Technical Difficulties

And the Deadpan drought continues. . . .

Apologies, friends and foes, but due to technical difficulties, the release of Deadpan 91 (and therefore, Unshow X as well) has been delayed. As some of you know, my PC power supply blew up, and I’m scrambling to get my shit together. Yes, I live with an ex-podcaster, but her recording equipment is no longer even set up.

Deadpan 91 will come out. . . . the drought will end. . . . but not tonight. Sorry.

I hope you’ll continue to bear with me. Deadpan is the motherfucking. . . . . yeah. . . .

425 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Took my daughter for brekkie. Ran into one the publisher of Edge/DragonMoon.

    (everybody sing… it’s a small world after all…)

  2. Sorry again folks. It’s been a weird month. The setup is still iffy, so you may get a non-standard Deadpan tonight.
    Not a whole lot of content contributions anyway (ahem, hint), so this could be good. It’ll give me a chance to hold the stuff I *did* get over for a more typical Deadpan #92.

    And yes Ryah, we need your weird news stories. . . . I’m dying to know if someone got arrested for appearing in public wearing nothing but an angel food cake.

  3. Have you noticed that the vast majority of these public nudity stories feature people (men mostly, =p) that you wouldn’t want to see naked in the first place? What’s up with that? Maybe public nudity should only be a crime for people that fall between a certain age/weight range. LOL Oh hell, let’s just ban men on that list as well. hehe

  4. I just want to say that there are some (insert foul name of choice) who are making my life miserable in order to STUFF their pockets with gold … when for just a few coins less, they could choose to NOT make my life miserable while still filling there pockets.

    I know that corporate America is doing this to all of us U.S. citizens on a daily basis … but in this case the perps are doing this to my face.

    Is there an emoticon that shows a dark cloud with a lightning bolt in it? If so … insert here.

  5. btw – my rant was not directed at anyone here.
    It literally applies to things going on in my own backyard.

    hmmm … magic missile. Can CSI trace those back to the caster ?

  6. “Cheif. These burn marks are characteristic of a +3 magic missle. Yes Jones, but note the coloring. The wand must have been made from a 100 year old oak. Check the registry, ah a +3 oak wand was sold to a Mr. Merlin von Pumperknicle, just last Tuesday!”

    Somehow I feel I’ve stepped on the toes of Tee Morris. LOL

  7. I live in Spokane, so it’s still “Don’t taze me bro!” Of course it’s followed by “AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” the sound of the suicidal guy falling off the bridge afterwards.

    That thing that some of us talked about doing over email that I thought might be going a little over the top… Well recent events have made me think otherwise, and I’m in the process of exploring options.

  8. Just a quick hop in before dinner!

    Not having the episode, and since you’re asking for content, I’m assuming you have my “bathroom Drawers”, Jack?

    Now to leftovers!

  9. As I surf the web, I can’t help but be aware of a truly dire film on called Cerberus that is playing in the background.

  10. Just saw a commercial for upcoming news on the CW… When furniture salesmen attack.

    I’ve got to watch that news.

  11. Well it’s officially Spring.

    Remember to stick your head out of the window and shout “RABBITS!!!!!” as loud as possible.

    Or “BUNNIES!!!!!!!!” if you live in Canada…

  12. What I have in mind so far is very conceptual. It will be a periodical (as the topics come to me) look at the other side of the coin if you will, challenging “the American Myth.” We would be examining American’s habitual use of debt, possibly dependance on oil, and I’m hoping to capture an interview with my boss to have a discussion on the medical crisis taking place in the country. We’ll look at Christianity as it exists today in America, and the damaged perception of it that has occured largely due to sex scandals, misconceptions about gays and such, and also their involvement in the election of George W. Bush. I’d also like to examine the difference between the “white and black” churches, though I’ve never been to anything but a Kingdom Hall so I’m not sure I’m qualified to tackle the subject.

    And of course there will be some humor involved. I mean, this is me we’re talking about.

    It won’t be a Farpoint Media podcast, at least until its fully developed and out of the gate for some time. All are welcome to participate of course though. At this time my basis of support lies in a group called “Charasmatic Christians for Obama,” and our primary focus in a larger project is to create a coalition of people against character assassination, specifically of Reverend Jeremiah Wright but also christians in general. The idea is to present the idea that people are not the sum of their sound bytes, and that while many in the Christian community present a distorted the lense of it, we want to make the case that these people do not speak for the community at large.

    So that is that idea, and I have no idea how far it will go. But in that particular group there has been interest expressed so far. As for the podcast, I have no idea when it will be launched. And like I said it will be periodical, so FPR will still be a biweekly deal as far as I can make it.

  13. Find my happy place.
    Find my happy place.
    Find my happy place.

    Dub, it seems that most political podcasts/blogs/etc. are born of anger or indignation. If that’s a fire that you can keep stoked, then with your wit and strong opinions, you can probably do something good with that idea. Of course, anything political will also have to survive the outright assaults from those who oppose your views with any kind of fervor. My $0.02. That’s not discouragement – that’s encouragement. Go for it. Have fun. Do good.


  14. “The first rule of Management is everything is your fault.”

    There’s a lot of wisdom in the Pixar movie “Bug’s Life.” Work’s go me over the coals today, all my supervisors are being awesome but I’ve got my heiny kicked for assuming things got taken care of when they didn’t. It seems I need to understand that when you “own” something, you still “own” it after it’s been given to someone else. Yep, duly noted.

