403 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #126: Ain’t Talkin’ Doctor Spock

  1. Yet, forget that “May the 4th be with you” cheese. May is Star Trek.

    So, no spoilers yet CJ – just please tell me it doesn’t suck.

    Going today at 1 with the wife. IMAX digital, baby!

  2. Thanks for the links, Joe. I have tagged them all for further investigation. I shall gladly collect all info I can get before I enter the lion’s den.

  3. Crap – today is Thursday! I’ll be going to the 1p show tomorrow.

    Stupid causality requiring me to move through time….

  4. I didn’t get to listen until now because my stupid internet went down about 45 minutes before the show went online.

    So. My addictions are clear. Internet. Deadpan. Sleep.

    Three things I’ve gone without for the most part tonight.

    Thank goodness Star Trek is in my near future because otherwise I might be really annoyed right now!

  5. Alright, CJ – I think Dan needs to bind your “We’re not going to be smart” line to a key shortcut for your LLAP recordings.

  6. Morning, Deapan!

    Dollhouse = wow.

    Today’s DP = I can’t listen until at least tonight, argh!

    4079 tracks left . . .

    Have a great day, friends!

  7. I am thinking 6 days, Wolf, at this rate.

    ditto, I have some playlists, yes. Crap, I should have thought of that. I also did some research on iPodrip, and it is a slow process.

    Trying to be patient!

    Okay, really heading to work. Have a great day, y’all!

  8. Morning Pan!

    Decided to sleep in this morning. Still awake before the in-laws.

    Won’t get to see Trek until next week.

    The people from Vulcan, Alberta bid on having the premier at their town, they lost (Vulcan doesn’t have a movie theatre), but as a consolation prize 300 people from Vulcan were bussed to Calgary yesterday for their own special preview. They had the guy who plays Pike in the new movie there as well there as well.

  9. I think I’m going to see Wolvie this weekend and if I’m a good little overtime worker then I’ll catch the new Trek next weekend.

    After I send back My Name is Bruce, I’ll get to watch Let the Right One In. (I think that’s the title.) I have very high hopes for that one.

  10. You coming to see me NS? If you had given me more warning I would be better prepared. I’ll check the pub crawl route. See what the theaters are playing.

    Wait – I miss read that nevermind.

  11. Yes, my hubby likes… stuff

    Burger King is now selling Star Trek glasses so I know where we’re going for lunches the next couple weeks 🙂

  12. Morning, Pan!

    Here’s the current status of “The Questors from Effpiem.” Episode 5 is almost in the can – I just need to retake part of the end credits and trim the length of the music, then it’ll be done. I can do that on Friday afternoon, so I think that’s when I’ll do that.

    My microphone headset broke last Saturday, and I just got a new one yesterday, so now I need to re-record the narration for Episode 6. I have lines for that episode from all but one of the actors. Episodes 7, 8, and 9 have been written and sent out to two of the three guest stars. Actors, expect to see those scripts soon.

    12 hours and 19 minutes until I see Star Trek! I’m going to the 10:20 showing tonight!

  13. I’m still in shock that I will see the new Star Trek movie before Cj.


    Don’t be a tease NS, what do you do and don’t like about Dollhouse.

    Oh and I think I mentioned it at the time, but I really enjoyed ‘Let the Right One In’.

  14. Comments for April 2009 = 3,504. this is a 38% increase over last year.

    No recession on the Deadpan comment board 🙂 Let’s keep it up.

  15. Still two weeks behind on Dollhouse. Expect it to be 3 after this week. TV is limited with company in the house.

  16. Well TEB I thought you were implying the last line with:

    ‘I hear the shower running downstairs. I may be called away at any minute.’


  17. EssBee: If you don’t care about your playlists, this might be the fastest way to get your iPod back up. I’m assuming your library is available on an external drive.

    – In iTunes on the Mac, set the options “keep music files organized” and “copy songs when adding to library”.
    – Connect your iPod to your Mac. You’ll be warned that it will be erased, but you should have an option to transfer purchases. Click on transfer purchases. If you are paranoid, cancel, and under the File menu, you can pick transfer purchases from there.
    – Under the file menu, pick “Add Folder to library”, browse to the external drive, and pick your library.
    * This will add everything, but you’ll loose your playlists, including your podcast subscriptions.
    – You probably want to unset the option “copy songs when adding to library” after this.
    – Redo your podcast subscriptions and playlists (if you can).

    – Now your library is restored, and you can do a proper sync.

