Jack Mangans Deadpan #170: Yes

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #170: Yes

The Wizard of Deadpan


Promo – Billy Barbarian by JR Murdock (http://jrmurdock.com/billy-barbarian/)

Cj with a dumb ass memory

More from the Wizard of Deadpan

Stanley Cup Playoff Anthems
Amy Bowen
The Energizer Bunny
(where are the rest of the anthems?)

Evo Terra tells a dumb ass story

Congratulations Jack and Oden, we all wish you a happily every after

Shelia gives her well wishes to the happy couple

Justa J0e adds his congrats

The Energizer Bunny continues to torture the ears

Greasy Comments (read by Oden)
Nomad Scry
JR Murdock
Lo Pan
Cj (first of comment of the week)

The Lyrics Professor breaks down a song for us

Pink Floyd’s The Wall will be discussed in a future episode

Get your 60 Lines readings to Jack!

What will the next Palooza be?

Remember, when asked, “You and what army?” Reply “the Deadpan army.” We support each other.

Send in content: 206-350-Tomi (8664) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

Closing music … “Perfect Strangers” (live Deep Purple Cover)

Once again, congratulations to Jack and Oden. We all give virtual hugs to both of you and wish we could be there to give real ones.

642 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #170: Yes

  1. I don’t own a Kindle, so iBooks syncing bookmarks over my 3G/wifi connection is rather cool (if I read a book on the iPad then access the same book on my phone..my place in the book is transferred).

  2. Morning Pan!

    I’m glad Cj’s gift finally arrived. I was getting ticked at the postal system. And I thought I’d have to pull out the needle and thread again.

  3. Starting next week, show notes are going to be intermittent. Hubby’s home for the next six weeks and he always messes up my schedule. Also, we have family coming in at various times over the summer and that plays havoc too.

    Now, to listen to this week’s episode and write things down. Anybody want a special mention?

  4. Does anyone else think the next “You got Served” Movie should center on a dancing Process Server?

    *Main Character does an awesome set of dance moves, with 5 backup dancers, surreptitiously slipping a subpoena into the target’s pocket*

    “You just got Served!”

  5. Vanamonde: LOL! Our attempts to read that are going to make a great segment. :biggrin:

    Cj: HOORAY! So glad the package made it to you! :happy: Best of luck on the interview!

  6. Usedhair: I was not intentionally leaving out those other animation studios. I was thinking more about the big ones that have been producing movies in the past couple of decades, though I never stated that explicitly.

    I also totally agree about Disney villains. But, it is Disney, so what do you expect? They don’t want nuanced kids films.

    As for DreamWorks vs Pixar: DreamWorks has made some fantastic movies. I maintain “How To Train Your Dragon” is the best thing they’ve done. They’ve also made absolute drek. Pixar, on the other hand, has consistently made great movies. So, while I understand my comparison was on the dismissive side–that was unintentional–I don’t think it was out of line.

    Joe: I agree about old Disney films. Jungle Book is still near to my heart.

    I’m hoping that Universal Animation’s “Despicable Me” will be good. After all, Steve Carell as the main character and the villain has potential! Then again, it might end up being inane schlock.

    And I think that’s enough animation ramblings from me. I’m glad to see we’ve accumulated more fans. It’s been a couple of years(?) since we last talked about this.

  7. Ditto: sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that you intentionally left anyone out or that you comparison of dreamworks vs. Pixar was in any way invalid. I respect everyones opinions. I was just excited at the opportunity to gush about animation with anyone else who actually knows anything about it.

    And Venture Brothers still rocks :metal:

  8. Usedhair: no problem. I love talking about animation myself. Gush away. You’ve got a fan here. 🙂

    Cj: Good luck!

    CP: Fuck You — Lily Allen

  9. It took about 15 minutes into the movie before the strippers arrive. Just in case you want to fast forward to the nekkid bits.

  10. I have to say, while this may not be hard core, it does seem to have the acting ability and the “story” of your average porn movie.

  11. Well, I’ve stopped watching the movie. Not that I had a problem with it but hubby found out I was watching it and started whining (ever get whined at via e-mail, it’s not pretty). It’ll have to go on hold until he gets home. :biggrin:

  12. I got a letter from Canada Post saying there’s no word on my parcel yet and it may take 30 – 90 days for USPS to get back to them. I have no intention of contacting them to say it was finally delivered. I still feel they owe me $30 postage for an item I had paid to get expedited and then it shows up late.

    Think I’ll watch a half hour or so of Hammer of The Gods now.

  13. Dark Star: Haven’t seen it.

    Popeye: Saw it in 1980 at the theater. My 12 year old self didn’t like it. I’d be interested to see if my opinion has changed in 30 years. LOL

    The Wall: Listened to the album many times, never saw the movie.

    Buckaroo Banzai: Saw it a couple times, but haven’t watched it in the last 10 years.

  14. Darkstar is on Netflix. Not an instant watch, but it is available.

    Oddly enough, the best Pandora station I ever created was done as a joke. I seeded it with Yoko Ono just to see what the hell it would give me. Apart from the Yoko Ono stuff that I simply tell it I don’t like, it actually comes up with some good stuff. Go figure.

  15. I’ve seen The Wall, but I probably won’t participate in the mini-looza. I am super impacted by that movie, and cry every time I even think about it.

    Haven’t seen either of the others.

