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  1. GOTG was fun.

    Lo will lurve the post credit scene.

    Walking out of the cinema, two young lasses in front of having discussion about how the various post credit sequences linked to the comics.

    go Laika!

  2. I’m CR: Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King. I’m about mid-way and really recommend anything he’s written in the past 3-4 years. Since Under The Dome, or maybe even Duma Key. This one doesn’t seem to have the supernatural element, but he’s been known to pull a freak thing at the end . . . it’s super scary.

    • Crap joke for the day:

      A blonde is terribly overweight, so her doctor puts her on a diet. “I want you to eat regularly for two days, then skip a day, and repeat this procedure for two weeks. The next time I see you, you’ll have lost at least five pounds.” When the blonde returns, she’s lost nearly 20 pounds. “Why, that’s amazing!” the doctor says. “Did you follow my instructions?”
      The blonde nods. “I’ll tell you, though, I thought I was going to drop dead that third day.” “From hunger, you mean?” asked the doctor. “No, from skipping.”

  3. Today, one of my last free days of summer, really felt like a summer day to me of yester year —

    Spalshed around, rode water slides, and spent about 2 hrs in a wave pool – that felt likey old home of the beaches in SoCal. I’m sunburnt, ate junk food and ice cream, and am now utterly spent! I just wish Jack could’ve been there for the majority of it today.

  4. Today’s awesome SPAM subject line – from “Maria”: Congratulations! You recieve lucky numbers of Good Fortune!

    The hell I did, Maria. The hell I did.

  5. I don’t think I said so here, but last Friday I scheduled shoulder surgery for September 4th. When you guys are here for the mmeetup, I’ll likely still be in a sling! Today, I’m grumpy because it HURTS LIKE A MOTHER and I wish I hadn’t put it off so late for Evil, Inc. considerations. Grr.

  6. Did myself a favor and watched the original Death Race 2000 (David Carradine!!) followed by the 2008 remake (Jason Statham!!). Both equally satisfying. Then I truly fucked up and watched Death Race 2 and 3. Why, lord??? Not even a wonderful Danny Trejo and all the half boobs in the world can save that drek. God it was worth it tho.

  7. Setting the scene:

    Its been a long and hot Phoenician summer August day and im tired. Bouts of insomnia have plagued me for about 3 weeks now amd Im tired.

    I retire to my room, turn on my 32″ television and hit the Home button on my Roku remote. There is an image of an Asian man, standing in a “Im Dolf Lundgren-Im gonna fuck you up” type pose amd he is smiling. Its obciously a digital movie poster. The name of the movie… wait for it…

    Operation Condom

    Okay, it was really Operation Condor

  8. So, fellow Marvel 99-cent-ers, I have to recommend the Kraven’s Last Hunt story arc from the mid-80s. It’s a bit tricky to track down the right ones, and pretty goshdarned fucked up for a mainstream, Comics-Code-Approved set of comics, but it’s also pretty brilliant stuff. The best thing I’ve read so far this month.

  9. Ok Van, I have a question for you. I typed in “A Dark Room” into my ipad app store to get the game you mentioned above. It was the first thing that showed up but #2 was a game called “Slave Girls – Escape the Tied Girls” I was going to put a link to it but couldn’t locate one. Anyway, the picture is pretty much as the description. It’s three girls in cheerleader costumes time up in an office.

    While I got The Dark Room, I think I’ll give this second game a pass. 😉

  10. Looking for craft beer advice from the Colorado crew. My son will be driving from Colorado to Florida to visit us and I thought it would be a great opportunity to have him bring me some beers that I can’t otherwise get here. These are the breweries that I can’t find here. Please let me know which are your favorites:

    Twisted Pine (all we seem to get here is Ghost Face Killah
    Grand Lake
    Spanish Peaks

    • Upslope +1000. The Brown Ale is my fav. The IPA is delish, and the Craft Lager is my summertime fav – low ABV, quenching.

      Wynkoop is quite nice. Cant go wrong with the Belgorado Ale

      If you can find Twisted Pine’s Cream Stout I’d highly advise

      O’Dell is by far my fav Northen Co brewery. Pick ANYTHING. Its literally all good.

      Durango is ok. But just ok. Same with Grand Lake

      Unfamiliar with Spanish Peaks and Steamworks

  11. Well, I imagine all those pundits back in the Spring predicting “Guardians of the Galaxy” would be Marvel’s first bomb aren’t feeling terribly smug at the moment.

    I think Marvel did a pretty masterful job with the marketing buildup and slow reveals over the last several months and it looks to be paying off.

