Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 45: NoroDeadpan


Fahhhr Point Media
Commander Adama’s secret fetish
TD-0013’s MS-Walk on the Wild Side bumper (donate ot his cause!)
Systryss from the Trystcast Deadpan bumper
Ear Buds – Andrea Smarty Hottie
Marlo Dianne’s strange Deadpan bumper
Really Big Things (by Paul Maki) recap.
Really Big Things (by Paul Maki) recap.
Phil Rossi solicting Pickle Tales votes
“Really Big Things” (by Paul Maki) is back!
Phil Rossi’s wife soliciting Pickle Tales votes
Unrelated Thought – Darth Zithromax?
Jeremy from Seattle goes to Starbucks. (No, he didn’t have to walk far)
Marlo Dianne “Prick”
Quick Paul Maki joke
One Corner

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