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Apparently there’s some big new sci-fi Space Track movie out – and people had expressed a desire to be able to comment freely. So -here’s a place to talk Star Trek: The Motion Picture, if you want. I’d advise against reading these comments if you don’t want any movie spoilers. Cue Ogre sound effect.

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  1. I am curious about people’s complaints. . . Did you feel that Kirk ran into old Spock too quickly? Or that Scotty’s technique to beam them back onto the Enterprise was too blase and easy? Or that the new Kirk actor was even less-likable than Shatner must have been to 60s TV watchers?

    I noticed those three things – but – none of them were a detriment.
    Anyway. This page was requested, and here it is. Discuss away.

  2. Ok things I didn’t like about the new ST movie:

    Nero was just a non entity, even V’ger had more personalty.

    The way Kirk found the original Spock was far too contrived. Kirk just happens to crash land within walking distance and runs into Spock by accident. If the original Spock had been at the Starbase it would have made more sense.

    Supernova don’t threaten to destroy the galaxy (yeah yeah I know ST is more science fantasy than science fiction but still).

    Just seemed a bit stupid for the original Spock to let a weapon as powerful as Red Matter fall into Romulan hands.

    I actually liked the new Kirk.

  3. This comment will be moderated since I’m not at home, but stealing internet at a stranger’s house.

    Can someone tell me what the red matter actually was? I think I missed that bit of information.

    I liked Chris Pine as Kirk. I never was a big fan of Kirk, but ultimately, I feel Pine did the role justice.

    The Spock in the cave thing really only worked for excitement purposes. Definitely suspending disbelief for most of that convenient chain of events.

    The movie really sucked me in immediately though with Kirk’s father’s death. I found it to be terribly emotional. I’m not usually so affected like that. Anyone else? It could have been amplified by my excitement about seeing the movie to begin with.

    OK I’m supposed to be partying, not talking trek. I have a drink calling to me. tootles!

  4. Shouldn’t make a difference Cj, as long as you enter your DP Name and email correctly…I enter DP comments on my phone which has a different IP than my home PCs.

    You may want to clear cookie and browsing history on the browser history though.

  5. Red matter really bothered, as did the galaxy destroying supernova, the destruction of Vulcan, and the nonesense with the coolant pipes in engineering.

    Overall, though, I really enjoyed the movie. It was fun, and despite what Abrams said, I think he and his writers must have been fans for them to capture a lot of those classic Star Trek moments. I think the cast has a lot of potential in future movies.

  6. I was OK with the general concept of the “reboot”, particularly since they did make the effort to link it to the original time line with alterations proceeding from Nero’s killing of Kirk’s father.

    The whole “mining ship” business was difficult to take in the region of the film. Before Friday, I was not even aware of a comic series prequel. And, quite frankly, I shouldn’t have to be. I hear that some of Nero’s lines were cut that would have given us some of this explanation. Truthfully, I think they should have just cut out the whole “we’re just a mining ship and common workers” bit from the film as well. I could have easily taken the premise that it was an advanced Romulan ship from +120 years in the future and would naturally be badass compared to space tech of the movie’s time frame. But, adding the bit about being miners without adding some more background about how they converted it into an uber killing machine was not a good idea.

    The last bit that I have real trouble with – there’s just no way that Kirk goes from 3rd year cadet to captain of Starfleet’s new symbol of power. I can appreciate that they want the future movies to feature Kirk as captain, but the way they get him to the captain’s chair was just too hard to swallow.

    Maybe making him Pike’s full time first officer at the end with some smart lines from Pike about getting him ready for the chair. Then, a closing bit of text about how Kirk eventually earns his command after a few years….but that is another adventure. Gives a more believable ending, and sets up for the promise of the next movie.

    That said, I think the portrayals of the characters were excellent. I think they did a pretty good job of pulling references from previous films and the series, though there were opportunities missed there as well. But, I am willing to write off some of these foibles as typical of setting up characters in an “origin story”. Now, we’ve got all the new, non-Trek watchers up to speed and can bring on some series adventures for this new version of the crew.

  7. Now that I’ve seen ST I’ll make a few comments of my own. First… Poor George.

    I was ok with the reboot. Actually I was glad with the way they handled it. I was really worried while watching the movie that they would be pulled into the black hole and try to set things back to cannon. I’m glad they didn’t.

    The only real problem I had was the actor who portrayed Sarik. I know they couldn’t get the original actor since he’s dead, however it might have worked better for me if they at least got an actor who looked similar. This actor had a face that was way to long to work for me (the original Sarik had a rounder face). When Spock was trying to kill Kirk on the bridge, it took me a minute to register the Vulcan who stopped it was Spock’s father.

    Another observation (not a complaint) unlike any other Star Trek, Spock was getting more babe action than Kirk.

    Finally, a link from SCIFI Wire on 11 Things about the new ST to make you go WTF.

  8. TEB said, “Another observation (not a complaint) unlike any other Star Trek, Spock was getting more babe action than Kirk.”

    Well… duh… did you see Spock. Every time that boy was on the screen I think I swayed a bit in my seat.

    Srlsly just thinking about him makes me wonder if I need to borrow someone’s bunk for a few minutes.

  9. One more thought… It wasn’t until Next Gen that they allowed “families” on starships. What was Kirk’s pregnant mummy doing on the ship? At that point, the time line hadn’t been changed yet, so this one thing should have followed cannon.

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  11. Just got back from seeing the new Trek and I really liked it. I did think about some of things mentioned, like why would they put such a vast amount of red matter into a single ship, being that it was so dangerous. But I was entertained the entire movie and look forward to the next one.

  12. I concur with pretty much all that Ed said. Also, why didn’t these MAJOR Federation Planets have any planetary defense? How would they not know what is going on with huge dangly bits spouting fire into their planet? Where is the Big Gun in Alaska?

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