  16. There is a novelisation of Dark Star by Alan Dean Foster, stays faithful to the movie but it does explain what those moving lights on the wall actually are when Pinback goes to feed the Beachball.

  17. Never saw the Wall.
    Never saw Dark Star (I’m pretty sure)
    I’ve seen Buckaroo Banzai – I’m pretty sure I own the DVD. I WILL HAVE YOUR OVERTHRUSTER! …Hem hem…

    What about Battle Beyond the Stars?

    It’s like a Schlock version of the 7 samurai… IN SPACE!

  18. When I heard Dark Star it reminded me of the filmation cartoon series “Blackstar” that I loved as a kid. I pretty dug the filmation Batman and Tarzan series as well.

  19. I’m not here. I did just have a thought though.

    Wait a minute Jack. You can’t like Popeye. As I recall you have a strong phobia against musicals…

    (hopefully I’m remembering correctly as you and not someone else 😉 )

  20. Uhm. Did I DARE see anyone dissing Cyndi Lauper?

    I saw her in concert just a few years ago and AND she held my hand while singing Shine and I’ll have you know that up close she looks incredibly fabulous and wonderful.

    So there.


  21. Finally saw Dead Snow. Twice. Damn fine. Damn damn fine.
    Charlotte Frogner is my new wannabe Norwegian girlfriend. Bad name, cute girl.

  22. Aside from the Harry Potter audiobooks, my favorites are a series of crime novels by James Lee Burke. The books are set in S. Louisiana, which is my favorite place aside from Colorado. The narrators (there are 2 – actor Will Patton does some of the books) do the cajun and creole and southern accents wonderfully.

  23. But do him pay him taxes?

    I just bought George Takei’s autobiography on tape, read by one George Takei, for $.50. Now I gotta find a tape player…

  24. Finished “Murder at Avendon Hill”. Overall, excellent. I am happy to report I figured out whodunnit roughly halfway through, but I didn’t have it all worked out. The ending confrontation was pretty great, I thought. The ending ending leads to another in the series, which would be good, methinks. However, I think thus far I would’ve preferred it if it retained the more local, folktale level. But it could wind up being excellent. I like his representation of magic in his world, and I get a kick that the god is called “Az”, a fun play on “alpha and omega”. One of the best on Podiobooks. It deserves the praise.

  25. The film of that tattoo book is well worth checking out Essbee.

    I passed the afternoon watching the new Woody Allen film (well new for the UK)

  26. Van, they are talking about producing U.S. versions of the films now because the books are so popular. Entertainment Weekly suggests Brad Pitt as the lead. Sly B and I wondered this morning why they need to be remade and decided it was because subtitles are TOO HARD for us.

  27. Good Morning :pan: !

    I am caught up on the conversation – and now I feel old
    for I have 2 tape players, and a cassette deck in my car…

    Thank god I got rid of all those 8-tracks…No telling what the time continuum would have tossed at me…

  28. Her hair is gray and old
    Her lips chapped and dry
    Her hands are always cold
    She’s got Marty Feldman eyes
    Her once good looks are gone
    She’ll no longer entice
    A big mole on her nose
    She’s got Marty Feldman eyes

    She’ll unease you
    She has fleas too
    And she has Hodgkin’s disease too
    She’s atrocious
    Sometimes she forgets to make the toilet bowl flush
    She’s got Kirstie Alley big fat thighs
    She’s got Marty Feldman eyes

    She’s from a mental home
    You know her mind’s not right
    Her hair she doesn’t comb
    She’s got Marty Feldman eyes
    She’ll scream or mumble at you
    Repeats everything twice
    She’s got a few loose screws
    She’s got Marty Feldman eyes

    She’s an old shrew
    And she’s been to
    Other planets in a U.F.O. too
    She’s atrocious
    And she knows just what it takes to make you go nuts
    All the boys think she’s a guy
    She’s got Marty Feldman eyes

    She’ll impede you
    And deceive you
    All the better just to leave you
    She’s atrocious
    When she scrubs her back she’ll use the toilet bowl brush
    All the boys think she’s a guy
    She’s got Marty Feldman eyes

  29. I don’t mind the song at all. In fact, I remember that I loved it quite a bit as a youngster when I heard it on the radio. But I didn’t put it on my iPod!

    Rhettro, I might know her.

  30. The original Swedish film version is excellent, although I’m told it deviates heavily from the book(s) – – also supposed to be excellent.

    I believe the sequel film is already released too. Poor Stieg Larsson didn’t survive to see his novels made into movies.

  31. Ahem.


    I have an announcement. Mr. David Lo Pan can just zip his thoughts about this one.

    Buffy ROCKS. I’m reading the latest issue of S8, and am all tingly.

    That is all.

  32. Oh, wait… these little people are saying they want food.

    Cheese sammiches for everyone!!!!

    OK really, I don’t have that much energy. *giggle*

    I will feed them though.

  33. No no EssBee, its ok. Its best that way. PLUS what I feel for Buffy in no way comes close to the spite and loathe I have for Tolkien materials.


  34. I think the latest HD crash ate my latest Deadpan stuff, but I’ve been around online. Did a Quirky Quiz for the QN Podcast and last week did two Buffy commentaries at Sofadogs.

  35. Meanwhile, Darcy is in the homestretch with the costumes for “Stinky Cheese Man” so scheduling is rough and shall be for another couple weeks.