  18. In regards to Podcasts, when you have your podcast window open in ITunes (so all the podcasts you’ve subscribed to are displayed), select Export Playlist (it’s under the file/library/ menu) a box will come up so you can save the file ..just remember to click on the drop down box and select OPML

  19. this will save a list of podcasts you’ve subscribed to and allow you to rebuild your list on a new computer by transferring the OPML file and using the Import Playlist under the /file/library menu on the new computer.

  20. I don’t quite agree with Tee about V4V, however, I think the important thing isn’t that one is qualitatively better than the other, rather, one has influenced and inspired more people than the other. Most people weren’t familiar with V4V when Watchmen came out, so Watchmen had a much greater impact on the general populace.

  21. We don’t eat at Burger King that often either, but they do have mac n cheese and apples in their kids meals which is bonus for me because my son will actually eat that and sometimes I’m just THAT lazy.

    Right now I cannot seem to get my son to stop vomiting so I don’t really want to discuss his eating habits.

    Although I blame the THREE bananas he apparently ate after dinner last night which is what has caused him to be up and vomiting since 3 am. He’s a sneaky little monkey.

  22. Van: I believe you can do that with playlists too. Thanks for remember that. That should allow EssBee to move everything from the old computer to the new one.

  23. Van – I don’t want to spoil anything for TEB (Why TEB and not Bunny?) but it boils down to the disgust I have with the happy go lucky portrayal of rape and slavery crossed by an excellent twisty storyline with internal cohesion (as far as I can tell) and some vicious stunt work.

  24. Westjet is having a seat sale so I booked my Montreal Trip.

    Might book my Arizona trip tomorrow. I was planning to book from Thursday to the Monday. (last chance to tell me if I should stay an extra day)

  25. I’m like a paradox. Old in my own way… and a total newb here. Ha!

    I do not remember when Ryah became The Energizer Bunny. In fact, for my reality, it happened the other way around.

    The shocking part though, was when I found out that ditto wasn’t a girl.


  26. I’ve been to one of those types of parties CJ. What I found strange when she had us all go into the washroom and try the breast cream to see how it buzzed. (I declined)

  27. ditto’s a girl? When did that happen? I think you’re listening to a different cast than the rest of us Scry 😉

    There was a time when we were asked if ditto and I were husband and wife (we’re not – We’re on different parts of the continent)

  28. TEB, there were two different creams to test in the bathroom at this party. Splayed out on q-tips for sanitary one-use testing.

    I noticed that they were all fully in tact when I used the rest room right before leaving the party.

    Tempted, I was not.

    My thought process was … why get hot and bothered when there’s not a damn thing I can do about it and nobody nearby with whom to do it.

  29. Ok back at my sisters.

    Sister and Nephew loved the new Star Trek film.

    No spoilers from me, but look forward to some analysis by real ST fans, I don’t qualify on that score.

  30. Nomad Scry:I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I’m assuming that is indeed me with the stolen lyrics. Did I forget to announce myself? (d’oh!)

  31. Evening, Deadpan!

    JaJ FTW on the spoiler alert comment.

    ditto, if I didn’t have so much damn time invested in this upload, I would try your steps to restore my iTunes. This appears to be working – SLOWLY – and I think I’ll ride it through.

  32. Wait, Deadpan time is three hours behind me….I can’t remember if that means anything…..

    Let’s see….spring forward….but not in Arizona? So it’s 7:34 there now?

  33. Yes… Dan, Cj, Jack, and Debbie all saw Star Trek tonight.

    It is officially my favorite Star Trek movie and I’m not just saying that because young Spock is totally hot.

    Even with the hype and the knowledge that they would throw in the corny moments, I was completely enthralled the entire time. I look forward to podcasting about it.

  34. I like the use of a well worn scifi theme that will allow them in future films to thumb noses at the chronology of the ST universe.

    Oh and kiddie Kirk occupied barely more screen time than what was in the Trailer.

  35. I just realized it is Friday. This is great, but it would be awesome if I hadn’t already agreed to come into work tonight.

    My renewed comic subs shipped out tonight and I’m hoping I don’t feel overly guilty over wasting the money. Farscape comics though, how could I pass?

  36. Well, off to a Friday at Evil, Inc. I sure miss you guys!

    I’m looking forward to tonight’s finale of Dollhouse, and hope it’s not the series finale.

    3379 tracks left . . . I think I might have my iPod back/iTunes intact by Tuesday. w00t?


  37. Morning Deadpan.

    You know the routine of my morning this week so won’t repeat. Instead I give you a stupid two part kid’s riddle…

    Why do ducks have webbed feet?

