290 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #287: The End, part 2.

  1. A strange thing happened after I updated my IOS on my phone. I could no longer send and receive texts. I didn’t realize this until hubby came home earlier than expected yesterday. He usually texts first before he comes home but I didn’t get one from him yesterday. After much testing and cursing, it took a hard reboot to get be able to text again. Strange.

  2. Ugh. Seether covered Veruca Salt’s Seether. Not only did they completely miss the fucking point of the song, but it is also terrible. Yuck.

  3. Just for grins, I just went to http://www.healthcare.gov to witness the “horror” that I hear reported on the news, first hand.

    The site came right up. I poked around in it with no “glitches”. I tried the quick insurance calculator, where by you give them a zip code and your age and location and they whip out 10 plans to give you some idea of what you might pay. As near as I can tell it worked flawlessly.

    So I hit the “register” button. That took a little while to open up but really not even quite as long as it takes Netflix to load on my TiVo.

    That’s as far as I went as I already have insurance and didn’t want to accidentally buy more.

    Maybe the problem is deeper into the process but if there was a problem, I did not see it.

    Anyone else try it to see how broken it was?

  4. Also, there’s some sort of Pixie game.

    am I too late to get in on that? I think we’re supposed to post Facebook page fans: uhhh 100

    and Jack’s friends… which without looking I’m fairly certain is more than me.. maybe 642

    I’m gonna go see how way off I am now.

  5. To clarify CJ’s question from earlier today…
    Pixie’s (dumb) game is to guess, without going over the actual number, how many fans the Fans of Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Facebook Group Page has.


  6. Crap joke for this Saturday morning:

    A motorway walks into a pub. He goes up to the bar and orders himself a drink. He has just sat down when in walks a strip of tarmac. The motorway sees the tarmac, starts to panic and jumps behind the bar. “What are you afraid of?” says the barman, “You’re a six lane motorway and he’s just a piece of tarmac.” The motorway replies, “You don’t know him like I do. He’s a cyclepath.”

  7. Know what I hate? When I send someone an email and sign off with my name, and they reply with “Hi Ryan”. Honestly, I didn’t have a type o. Silly people.

  8. Your crap joke for the day:

    Be careful what you buy online. Check the seller out very carefully.
    I’ve just spent £230 on a penis enlarger, and the bastard’s sent me a magnifying glass!!!! The only instruction that came with it was do not use in sunlight…..

  9. OMG AZ Derby Dames… get off the schnide already!!!

    That being said, congrats on beating Jack and I back to back! Now, you must watch your back…

  10. I’m seriously considering not renewing my Xbox live subscription this year.

    MS seems to have dropped the ball with the new generation of consoles.

    • I ended up canceling my Xbox One preorder. Between the PC (world of tanks is their current favorite) and the iPads, they haven’t touched the Xbox we have now in months. Looking at the games coming out, while pretty, don’t compel me. Especially since so many of them look like they are being developed and released for the current Xbox/Playstation hardware.

    • My daughter is glued to her iPad and my son plays on the PC almost exclusively. He is still pestering me about the XBOX One, but like Ed I don’t see any big moves forward this year in terms of new games. The PS4 looks interesting, but I don’t know. The money might be better spent upgrading the PC’s.

  11. You know, Queens of the Stone Age’s record “Songs for the Deaf” is a freaking amazing listen, but its also pretty exhausting for only 63 minutes

    • While I dig it in a Spherical Tomi kind of way – in the real world, I can see douchebag day traders wandering along the sidewalk waving and polking and annoying everyone around them poking at buttons in the air that no one else can see.

      • No, it’s a commercially run thing with an admission price. They’ve taken over a shuttered big box location and filled the place with a bunch of different set pieces, with the wreckage of a small plane, old cars, cathedral sets, impossible rooms, etc., with professionally costumed ghouls and creepies lurking everywhere. Fun, but probably a bit too scary for younguns.

    • An interesting idea that this study raises …

      If 28 million house cats are killing a small rodent or bird twice a week and these creatures don’t seem to be in any danger of extinction … would we be be overrun with vermin were it not for these cats?

      Just wondering.

        • Nope. I also got no proof of exactly what species are being killed.
          I merely paused to think of the extra 2.9 billion (based on the mentioned number/frequency of cat kills) birds and or small mammals a year that would be breeding and competing for food supplies.
          2.9 billion(+). A year.
          Dead … or alive and multiplying. Either way that seems a “made for SciFi Channel” large number of critters.

  12. Back in 2012 during Phoenix Comicon and after the Kings eliminated the Coyotes in its pursuit of the Stanley Cup, Wil showed up to his session like this https://i.imgur.com/p8iUq.jpg and then ask the Phoenix crowd if it was true that Phoenix golf courses had coyotes on them. Well, with the Coyotes thorough beat down on the Kings last night, I decided to take Wil’s advice from his blog and “go and make something.” Here it is: http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j126/rhettro1/Wil-YotesFan_zps078759d1.jpg

  13. The weather is really trying to bring me down.

    It hasn’t rained significantly, around here, for 6 weeks. Now the forecast is for storms and high winds tomorrow from about 4pm until 10pm. Then no rain again in the foreseeable future.

    Really? REALLY!?

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