked. Didn’t get my card yet, but it’s on my list. Praise “Bob”!

    Re: Great soundtracks/Awful movies: I thing Lost Highway solidly resides in that category.

    Re: Smashed car windows: I had mine smashed a few years ago. It was one of six, as someone, or some group, had a fun evening. And in a fairly upscale neighborhood, as suburbs go. Thankfully glass was covered in my insurance. I was told it wouldn’t effect my future rates. They lied.

    Re: Killing people. Reminds me of the time I was working a kiosk part time in a mall. The help was stealing a lot of product, so everyone got fired, innocent or not (including me). The district-manager dude told me that he would mail me a check at some point, maybe. I informed him in the nicest way possible that I would be leaving with my money that day. He could give it to me, or I would take it off of his person. I left with cash. I’m a nice guy unless pushed.

    TEB: Very nice re: bathroom-cleaning. I still love to get compliments from Lady J, and I still enjoy giving them to her. Part of a healthy love/nookie relationship, I say!

  76. Done mowing the lawn. I’m at the point that I’m enjoying toiling in the summer sun, at least for a couple hours.

    Time to do things that aren’t mowing the lawn! *swoooooosh!*

    And as those unfortunate enough to follow me on identi.ca or Twitter know, I’ve become familiar with the drink known as the “Salty Dog”. Very tasty, and my new summer drink. Come to find out, it can also be made with gin, but I think gin is yucky. Yucky gin, yucky!


  77. TEB: After your description, I pulled up the IMDB entry for that movie. I *love* this movie review:

    I just pulled this number off the Netflix queue for some light late-night action. Instead, I got a brainlock.

    First came the beginning set up, then came the crash to a planet. . .and then evidently, someone said something to upset a Food Service worker, because an overdose of psychiatric drugs in the Koolaid is the only explanation for the following hour and a half I saw.

    I give this a 7 ,not because it was a Bomb, but because it failed to make sense. And it failed–No- REFUSED to make sense in a spectacularly engaging way.

    I kid you not– this movie is a nonstop sequence of lurid cheapo-sets, sophomoric humor, an absolutely obscure and bizarre war plot interspersed with some pretty good creature effects, battle scenes, spaceship crashes, adrenaline-pumped cyborgs, an alien pyramid, a leatherclad temptress who is the President of Earth. . .and the best yet: a 70’s Blaxploitation flashback!!!

    When the movie ended, a lot of people were dead. Some deserved it because the Plot demanded it. Other were dead because they were too corny to stay alive. Others were dead because they probably realized that this movie was the end of their professional careers. And one was dead because of a mutant chicken.

    The one character who I am NOT sure is dead is the President of Earth.

    And P.S. This movie is NOT for the kids, unless you want to spend the rest of the night explaining a couple of frankly adult scenes. And if your teenager is watching this. . .maybe you’d be better off NOT KNOWING that your teenager was watching this so as to give yourself Plausible Deniability when being interviewed by Child Protective Services.

    Oh. . .one character is killed at least twice, yet still appears at the end of the movie to be killed one last time.

    I even think I saw a Ma’har.

    Oh. . .it died too.

    Plot Spoiler? This Movie had a Plot? As in a Progressive Story line? Hah!

    Man. . .that Koolaid must have been GOOOOD!

    Watch at your own risk.

    I’m not going to watch the movie, but that review cracks me up.

  78. Yeah never could gibe a compliment in person without it coming over as creepy. Can cause problems when the other person assumes you dislike them cos you don’t give compliments.

  79. Ed: Just an excellent example of stupidity knows no bounds. I’ll be happy to hold down the idiot while you beat the crap out of him, cuz you know it was a guy that made the shirt.

  80. Ditto, I hope you are right and I would think so as well. Maybe I’m naive, but I just couldn’t see a woman coming up with something that stupid.

  81. Could be you’ll need to be in the right mood, but I have to recommend “Interstate 60” for a fun little movie. Written & directed by Bob Gale, writer of “Back to the Future,” “Used Cars.” & “1941.”

    Some very fun Gary Oldman & Chris Cooper in this one.

  82. Jack: I’m not going to be able to get my lines out until tomorrow. Hope that’s okay. If not, I accept general hate and ire.