  38. The Bunny is sad. She’ll be the only one not seeing ST on it’s opening weekend 🙁

    A: To Stamp out forest fires

    Q: Why to elephants have flat feet?

  39. Seemed a bit choppy in the story and forced in the front end.

    I was not pulled into the story – I found myself critiquing it…
    Kind of hard to enjoy the movie when all you want to do is critique it…but my problems were in the way the story was told, not with the reboot itself.


  40. I have a solution for your disconnectedness, Wolf. Go back to bed for a couple of hours; get up and try again.

  41. There. I’ve cleaned the main bathroom. I think I’ll wait until next week when my guests are gone before I clean the guest bathroom. My in-laws will just have to live with a dirty bathroom for a couple of days.

  42. My kingdom for my cookie jar!!

    I have cookies but no jar to put them in. If my Boo took it with her when she moved out, there will be hell to pay.

  43. On thing about having company. They are really nice and great, doing my dishes and all, but I have trouble finding things as they’re put where the family thinks they go, rather than where it really goes.

  44. I have a cookie jar. It is full of fruit snacks. Maybe I need to do some baking.

    Alas, my husband is back on the Atkins diet so I am trying not to tempt him with goodies.

    Although, I really want to make some homemade oatmeal cookies right now. I have all the stuff and baking is so therapeutic. Until I eat the cookies.

  45. Eating is therapeutic

    It is confirmed. I will be in the land of Deadpan come June. For company training…(yeah right)

    Maybe I can get me some love while I am in Deadpanland. (That sounds really wrong)

  46. Jack: When you mentioned playing John Denver, “Annie’s Song” was one of the first songs I thought of as a likely song for you to sing. It’s in the right range for you, I think. (Let me know if I’m totally wrong.)

    Van speaks true about the new Star Trek film, which I saw last night, too. I liked it a lot.

  47. Amy, I know nothing about range, but Jack was pretty fricken amazing when he was singing the John Denver tune (as well as all the others) so I’d have to assume that you are correct.

  48. *blush* Thank you, Cj.
    I kinda sing “Annie’s Song” the same way I did the Motorhead song(!), although not quite as high-pitched. I will never match John Denver’s vocal skill – – the guy was amazing.
    If I get the time, I’ll Audacity a live run of “Annie’s Song” for a future Deadpan. It’s a beautiful song, when done properly.

  49. ^ Cool.

    “I kinda sing “Annie’s Song” the same way I did the Motorhead song(!), although not quite as high-pitched.”

    That makes sense, and it’s about how I was imagining you singing it. Come to think of it, are they in the same key?

  50. Yeah I’m tempted to see the ST movie again tomorrow..but will probably check out that period Michelle Pfeiffer movie where she falls in love with a young man.

    Yeah I need to balance summer blockbuster movies with some arty farty ones.

    ..and if you believe that you will believe anything.

  51. According to the husband we are having a garage sale in the morning.

    I do believe I promised some recording bits from this event. Let’s hope it goes well.

  52. Just saw the movie. I really enjoyed it. Spocklar was better than I thought he’d be which was a plus for me, but my wife couldn’t get past him since Spock is her favorite character. I can understand that. She still enjoyed the movie despite that.

    Bones was great. Scotty, my favorite character, didn’t get enough screen time. 🙁 He was a bit over-the-top, but I still liked him a lot.

  53. Well, after much wailing and knashing of teeth, we finally got to see the new Trek….for free. We paid to see it in IMAX Digital, but after 45 minutes of not being able to get the projector working for some reason, the theater gave us all refunds and free passes. Most of us who were in the theater took the free pass to catch the next analog showing.

    The movie has a couple of glaring problems, and the guy who wrote the score for the movie needs to just be taken out behind the woodshed and beaten for that godawful excuse for music. But, overall, we enjoyed the ride. I do think all the players captured the essences of their characters well and I could stand to see them a few more times in new films.

  54. I’ll toss the new Trek and Wolvie on Netflix later on. Trek may be fine, but I doubt it has Scotty speak into a mouse to get the expect voice recognition software to kick in. That’s about my pinnacle.

  55. On a totally unrelated note, how is it you folk sound so good on-pod? Jack, you’ve got experience on a mic I take it.

  56. My biggest complaint about Trek is they used a ridiculously horrible plot device for a key point in the movie. And I’m not talking about time travel. What they did really bugs me especially since they could have come up with something better to achieve the same effect.

