491 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #90: The Deadpan Program

  1. I’ll plead the fifth.

    Fine show this week and great content from all. I shall be most interested to hear the upcoming expose on the podcast “community”.

    And, while I’m not familiar with the film, I would be surprised if “Bring ’em Young” would have fewer females than Brigham Young.

    You’ll just have to tune in and listen for yourself to have a clue what that means.

  2. I loved the scene when Jack was roid ragin in the late 90s and he beat the crap out of the Pets.com puppet, I totally didn’t see it coming.

  3. And apologies Jack, I promised content but didn’t deliver. I was going to do some “contents of my…” and a stolen paragraph, but couldn’t find the ideal recording situation. Good thing everyone else stepped up to fill the void. I need to collect my thoughts this weekend and send you some polished product.

  4. This is pretty funny.


    Why is this funny? Because I grew up with the author and we were casual friends. Hawker City is based on the small town we grew up in, there were a few “Frosty Queens” I could think of in that town.

  5. Jack, I had a tear in my eye at the end, while I stood with my hand over my heart…

    Of course, now you have to placate the other listeners – so does that mean next full cast it will be the English national anthem?

  6. Pretty low distribution, but I do highly recommend “Dead Simple.” It’s actually a pretty good movie. I would pass on “Kept” though.

  7. “Jack Mangan, was held in high esteem by all of his podcast listeners, unbeknown to them that he actually faked his Steven King interview.”
    *cue music*

  8. “Nursing a bad Coke habit the dead protitutes were piling up. His friend didn’t think he could fall much lower. That was until they found he had switched to Crystal Pepsi.”

    *cue music*

  9. dis-sci: Thanks for getting the Tootsie Pop joke 🙂
    Rhett: No worries, no apologies necessary. Life comes before podcasting.
    Thanks for the comments about the music ditto and TEB, but I didn’t write “O Canada”. I think that was Alanis Morisette.
    That’s Debbie from East Mesa, folks. Deadpan was just ending its podcast day in Canada.

    Watchmen film is actually going to happen – w00t!

  10. Jeremy because the US company deserved it because they had a crappier product that didn’t work as well by that logic the American car industry…er. Actually there is an American Manufacturer on the contract as well.

  11. So todays word I cannot pronounce properly is:


    Looking forward to Watchmen movie, just keeping my fingers crossed they don’t screw it up.

    Oh and I would go with Land of Hope and Glory over God Save The Queen, any day..

  12. Further thought if it were Halliburton who had the contract for the last 50 years would you have the same opinion?

    The review provcess from the stories I read that in the 9 categories they were judging the Boeing product missed the requirements by a large margin, the other companies aircraft nailed the product specs, so good for them I tend to say.

  13. I remember there being a lot of ill feeling when the MOD canceled the Nimrod AEW3 project and bought US AWACs. Even though the MOD good reasons for doing so,

    This time the shoe is on the other foot.

  14. Anybody paraphrasing that song and singing:

    I hate you cos your breasts too big

    Is obviously mad and needs to locked away…

  15. Deadpan!

    From a recent John Buccigross column:

    “The purpose of youth sports is to teach the value of exercise as it pertains to health and its byproduct of an energetic existence. It is to teach the value of improvement. We improve when we are nurtured, loved, respected and “pushed” by enthusiasm, energy and affection. There is no upside to demeaning, embarrassing or yelling at a preadolescent athlete in terms of winning and losing. Have organization and order, yes. But they should all play.”

  16. More dental hyjinks this morning. wOOt! okay not so much, but I’m close to done. I wouldn’t wish having to have multiple caps on anyone, but I console myself that the end result would be a lot like cosmetic dental work. Feel like I just got back from Extreme Makeover. =P

  17. It pisses me off, why couldn’t there be a conspiracy to combat human induced climate change or malnutrition in the developing world?

    Bloody fake moon landings and mars probes…fucking amateurs.

  18. Interesting, while Googling “Fucking,” the word “Amateurs” seems to appear in 99% of the found pages. You’re onto something Van.