    That’s pretty funny about “Expelled.” Probably should be a double feature with Kirk Cameron talking about his banana.

  15. I’ve all ready talked to my boss about the health care show, and he’s for it, he thinks its a good idea. (though when I said I wanted to talk about healthcare in this country he joked “I thought you said this would be a positive show.”)

    My objective with this podcast is to reconcile what we know with what we don’t know. I’m not going to say I’m going for the “truth,” because we’ve got the Truth Seekers Podcast and I think Dani does an excellent job with her show. What I want is facts, and an honest appraisal of what that means for the everyday person.

    My secondary goal is to look at character assasination and racial discrimination, what motivates and fuels it, and what we can do to defuse it.

    Heavy handed stuff, and believe me, I know this is going to be hard as hell to pull off. And I have no doubt I’ll have critics, because they will be the people I’ll be attacking head on.

    Not sure what is motivating this, it could just be a bipolar fantasy. But I think, and people seem to agree, that its a conversation that needs to be had. And I have the ability to do it, and it will test me in ways I may not be prepared for. So given my current condition this might be something good for me personally.

    But I dunno, we’ll see. Like I said, I’m still trying to think it through.

  16. Hey Dub,

    That sounds awesome. You’re right, as soon as you put your thoughts in a place for public consumption, you are going to have critics that disagree with you so that’s not a reason not to do it. It could be an enlighting experience for everyone involved.

  17. Dub – sounds like maybe the name of your podcast would be something like
    “Conventional Wisdom” – A podcast about things everyone knows to be true … but just simply ARE NOT.”

  18. Yeah, that was good article. I could write a novel of a response and if you took all the snipets of what I said her over the last couple of years, it probably would be. I will just say that this is a good example of why it’s good to step outside your own preconceaved notions and evaluate each situation on the facts.

  19. Doe! I should learn to read. Sorry Joe.

    Unfortunately is taken… It appears to be some kind of financial blog… is also taken, so is…

  20. Ok call me weird here but has anyone ever actually looked up the word “patriotism” on Wikipedia? And if you did, did you feel as though that description were completely antithetical to the American experience?

    I think if most people knew the true meaning of the word, it would either scare the hell out of them, or struggle like hell to redefine it.

  21. I think that most who read that Wiki article feel the same Dub. But as far as Wiki articles go, I would say that one was below par.

  22. Morning Deadpan!

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Which is a good thing as we have lots to do before we leave for Vegas, baby, tomorrow.

  23. You know, I was going to get my husband an SG for our anniversary this summer (he’s been hinting he wants one), but if they’re going to be petty…

  24. There. “to do” list is complete for my Boo so she knows what needs done while we are away.

    Now on to the next thing!

  25. TEB – I realize it is waaaaay late to do research but might I suggest

    A brilliant site that is exactly what it says. It’s just reports from people’s trips.
    Where they stayed, ate, gambled and what shows they saw. It’s “user reviews” of the food, service and facilities. Where the slots were loose and that sort of thing.

    Best of all are the little “tricks” people share … like the folded $20 at the front desk to get upgraded to a room with a view and where to make sure you sign up for the “slot club” to get a free buffet comp and stuff.

    For those of us who only do Vegas on the rare occasion, I found it invaluable.

  26. Thanks Joe. As this is our first trip, we actually picked up Vegas for Dummies a month or so back. It was quite good.

  27. Actually, this is our first real vacation every. Waaaay back when we got married he was getting his Master’s degree and I was getting my accounting degree so the best we could afford for a honeymoon was a trip to his parents in Brandon, Manitoba.

    Since then, with two kids, one of which is in college right now and the other needing expensive medications we’ve only been able to visit family in Victoria (BC). Any extra money we had we put into paying off our mortgage early. Now that we’ve finally done that (after only 10 years – woot) , we’re really looking forward to a real holiday.

  28. Also – everything in Vegas is MUCH farther away then it looks. They have utilized some sort of alien “lenseing” technology that the found in the desert out there and it makes everything look as though you can walk to it.
    Check your pocket map and utilize the tram.

  29. If you do the rat pack thing … buy the “cheep” ticket (I wouldn’t get the dinner ticket).
    It’s general admission seating so you line up and hand your ticket to an old mobster looking dude in a tux. When you hand him your tickets also hand him a folded $20 and ask if there was anything near the stage tonight.
    I had read about that and tried it and sure enough … they call over another old mobster looking dude to escort you throught the crowd to one of those high back, red padded boths with the table. We were seated with another couple at one but it was a hoot.

    The drinks are expensive (welcome to Vegas Baby) but if you just go with it you will find yourself in Las Vegas 1963 for an hour or so and it is a lot of fun.

    Sort of like being in an RPG ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. … and another thing, do NOT drive down the main drag (Las Vegas blvd I think) or take a cab on that road. At least not after about 3pm. Your time in Vegas is much better spent NOT sitting in that traffic.
    Best to use the side streets.

  31. We aren’t planning to rent a car at all. We’re staying at the Hilton which, I understand, is directly connected to the monorail.

  32. Yep.
    Man, if you guys enjoy gambling, like to drink, don’t mind smokey crowded rooms and overt sexuality EVERYWHERE you look … you are going to have a BLAST! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I gotta go do some chain saw work now. Damn zombies.

