Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #81: I Do Not Want This

Late show posting again?! WTF, Jack? And on top of it, Lazy Show Notes!?!

All will be revealed. . . .

Dirty Deadpan opening
Extremely Deadpan Introbabble
SFFAudio promo
Da Deadpan Horizontally (thanks Kirk)
Prince L. Jackson
Justa J0e’s sandwich drama — part 1
Heather Welliver Deadpan bumper
Another Deadpan bumper (anonymous — let me know who this is so I can give you credit!)
I wanna _____ you like a _______
Paul Maki voicemail
Heart x14
Stolen from the 80s
::::channeling Michael Penn
::::channeling….. ummmm I don’t remember this one
Brad P from NJ, beeyatch
Raise — part 1
Power of the Deadpan
Justa J0e’s sandwich drama — part 2
Why sure, climb into my spoon
More Stolen Lyrics
::::Thomas from Flagstaff
Raise — part 2
Podcamp AZ promo
Justa J0e’s sandwich drama — part 3
Greasy Jelly Bean game
Outrobabble — the Big Announcement
Zardozapalooza II?
Original Music: “Black and White Sunset (live)”

Check me out in “Thesis A Fantasy” by Indiana Jim

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