  36. Huh, that’s a new one on me. I’ve heard of a “gully wumper”. I suppose it makes more sense, though.

    I just recently heard the phrase “over the moon”, too. I don’t recall hearing that one before, but I’m told it’s common.

  37. This…..Is…. Sparticus!!!!


    er… Mars Volta!

    er… At the Drive In!!!


    god please someone get the joke…

  38. Morning pan!!!!!!

    it’s way way WAY too early here. But we needed to come to Hughs treatment early today for some routine stuff.

    Hugh sez: I’m sleeping with my eyes open

    We wanted to play by play this weeks ep. Might get interrupted but we are going to try to finish it today during his treatment.

    let me go see if my itunes has been keeping up…

  39. uh-oh. My Deadpan feed has the dreaded exclamation point next to it.

    How come Savage Love always happily downloads but not Deadpan? Yet Deadpan is the 1 I sorta try to listen to sometimes. I have…..101 unlistened to Savage Loves. Yikes. Sorry Dan Savage. We heart you.

  40. the itunes store only has up to 168.. didn’t something like this happen to me last time?

    Hugh sez: I remember it had 2 different names or something and the deadpans were in different feeds or some shit like that.

    hmmmm.. I do recall this slightly

    I am going to investigate this 1 more time then prob try and just listen off the site

  41. I am missing a whole bunch of Deadpans somehow.. my feed is a mess.

    Jack- complie all 170 episodes and send them to me 🙂

    you know, in your spare time

    ok. Just a bit more here. Hughs flirting with his favorite nurse. She is really cute. She loves Hugh.

  42. we are sync’d with Wizard of Oz

    LOL. the midget hangin on the tree

    Hugh sez: That poor bird midget hung himself?

    Richard hung himself*

    Hugh sez: just the other day*

    * obscure punk rock reference: Richard Hung Himself by DI. Featured in the classic film: Suburbia

  43. dumb.ass.memories

    CJ!!!!! 2010 Phoenix Comic Con

    Hugh sez: 2 for 1

    sticker on foot
    went to remove
    hit a bush
    soda pop bottle


    camping joshua tree
    needed bathroom
    escorted to outhouse
    hit behind a tree




  44. LOL.. yes that is why gays love Wizard of Oz

    boyishly attractive girl in love with shoes.. LOL

    wicked witch = aliens from signs

    LOL. ewwwwwwwwwwww

    Hugh sez: why you hatin on Wizard of Oz, man?

    what Hugh, are you in love with Wizard of Oz???

    Hugh sez: No, just wondering 🙂

  45. OK, I have the movie Unforgiven in my Netflix cue. Why I have a western in there, I’ll never know. I don’t like westerns. Did anyone here recommend it for some odd reason? There must have been a cause for the effect of my clicking on it. Who’s responsible. I’m taking names and, if necessary, kicking asses.

  46. little known fact

    Scarecrow left oz and got tangled up with a scottish pagan cult 🙂

    Wicked witch of the east was house hunting


    how disgusting would that scene of been if directed by clive barker

    Hugh sez: I am sending Clive Barker an email right now begging him to remake Wizard of Oz

    🙂 that would be high-larious!!

  47. 1 final question

    is this movie REALLY just about 2 women fighting over shoes

    Hugh sez: Women and their shoes.. don’t even get me started. My wife came to San Francisco with 4 or 5 pair of shoes. Somehow now we have.. I don’t know.. 600 pairs??

    I DO NOT have 600 pairs of shoes!! Oh but that would be nice.. sigh…. daydreams..
    600 shoooeeessss…. swoooooooonnnn

    Hugh sez: control yourself woman!!

  48. Hotties – nice one!

    Gays, Oz = Judy Garland. Also, going from a black & white world to one that’s FABULOUS where nobody looks at you twice for being a fairy, MUNCHkin, or a member of the lollipop guild. I mean, COME ON!!

  49. Mangan.. you really got your shit together


    I love this duet, Ed and Alvie, right?

    LOL.. oh those were funny

    what is this little Deadpan mash up? I love it!!!!

    Jack did you do this

    Hugh sez: we have show notes by bunny.. chieck it

    I shall! Thank you again bunny!!

  50. this part of the show is just listed as anthems.

    Jack, did you make that little intro mash up for the anthems

    OOOO!! Wait, Hugh.. is 1 of these going to be a chicago anthem????

    Hugh sez: Play it play it!!!!!!!!

    sorry we are a little excited here. The glory of the stanley cup is already wearing off though. We traded 4 guys off our team.

    Although- EssBee you will appreciate this. Apparently the stanley cup is in Chicagos pride parade tomorrow. How fucking awesome is that? The NBA trophy never attended the pride parade.

  51. Evo Terra!!!! swooooooonnnnn

    he’s going to tell us about Friday

    whats with the kids in the background of his call there?

    Hugh sez: Jack, man. you are making me look bad. I gave the worst marriage proposal ever in the history of the world. I am shocked she said yes to me.

    It was who you were then, baby. I don’t care about the proposal. The last 15+ years have been wonderful.

    Hugh sez: awww shucks girly *blush*

  52. Evo is so not into doing cool things

    Jack: Oh I’m gonna be doing the cool thing at EVFN

    LOL “cool thing”??? Marriage proposal = cool thing? LOL

    awwwwww….. so cute!!!!! I wish i could of been there

    Oh Evo.. Evo, Evo, Evo. And you call yourself a professional

    professional douche bag!!!