  33. We’re not much on gambling. Tend to be lightweights on drinking and don’t smoke. But plan to have fun anyway. We want to catch some shows, the Star Trek Experience is a must, and we’ll take it from there.

    Must take off myself. Many things to do and buy before we go.

    If you don’t hear from me today, I’ll talk to you all in a week.

  34. Well, I got halfway through the patriotism article that Dub mentioned. The thing that strike me most about the article is that it pretty much looks entirely like the dreaded “original research” that the Wiki editors despise so much. I’m surprised that article is allowed to exist at all in its current form.

    Looks like the discussion page shows are rather raging argument over what the article should be.

    To be honest, it strikes me as somewhat strange to have a Wiki article about a single word like this. Definitions belong in a dictionary, as I clearly remember reading somewhere in the Wikipedia help section. An article about such a subject should be built on a basic definition, and it’s clear that editors can’t agree on what the definition of patriotism even is.

  35. TEB: I agree, Star Trek: The Experience rocks and is something you should definitely do.

    Other things for non-gamblers to do in Vegas:
    -Swim in your hotel’s pool. (I’ve never stayed at the Hilton, but most big Vegas hotels have awesome pools)
    -Play in arcades. (The New York New York has one, as well as a rollercoaster.)
    -See stage shows! Budget permitting, of course. I’ve been to one Cirque du Soleil show in my life (“Love” at the Mirage) and I really enjoyed it.
    -Go to the indoor amusement park at Circus Circus (I’ve never been, but I want to go).

  36. OMG- I just discovered the new RepoMan.

    Has anyone seen Southland Tales yet? The movie by Richard Kelly, the guy that did Donnie Darko? The movie that was universally panned at Cannes Film Festival, forcing him to spend years re-editing and re-shooting the movie?

    Holy crap. Mind blowing doesn’t even touch it.

    Gotta warn you though. Unless you have a mediocre understanding of quantum theory, especially in regards to quantum entanglement, and also an above average understanding of the book of Revelation and its often interpreted, you won’t have a single fucking clue what is happening in this movie. But you’ll appreciate three hours worth of insanely witty one-liners. Especially if you catch the radio report of a cop being beaten down by an oversized dildo.

    I freakin’ loved this movie. My wife, it gave her a major headache and sent her to bed.

    So take the recomendation for what its worth… Basically this is Donnie Darko on Satan’s Steroids.

    And for you Repoman lovers, you’ll especially love the glowing, flying ice cream truck at the end. Holy crap baskets.

  37. Ok I know I haven’t been a regular listener but I’m missing a whole couple of conversations based on what Jack wrote. Jack and Leann are living together? Leann is no longer married? They are more than just “three’s Company” roomates? I’m all kinds of confused, out of the loop and other forms of ignorant =-o

  38. Justa Joe – I think I’d sooner become something respectable like a used car salesman before putting myself and my family through the circus/meat grinder that is a presidential campaign.

    But I appreciate the thought ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Bless you, Julio. Leann was never married, and yes, she lives here.

    I would campaign to get you elected president, Ed. . . . . Well, as long as you kept the beard.

    Goodnight, shum.

  40. ahh.. then I took one of her old quotes too literally instead of just a story. You know the one where she said something like, “..fell in love with a geek, married a geek…” I guess I should of did more than just listen to that promo LOL.

  41. I believe technically she said “engaged to a geek,” it was Evo Terra on Wingin’ It that said they were married. Which you know… that show is a good source for… facts…

    SMG: I hate violence. Thats why I don’t do anal.
    My Wife: What the hell kind of movie is this????

  42. I was actually long-listed for a BSFA last year, but I hadn’t heard anything about it in awhile. I’m assuming I didn’t win.

    Happy Easter, Ed and everyone else.

  43. Jack – don’t feel bad about the BSFA. I have failed to win an Academy Award for like 15 years in a row. I’m beginning to think that not actually being nominated for anything might be holding me back.

  44. My Uncle has given me the 2 “Kill Bill” movies to watch … anyone know which is the correct order to view them in?

    Seems like it started with Volume 2 … or am I thinking of the “Star Wars” saga?

  45. Hello, Pan!

    It’s time for Spring Break Camp again. Some of my college friends and I are attending camp up in Santa Cruz, CA this week. I will come back from that on Thursday night, then turn right around and leave for another conference in Salt Lake City the following day. I won’t be back to checking the boards every day until next Sunday, March 30, but time permitting, I may check in on Thursday night or Friday morning.

    For those of you celebrating, Happy Easter! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. It probably won’t be a “Ronald Reagan Jr. esque” white house. LOL

    Wish the conservatives would shoot for “Goldwateresque” over “Reaganesque.”

  47. “Bob McKenzie: Fleshy-headed mutant. Are you friendly?

    Doug McKenzie: No way, eh? Ra-… radiation has made… me an enemy of civilization. ”


  48. … and perhaps, if it’s not too presumptuous of me to lower the curtain on our little “Day of the Ghostbuster”, this would be the perfect line –

    “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!”

    goodnight deadpan
    (who ELSE ya gonna call?)

  49. [not being bitter — seriously] OK, the GJB game is becoming like solitaire for Vanamonde. Anyone else want to challenge his guess? [/not being bitter — seriously]

    Gozer the Traveler. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms.

  50. I’m sorry too about the GJB prediction. My wife is out of town on business and I’m tending to all the little ones appointments etc. Plus, my dog Patsy has decided that the night life is for her and has started barking around 2AM for no discernable reason. I don’t quite feel like having a serving of brains, but I’m getting there.