  83. Actually had a positive summer film experience, and at A-Team of all films. What a good, fun film. Seriously. Im aghast as to why, especially in this shit summer, its getting such a bad rap. The chemistry was awesome and besides the final elongated and shotty ending battle was really a well acted and excited movie. Ill also put its opening sequence up there with any action film in recent memory. Maybe too many people remembered the crappy tv show (it really doesnt hold up) and are comparing it to that. Its too bad, cause not many films do I go in dreading to see and leave in pure joy. Good stuff. That is all.

  84. That is quite interesting that it appears to have been pulled down. With as much questionable stuff that makes it up there, I’m surprised.

  85. Well, despite the warnings, we’ll be venturing out to see The Last Airbender today. The wife and I know what we’re walking into, but we’ve avoided exposing the kids to the news.

    At least we’ll be catching an early cheap show and AMC has coupons for today for any size popcorn or drink for $1. So, at least I won’t to totally butthurt beyond the couple hours of my life I won’t be getting back.

    Taking one for the team….

  86. My bit of the 60 lines recorded. Hopefully it’s louder than my previous submissions. It looks like this may work, or I might have to try yet something else.

  87. Survived Airbender. There are worse ways to blow a couple of hours. I wouldn’t recommend it at all to someone who wasn’t already familiar with the cartoon series. The movie does not stand well on its own.

  88. I’ve also got to say that Airbender was proceeded by the most lackluster collection of movie trailers I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t say anything I saw told me I had to come back to see them.

  89. Yeah theres really only 3 more film I want to see in the theater this summer – Predators, Inception, and The Expendables. I missed Splice which I actually really really wanted to see. Ed I had the same trailer experience. Its all just meh.

    Oh ditto.. “all you ‘mericans”. Youre one of us, ditto.
    One of us.
    One of us.
    One of us…..

    Its a love affair. Mainly Jesus and my hotrod.

  90. All hail Bob. I’d missed Lejon’s reference.

    Happy and safe 4th, Fellow ‘Mericans!

    The Expendables trailer looks really disappointing. You’re really going to assemble that cast and make a straight action movie? Really? This was an opportunity for 2010’s Snakes on a Plane. Oh well.

    Thank you everyone for your 60 Lines. We’re almost there.

  91. Hey guys and girls. My mom & dad left a while ago and we napped. I should be working in the yard, but I can’t muster the energy.

    We watched Green Zone last night via PlayStation Network. The download took for-evar, and the movie was a big bleh. The barbeque was wonderful, though.

  92. Lady J comes home in roughly 15 minutes. We’re going to celebrate the Fourth like REAL Americans! Kielbasa and pierogi. Well, then ice cream, too. 🙂

  93. Jack: I was not aware that you’re part Yeti.

    Well, one benefit to having Friday off instead of today: virtually no traffic getting in to work.

  94. oh come on Lo Pan- we can’t get 1 teeny tiny swoon out of you????? 😉

    I always loved seeing the fireworks over lake Michigan in Chicago, but I have to say San Franciscos display on the fishermans wharf was beautiful. Hugh felt up to attending which was awesome in itself, and the show was very well done for being just a bunch of lights in the sky!
    We have some of his family in town and they had a great time at the festivities all day at the piers. Lots of stuff for the kiddies and live music and food and all kinds of stuff.

    Hope everyone is doing well today… time to get ready for yoga here
    good day mush

  95. Morning, DP!

    Van, every TV thing was put on hold this weekend for July 4th. Boo.

    Sly B and I played Rock Band last night, and we did so well, the neighborhood was cacophonous with fireworks until about 1 a.m. Yawn.

    Now to treat today like a Sunday and do laundry and clean the house.

  96. It was my second 4th of July in Florida, but spent very differently with different lessons learned.

    Year 1: Upstate New York is very “rolling”. What we have wouldn’t be considered mountains by people in the Rockies, but they’re close enough for us. Central Florida is flat, flat, flat. Last year I was staying in a long-stay hotel while searching for a house so I could bring down the rest of the family. I figured I would simply walk around outside for a while and be able to see all the fireworks because it was so flat. Wrong. I was not in a residential neighborhood, so all the fireworks were pretty far away from me. As it turns out, when you live in a really flat place, every tree and building in the area block out EVERYTHING you think you should be able to see. I head, but did not see any fireworks that year.