  19. Van: True. Thankfully, we’re not having sprouts at our Sprots Banquet. We’re having pizza. 🙂

    Bedtime for me, a little earlier than usual. Got a very full, very exciting day planned for tomorrow.

    Good night, Deadpan. Good night, mush.

  20. Greetings from Marshall, MN! Darcy has a childcare conference, and I have no idea what Fox and I will do…

    It’s pretty darn cold.

  21. Enjoy Marshall JB. I’m working at the office for a few hours this Saturday morning. =P But I’m dreaming about exchanging my current guitar amp for an upgraded version. We’ll see if that pans out.

  22. Well I saw ‘The Bank Job’ tonight at the cinema. It was slagged off by a lot of critics, but I fond it enjoyable enough.

  23. The Sprots Banquet was fun. We ate really good pizza, and handed out silly, goofy prizes to everyone on the team. Mine was for “Most Improved,” and I got a toy bow and arrow set, because my soccer-team nickname is “Bowflex.” The pizza place had an arcade, and we played DDR.

  24. Hugh sez: fuck daylight savings time 🙂

    Yeah, its really too much sun. We don’t like too much sun. A little sun is ok, but c’mon.. does it really need t be sunny until 9 at night?

    Hugh sez: No, it doesn’t


  25. smarty Hottie® reasons day light savings time sucks

    1. We like more darkness

    2. You have a friend over who has to leave at 3:30 in the morning and suddenly at 2 am when you’re having a really great fucking time with your friend and its 3am and they need to start thinking about leaving.

    Hugh sez: Big boo!


    3. We don’t like having sunlight until 9pm… 7pm is just fine. 9pm is just too mucho. Night time is when our creative sides flourish, you take away our night time and you take away our creative time.

    Hugh sez: we need to live in Alaska


  26. Amy

    we are intrigued by your Sprots banquet

    Congrats on most improved!!!

    Little known Andrea factoids:

    1. She used to play soccer when she was younger
    2. she was a goalie
    3. she was actually pretty good but then she hit puberty and stopped

    The reason I was good though was because I had trained for years playing goalie when we would play soccer at home- my 2 brothers against me and my dad. My brothers played ruthlessly and never went easy on me so I toughened up and girls were no match for me 🙂

  27. wait before we go to sleep we both have something very important to tell you guys….


    the word of the day is underwear. Every time you hear or say underwear you have to scream

    night for real this time
    night mush
    night underwear

  28. And, at last, a day of rest. 14 hours yesterday trying to bring gas prices back down a little for all my friends in Deadpan land.

    Today – rest, for tomorrow it picks up again in earnest.

  29. Well considering how many times I actually hear or say the word underwear in my day to day life…I don’t think I will be doing much screaming today.

  30. TSH: Thank you! This is my first time being on an organized sports team, ever. It’s an intramural indoor soccer team. We’ve probably played three or four games against other teams, and had a bunch of practice sessions. We play on Sunday nights, and tonight is our last game.

    Last night’s Sprots Banquet was held at a local pizza restaurant, to celebrate the end of this quarter of school and our team bond. In case you missed my earlier post, it was a Sprots Banquet because our team manager made a typo when he created the Facebook event page.

  31. So I contemplating selling some items for the first time on eBay. Not terribly thrilled. I’ve got an amp, PA system, speaker stands and a wireless mic. About $1800 worth of big items. I want to get close to $900 for the lot. I’m disheartened by the amount of BS I need to wade through to make this happen.

  32. Rhettro,

    You may have better luck with Craigslist. Sold my truck with an ad I posted on it last year.

    Ebay seems to have degenerated from a true auction site into a large flea market full of full time sellers.

  33. Looks like a quiet weekend here at the bar. I bet business picks up come the morrow. Though, I’ll either be busy continuing to fight the fire from the weekend, or catching up on my main project that has gone dormant in the meantime.

    Forget time travel, I just want a time producing machine. Who’s never said “I just need a little more time”

    Of course, such a piece of plotonium would pretty much render every sci-fi show for the last 50 years moot.