  51. Solitaire

    There was a man, a lonely man
    Who lost his love through his indifference
    A heart that cared, that went unshared
    Until it died in his silence

    And Solitaire’s the only game in town
    And every road that takes him, takes him down
    And by himself, it’s easy to pretend
    He’ll never love again

    And keeping to himself he plays the game
    Without her love it always ends the same
    While life goes on around him everywhere
    He’s playing Solitaire

    Another day, a lonely day
    So much to say that goes unspoken
    And through the night, his sleepless nights
    His eyes are closed, his heart is broken

    And Solitaire’s the only game in town
    And every road that takes him, takes him down
    And by himself it’s easy to pretend
    She’s coming back again

    And keeping to himself he plays the game
    Without her love it always ends the same
    While life goes on around him everywhere
    He’s playing Solitaire

    A little hope, goes up in smoke
    Just how it goes, goes without saying
    And by himself it’s easy to pretend
    He’ll never love again

    And keeping to himself he plays the game
    Without her love it always ends the same
    While life goes on around him everywhere
    He’s playing Solitaire
    Solitaire, solitaire

  52. On the floor of Tokyo
    Or down in London town to go, go
    With the record selection
    With the mirror reflection
    Van’s dancing with himself

    When theres no-one else in sight
    In the crowded lonely night
    Well ya wait so long
    For ya love vibration
    And Van’s dancing with himself

  53. Can I just say here, Ed for one moment, that I have a new theory about podcasting?

    Yes, my word, you may well ask what it is, this theory of mine. Well, this theory, that I have, that is to say, which is mine,… is mine.
    (clears throat) This theory, which belongs to me, is as follows… (more throat clearing) This is how it goes… (clears throat) The next thing that I am about to say is my theory. (clears throat) Ready?

    … All podcasts are thin at one end; much, much thicker in the middle and then thin again at the far end. That is the theory that I have and which is mine and what it is, too.

  54. Jack,

    That’s an amazing procedure. But based on how wide spread it was in our friend Joe, I doubt it would have saved him. Perhaps if they could have caught it earlier. In any event, I’m happy to know that leiomyosarcoma isn’t necessarily terminal in all cases.

  55. So the sombre theory of podcasting..nice.

    What we need is carbon copies of podcasters that never sleep and every two years are replaced by identical copies..oh and be called Buster.

    ..and your next electronic sheep reference will be along shortly.

  56. Well, after having finished Ruster’s Rhapsody again, on my Ipod no less, I definitely give it a recommendation.

    Eraserhead is still showing a long wait in the queue. Hopefully, we won’t be doing that Apalooza show anytime real soon.

  57. … the latest “Front Line” (show on PBS) is called “Bush’s War” – it was on last night but I think will re-show tonight or tomorrow night. It is a fascinating inside look at the battles within the White House over control of our country as well as Iraq.

    It’s heartbreaking how close we came to NOT invading Iraq and instead, launching a world wide, multi-national effort to go after Al Quiada.

    Stupid evil Cheney. Stupid Evil Rumsfield. Stupid Evil Wolfawitz.

  58. I recall watching a show about 6 or 7 years ago about the Bush Administration’s obsession with starting a war with Iraq. It may have been “Front Line”. It was a sobering and prophetic program. ๐Ÿ™

  59. The sad thing is, at this point it doesn’t matter what we do. If we stay the cost of war will force the country deeper into a recession, probably even depression. If we leave Iran will swoop in and the oil pipeline will be compromised, cost of fuel will skyrocket and break the backbone of our economy and we’ll be in the same place.

    You know we had the A-Bomb and WWII ended pretty decisively from that. We’ve gotten too soft.

  60. “Weรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve gotten too soft.”

    I don’t really think that’s the problem. It’s more like a combination of “the plebes don’t need the truth” plus “simple solutions to complex problems”. Neither are wise courses of action. In combination, they are extremely destructive.

  61. Well, the first problem was we invaded when we didn’t have too. The second is we don’t have an exit strategy. If we had a plan to develope domestic oil production from the shale oil deposits from Colorado to replace any lost of production from Iraq when it leaves the oil market, that would be one thing. But the way it is working out now, we are there until no other forces want to vye for power once we exit. =P

  62. Ditto – this is the “follow-on” to that show. It shows a little of the “lead in” to the invasion and then all of the ways we blundered and screwed up since then.
    Actually – it shows that the screw-ups were the direct decisions of 3 or 4 men who at various times, seized power – actually flat out ignored Bush directives or State department plans and simply decided THEY were going to make the decisions. Things like disbanding the Iraqi army, which sent nearly 300,000 unemployed and heavily armed men into the streets.

    Paul Brimer issued that order from his office in Iraq, much to the horror of Colin Powell and most everyone else in the State Department. Brimer stopped following ANY directives from Washington and they had to physically send someone to Iraq to jerk him out of there!

    Cheney, Wolfawitz, Rumsfield – they were all simply ignoring any plans that were made in strategy meetings with anyone who had a clue about the middle east and Iraq in general. As most of us had guessed, Bush was mostly a meat puppet and kept in the dark and out of the loop. Not to be exonorated though becuase he appointed these people. He appointed Paul Brimer specifically becuase he DIDN’T have any experience with the middle east and thus “wouldn’t be tainted with the old “bad” ideas.