    Actually I can see that. I bet it was an exciting moment and I can see where the slip up happened.

    Hugh sez: NO excuse

    LOL. Hugh is such a task master 🙂

  53. OMG that is so so cute


    Hugh sez: Congrats, man. I’m a fan of marriage

    [pricess bride] marriage is what brings us together today [/princess bride]

    Oden is all giggling 🙂 awwww

    Hugh sez: Dre is awww-ing all over the fucking place now. She’s going to be all swoony romantic the rest of the damn day now

    oh.. yeah. Sucks to be you Hugh eh?

    Hugh sez: sucks to be me 🙂

  54. Lets hear Jack and Odens take on it

    he was all nervous about where they were going to be friday night

    Hugh sez: Yeah, yeah.. only a good guy would actually think about the place he proposes 🙁

    Oh Hugh you stop! Your proposal was perfect. So yeah it wasn’t the most well thought out romantic thing you’ve ever done but so what. The proposal doesn’t mean the marriage will go a certain way.

    Marriage does take work, and what you didn’t put into the proposal you put into the marriage and here we are now, right?

    Hugh sez: 🙂 right. I just feel like an ass. Your over here swooning and awwing over this and my proposal fucking sucked

    I am officially ignoring anymore talk about your proposal if its going to be negative

  55. LOL

    Jack: Oden will you marry me


    Oden: yes

    whats with the pause???? 😉 LOL

    Hugh sez: She decided to think about it a little the 2nd time around

    Ah nothing like some good eye rolling during a marriage proposal

    Hugh sez: welcome to the rest of your life Jack!


    Hugh sez: I get eye rolled at 50 times a week!

  56. Nomad Scry likes rhetro circle

    JR Murdock wants disneys fist of north star

    lo pan doesnt need viagra

    Essbee is lol-ing

    switches from bw to color

    not nobody! NOt no how!!

    Van how is the pudding?

    reaper is bake sale-ing

    Van cozies up to True Blood watchers

    CJ is very relaxed right now

    1st of the week

    lions and tigers and Deadpans

  57. LOL..

    Lyric professor sez: nothing too difficult thus far

    so far we have:

    younger person
    something that is 1 of a kind
    his 1 of a kind has nothing on
    didn’t come in a box (thats deep)
    didnt have to pay taxes
    he brought the object to life from plastic


    he’s singing to his 2nd hand wonder woman doll

    Hugh sez: that was high-larious

  58. Dre wins!!!!!!! He didn’t come back after the music!!!!

    Hugh sez: Yeah I love it when you win

    AWWWWWW!!!!! Since I put the mp3 of this ep in my itunes it went into my music library not my podcast library and so then it shuffled in my itunes library to Naked Raygun Holding You

    awwww.. so appropriate

    Hugh sez: that was awesome. Best fucking punk rock love song. evar.

    ever ever ever

    Hugh might not of proposed to me very smoothly but he always made me tapes of his punk rock love songs.

  59. ok Deadpan

    I am getting all swoony after Jack and Oden and now my Naked Raygun love song

    its too much for me.

    “all that I want won’t be all that I need, without me holding you”


    Hugh sez; oh Jesus she’s going to be out of control today

  60. alrighty panites

    we’ve got another hour of treatment. I’m going to spend it gazing lovingly at my man

    Hugh sez: Worship me woman!!

    🙂 lol.. nice. hugh knows how to ruin the moment

    you all take care

    regular Deadpan can resume

    play by play is over

  61. Hey Deadpan, anyone here watch any Party Down, either on Starz, DVD or Netflix stream?

    Excellent show, especially if you liked Veronica Mars, it was created by Rob Thomas, and he got some of his writers, producers, and actors to work on it.

    And the main character Henry, played by Adam Scott, is so very wonderfully deadpan in his performance.

    Check it out!

  62. Good morning – because I’m still in pajamas.. we ALL are!

    I’ll get dressed before I go out concerting tonight.. Is that what it’s called when you go to a concert? Concerting?

    Anyway… we are watching Honey I Blew up the Kid.

    I love Rick Moranis and the kiddos thing it’s really funny.

  63. I went to a trial Tai Chi class. The guy I’m considering teaches Tai Chi, “formless boxing”, and Bagua. The first two he seems to try to blend together. He has also created his own Tai Chi form, and teaches that instead of the traditional Yang style. It’s awful. It is as Tai Chi as Pantera is elevator music. It violates all of the bsiac principles. But, I try to be a good sport, and I was there as a guest, so I just followed the class like a regular student. Towards the end, the instructor (Sifu, in Chinese [sort of]) and I actually began a bit of a playful tussle. Twice. The first time, Sifu got a couple hits in to match mine. Then I dropped him and (fake) ground-and-pounded him, ending with my knee on his head, considering an armbar. But we ended. Round two? I saw every move Sifu was going to make, grabbed his legs, and dropped him like a sack of rice at about the three-second mark.

    I’ll still watch his Bagua class, since the style fascinates me. Otherwise, at least he’s a nice guy.

  64. After that, I mowed the front lawn, I’m going to start working out, and then I’ll see what I can do from there. Tomorrow is a party at a lakehouse. Looks like it’ll be a touch chilly to swim in a lake, but it’ll be fun.

  65. Happy weekend, Deadpan.

    We retrieved my daughter from camp this morning and spent the early afternoon watching Toy Story 3. No doubt, it was excellent. If you do not tear up just a little during this movie, you officially have no soul.