  34. Amy your welcome 🙂 thats awesome. I hope your game went well last night.

    Speaking of soccer…You should see the movie Bend It Like Beckham (if you haven’t already)

    I’ve never been on an organized sports (or sprot) team before myself. I was on the soccer team with my school, but we were pretty young and didn’t do that many games, It was really more of a youth social thing around soccer.
    I let myself get talked into a volleyball league once but got tired of being eye candy so I never did that again. It was actually fun, but we played on the meat market beaches here in Chicago and it was just disgusting with the guys leering at us and the comments and ugh. Shame cause I actually like volleyball.

    Hugh used to do the inner city basketball thing years ago.. Not really organized, but would hang out with the dudes at the city parks and play basketball every night. Same guys would come out every night, every couple nights and play. Mix up teams and stuff. Hugh used to love doing that, but life got in the way ya know?

    Ok.. not sure why I just went into all of that :).. Oh I know why its 3:30 in the morning and Im fucking exhausted and talking gibberish

  35. yep. yep, yep… *sigh*

    it’s almost 4am and I am talking to myself on Deadpan.

    It was a slow weekend here, you guys are going to have to pick up our slack for us for a while. I think we will try to play by play next weekend but then we are going to be taking one of those breaks I mentioned before. Won’t be around for 2-3 weeks probably.
    If anyone is reading this, please send good vibes our way during that time, we will be needing them.

    Our weekend was quite hectic here actually. Lots o’ shit be happening here. Got a lot done this weekend which was good.

  36. Now you can’t complain about leering and not wearing underwear so close together. LOL

    Ed: After reading all the red tape over at eBay to get anything of any worth sold, I think I am going to take your advice and list on Craigslist. My new strategy is to list my big items on Craigs and try to sell some smaller items over on eBay. Then after 4 months or so if I haven’t sold via Craigslist, I’ll put them on eBay. My goal is to get rid of a bunch of old gear so I can get a new snazzy amp. 🙂

  37. Are you refering to Rock Band? LOL I made it through my first batch of songs on drums, I was struggling on the last song. I don’t know what it is but I feel like I’ve been digging myself out of a hole the last few weekends. Lots of choirs, OT at work etc. Not much free time to devote to Rock Band. =P One of these days I’m going to have a weekend to myself. Some day.

  38. Yep, I am. GG&HT is the last song. It’s like “Free Bird” except you haven’t heard of the song.

    I like the song, but on drums it gets difficult, especially at the end. I’m trying to finish it on medium, but I get pretty tired towards the end. Who needs WiiFit when you have drums on Rock Band? lol

  39. TSH: I have seen Bend It Like Beckham. Good movie.

    Last night, our team one by default because not enough registered players showed up from the other team. We played a scrimmage game anyway, and lost. We still had fun, though.

  40. I need to add Bend It to my Netflix que. I always wanted to see it, but forgot about it. LOL

    I was going to say Rock Band’s drums are a work out. I alternate feet for the bass pedal otherwise I start to cramp.

  41. catching up, part 1:

    Randall Munroe is a twisted genius.

    That’s great about your sprots team, Bowflex! The soccer movie will have to be called “Bend it like Bowen”.

    We had a justa j0e sighting!

    Good vibes to TSH! AZ is blissfully daylights-savings-adjustment-free.

  42. catching up, part 2:

    Rhett: I agree with Ed. Avoid eBay altogether. Use Craiglist for everything. AZCentral must have a classifieds section too.

    Ed, please get those oil prices down. Just don’t overwork yourself.

    We had a JohnBoze sighting!

    Van: I’d love to see the wordpress-distorted ascii smoke signals.

    Thomas: Under there.

  43. Not sure whether it’s firefox or I’m running linux on my Eee PC, but the tags don’t appear to work other than the smiley faces.

    Oh and due to the inclement weather, my shoes are leaking.