    If you haven’t caught this show you should see it before it gets banned.

  63. re: exit strategy –
    turns out it is worse then no exit strategy.
    We had NO actual strategy to defeat the insurgence. Before the “surge” the official policy ordered from the White House was to fall back to hardened bases and only go out on mounted “patrols”.
    The insurgence quickly figured out that we weren’t actually coming after them any more AND that we had stopped actively protecting the civilians (we would only swoop in AFTER they attacked) and that was when they started slaughtering anyone who was helping the US or trying to support anything or anyone backed by the US.

  64. Have you listened to “Coverville Episode #425” – (The Peter Gabrielle cover story) yet ?

    No? WHy not? Quit being so mean to yourself.
    Yes, you are correct – There IS nothing wrong with Peter Gabrielle’s original rendition of these tunes. These cover are brilliant though.

    Come on, treat yourself. You deserve it.
    Do it. Now.

  65. I’m not sure if I mentioned it but Peter Gabriel is one of my favorite non-metal artist. I’ll give it a listen over the lunch hour. ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Ah joe, I have a man-crush for you too, (especially after your cover of “It’s not easy being green.” *swoon* And speaking of man-crushes, how does one man give another man a “spocker?” It’s not something I’ve contemplated long, only since the last Wingin It 3d ep with the banter between Crazy Joe and Brian. Which co-incedently was the same moment I learned what a “spocker” was. LOL

  67. Re: coverville #425 – I thought the “red Rain” cover was particularly good.
    I saw him do that live at an Amnesty International Concert right after the song had been released. Man, THAT was a performance.

    BTW: Although the wiki article on the song does not mention this, he specifically told the audience that the song referrenced the Soviet Union’s use of chemical weapons on Afghanistan villages where they thought the rebels were hiding.

  68. … wait, just a moment …

    Ah, I’m just getting this in but there may have been a translation problem with the previously posted “sayings”.
    Technitions are working to erect the problem.

  69. Did you guys ever hear that story about this 30 year old guy that takes his family to his mothers house for Easter and while there his mom admits that she’s just discovered that his dead father had an affair 18 years before and she’s just found his long lost sister and invited her to the gathering. So he goes to the airport a bit shocked as it is, and gets even more freaked out when he realizes the girl is like his favorite porn star to beat off to, like seriously sick shit like taking on five guys at once and stuff. I think her name was Kasey or something…

    I dunno if the story was true or not, but the porn was decent.

  70. Yep, cheers to JustaJ, that Coverville EP was brilliant. So far I think I’m digging the “I Have the Touch” cover the most, but they are all excellent. I never thought anyone could come close to the subtle nuances in Peter Gabriel’s voice, but damn does Geoff Tate from Queensriche come close. Makes me wish Queensriche would release an album of only PG covers.

  71. Rhett – I am STILL re-listening to that Coverville Ep.
    This is like my 3rd time through. This morning I am likeing the “edgey” feel given to the “Big Time” cover. Hmmm. I need to see who did that.

  72. JOe, I think that EP could get a lot of replay in my car. I’m thinking about editing out the talky bits in the middle so I can have it as a pure music chunk. LOL Big Time.. was that the Berlin cover?

  73. Sigh…………………………………………………………………..

    Apparently, hackers (who presumably have gained access to the Far Point server) have crippled my ability to create new posts.

    The episode is recorded and posted. Apparently, Podango screwed up the upload; it appears to have cropped the file extension. But hey, it’s a start:

    Apologies. . . . Hopefully we’ll get this shit resolved today.

  74. Re: Editing down Coverville is absolutely choking my hard drive due to the sheer number of Episodes I have hung on to with that very idea. Of course I have yet to do that with any of them.

  75. So I downloaded the 159 meg file and renamed to MP3 and…
    “Your computer is missing the correct CODEC to play this file”

    Apparently there are still some things to work out.

    Hey! I’ve paid the huge sum of ZERO dollars for this podcast AND I WANT MY MONEYS WORTH NOW!!!! ENTERTAIN ME!!!!

    ^that was joke in case there’s someone too thick to get it. LOL

    So Justa J, care to recommend any other Coverville EPs? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. Thought for day out of left field.

    Looks like Bush’s idea of funding the war by selling Bibles to the Taliban hasn’t worked out so well.

  77. Just almost too many to count. Most of the “request” shows have a few real gems in them. Then there is …

    Coverville Ep 373 – Accapella covers of Sting songs – some really brilliant takes.

    Coverville Ep 413 – Foo Fighters cover

    Coverville Ep 395 – Electric Light Orchestra cover

    Coverville Ep 361 – “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” covers

    Coverville Ep 358 – They Might Be Giants covers

    Coverville Ep 401 – 405 … The year end countdown of the top covers as voted on by the listeners!

  78. Coverville sounds interesting….so, another podcast for me to struggle to keep up with.

    It was interesting listening to this week’s Wingin It where the guys admitted that they don’t really have time to listen to other podcasts – certainly not for infotainment like we do.

    And there theres many of us on the opposite side. I know I could never be a podcaster as, first I don’t have enough interesting to say, and second, I listen to very little music anymore as podcasts and podiobooks are by chief form of entertainment/education these days.

