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  1. Hmm. I should consider upgrading to an iPad Pro so I can get Transistor. Great game and I love the soundtrack too.

    CP: Paper Boats (feat. Ashley Barrett) — Darren Korb

  2. I was reading that Season 5 of “Person of Interest” may very well be its last. I’m both happy and sad about that.

    CP: God Mode — Ramin Djawadi

      • I agree. It was a stealth SF show at first. I never expected it to go in the direction it did, but it did it very well. “If-Then-Else” was one of the best episodes of TV I’ve watched. I can’t wait to see how they resolve the series.

  3. I love Agents of SHIELD. I really do. From the last part of season 1 to now its been made of almost nothing but win. The way it smartly ties into the films, the strong female characters, the humor, the action… its ALL more than worthy in the Marvel universe let alone a fantastic show. Not many shows have me waiting with bated breath week after week to see what happens next.

    I say the following statement knowing full well what Ive written:

    Agent Carter puts it to shame.

  4. Since every one clearly needs one more episodic show to add to their list โ€ฆ
    I can recommend “The Detectorists” found on Netflix.

    This American finds it VERY BBC so you may have to really concentrate to get some of the dialogue but it is a slightly bittersweet, fun little show. It also seems to be just one season so no long-term commitments needed.

  5. A big Meh! On the new X-Files..well the first episode at any rate.

    Chris Carter appears to have lost his ability to write plot rather than info dump and DD’s narration sounds as forced as HF’s narration in the original theatrical release of Bladerunner.

  6. Just a clarification and/or reminder to all…

    My friends *are* my Family- make no mistake about it.

    And you people, are my friends.

    So, there.

  7. No pressure or blame or faulting on anyone. . . the regulars here are close enough friends that we want you there for our big day. Life and circumstances happen, but we sincerely hope you can make it.

    :cth: :jack:

  8. So crappy SFX and outlandish clothing aside, I’m really enjoying rewatching Blakes 7 again.

    I’m up to the third episode of S2 and looking forward to the next episode of ‘Down and Safe’ , a podcast where four writers are discussing the series one episode at a time.

  9. Today’s movie is The Possession of Michael King.

    The PVR write up: An evil force takes control of a grieving filmmaker who has vowed to disprove the existence of the paranormal

    As a challenge to myself, this PBP will have posts of two words or less

  10. You know, as these movies go, this one wasn’t half bad. My biggest complaint is the fact it was done as a “documentary”. I’m really tired of movies done from the camera’s pov

  11. Crap mini joke:

    I’ve been having real problems with nuisance phone calls lately…… The most common one seems to be ……”You said you’d be home from the pub three fuckin hours ago!”

      • Ah politics. The ignorant pointing fingers at the imbeciles. Or is it one zebra claiming to be black and calling the other zebra white?

      • Is it it about the singling out of one particular ethnic group? Cause yeah, that comparison is warranted.

        But yes, every cycle we get dipshits comparing the guy they hate most to Hitler.

  12. So I’m seeing a lot of mentions of B.o.B on my Twitter feed.

    It’s a rapper that claims the EArth is flat.

    However ever time I see him mentioned my mind jumps to that robot from The Black Hole..

    • I’ve liked all replys by Neil deGrasse Tyson to B.o.B.

      Paraphrasing ” Just because your thinking hasn’t progress past the fifth century doens’t mean I still don’t enjoy your music.” LOL

      • NdeGT was on The Nightly show. He ended his rant with, “by the way, this is called gravity” and then dropped the mic. It was cute.

        As a side note: I wonder if the rapper really thinks the world is flat, or is he doing the attention = sales bit. His name is now in the public eye more than it was so I do wonder.

        • Point. (Although it could be said that a grade-school teacher hits a bit closer to home for most people than a career adventurer who lived that lifestyle, like Gus Grissom.)

          • I was reading about the Soyuz 1 cosmonaut that got killed. It seems he knew the new capsule design was screwed up and needed much more work but if he didn’t go up it was going to be Gagarin, so he went up into Space knowing there was a good chance he was going to die on that mission.

          • Life’s little ironies –
            I was sitting in a “jury pool” on that day, NOT getting picked for juries and reading an article in OMNI magazines on deaths in space. Accidents that had happened and that with flights to space becoming a regular occurrence, statistics showed it would happen again. Summary – our space agencies/government need to have a plan in place for dealing with this.

            That was when someone walked in the room and said “The Shuttle just exploded on take-off.”

          • No irony on my part. Just sadness. I was 15 years old and I was helping my grandparents clean their house (partly for the money, but mostly because I liked hanging out with my grandparents). I was really getting into astronomy at the time and it meant way more to me than it did to them. But, being good grandparents, they stopped everything with me so we could all watch it together. It was one of those situations like watching your kids get sick. I could tell that it hurt them far more to watch me suffering than what I could ever feel for the Astronauts or their families.

        • No of course they count. However I will say that (and this is to Jack’s point) space travel at t he time of Challenger was almost passe and taken for granted. To that extent this wake up call was a kind of end of innocence. Although Id argue something as complex as space travel really has no age like that

  13. Had the misfortune of watching the Donner cut of Superman II for the first time tonite. What a fucking dreadful film. The sad thing is it’s still ages better than the original cut. Can anyone tell me why this film gets a pass? Its so very bad.

  14. So went to drop some stuff to a friend and find his house emptied and no signs of him.

    wondering if he’s died since I saw him at New Year, his phone has been disconnected as well.

    Very strange.

  15. Hey, Deadpan!

    First off: Condolences and hugs to Pixie.

    Second of all: Got several different costuming and other creative projects in the works. Will definitely post here when I have major updates to report. But right now, :zzzzz:

  16. If you like the works of Kurt Vonnegut, the audible version of ‘Breakfast of Champions’ is the daily deal on the US store today.