    Year 2: Fireworks are illegal in NY, and legal in FL. I’m used to needing to go to a park that is having a sanctioned fireworks display to see a fireworks show. With the amount of crap that went up on Saturday night, we correctly guessed that there was no need for this here. Last night we had a BBQ with some neighbors and watched as nearly every house down every street (we live on a corner house, so we have a good view) stated setting off all the same stuff we see at professional displays. No traffic, no hassles when it rains, simply wait until the last drop hits the ground and people are at it again. We didn’t really have problems with noise late at night either. They seemed to be done by 10:30 or so.

    I think we’re going to like it down here.

  97. Usedhair: I loved that about the year I spent in Florida, too. There was something particularly magical about driving around and seeing fireworks going off all around you. :happy:

    Jack: So glad you liked our rendition of “Here Come the Hawks.” :biggrin:

  98. Lo Pan: Shut up Lo Pan. No one cares.

    Lo Pan: “But I just wanted to strike up some fun conversation here as opposed to treating Deadpan as Twitter Jr.”

    Lo Pan: You silly asshole.

    Lo Pan: *sobs*

  99. Hey… I’m seriously behind on the commenting, but please know, I still love’ you all. I’ve just been enjoying 4 days off with my kidlets.

    I start training for my new job tomorrow. I’ll be working 8 to 5 weekdays for a while. What kind of bizarre schedule is that anyway? :happy:

    Anyway… I’m nervousexcitedscaredhappytwitterpated!

  100. Just got back from watching Toy Story 3 and The Last Air Bender with my 13 year old daughter. Toy Story 3 was every bit as fantastic as we expected, and Last Air Bender stank to high heaven. My daughter likes nearly everything, but even she hated this movie. If you watched and loved the animated series (or like her… watched all 3 seasons 7 or 8 times) you WILL NOT like what they have done to it.

  101. I really enjoyed the final 10 minutes of Toy Story 3. Without that, it would still have been good, but still not nearly as great as the first 2. I hope they let it end there.

    (Spanish Mode was damn funny)

  102. Hey all…sent my 60 lines. Had fun trying to record them with fireworks going off. May have to send jack some outtakes.

    Here come the hawks indeed.

    I’m a lefty.

    The house is coming together…

    Enjoying a New Belgium Mothership Organic Wit.

  103. Well, after being down sick and the long weekend, I’m returning to work for the first time in a week today.

    Can’t wait for the email….

  104. Since we’re not exactly sure what time they will be in (they’re driving in with other family), I’m putting pineapple chicken in the crockpot, then it will be ready/warm for whenever they get here.

  105. here come the hawks!!! yay!!! Can’t wait to hear it!!! Hope we can get a play by play in this coming weekend after the fam leaves for chicago.

    LoPan- no swoon? 🙁 I’ve lost my mojo. lol. heh.

    glad to hear people enjoyed their 4th’s

    cj congrats for the new job! I just started a new job recently myself

    I am supposed to be seeing Toy Story here soon with my nieces and nephews. Have most people been happy with it?

    I did have the unfortunate experience of taking my nieces to see Twilight
    omg it was so bad.. and all the screaming girls everywhere. Twas horrible!! But I’m the favorite aunt now.

    cocorosie is awesome.. and yes a little freaky

    that is all

    for now

  106. TSH: Very happy with Toy Story 3. I agree with Jack, the ending really makes the movie. It is something Disney never would have done.

  107. Unfortunately, I know we’ll be seeing the new Twilight movie some time in the near future.

    Because he’s in a school, hubby likes to see and read what all the little kiddies are doing and it’s that age groum ( grade 5 – 8) that’s into the sparklie vampires that he associates with. Because I’m such a good wife, I see the silly movies too *bats eyelashes*

  108. Just saw ‘White Materials’, if I was the analysing type I would go on about how the film relates to obsession and the ending of White supremacy in Africa, but I’m not so I well just say that the movie was interesting.

    Just don’t see if you like Disney endings…

  109. LoPanLeevz’MDry: @EnergizerBunny Oh theres been conspiracies about DIA since it opened. Its awesome. There truly some bizarre stuff inside and out. Best airport evar.

  110. Good Morning, everybody, and Lo Pan.

    Hard waking up after that weekend. I am fairly certain that this Nipple is being brought to you by Starbuck (Yes, I’m at laser point).

    I may trickle in through the day.

    Praise Bob. All hail Discordia.

  111. TSH – I think the general consensus is … not the best of the three movies but probably one of the best of the year. Another hit for PIXAR.

    Take a hanky. You have been warned.