  79. I know what you mean Ed. The last couple of weeks is like the first time in the last two years or so of podcast listening, that I’ve fallen behind in my Slice and Wingin It listening, mainly because I recently discovered “Six String Bliss” and I’ve been working through their back catalog of episodes. I’d like to work in a podcast like Coverville into my weekly schedule. I might have to start using iTunes to subscribe and manage podcasts there are too many to download individually anymore. As to a podcast done by myself, my free time is really limited, but I’ve thought about it. If I ever do it I think it would take the form of a limited run of 10, and I would produce them all ahead of time. Either that or on the day that Deadpan decides to retire I could co-host a monthly podcast about music and the guitar with Jack. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  80. Did you set up the release date on that post Jack, it won’t let me download or listen to it at all… I’m just wondering because that was one of my early issues with posting on Podango…

    And I’ve still got access to the tank and the FPR FTP, how’d they manage to target just you? That’s weird.

    If you want you can send me the file through the tank or gmail and I can post it through FPR and we can cross post temporarily… I dunno, just one idea if you really want to get this out…

  81. I dunno if you’re at work or are trying to figure this out, but have you tried deleting and re-uploading the file? It kind of sounds like the file was corrupted either during the upload or during processing…

  82. I’m thinking the same thing, Dub, considering that it appears to have modified the file name.

    I might get a minute to delete and repost later in the afternoon, but I am at work right now.

    But as I said, WordPress is also currently hosed, so I’ll have to post on this comments page when it’s ready.

    Did I already say, “ugh”?

  83. I agree. Ugh.

    Does everyone here know about the Give us a Minute special? Send a 2 minute recording to Tee of your memories of Joe?

    I dunno if I should send something or not. I didn’t know Joe while he was alive, but his death is what made me aware of this group, and all the memories I’ve heard from others have affected me personally… Everyone knows I’ve been going through a rough patch and sometimes I remember what Jack said Joe said after he found out he’d had cancer, that from now on he was just going to complain a little less. It really puts things in perspective, you know?

  84. I contributed a rather lengthy segment for the Deadpan episode dedicated to Joe. To record anything more would really be a restatement of things from that. Maybe it would be proper for Tee to put a link back to the Deadpan episode in his show notes. Here’s a funny memory of Joe though.

    It was the spring of ’06 and I was at Draco Vista for a WI taping. Mike was getting things set up.

    Joe: Okay Rhettro, you can sit at any microphone except that one.

    Me: Oh yeah? Why not that one?

    Joe: Mike has that one adjusted for Evo.

    MRM: Evo has an odd timbre in his voice that’s hard to adjust the mix for and I have that mike already adjusted.

    Joe: (with a faint smirk on his face) Mike takes all the “gay” out of Evo’s voice.


  85. (hang on guys, this segway is the equivalent of doing a “bat turn”)

    A question for those of you following along with “today’s” music scene.

    Who is the current equivalent of a Peter Gabrielle, Sting, Elvis Costello level of performer?

    By that I don’t mean “airplay” or ticket sales … I mean, who are the “kids” listening to that can make you want to dance, start an insurrection … or can sing a ballad that rips your heart out – depending on which of their songs they are singing?

    Is there anyone currently like that? I’m sure you can’t swing a dead iPod without hitting an “artist” who can do any ONE of those three things but are there any current musicians that can really do all three styles!

  86. You know joe, I’m sure there has to be someone like that. I can’t say I’m really in touch with the scene as is currently. PG and Sting have lyrics that resonate with me on a deeply personal level, I know a lot of 90’s music tried to accomplish that but most of it sounded unbearably pretentious to my ears. In my quest to find artists simular to Peter Gabriel I discovered Kate Bush, Massive Attack, Garbage and PJ Harvey. Are there 21st century equivalents?

  87. Joe, I’m not really sure. I’ll have to think about that one. One of the reasons why those performers are so important is that they are extremely talented *and* they are leaders. Not to belittle Trent Reznor’s previous contributions, but with his most recent work and internet trailblazing I think he’s *finally* hitting that leadership role.

  88. The big 3 record companies performed a hostile takeover of pop music in the mid-90s. They’d always run the show, but it was then that they seized total control of the airwaves and music video outlets.

    I think that a handful of veterans are continuing to put out good material (nin, Opeth), but most are just living and touring off of their Greatest Moldy Hits albums. There are a few newer bands that I appreciate, but none seem poised to “Zeppelin” or “Nirvana” the music scene.

    Also – I’m impressed by someone who can reeeaallly perform the hell out of a song (Amy Winehouse), but I’m more impressed by someone who can push boundaries and compose something that sounds fresh and new and exciting (Trent Reznor).

    OK, must stop there.

  89. I haven’t listened to anything NEW of Trent’s in a few years but based on the two CD’s of his that I have … he falls short of “THAT” level because he is kind of a one trick pony. He does “Dark brooding and angry” and that’s it. Granted he does the heck out of that trick and does it on a level that is at the top of that game – but that’s it.

    Barenaked Ladies are intelligent and bouncy and clever (I have there music as well)… but where is their “dark and brooding”.

    It’s almost like you have to have 3 or 4 “current” artists to equal one of those previously mentioned guys.

    Hmmmm … maybe that is what the record lables have in mind.

  90. I think you hit the nail on the head joe. The record companies work to quickly exploit musical trends, not develope artists. Range? Who wants range? We want our hip hop artist, our blond girl dancer and our Bush(the band not the prez) clone! Hopefully buried in the indy and underground scene is the next PG, Sting or Kate Bush.