  44. _
    (` ). _
    ( ). .:(` )`.
    _( ‘`. 🙁 . )
    .=(`( . ) .– `. ( ) )
    .–. (( (..__.:’-‘ .+( ) ` _` ) )
    _( `. `( ) ) ( . ) ( ) ._
    ( ) ` __.:’ ) ( ( )) `-‘.-(` )
    ( ` . ) ) ( ) –‘ `- __.’ 🙁 ))
    `–(___.-‘ (_.’ .’) `( ) ))
    (_ ) ` __.:’


    Look more like clouds to me, and af aren’t my initials.

  45. I like how I call my doctor today, tell the nurse about the drug overdose and the panic attacks and inability to drive places and how even in deep meditation, or deep sedation, I’m still feeling this uneasy feeling in my gut like something physically might be wrong… And she says the Doc will call me tonight.

    Then I get back to work and decided to make some more of this “stomach ease” tea I’ve been drinking for the past couple of weeks. And out of happenstance look at the ingredients list to find that it contains barley malt… the lesser known twin to my wheat allergy.

    Well at least now I know. Of course its the chicken and the egg at this point. I started drinking this tea because my stomach was hurting in the first place… So now that I’m removing the thing that was supposed to help but was further hurting my stomach, I’m still back to what was hurting it in the first place. And in time and observation terms, the last few weeks worth of symptoms mean absolutely nothing. How do I explain that one to my doctor.

  46. Interesting – Eraserhead is now in my Blockbuster queue with a “Very Long Wait” indication. I’m probably requesting the only copy in the system that’s going to have to make it’s way from Atlanta or something. Zardoz took forever as well. But I am undeterred.

  47. Tweet: RAR. Tonight was not wasted. I finished my last essay for Japanese language class, and worked on the accompanying presentation. Must finish tomorrow.

    Good night, Deadpan. Good night, mush.

  48. I love how deadpan always pulls me in when im at school… Just grabs me

    by the ear, punches me in the face and drop kicks me right to the site.

  49. Hey Dub, were you in WordPress Hell? Didn’t see your post until today. Anyway, glad you figured out the tea thing. Perhaps you can substitute green tea in it’s place?

  50. I found another tea this morning that has barley in it, I’d been drinking it all weekend, but my wife bought it for me on Friday… So I’m still no closer to the source.

  51. Can you make tea from pot? I’ve heard of a tea pot before, but I thought it was something else. No wonder the British are so fond of the stuff.

  52. Good luck, Dre! That would be fantastic.

    Because you care, here are the 20 most recently played tracks on my iPod:

    2 Ghosts I – Nine Inch Nails
    1 Ghosts I – Nine Inch Nails
    Little Brother (Electric) – Grizzly Bear
    Wicked (LP Version) – Ice Cube
    The Long Road – Eddie Vedder & Nusrat Kahn
    Fascination Street – The Cure
    Replica – Fear Factory
    Zero Signal – Fear Factory
    How I Could Just Kill A Man – Cypress Hill
    Aerodynamic – Daft Punk
    Ace of spades – Motorhead
    Sprout and the Bean – The Moscow Coup Attempt
    Like Swimming – Morphine
    My Last Words – Megadeth
    9 Ghosts I – Nine Inch Nails
    8 Ghosts I – Nine Inch Nails
    7 Ghosts I – Nine Inch Nails
    Rumble – Link Wray & His Ray Men
    Along the Way – DeVotchKa
    Black Mirror – The Arcade Fire

    . . . Wow, I really am a honky.