  112. Hey gang, long time no post. My folks are in town, so we’ve been spending a lot of time with them. We are heading out to San Diego for a 5 day vacation. Hope to see Sea World and Lego Land and the beach. I’ll probably continue to be sparce for the next few days or so.

  113. !!!! did I get a swoon??? yay!! 🙂

    welcome all to the in-laws better than blood club.

    I have a thing, maybe even a fetish you could say, for talking inanimate objects. Talking toys, talking furniture, even making animals talk for some reason always gets me. I absolutely adored Fantasia and Brave Little Toaster as a child. Obsessively LOVED those movies. So Toy story is a definite watch for me. I will indeed bring a hanky. I cried so much at Wall-E and Up it was insane 🙂

  114. Damnit!
    I’ve got Yankovic’s Germs running in my head… Stupid Stupid Stupid parody of NIN…STupid Stupid

    They’re all over me.
    Can’t get’em off of me.
    They’re all over me.

    …Microscopic Bacteria….


  115. Lejon – Just finished episode 48 part 2 – (can’t leave comments from work you site is blocked and I will forget) I find it fun listening to you geeks talking about your favorite D&D Characters… what is this fascination with squirrels? and who has the fascination ?

    (warming up on my Swedish)

  116. Well DP, I’m thinking it’s lunch time. Then I’ll probably play me some Alpha Protocol for a bit.

    Will probably be hit and miss for the next week with in-laws here. We’ll see. Still have to do the day job which is usually when I Pan anyway.

  117. Wolf – Wow. We’re blocked? I’m not sure if I’m flattered or outraged… I mean, I knew we were a little offensive, but blocked?
    As for the DnD characters, yeah… we’re geeks alrighty…

  118. I love me some Lacuna Coil. And I would marry Christina Scabbia if that fuckflake from Slipknot hadnt defiled her first.

  119. Rhettro: Have a good time in San Diego! 🙂

    Cj: Yay for good new job experiences! 🙂

    Today was Day One for me, not at a new job, but at a new work site. It was good, but not great. I miss having a bulletin board and an extra monitor, but I actually like having so many other people around with whom to share a common goal. I really appreciate the presence and advice of some other people who have been working on this database project for longer than I have, too.

  120. The Cure do have a ton of fantastic material, especially – but not limited to – the Disintegration album.

    Congrats Amy and Cj about the cool new job stuff!

    Goodnight :justincase:

  121. I find it all rather depressing that everytime I discover a new type of food preparation I like it’s even more unhealthy than fried bread.

    I’m willing myself to like salads…but it ain’t happening.

  122. I loves the Cure, but agree that Friday is very pop-ish. To be honest, they did the same thing in the 80s with Love Cats. The joke at the time was that they needed to release a pop hit every decade just to replace the fans that uh… were no longer around. 🙂

  123. Welll yes Essbee, if it wasn’t everybody would be a Doctor.

    So the special edition of The Secret of Monkey Island 2 is coming out on Steam in about 4 hours, if you prepurchase you get the original Monkey Island as a freebie.






























  127. Thanks, Lo. You are supr sweet.

    Lejon, I’m pretty sure that’s the only way anyone’s ass looks good around stone washed jeans.

  128. Dear M. Night, I understand you’re planning to continue making movies.


    Your first three were fantastic, but something seems to have gone wrong since Signs.


    If you’re thinking of making another, then please just


    For the love of all that’s holy, please


  129. Welcome to the Jungle
    we’ve got fun and games.
    We’re all stars now
    in the Dope show
    We’ve been dancing with
    Mr. Brownstone
    Come on, baby,
    do the locomotion.
    It’s just a jump to the left
    and then a step to the right
    put your hands on your hips
    and pull your knees in tight.
    Take me by my little hand
    and go like this.
    ’cause Jesus he knows me
    and he knows I’m right.
    Your own personal Jesus;
    Someone to hear your prayers.
    If you fall, I will catch you.
    I’ll be waiting.
    I am, I am, I am
    Superman, and I can do anything.

  130. Epiphany – You do not do drugs. Drugs do you.

    Although, that may not be completely true for everyone here 🙂

  131. Right. I’m going to stop being contrary and head on home to my wife, whom I get to drive to work, because she has developed “rotor cuff tendinitis”, and the drugs she’s about to be on are not ones to be driving on (can I get a “heal yeah?”)

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