    I also agree with Ed, that I wasn’t a big fan of the score, though I loved the tribute at the end.

  57. Good morning, Deadpan!

    Happy Mother’s Day Cj, TEB, and any other DP mothers out there.

    I’m off to visit my mom for the weekend. I hope you all have a great one!

  58. I agree with EssBee (we’re on a roll 🙂 ) Dollhouse effing rocks!

    That was a solid ending to a season. Some things get wrapped up, changes are set up for next year, revelations are made. I want more!

  59. RE: Trek – probably the hardest thing for me to swallow was the ending. Not the climax part, but after that. I can see that it was necessary in order for future movies of this new series to come along, but it still didn’t make a lot of sense.

    Listening to Indiana Jim’s spoiler review. I think I’ll follow his suggestion to discuss it in all it’s spoilery goodness over at the FPM forum.

  60. That would be a good idea Jack.

    Although it’s certainly not a ‘deep’ movie by any stretch of the imagination.

  61. Now this is interesting:

    WASHINGTON—Having both bride and groom escorted down the aisle by their parents expresses equality of the man and woman. That’s also the suggestion of the Catholic Rite of Marriage, said Father Rick Hilgartner, associate director of the U.S. Bishop’ Secretariat for Divine Worship.

    “The bride and the groom enter freely and equally into marriage, and the entrance procession should reflect that,” he said.

    Father Hilgartner also recommended that the couple memorize their marriage vows rather than repeat them after the priest for a more meaningful and memorable occasion.

  62. There’s a Deadpan Facebook group? I was unaware that there even ARE groups on Facebook. I’m such a n00b!

    And I agree 100% w/Vanamonde re: SoSF Voicemail show.

  63. Morning Pan!

    We are going to try to sneak out to the movies today. We’ll see how it goes.

    I need to check the DP board more often, I have strange people trying to be my friend on FaceBook and I couldn’t figure out why 🙂

  64. Good Morning, Pan!
    Happy Mother’s Day to the moms out there.

    I had the most amazingly relaxing night hanging out with my girlfriends, hot tubbin’, drinking yummy martinis and eating junk food.

    Then I got to sleep in a bed all by myself and I slept in.

    It was incredibly awesome.

  65. Saw Star Trek.

    I have two comments (no spoilers I promise)

    1) What kind of idiot brings a baby to a movie!!! I couldn’t believe it when I heard the kid crying.

    2) Poor George 🙁

  66. There, left my actual thoughts of the new Star Trek on the other JM comments page. As well as a link to WTF moments for Star Trek..

  67. Happy Mother’s Day indeed. We had my wife’s side of the family so the menfolk (well, me actually) could cook while the women lounged about and the children played in the yard.

  68. And, I have also ventured even deeper into the darkside – I’ve setup a partition with the Windows 7 Release Candidate. I’m downloaded the official Nvidia driver now. Which is good as Win7 has proven a bit unstable with the Vista driver. Looks pretty sharp, though.

  69. So I’ve dug out the old laptop to do a bit audio recording as the webcam has a better mic.

    Why do people want large screen laptops there are so bloody clunky?

    So stucking installing a load of updates as I haven’t used the laptop in over a year.

  70. Apparently Nvidia and Windows 7 don’t seem to play nicely together. Even running the latest certified drivers (185.85), I’m getting a flash to a black screen followed by a return to the desktop with a bubble message saying that the Nvidia kernel driver successfully recovered from a crash. It’s happening about every five minutes.

    I’ve switched back to my Vista partition. So far, I’m not seeing much help for this problem, but I’m definitely not alone, judging from a number of google hits on various forums.

  71. Cj: Your Oreo Loaded Cupcakes went over very well at tonight’s Cake-Off. They didn’t win (my friend Lauren won with her excellent lemon cake), but they did receive compliments. Thanks again for telling me how to make them. 🙂

    Night, Pan.

  72. Weekend fail. Overtime work was painfully physical. No Wolvie or Trek. And after having a better day and a half, boy is ill again (still?)

    I am currently looking for the do-over switch on the back. I have a straightened paper clip in hand.

  73. Did somebody order a Monday? If so, please pick it up and take it away as soon as possible. kthxbai.

    Me, I’m pretty sure I ordered a straight block of Saturdays. Must be trouble at the mill…..

  74. Been a hell of a week lately. Actually out of a key supply this morning so I’m down to coasting a bit. Trying to brainstorm content for the Pan, and help Jack with his dearth.

  75. Morning Pan!

    Was at the office this morning. Home now.