  53. Have fun Drea, I’m guessing Trent Reznor.

    I haven’t been listening to much music lately, mostly Gamma Ray while jogging. That and the Six String Bliss podcast. LOL

  54. I think when you look up “honky” in the dictionary it says something to the effect of “one who listens to Gamma Ray and/or Helloween.” LOL

  55. Oh I haven’t gotten the gig yet.. just wondering who I have to sleep with so i can 🙂

    Although if they are headlining the chances I can photo them are very very high. In past lollapaloozas they put all the photographers on the headliners- although with more than 1 headliner a night…

    I do hope Rhett is right and Trent is the one i have to sleep with

    lemme go see what is my most played on this computer…

  56. LOL.. oh this is embarrassing..

    My top 20 played on this computer:

    Toward The Waves The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    I’m Ready The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    Bonnie Brae The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    Forty Dollars The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    Candy Cane Crawl The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    If I Were Going The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
    Gentlemen The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
    There’s Been an Accident The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    Underneath the Waves The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    Be Sweet The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
    They Ride The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    When We Two Parted The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
    Fountain And Fairfax The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
    What Jail Is Like The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
    My Curse The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
    Now You Know The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
    I Keep Coming Back The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
    Dead to Rights The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    Powder Burns The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    I Wish I Was The Twilight Singers Powder Burns
    Debonair The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen

  57. Some how, I think I could have guessed that playlist. LOL

    Teresa emailed me to let me know that our next dinner out with her friends happens the first week of May. She says odds are we’ll be eating at Barrios, which is an awesome Mexican food place. Of course it’s 15 minutes before lunch and now I can’t stop thinking of food. I wish she would have emailed me two hours from now. =P

    One of my favorite styles of food is Southwest cooking. People have been telling me to try Richardson’s but I haven’t yet. I’ve lived in Phoenix over three years I haven’t eating there. Time to re-evalutate my priorities.

  58. Meow! I’ll check the Utubage when I get home. 🙂

    Boss just gave me some pressing assignments, so I better go take care of those.

  59. Not tea with barley, but malty:



    Couldn’t stand either of them as a kid, my taste buds have obviously deadened with age as I don’t find either drink that bad these days.

    I feel the same way about yogurts.

    As to music, I listen to mostly podcasts (although quite a few music podcasts) these days and rarely listen to albums.

    The last gig was to see Emily Smith (scottish folk singer).

  60. You know, I think this song describes the Deadpan very well….

    You and I, we reject these narrow attitudes
    We add to each other, like a coral reef
    Building bridges on the ocean floor
    Reaching for the alien shore

    For you and me, race is not a competition
    For you and me, sex is not a definition
    For you and me, we hold these truths to be self-evident
    For you and me, we’d elect each other president
    For you and me
    We might agree

    But that’s just us…
    Reaching for the alien shore

    Rush — Alien Shore

  61. Dubshack starts talking about tea and suddenly I start thinking about tea bagging. Then I start thinking about the tea that comes in those triangular pyramids. Then I start thinking about Parry Dossy’s balls in “Infected” now I’m thinking about tea baging triangular blue aliens. I figure I’ll throw in a plug for Down the Road. That way Jack won’t talk about it on the show. I’m a little uncomfortable when Jack reads my poor grammar. I got Mur Lafferty to do my intro this week. I’m very happy. Hopefully Dubshack will still do my intro and talked to me from time to time. LoL.

    Then are not going to fire me for ripping a 3 foot hole in the top of a trailer.

    Bridges of Chicago one

    Trucker overdrive zero

  62. Always good to see another who has embraced podcasting as a major source of infotainment. It will be interesting to see how this week’s GJB guesses turn out.

    The storm looks like it is starting to subside for me. But, that just means I’ve got a lot of beach to clean up from the other projects that have been neglected of late.

  63. I’m trying to think of all the podcasts I stay current with.

    Deadpan and Unshow

    Slice & VM

    Wingin It & VM

    Six String Bliss

    Tag in the Seam


    Farpoint Recap
    Wander Radio
    Bands Under the Radar
    Escape Pod
    Varient Frequencies
    Geekfu Morning Show
    7th Son
    Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas
    Moldawer in the Mornng
    Darker Projects

    My work commute takes between 30 and 40 minutes, so that’s 10 slots for podcasts. Six get filled with weekly ones. The remaining four are up for grabs but are currently being filled with back episodes of Six String Bliss. I would like to add a metal music podcast to the rotation and The Rookie and Cresent in there sometime as well.

  64. “the podcasts I stay current with.”
    …ah there in lies the rub.