    I still won’t catch it in the theater, but I look forward to catching the Blu-ray later on.

  12. Your 2014 Warped Tour line-up today was as follows –

    Screamo band

    Screamo Band

    Goth metal screamo band

    Screamo band

    Normal looking grindcore band

    Screamo band


    Screamo band

    Screamo band

    Less than Jake

  13. In one of my weird weekends, I’ve had a fever in which I went home from work and slept for almost 19 hours straightish, my parents’ 50th anniversary party, and watching of Guardians of the Galaxy. I will be going back to work tomorrow. There were many good points even though it doesn’t sound like it.

    • Ugh. I’m not religious by any means, but this pisses me off as much as the extreme right blasting god in my face every moment. Message heard. You dont believe. We get it.

    • I had to stop listening to a podcast because of something similar.
      pros·e·ly·tize 1: to induce someone to convert to one’s faith
      2: to recruit someone to join one’s party, institution, or cause

      It’s the same no matter what your belief system.

    • God I cant wait! We binged on Drunk History and Maron and need to finish the last season of Warehouse 13. And then.. its Killing time

  14. RE: Outlander – I tried to read the first book and didn’t even get as far as the time travel part (spoiler alert?). Just couldn’t do it . . . I may try the TV show.

  15. Hey Ess I had a few quick questions for you..

    I was thinking about it and was wondering who the ‘man’ in you and Sly’d relationship is. I mean how do you know youre a lesbian if youve never had sex with a man? How DO you have sex anyway? Are you attracted to yourself? (you like girls after all, and youre a girl, so… yknow. Youre so pretty, what do you have against dick? Since Michelle Rodriguez is dating that dude from High School Musical, that means shes strait now right?

    I wish I were that dude from HSM. Things would be so much easier…

  16. Your crap joke for the day:

    Two guys were fishing down by the Ohio River on different sides of the riverbank at night. Guy number one was catching a whole bunch of fish for his family, but guy number two hadn’t caught any and was frustrated and called out to guy number one “How come you’ve been catching all them there fish and I ain’t caught a single one?”Guy number one replied, ” I don’t know…. why don’t ya come on over here?””I don’t know…. I don’t see a bridge, and their aint no boat, and I don’t swim to well”Guy number one picks up his flashlight, turns it on, and replies, ” Why don’t you walk across this here beam off light?”Guy number two was outraged and replied “do you think am stupid? When I get half way you’ll turn it off!!!”

  17. Out and about running errands.

    On an unrelated thought, why does my GoodReads mobile app no longer posts my reading updates to Facebook? It stopped working a few months ago. It use to. I’ve had the same I-devices for the last year. Strange

  18. Oh oh. A second crow has landed on the fence. Quick, does anybody know any rituals to save yourself from evil soul sucking birds?

  19. Either the ebola outbreak is how the zombie apocalypse starts or its how the corporate world take over starts. Either way its Resident Evil or Judge Dredd…

  20. In less than 8 weeks I get to see some of your faces. Unless you wear a mask. Or something explodes. I have to create my own squee moments okay?

  21. Your crap joke joke for the day:

    A famous art collector is walking through the city when he notices a mangy cat lapping milk from a saucer in the doorway of a store and he does a double-take. He recognizes that the saucer is extremely old and very valuable, so he walks casually into the store and offers to buy the cat for two dollars.The storeowner replies, “I’m sorry, but the cat isn’t for sale.The collector says, “Please, I need a hungry cat around the house to catch mice. I’ll pay you twenty dollars for that cat.”And the owner says “Sold,” and hands over the cat.The collector continues, “Hey, for the twenty bucks I wonder if you could throw in that old saucer. The cat’s used to it and it’ll save me from having to get a dish.”And the owner says, “Sorry buddy, but that’s my lucky saucer. So far this week I’ve sold sixty-eight cats.”

  22. Was reading the Dresden Files “Its a Jungle Out There” graphic novel and what did I see? Harry Dresden quoting Jack Burton.

    Ah Jim Butcher… you do know how to please.

  23. Happy DCI Finals Thursday, everyone!

    Im so looking forward to my annual tradition of catching the Finals of this season’s corps!

    Who has a favorite?