    Boo is taking me for Mother’s Day lunch today as it is the first day we are both free. East Indian Buffet = yum

  76. What? How did Jack get into my house? I really need to find a better security system.

    I can’t have hot guys just wandering about reading comments. My husband might start to wonder…

  77. I’m going to look at two private home facilities today in the hopes of finding my Gram a new place to live. Should be an interesting project. Better go wash the children.

  78. Just don’t do what they did for my grandfather, CJ. One of his sons took him to a care facility to look around. They said, “How do you like it.” He said, “ok, I guess.”
    they said, “ok, goodbye” and left him there. No choice. He was not a happy camper. On the otherside of it though, he had Alzheimer and couldn’t look after himself but refused to move out of his apartment. It was probably the only way to get him at a facility to get the help he needed. It was still pretty sneaky and underhanded, though.

  79. TEB, my Gram would come unglued. She’s pretty sharp for 93. And she may be blind and mostly deaf, but she never forgets anything and she seems to always know what is going on.

  80. Well… this is interesting. I just watched the Dollhouse finale and while it was good, it was also confused. And yet the final 20 seconds made me gasp and tear up just a bit. I certainly didn’t expect this.

  81. So I got a couple of quotes to replace the back and front doors to our house. I’m not sure what the difference is, but one place is going to charge almost half of what the other place would.

    I got both names off the Better Business Bureau website so you’d think there wouldn’t be such a price difference.

    Obviously we’re going with the lesser cost.

  82. Giant crappile of work to do. But still waiting on that key supply. Last word was the vendor thought they had some warehoused locally.

    But if we have to wait on the 2-day shipment things are gonna be dead. And then very, very hectic.

  83. I don’t know how bad or good the care system is in the USA. But if you must put an elderly relative in a care home:

    Visit them regularly and at different times, don’t have a set pattern. This is the best way of discovering how well someone is getting looked after.

    Don’t assume they are getting fed properly (vitally important if they can’t feed themselves), stay during meal times if you can and see how well the staff are doing the job.

    If you think your relative is ill, don’t be fobbed off by the nursing staff, insist on a visit by a Doctor, or threaten to call the ambulance yourself.

  84. Oh and I know a few care staff in the UK, and they all make the same comment. Elderly people with no visitors get neglected, because they have noone to fight for them.

  85. “The luck of having talent is not enough; one must also have a talent for luck.”
    -Hector Berlioz

    “Music is like girlfriends to me; I’m continually astonished by the choices other people make.”
    -David Lee Roth

    Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.”
    -Charles Babbage

    There are a few more quotes for your door, Bunny. I hope it helps.

  86. Ok I’m impressed, and it’s been a LONG time since MS impressed me.

    The old desktop is from 2002, all the hardware detected after some updates were downloaded. Even detected both soundcards in the system.

    Got an old 6600GT nvidia card, and I’m not getting the kernel recovery problem every 5 minutes.

  87. Back from a nice long lunch with my Boo.

    Van, I would not buy a computer based on colour on name. In fact, I feel I’m being patronized and would probably go out of my way to avoid such a product.

  88. Now to find out who murdered my best friend (Drakensang – same game with the crypts, just a different story line 🙂 )

  89. CW: Dead Like Me: Life After Death

    Watching while I work thanks to Netflix live streaming. I’ve always been a huge fan of Dead Like Me.

  90. My laptop is cute and green which was just a bonus. I didn’t actually buy it based on those reasons.

    If the computer were thee right price at the right time, I’d buy it, but those factors would not make the final difference unless that was the ONLY difference.

    I’d always choose green over pink even though I’m most definitely one of the most girliest of girls and being treated like a girl doesn’t bother me at all.

  91. don’t get me wrong, CJ. I don’t mind being treated like a girl. Hold my door open; give me flowers, dress me up in nice clothes, etc. I like that. Just don’t patronize me and assume, because it’s got a cutesie name and colour I will accept it over something that might suit me better.

    I guess it’s a bit of a fine line that is different for everybody

  92. I agree, TEB, don’t expect it. I guess I appreciate that it’s an option since we all like different things. It’s when it’s offered as “the one for you” when something else is OBVIOUSLY a better item that’s when it’s BS. Cute cannot makeup for something being a POS.

  93. I would love to receive flowers. I don’t care of they are going to die on my table in my vase. I’d just really like to have some.

