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  1. Good Morning Pan.
    I have been spending my staycation with family. Yesterday and today I write a script!

    Coming in 2009

    The original pirate story. Long before there was Jack Sparrow and Rafe Rafton. There was the man that inspired a fast food chain…

    Wait is that right…

  2. LOL

    OK, not so much with that kind of “take care of”.

    I need to see “Rustlerรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs Rhapsody” again. In fact … I think that one is “shelf space worthy”.
    I need to go look in Ebay for it.

  3. Only on Sundays.

    Note to self read posts carefuly so you don’t miss new people posting.

    Welcome to the madhouse 3rdBob.

    CP: Coverville 517

  4. Vanamonde – Did you ever see a play called “The Music Man” ?

    It centers around a scam artist that must gain a towns confidence in order to take all their money. To do so, he convinces them that they have a terrible problem … and since he has made it up … it is then easy for him to save them from it.

    Political parties seem to be doing that a lot lately.

  5. The “S” word? Do you mean “socialist?” Probably a good place to start is to read about Joseph McCarthy.

    That would explain the knee jerk reaction the average american has were a lot of people equate socialism with communism.

    On the broader scope many americans (myself included) feel that programs that are planned expansions of government aren’t as efficient as programs born out of capitalism and as a result have a higher price tag in terms of taxes. In many cases these programs cost less when born out the work of private individual. So in effect, the socialist label tends to portray someone who is wasteful with peoples tax money, creating bureacratic entities in government that are way to inefficient to be a net gain for the taxpayer.

  6. I think it’s a cold war hangover. . . . We had such staunch hatred for our enemy and their way of life, that any S or C idea was immediately rejected without consideration. Soviet Russia was equally or more prejudiced, famously banning hte game Monopoly for its Capitalistic gameplay.

    Either that, or they could just never agree on who got to be the thimble.

  7. Welcome to the boards, 3rdBob!

    I just spent part of the night revising the first chapter of my 2005 NaNo novel for the short story contest over at Dead Robots Society. I’m glad they’re giving us until the end of November, because I can’t decide whether to submit my opening paragraph from NaNo ’05, ’06, ’07, or even ’08.

  8. Had another thought on this whole “Socialism” thing.

    I’m afraid the average American has no idea what exactly Socialism is so they just basically ignore this latest attempt at political fearmongering.

    Those who wish to frighten the US sheep have really missed the mark on this one. They would have better spent their “spin” by crying “Communism!”
    While the Average voter has no idea what the real definition of that is either … they have been subjected to about half a century of Hollywood movies that warn of the evils of the Ruskie menace!

    Then again … the average Joe might have shrugged off the “C Word” as well, seeing as how we supposedly defeated those commie bastard during Uncle Ronnie’s reign!

  9. Morning Pan!

    The word for today is exhaustion! My hubby has a cold. I told him if I got a cold for WF he’s in big trouble.

    JB: Snow is a four letter word not to be said in polite company ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I too have a cold. I think it may be the particularly nasty one Darcy and Fox are just getting over.

    At least we got to take the sickness in shifts…

  11. Dead pan, y’all.

    Happy Saturday morning. My girl and I are headed to Atlanta today. I’m going just as a tag-along on her business trip, so I’ll be around the bar now & then. Talk later?

  12. TEB – That D&D bit was a truly inspired piece of work.

    Warning to Deadpan – do not drink while reading TEB’s D&D link. Liquid will shoot out your nose!

  13. There’s a guy who looks like Jesus on the bus.

    Well the movie version anyway.

    Check out the latest Podcastle short for a narrator you may recognize.

  14. When We Pray

    “Is it insane to think the world could change?
    Just look at how far that we have fallen
    I am a slave, I feed the fire, I am a pawn within this world gone so wrong
    If your enemy looked you in the eyes would you pull the switch?
    Would you suffer for your chosen victim?
    Or justify your will to feed the rich?”