    • If you’re talking ‘Fan Favorite” I have to go with “The Academy”.
      If you are talking about having a chance to finish top 10 … “Spirit of Atlanta”

      Chance to Win? I got nothin’

  24. I shall carry over from FB togere, my DCI: Big and Loud Live PBP-

    I was late getting here… Lame
    I missed 4 or 5 corps… lamer
    Madison Scouts — what a horn sound! Love that all-male squad!
    BlueStars — Happy 50th Anniversary! Nice misic, just not my fave
    Boston Crusaders — LOVED IT! Im a fan! Intense, unique show and beautiful flugle horn solo

  25. DCI Update — Swan Lake. BIG sound! <3 Phantom!

    P.S. The guy sitting near me, is very passionate and nearly knocked my drink out of its cupholder, because he could not contain himself.

  26. Blue Knights — That One Second

    Beautiful storytelling and touching. Im not a fan of alot of narration during the show, but this was appropriate

    • It was just too much voice over for me. I thought it distracted from the efforts of the LIVE humans who where doing there best on the field.
      As I’ve said before … I can find that kind of pre-produced, recorded entertainment elsewhere and opera/musical theatre can be seen in LOTS of places.
      There is(was?) only one place you could go for an evening of precision marching and professional playing.

  27. The Cavaliers — Immortal

    WOWZA!!! What a fucking show!!!

    Vampires, dancing with skeletons, and shuffling marimbas on the field!!!!

  28. Santa Clara Vanguard — Scherezade: Words 2 Live By

    We all love this percussion! General Effect amd Drill rocked!

    Quote of the night: “I had my brass-gasm with Carolina Crown…”

  29. Fav tweet of the day :

    @KameronHurley: Fav question from that interview was “What would Heinlein or Tolkien think of your work?” My legit response: “I don’t care.”

      • Would love to have everyone sit through at least one live performance of one of the top World Class Corps.
        Even if it was not your thing, you would be blown away at the skill and intricacy of these kids. Not to mention the thrill of being surround by that VOLUME of pleasant sound.

  30. So this old dog is going to go see if he has learned a new trick yet.
    I am getting in the car and making the long drive to another track meet today.
    The weather does not look at all cooperative but I managed to overcome a LOT of adversity at my last meet and did very well. Jut have to do it again.

    This is another “street vault”. Part competition, part public performance art.

    I want 11′ this time!

  31. I’ve been meaning to tell Roaming Asshat that Pixie and I tried out the new Brass Tap that opened here in Mesa. Great beer selection (Avery!), and OMG, the pretzel pizza was tiny/delicious. According to their website, Brass Tap is the Starbucks of breweries in FL. Have you ever been?

  32. They don’t have any locations in the Orlando area yet, so I haven’t even heard of them. They are supposedly coming here soon so I can update when I get to try going to one.

  33. Just watched The Grandmaster on Netflix. An extremely flawed, extremely beautiful masterpiece of Chinese cinema. I know the Weinstiens butchered the fuck out of it for its US release. Would love to get my hands on the Chinese region free blu-ray. Nonetheless its a HIGH recommendation.

  34. Talking of Tom Cruise, watched the first MI film last night.

    Still fun, TC looks very young (1996 was so long ago), and they didn’t fuck with the theme tune.

    Pity about turning Phelps into the bad guy though.

  35. RE: Knight of Sidonia

    Finished watching all the episodes this week, enjoyed it but as mentioned found the art style a bit of an eyestrain.

    ..and your dumb moment, I didn’t discover till watching the last episode that dialogue in English had been recorded…doh!

  36. “twisted” pretzel beer, pineapple beer, glow-in-the-dark putt putt golf (which I only won by 2 strokes, btw), & artisan ice cream with Mr. Mangan.

    This Jack Mangan guy is a definite keeper!!

  37. So one of my powerline adapters failed. I just bought another pair as it was only 5 quid more for two and least I’ll have a spare.

  38. Could any of you social media savvy kids recommend the best site for posting videos for sharing with others?
    I shoot video at these track meets I go to and I’d like a site that would allow me to organize the clips by event and allow people to view them over the web or download them.

    Seems to me that youtube wouldn’t let me organize them like that and didn’t allow for downloading. The only other one I am aware of is vimeo but I am not sure if they have a “privacy” option.


        • Right, so what makes them better than us? That is, why do you hate so see them struggle more than ‘regular’ people?

          Questioning here, not attacking.

          • Lo, as someone who counsels those who are grieving, I’ve learned it is not that they are better than us, it is that they are visible and tend to touch more lives through that visibility. I’ve seen families who have had private ceremonies of 10 family members and others who have had whole communities involved. It doesn’t make it any more poignant or sad, it just brings awareness to something that most people don’t see in their every day.

          • My $0.02:

            Very well said, Cynful.