    The list if podcasts I keep current with is MUCH shorter then the list of podcasts I am subscribed to.

    Acappella U
    Air Out My SHorts
    Beatnik Turtle’s Song of the Day
    Cup Car Update
    Escape Pod
    Geologic Podcast
    Goodnight Burbank
    I should be writting
    Jack Mangan’s Deadpan
    Jack Wakes Up
    Jim Kelly’s free reads
    Jonathan Coultan’s – Thing A Week
    Manic Mondays
    Nina Kimberly The MErciless
    NOVA Science NOW
    Open Source Sex
    Scott Sigler
    Slice Of Sci Fi
    Tag In The Seam
    Tales from the Verse
    The Farpoint Recap
    The GeekFu Morning Show
    The Onion Radio News
    The President’s Weekly Radio Address
    They Might Be Giants Podcast
    Tiki Bar TV
    Wander RAdio
    Wingin’ It 3-D
    Wired News Podcast

    hmmm … seems like I may have missed a few.

  65. I’m useless at multi-tasking, so I find the music ones are good for background when I’m reading a book or a magazine.

    Talking ones like DP and SliceofScifi, I listen when I’m commuting.

  66. Ah Hugh is here, so I must go now.. here is the condensed list of my podcasts:

    Insomnia Radio’s Daily Dose_ Free MP3 Blog
    Insomnia Radio Daily Dose
    XLR8R Audio Podcast
    The Ungodly Hour Radio Show Podcast (Industrial EBM Goth)
    Insomnia Radio_ Kill Your FM
    Insomnia Radio_ Detroit
    KEXP Live Performances Podcast
    KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune
    KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic
    Jack Mangan’s Deadpan
    Insomnia Radio_ UK
    Fetish Flame
    Savage Love Podcast
    Radio Three Sixty ACC
    Insomnia Radio_ New Zealand
    Insomnia Radio_ Daily Dose MP3 Blog
    Insomnia Radio_ Baltimore
    NPR_ All Songs Considered
    MPR_ The Current Song of the Day
    IndieFeed_ Alternative _ Modern Rock Music
    The Sound Culture
    Sex is Fun
    The Ungodly Hour (Industrial EBM Goth)
    The Twilight Singers
    GarageBand.com Indie Rock top tracks
    Industrial Strength Nightmares Radio
    KEXP Presents Music That Matters
    Kinky Sex Radio
    KEXP Song of the Day
    Insomnia Radio_ The SoCal Sessions
    Getting a Leg Up
    GarageBand.com Punk top tracks
    Insomnia Radio_ San Francisco (Enhanced)
    Insomnia Radio_ Orlando

  67. Well after playing the new God of War game on the PSP I’ve just ordered God of War 2 for the PS2.

    It’s rather sad that I’ve played more with ps2 games on my PS3 than actual PS3 games.

    Still I’m a Metal Slug and Ico addict so hardly surprising…

  68. Ugh… The podcasting thing…

    I’ve got three podcasts I download and listen to first thing daily… NYT Frontpage (which I said I’d stop after the McCain thing, but haven’t), CNN Radio and the Post Politics Podcast. And then there are three weekly (or bi) casts that I have to listen to hot off the RSS feed, Geologic Podcast, Deadpan and Real Time with Bill Maher. And then I have a few I make an effort to listen to when I get them, 12 Volt Theater, Truth Seekers, Transformed and Joel Osteen.

    And of course because I do the Farpoint Recap, I’m obligated to listen to every Farpoint Media podcast, even though Mike knew from the beginning this wouldn’t be possible for me alone to do. His plan was to bring in writers for the show, but we went through two or three months of development hell before I came up with the system I have now that I think works. I spend an hour across three days skimming shows until I get nine recaps, and then try to switch things up every show so I can get everyone.