  94. It’s not entirely a mystery. Flowers are pretty, they enhance their surroundings, and they smell good. Kinda like the girls who might want them! 😛

  95. Buffy Between the Lines Season 2 Ep. 11 went live this weekend. Didn’t work out in all the ways I wanted, but it’s pretty good, as I wrote it…

  96. Evening, Pan.

    JB, I forgot to tell you I saw S. Darko in the Best Buy ad yesterday.

    We just spent a good hour and a half doing some serious yardwork. Things are looking up out there – wish you could all come by for a bbq — I smoke some mean ribs.

  97. Deadpanites, I’m not meaning to be all self-serving, but please check out the BBtL episode, I think you’ll find some fun in it…

  98. JB – I’ve only seen a few episodes of Buffy. I listened to BBTL s1ep1 – s1ep3 and while they were good, there was too much background that I just didn’t understand.

    Would BBTL s2ep11 be accessible to a newb like me or should I hold off until I have actually seen the applicable Buffy season?

  99. I think it would be fairly accessible. The setup is that this is set between seasons 2 & 3 of the tv series, when Buffy ran away to LA after sending Angel to a hell dimension. She is wanted for murder of the slayer Kendra, She had a fight with her mother before running away.

    Otherwise, the main plot of this ep is self-contained for the most part.

  100. Good morning, DP!

    JB, I’ll check it out tonight when my iTunes recovery is FINALLY finished. 530 tracks left . . . w00t! That will make this process 7 days exactly. Sheesh.

    I’m off to the ATM and LOWES early this morning, then on to Evil, Inc. Have a great day, y’all.

  101. Good morning, Pan.

    I went to bed crazy early (for me) last night and of course now I’m up and online before anyone else in my house is even awake.

    To enjoy a cup of coffee alone is one of life’s little pleasures. I’m going to enjoy it!

    Off to do that and d/l BBtL

  102. Van: Um… I already have a Dell Inspiron. It is silver, which I think is a pretty color, and it works great. I am entirely indifferent to a pink netbook named Della. Even if I did have to replace this laptop, I wouldn’t get a pink one.

    WNDRWolf: Congratulations! 🙂

    I’m going to post a link in my next comment. It may or may not get moderated.

  103. Not much actually goes on on the Deadpan Facebook group. I’m open to suggestions on what to add for content (or if someone wants to be moderator)

  104. I think the Deadpan FB group is handy to have as a roster of everyone who wants to identify themselves as a listener.

    TEB: I know what we could do for content on the Facebook group: Pictures of the items featured in our show contributions! The books and albums we steal paragraphs and lyrics from, the things whose contents we list, and so on.

  105. Ok, I’ll see what I can do for the next cast. I suppose these can also be a type of show notes with links to things mentioned in the cast.

    I’ll do what I can on Thursday.

  106. Currently in my spam folder: “Make Her an Animal inn Bed”.

    What’s an Animal Inn Bed look like? Isn’t that just a pet bed? Why would I make her that? 😉

  107. Ok, those on FB, I going to make some changes to the Fans of DP site sometime today (still working so may be later in the day). For those on this page, is it ok that I put your AKA Deadpan name with your name so we can identify eachother?

    I think I know most everybody’s real name but I’ll have people double check once I’ve done it.

  108. I have so many other names other places. Paul Maki is 100% fine, it is how I prefer to be identified on anything I create, thus alleviating the need to explain the aliases to anyone I’m pointing toward my craft…

  109. JB. You are “Paul Maki”. I was thinking of seeing if I can add something like “AKA JohnBoze” simply so those on this board will recognize us if they are also on FB

  110. Ok, to get your AKA name, you have to become an “officer” You have no power, just a title.

    CJ, I’ll see about adding the RSS. I’m not sure about that though.

    Also, does anybody want to be an Admin. This give you the chance to do the type of changes I’m doing (everybody can upload links, pictures, and movies though).

  111. I’ve started adding “officers” with AKA names. INumber, I don’t actually know your real name. If you are on this, and want your AKA name on the FB page, send me a note (ryahatnucleusdotcom).

    Anybody else, if you’re not sure if I know your real name and want to be an “officer” with your aka name (or if you don’t have a DP aka name but want something put up anyway), also send me a note. Everybody can be an “officer” as far as I’m concerned.

  112. CJ, not sure how to put up the RSS feed. Have added the last cast is up to “recent news”. Will have to play with it to see how I can incorporate the other suggestions (anybody with better FB skills than me is welcome with “how to” suggestions.