  66. JB: Good to know someone here likes it. The actual culprit may have been the guy who sits next to me at work. I seem to remember him rambling on about how some western needed to be watched and what a great cast it had. I’ll wind up giving it a try, but it’s still pretty low on the old Cue.

  67. Unforgiven is brilliant, in spite of it being a Western.

    I guess none of us went to the FPM Pool Party. After enduring another long round of games, I had another small reunion today, and so, after many long hours in the car, spent the evening at home with the kiddos.

  68. I still have 8 FPM shows in my list…

    Angel Between the Lines (which they swear is only in long hiatus and not podfaded)
    Backseat Producers
    Cover to Cover
    Jack Mangan’s Deadpan (interestingly, I believe I helped write thse description blurb on the Farpoint site, is that taken from the Facebook description? I just remember coming up with some of that copy)
    Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas
    Slice of Sci Fi
    Strangely Literal
    Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland

  69. Oh, and speaking of LLAP – we recorded a new show last night after a much unwanted hiatus so those of you who listen should be seeing it in the feed in the next day or so. Yay! 🙂

  70. Hey Pan.

    Catching up. Locus awards: Boneshaker was good. Hubby says he’s enjoying The Windup Girl
    Congrats on the girl NS. Are you thinking of names yet?
    Poor kitten
    As far as banning oral sex. I wonder how many of those people will be breaking the law the minute it would be brought into effect? I find it hard to believe none of them do it.
    I think I only listen to 2 FPM shows. Jack Mangan and LLAP

  71. RE: Texas GOP

    Is it time to start a pool? We should place bets on how many months it will be before a Texas GOP leader is found having oral sex and or sodomy, with a person of the same sex, IN a strip club.

    That article has to be a joke. There just simply can’t be anybody in charge of a statewide political party who is that out of whack as to want to publicly attack oral sex. If they do, then the “sanctity of marriage” brigade ought to come after them because THAT is a direct assault on “traditional marriage” and the inferred rights therein!
    (For that mater this could include sodomy as well. Those who seek control, like to pretend that sodomy is the sole playground for homosexuals. I could send them a list of podcasts that would be willing to offer evidence to the contrary.)

  72. I think the only FPM that I listen to on a regular basis is KAMN & JM’s Deadpan. I’ll pick up an episode here and there of some of the rest. I just don’t have time for everything…

    Well, I suppose I could give up on my race through Buffy & Angel. Nah.

    I do miss Wingin’ It though. I only came on with the third iteration, but that’s what eventually led me here.

  73. I was told, as a teenager, that sodomy was any kind of not natural sex. I presume that meant anything that wasn’t missionary.

    Then again, I was told that dinosaurs were evil genetic manipulations created by brilliant antediluvian scientists and that they went extinct in the great flood that god sent.

    I am not THAT old. Carbon dating was common practice by the time I was told this.

  74. Hey :pan: community. I’m looking for some advice with microphones. I have to record interviews with experts as part of my job. I’ve borrowed digital recorders and have been very disappointed. I have borrowed a standard Logitech USB desktop microphone and been generally pleased with the results, but can only hear the expert and often don’t hear my own questions quite so well (I’m trying not to remind the experts that I’m recording them, so I can’t swing the microphone back and forth. It needs to stay inconspicuous). I’m looking to invest in a microphone so I don’t have to keep borrowing. I always have my laptop on and open during interviews, so using a digital recorder simply adds the step of removing the recordings. I was thinking about trying an omni-directional mic, but they sometimes have problems picking up as much sound as uni-directional microphones. Does anyone have a suggestion for an inexpensive, travel friendly microphone to record interviews?

  75. Check with Blue. I have a Snowball that does omni and I know they have the Snowflake for more portable purposes. I do not know the pickup patterns available in the Snowflake though.

  76. The Snowball is supposed to be a good choice, though I’ve only used the Snowflake. I’d recommend looking into one of the Zoom H2/H4 series. I believe they just came out with a new entry level model. Offhand I can’t remember the name, pricing, or release date, but… never-the-mind.

    If all else fails, try to find an old iRiver mp3 player. They made some really excellent in-a-pinch voice recorders.

  77. Yay, another TSH Play-by-Play! I have a few replies to parts of it.

    Hugh sez: Wait, whats always close to her mouth??

    That was a reference to the segment of Deadpan #169 that was recorded live at the Deadpan MMMMMeetup II this past March. (Starts at 5:09 into that episode.) I was reading story narration from “The Questors from Effpiem” and stopped to ask Danthol if the microphone was close enough to my mouth. I cracked up laughing when I heard EssBee’s reference to it in #170 and realized that I’d started a meme. :biggrin:

    what is this little Deadpan mash up? I love it!!!!

    Jack did you do this

    Yeah, he did. It’s made of bits and pieces of the various clips people have turned in to the Deadpan of themselves singing – mostly anthems owed on hockey bets (which is what the mashup is now an intro for), but some other stuff, too.

    Good job Amy!!!

    Hugh sez: good job!!!

    Thank you! 🙂

    I wish Amy did a Chicago one.

    I did, it just hasn’t been put into the show yet. Stay tuned.

    Ok, who is the lyric professor?

    Even though he doesn’t say so, I know it’s J.R. Murdock because I recognize the URL he gives at the end as his.