  91. Are we talking about emotional diversity? Because for pure musical diversity, no one band has ever touched Queen. Faith No More is a distant second in that category, I think.

    Emotional diversity? Well, that’s an interesting concept to ponder. Trent never gets into Shonen Knife, but I think he has enough depth to keep his dark explorations interesting. For that matter, Waters-in-control-era Pink Floyd is all in the same emotional frame, but still deeply rich in symbolism and feeling.

    As for the Sting/Peter Gabriel model, I’d also include Dave Matthews. Poppy, masses-accessible sound, with thoughtful lyrics and a decent range of emotional territory.

    And their contemporary counterpart:

  92. I know a guy who’s stylistically very similar to Nirvana. He was in a band ages ago but is just now getting back into it, writing his first new album. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share anything because he’s still working on it. But holy crap is he good.

    On Pod-taint- I think it would be extraordinarily crass of me to say “yeah, I totally agree and know where you’re coming from Jack,” simply because I don’t… You’ve been in podcasting longer, you’ve been to the events and seen things that I probably never will. But I certainly don’t disagree with you on any level… Your initial analogy has pretty well summed up my experience with podcasting so far. As for the second part, you named some names and I don’t have issues with those people, and I’m assuming the names you didn’t mention are the ones that you do have issues with. And while that encompasses a lot of people, I would imagine we’re probably within the same hemesphere of agreement. Especially about the twitter thing. I just recently quit twitter myself… With the exception of a few listeners I was able to connect with, I really couldn’t see it as anything more than the mass ego stroking of the “mega-podcaster.” (All though there are two people I would consider “power podcasters” who’ve despite legitimate success have never hesitated to hold a civilized conversation with me… and you named neither of these people) As for other things you mentioned, I’ve heard second hand from other sources some of this, and I’m assuming these people are part of the issue.

    On the topic of “monotizing podcasting,” I think we’ve been in relative agreement. While some have made crap loads of money off podcasting, these are power players who would make that same kind of money selling vacuum cleaners in the shape of Lindsey Lohan’s nose. The people we’re talking about who think they’ll make money off this have a long history of loosing money on their own businesses. This podcasting thing for the most part is a hobby, and its not profitable when the market is saturated with shows. But thats probably not the level your talking about. It’s more like Role Playing games. They’re meant for teens and college people with large brains that want to kill time playing something fun. They involve a great level of creativity, the same kind of creativity that it would take to make such a game. But doing so would be near pointless unless you basically had the Harry Potter of Role Playing games. The market is saturated… You are not special for having a podcast.

    By the same token, its almost a disservice to the listeners, and I would say even an innacuracy to say you’re not important in some way. Your listeners (and I’m specifically saying you Jack) appreciate you and what you do every week, or every other week or whatnot. But thats the community aspect and I think we’re in agreement on that. Thats probably not what Pod-taint is all about.

    But I do see it. And if the names aren’t the same, then its because of our differing experience… But if they are, then I think these observations are probably self evident.

    Was that a decent response? I didn’t want to come off as some kind of asshole or anything, even though I play one on a podcast.

  93. Rhettro: I explain Celine this way: we disowned her and shipped her down here. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Joe: BNL can be dark, but I agree that they don’t have angry songs.

    Jack: Totally agree about Queen.

    Ben Folds might be a good emotional diversity candidate. But I can’t really think of anyone new that really fits the criteria. I’m also bad a categorizing music in that fashion.

  94. Ack … got called away and now I have to go again. ๐Ÿ™
    I want to talk more about this music thing.

    Queen – I STILL think “Night at the Opera” is brilliant and Queen is all that. Not so much with the “serious social statement while being entertaining” thing though. Just good and Entertaining.

    Crap, I’m afraid I have to use the word “gravitas” . Queen can’t do that.

    Ben Folds! Yes. Could have been on par. Don’t know why he didn’t get to that level. Could be the industry change that held him down but musically he might have had it.

    damn, gotta go.


  95. Queen! Absolutely! Speaking of which, I only recently heard Queen’s AIDS awareness song that they recorded with Paul Rodgers on vocals and it was pretty good. I’ve been a George Michaels fan, but when he fronted for Queen singing “Someone to Love” at the Freddy Mercury benefit man, did he nail it. I’d definately buy a new Queen album with George Michaels as the frontman.

    Faith No More, not much an authority as I only own “Angel Dust.” But I did enjoy that album.

    Podtaint: I’m sorry to hear of your Dragon Con experience Jack. For the record, everyone whom I’ve met from the podcasting world have been more than decent to me. As with any large group of people, there are those that I relate more to than others, but luckily everyone has treated me with kindness. A few caveats though, I’ve never been to a CON with a large podcasting component nor have I been in competition with any authors etc. for the hearts and minds of people. So I don’t believe I would attract much wrath anyway.

    My abrievated theory, there are two kinds of people in the world. Good people who have behaved badly, and assholes that always behave badly. When you are the witness or the victim of the bad treatment, how do you judge whether it was done by a good person having a bad day or a habitual asshole? I’m not sure.

  96. Dub: Excellent post!

    ditto: Unfortunately, I agree with you. Doh!

    Justa: รขโ‚ฌล“gravitasรขโ‚ฌย? I feel less a person for not knowing what that means.

  97. A few quick responses:

    Rhett, I think each person needs to make those judgment calls for his/herself, but I agree: you do have to watch behavior trends.