  113. Ditto, you don’t seem to be a “fan of DP” on facebook. You’ll have to join before I can give you a name 🙂

  114. Annoyingly, I can absolutely put a very cool feed reading tool in my Facebook page, but I don’t know much about group pages and it seems they are very limited in functionality.

    If you want to make me an admin, I’ll tool around with it, but information I’m finding in my research basically says it’s not possible. *grumble*

  115. So after watching the latest 24 where X’s daughter is put in danger yet again, I now vow never to criticize the Star Trek movie for silly bits of plot.

  116. I absolutely think that the movie Making the Grade starring Judd Nelson and featuring Andrew Dice Clay is the most believable and remarkably uncritiqueable movie ever. It is completely realistic and without flaw.

    Every time I see a duck of any kind, I too will always ask the question, “Yo Duck! You preppy or regular?”

  117. Yeah Kim,

    Her only reason for existence is to cause pain for Jack. 24 is kinda funny in that way. How many times has Kim been taken hostage anyway? Eight or something? Of course she had a son making Jack a grandpa, so if Kim dies, his grandson can still be a hostage in future episodes. =P

  118. 100% believable movies:

    Things We Lost In The Fire

    Bunny, can I be princess of the DP FB group? My AKA name is fine if you haven’t done it yet.

  119. 100% believable movies? I tend to try and avoid reality in most forms, so this is a weak spot for me… but I would present Crossworlds as the most realistic “normal dude to hero” progression I’ve seen or read.


    I know it is an awesome movie because I cannot get anyone else to watch it with me IRL. Just like Firefly.

  120. Man, I’ve been missing out here. After much poking and prodding from different directions, I’ll probably succumb and setup a Facebook account this weekend. Seems like these guys may be around for a while.

    Ooh, look, new LLAP is out. Wonder if there’s anything special in the Star Trek world that they want to talk about this time 🙂

  121. Just a character from one of fav ACC stories ditto.

    Listening to old Covervilles, ‘Hanging on the Telephone’ in French sounds rather good.

  122. I was going to let you all know that the new LLAP is out, but Ed and TEB seem to have mentioned before me! Thanks! 🙂

    Oh and for those who don’t know, Jack and Debbie are on this episode!

    And we are having a contest just like the one Deadpan had for Watchmania.


    and Good Morning, Deadpan!

  123. I actually prefer the short story ‘Against The Fall of Night’ that ACC expanded into TCATS, even though it’s feels more dated.

  124. Great “Frontline” on PBS last night that explained the whole Bernie Madoff affair.

    Bottom line is … as long as you cut everyone in on your crime – no one wants to know where you got the money.

    It was also interesting that all these Investment advisers who were willing to “look the other way” as long as he was giving them a 2% kick-back … act outraged and offended and call Madoff a “Monster” now that he has been caught.

  125. In the late 70’s the writers of the Dan Dare reboot in 2000AD had Dan using a spacesuit to enter a planet’s atmosphere.

  126. Well Pan, off to Futureshop again. (the one I went to yesterday didn’t have what I was looking for).

    Later gators!

  127. In light of ditto’s last post, I offer this bit:

    I was giving one of my process (chemical) engineer buddies a hard time about something guys in his department were causing me trouble with on my job. His response –

    “It’s that 80% of process engineers out there that give the rest of us a bad name.”

    Feel free to adapt as appropriate.

  128. Bunny is sad 🙁

    Our house is surrounded by trees and bushes. Every year the birds like to make nests in them. This year a robin family set up shop in a fairly precarious position on a bush right next to the drive way. I found out about it when I came home from martial arts yesterday and brushed the bush with my car, causing one of the eggs to fall from the nest. I went into the house with a sad puppy dog face and told hubby, making him sad too.

    Today, when I went to Future Shop I checked on the nest. We had a bit of a wind storm last night. I guess it knocked the nest on its side. All the eggs were out and broken on my driveway and the robin is gone.


  129. Van, while it wasn’t my favourite ST, it definitely was not the worst. Considering it was the first after a long original cast drought, it was great when it came out. Of the original cast Star Treks I would put it second or third in my list.

  130. The Motion Picture is also not my least favorite, but I often feel alone in the fact that I didn’t think #4 was very good. A lot of people consider that to be one of, if not, the best.

    I need to watch them all again though. . . . . someday.

  131. Brilliant quote from Ezra Callahan: “Silencing stupid people is not how you make stupid people go away. It’s by pointing out how stupid they are and bringing those people into the light of day so everyone with a shred of common sense can see who they are and remember never to give them an ounce of respect in any aspect of life,” Callahan wrote. “You do not combat ignorance by trying to cover up that ignorance exists. You confront it head on. Facebook will do the world no good by trying to become its thought police.”