  15. Messenger

    “You play the martyr crawl up on your cross again
    Always the victim but it’s all inside your head
    When will you ever learn to trust another my friend
    Just play the martyr ’til the world spins to it’s end”

  16. Obey

    “The doomsayers, the clock-watchers
    Control your fate for their needs
    When bullets are a legal drug
    Murder is the ultimate rush
    Society will punish you, is it wrong to execute”

  17. Lucretia My Reflection

    “I hear the sons of the city and dispossessed
    Get down, get undressed
    We get pretty but you and me
    We got the kingdom, we got the key
    We got the empire, now as then
    We don’t doubt, we don’t take direction
    Lucretia, my reflection, dance the ghost with me”

  18. Let You Down

    “Not like the others that came before
    We are the ones who can change
    Not like the hatred that falls away
    Treading the silence again”

  19. August

    “In August we laid her down
    In August we gave her to the ground
    One last kiss, her last wish
    Was that this moment would last forever
    In August we laid her down
    In August we gave her to the ground
    Torn away, torn in two
    Destiny where are you? “

  20. Your Chosen Misery

    “And when I fall
    I have the strength to learn the steps
    And crawl into the pain
    Sometimes the mirror is cruel
    If your mother gave the lesson
    Never waste the truth”

  21. The Day the Rats Went to War

    “While the poor men die the rich men sing
    Monetary praises to the war machine
    The rats scream for change and equality
    While the mechanics of power stain humanity”

  22. Brother

    “If I could erase one moment of pain
    I’d throw away everything, even fame
    If I could play God do you know what I’d do?
    I’d swim through your blood and kill the cancer in you”

  23. Pattern

    “From the moment of my birth
    To the instant of my death
    There are patterns I must follow
    Just as I must breathe each breath
    Like a rat in a maze
    The path before me lies
    And the pattern never alters
    Until the rat dies
    The path before me lies
    And the pattern never alters”

  24. This Old Man

    “I remember this old man and the wisdom he shared with me
    Upon his knee I’d listen
    I remember words he spoke and the look behind his quiet eyes
    In silent bliss life gives little lessons”

  25. Equilibrium

    “I can’t erase the past, I can’t erase today
    Please take it all away
    I can’t believe there’s nothing more to this senseless world
    Please take it all away

    Why do we live within these season of wither?
    Why does the hopelessness take control?

    In a fractured moment we are torn into the fragments
    Of a sick world without equilibrium”

  26. This one is probably only for Rhett. . . . We saw a band called Baroness open up for Opeth. It was really just a wall of insanely loud noise with pure a-tonal vocals over the top. Well, as it turns out, there was actually some music to be heard. The vocals are still pretty anti-melodic, but the guitarwork is interesting. This is heavy stuff, just FYI.


    Have fun in ATL, EssBee. Watch out for the giant ants on the airport ceiling.

  27. Afternoon, Pan. Workin’ Sunday. Watching Dazed & Confused Criterion Edition Richard Linklater commentary, and monitoring printer automation.

  28. According to wiki Mad Men is called Reklรƒยกmร…โ€˜rรƒยผltek in Hungary.

    Now that will take some phlegm to pronouce.

  29. Amy – your phantom link is awesome. I spent quite a while clicking on it in frustration, checking the mouseover, and only realized what was going on after checking the source. I didn’t know that was possible. Now I will go and use this knowledge to annoy… somebody.

  30. So I went to buy gas today. Got to the register, handed over the ol’ bank card, grabbed the pen, and…

    “You don’t have to sign.”


    “Under $25 you don’t have to sign.”

    So weird and foreign, filling my tank for under $25.

    $2.19 in Elk River. My father-in-law says he’s still paying $2.60. We figure it’s the “Blue States October-Of-An_Election-Year Discount.”

  31. Van – I have been on vacation for a week…
    In that week with no listening time set aside (I spent time with this thing called family) I am currently about 120 episodes behind.
    Although after a lot of listening and weeding out – I am currently down to 35 shows and a couple that I will listen to later…

    You have seen that list on the website right??? I do listen to them all…and recommend most of them.

  32. $2.73 in these parts, but it should be a lot less. I filled up my Civic for close to $30. I was happy to see myself getting over 40mpg on the highway.

  33. The same dynamics are in place though. If the economy improves, oil demand goes up, the price of oil goes up until it kills the economy. If we don’t want oil to be a limiting factor for economic growth, then we must invest in alternatives. That lesson should still be on the minds of the most ardent free marketeers, unless they happen to be oilmen.

  34. You know, it’s a good thing RSS feeds are forever…sort of. A couple of years back, I picked up “Children of the Gods” after an interview with the creator on Slice.

    Episode 10 dropped over the weekend and I’ll probably catch in on the drive in tomorrow. I was looking back through the feed. The first episode was back in 2005, and the last episode was back in February.

    Still, the story remains interesting. But, man is it a long wait. I think they’re taking BSG as a role model too literally ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Good luck MD.