    Speaking of whom: I’m going to the Sigler Stank IV tour stop in San Diego tomorrow night, and J.R. will probably be there, too! I’m so excited! :happy:

    NS: Congrats!

  78. Every sperm is great.

    And btw fyi, I still need to get my single parent Social Media/e-communication rhythm down. Lots of other people do this successfully – – without sacrificing quality kid time. I’ll get there.

  79. Love never gives up.
    Love cares more for others than for self.
    Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
    Love doesn’t strut, doesn’t have a swelled head, doesn’t force itself on others, isn’t always “me first,” doesn’t fly off the handle, doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, doesn’t revel with others grovel…

    Just sayin’

    I love all of you. :happy:

  80. Hmm, there appear to be conspiracy theories about that Boo, the little girl in Monsters, Inc. makes a cameo appearance in Toy Story Three. Having seen the pictures, I want to believe 🙂

  81. Nomad Scry: How about Nomaiden Scry?

    EssBee: Happy Birthday

    I need a weekend for my weekend.

    Apparently I’m pretty durned good at bocce.

    And lately I’ve felt like a thread-killer.

  82. Here’s a puzzler, If my hubby is suppose to be on holidays for the next six weeks why is he going into work for two days next week and figures he will also have to go in the following week as well. How is that holidays?

  83. I’m being mean. Even though today is hubby’s hubby’s first official day of holidays, I’m putting him to work. Later we’re going to get a number of bookcases (4) and we’re going to redo the office. I decided I need more space.

  84. I’m making him do it now for two reasons.

    1) Month end is coming up soon so I won’t have a lot of time later in the week

    2) in-laws are coming in next week so I want it done before then

    I promised he could have relaxing time after the room is done 🙂

  85. Hubby and I just booked a romantic weekend getaway in the mountains for our anniversary next month. Apparently the suite has a full kitchen so hubby made the comment on how we can make our own dinners while we are there. Since hubby doesn’t cook, I let him know what I thought about the idea of cooking on our anniversary.
    We’ll be eating out. 😉

  86. Thanks, everybody!

    For my 39th birthday, I’m quitting smoking. I’m already freaking out with THAT feeling that anyone who’s quit knows.

    I got a happy bday email from my brother this morning. I haven’t heard from him for 2 years, and his email has left me profoundly sad. You know what would go great right about now?

  87. Rhettro, will there be another recording featuring your wife’s . . . um . . . ASSESSMENT of some of your qualities? Because I’d check that out.

  88. I’d like to take this brief moment to share the fact that I have a positively sucky headache borderlining on migraine right now and have about 20 minutes to get the kids ready for swim lessons where I sit outside for 30 minutes in the heat and will most likely grumble to myself about how much my stinking head hurts.

    ow ow ow!


  89. *shakes his tiny fist at Van and his free apps*
    Having successfully avoided wasting my life with video games, one of your free app suggestions has finally latched itself onto my frontal lobe.

    “Reign of Swords”

    I lose much time and sleep playing this.

  90. Rhett, my brother has the same birthday as you too. 10/11?

    That’s also National Coming Out Day.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  91. I just spotted this at answers.yahoo.com. . . . :

    Open Questions in Cooking & Recipes

    * Making White Chicken Chili…?
    * How would you fill a banana peel with feces?
    * Is guacamole A healthy snack?
    * What’s the best way to cook green beans (to serve 4 people) in 20 minutes?


  92. I only know about the guacamole. Yes, it’s exceedingly healthy, just take into account its very high calorie rates, due to the heavy amounts of (healthy) fats.

    I think I’ve had a white chili before, but it obviously didn’t impress me.

  93. Despite having a neighbor complain that it wiped “everything” on his phone, I just updated my iPhone 3G with the newest software. I waited a few days to see if there was any chatter about it, but no one was speaking up. It seems that “everything” boils down to all of your audio and video files, some of your pictures (size listed on iTunes decreased, but I don’t see anything specific lost yet). So far as I can tell my contacts and apps and most of my photos are still in place. Seeing as I don’t listen to music on my iPhone anyway, the inconvenience of having to manually put some back on there, for those odd moments that I don’t have my iPod, is fairly inconsequential; and iTunes did warn me that it was going to clear off information from my iPhone. I just wish that A) iTunes was clearer on what, exactly, was going to be wiped and B) that syncing the iPhone with iTunes performed the function it was supposed to perform and avoided the need to wipe anything. Looks more and more like I’ll be shifting to the Droid when my AT&T contract runs out in January.

  94. Here’s a family question, DP:

    I mentioned yesterday that I heard from my . . . estranged? . . . brother yesterday. I have very bad/angry feelings toward him. To boil it down, I can’t abide his treatment of our parents (he basically has cut them off, and refused to let them see their grandkids – my parents are good people).

    My question: do I respond to his “Happy Birthday! love u sis” email? Or do I file it?

  95. I say respond with a simple thank you, about the same as you would for a casual acquaintance. It’s the civil answer and doesn’t absolve him of anything.

  96. Essbee – life’s is to short to be carrying the burden of HIS ill-behavior on YOUR shoulders. Tell him thanks. Wish him well. Then try not to even think about him again until his next contact with you.

    I’ve had to learn this with one of my own relations. Her life is a mess and she passive-aggressively makes her problems everyone else’s. Except one day, when I had spent 2 hours carefully composing a long e-mail to her in which I was trying to point out the errors of her ways … I realized she had just stolen 2 hours of my life.
    Then I realize she hadn’t taken it from me … she had coerced me into voluntarily giving those 2 hours away. Worse, it was an issue that in no way effected my day to day life and I wouldn’t even have known about it if I hadn’t opened her e-mail.