  132. Joy oh Joy, and old version of MAME32 works in Windows 7. Just spent a pleasant half hour playing Gauntlet and STUN Runner.

  133. LOL, Rhett.

    My iTunes library is back!! Yippee!!

    Anyone have a great audiobook suggestion? Sly B and I are preparing for a 10 hr (1-way) drive to BFE, Kansas Friday; home on Sunday. We already have the new Sookie book locked and loaded, but need a second.

    How are you fantastic bastards tonight?

  134. I’ll definitely check it out, JOe, thanks! Probably more my speed than Sly B’s, but I’ll take a smart man’s recommendation any day of the week.

  135. Hahaha.

    New assy phrase being thrown around my office by the business analyst set: “pencil down” as a verb. As in, “We’ll need to ‘pencil down’ on that project ASAP.” And they really do put the quotes around it when they use it in writing.

    My prediction for the next big phrase: “shovel ready”. I know that one is being thrown around willy-nilly everywhere, but I think it will really shine when being used to talk about exploiting Special Education stimulus money.

    I really dislike my job, y’all.

  136. I’ll have to second Joe’s recommendation on Escape Pod….which he turned me on two back when we were at DragonCon two years ago. I have to say that some of the most recent ones have been off and the story selection seems to be more about pushing agendas rather than offering thoughtful and intelligent fiction. Hopefully, it’s just an anomally.

    Some of my favorites (I’m scrolling backward through the list)
    194: Exhalation
    193: Article of Faith
    192: Sumo 21
    190: Origin Story
    187: Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky
    184: As Dry Leaves That Before the Wild Hurricane Fly
    181: Resistance
    174: Private Detective Molly
    173: Robots Don’t Cry
    168: Family Values
    162: God Juice
    159: Elites
    146: Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk
    144: Friction

    Alright, that’s enough to get started. I wanted to scroll back far enough to get to Friction, which is a high water mark of Escape Pod.

  137. Ep039 “My Friend Is A Lesbian Zombie” is also one of my all time favs , as is
    EP61 “I’ll Look Forward to Remembering You” … although that one may also make you cry.

    Over at PsuedoPod – EP006 “What Dead People Are Supposed To Do” had me laughing out loud in Public. It includes the idea that the Credit Card Companies won’t let a little thing like DEATH, keep you from paying them back.

  138. EssBee – Re: Catch Phrases.
    I had a manager once who liked to play the part of the “all knowing tech guy” so he was fond of pointlessly throwing out technical terms when they weren’t needed or often, when they weren’t even being accurately used.

    So we (the folks working directly under him) started this little game whereby you would make-up technical words and terms and then during private conversations with this guy, you would casually drop these terms into sentences without any explanation of what they were supposed to mean.

    Once a day we would all compare notes and tell each other what words to keep a watch out for and see how many times this guy would repeat them to others.
    You got bonus points if he used one of your made up words during a staff meeting (“I’ll need each of you to double check the QC on your Credicforus readings for projects before they go out.”) SCORE!!!!!!!

  139. StarShipSofa is quite good, though a mite long sometimes (3+hrs.) It isn’t just a audio story, it is a spec fiction audio magazine complete with articles on related subjects.

    For a faster pace and perhaps a more madcap taste, the Drabblecast is becoming a favorite of mine.

    My favorites so far:
    109 Babel Probe
    104 The Food Processor

    Beware though, the main feed is one of those Apple formats. If you want mp3s, you’ll have to find the right feed. Or I could paste it here:


  140. Oh, and the killing me softly kiwi seems to have been a mild allergic reaction of some sort. The last time I ate a kiwi, several years ago, I didn’t experience any problems. This time though, after my tongue stopped bleeding I started having breathing difficulty. Now, over 12 hours later, my tongue is still super-tastee. Everything feels like I have over-salted it.

    But really, the best part is that a kiwi made my tongue bleed. That’s just hilarious.

  141. Van – IIRC you get S&SF mag? What did you think of the second story from the June/July issue? I think it was by Kessel. The Motorman’s Coat.

    I ask mostly because I absolutely did not “get it.” I actually started flipping pages looking for the rest of the story.

  142. Nomad – if you have/use iTunes, it can convert just about any of the “standard” (if there is more than one, how can they call them standards?) audio formats to MP3.

    I use it a lot – does a good job and is pretty quick about it. In fact, you can set iTunes up to do the conversion as it imports the file.

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