    I’ve read it wasn’t as well received as SL5, but thought I would give it a try.

    Haven’t see the film adaption starring Nick Nolte.

  17. Ok, bought a new set of NC headphones, hopefully they won’t make me feel like I’m pressing my ears into my skull.

    They seemed more comfortable in the shop than the Lindy ones but time will tell.

  18. I got a phone call from a friend of mine. My nemesis passed away. My friend friend didn’t realize this person and I didn’t get along. He still doesn’t. I figured now was not the time to say the person who passed and I never really liked eachother.

    But the big question really is, who am I going to hate now?

  19. CW: The Magicians E3

    The lass going to the dark side is a more compelling character than the bloody hero.

    Still early days and all that.

    • I was just watching Ravenous last night and thought the same thing about the villain. Then again Robert Carlyle tends to play far more interesting characters than Guy Pearce in just about anything.

    • That’s time well-spent.

      Although I don’t know how an audiobook will handle all of the footnotes. There are a lot of them, and they’re a pretty big part of the experience.

      • The reading of Breakfast of Champions feels rather surreal..with John Malkovich have to describe the drawings including the ones of arseholes.

  20. Good Morning Campers!

    You have successfully lived through 10,000 + years of Groundhog’s Day, and you may now continue the REST of your life.

    Punxsutawney will miss you.

  21. We are slowly catching up on TV. I’ve given up on Colony after 3 episodes. I didn’t care about the characters. I’m about to give up on Blindspot. It’s overly contrived and the writing has too many *facepalm* moments. The hacker episode was ridiculous. The only smart thing they said was Python was better than Perl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m glad episode 3 of the X-Files is good. I might give it a chance On-Demand once it is over.

  22. “Mike Huckabee has decided to end his presidential campaign but I think he should be forced to carry it to full term.”
    Wacky political billiards humor on facebook today.

  23. Excuse me I’m going to rant:


    More sabre rattling by RAND, who deserve to go the way of the dodo.

    If the Russians were dumb enough to invade NATO countries , it’s irrelevant how quickly they can take the Baltic states, Nukes would be used, nuclear winter would be ushered in.

    Then it’s bye bye civilisation, hello Stone Age.

    War mongering fuckers!!!

    • I can’t listen to music at work as it requires putting on headphones which seem to act as a magnate for interrupting people. I’ll go an hour without someone talking to me. Put on the headphones and someone will be next to me in a matter of seconds.

  24. We were entertained by the guilelessly loud group of Japanese at Sleepy Dog tonight.

    My first time there in forever. Desert Pixie’s first in ever.

  25. So I’m third of the way through ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell’ and pleasantly surprised that I’m actually enjoying the journey.

    Footnotes are handled as well as can expected in audio form and the narrator is rather good.

      • The TV series seems pretty faithful so far (with the major exception being Jonathan Strange meeting Mr Norrell far earlier in the TV series plot).

        Still I’m tempted to watch it all over again after finishing the book.

  26. I highly HIGHLY recommend Horace and Pete’s. Louis CK is simply brilliant and unafraid to explore the darker and depressive sides of humanity

  27. I for sure thought that horsemeat was going to be served up this evening. Instead, it was (crying) jungle cats.

    Good Job, Denver! now, no riots or shootings, please. You guys won.

    • Wouldn’t programmed negative reactions only encourage the type of people who made lewd remarks in the first place?

      If they really want to discourage that kind of behavior, then utter non-acknowledgement or reduced functionality would seem a better way to go.

    • That’s actually an interesting list. But seriously, on a page full on insights and deep thoughts from the world’s leading scientists. . .

      How can the first “More from our network” link be “The Beginner’s Guide to Butt Play”? With an extremely unnecessary closeup??

    • On a related note, a friend of ours was watching something on NetFlix (I don’t remember what, it wasn’t something we watched), and they were playing D & D. He texted hubby and asked if we knew anything thing about this. To him it seemed less like a game and more like a group telling an adventure story. Hubby, of course, replied, “Yes!” Hubby’s been reading the 5th edition DM guide non-stop now, hoping to convince our friend to play D & D. It’s been a while.

  28. JF: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke

    Bloody hell that was a marathon of a listen, thank goodness for x2 playback, rather enjoyed that. Don’t think I would have ever finished the dead tree version, just don’t have the patience these days.

    Have an urge rewatch the TV series now.

  29. Hubby’s being mean to me.

    As I’ve said before, with the exchange rate, and the fact we have to put out about $15k in unexpected expenses this, I’m unsure about making it to Arizona this year. Hubby and I were talking and he’s telling me I should go anyway. We have enough points to fly one of us out, so he said he would stay home. I tell him $15k! He doesn’t care.

    Since when did I become the practical one in this household?

    • I’m torn between Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson (whose works I tend find a bit dry) or Luna by Ian MacDonald (which is the start of a series which puts me off).

      • I’m partway into Embassytown by China Mieville and digging the language, but wondering where it’s going. He’s done this before, though, and the books turned out brilliantly.

        • I’ve put the decision off by buying an audiobook that was on sale.

          A slice of cross dressing steampunk that is The Bulletcatchers Daughter by Rod Duncan.

  30. Sunday is Valentine’s Day.

    Hubby and I don’t celebrate. I know hubby loves me, and most of the world knows I pretty much worship him. We don’t feel the need to feed some corporation to prove it.

    • Marmite is rather infamous for polarised reactions to the taste (you’ll either love it or hate it).

      I liked that book, but a lot of people didn’t like it for how homosexuals are treated by the Masquerade.

  31. Cool. Ill be sure to tell Dani as we are on our, probably, only night away from the kids on Valentines Day how we should really be worried about how we’re conforming as opposed to enjoying ourselves for one day.