    Don’t let your brother’s dark cloud into your space for another minute. You can’t fix him and you can’t solve this for your parents.

    Just continue to be your cheerful, healthy self. Say thanks and rest assured that being cordial isn’t condoning his douche-baggery.

  97. I don’t think that’s just limited to the 3G JB, some apps are more stable others not under 4.O on my GS.

    Even apps that claim 4.0 don’t support task switching (I’m looking at you Canabalt).

  98. Thanks for answering my questions Amy 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time. Can’t wait to hear your Chicago tune!!

    EssBee belated happy birthday

    nomad congrats

    sorry if I missed anything else important.. so congrats and good luck to everyone for whatever good is going on in your lives and condolences and sympathies for anything bad.

    hope you are all good
    be good to each other out there

  99. Yah Boobies!

    EssBee: If your brother knows how you feel, then I agree a simple acknowlegment of his email is fine. But if you have unresolved feelings with him then it may be best to air them. I wouldn’t start the conversation attacking his actions, but let him know how what he has done has made you feel and how you wish things were different. Regardless of how he reacts to that, it would put the ball firmly in his court, and I suspect it would take a great weight off your shoulders. Just my two cents. 🙂

  100. Yeah, we have lots of trainspotters in the US, Van, although we mostly call them “middle-aged white men”.

    Or, if you’re referring to heroin addicts, the yeah, we have those here too.

  101. I’ve recorded my lines. Finally. Amazing how hard it was to find quiet time now that it is hot and boy is home from school. I’ll try to get them in the air tomorrow.

  102. EssBee: I’m clearly far too late, but I agree with the consensus. When it comes to my family, I’ll smile and nod, but know things will probably never change. Makes life vaguely more easy.

  103. I took my 3G to iOS4 and I told my wife not to do it. It adds a few nice features, but at the cost of everything running slower and my battery drains faster too. In other words, it acts like a typical new OS running on old hardware.

    i.e. I should have known better.

  104. Thanks, JN.

    I am offended for Charlaine Harris by the review of True Blood in Rolling Stone: “. . . perfected the mix of ‘Twilight’ and Skinemax.”

    Dear RS: Sookie was a series of books before the raging Mormon drama queen started writing those insipid Edward novels.

    That is all.

  105. Dropping FaceBook down a well?

    I really can’t do better than “Belatedly Fondled Perineum”, so I’ll offer a humble:
    Bubbling Fungi Pizza?
    Bleating Foal Princess?
    Bungled Free Point?
    Boob Face Plant? (oh wiat…)

  106. Raises Hand

    Was a fun film, although I felt a but let down that the actress playing the cortonionist had her face CGI over the body of a Young Russian sexworker.

  107. Against your recommendation, Ed, I’m downloading the audiobook of Wizards First Rule. I think the only way I’m going to get through it is by listening to it!

  108. The Smarty Hotties® said:
    Thanks for answering my questions Amy 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time. Can’t wait to hear your Chicago tune!!

    You’re very welcome! :happy:

  109. Jack – Tx for the reminder. I hadn’t put WW on my pull list yet.

    JMS will be doing a run on WW and I figured that I’d like to see what the creator of Midnight Nation would do with her.

  110. As to the article about the association between gait and vaginal orgasms:

    Studies like this piss me off because they don’t follow the scientific method. First, it’s a correlation study. Correlation does not equal causation. They are looking to show that vaginal orgasms cause a difference in muscle tension/blockage. Rather than measure muscle tension before and after orgasms, or attempting any kind of control groups, they simply run a correlation which could also mean that gait could affect the ability to have vaginal orgasms or that some other factor is affecting them both. Second, the idea behind a well planned experiment is to DISPROVE your hypothesis. Good science sets up experiments where you set your hypothesis up to fail. If your hypothesis stands up to the test, you are good. This experiment deliberately set themselves up to demonstrate the validity of their hypothesis. Shame on them.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s episode of Usedhair’s experimental science lesson of the day. Thanks for tuning in kids. Tomorrow we’ll tackle Confusing P(H|E) with P(E|H).

  111. I kind of thought that the point of the study was to get money from the government, i.e. taxpayers, i.e. you, to watch women walk and make guesses about the kinds of orgasms they have/have had.

    Which kind of sounds like what most free-standing groups of males do, of their own volition. For free.

  112. I finished s5 of BtVS.

    I think this was my favorite season so far. Despite finding Glory to be trite and annoying at every single step of the way. The show already had Harmony. It didn’t need a new Harmony with bigger powers.

  113. re: SCIENCE ! –
    Thirdly – they would need to insure that the women in the study actually did in fact have vaginal orgasm. This would require multiple experimentation with each subject. Further, they would need to use some sort of mechanical penetrating apparatus to eliminate the variables involved with human interaction.

    Fourthly – if they sell Internet access to the test video, they would pay for the study.

    I’m just say’n is all.

  114. Good Morning, :pan: !

    I am back to business as usual. and still a little sick – The man just won’t let my people rest… wait… Nope, can’t make that fly….

  115. Sick in the summer is just wrong. I think Ed has been sick also. Get better you DP guys.

    CP: the new Trombone Shorty album. Me likey.