    Morning Pan a chilly 6 degrees centigrade today (is that a “Bloody Wimp” I hear from the Canadian deadpanites?), the wearing of a woolly hat is CONFIRMED.

    That was your Blakes 7 reference for the morning.

    Another day, another O/S for my Eee 701. Giving Ubuntu-Eee a try, it looks pretty…

  36. Any Mac or Linux folks:

    Free Software! http://tinyurl.com/6fro23

    Due to Bush “achieving” a reduction in gas prices (by destroying the global economy).

    The site will issue free serial #’s today thru midnight CDT. The download site is down (they got Dugg bigtime), but there is a notice they are extending the download deadline 48 more hours.

    But the serial # giveaway ends tonight!

    Crossover software for running Windows OS software.

  37. Good Morning Deadpan.

    Wishing the best for you Marlo.

    I too heard JB’s request. A mighty fine one at that.

    JB – what IS that software? There main site is down due to the traffic from the give-a-away so I couldn’t get any info about them.

  38. As far as I understand it is a PC emulator, allowing Windows software to run without paying Microsoft for Windows. I signed up for a serial number, but I bet it will only run on Intel Macs, not my G5…

  39. Crossover is a commercial version of WINE.

    As long as it’s written for non intel Macs it should work.

    It’s virtulisation software that is intel CPU specific.

  40. Aw, thanks guys *group hug*

    Let’s hope the bloodtest passes…

    If all goes well, I’m supposed to call and get my surgery time on Friday. I’m first in on Monday, but no one knows what time ‘first’ will be yet.

    I usually just lurk when the pain is really bad, but I promise, on surgery day, I will post as soon as I’m allowed a keyboard.

  41. Marlo: Please keep us posted. You know we’ll be pulling for you. How long will you be recovering in the hospital? We can send you flowers or something to cheer you up!

  42. Ditto, they tell me a week long recovery is typical. But, you know, I don’t expect to be typical.

    The surgery itself is classed as day surgery, which means, again, if it goes right, they send you home late the same day. Like most surgery now, you’re expected to do the recovery at home.

    I don’t need flowers. They’re sweet and pretty, but they won’t help anybody. If you want to do something nice for me, donate to the humane society.


    They take donations of food, toys, and such, as well. You can check with your local one, to see if they do the same.

  43. Being this close to Halloween I figured someone had nicked the blood for a party effect.

    Then again I am tipsy. Sample a bottle of my first ever batch of home brewed beer. An “Octoberfest” ale.
    tasty and wow … what a punch!

  44. Morning Pan.

    “a plumber that has forgotten his toolbox” isn’t that the plot to most porno films?

    Re: “Oktoberfest is my favorite month.”
    curiously enough, it is MY favorite flavor.

    Take me to you leaderhosen.

  45. Mass Effect? It rocked! I would consider it one of the best games I’ve played. I ended up killing Ashley in a suicide mission and that had me bummed. But I ended up having some quality time with the blue alien girl. LOL Also, I elected to let the council die, which was satisfying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The problem is I want to go back and replay it with different choices to see how it changes, but I understand Mass Effect 2 will take in account the choices you made in Mass Effect 1 to tell the next chapter.

  46. I haven’t played Dead Space, but I’ve heard really good things about it. I’ll probably buy a copy after my finacial situation improves.

  47. I’m definately going to go back and replay it. Most likely I’ll go back to a saving point where I can save Ashley and save the council. And I may go back to the begining a play a total asshole, just to see how diffenent the character interaction is. LOL But before I do that, I want to finish all my Neverwinter games. That will take a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. I don’t know anything about these games (are the PC of game consol thingies) but your posts have made me wonder what would happen if you did something totally out of character. If you played “nice” for half the game and then just did something totally random and heinous would it confuse the game?

  49. You can get Mass Effect in a PC or console thingy version. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would think of Mass Effect as a computerized version of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. There’s a story tree so the choices you make at the very beginning have a bigger impact on the overall story. However, Mass Effect seemed to put most of the plot changing choices towards the back.

  50. I know the Pumpkin Masters site has a few decent free .pdf stencils. I’m pretty sure the family crafts section of About.com also leads to some good resources.

    Pictures when they’re finished, J0e!

  51. Indiana Jim I already listen to Rhettro, I’ll give the others a try.

    Was Turnips when I was a lad, some years we would nick them from a nearby farmer’s field…the turnips that is.

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