    I dunno if I can claim Wingin’ it as a podcast. I record the livestream and listen to it on Sundays. Rumor has it I might be able to do the chatroom again soon but who knows. I dunno if I want to invest the time anymore, stuff I say in there always gets taken out of context and people end up getting annoyed on like every level. I think my time would be better spent doing dishes or meditating or raking my yard or something. Or I have these golf clubs I could pull out…

    There are some podcasts I’ve abandoned. Mur got me into this thing but I don’t listen to anything from her anymore. She isn’t the same person I think. Unless she was always that presumptious, I dunno. Sigler’s great but he just puts out too much content… I’ll probably listen to Nocturnal when its finished. 7th Son is over and Hutch sounds too self centered in his interviews so I don’t listen to any of those other casts. And then there’s Christine. I could really unleash a level of hatred on that topic that I think none of you would be prepared for.

    But listen to me rate people. How much of an presumptuous asshole am I.

    At any rate, I should reiterate that the Farpoint Recap is coming back. When I’m still not sure, but probably before the 15 weeks I’d projected. Its only been 48 hours since I stopped drinking that tea and all ready I’m feeling a lot better, and my drives to work are getting better. This weekend will be a test because we have to drop off a couch at the Salvation Army… If I can make it through that I can probably do Wal-Mart, and if I can do that I might be able to pull off this ultrasound thing. (which they probably won’t find anything anyway)

    And I dunno with the couch moving and car toeing happening this weekend if I’ll have the time, but soon I’m gonna start a major spring cleaning project on the studio, most of it centered on cleaning up the server machine. When I do a show I swear I pull audio from at least fifteen different directories, and FPR isn’t the only audio production I do so it gets to be a major pain in the ass. I kind of did a half ass job setting up the new Vista machine and I’ve got two 300 GB hard drives with double copies with mismatched updates, and its just a big old fat mess.

    Plus I’m thinking about doing a new audio intro, and if I can find matching music some rejoiners and maybe even outro music. Lord knows Mennenga talked me into buying enough Digital Juice libraries. I think he finally admitted I own more than him at his point.

    But yeah. Not going away. Probably be back sooner than you think. 🙂

  69. I’ve got some serious Utoob to catch up on. Maybe tonight.

    Sounds like you’re on the right path Dub. Christine? Really? I haven’t interacted with her so I have no opinion. I find myself shying away from these really epic podcast fictions as they are a large time commitment and don’t lend themselves to a casual listen. Plus, I used to listen to podcast and stories all the time on the job, but as my role has shifted more into a management role, I don’t have a lot of pure drafting time like I used to. So I tend to listen while commuting and during my commutes I avoid heavy drama.

  70. It would have taken to 26 Twitter posts to say all of that, Dubshack.

    I’m glad you’re not going away.
    Ummmm, who’s Christine? Am I really that out of touch with the Poddywood crowd?

  71. I believe he was referring to she of Kimberly the Merciless fame. That or maybe he owned this 1950ish car that never seemed to blemish.

  72. Well after dub’s post I feel there is a plane of podcast experience that I’m only dimly aware of.

    The knives are out it seems, and blood is going to flow.

  73. Well I enjoyed Nina and Space Casey.

    Mind you this reminds me of Charlton Heston, didn’t like his politics but that never stopped me enjoying rewatching ‘Planet of the Apes’.

  74. No no no… Christiana Elis, I don’t have a problem with her. Other than how she kinda sounds like a guy, thats a little creepy. But no she’s pretty nice.

    I’m talking about FPM’s newest “gem” podcast. The one about how the vast majority of the population should be sterilized. It’s one thing when you’re running an offensive podcast. But this particular podcaster has gone especially out of her way to get on my nerves, and sorry, but thats pretty fucking hard to do.

  75. So I had a computer sales guy tell me that flash drives (“solid state drives” he called ’em) have about the same life span (under “sitting on your desk” conditions) as a hard drive.

    I’m having a hard time with that. Anyone have any incite?