  116. Hey DP. Went downtown this morning. Discovered the scanner on my desk doesn’t seem to work any more so did NOTHING!. Came home and am starting month end. Blech.

  117. Hubby had to go into work this morning. Their IT person is leaving and he’s on the hiring board for a new tech.

    Since he’s technically on holidays, why did we both have to still get up at five am this morning? Blech.

  118. Everything I look at seems to be in a picture frame. It’s quite a strange feeling. At least, with contacts, my vision isn’t through a box.

  119. As a spectacles persons TEB, you are laying it on a bit thick with ‘picture frame’ business.

    Trying taking them off and looking through a pinhole for a real challenge…

  120. 🙂 Van.

    You’re right Van, however I usually never wear glasses. I have the type of contacts I put in at the beginning of the month and then forget about them until the next month when I change them out.

    My hubby, on the other hand, can’t even be in the same room when I remove/put in my contacts, it just creeps him right out so he’ll never lose the glasses. Which is too bad, he has such beautiful eyes.

  121. You have told him he can take them off in the bedroom?


    I had a blond moment today, went for an x-ray on my knee (to check out a lump), and the radiographer ask me to get on the table and lie on my back. To which for some reason I had to clarify with ‘so that’s me looking up at the ceiling?’

    Gawd I feel my IQ going down the pan as I type..

  122. NS: Also being a lefty – problems I have – South is North to me, so people giving me driving directions get me lost. Also, I’m constantly telling myself “no, my other right”, and Unless I’m in a car, I’ll likely run into things if I’m walking and turn “left” as some people call it…

  123. My hubby is a lefty. But, unlike Mr. Mangan, he plays guitar right handed. Of the two of us, I’m more likely to get my left/right directions mixed up.

  124. Hello, gang.

    Yes, I have been down with some summer illness. The wife dragged me to the doctor today and now I’m all drugged up. I’ve finally managed to climb the stairs today to check on mail and such. About the only good thing about this is that I’ve had lots of sofa time to work through my Blu-Ray collection.

    I’ll probably get through all of Firefly in the next few days.

    Still, pretty much everything else about this week is a total write off.

  125. I can’t even articulate how much I dislike that franchise. I haven’t read the books – and WON’T. We did try to watch the first film – and COULDN’T.

  126. Speaking of franchises… the trailer for HP this fall looks good. I might even see this one.

    December looks good for movies. Both Tron and Yamato will be out, though I don’t know when Yamato will get to these shores.

  127. I really dig the HP films. Sly B doesn’t.

    Speaking of HP, the Harry Potter Lego was released yesterday. I’m going to pick it up soon and we’re gonna play it!

  128. I am a game newbie, but we have been playing LOTS of Rock Star since Saturday. We got Beatles and Lego Rock Star. We have loaners of Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones, but haven’t played them much.

  129. Lunch is done. Work is finally done, although I do have to do some tomorrow *grumble, grumble* working on a holiday is criminal *grumble, grumble*

    Now to play on my computer

    CP: Alpha Protocol

  130. TEB: How are you enjoying that one? I’ve heard mixed reviews. It sounds like it has some fun over-the-top fun, but some serious game play issues. It would be interesting to hear your perspective.

  131. ditto, I only just picked it up yesterday so can’t give a real review yet. I’ve heard that it has a very good over-arching story line along the lines of Bioware stuff, but some of the shooting/fighting/etc can be buggy. I decided the idea of story outweighed the other issues for me.

  132. OMFG The Last Airbender is getting destroyed….. whats that leaving so fast? Oh its M.Night’s career.

    Ive never seen Ebert give a film a half a star, its rare that AV Club gives films an ‘F’, and not even the hack early critics on Tomatoes liked it. This film is a microcosm of this summer in general. Well done Hollywood.

  133. I think it’s good to have you back among the living, Ed.

    And btw, all of the 60 Lines II readings have been excellent! You guys have really delivered.

    Only waiting on 8 people. No pressure (yet!), the segment will probably run next week, if I have all of the parts covered.

    Lo Pan: that’s a shame, but not surprising. WTF happened to M. Night after “Signs”?

  134. How the fuck could he screw up The Last Airbender? The story was pretty much handed to him on a silver platter from the TV series. My whole family has been looking forward to this one.

    Fuck, i say, fuck!

  135. Oh, yeah! Canada Day! Woot! 🙂 What to do… got a full day of work*, so I’ll probably just listen to my favorite Arrogant Worms songs when I get home.

    *The City of Temecula is taking Monday off in honor of the 4th of July, so I do get a break.

    ditto: I’m looking forward to Tron, too.

    Lo Pan: Dude. I’m really disappointed to hear that. I regret that I didn’t follow the animated series because it seems really cool, and I was hoping for an awesome movie. 🙁

  136. The Last Airbender was an incredible series, but I have been concerned for three reasons. 1. M. Knight. The Sixth Sense was a fantastic movie. EVERYTHING else he did was atrocious. 2. The story arc of the series played out across three seasons. Compressing it into a single movie is just asking for massive cuts in character development and plot line. Zuko especially requires a lot of time to develop from a total prick to a reasonable person. 3. The series was too perfect as it was. Any change was bound to ruin it. Focus too much on special effects (like Hollywood could ever do something like that) and other aspects are bound to suffer.

    That said, my daughter really wants to see it, so I will wind up going and suffering through it. Maybe my low expectations will work to my advantage and it will seem better than I expected.