    J0e, I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you on Queen’s gravitas. At least for their curtain call. That final album has pretty damn powerful material, especially when you consider its context. . . You hear the power and emotion in Freddy’s vocal performances, and then learn that he was too sick to even stand up before the mic for some of those recording sessions. Wow. (oh look, ditto beat me to it ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Dub: Thanks for the feedback, man. I do hope that it didn’t sound like I was decrying the Deadpan community. . . No, I was talking about my negative experiences in the pod-community.

  98. Haven’t been into popular music for years, mainly blues and folk these days.

    I like the smaller gigs, I don’t dig crowds.

    DP91 is downloading as I type, can’t wait to have a listen.

  99. Only to find it consists of 30 minutes of hiss.


    When I load the mp3 from podango link dub posted in WMP I just get hiss.

    When I try using VLC, I get hiss.

    The wait for deadpan fix continues.

  100. Now this is just fucking weird.

    If I play the dp91 mp3 file in a creative player I get a video about photoshop tips.

    Is dub pulling our plonkers?

  101. I know I wasn’t completely worried about the DPC being part of the prob, but I’ll admit there was one thing I was curious about, but after your explanation (which I will henceforth refer to as the “Obama race speech of podcasting”) I kinda figured that was the least of your worries.

    Privately we’ve talked about a couple people and I didn’t fully understand until you mentioned twitter. And I totally get that. Totally get that.

    Some stuff has gone around privately that has been none of anybodies business and should never have been passed, and a lot of it I never entertained as being true, but one thing in particular you mentioned, in reference to what I’ve heard elsewhere kind of worries me a bit. But as its all ready taken place its not as though I can really say anything about it.

    But yeah. The podcasting (as in podcasters themselves) community definately have issues. It’s spilled out publicly in pretty confusing ways. Some of you probably know what I’m talking about.

    But I’m not going to get into it… I mean you’re making great points Jack and I’m looking forward to the next chapter… But as a new addition to this podcasting thing all I can really do is try to be as little of an overbearing asshole as I can. (which can be confusing on its own considering what I do) What other people do and what their hangups are (and I’m not talking about you because I don’t see you flying off the handle like some of these other people) are their business and their problem. And unfortunately their listeners problems.

  102. All – As much as I consider myself a Queen fan (The musical group … well, I guess the head of the Royal family is OK too … not so much with the cross dressers though) I will shamefully admitt that I don’t think I ever heard Queen’s last album.
    What is the name of it? I should rectify that situation emediatly

    Re – the latest DP.
    Still haven’t downloaded it but from what I have read above – I’ll go ahead and take the heat for ruining his Dragon Con. I was the guy who threw-up in his suitcase and left the dead hooker in his shower. Sorry about that.

  103. Yeah joe,

    Next time be sure to throw up in the shower and put the dead hooker in the suit case. It’s easy to mix those things up.

  104. I’ve listened to the DP now.

    I would have to say that having been pretty much isolated from the “podcasting community” I have been able to pretend the “taint” taint there. I haven’t had to face it. I haven’t had my nose rubbed in it.

    …ick. OK I will stop with that now.

    I really haven’t been exposed to the dark side of the “podcaster community” as described by Jack. I have no doubt it is there. I have never been involved in any group where that sort of thing didn’t eventually rear it’s ugly head so why should this group be different?

    Of course, I really did want it to be different but I guess wishing won’t make it so.

  105. Well, I’ve got it downloading now thanks to Dub’s link. I’ll catch it on the drive in tomorrow. I am most interested to hear this outpouring, particularly with regard to DragonCon and the podcast community.

    I shall be sure to chime in after I get to absorb the show tomorrow.

    As far as community, I have no twitter, facebook, myspace or any such thing. I have a personal blog that no one but a few family & friends read and I haven’t even posted to it for several weeks. Part of it is I couldn’t be twittering at work anyway and I don’t really see the point to following the exploits of some pseudo web celebrity and I don’t care when you go to brush your teeth.

    The Deadpan is the closest I come to being in an online community and I think it’s something special. Those other things feel artificial, where the Deadpan community has grown as a natural progression of friendships.

  106. Ed is often like the Jerry Springer around here, watching the food and cellulite fly around. . . and then when the cursewords are done, Ed steps in and provides an eloquent summary, a transcription of meaning ot the chaos.

    Goodnight, Gordon Shumway.

  107. Well you can’t be serious all of the time.

    So after listening to DP91, can’t help being reminded of the old saying that ignorance is bliss.

  108. Technical difficulties?

    We go on sabbatical and the Deadpan cannot go on without us

    awwwwww.. Jack loves us


    I’ve glanced through and see some links for downloading the latest show? We’ll have to catch up later, now we must go meet painters

    Hugh sez: hi pan

    Hugh sez2: bye pan

  109. So, I now find myself with an unexplained craving for a white fluffy non-dairy topping…

    …and absolutely even less desire than before to become a podcaster.

    As always, another good show, Jack, especially that dumbass memory segment ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll have to give some thought to the pod-taint essay, though I may wait part two comes along.

  110. yes … 3 cheers for the DAM (Dumb ass Memory) the unrelated drawer contents and other contributed content. I say “Hizaah!”

    Jack – Re: material lost in the great computer crash of 08
    Do you need me to re-send you the bumpers I created ?

  111. Jack: Great essay. Having gone through similar experiences I know exactly how you feel. There’s not much else you can do but to call bullshit when you see it.

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