            I won’t speak for Pixie, but I think I know where she was going with this. It’s just as tragic if the career Burger King fry chef is critically depressed as it is for the broke-ass artist in NYC – – but a creative type is someone who’s taking strides to connect on a deeper level with their identity and with existence itself. By nature, a depressed creative type is deeper into their existential wrestling match. . . That does not make their pain any sharper or duller than a ‘regular’ person’s, nor their suicide’s any more or less tragic – – but it does make their struggle more poignant and visible to us on the outside.

            Elliott Smith is possibly the “celebrity” suicide that’s touched me the most deeply, because he’d conveyed through his music pieces of the misery that killed him. Listening to his songs now – – and watching Robin Williams clips from now on – will always carry a sense of loss and waste, along with the basic enjoyment.

            OK, that was $0.05.

    • Robin Williams brought me a great deal of laughs and joy at times in my life.
      As silly as his Mork character seems now, when I was a kid it was something my whole family would watch together and we would LAUGH together. Giving me those memories was quite a gift.
      I am very sorry he was not able to escape his demons.

        • Indeed – while he’s had a lot of iconic roles that I will remember, Mork and Popeye are the ones that made the bond.

          I imagine his new series (which was pretty damn funny) not getting renewed was a pretty major blow to him.

          • Same here. Our generation was introduced to him as Mork and as (the criminally underrated) Popeye- -while the hip adults were tuned in to his cocaine-fueled stand-up. We could forgive his occasional transgressions like Hook and Bicentennial Man because he always remained likable and reliably manic funny. And unlike most other comedians, he could really deliver in the serious roles.

            It’s a goddamn tragedy that someone who brought so much joy and life to so many would succumb to his own unhappiness.

  39. Today’s Schedule (in no particular order):
    Make Bed
    Make Guest Room Bed
    Grocery Shop
    Empty Guest Room (How did it become a storage room for boxes of stuff?)
    Clean both upstairs and downstairs washroom
    Go to Sentry to pick up books they didn’t sell at WWC

    Holy crap. That’s a lot of stuff to do today! I better get started.

  40. So, let’s see how we’re doing with our check list.

    Make bed – Check
    Make Guest Bed – Check
    First of two loads of laundry in washer
    Clean upstairs washroom

    Not bad for the first hour.

    Now time to fill my larder.

  41. Though I feel bad for Robin William’s family, and was a bit shocked by the news, it has had little impact on my life. I still have to work, get though the day, and generally survive my life.

  42. Marc Maron just reposted his WTF interview with Robin Williams this morning if anyone is interested. Great conversation if I remember correctly, but frank talk about drug/alcohol addition if that kind of thing pushes buttons for you.

  43. Bloody computers!

    Installed new SSD, cloned old HDD to SSD, wouldn’t boot to SSD.

    Tried various BIOS settings and changed boot priority, but it would always boot from HDD.

    In the end had to unplug the SATA cable going to the HDD and then it would boot from the SSD.


    Loads stuff fast now though.

    • Holy shit.

      “Arguably Anthrax’s heaviest and darkest album, ‘Persistence of Time’ wasn’t just a response to the oft-criticized humor of ‘State of Euphoria,’ but the gut-wrenching warehouse fire that destroyed most of the band’s priceless instruments.”

  44. So there *is* a designed plot ending plan, & apprently has been all along!

    George R.R. Martin Admits Some Game of Thrones Fans Already Know How the Series Ends

  45. Your crap joke for the day:

    My new girlfriend just said, “After an orgasm, I like to kiss and cuddle, then fall asleep in each others arms. What about you?”
    I said, “I usually delete my browsing history and throw the tissues away.”

  46. Well, I don’t mean to leave this evening on such a down note, but I had to share this cause it hurts:


    They lived down the street from us. The boy was one of my son’s best friends and they were regularly either at our house or at theirs. I haven’t told him yet. Quite frankly, I don’t know how. It’s not something I can even relate too, but I know he is going to take it poorly. There are several boys in our neighborhood all of the same age that are friends with each other. This was also the only child, so now the mother is alone after losing her husband and child all at once.

    So, whatever age your kids are, give them and your partners an extra hug and hold them close the next time you can.

    • Well that is a hell of a thing for a 10-year-old to have to process. 🙁 It’s a hell of a thing for anyone to have to process. That poor family.
      Your boy does benefit from having some great parents to be there for him.
      Sending you hugs too, Ed.

    • Just seeing this Ed.
      I suspect this has been a tough morning for the EfT house.
      I can see that this is going to be one of those defining, “growing up” moments in your son’s young life but Jack is right.
      Your son has you in his corner to help him move through this. That is big.