  76. I’m not as current as I used to be, here’s what I am current on:

    ADD Cast
    Sound Opinions
    Splendid Table (Tho often I just hit the Roadfood segment at the head, and miss the rest)
    Buffy Between the Lines (yeah really! you sound so surprised…)
    Decoder Ring Theatre
    Farpoint Recap
    Geek Fu Morning Show
    Geologic (No Geo this week?!)
    It Was 20 Years Ago Today
    Jack Mangan’s Deadpan
    Kickass Mystic Ninjas
    NPR Sunday Puzzle
    Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
    Out of the Coffin
    Strangely Literal
    Tag in the Seam
    They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Video Podcast (Fox insists)
    They Might Be Giants Podcast
    Upsidedown and Halfway to Happyland

    Okay, I guess that is a lot, but some are hiatused, some are 5-minute shows, and some are very infrequent.

    Meanwhile I plan to eventually make good on my threats to create a show for my very own…

  77. We doggie you kids have gone crazy today. I could easily go overboard on podcasts and I have to resist the urge to subscribe to more. This is what I was able to pull out of the OPML file. Though, many of these are podiobooks that have completed their runs, but I save the files for the unlikely event that I make the time to listen to them again.

    Jack Mangan’s Deadpan
    7th Son Book 1
    7th Son Book 2
    7th Son Book 3
    Gmail Podcast
    Tips from the Top Floor
    The Babylon Podcast
    Spherical Tomi
    Two Girls and a Podcast
    Slice of Sci-Fi
    Fanboy Smackdown
    Tony’s Losing It
    The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas
    The Billibub Baddings Podcast
    Wander Radio
    Brave Men Run
    Children of the Gods
    Wingin It
    Fortress Draconis
    Morevi Remastered
    Wingin It
    Escape Pod
    Variant Frequencies
    Shadow Magic
    Extreme Tech
    This Week in Tech
    Buzz Out Loud
    Cranky Geeks
    Mahalo Daily
    The Farpoint Recap
    Tag in the Seam
    Rosary Army Catholic Podcast
    Catholic Answers Live
    Catholic Under the Hood
    The Catholic Underground
    Scott Sigler’s Infection
    Battlestar Galactica Podcast

    Yeah, that’s probably enough.

  78. Deadpanitos y Deadpanitas:

    I’m thinkin’ no audio Unshow for this week. I think a week off would help freshen it up again. And the Greasy Nipple comments selections will get read in the next Deadpan episode.

    I’m thinkin’ that’s a good idea for this week. That’s what I’m thinkin’.

  79. I do have issues with her show, but I have far more issues with the private conversations she felt she needed to incite with me. After discussing it with the talking heads, I was made to understand this is her personality, and its not one that I appreciate, or really tolerate. So I avoid her like the plague, and I’m only pissed about it now because of something I’d been working very hard to negotiate honestly with other FPM podcasters and she rolls in like she owns the fucking place and everyone’s just copacetic with her BS. But whatever.

    I’m in rehab anyway. I don’t need to be thinking about other peoples insecurities. I’ve got enough trouble dealing with my own.

  80. i’m not gonna comment on anything I know nothing about. I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong, Dub, because I don’t know what’s happened.
    I will say that I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Chris Fisher.

    I’ve also had nothing but positive experiences with Dubshack.

    Goodnight, mushpan. I’ll post the Unshow post in the a.m.

  81. Ooh, we get time for bonus posting. Though, I can’t tell if there is an Unshow coming this week or not.

    That Mangan is giving me mixed signals. Probably a bit of that staying up to late intoxication.

  82. I woke up with a terrible idea. I should compose a CD full of completely bullshit music (because I can’t play the guitar) and sell it on CD Baby just to piss off Big&Tasty.

  83. Ever go on an underwear search, find a pair of your significant others shorts and say “are these mine?” and then find the Fashion Bug tag and say… “nope…”

  84. Apparently it’s people to whom products and services are marketed to and not money. When questioned, the 200 billion dollars didn’t have any plans on how they were going to spend themselves. =P

    Got a few fires to put out at work to day. I’ll drop in when I can.

  85. Alternativly: Eggman = still cluck like a chicken but live and work in a big sweatshop with no room to move or any time by yourself.

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